Cubase iC Pro

3.1 (68)
10.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cubase iC Pro

3.07 out of 5
68 Ratings
6 years ago, Captain Custerdome
Good but buggy
Using iPad Pro 10.5, iOS 11.4.1. App works well, but when customizing buttons / key commands, app frequently crashes. Might be related to dropped connections to Cubase, but in any case, any unsaved button pages will be lost and must be rebuilt after every crash. In addition, button pages named with a forward-slash character “/“ are NOT saved. No idea which other keyboard characters are not permitted, but I learned this by trial and error. In addition, I would really like to be able to export (iTunes, iCloud, etc.) saved button layouts to import into other devices running the IC Pro, rather than having to rebuild on each device. Steinberg - fix these issues and I will up my rating.
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6 months ago, FappleCobbler
Love it with 13 Pro
This is the one thing I missed when I switched from Logic Pro. Very happy they’ve updated it. I’ve seen this before years ago and was deterred by people saying support was dropped. I started looking again because I need a new keyboard and I don’t want another 100% keyboard, but the record, ffw, rewind, jump to beginning, etc. key-binds are on the number pad. Saw people say support was picked up again, so gave it a shot and not only was my problem solved with $16, but Steinberg ran it in for a touchdown imo. With Cubase IC Pro I can get a 60% keyboard and not only retain functionality, but gain more shortcut control over Cubase. My only suggestion is they make the project view grid switchable between bars/measures and time. I can only see time and can’t find a way to see measures, but that may be on me. Other than that, great job Steinberg team. Looking forward to using this more and seeing what else you come up with.
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10 months ago, PaulieDC
After 6 years, it works again!
If you look at version history you’ll see that this app was abandoned by Steinberg, and I was Ted nearly 20 bucks… or so we thought! I see that a few months ago the dev team got back on it! I just noticed this tonight, downloaded the update, linked it up with the Remote SKI app, and it works beautifully. Instantaneous response, and a slew of buttons that are actually helpful, like a single tap to open the Pool or Media Bay or any of the mixers. Full transport control on the bottom… and the mixer faders are actually resizable and useful. FINALLY!
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4 years ago, JacobMusic100
Desperately needs updating
This app is an indispensable part of my home recording setup as someone with no budget for a hardware DAW controller. That said, I’m disappointed that this app has been neglected for so long. Only utilizing roughly 80% of the available display real estate on the flagship iPhones (to say nothing of “Max” size phones) is unacceptable for an app of such great utility in 2020. I hope that the developers have something in the works for this app. If it were brought fully into the present like Cubasis 3, I would gladly pay another one-time fee or even a yearly subscription to use an updated version of this app.
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6 years ago, Alpiar
Always been a good app if u run cubase
But im very disappointed to PAY for an app i used for free for years because the only way you can use it is if you already bought a copy of cubase. As a 9.5 pro user and using cubase since v3, im feeling quite betrayed. This should be included with your cu license. But its a great app so my 4.5* goes to 1* really but for sake of peace and prosperity ill keep it to 3*
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5 years ago, entrelac
Works great
I record music by myself and I'm so glad to have this app. It easily allows me to record takes from the other room without having to walk back and forth to my computer. I gave it four stars instead of five because the options are fairly limited to basic recording. Can't set loop points from the app. I also don't like that the project is displayed in minutes/seconds instead of bars/beats. I hope this app sees more development. But as it is I'm very glad it exists.
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2 years ago, ClassicLiberal
IP address entry impossible
I’m on iPhone and the app does not automatically see my DAW, so I have to enter my IP address manually for my DAW. Only thing is that after I place the cursor and type the first number for the IP address the interface goes away. I read one other review from one year ago about this issue and apparently the developers have not addressed this absolute roadblock of an issue! I’ve been a Cubase client for ages since the 1990’s and I am stunned that they would let a problem like this exist with their phone app. Being that I can’t use it at all, I give it 1 star. If there was a lower score I’d go there!! 🤬👎
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2 years ago, David-0-0-7
Still love this app in 2022
I agree with some users that it would be nice if this app got some updates BUT it still works perfectly for me and never crashes. I think more and more people will use Apple’s newer sidecar feature so from a business perspective it might be tough for Steinberg to justify the expense of giving this app updates.
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1 year ago, lkingston
Way cool!!!
So far I have just been playing around with this, but oh my, it is just SO COOL!! I use a Microsoft Surface Pro 9 and an M1 iPad Pro, and it is kind of like having a double monitor, double keyboard, double touch screen version of Nuendo running! There are some frustrations of course. Chief of these being that it only seems to respond to the touch screen, and not mouse moves.
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7 years ago, Aricastudio
This app is great!
After struggling with some connection issues I am again able to connect to my Windows 7 64bit Cubase 9 installation and control it remotely. Great for recording from another rm when there is no second person to man Cubase. Make sure you follow instructions and ad SKI Remote to your Devices-Device Set Up-Remote Devices in Cubase. Thanks to Lars for his responsiveness!
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1 year ago, The Cubase Wizard
Perfectly compatible with Cubase
I’ve used Cubase IC since Cubase 7 and have never had an issue. This app functions like midi controllers that cost hundreds of $$$. You can use it on a phone or tablet and it keeps your work area free from wire clutter and extra boxes that only do one thing. Keep updating, Steinberg. It’s awesome!
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2 years ago, Mermidon
Does what I need it to.
Currently using this app while tracking a 5 piece band live. The artists enjoy it as they feel they have more “control” for their ears. Connecting to a PC was simple after you read the instructions and install the Steinberg Ski Remote on your PC/Mac. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!! Con: the app seems to loose connection to the PC every so often.
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2 years ago, Steplander
Just crashes. No good
I don’t understand why a company as technologically advanced as Steinberg doesn’t keep an eye on their apps so they are not crashing. Open this app on the iPad and it loads cockeyed with panels hidden by other panels with an option to enter IP address. Start to type in address; crash. One of the reasons I purchased Cubase 12 pro was because there was the, supposed, ability to remote into the application using an iOS iPad. Please, fix this one?
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4 years ago, The real Banski
Love this, BUT..
The latest ios update created a bug that needs to be fixed asap! My ip wifi connection was disconnected and now the keyboard is all buggy preventing me from entering my ip address again to connect. Never was an issue before - Please fix the key keyboard asap!
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5 years ago, Aaaabey
Good App Needs Updates
From a post production side of the things the custom softkeys is great, but other than that the app is getting outdated. The last update was over two years ago, and it’s been so quiet that I feel like support for this app is abandoned. An update where you can auto-bank select track so it goes to the fader on the app would be great, and added panning controls would be great too. Avid’s Avid Control has surpassed it in a lot of ways, and that’s a free app.
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1 year ago, Dr.Fire.K
Got working with Cubase 12 on windows
Just bought this app and worked fine with Cubase 11.5. Then I upgraded to 12 3 days later and it gets stuck “Connecting”. Turns out had to manually add Cubase 12 to windows firewall allowed (thanks Steinberg Lars). Working great now.
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6 years ago, Ignatovets
It works But not as I expected......
Sure it plays and stops but what else? The point of a controller is to control the whole thing... right? Save your time and money and get teamviewer on your iPad and computer....full control it’s like your Pc screen on your iPad! Oh wait it is your pc screen on your iPad.
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1 year ago, Jzsaxlatin
Very helpful tool
Super handy tool to remote control your sessions without using teamviewer or other apps. I use this a lot, so glad they got it updated and fixed w new iOS
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4 years ago, nexis74
Great app! Bluetooth instead of WiFi would be great!
Great app. I wish it would use Bluetooth instead of WiFi as I don’t normally keep my recording computer connected to the internet.
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2 years ago, SF_Green
Works great after recent update
Moved recently and my play/recording space is now separate from my DAW/computer space. Love the level of control iCPro affords me over Cubase remotely.
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2 years ago, StopDeletingMyReviewApple
Great update
Thanks for updating the app! So happy to be using this again instead of the some of the alternatives. It works well on my devices.
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4 years ago, Avliavi
Great app but update is way due
Love this app but it’s time for Steinberg to keep up with the competitors like Logic. Better UI more features, flexibility in dragging custom buttons and stability
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4 years ago, Robert Washington DC
Buggy terrible
I just spent 16$ on this app. It’s says it’s updated so the connectivity problems are fixed??? It completely gets stuck every few min and I have to clear the iPad screen and restart the app to work for a min and it gets stuck again. And there’s only mixer . Where is the instruments tracks so I can unable record any track on the fly ? How do I get the money back?
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6 years ago, JBTimbre
Using with Windows 10
Use the pdf manual installation instructions on Steinberg site to install on windows 10, all of the other google searches for installation gives false for a ion..
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2 years ago, Fffffffffffffffuk
Cash Grab
Does it work? No idea, gave up because you have to install program after program after program after program and then set up an adhoc network, waaaay to many steps for a simple remote app that should be free, especially since there are almost no features and they never update it, nice cash grab Steinberg
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4 years ago, AltonPAlex
Worked Right From the Start
Excellent! Doing exactly what it was designed to do: once setup per the instructions it did what it said it would do. Worth it!
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3 months ago, Gomedoc
Crashes on iphone
I loaded up the app today on my iPhone. I connected to my desktop and my iPhone crashed. Every time I open the app, it crashes. Great work Steinberg next time make sure your engineers try it out in the real world before trying it out on us.
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10 months ago, Rakshitar
Infinite loading screen.
not working after latest update 1.2.5. cubase 12. upd.: fixed by unblocking ESET Nod32 "firewall rule".
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2 years ago, AnokaCKMan
CubaseIC Pro Crashes On macOS
CubaseIC Pro now crashes every time you start it up. On the Steinberg support website it says this is a known issue which with MacOS drive and will be fixed on the release of the driver. Very disappointing.
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6 years ago, Rotem2525
No iPhone X resolution compatibility
It hasn’t been updated in a long time and isn’t compatible with iPhone X (or newer) screen resolution. Otherwise works okay.
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2 years ago, JBonBainbridge
Thank you for the update for iOS16!
It works now!!!!
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2 years ago, Usuallyhateseverything
I just bought this app and i cant do the simple things that I need to do. I use Cubase 10.5 Pro on a 2017 Macbook Pro with an i7 quad and an iphone 11 I need to trigger Arranger Events ( and that works nicely) however, as i try to rename an event, the keyboard becomes unusable. if i type a,s,or d, i'll only get the letter f for each. if i type q,w, or e, i'll only get the letter t for each Its killing me. Cant name anything. I need help really bad...
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2 years ago, GreenMollusk
App crashes when trying to connect if you have to enter an IP. No updates in 5 years according to version history.
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4 years ago, lawson951
Can’t even enter my IP to get linked to my pc
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4 years ago, surlyjoe1957
Does not work with Cubase 10.5??
Can’t seem to get ic pro on my iPad Air 2 to connect to Cubase 10.5 AI on my Win 10 machine. No idea how to fix it. Tried different versions of iTunes on the pc (for the bonjour service) but nothing works. Stumped.
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1 year ago, Aviii-AmirHossein
Cubase 12 not Supported!!!
Although it’s been more than a year that cubase 12 has been released, and the Cubase IC Pro updated last month, it doesn’t support cubase 12 yet !!! Why ?!!! Please solve this dear STEINBERG 🙏🏻✨
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2 years ago, mpc162
Doesn’t work!!!
Do not buy! This app should be refunded for anyone that purchased it. Shuts down whenever you try to input it IP address.
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2 years ago, Millerme37
Crashes - don’t buy
Crashing constantly. Doesn’t work at all.
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6 years ago, One_Eleventh
Great Addition
This brought a great new flexibility to the studio
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3 years ago, Dimitris Lambrianos
Many bugs
It is a same that you are not taking care of this app all. We pay so much money for updates and you are not updating this app. This app is causing many problem and Steinberg is not paying attention at all. You are abusing the customers with this app. WE PAID MONEY AND YOU ARE NOT UPDATING THE APP. LOOK PRESONUS STUDIO ONE THEY HAVE A GREAT APP FOR THE IPAD. SHAME ON YOU
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6 years ago, King J
This app will no longer find my computer. Is there an update coming soon or what?
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2 years ago, cosmic_vic
i wish they updated
this app worked great years ago. im in a situation that this will be handy but it keeps crashing everytime i try connecting to my computer now.
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11 years ago, TRFpt
Feature lite
I had expected much more from this app. Should have researched before purchasing, might have spend $32 more and went with V-Control. I might still do that. As of 2/1/13, there are really only three useful features. 1) remote control of buttons to fast path (keyboard shortcuts) to the feature within the host Cubase (in other words use IC PRO to click Open File, now go to host to choose the file) 2) cue mix access 3) basic channel strip controls (M, S, fader, pan, etc.), track marker control (goto and add only), and transport controls (play, rec, L, R, etc.). Among the numerous shortfalls, absence of means to return to previous start (double stop in host), track display does not show tracks within folders, EQ, Inserts, track edits, etc etc etc. They have Cubasis interface with it all, so what's the trouble...probably none, more like incremental (€/$) delivery. Check all resources/forums before purchasing.
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5 years ago, Digital Diary
Couldn’t even log in
The app alters my keyboard strokes. Total waste of $$$.
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6 years ago, Lentomj
Support Cubase10
It`s not work in my cubase10 pro
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8 years ago, YettiPoop
This app is awesome!
I can't live without it at this point. It has become my right hand in the studio. I only record my own stuff, but it's drums, bass, guitars etc. Being able to record, arm tracks, mute, solo, and undo from across the building is fyucking excellent. This app keeps the creativity flowing. I've tried V control, and in my OPINION, it is worthless. I say so after going through three brand new routers, and countless emails, just to have it work for three weeks; and quit working again. No wasted time with IC Pro. It was plug and play for me.
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11 years ago, No airport required!
A dissappointment
I have been a loyal Steinberg customer since 1999. I use Cubase, Halion, and Wavelab. Steinberg has always produced well thought out and well executed products, and their ongoing support of products has always been strong. A controller for an iPad seemed like the perfect solution to the related issues of a multi-room home studio. Naturally I assumed Cubase IC Pro would be my best choice. I could not believe it when I discovered that there is no accurate input metering in this app. Sure, the meters move up and down, and indicate that a signal is present, but you could be clipping the signal and never know it with this app. Without accurate input metering, in my opinion this is almost an useless app.
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10 years ago, JamesJackieBaker
Very buggy and inconsistant
It works great when it works great. Why the heck don't they add freeze track to one of these buttons or key commands in Cubase 7.5? Anyway, I have had moderate success with this app. Now, for some reason, no responsiveness at all on the mixer page. I have the latest version of Cubase and the ski remote service. I've also reinstalled Cubase IC Pro on iPhone 5s and done a hard restart. Jeez, get it together. $17 for the app and $500 for Cubase. The least you could do is make it work. 2 stars because it's a great idea.
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11 years ago, A The Drummer
Just what I was waiting for!!!
I use cubase 6.5 , works seemlessly. Make sure Bluetooth is turned off on your computer before you try to sync though. Was looking for away to control cubase from another room while I record drums. Works perfect. Lets you control cue mixes and everything. Bravo!!!!!!!!!
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10 years ago, 12StringSamurai
Works great
I love this app. I can now easily control Cubase from anywhere my WiFi connection can reach. That means no more fumbling to reach the keyboard from across the room when recording guitars. When I'm in the vocal booth, I can do everything I need without going back to the computer.
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