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User Reviews for CubiCasa | 2D & 3D Floor Plans

4.38 out of 5
141 Ratings
5 years ago, craig hermle
I lost track of the number of people that asked me for real estate photos and floors plans and also had no interesting in having a 3d scans of their property. Prior to finding Cubicasa, the only option I had was to spend needless time with a 3d scanner to scan a property just so floor plans could be generated. Are the floor plans generated by cubicasa 100% accurate? No, but I’ve never had that requirement. The plans I generate were always used in conjunction with real estate agents that were looking for floor plans to show the relative sizes of rooms and perhaps as importantly providing a visual to show how rooms related to each other. Cubicasa now gives me the option to offer floor plans to all of my real estate clients at a reasonable price while at the same time performing the scans required with a minimal time investment. From the technician or photographer’s perspective it’s an incredible time saver. Scans can be accomplished in minutes! No long term subscription contract is required. Use it and pay for it when you need it. I almost forgot to mention: the floor plans are scanned using a tool you probably already own, that being your cell phone! Hopefully this review has raised your interest. I have no vested interest in this product, I just was very impressed by by the product Cubicasa produces. Give them a try! Cubicasa gives you the option of scanning 1 property at no cost, and they make the floor plans available for your review.
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4 years ago, PhotogLuver
Alicia Garcia, Photographer for Beyond RE Marketing
I am a commercial and residential real estate photographer for Beyond RE Marketing, BREM. BREM has outsourced their 2D black and white floor plans to CubiCasa since 2019.I was able to add this skillset to my belt of talents quickly, diligently, and efficiently. This was facilitated with their user-friendly app, affordable pricing, quick uploading speed, and great customer service. Dee from CubiCasa is a wealth of information. Her smile and patience radiate through the phone anytime I reach out for assistance. The floorplans are a great addition to our marketing company. The homeowners love them, agents push for them, and my fellow photographers and I have no difficulty producing them. The floorplans have a quick next day turnaround and give you the ability to make quick on-the-spot edits. I highly recommend CubiCasa, their product, and their staff to anyone seeking to learn the easiest way to measure and generate a floor plan. Alicia GarciaBeyond RE Marketing.
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2 years ago, mhilf
Change of heart on this app
Updated 6/1/22: I believe CubiCasa was recently purchased by another company. Now two floor plan options are given when submitting your project. I have decided to do the base model on both as I had hoped that would be similar to their previous single product offering and the price was comparable to the prior option. I have to say that I used to love this app and previously rated 5 stars. I have found the two most recent floor plans I have done to be inaccurate (no island listed in kitchen, opening/door where there is not one located, missing a wall in one room) and frankly a much lower quality than what they singly offered before. I guess I will either try the more expensive option or may consider looking for an alternative solution. I’m disappointed as I have always loved CubiCasa otherwise. Change isn’t always for the better I guess! —— Old review: I have loved using CubiCasa so far. Even when I feel the floor plan will be really challenging for the software to understand, it still seems to get it right. Watch their training video a couple of times or refresh before a shoot, and boom, you’ll have it down. Thanks for the great service.
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5 years ago, SharonClaire
Nothing compares! This is the one to use.
I have been using this app for weeks and it has been a great asset to my business. As a real estate photographer, I create tour pages for my clients and many of them want floorplans with hotspots. Before CubiCasa, I was using a popular but clunky app that took me a long time and required a lot of computer editing after I downloaded the results. Now with this app, I just spend a few minutes walking around the house and I’m done! A completed beautiful floorplan is delivered to me. I have challenged the app with some unique structures and it returned results with flying colors. I had some questions when I was getting started with it and happily discovered that customer support is very responsive! I can’t imagine going back to the way things were before CubiCasa. And I’m also excited because they are continuously adding new features and options.
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4 years ago, Finchcakes
Quick and Easy
Somewhere along the line, real estate photographers started providing floor plans to their clients. I cursed at whoever started that. Why would someone living a life of photography want to do floor plans? I didn’t even offer them. THEN CAME CUBICASA CASA. Within minutes, using my cell phone, I’ve created a video that the miracle workers at Cubi Casa transform into floor plans. There are times when a house I’m in has such a strange layout that I wish the video app had sound so I could convey to Cubi Casa how grateful I am to them for helping me. That’s how I think of this app - helping me with my business. The customer service has been very responsive the few times a had questions - I use the chat feature. Probably the only thing that I’m waiting on is the day they provide total square footage. Not a game changer for me though. I’m thrilled.
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4 years ago, Picture Traveler
I can’t believe how great this app works!
This may sound like an over – the – top review, but that’s because I mean it! I am new to this process, but having completed several scans it’s difficult to imagine anything better. The scans are complete and accurate the very first time. I’m amazed at even how a difficult home can be depicted so well. For example, I scanned a three-story home with inside and outside spaces and it captured every single room including patios and decks, and did it accurately the first time. This particular home had a lot of clutter and spaces that were busy, but I did a great job. I highly endorse this company and their application.
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2 weeks ago, STLLeasingAgent
Used to be a great app. Has really gone downhill in 2024
This used to be a great app…then “enhancements” completely ruined it. You used to be able to quickly and easily walk around an apartment, holding the phone horizontally, labeling each room by speaking into your phone. Now, you have to hold the phone vertically, get nonstop warnings being being “too close” to the walls in any room that is smaller than 10’ wide, making it extremely difficult to scan closets and bathrooms. Worst of all, the app has now taken it upon itself to label each room, so any room with a closet becomes a “bedroom”. With the shotgun-style 1-bedroom apartments in the city, the result is 3 rooms labeled as “bedroom” with no kitchen or living area, or you get two bedrooms and the kitchen will be split into a narrow strip that’s a “kitchen” and a narrow strip that’s a “living room”. It’s absolutely ridiculous. This used to be a great app, and I’ve used it to create hundreds of floor plans, but the recent updates have made this app garbage! Stay away!
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4 years ago, Craigvr
Absolutely Magical!!!
CubiCasa is thee best!!! I’m a real estate photographer, and the one thing I dislike the most about my job is manually creating floor plans. It’s time intensive and requires hundreds of measurements. CubiCasa cuts, what would normally be an laborious 1hr job, down to swift AND easy 15 minutes. If you value your time, CubiCasa is an automatic decision. I’m astonished by the software and its ability to create complex floor plans from simply walking around a house scanning the baseboards. It’s simply magical! And the floor plans are delivered quickly. I’m always amazed by this software, and highly highly recommend this software for real estate photographers, realtors, home owners.
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4 years ago, Mike203Yam
A Real Estate Photographer’s Dream
I photograph real estate and never wanted to bother with floor plans. As a result, I lost business from realtors who love my photos, but require floor plans for their home listings. When I discovered CubiCasa, though, I found a way to do them that is both a complete no-brainer and helps me give my clients what they really want. I essentially spend less than 10 minutes creating a video of a home and get a floor plan back the next day, while making an extra $100 per house in the process. It’s so easy that I have to pretend with my clients that there is more to it than meets the eye. Love this app.
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1 year ago, api333
Amazing App
I just got done looking at the floor plan they provided me after taking the required video for them, and I am blown away at their work. I’ve been trying to make a floor plan for my home for weeks now and they were able to pump one out in less than 24 hours. Their accuracy is incredible considering all they have to go off of is one video. I’m going to just go around and confirm the dimensions on some rooms with the ones I’ve taken, but regardless, this app is amazing! 6/5 stars from me. 👍
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6 months ago, DeliveryBoyDev
Absolutely love this app. Use it several times a week for real estate photography. Only $10 a month for unlimited scans is a steal. Thank you, Cubicasa!! Recommendation: One thing I deeply wish this app had was the ability to edit, at the very least, the room names. It would also be nice to choose which rooms are included in the square footage estimate. I'm sure many users would be thankful for an update like this. Currently I have to drop the floorplans into Photoshop to tweak them.
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4 years ago, MyNiblet
Fantastic Innovative Product
The CubiCasa app has made providing 2D floorplans a breeze! I have been providing real estate media for 7 years, but had been putting off providing floorplans for my clients because I simply didn’t want to go through all the work it required to create one. When I discovered the CubiCasa app, I was so excited! Finally, a fast and easy way to create floor plans. I can scan a home in only 5 to 10 minutes, upload and the files are delivered next day. The CubiCasa app is like magic!!
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4 years ago, Scoobie77
Amazingly fast and accurate!
I can’t believe what a help this app has been. It only takes 5 minutes to scan a house and the next day I receive a beautiful, professionally drawn floor plan in my inbox. Mistakes? Mostly mine. If I fail to show a window in the scan, then there won’t be a window in the plan. However, a fix request brings a revised plan very quickly. I’m always amazed at how fast and accurate the whole process is. Great work, CubiCasa!
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2 years ago, Knickknick
So easy!!
I’ve been doing floor plans for a while now and have used other platforms that require an iPad and digital measurer and I have to do all the work. (Which I’m horrible at. They take me over an hour for a single story home 😳) But since finding CubiCasa, it’s SO MUCH EASIER. I use my cell phone, scan the entire house with my phone and say the room names as I go in then send th scan for processing. *POOF* like magic, I get a floor plan back in about 24 hours with or without measurements. While they’re not 100% accurate to the inch, it doesn’t matter for what I do which are floor plans for real estate agents. CubiCasa has been an amazing tool and product to add to my real estate photography. Try it out- first scan is free. You’ll be amazed like I was! 🪄
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4 years ago, Home Sold Media
Best 2D schematic floor plan app
The Cubicasa app amazes me every time I use it. I’ve done some really difficult homes with multiple interconnecting rooms, multiple levels, dark spaces, angled walls, round rooms, outdoor spaces, etc... and the floor plans I get back are always spot on. The app is super forgiving and warns you when you aren’t scanning right and you can scan an entire home in minutes. The support from the team is amazing as well. You can trust Cubicasa to deliver great floor plans.
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2 years ago, HiNoate
I have been looking for something like the for all my life. This has been one the most easiet experiences I had creating a Floor Plan. The app itself is very self explanatory, and the turn around time was quick, the finished product was accurate and they even offer a possibility to brand the floor plan to my needs! Wish everyone experiences how great the CubiCasa app is!
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5 months ago, Gcgjjnh
Amazing time to be alive!
Wow, just tried the app for the first time and was super easy to use! Scan, submit and your done! The accuracy and plans you get are amazing! 2D is free! Can’t wait to try the 3D, is well worth the money! Still can’t believe how easy that was, especially with measurements of each space and even exterior wall measurements too! Amazing time to be alive!
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1 year ago, _ayyyron
Awesome addition to my listings, no other Realtor in my area uses this. Makes my listings stand out, and it’s another thing I can use to sell myself to potential seller clients. CubiCasa returns your full floor plans incredibly quickly. Scanned a 3000+ sq ft home today at 4:00. By 9:00, they had the full floor plan along with fixed furniture ready and delivered. Easy 5 stars 🤜🤛
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4 years ago, six f gg jfvkl
Highly recommend this company!
I’ve been using CubiCasa since April and have done a few dozens of scans. The app is super easy to use, I have never had any issues with using it or uploading the scans. The service is super fast and corrections come back even faster. My agents love the plans and I can easily edit them in many Adobe products. Excellent service and amazing price!
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4 years ago, A brown48
This app was super easy to use and the customer service was fantastic! When I made the initial floor plan we had not installed the toilets, but after a super easy email the customer service techs were able to place a toilet icon exactly where we needed it for the floor plan to be exact. I would absolutely recommend.
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4 years ago, RobertMellemaPhotography
An amazing service
As a real estate photographer, I take great pride in delivering quality to my customers. This service outperforms any expectation I had in mind. Even though I am a relatively new user of the service, I find it extremely accurate and easy to use. Their customer service is excellent and delivery time was also beyond expectations. I highly recommend this company.
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3 years ago, BigAl4_69
Excellent Ap and Great Customer Servive
We started using this App to help create Stand Alone Floorplans over a year ago. The app does everything promised and more. If (I stress if) you have a problem they have several avenues of support up to high level techs able to help and resolve issues. I rarely give a full 5-star review but for this app it’s justified! Allen N.
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3 years ago, azbenders
There can be only one!
At least for now… this app is the best for scanning to get an accurate floor plan! Utilizing the LIDAR technology, with a brilliant and simple process from start to finish. I couldn’t be more happy with the speed, efficiency, but most of all, the accuracy of the floor plans that come out of this process. Highly recommended!!
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4 years ago, PACarpenter60
Fantastic Service as well as Product
This is the only place to go for Floor Plans for the Real Estate Industry that has time and time again provided me with a great product, Fast Turn around and awesome customer service. I have tried other systems in my seven year career as a Real Estate Photographer and I will attest that CubiCasa is hands down the best. Thank you for all you do.
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3 years ago, KevHo SFO
Stunningly Accurate Even the Most Complex Layouts
After doing real estate for more a decade, this is by and far the most accurate, cost-effective and impressive tool I’ve ever used. I swear there must be some voodoo, dark magic, jaw-dropping wizardry going on as I’m gobsmacked every time I get the plans back (oftentimes within hours). You won’t be disappointed.
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4 years ago, Black Swan Property Management
Absolutely Amazing!
The app is easy to use, has quick results and is better than we could imagine! We are so happy with the every project and continue to be impressed with the accuracy - never had an issues! I would give 10 stars if it let me give more!
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4 years ago, Nickpdx
Perfect for my RE Photography Biz!
Cubicasa has been a fantastic addition to my list of real estate listing services. I’m always looking for high margin low cost/effort additions to my line of offerings and CubiCasa checks all of those boxes. It is super easy, fast and reliable to use and my realtors love the finished product! Highly recommended.
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5 years ago, HubCam
Well, THAT was easy!
As a producer of Real Estate Media (formerly making floor plans via Matterport), at least I have HDR Photography and the occasional 3D Model to look forward to billing. CubiCasa just totally eliminated using Matterport for floor plans. The process was SILLY easy! Walking around a 3 story house with my iPhone taking a sloppy video and BAM - accurate floor plans. Bill ‘em while ya got ‘em, people...
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8 months ago, SWJetjock
Put it to the test on the last house which was a hoarder house/pig pen, unable to see all the walls, floors and corners and figured “no way is this going to work” but alas, to my amazement out came an accurate floor plan. Easy to use and very forgiving in any environment, from the good to the unbearable. 5 stars!!!
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4 years ago, bshehejdhbebd
Love it!
This is an absolutely fantastic tool to quickly get visual representations of layouts of space. I use this frequently for marketing purposes and will continue to in the future. Nothing out there can compete with this for the ease of use and cost effectiveness.
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2 years ago, Mazzystarship
Best resource for floorplans
I’ve been a realtor for two years and am only now finding out about Cubicasa. It’s easy to use and has a quick turn around time. It’s also free when it’s under 5,000 sq ft. Thank you to the makers!
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4 years ago, James Keen
Magic for real estate photographers
This app is one stop solution for photographers who need to create floor plans easily. I love it! I do a home tour video on my iPhone in about 5-10 minutes, upload the file when I get back to the office and receive detailed plans in 24 hours!
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5 years ago, Gsxr970
Amazing app
I’m trying to separate myself from anything to do with Matterport. But, my clients really love having a floorplan to go with my photography. This app saves me hours of time scanning a house and is helping me kiss Matterport goodbye. I highly recommend downloading this app and adding their floor plans to your services.
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5 years ago, chenlauren2
Worth every penny!
This app has saved me. I don’t know anything about floor plans and I have real estate agents requesting I do them. With this app I just have to scan a video of the home hit send and bam I have a floor plan. Highly recommend!! And the customer service is great too!!
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4 years ago, CrowWingPhotography
Amazing Tool!
I do Real Estate Photography for a living and I do floor plans all the time. This is by far the best, easiest, and most accurate app and service that I have found. There just is no better. This is one of my most important tools in my toolbox, and a fantastic money maker!
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2 years ago, Rennido
Fantastic Time Saver!
The State I’m in requires me submit a floor plan and I can’t tell you how much this impressed me, and saved me so much time! From the quick turnaround to the accurate representation (from not great video imo) I am beyond impressed. This app is amazing!
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3 years ago, Techy Enthusiast
Amazing floor plan technology!
I’ve tried almost every app out there for creating floor plans and this one is BY FAR the best. Fast, easy, and consistent results at a fair price. If you are a real estate photographer and haven’t tried CubiCasa, you’re really missing out!
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1 year ago, lllVONlll
This is unbelievable
I had my doubts. The ability to create floor plans from a simple scan? But it works! This is one of the most amazing tools I have ever seen in this price range.
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4 years ago, 5horns
Excellent service and product.
CubiCasa has been a great addition to my real estate photography business. I add them to my CloudPano virtual tours as well as files for including with MLS photos. My customers greatly appreciate it. I accidentally missed a room once in my scan and CubiCasa fixes the issue the same day using my still photos with no charge! Scanning with my phone is easy and the app tells you when you are doing anything wrong. An outstanding product and great service and price.
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4 years ago, Nicodnico
I’m always amazed at CubiCasa’s ability to return a great floor plan to me with what I send them. They are timely, precise and the floor plans are great product to offer my clients. The app is SUPER easy to use and they are quick to reply to any questions I ask!!
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2 years ago, melissaprosserphotography
I love this app!
This app has allowed us to expand offerings to our clients without having to bother with the 3D mapping if they don’t want it. Fantastic ability and I can’t image us without it.
Show more
4 years ago, c21hfr
This an app that really does what it says it does use it whenever we have a new listing. It is easy and very flexible ( even when you make a mistake on scanning). I strong recommend it for real estate agents and brokers. It is a great tool for listings!
Show more
4 years ago, pmjred
Very impressed
I was skeptical at first - and I am very impressed. As a licensed real estate agent - this service is invaluable. Additionally, as a professional photographer, this is a service I can provide to my clients - and they are always pleased.
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2 years ago, RJ 6588
Great Appraiser App
I use this app to create ANSI compliant floor plans for residential appraisals. This is the most significant change in my 30 year appraiser career. It is comparable to changing from DOS software to Windows software, real game changer for the better.
Show more
4 years ago, Reale Shots
Best Floor Plan App Available
CubiCasa is my preferred Floorplan app and service bar none. Super easy to record the floor plans and turnaround service is consistent. Only pay when you use the service and the results are impeccable.
Show more
2 years ago, pburley1
Loos like an architect made it!
This beats pen & graph paper drawings using a laser meter, which in its time beat tape measure. Cubicasa is today’s way to add a valuable service to my real estate and architectural photography, and for anybody’s floor plan requirements. Looks like CAD!
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4 years ago, California Image Maker
Increasing our revenue
Since we have added floor plans to our our product mix we have experienced a nice bump in revenue. It is super simple to deploy and our photographers have really embraced the app. So glad we have CubiCasa
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3 years ago, JillHK
Great product
I really like the simplicity and how accurate the files turn out. It’s a great ad on product that I offered to my real estate photography clients.
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5 years ago, Lhinson
CubiCasa floor plans and Home Report
I’ve really using the app! Makes getting floor plans a breeze. Seriously could not be easier. My favorite aspect is the Home Report. I personalize these for each realtor. They love it 😍
Show more
4 years ago, imjkoh
A must have!
If you’re a real estate agent, all your listing should have this. If you’re a photographer for real estate, this is a must offer service! Great back-end support and easy to use app!
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