Cube Runner

3.9 (472)
35.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Andy Qua
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
17.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cube Runner

3.9 out of 5
472 Ratings
6 years ago, marcintosh
Great update to a great game!
I have to admit I was a little shocked to see an update to this game after so much time. I’ve loved this game for its simplicity for a long time so the update gave me a chance to get hooked again. I like the new graphics (the ship looks great) and it still runs incredibly smoothly on my old iPhone. I used to play in portrait orientation and now I can’t but I quickly got used to that. Just as I got used to the new textures which were a little distracting at first. The main reason I’m not rating it 5 stars is that I just noticed my phone was warm in my pocket. I quit all my apps and checked battery usage and this app used 18% of my battery in the last 24 hours. I haven’t played in days. If the battery leak gets fixed I’ll revise my review. Until then I’ll just remember to quit the app.
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6 years ago, Graphic innovations
Disappointed with the new update
Cube runner is a game I’ve loved for years. However, with the new update, I find myself looking for the old version, and dislike the new graphics and the new icon, which make the game too distracting when you just want to focus on the real point of the game, which is getting the icon around the blocks. I am also not a fan of the endless lives, which was actually a smart idea when I looked at the breakdown of the new update and how they explained it, however I was confused when I got to the updated app and hadn’t seen the breakdown of the new update, because the endless lives could have of been explained better on the updated app. Cube runner was a game that was noted and loved for it simplicity as you may see in reviews from before the update. It seems like cube runner just tried to make itself like every other average game on the market, and I believe that there was a way to incorporate some of the things in this new update into another update, but it didn’t need to completely change, because with the new update, it has been stripped of its charm and simplicity, which was its most notable and favorable characteristics. Overall in case you couldn’t tell I am greatly dissatisfied with this new update.
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5 years ago, omalansky
A terrible makeover!
Whoever redesigned the new CubeRunner app should be selling shoes instead. Leaving aside how truly ugly some of the landscape designs are, one of the biggest problems with this new version is that there is not enough contrast between the plane and the various backgrounds. This makes it very hard to see the plane in way too many instances. This was never an issue with the previous incarnation, which used a bold white inverted V” in place of a realistic airplane icon. The attempt to make the plane more realistic has resulted in a nondescript gray color that is very hard to follow against most of the backgrounds. Another big issue is that the plane’s wingspan is too wide. Even though the mazes are now rendered horizontally, it is much harder (if not impossible) to dart through congested clusters of cubes. Really, this game is now a mess! CubeRunner was one of the first apps I downloaded when I bought the very first iPhone, and I have enjoyed it for all these years. But now I may very well delete it and forget that it ever existed. Or perhaps I will fire up my old iPhone 4S, which has been gathering dust for years, just to play the classic version of CubeRunner. I would give this version zero stars if possible.
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8 years ago, Lucario64
Simple but perfectly executed.
Cube runner is a game that seems very simple when you first pick it up. I have great nostalgia for it during my early years on my iPod Touch, and picked it up again to see why it was so addictive back then. It really excels in its execution. The graphics are minimalistic, but there are lots of cool touches, like a cool transition to first person mode, a neat death animation and lots of variety between levels. I also love the soundtrack. It's a lot of catchy and upbeat electronic tracks that fit the levels perfectly. There are lots of touches that make the game feel lovingly crafted, like the great level design, the option to play in portrait or landscape mode, and the option to play user levels. If you think this game is just a simple endless runner, give it a fair chance and I think you'll see how great it is.
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6 years ago, ozron
Seriously awesome support! Shame about iOS11+ only
I really love this game. It's wonderfully simple, brilliantly executed, and a joy to play over and over again. The latest update looks great, and was completely unexpected! It's a shame that it requires iOS 11 or later though, being on iOS 10 means I can't experience it yet. I'm sure there's a reason for this limitation, but it's still annoying. I'll keep playing the older version, as I have the past 10 years.
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6 years ago, burrito1000
Love this game!
Cube runner has been one of my all-time favorites. I’m only giving it 5 stars because of the nostalgia I have for this game. The new update that was just released after no updates for 10 years is a disaster. The game goes from vertical gameplay to horizontal gameplay, the graphics somehow got worse, and the zen gameplay is just a participation-trophy style of play. After 5 minutes of play, I seriously regret updating the app. I used to still play this game on my phone pretty regularly after 9 years of faithfully using iPhones and the iPod Touch but I’m not so sure I’ll be playing it much anymore.
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6 years ago, kkerr85
Bad Update
I appreciate the developer spending the time to update a classic app... but honestly, 3.0 is horrible. I loved having the classic version and played it often as a stress reliever. It was simple and fun. The new graphics are incredibly distracting and I have a hard time focusing on any of the blocks. The counter was changed, so I can’t get a good grasp on how well I’m doing. And I feel that the “size” of the plane has increased, meaning I can’t squeeze through the same kind of gaps I used to. I IMPLORE the developer to go back to the classic version. Please. I loved this app but find it unusable now. Release this version as another app, but allow those of us that still love and enjoy the original to have it. I don’t want to delete the app, but I will not be using it with the updated design.
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3 months ago, KingCheck Out
Nostalgia, and also I’m shocked that this game is still getting update
I used to play this game back in 2012 when I 7 years old with a ipad, I lost the game a while back and a couple months ago I came back years later. I’m glad that everything is still mostly the same however I saw that y’all are still updating the game adding controller support, 15 years later. I hope the game will stay the same, and if there is new stuff added, have mode that keeps it as classic mode.
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6 years ago, Danny Bastidas
Many problems already
It’s amazing that you guys took time to update the game again after years but there’s already a lot of problems. First, the old music is completely gone! That music holds some great nostalgia and it felt more fitting than the current music so it would be nice to have an option to toggle the new music and the old one. Also, when pausing, your speed resets, so if you’re going really fast and then pause, you go slow and it could really throw you off. And also, the higher difficulties are REALLY hard to control, a slight tilt could send your ship flying and the momentum just seems off.
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6 years ago, Tangofox1027
New 3.0.10 update issue
I love this app. I appreciate change, but my issue is that this new update changes the game completely. I’ve been playing Cube runner for 9 years I think, through college and high school it has been a go-to game. I don’t like the new update compared to what it used to be. I’d love to see a “retro mode” feature that would allow you to play with the visuals and handling of the previous version. Thanks for reading and for all the fun over the years.
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6 years ago, Scout2004
This game was great but now...
So when I was a little kid my dad had this game on his iPod and my siblings and I would always fight on who got to play it. It was the highlight of our whole day, and when I got a phone and found out that I could download it it was the best thing ever and I love the original version because it was one of those game that weren’t stupid and that didn’t needed to be updated or changed to stay up to date because the old version could never get old like it wouldn’t look childish for adult and it did look like just an adult game so all ages could play it and now it feels more like a little boys game and I am very disappointed in it. I miss the random colored blocks and my white arrow.
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8 years ago, Dskid48
Just as I remembered it!
Loved this game from the moment I downloaded it in 2010 on my iPhone 4. I remember a revamp of the app during that period in which I stopped playing because I didn't like the new look. Downloaded it again recently and glad to see you went back to the original design! One small audiophile related complaint however is the audio doesn't quite sync up like it used to when changing to dark mode on the hard difficulty!
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6 years ago, zcoop98
Well, it’s quite the update! But...
Not quite sure how to feel about the new update... it’s very, very different in feel! Different isn’t inherently bad, it just feels pretty abrupt. Pausing the game causes the ship to lose all of its forward speed- unpausing the game starts the ship from zero speed. I’m not sure whether this is intentional behavior because it’s not really communicated to the player... is this intended or a bug? I think you may have gotten a little trigger happy with the new features and abilities of newer iOS versions... The main draw to this game, for me, was the retro, early 2010s App Store feel. The main game hadn’t changed at all since the initial release (since I had my first iPod Touch!)... this is just a really, really big shift and change, and seems to disregard entirely all the charm the original had in of itself. Maybe you could alleviate the feeling by adding in the original music as an option in settings, and a theme that looks more like the original? Best of luck!
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6 years ago, Capt. of Starship Earth
Happy but more sad!
I have been using CubeRunner since the beginning! It has been one of my absolutely favorite games. I am extremely happy that the developers are still alive and doing maintenance. I do wish there was a way to continue playing the classic version. The new airplane looks good but I miss my old triangle. I also miss the old app icon. I would like to see the developer add the option to use the old icon or new icon. I would also like to see a “retro“ mode. Don’t get me wrong I will probably use some of the new features occasionally but I already miss the nostalgia.
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6 years ago, TraadeMark
The New Update Looks Great !
This game is such a classic! I’ve had this app for soooo long, it’s been like 8 years. I liked even before the update, but I really like the new approach that was taken 👌🏽. Keep it up ! Side Note: I’m a producer & have in mind a few tracks that would sound Great for gameplay and could really enhance the gaming experience. I think it would be dope to collaborate with the developer of one of my favorite games. Please reach back to me with your thoughts on it. 🙏🏽
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6 years ago, Exsomos
About Time!!!
One of my First Favorite Games. Fun for all ages. The new update revitalizes an old classic and still keeps its old good times and fun. More Developers should do this this. There were some awesome games that have just disappeared or don’t work on a newer iOS. I would pay a good few bucks to have Pharos Poker back again.... any who, back to Cube Runner, THANKS for the update guys, looks and plays GREAT. Don’t wait 10 more years before the next one.
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5 years ago, Sacka-san
Portrait view?
I really am glad that the original was added back, even if it's still a little different. But one thing I really enjoyed about the app before the 10 year update was the portrait view. I recently decided to update the app due to the retro version coming back, but one thing I was constantly trying to do was flip it to the portrait view. I would love to see it added back into the game.
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6 years ago, SlimmySan
Cube runner has been a part of my life since 2011 when I first downloaded the app and since then I have played it most days while I try to waste time. It has been the only game on my phone for a few years now since it was all I needed to have fun. I recently turned on auto updates on the App Store and when I saw the new app thumbnail I instantly felt sick and knew what great mistake I had made. I loved the simplicity of the old school app and the old music and everything about the older game. The new update looks good but is no longer fun for me. Very sad day when the only app I use to play a game that I love got updated for the worse.
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5 years ago, Firebird076098
Great when your bored!!
Personally, I don’t see why all these people are criticizing the update. I have been playing this game since it has been released, and I can tell you, all it has done is improve. I especially like that new jet fighter and choosable themes, because they appeal you, if you know what I mean. Also, is it just me, or does canyon get easier as you progress?? Because in the thousands, there was nothing that could stop me!
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6 years ago, ThiccDaddyLOAF
New look to the same old game.
I remember when the reason they made the obstacles cube shaped was because the hardware limitations on phones. This thing ran great on an iPad 2. Now it has a 3d model for the plane (Rip triangle guy) and a texture for the ground. I don’t know when they updated this game, I thought the dev would have kicked the bucket after the iPhone X came out, but instead he blessed us with a visual overhaul.
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6 years ago, tatertotmary
Great but it CHANGED :(
This game is very nostalgic to me because I played it a lot years ago when I was young. I downloaded it again and have been playing it recently. The new update is great, impressive graphics and everything but is miss the look and simplicity of the old version. Maybe you could make a “classic mode” and have a version that plays like the original?
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4 months ago, leahcim123
Be able to control what music plays
Great game I have loved since little but I would love to be able to control which soundtrack plays ever time I fly, rather than just what one the game decides. I love the classic soundtrack and want to have that one play every time I run. But instead the game plays the new music most runs with only a few in between playing the classical music.
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6 years ago, Courtlandb27
Great, addicting and simple
I remember playing this game so much on my new iPod 4, but somehow forgot about it. I just found that iPod and remembered the game and started playing again, then decided to try to download it on my iPhone 7, hoping that it was still supported. It’s just as I remember, easy to pick up and play, minimal but great graphics along with a great and fitting soundtrack. Thanks for making such a great game!
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10 months ago, Segmaster01
Classic Game that holds true to its Roots
15 years ago, this game launched on the original iPhone. It was simple, addictive, and innovative. I’m very pleased to say that this version continues to look and feel just like the original, with added features that you can enjoy (or simply turn them off and play in retro mode). Thanks for keeping this classic game alive.
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6 years ago, Scythe796
Removed some cool stuff
I love the new update and the look and feel of it, but you’re missing some of the cool features that I really liked in the previous version. The first person mode is gone from what I can tell which was my preferred way to fly, especially in the canyon mode. I also miss the classic look and color scheme of the original, maybe add it back in as one of the “terrains.” This game would be perfect if it had those back in it, but other than that it looks and feels great.
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5 years ago, Uchiha 312
Needs improving
This feels like a knockoff of the original game. Needs to have a retro background/setting so you can play it how it used to look. The new backgrounds and colors are mostly just distracting. Also needs the original music. Also, I don’t remember the turning being so sensitive. Maybe I’m wrong on that one. ALSO, pausing the game restarts your speed, removing all difficulty from the game. The original version did not have this issue. Sure, you could still pause/unpause rapidly, but you still kept your speed when you unpaused.
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6 years ago, =^WarCat^=
Good update, that’s almost perfect.
Let me say from the start this is a very nice visual update. The landscapes and ship update is awesome. The new music is also very good. Overall it’s a very nice job. One minor problem though. You took away the ability to change the perspective, and it needs a user controlled sensitivity adjustment.
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6 years ago, LoveItGaming
Played for 10 years!
I have a question for the Developer, There used to be a feature in the app that allowed people to submit their own created game “maps”. Will that feature come back? Also, this is a great app! I’m so glad that it has become popular again and I would recommend it for anyone who like simple games.
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3 years ago, Eddiespaghetti12345
Great game but…
Cube Runner is one of my favorite all time IOS games because I remember playing it all the time back in 08’ and 09’ on my first gen iPod touch. I was reminded of it recently so I came to the App Store to see if it’s still up to download it. I installed it and was happy to see it again but a little disappointed that the old graphics, app icon, and UI are gone. You can put it in classic mode but it’s not the same.
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6 years ago, aryaaniscool
Not Amazing
I loved CubeRunner all my life, and it was very addicting. It had the perfect music, perfect icon, perfect look. I loved this game all until this update. It’s only been 7 hours since this update and I hate it. The screen is sideways now and that’s not something I like. I’m not trying to be mean. But the music is nothing like the old, amazing CubeRunner music. And the game modes only make it worse. I’m sorry, but if I am going to keep this game, I want better. I know that you tried, but please put it back to normal! Best of luck.
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4 years ago, whoboobler
12 years of game play
This game is the ninth app I ever downloaded on my iPod touch back in the summer of 2008 I have intermittently come back to the game through the years and it’s like a comfort app that is just solid and fun to play. Thanks you for 12 years of a wonderful app I hope you continue to support it.
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6 years ago, cmiii
Retro Mode
Please add a retro mode. This is the only app that has been on my phone since I had my first iPhone in the 3GS. This was one of the first apps games I played in 2009 and fell in love with and I’ve been playing it for almost ten years. I do like the new changes but I’ll always love the original version.
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6 years ago, A random not taken name
Such a good game to kill time
I’ve had this since 2008 or 2009 I think. I kept it out of nostalgia and super glad to see it get an update after 10 years. Always kept it in the game folder to just pass the time and try to beat an old score in the process. Great job lads!
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6 years ago, Ebsolas
New textures give headaches
The new textures look like TV static. They're awful and a far cry away from the simplistic textures pre update. If you're going to overhaul it then at least give legacy options to those who love it for the nostalgia. I mean no offense but rather than adding low res 90s era textures to the game I'd rather you have expanded the game to fit the full screen on my phone. That's what an overhaul means imo. Thanks for the great game and for giving it some long deserved attention. I do appreciate it even if I didn't quite like the results.
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6 years ago, Batman is my Hero
So Sad
This was probably the first game I ever loaded on an iPhone over nine years ago. It is the only game that I still played after all that time. This new version crushed and ruined what the old game was. I don’t like the new look or feel. It has taken the simplicity and joy out of this game. I wish there was a way to play the old version still. If that old version can somehow be selectable as an option, I would be happy to change my rating to 5. But until then, I’m done with this game.
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6 years ago, blarhg17
Ruined it
This is the first time I’ve taken the time to write a review of any app. That being said I was so disappointed when I opened CubeRunner this morning to see the new update absolutely changed the game in every way. It’s so terrible now. The feel has changed and you can no longer move the camera in to the first person which was my favorite feature. Very disappointing, will be deleting
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5 years ago, Sgryczan
Not a fan of the new update
While the new graphics are kind of peaceful, after having this game since it came out, it’s just been a nice bit of nostalgia you could play whenever. But now the redesign kind of ruined the feeling and iconic logo I’ve had for 10 years. I understand why you might think and update is needed, but I think it should be put into a separate game so people can still enjoy the game they’ve had since nearly the start of smartphones.
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6 years ago, lholliger
Good but needs new options
I remember playing this game on my dads iPhone 3 years ago. Since that time the game hasn’t changed since recently. Even though the game keeps the same functionality, it just doesn’t feel the same with the new look. Is there any way to get the simple theme? If not can it be added as a “legacy” design or something? Thanks
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6 years ago, Sonicjockey
Loving the new insane mode!
My least favorite part of the game was the time it took to get to a point where I could possibly set a new record. With the new insane mode it’s now just a few seconds!
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7 years ago, ToxicHorsePucky
This guy has kept his app updated for 9 years.
I first downloaded this on my Dad’s iPhone 3G, then I downloaded it on my 3GS. I’ve had it on all my subsequent iPhones ever since. The app has been consistently updated throughout the years and has remained bug free. Great job. Great game.
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7 years ago, Disapointed Chica
I remember playing this game right when it came out on my cousins phone it was awesome. I wish I could give it more stars, this game brings back so many memories but we stopped playing it :(. I came back to it again and it's just like I remembered it amazing!
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3 years ago, Kris11052
Classic game from the early days of the App Store. Lots of cool new features, but also has “retro” options for people who want the original style. Still fun to pick up and play after all these years.
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8 years ago, Fgnkkoyfc
Just amazing
I've had this app for a while now and it was one of the first I've ever had even back when I had my iPod. Yes, it's a simple app and there isn't much to it but it's definitely one of the most nostalgic and amazing games out there.
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6 years ago, xx_lolhackerlovestacos_xx
Please bring back the old version!!!
My friend and I both have had cube runner for years, and when the update came out I hesitated to update. My friend got the new version and we both disliked it. The entire feel of the game is different and the original music is gone!! I luckily didn’t update, but I accidentally updated it today and I miss the old version! Please let us get the old version back!!!
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6 years ago, CrainstaCrain
Bring it Back
The old version of this game was fine. The reason it’s been viable for so long is because I knew it would be consistent. The new work doesn’t have to go to waste, just add a button to play the old version of the game. New textures are too distracting, ship is ugly, miss the old point of view when playing. I highly recommend an option to play the old version.
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6 years ago, Skater Landau
I miss the old game, also why no more portrait mode?
I’ve been playing this game for years, it was a really fun one but this new update just ruins it completely, not only is it now on comfortable to play now that it is in landscape mode. I’m not too big of a fan of the graphics either, I don’t understand why you guys didn’t just released a 10th anniversary edition and just kept the original as how it is
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6 years ago, KromeHWI
Great update but
Love the new update! Different modes, different textures and backgrounds. Fun to see that this game is still getting some attention. My only complaint, is that the tilt sensitivity is WAY too sensitive! You should really put a sensitivity slider in the options menu. As it is it’s almost unplayable (hence the low star review).
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6 years ago, Starlord64
What a disappointment
I know you guys worked really hard to make it new and “ cool” game but plz guys come on I want the classic ingenious game it used to be. Maybe there could be a mode where its all the same music/ game it used to be. Then you could switch from old to new. That would be so amazing!! I hope that you do this in the future so people can experience both sides of this game.
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6 years ago, MrMhmToasty
What is this new skin
I’m not at all a fan of the new look. Cube runner isn’t a new and exciting game. When I do play it, it’s because of the simplicity and the nostalgia factor. By revamping it you lose some of the simplicity and all of the nostalgia. Please give me a way to change the look back to classic and I’ll rate it the 5 stars it deserves!
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6 years ago, Bramos17
Loved the game hate the update
I have had this game since 2008 about and I’m very sad that the classic game is gone I loved it because it was simple and easy to navigate with out all the bells and whistles please go back to the old version
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