CU of NJ

4.8 (2.6K)
40.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Credit Union of New Jersey
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for CU of NJ

4.76 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
6 years ago, mmeyer27
Works great!
I love this app. The only thing that could make it better would be some way to deposit multiple checks at one time. Ours a small not, though, since I understand that is probably hard to do for any bank👍
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2 years ago, DancerXIV
New version did not work initially.
All I get now is a large grey logo of the credit union’s logo screen. So now I type in the credit union’s website address and log in, to do what I need to. The bill paying still does not work for me. So I deleted the app from my tablet. And reloaded to the tablet so it works fine now. Not sure this was just me. But if you are getting emails about this. You may want to add this to the notices the union sends us. Warning us about potential problems.
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2 years ago, Dolldiva
This app is antiquated along with the technology used for sending digital money. The POPMONEY is completely useless if the receiving party isn’t able to download the app from their phones!!! I’d sent 2 payments from PM only to discover the money wasn’t received and one of the payments expired b/c the receiving party wasn’t able to download the app. The wasn’t a notification to inform me of the issue nor was another option provided (I sorry, I forgot CUNJ doesn’t have another option). Seriously considering of going to another fin inst. with better service and technology.
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1 year ago, ttcreview
Can’t deposit with iPhone 12!
Starting about two weeks ago, I would begin to do a mobile deposit, and when I went to use the camera to take a picture, all I had was a blurry screen and instructions to rotate my screen. Rotating did not change anything, and the only thing to do was to shut down the entire app. I would’ve thought a fix would’ve been made by now, but there’s not even easy way to report a problem. Aside from submitting a negative review. So consider the issue reported!
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6 months ago, pawsandmore
Review customer service mainly and locations
Customer service is horrible unless you reach one of the males who actually go out of their way to research what you are saying and then understand the issue or question. Please hire more males or people who want to actually help you research and u deters d the issue you have. Also you need more credit unions locally where customers can actually conveniently go in and conduct business. Most of the local ones DO NOT do business with CUNJ.
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1 year ago, Dont Use To Deposit Checks
Mobile check deposit doesn’t work - ruins checks
To deposit a mobile check, you are required to write “for mobile deposit” on the check. Except now there’s something wrong with the app’s camera integration and when you go to take a photo of the check, you just get a blurry screen that tells you to rotate the camera. So it’s impossible to actually make the deposit - and now that you’ve written “for mobile deposit” the check is ruined.
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6 years ago, 609MacMayne
Convenient for me
This app is convenient for me because, it lets me check my balance and transfer money into different accounts within seconds! I love it!
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1 year ago,
Please fix
App is good, but please update your check deposit feature. It tells me to rotate my camera when depositing and my camera is facing the right way and I can’t get out of it without having to log out and log back in.
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1 year ago, greener2009
Please fix the most recent version. It does not allow to deposit a check. After entering the amount , the app asks to change a position of the phone but does not recognize any movement. The screen remains blurry and the only solution is to shut down the app manually. This feature used to work.
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5 years ago, Vaschamp
CUNJ is the best..
Awesome customer service. Always upgrading looking for better ways to service customers. Lots of great options for whatever your financial needs may be.
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3 years ago, TalentRaters
Great Credit Union
I have been banking with the credit union in New Jersey for 16 years now and they offer great customer service and their app is very useful with many great options!
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6 years ago, Mimamack
This app is very convenient since the branch is over an hour away from my home.
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6 years ago, RobinLT1966
Would like more mortgage info available
While the app does update the loan amount it would be nice to have statements and an amortization schedule available as well.
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8 months ago, Marie deep
Nobody does it better then y’all thanks
Nobody does it better than you
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5 years ago, J R from Bordentown
I’ve been a member about 30 years. You’ll never get a better credit card rate. Phone ap is awesome.
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1 year ago, FlyPadPro
Does what you need
Works good, which is great.
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6 years ago, Trixcie
Great app
Very useful and easy to navigate app. Only 1 thing could make it better, allow it to show balances on the Apple Watch.
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1 year ago, inmanmm
Trying to deposit a check for two weeks now how is it taking this long to fix something so important
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6 years ago, Yourmomanddad
I like it
App works very well. Very easy to navigate for me.
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10 months ago, 609Taemom
The best!
I love the app it’s very convenient!
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1 year ago, Burdy
Camera won’t focus
Why won’t the camera focus when trying to deposit a check?
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1 year ago, LadyHealer4
Less than one week in and I am OUT! Paper trail pages and pages. Never pick up and never get back if they do. Terrible site Worse antiquated app I have ever seen.
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4 years ago, ElainePee
Loving my CU
The CU is always on top of things ii love working with this institution....
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6 years ago, B_amazing
The best
I love this app!!!!
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4 years ago, dudief
I can not withdraw from my account using the app. I don’t know why.
No transfer to other banks using the app
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2 years ago, nvs56
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9 years ago, Nes163
Works 4 me!
I like this app. The only thing I will suggest is to show app actions when I log into my account from my desktop. When I pay bills using the app they don't show up as paid in the bill pay section. I must go to my checking account to see if I made a payment. Sometimes I'm on the go and forget to write a note to remind myself that I paid a bill and when I log on the payment isn't indicated under the bill. Have a great now!! Nancy
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11 years ago, Susan Carson
Finally!! iPhone5 and eDeposit
CUNJ just caught up and updated to support the iPhone 5 screen dimensions. The new interface looks clean and fresh and familiar. Nothing added for the sake of adding. AND love the addition of eDeposit right from the phone!! Checked out the screens but haven't made actual deposit yet. If it works as it should this update is excellent.
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9 years ago, Leatherwolfma
Worst banking app ever.
I use apps for banking continuously for my business and personal accounts. This app barely gives me the information I need to manage my accounts. It is also why I don't have any more than a saving account and CC with the CU. When I transfer money to my CC on any other banking app the new balance is available immediately. With CU it didn't show up for 3 days! Bad enough that the payment to my CC i made at the branch wasn't available either! Plus there is no history available and all my accounts don't show up on the app. This is the most rudimentary banking app I have ever used.
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11 years ago, Toldjah
I'll give it a C
This app is very useful for banking on the go. However it lacks ideal functionality. I would love for this app to show the balance along side the transactions. Instead of just an overall balance at the top of the app. I have had this app for about 2 years now and I have yet to see a significant update to its interface and functions. Or a tablet compatible version. However these are minor things and the app is still very needed.
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7 years ago, Chrispytina
Quick Balance feature
I appreciate this app, but why did the latest update remove the quick balance feature? I LOVED that. Or is my phone just not working properly, cause I stopped being able to use this feature after updating.
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12 years ago, MyaS.
It's great
I love this app; it's easy and user friendly. I just wish we could do more things on it like transferring money into other accounts if we do have more than 2 accounts with the credit union.
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11 years ago, Devianna29
Great App
Always nice to have banking at your fingertips. My only problem is the transaction alerts are too slow. By the time I'm notified about a transaction I've already know well in advance. I end up thinking some additional transactions have occurred that I didn't know about until I look at it and say... Oh yeah that was days ago!!!
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8 years ago, Day elite
Luv this App!
Fabulous finally! There were so many problems with the old version I hated to even go online to see if their site was functional that day-smh. The app is fabulous & just right with/for IPhone 6s fingerprint log in awesome & time saving,transfers at a touch, photo check deposit-now you can compete with the "big banks". Kudos CUNJ finally!
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8 years ago, Mothusi
Great, Until...
The app is great. It helped me manage my money very well until the latest update. The app became very inaccurate as to how much money I have in what account and it says "cannot display account info" whenever I try to transfer money now. I transfer money very often so in don't know if there is a transfer limit that I've reached but it is displeasing.
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10 years ago, Ess Kae
I love how easy it is to transfer $$ between accounts and the larger print & design. I'm glad Credit Union has a mobile app but the fact that it works great is a plus!!!
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9 years ago, Spontaneous Stoney
Great service!!
I love NJCU. I love credit unions period! Nothing but great service all the time. I've been with them almost 10 years and any problem I had was taken care of immediately. Thanks!
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12 years ago, Milhai.rodriguez
Although it makes it a lot easier to manage my account when I can't make it to the credit union, it sometimes gives me an error message saying that my app is not working. Other than that I love this app
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11 years ago, SusanC.
Easy to use!
This app works flawlessly and is very easy to use. Huge improvement over the other one, now I can actually do all my banking on the go.
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11 years ago, Observations1
I would like ti have a way to insert pending paper check withdrawals. This would help tremendously. Otherwise This app is great. I use it all the time. It is a great time saver for business and personal use.
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8 years ago, Jfasch
Love ability to deposit checks immediately by using online app!
Easy to use, saves time and calls.
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10 years ago, Yay yah dre
App is awesome
The app allows me to keep up with my account from anywhere. I can pay all of my bills as well as earn cash back on my debit card purchases !
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8 years ago, Queen Boss Lewis
Love it
I really like this app it's so easy & convenient for me to login , make transfers & so forth all with one touch of a button.. Thank u credit union for making it safe & secure
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9 years ago, Shelly1128
Able to check balance when ever, and I am to transfer money with no problems
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11 years ago, Ljb-A1
Great App
One of the best banking apps out there, very user friendly. Super easy to access the view is perfect and great navigation thru each step. The security is good also.
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11 years ago, bbyluvblue
Comes in very handy when you need to check your accounts. Also this application is not complicated... Anyone can use it!
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7 years ago, P. Nova
Never had any problem with this app. Fast load, clear, easy to navigate. Could not be better.
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10 years ago, Mz.La'Bree
Love It!!
Great app! It's easy to check your bank account, pay bills, and transfer money to other accounts.
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12 years ago, Jsujsnsjx
Finally! Great to use. Simple. But...
Overall I think it's great. Very simple and convenient. Would be great to see when a payments are due. Love it though. Great work!
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7 years ago, Sunshyn72981
App isn't working
When trying to log in says I'm not connected to internet. Pls correct.
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