CTBI Mobile

4.8 (7.9K)
104.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Community Trust Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for CTBI Mobile

4.83 out of 5
7.9K Ratings
2 years ago, brandy good
One of the best banks and I’ve used many different ones
You simply cannot beat this bank everything is reasonable and the staff is very friendly and helpful, I’m pointing this more towards the elkhorn city ky bank. They have a certain beautiful blonde lady that works there that has made it so I don’t wanna bank anywhere else. She’s super helpful, super smart and always always so nice!!! And that is something the world needs a lot more of. She probably don’t know just how much me and my husband think of her.. I wish all the employees were like that. All I’ll give you is her name starts with D.
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2 months ago, Please invest in technology
Remote capture of check
Please invest in the remote capture of the check photos. Other banking services I use such as Bank of America do not require you to manually take a picture of your check. You only have to hold the phone over it within a box and the system captures the required photo needed.
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1 year ago, Nfjdkakahdbd
App Frequently Doesn’t Work
When the app works, it’s great. However, it is frequently down or not working properly. There have been at least two occasions where my husband or I have needed to transfer money from one account to another late at night to avoid an overdraft fee but was unable to due to the app being down. Currently, I cannot enable Touch ID because it tells me I am not authorized to do so even though I most certainly am. There is not a CTB branch in my county, so we heavily rely on the app to manage our banking.
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3 years ago, TraceyMR❤️❤️
In the last 7/8 months I have had to remove this app several times just to get it to work. My current situation is it won’t recognize my Face ID. And know it won’t do my security questions and it does this several times a month.. So who knows if I will ever see my bank statements again!
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4 years ago, KentuckyUser
There’s always something wrong with this app! It doesn’t recognize my information, times out on its own and nor kicks me out and makes me fill in and sign in over and over again! You guys need to do more updating to this app more often rather than 6mon- 1 year! Awful!
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5 years ago, Tuckers06
When it works...
When this app works, it’s fine. But I can NEVER open it unless I’m on my home WiFi, so it’s not very “mobile”. Anywhere else and I get an ID error. I’m afraid to delete and reinstall because of issues other users have had doing that. I like the ease of use and features. I just wish I could access it anywhere.
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5 months ago, SalendaF
Great banking experience
Love the ease with which you can move money from one account to another. What a time saver! The drive through is always accessible and if I need additional assistance, I can walk inside and instantly there are people to help me. Excellent service all around!
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6 years ago, Rick2680
Works great on iPhone X
Had some trouble at first after upgrading to a new iPhone, but once the app was restored from iCloud, I just deleted it and downloaded again from app store. I'm not sure why all of these negative reviews about the app not working. It has always worked great for me.
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4 months ago, judygirl59
I needed $50 transferred from my SAVINGS account to my checking however I was abruptly notified that my SAVINGS was dormant and I had to ADD money to my SAVINGS account before I could take any out. Therefore to keep this from Happening again I will be taking my savings out gradually. Not nice not giving me assist to my own money. Way the people talked you didn’t want my savings unless I was adding to it. THE SAVINGS was for emergency only
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3 years ago, Johnny,Iphone
I love that I can Transfer Mony from one account to the other now without having to have to go to the bank and take it from one account at put it back not the other .. Thank You for this Servoce ..
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3 years ago, Loving Ny Bank
Life Made Better
Although all the employees at the bank are friendly and helpful, being able to not have to leave home to do my banking is wonderful!
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2 years ago, wackermoe
Quit messing with my log on password
Once every 3 to 4 weeks it will not take my password and keeps locking me out. Then I have to reset my password and all that stuff again just to try to get back on it and it is a very aggravating headache. He keeps saying attention required when I haven’t changed anything about my app but it just randomly picks and kicks you out.
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12 months ago, assdaddyyyyr
I’ve never had a problem with my bank , even accidentally shorted 32 cents once and sent me a paper in the mail apologizing and added the difference to my account .
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2 years ago, truston 9624
The best service Ever!
I want to take the time and say that Britney at the Winchester Ky branch is like the best banker I’ve ever seen. No matter what she goes beyond and helps you every time. She is always nice and professional as well. So thank you fir all your help Britney.
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5 years ago, Michelle67
The app has not worked for over a week. I usually use this app daily but not for the past going on two weeks!
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9 months ago, Guido830
My paychecks range from $1,500 to $2,000. I should be able to mobile deposit them but I can’t bc there is a $1,000 limit. Other than that this bank has been great to me!!!!
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3 years ago, Cfp1putt
Easy way to deposit
Being able to deposit into any of my 3 accounts makes banking so simple. I use it numerous times a month.
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5 years ago, triborg42069
Changing banks, this is awful.
This is the worst banking app I’ve ever had. The last time it was updated was a year ago! Constant crashing and issues with the login all the time. I’ve successfully checked my balance maybe once without having to deal with some B.S. issue with the app. I just want to check my balance without driving to the bank. This is ridiculous, I will be changing banks. If you want more business maybe update your f v c k i n g mobile app.
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6 years ago, EuphoniumBaller
Please fix
I use this as a quick and easy way to check my account balance on the go as a student having quick and easy access to my account statement is a must!...but lately I haven’t been able to use the app at all it continually tells me that my device Id is not recognized and refuses to allow me to log in!...would really appreciate a quick and easy fix!
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1 year ago, Jannie816
Would be helpful to have a running balance listed after each entry.
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6 years ago, SMK0504
Essential for Banking Experience
I use this app regularly to monitor and perform basic transactions and love the convenience. I have not yet used the newest features such as people pay and check deposit.
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1 year ago, bevs75
Constant authentication error
App works for a while then i cant login. Have to delete and redownload app. Works a while then same thing. Really anoyed with this app.
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6 years ago, and-hope=)
Fix it!
I’ve used this app for almost 5 years and never had any problems with it. I always valued it and found it super helpful. About a month ago it updated on its own and lost my account info. I’ve locked myself out of my account now twice even though my information was right (I logged on on the website). Fix this ASAP!!!!
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4 years ago, Penturner7
Not happy
I have been very unhappy with this app. It only works half the time. Then when I call in to have them “fix” other issue they tell me it’s fixed buts that’s been over a week ago and still the same problem I can’t register my phone number and I’ve been using the same phone number with this app for as long as I’ve had the app. It’s time for an upgrade a big upgrade
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2 years ago, Booski10
Good app
The only thing I wish for is alerts for overdrafting so you can get money in your account before your charged a fee.
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1 year ago, Exotic Larry
Banking with this bank isn’t awful but the app is terrible. It won’t let me sign in half the time. Face ID doesn’t even work even though it is offered. If I can sign in, it asks security questions almost every single time.
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1 month ago, Missyblue52
Deposit online
Very easy instructions convenient too
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4 years ago, Robb$
Horrible update!
This last update has been absolutely horrible! Even though I have enrolled my phone number and elected to use Facial Recognition, (dozens of times) I have to manually sign in just like a first time user every single time I sign in! Inconvenient to say the least! If I didn’t love this bank I’d go somewhere else just because of this app.
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2 months ago, Aggravated12669
Security Issues
Love the app itself. But someone tried to hack my account and locks it up once a month and I have to call and have my account unlocked. M considering switching banks because of this, it is such a hassle
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4 years ago, Luckydragon33
Worst app and worst bank ever
This is the worst banking app that I’ve ever seen. Constant glitches, immediately getting kicked out of the app and it claiming that “my connection timed out”, and constantly having to renter my log in information despite checking all the right boxes. The people on the customer service line are really nice though and the only redeeming thing about this awful company.
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3 years ago, Jfamilyof5
App is a joke. Never works.
This app is the absolute worse!!!!!! If I could convince my husband I’d ditch this bank all together. 😒
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6 years ago, Rmboc
New phone, old iCloud, no longer works!
Unfortunately, the app quit working when I changed phones. Support told me to delete it and to reinstall which I did, but the reinstall comes from iCloud so the ‘device id’ not found error still comes up. I can’t find a way to delete it from my iCloud so I suppose I will not be able to use the app again... Totally stinks!!!
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5 years ago, angiethekitty78
Loading Screen Problem
If I could give it zero stars I would. The app says it is downloading updates but it hasn’t been updated for over a year and it keeps saying unknown error when I open the app. I got this app to be able to check on my account but it has not been proven useful because I can’t get on the app the check my balances.
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5 years ago, jmarion0004
... so where to start. I use the finger print security, it often makes me sign in and of course I forget it and have to go through guessing until I am locked and have to call which is a hassle... why cant I just use my finger all the time geez. Transaction orders are weird. Not enough options like transferring money to my significant others account... with the same bank. Think I am just going to start call every time again. Update... so tried the passcode instead of finger print and sure enough you eventually have to put your pass in and I got locked out. I may just switch banks... ridiculous!
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2 years ago, Cody jones
Great, when it works
This app kicks me out of my account and locks the password literally every few weeks. I have to call the bank, get them to access it, change the password. Rinse and repeat. I’m logged out again and my Face ID won’t work, password won’t work, cannot view my account.
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1 year ago, jacksonsharp21
Great bank app
Can see everything you need too. Kinda hard to navigate with no tutorial
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1 year ago, Salvisa Kenny B
App is better.
Face ID still seems to be broken but app is better.
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2 months ago, AdkinsTL
Online banking
I love my online banking app. It is so easy to use. All of my banking needs are met with this banking app. Good job CTBI.
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4 years ago, nwardoutward
Terrible Update
This app used to be great with no major issues but lately it has been crashing and losing saved user ID information. Once you get through the security questions to access your account, the app logs you out and goes back to the main screen prompting you to renter the security questions.
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5 years ago, kmri1188
Unknown Error
Recently all I am getting daily is unknown error downloading updates please try again it does this daily and finally after hours of trying to log in it will be successful. It’s stressful to consumers who rely of this app to see our funds and transfer monies FIX IT
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6 years ago, Sierra Cooper
Horrible App
This app is going to cause me to switch banks! Never up to date. I have to keep up with receipts, which half of the time people look at me funny when I ask for one. If I use my card on the weekend it doesn’t show on the app until the Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week. I’m going to switch banks next week.
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3 years ago, Migrcg12
Love the App
It is easy to use and navigate to everything.
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2 years ago, ctbmobuser
Love the app!
This is a great app; easy to use. Customer Service staff is friendly and knowledgeable!
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4 years ago, Ta¥£Or
This app is so basic and FULL of bugs. It won’t stay logged in. The Touch ID rarely works and there are no special advantages compared to other banks/banking apps. This world runs on technology. It’s not convenient having all of your funds in a bank that doesn’t utilize technology to the best of its ability.
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1 year ago, Huffyboy223
Great people run this company!
Some of the best people I know work for or manage this company!
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4 years ago, Cfriley
Worst app
It was working fine, I could check my balance and all was well. One day this app started to turn on me, it said my Id and password were wrong but it was the same id and password I have used all year, they need to fix this.
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2 months ago, sandy sassafrass
This app absolutely is the best ! So easy in these hard times
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2 years ago, bb2917
Convenient except for one thing
Needs a memo line to make notes on what transfers are for!!!
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3 years ago, Ipkyt
Community Bank
The app doesn’t work. I used to use it all the time until this last update. I have been banking this this organization for over 20 years. I am thinking about changing banks. I have been locked out of my account over day! Over it!
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6 years ago, Edalt
Please fix this app!
Recently the app stopped working...as in, it will not take my passcode and it also will not take my user id and password. I can go to the website and use the exact same id and password and it allows access there. What is going on with the app???
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