CSC ServiceWorks Service App

1.6 (188)
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Coinmach Corporation
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6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for CSC ServiceWorks Service App

1.61 out of 5
188 Ratings
4 years ago, IRASadPanda
I’d Rather Do Laundry Than Use This APP
I play a game when I do laundry, now that I’m forced to use this system. If I swipe my debit card, I have to swipe 3, 4 times while silent Jeopardy music plays in my head between tries. And, yes, I’m doing it right. (It’s not rocket science.) my personal record is 6 swipes. It takes an eternity to run each request. Ditto for scan. It is common to read: “duplicate transaction” or “bad read” or “authorizing” (a word that means, camp out or try again, because it times out). Meanwhile, I’ve chosen my cycle preferences each time and those infrequently reset, so naturally the moment I forget to deselect my preferences, that’s the moment the stars align, the system locks loudly in Indiana Jones fashion, and I’m stuck washing my clothes with an inappropriate preset for my for clothes, which is different for each machine. I’d unfriend you, but I’ve grown accustomed to clean clothes washed in not enough water and baked to a crisp on the fairest setting. My mother warned me about guys like you. Shame.
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5 years ago, Cypress Point 3
Apps and machines work great, machine payments do not.
Reviews are for apps, but this is for CSCs machines in general. Just recently, they’ve added NFC (smartphone) payments to our machines. Okay, great, we don’t need coins. However, even following the directions leads to inconsistent results between using card, quarters, and smartphone. The machines will eat quarters without service and will make you tend the machines to dry your clothes. It’s been kind of an overall service nightmare. CSC, I hate to say it, but if you’re participating in contracts which allow you to raise prices without much (if any) consent of the end users, at least make sure the service is improved. I’ll be expecting a 4$ refund from the service request I sent through the app.
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3 years ago, Hvmiv
This is Bu****it
I refuse to load money on an app. I refuse to use this service so you can extract data and make sure you have my money if the machines work or not. There is a quarter option but it’s not activated. Thank god I have a laundromat near by and will be using that. The others in my complex feel the same way. This will work people. Just don’t use it. Make it a huge drain on the people who decided to use this terrible service. The machines will be replaced with previously proven revenue generating appliances. This is the only solution people. Do not use this service
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8 months ago, Swanekb
Garbage Company.
In my apartment building at least half and usually 2/3 of the washing machines are broken at any given time. I consistently report every machine failure and yet month and month, year after year, they are still broken. By my estimation I alone have given CSC enough money to buy three industrial washing machines over the past decade, and yet still the same aged machines rot, leaking water everywhere. CSC service works isn’t a bad company, they are an evil company because they steal my most precious resource: time.
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3 years ago, Hope12192018
I wish I can put a zero or minus !!!!!
I’m living in a compound using this service for the laundry room machines, what can I say or where to start? Almost half of the machines are not working!!! When I contacted the leasing office several times they keep telling me to contact this terrible service as a third party, almost half of the washing machines are not working, each time I insert the laundry card the money will be taken, I have to take my laundry and figure out which washing machine is working!! Just terrible
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2 years ago, willcmans
Same review that everyone else is writing
I deposited $20 onto the card, inserted said card after unloading my laundry, selected settings and hit start. Nothing happened. My card has yet to reappear, and am waiting on apartment maintenance for assistance. The app may as well not exist as it is essentially useless. Just like all of the other reviews, your product is garbage, your company has no motivation to be better and should’ve never existed in the first place. Thank you for nothing.
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4 years ago, Alahzam
Worst laundry machines. Even worse app
My apartment uses these machines. 1-2 are broken out of the 4 every week I do laundry. I have lost over $30 from the machine breaking while I wash my clothes and then have to burn my hand trying to get my wet clothes out of the broken machine. I’ve never gotten my money back because the app never works to report it and the call center to try and get reimbursed never directs you to anyone and just leaves you waiting forever. This company is a scam and I dread doing laundry because of these horrible machines.
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2 years ago, Lynne865
This company is crap
I have tried and tried to use this new app for our laundry room. The very first time I used it, the machine wouldn’t start. I called the company and they said they would issue me a refund, not only can I not use this app, I don’t even have a choice to even put coins in the machine which is what normal people do. I have laundry in the machine with bleach and soap powder and this stupid thing still isn’t working. This is going on a month. THEY HAVEN’TFIXED ANYTHING…THIS IS A INCONVENIENCE PUT IT BACK TO THEY WAY IT WAS!!!!
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3 years ago, Worse Machine
Coin Drops Don’t Deduct
I loaded three machines and stayed putting the coins in from $2.75...put in a dollars worth of quarters and it stays to $2.50. One 1 machine deducted the coins. Manager tells me to call the number listed. I call and they are closed. It’s crazy that there are. O directions or a FAQS area if coins don’t drop what could the issue be. How could only one machine work and the other two don’t. It’s just plain crazy! It’s funny how I am trying to submit this review and no matter what name I put it says it’s taken!!
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9 months ago, MurphyaMom
Not worth it - go off site where you aren’t cheated out of your money
They prey off of their machines, not working, and literally bank on the level of difficulty it is to get a refund. If you follow up they will never find your original request or the original information. If I can write them less than one star, I would. You can do all the right things, but they never do their part
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6 years ago, Powrfulkatrnka
Simple & Effective
This app works very well with the washers in our residence hall. This app makes reporting issues fast and easy and I no longer have to have my laptop with me to submit issues. Response time is also very quick from our responding vendors.
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2 years ago, Anotherpreggolady
Takes a week and I never get my $ back
First the machine eats my precious quarters. Then in stops working and won’t spit the quarters out. Then it takes a week for the company to service the machine. And I never get reimbursed. I hate relying on these stupid machines. They are in my apt building and this happens to me at least once a month. Company doesn’t care about real people. And my kids are now wearing dirty clothes to school.
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2 years ago, SaltyJohnny
Simple and effective
Use the app for air machine open scan choose the issue and done. No more calling service and waiting on hold during a busy day.
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3 years ago, Catch22snafu
App doesn’t know their own machine exists.
That’s brilliant to create an app for service requests - then conveniently not have a complete database of actual machines. Obviously the people in charge of this company don’t care a whit, they’ve had decades to fix their processes and machines, this is one of the worst profit-over-service companies I’ve had the displeasure to deal with. It’s not capitalism that’s the problem, it’s hiding behind unaccountable bureaucracies.
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5 years ago, dmsawyers_
Great for it’s purpose
Wish there was an app that showed the timer for the washers & dryers being used or if they are available so I don’t have to constantly walk over to check
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7 months ago, Ramtin Vafa
Machines and App both broken
Dryers don’t work and I can’t even use the app to report it because it 1. Can’t even scan the barcode and 2. Does not recognize any of the codes for the machines. It is too difficult to have to go through all these hoops when paying over $5 a load
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2 years ago, Gabe loves Iris
Easy to use
This app makes I easy to report a broken machine. What the system needs is another email when the machine is fixed.
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5 years ago, WillSmith528
It works 💁🏻‍♂️
The app is ugly and old but it works fine lol. What do you want people it’s for reporting broken washing machines you’re gonna use it once and delete it anyway 😂
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2 years ago, itstigerhere
Stupid laundry
I used this because this is the only laundry at my apartment. This machine doesn’t refund my money when it’s error, when it doesn’t even start. And the price they show on the machine is always not the real price. They always charge you the highest laundry price when you only use it for small amounts.
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4 years ago, mateo carvajal
The worst!
These is the worst system, weather using the asc app, card or a credit card its a huge headache doing laundry. Since my building change the machines doing laundry has become in the most impossible thing. Never finects, never read the card, i hace to re start my phone 20 times until it works. Absolutely horrible
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5 years ago, Vulgar demos
How are they still in business?
Absolutely horrible service with unbelievably confusing website and money card procedures involving like 7 different 10-digit codes for everything. In my apartment building pretty much everyone makes small talk about how much they hate this company everyday. This app reflects all that is terrible about CSC.
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5 years ago, sasi124
Diablo oaks apartment, struggling for 30 mins to start washer.
I live in Diablo oaks apartment near pleasant hill CA. They have the machine of csc which take credit card. Dont know why the coin ones were replaced. I have been struggling for 30 mins to start washer. They are extremely hard to use. Dont know if the machines were tested before selling, but these machines does a lousy job.
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3 years ago, Nicknames are all used
Don’t waste your time trying to report a service issue
I tried to report a service problem using the app and it said to scan the barcode. When I did that it, they tried to charge me more money to use the broken washer. I’ve already lost 40 minutes and $1.75.
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4 years ago, $&"rt
How do I get my refund? You guys owe me around 50 bucks and counting.....last time I was supposed to get a 30dls check and.....still waiting....machines just got installed last year as "brand new" but only a 30-40% of all of them "works".....this is getting out of hands if you guys don't improve your very poor service
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2 years ago, sammysamson1397
What SERVICE!!!???
There are 2 machines that has not been fixed for more than 2 years already ...i report every week but nothing has happened on it... if a part is missing why has ig been fixed yetthe place i leave is located in san jose ca...lion villas apartment. Your company is a disgrace to customer service what a joke
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5 years ago, Acer587
It’s fine for reporting machines for service, but that’s it. In less than a month I reported machines for service and lost nearly $10. They don’t return the money you lost. What’s the point of having an app to report a machine that takes your money but didn’t wash/dry your clothes?
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4 years ago, Blujals
Fastest way to get a tech on site
App works great for requesting service , way faster than calling for a repair
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4 years ago, Vonpibble
Stole my money once again
I feel like I’m always reporting issues with these machines. Today the washer stole my change because I assume the change bin was full. The change return doesn’t work and when I report lost money these people couldn’t give a hoot.
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2 weeks ago, Athens, GA
Machines didn’t work, App was useless.
The machine didn’t work. And in order to get my refund I had to use the app (which was a terribly designed app) or I had to wait $15 minutes on the phone. BBB should look in to this company. It’s theft.
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4 years ago, fasitae
Trashy laundromat
I don’t know how to explain this is dirty machine inside and it’s hot 🥵 they don’t clean their machine if you want money please try to clean because it’s dirty and a big rip-off every time I do my laundry always pay extra money cos machine is not good I’ll never used this laundromat again never what a ripoff 🥵🖕
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11 months ago, Yeti!boy
Reporting out of service machines
I have yet to see any evidence that they pay any attention to reports through their app of out of service machines. After having submitted more than I can remember. Waste of time.
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2 years ago, cecoleman
Not updated in years
This app works OK but it has not been updated in years. It doesn’t supportNew screen sizes or any of the phones that do not have a home button. Prepare for letter boxes. I’m shocked that Apple allows this app still
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4 years ago, acemiller87
It has never worked for me.
It says it can’t find the machine your trying to start. It’s a huge headache. I’d really like it to work, it’s difficult to have enough quarters to do laundry when it’s 1.50 and the apartment complex took out the washers and dryers. So disappointing.
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2 years ago, Frustrated with dirty laundry
Horrible service
Terrible service. The instructions are not accurate. None of the card readers function properly. Horrible product
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4 years ago, csc user
Entire Laundry Room OFFLINE
A washing machine or dryer should not be offline. Every washer and dryer offline means total and complete failure at operating a laundry room. The response from the customer service person was “1 to 3 business days”. Zero concern for customers forced to patronize their machines.
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4 years ago, Gma loves vampires
Does NOT Work at all!
Just tried to report both washers and one dryer as Out of Order. None of the attempts worked. This app is USELESS!! Not only does the Scanner Not Work, but even when I typed in the machine IDs by hand I was unable to send the reports!
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5 years ago, Rlynnkco
Doesn’t work on any of our machines
Doesn’t work with our machines despite them having a big sign go use the app and the problem being reported -many- times.
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6 months ago, East 49 street
Service and machines
Worst service and machines ever. They have not been replaced in 8 years and the company is not responsive. Getting ready to have a tenants meeting to request their removal from the premises.
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2 years ago, janetzboy
Worse Now Than Ever
The app will not work on my machines. For that matter the website doesn't either. I have to put in a request with no machine ID. Its 2022 Coinmach! Get it together.
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5 years ago, Sean12241991
This app is literally useless. I’m in employee Here at an apartment complex, tons of machines are down. You scan the barcode on the machine and it comes up with an error EVERY TIME on every single broken machine. App is useless. Uninstalling.
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1 year ago, Kree$e's
Error Error
I tried reporting a service issue on the app. I put in the machine ID and scanned on phone, kept coming up error this ID doesn’t exist. Waste of time!
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3 years ago, Jacob0lson
Been over a month
And our building is still waiting for service on the only washer we have.
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5 years ago, nolaundrytonight
Scanner doesn’t work
This app does absolutely nothing. Well lit area, holding my phone steady as I could it still was not able to scan. Fix your machines at Palmaire in pompano beach
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3 years ago, gomangi
System down and keep charging my card
System down and keep charging my card
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3 years ago, bj30338
Raggedy App
I tried using the app to do some laundry and it wouldn’t let me start the machine nor was there any support. As quick as I downloaded it, I got rid of it just as fast.
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5 years ago, cldurren
No card refill options
I wish it were easier to load your cards via app
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4 years ago, Isamovement5
Worst Company Ever!
It takes like an hour for the machines to work and they don’t change the cycle. I think buying this horrible washing and drying machines was the worst decision ever made by the complex.
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5 years ago, S0me_dudē
App doesn't work
The service is in convenient to the point of schadenfreude: I can't wait to hear you're out of business.
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5 years ago, Usmccvargas
Decent app
Machines need work tho. They need NFC payment options for the machines in my building.
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3 years ago, unwashed and upset
Been struggling with a machine in my complex that doesn’t even get the clothes wet. Eats coins. And nothing has been done. Customer care is 0. Trash.
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