CU SoCal Mobile Banking

4.9 (21.7K)
61.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Credit Union of Southern California
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for CU SoCal Mobile Banking

4.9 out of 5
21.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Mëèêę
Mobile Deposit issues
I loved the new update from a few months back. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the change in the mobile deposit section; I always thought that the auto-capture feature for taking check photos was an unnecessary hassle. With the latest update, I can’t even seem to cash my checks anymore— the auto-capture feature keeps prematurely triggering, taking blurry, misaligned photos of the check. Other than that, the app definitely has a 5-star user interface. But the mobile deposit is the most important feature for me, so the bugginess has been extremely frustrating. I just wish we could go back to manual capture for our check cashing.
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4 years ago, Nikkay0630
Never Works
Literally between their ATM machines & mobile banking app, I’m ready to switch my accounts somewhere else. Their ATM’s never take my cash, maybe 30% of it. So I deposit it into my BofA business account & write a check to put in my CU acct (shouldn’t need to do this). Then when I go to deposit the check on the app still doesn’t work there either! We’re in 2020, not 1980... they need to get it together. And I shouldn’t “NEED” to go inside to see a teller or make multiple trips up there.
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2 years ago, Pngw1n
First Time Issue
It’s been good since I’ve had it for the passed year and a half. At the moment though I am getting an error message just trying to open the app. “ Something went wrong while attempting to send the last request. Please try again.” I looked up the issue to see if I could find a solution, restarted my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, I reset my network settings, I looked to see if there was an update but there is no update. I don’t know what else to do to make the app work anymore. Hopefully writing a review will help bring attention to the issue to get it fixed soon. Need to pay my bills.
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4 years ago, ChrisIntegrator
Bad web integration
Good luck attempting to apply for a loan inside the app. I got 99% of the way through the application, and it wanted me to accept the privacy policy, but in order to accept it I had to open it. The policy opened in a PDF document in the app’s internal browser. After reading the policy, I clicked “done” which of course isn’t “done” with the PDF, it’s “done” with the browser. Lo and behold, my entire nearly application is lost never to be found again. This would ordinarily have earned a single star rating, but I do like the rest of the app’s functionality, especially the recent addition of Zelle integration so +1 more star there.
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10 months ago, Aprenta
Credit Union of Southern California
I’ve been a customer almost to all the banks that exist here in California. In 2015 someone recommended me Credit Union of Southern California and I told myself Why not try since I already had pretty much experience pretty much the same experiences with all these other banks. I’ve been a client customer with Credit Union of Southern California since 2016. I have a different opinion about this bank, Very reliable great customer service always try to assist my needs, I truly believe its the best bank, 100% will recommend this bank to others.
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4 years ago, Scarletbruce
This was the second time in 3 days I’ve tried to use the website and then the app to do some transactions. Neither of them allowed me to do what I wanted to do, the app was worse because it let me go thru the steps of making a mobile deposit and then at the very end a message tells me that “the service is unavailable at this time”, or something like that. Extremely frustrating, is it too much to ask that these things work as they are supposed to? If it happens a third time then it’s goodbye Credit Union of Southern California!
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3 years ago, tnkrblle
You’re in good hands!
CU So Cal has been the best “bank/banking” experience of all the banks I’ve had, and I’ve been with a lot! They literally look happy to see you when you come in, and their phone customer service has always been exceptional!! They’ve answered everything from simple to complex and handled card fraud without delay! If you’re looking for a great home bank you can trust, I recommend CuSoCal!
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4 years ago, omg_lover
The new app seems to be okay, but there are a few issues. First: mobile deposit does not work at all as some people have complained about already. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. Thankfully there is a branch close to my house, and I was able to deposit a check through the ATM. Second: I wish there was a way to transfer money between members on the app and not only between accounts. And third: there are features on the app that still require the user to use the desktop for. Hopefully there are more updates to follow as this is a brand new design and layout.
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2 years ago, 1heatherweather
Necessary but frustrating
Since my employer will not do direct deposit, the fastest way I can deposit my check is with the mobile deposit- but the useless auto capture is always blurry…and when you get a message TWO DAYS after your deposit saying it was rejected, you then have to scramble to move funds and check your auto withdrawals won’t bounce. We don’t all keep our checks hand for redeposit. Either auto capture needs to be removed, or there has to be a way to immediately check a full size of the check image without having to re-take it every time.
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1 year ago, Jopel08
Latest update was a fail
I’ve been a customer for years now and I can honestly say this has been the worst update. One of the perks that has kept me as a customer was getting my paycheck early (usually on Wednesday) but after this update I don’t see my funds in my account until late Friday morning. Bill payments also take forever to post, they aren’t even shown as pending transactions, this makes it extremely difficult to track my spending. I hope they revert back to the old platform because this one is not customer friendly.
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2 years ago, RoseM65
Great Bank!
I have been a member of Credit Union of Southern Calif. since 1998. We have our checking acct, savings and Visa credit card with them. My home bank is in El Monte, where we opened our account because I was a teacher there for over 35 years. Now that I am retiredI usually go to the branch in Covina on Azusa. I love the tellers there too! I would highly recommend this bank to everyone. Great bank, great service and great employees!
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1 year ago, Happy pechocho
My review
I have been a customer for 25 yrs. The staff in the bank are very friendly and helpful. They helped me to instal their bank application in my cell that I love because I can send money, make payments and look into my bank history. Every time I’m going to the bank they treat me very nice and profesional. The can fix any issue so easy. I’m happy. I would not move to another bank.
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2 years ago, impush
Banking App
Since I’ve had the app I love it very much. I’m 70 just had a BD it saves me trips to bank I can do all my transfers, Zelle, keep track of everything and I love when a fraud is suspected Croft Union on it. I’ve had incidents with people trying to take my money and like I said CU is right on it. When I call also everyone is pleasant and helpful and the loan people are great to! Thank You CUSoCal
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4 years ago, tkful
Online Banking
This new banking app and changes by the credit union has made my life of banking a dream come true. The features are easy to navigate and all of my banking accounts are in one area, which allows me to easily watch over my accounts and handle financial needs, whether it is a transfer or filling out a loan application. Thank you...
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2 months ago, Customer Community
Best Associates & Customer Service
Recently had a issue with my account and possible bad actors. Went into my local Brea, Ca branch and the good people took my concerns to account and quickly resolved the issue. Not only was it efficiently handled, they explained every step and made sure my comfort levels were restored. I am grateful to have Credit Union of Southern Ca. In my community.
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10 months ago, your time matters
Highly recommend Credit Union of California. Customer service has been very helpful and consistent with all my bank needs. I received a possible fraudulent alert by text which was noticed by Credit Union of California and was handled promptly. They offer grate products for all your needs. Thank you Credit Union of California ~
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3 months ago, Stuartpep
# 1 Bank
One of the most reliable, banks I have ever had to work with. I have dealt with this bank for 51 years. Anything I need is taken care of very quickly and efficiently. Maria Perez in the mortgage dept. was very helpful and knowledgeable with our needs.I just wish you were located in other states as well. Keep up the good work!! Virginia
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2 years ago, Swim2Run
CU So Cal Mobile App - Simple and Powerful
This is a great app for the size of the FI. It gets the job done, with some nice add-ins. The Zelle is nice, and the Bill Pay mobile is ok (but the full website is better). Give it a try; you’ll be surprised by how much you can do with it. I like the external Xfers too, and the alerts - those are powerful tools. I still rate it highly.
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1 year ago, Biblecruiselady
CalBear merger
There are some features we are used to that we don’t have now. We can’t see check images, and the activity only goes back to the day of the merger. We were able to go back years of activity history if we needed to locate something in the CalBear system.
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3 years ago, 4Steven
I have been a proud member of the Credit Union for over 20 years. I have always felt comfort in knowing I didn’t have to worry about hidden fees or anything other issues. The staff has always satisfied my needs and been very pleasant another plus Interest rates are always lower.
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4 years ago, ZorphenMaze2
Debit Card Bug
It seems that every time I log on to the app, the app forgets my credit card and asks me to set it up. It does this every time I force close the app or I time out. Although this isn’t a major problem, it’s a minor annoyance that I want to be resolved. Overall though, the application has a good amount of features and it works very well with almost not bugs or hiccups.
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4 years ago, Luke James Troy
Easy to use, love the new features
CUSOCAL upgraded their online banking. WOW! Fantastic upgrade, user friendly, I can see everything at a glance, with a quick log on and my entire account ready for transactions. It makes my busy day easier with a couple of taps and I’m done. Thank you CU SO CAL!!!
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4 years ago, jkhu12345
Mobile deposit does not work
App was working fine until this new update. Having issues with mobile check deposit, it does not work! iPhone is up to date, app is up to date, delete and reinstall app, still does not work.
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4 years ago, Flscutz33#
Mobile Deposit Problems
It’s been well over 3 months of the mobile deposit not working. I have to call every Friday so they can manually reset my account just to deposit my check.
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4 years ago, islndluv22
Notifications not working
I have always loved the card guard features because of the notifications. I have caught fraud quickly this way. But unfortunately this feature seems to have stopped working. I have called in a few times already and they are showing everything is working on their end but I’m still not getting notifications. Really wish this issue would get fixed.
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9 months ago, Jonsama7
On my back
I have been a member of CUSOCAL for 20 years and once I had an incident of fraud. They recognized it and returned all the money I had lost due to that fraud. No other institution would be on your back as CUSOCAL. They are number 1 bank and credit union in all Southern California financial enterprises
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4 months ago, Grab Bar Gary
Great banking experience!
Always on point and resolved any issue no problem. Can’t say enough about credit union of Southern California even a approved auto loan! Still hand to go threw underwriting. Needed fund ASAP! 24 hours check in hand Wow impressive!
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2 years ago, gikilexi
Love you guys ♥️
I love my credit union of So Cal. You guys have helped me get off my feet, many of times. Thank you for always making me feel appreciated and welcomed. Thank you guys so I hope. Now if I can just win one of your contests , that would be icing on the cake . LOL Penny Key Espinoza
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1 year ago, Hernandezmandl
Update needs a small change
The most recent update does not allow pending transactions to be viewed without having to login. That’s the reason I like having to be able to see pending transactions at a quick glance.
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3 years ago, Maggie's1206
Best credit Union
I love the customer service and the great rates purchasing a new or used car. I’ve shopped around they always beat the prices. I have been with SC Credit Union more than 20 years. Thank you for your amazing work.
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4 years ago, Dongasolino
Was not warned about it!!!
I was never warned about it, and now that I want to go in, it’s asking me for all my info, made me think that my phone was hacked, I’m not going to get my data again till I go to the branch and confirm that it’s ok to do it. 🤨
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1 year ago, Ginee8
Constant errors and Zelle has completely stopped working
I used to use the Zelle feature inside of the app quite a bit to pay for services like my dog walker and gardener. But every since they updated the app Zelle has completely stopped working and I also get errors after I log in constantly
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5 months ago, Shake "N" bake
Can you add a button to lock your card
Love the app overall very easy to use but can you add a lock card button that would be perfect to have in the app thank you
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8 months ago, Lucero Della Mañana
Excellent Service
We have always been appreciative of services provided during the many years we have been customers of CUSC. We will continue using the services.
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4 years ago, 1gr81
New Update
The new update is horrible. Since the update I have a lot of issues doing remote deposits. I now have to drive to make deposits. Really disappointed with the update.
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4 years ago, Jay.1$
Love the new upgrades!!
Just wanted to share the fact that it’s awesome to be able to pay the credit card from a simple transfer!!
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1 year ago, BallsDeep101
Best banking experience
Flexible banking that cares about its members, and work with you. Always support your local credit union, never a major banking system where your just another #.
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2 years ago, sebaslocal416/23yrs
Review on CU SoCal
I’ve been with this back for about six years, they are always willing to help with any and every question I have. I have no regrets joining this back and with this helpful app that is easy to navigate.
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10 months ago, Dee Dee Wilson
Great customer service always there when I need them also there when I have a problem thank you Southern California credit union you guys are great
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4 months ago, Mykuko
Credit card
Want it to go back to being more accurate and on time with my purchases
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4 years ago, EPIKRIS
I had complained and given it one star before but it seems they have fixed most of the issues
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3 years ago, ADJRMajorem
Cool app features
One of the best credit unions! :) the updated app is good; however, there are some confusing numbers when trying to transfer to another member.
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5 months ago, who knew that
Why I love mobile banking
I love mobile banking because it gives me up to the minute view of my bank accounts. Very important to me since I’m on a budget.
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2 weeks ago, ChoDub
Easy to use
Always works. Never had an issue with this app unlike just about every other app out there!
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10 months ago, SJ7D
Easy to use
This app is easy to use. Your able to access multiple features to help you navigate financial wellness
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2 years ago, Is there a unused nickname?
Great credit union
Very efficient, always friendly and helpful. I’ve been a member for over thirty years and I wouldn’t bank anywhere else.
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10 months ago, Beast best of luck
My favorite bank
This bank is amazing I love everything from banking to customer service everyone always has a smile in their face 🙂😊
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4 years ago, Ace101Boss
Great but has issues
There is an issue where managing your visa credit card is not working properly, the app just auto jumps to the top of the page when you try to tap on a transaction to view details. (Manage Visa)
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3 months ago, sw&jk
Gives me moe time.
I love being able to do my banking at home or where and whenever i want to. Really saves me time which allows foe more me-time.
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5 months ago, ROGER OF TROY
Better than other banks!!
Thank you for helping me every time someone takes advantage of my purchases.
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