Current Rewards: Offline Music

4.5 (70.8K)
113.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Current Media LLC
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
11.4 or later
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User Reviews for Current Rewards: Offline Music

4.47 out of 5
70.8K Ratings
4 years ago, ItzzKittyy
Cool app
Great app for listening to music. Perfect for long car rides or other long time consuming tasks that may otherwise be boring or unentertaining. Something I’d say could use some improvement would be ways to earn points. Listening to music is a good way to earn a few points decently fast. However, I think that songs should yield a whole number worth of points, starting at 1, as I’m seeing song yielding less than 1 point at times which can be frustrating because I liked the song, but didn’t really get much out of it. Another thing, all the ads I see for this app say “Current paying you $20 for listening to 1 hour of music” yet I’ve been listening for ~7 hours and I don’t see even $1 yet. Not even just listening, filling out surveys, trying out tasks and just about everything I can do to earn points with this app. This is false advertising. I don’t like apps/companies that false advertise. It makes me feel cheated and like I’ve wasted time I could have spent doing something better. The music is good, yes. I’ll admit I like the aspect of listening music and getting rewarded, but please make an effort to advertise properly, else people may be discouraged when they don’t get what the ad said they’d get. Other than that, however, this app is pretty cool and I enjoy it. I’d recommend to friends. I’d just like to see ways to earn more points easier or more often. I’d love to change this rating to 5 stars, yet I can’t seem to find probable reason just yet. Thanks.
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4 years ago, A Pizza Hut CSR guy
Got banned for no reason
The ad looks deceiving about an hr of music for $20 but I only got $4 then when I’m about to listen to music after my morning shift…I got suspended maybe banned for no reason…how & why? I already contact support. Most likely take forever or will never reply back…I know because I’m in Customer Service/Support. Please explain why I’m suspended/banned or no choice to complain by starting a petition so government officials will punish current music. Update Turns out it was temporary suspension, finally playing music. That was fast too. Maybe they realized they suspended a csr listener. Weird to receive a suspension because I’m not in school or college lol. I guess it was using VPNs while not listening to Current at the time. At least I’m free to login to hear my music. Thanks Current CSRs for the releasing my acct suspension. Upgraded from 1 star to 4 stars. Reason for 4 stars…I wish Current has options to looking up songs, maybe that will be including on future updates…if it did…then it will be 5 stars
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2 years ago, Lila_R
I can’t earn points anymore, so I can’t even redeem anything after listening to music for hours
So when I first got this app it was probably around two years ago and it was pretty good, you barely got any points but that’s what I kind of expect. there’s rewards you can redeem with your points to give you a little bit of contacts I listen to music I don’t know maybe about 40+ hours and I have 5700 points and some other points from my referral. and to redeem a $10 gift card it cost 19,000 points. so I was pretty motivated I thought that if I were to listen to music for a year I can redeem $10 of a gift card pretty good. also if you’ve never uses that before in order to get points you need to watch an ad and then you can earn points for like another 30 minutes and then you had to watch another ad but for the past year and if not more. you can’t watch an ad. I just re-downloaded the app from offload, and I still can’t watch an ad and it’s again been over a year this is very frustrating because I’ve spent so much time listening to music and hopes I can redeem a gift card but they’ve never updated this. but if they were to fix his problem which I’ve contacted them before and they have not I would change my review.
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1 year ago, BrendaKowalski
This app is getting on my nerves! Everyday I’ve got a problem with it and I don’t know how to contact the developer but here because the app won’t act right long enough for me to search a way to contact anyone! EVERYDAY it’s telling me it’s having problems loading! And if I do get it to load it only plays my music for about 10 mins and it’s down again! Every time I try to play a game or do surveys it shuts down in the middle of my activity! It’s frustrating to keep going through this I’m losing all interest! This didn’t start happening until you changed to the “Mode” it’s taking me a year to only be 47% of my goal cause I can’t ever earn with this app it keeps shutting down. Before when it was “Current” I would at least reach my goal twice in one year but this “Mode” thing I just can’t keep the app ever running long enough to gain any points. So I keep my phone plugged in as much as possible to try to gain points that way. You really need to do something about this. I’m NOT referring anyone to the app because it’s not worth it in its present conditions
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3 years ago, Dragon forum
Extremely well based app
The app has provided a really good format on how to earn and redeem points. Unlike other apps, this one actually allows you to redeem prizes that it offers (aka $$$, AirPods when available, etc.). The points granted per song is not a lot sometimes but if you just keep on being both patient and persistent with earning points, then you will be assured to get the reward you want without fail. I really enjoy this app because I can put my phone on any station that fits my mood and I won’t have to look at it until maybe 5 hours, and it would gather point throughout the time. The small downside is that when the app is not on the foreground you’d have a 30 min time limit before you have to check back in. If not then you stop earning points until you watch an advertisement. Even so, a 30 second ad to listen and earn points is completely worth it. Highly recommend it!!
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4 years ago, Infamous JessK
3 stars
I give this app 3 stars because it takes sooooo long to be able to accumulate money from the points. You can be listening to the music for about 4 hours and you’ll get nothing but about $2. The money also doesn’t convert to other apps like PayPal or Cashapp. It never shows up in your account but only on the app. Also, it’s pretty hard to find a specific station for certain artist. Artist like Post Malone don’t really have their own station like Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. And if they do it takes forever to find it which kind of ruins the experience of listening to the music. You also can’t skip one particular song. If you try to skip a song it ends up skipping the entire station. You also can’t see what song is going to play next or have a choice in how u organize the songs to be able to listen to it freely and enjoy it. I’d love to give this app 5 stars but there is evidently many things that could use improvement in the app.
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4 years ago, Oliver jakacki
It’s alright but with a few flaws
I found this app while looking for an app to get money, and I thought it was going to be great! The ad said $20 per hour, but some reviews said they only got $4 per hour. So I thought, that’s something, right? I’ll be getting over $20 in a day? Right? Wrong. Been listening for about 4 hours now and I don’t even have a dollar. It’s sort of odd how a dollar is around 6000 points while $4 is 9000.. I feel like the dollar price should be lowered and that you should get more money per song. You only get around 7-15 points per song, which is nothing compared to what I was promised. That’s the reason I took away 2 stars. Yup. Just for not giving many points. The reason why I took away another star is because there is no search bar to search for music. I’m stuck listening to genres that I like but half the songs in the genre I never heard of or are pretty bad. If all of these were fixed, I would gladly give a 5 star rating. Update: It says I have 2 USD (2000 points) but I can’t even buy a dollar worth of gift cards!
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4 years ago, istgbri
Same as everything else
Like ok, I kinda like this app. My sister recommended it to me since I listen to music so much and I could actually make money by doing it. I don’t think there’s anything wrong aside from how many points you get per song. I also kinda wish there was a search button so you can choose your own music, unless I can’t find that. But anyways it’s kinda hard to get 30 something thousand points just for a 25 gift card. It isn’t bad just very, very time consuming. The fact every 6 or so songs you have to click on the app to show that your active is kinda silly but I understand. Overall I recommend if you listen to as much music as I do since you don’t have to pay for a membership or anything!
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3 years ago, DocNic28
Good Concept
I love music, so the concept of earning points/$ while I’m listening sounds like a win-win. However, the points earning process is very slow, and the points earning is unreliable. There have been several instances where I’ve listened for 30+ minutes without anything showing in my earning or points history, and it does not seem to be related to me not responding to an ad or other notification. Also, I have yet to figure out how to link my PayPal account, despite the fact that this is supposedly an option. There are currently only 4 options of items for me to purchase via the app, none of which I’m interested in purchasing, and the cheapest one is around 17,000 points…which will take months of everyday listening to achieve, at the rate at which points are unreliability awarded. Definitely room for improvement, but otherwise it’s just another radio station hosting app.
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5 years ago, Grace_Games
No more points???
I gave this a 3 star because it was really great at the beginning. I had no problems except for how the points stopped being added and how there are no new surveys to gain more points. First of all, once I hit 2,000 points, the app stopped giving points when I played music. I even updated the app because they said that it fixed some problems, but I don’t see an improvement. Second, I usually open the app daily and look for available surveys. However, they always say that there are none available and there would be new ones tomorrow. In addition to that point, the artist stations are mostly random stations with the artist’s song playing, and then the next song a random song from who knows where. Most of the times I use the artist station, I end up listening to Spanish/French music. I think it’d be a great idea to fix some of these small details because they can really help people enjoy the app more. Thank you.
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2 years ago, LeeMonique
It’s legit! I don’t really use it much but I’ll try to start!
It’s legit! I’ve only cashed out once. I keep deleting it because I can’t keep it off of my Lock Screen & weather I’m listening to music on it or not it would make my phones battery die crazy fast and it would get hot along with freezing up a little here and there. I just wish you could get the cash the same day to at you cash out! Also wish that you wouldn’t have to download the games on the phone, I believe you should be able to just be able to play the right o the app! Just make an account to save your progress! So we can save space on our phones!! Make it to where it doesn’t take so long to reach your goal to whatever you had selected. 1 last thing..add cash app & a few other banking apps to pick from instead of just PayPal! Please and thank you!!! Whenever y’all can do this I will definitely rate y’all 5 stars!!!
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3 years ago, Carrie Ahrnkiel
I have been a faithful participant with current for almost 2 months until now. I found my account suspended for fraudulent activity. I didn’t feel I did anything wrong. I read over the rules and terms again and came across what I did. I don’t remember reading that and I would never have abused it if I knew. You are not to use more than one device at a time and yes I had done that watching the videos. Now my question to Current is if I make sure I have Current on only one device can I use the app again?? I promise I’m one that knows better and that will not happen again. Please don’t permanently close my account. Also I did redeem a couple of days before this happened and it’s now been 5 days. I will be getting my redemption right? It was the $10 one.
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4 years ago, LHMBFH
You do earn points for what it says
But there’s no way to earn 20 dollars in a day like it says JUST by listening to music. It would take 72+ hours of just straight music in order to do that. There’s opportunities to get more via offers and surveys but many need sign ups. Honestly this is a good way to get points overtime, but you need like 29,500 points to get a 20 dollar card for PlayStation. And each song will give you between 7 to 17 points at a time. I’ve used this all day, and I have over 1,000 points. So take that what you will. Would be better if we earned way more points per song. Or at least every 5 songs or something we get 300 points but honestly don’t download this if you need money right way, but if you’re interested in just grinding points for listening to music, yeah it’s pretty dope. Gonna keep at this till I get the PlayStation card and a Sephora card, and we’ll see. But I’ll let y’all know if it’s really worth it.
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2 years ago, JaybirdStreet
Generally Average
I’ve been on this app for a bit now, earned maybe $30 overall. Nice bit of spare cash on occasion, but it’s got some annoying issues. First off, when looking to earn points from listening to music, you have to be actively using your device, otherwise the app decides you’ve been inactive. Second, every time this happens you have to watch a video to start earning points again. This would normally be fine, but sometimes there are no videos available for weeks, thus you’re stuck not earning points. Thirdly, the app doesn’t always count all of the songs you’ve heard towards points. You might be listening for an hour and only two of the 15 songs you’ve heard gain you money. Overall, this app is a lot like finding a $5 bill in the street one month. Fun random windfall, but you aren’t getting a ton of cash from this.
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3 years ago, MktgMistress
There’s some work to be done
Took me a minute to understand how to start earning coins and track my listening. I was on the app for over an hour prior to understanding what to do. Not intuitive at all. Most people are coming to this app for the rewards so make it easier. The app will close out unexpectedly when trying to load surveys. For those who don’t know, you can take surveys while listening to earn extra coins. I think there should be a profile option to set preferences there; find out how many coins you have, options on spending those coins, ways to earn more, update music preferences. As it is now, there is no profile option and you have to click multiple locations to find all of the above. Still trying to figure out how to trade-in coins for gift cards. The app doesn’t actually “payout” cash, they reward with gift cards. Overall not bad, but as I said, needs some work for sure.
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5 years ago, DomA658
Kinda works, but is a SCAM!
I would give it 0 stars if I could. While this app allows the opportunity for people to redeem gift cards, I would definitely warn future users that this developer is possibly phishing your information to sell your data when they don’t need you anymore. Had it for a couple of months, and never got to the point of redeeming my points. Today, I went on the app to click on a video ad, and I got an account suspension. The page told me to contact support, and I did. It went from 0 to 100, and instead of a suspension it went to say my account was BANNED and CLOSED for violating rules. You contact support and they accuse you of violating rules that you clearly didn’t. You ask them what specific rule and there’s silence. Don’t waste your time. People have been banned in the last couple of days, without a specific reason. I believe it’s because they know that they can’t afford you. There are better beer money apps out there, and ignore the fake bot apology that they are gonna post under this review to look better.
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4 years ago, Ribaka Nazmara
No gift cards or videos
The devs promise but do not deliver. This app claims that you can redeem your points for gift cards, but I don’t see that option. The only redeem options are for products that I probably would not buy if given the money to buy them. The app also claims to have the option to earn while watching video advertisements, which I wouldn’t mind doing except that the video earning method doesn’t exist. There is so much false advertising from this app that I’m not even sure I can redeem products and actually receive the product. I’ll change this review and make it five stars when the devs can tell me how to access these features without giving them personal information about myself. If they cannot help me, I will notify my 85,000+ Twitter followers that this app is likely a scam due to false advertising and unresponsive support, and I will notify many scam-checker and scam-catcher sites that I have connections with to tell them how much false advertising is in this app.
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2 years ago, Vagrant_mystic
Enjoying the music
I would love to rate this app higher but a few let downs. I noticed that the points you earn have dropped considerably from when I first downloaded it. When I have done the Bonus Bucks I don’t notice an increase of the points I am earning. I am still earning less then a point while Bonus Bucks is active. My biggest problem is that when I redeemed my points for a smart watch worth the most points and never received it. Customer Support did give me the points back after 3 months, and yet I still never received what I wanted. What is the point of the rewards if you never receive them? That is the most disappointing part of the app. That and the decrease of the earning of the points. It feels like they are making it take so long to do anything it has no draw other then listening to music.
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4 years ago, itsjesi
used to be better
I’ve had this app maybe a month or more? In the beginning I’d get 8-15 points per song but then the points per song began to decrease as time went along. I decided to invest in their bonus bucks which is apparently supposed to give 50% more & last for 30 days per bonus buck & it was great in the beginning. I was back to getting 10+ points per song but after around 10 days with them I was once again, even with the bonus bucks still active, getting lower points per song than ever. Now I only get 1-4 points per song with 14 days of my bonus bucks left. On the occasion I’ll get a song worth 5. Other than the extremely slow & decrease in points within such a short span of time, it’s a great app to play music. I wish you could look up stations or artists to listen to but i’ve found some stations I like after a while.
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6 months ago, jjigat
This app is very judgemental. It permanently bans people. I used this app 5 years back and I had earned the points needed for a gift card. During redemption, they asked for mobile number but it was a simless mobile and I did not know this prior. So I tried to redeem it from another mobile using the same account and it banned me saying fraudulent activity. I don't understand why this people does not allow a common account. Now even after 5 years, even after changing my devices for more than 2 times, I am still unable to install and use this app. It still says I am permanently banned. Even my mobile number has changed. So please be aware. If you make a mistake or they feel like you made a mistake then you will never be able to use this app or use your points. There is no resolution and there is no support team and they will not help You to resolve the issue. Bad customer treatment.
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4 years ago, Jenni11012
Absolutely loving it
So far I am absolutely loving this app!! This is the first time I’ve encountered an app as legit as this one. Usually I’m met with apps that say that all you have to do is so-and-so when you download it, and then they reveal that you need to jump through hoops just earn points. Like what? I don’t even know how they manage to stay afloat, probably ads, who knows. But Current Music actually gives you the points they said they would. No wondering how long it will take for your points to come in, no tricks, nothing! I’m so glad I found this app. Plus you get to listen to music genres YOU want :) what’s not to like? I hope you guys stay this way forever, what you’re doing is great and more apps could learn from you.
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6 months ago, QueenTitobest
Great music app, but earning not so much.
I like the fact that you can make money while listening to thousands of different radio stations, but it would make things worth the while if we could make more money faster… $100 a month is nowhere near worth the effort requested from users. It takes a whole just to passively earn enough points to cash out $6! Takes way too long to reach cash out limits! You guys want too much time and effort (points) for such little pay…this app either needs bigger payouts or needs to give a LOT more points for each song and other earning actions completed so that it’s easier for users to make $10-$50 in a couple of days.. that’s how this app can improve. Users would be way happier with the app and you guys would get way more people to actually download and use the app.
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3 years ago, 30MINUETESADD FREE
Where are my points!
I’m literally going to go delete this app like it’s so annoying. At first the The app was easy to use and I got 1000 points or so after listening for 30 minutes just like the app said but after I Listen for 30 minutes or more I only get less than 100 points. I’ve been trying to get points for the past few weeks but it doesn’t give me points for any songs I listen to. I even made sure that I watched the ad before I started listening. so it should’ve been given. I wasn't idle or afk from my device and I never got a notification telling me that it stopped earning. (I even checked if I have notifications on and I do!) after every 30 minutes or an hour I go check for points and I didn’t even get points so I will be deleting this app there’s no point of having on my phone if I can’t even get close to 10 dollar gift card.
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3 years ago, sksmiles77
latest update
in the latest update a new feature was added every few minutes a popup comes up asking me if i am still listening and earning has stopped. This is annoying yes i am listening to music i should not have to keep the app on my screen and drain my battery to earn points. If i am driving listening to music i should not take my eyes off road to say yes i am listening. It now pops up on my watch to ask me. Turn this off! Update: getting generic response from several messages sent. The disabling needs to be fixed or taken off!!! I have app open and it still asks me if i am listening watch ad and then still disables. Also, sometimes there is no ad loaded so disables. Once disabled it won't restart earning have to uninstall reinstall app to get started again Updates still need more work
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4 years ago, Aidan_TheFirst
Over all a really good app and you should get it!
It’s a good app, I mean if you have patience it means well, but it’s not the best if you want quick cash. Plus it wouldn’t make sense for them to speed up the amount you get because that also would lower their profits and that ain’t fair because they deserve it too. So just be happy you can get anything for listening to music, like come on that’s amazing, and before you know it you’ll get some money, you just need patience and you’ll make it 🤟🏼 try it, it’s a nice app to have and there are also things you can answer for more points to earn with. Definitely recommend. And if you ain’t patient then maybe you don’t deserve the rewards🤷🏼‍♂️
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3 years ago, SlickRickD
Current review.
February 3, 2021 I have been using this app for about four months now and at first I was spectacle about being able to earn real US currency I just listen to music but as time went by I saw that that they don’t just get money out of thin air they play popular good looking music andAnd you don’t have to keep watching a whole bunch of commercials like most ads it’s one commercial every two hours and it’s pretty reasonable they have all sorts of prizes they have surveys games great ways for you to make money I would highly recommend you trying this out about and the more you use it the more money you make them in the more money you make you great at
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4 years ago, Coolguy :)
New Way to Get Some Money!
This is a cool app I found while I was watching TV. Never did I ever think that I could get free gift cards for listening to music. But here I am. I love this app because you can listen to your favorite genres of music and get money doing it. Plus, I can also find new genres of music I like too. There are plenty of ways to get points other than listening to music too! You can do tasks from your favorite games, watch an ad for points, and inviting a friend gives you 500 points! However, this app isn’t perfect either. A few things that I wish they added was looking up items, add more gift cards, and other things too. But if you like listening to music and like gift cards, this app is for you!
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3 years ago, Tiersty
So far it’s good
I just got the app yesterday and I got a good bit of points since then and I’m having a good time. If this stuff is actually legit and I get money from it then I’m all in. I’m 16 and shouldn’t really be trusting stuff like this but I wanna save up money. I’m trying to find more good apps like this. I recommend it because so far it’s pretty good. Only problem is it literally takes over your lock screen. For me I tried to turn my phone off and it came back on and played ads. That’s really the only bad thing about the app so far. I got it on my iPad so I don’t have to deal with not having my lock screen anymore lol. If the people who run this app see this please fix that so I can get it on my phone again
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7 months ago, Fruitful Rose
Great Music
I really like variety of different genres of music in different languages. Minimum of commercials which is the best. This is best when you are studying or a long road trip. Excellent selection of music which is the best way to learn a different language it’s extremely clear with no status or interruption of Internet. It’s very clear type of music it’s very enjoyable. I definitely will let a lot of people know about this app you could use it at work walking grocery shopping parties and when you’re relaxing. Hopefully they will increase the numbers of points but I really enjoy the music.
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2 years ago, Number1rebelfan
This app is good!
Current is an amazing app to earn while listening to music! I just wish they would add apple products such as AirPods and Apple watches and much more! But overall this is a good app for a broke teenage boy like me! Also, I wish they would add an option to redeem your points for a check! Also I wish you could earn more than just 600$ a yr, if we could earn more than 600$ I would give this a five but everything else is really good! And I hope they would add a feature to remove your friends after we send 3 invites because I accidentally sent an invite to everyone in my contacts, so I wish there was a feature for that as well!
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4 years ago, Ilovegoldie
Good but takes a long time to earn points
So far so good. I’ve had it for about a year but have only been using it more recently. The only thing is, is it takes forever to actually earn enough points to get anything. Each song you get earn anything from 5-20 points depending on length of the song but it takes 6,500 points to get a $1 gift card. Also, after a little bit, if you exit the app they send you a notification saying if you don’t come back to the app and click saying you’re still listening and you have to watch an ad, interrupting the music mid song, or else they will shut off the point earnings.
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4 years ago, definitely not worth it
Patience is Key
While it does take forever to get the points, this app is legit and does pay you. My only complaint is that after a while, the app turns off the points it’s gathering unless you watch an ad. This happens about 30 minutes apart; however there are also time you can go for hours before needing to watch an ad. Also, after cashing out $10 to PayPal, it took a month to see the money in my account. Granted, I did contact support and they basically told me that due to covid everything’s taking longer. So if you wanna listen to music and get paid for doing it, this app is great as long as you don’t mind waiting for a long time to accumulate points and to actually get paid. 😊😊
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2 years ago, Coco the bun bun
Improvement’s could be made
There are some cool things about this app like how the layout isn’t confusing or like how there are other ways to get point besides listening to music but I do have some issues. There are practically no videos to watch when you press the watch video option. I also wish there where more gift card options as well. Like new gift cards weekly or something. I also wish they would list the artists in the station when you go to search up a specific artist. Also when I go to put in my email I get a notification saying that it’s connected to a google account. Because the email I’m using is partnered with google???? Like that’s the only email I use.
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4 years ago, joystar8008
Great selection of music stations
I enjoy the selections of each genre. However, it would be more helpful to have a description of each station. It also gets annoying that it stops earning coins when listening after a certain amount of time and you’re not on your device. I like to play music in the background while working so I’m not always on my device to respond to the “earning disabled” alert. It would be nice to have a setting or longer time period before this alert pops up. Otherwise, I’m pretty satisfied with the music. Oh and it’s pretty easy to see the other earning options. Just don’t get stuck going down the rabbit hole of surveys.
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6 years ago, BLARFUNGAR
Downloaded the app off an ad saying you’ll “earn free money for listening to music”. I thought it was total BS but gave it a shot anyway. You don’t get “paid” by using the app at all, it “pays” you for every person you get to download the app. So I followed along and I sent invites to a few people and told them to just download it as a test. Well it shows that you have a balance of how much you’ve earned, but there is no way to redeem it. I searched the entire app, and there is nothing but the media, search, and the invite friends tabs. I tried tapping everything just to see if it was a button, but had zero luck. I decided not to even bother using the app for its purpose as a media platform. I would have given it a shot, but it is just a predator of false advertising. I will not support an app that relies on such desperate ways to get people to download it, and can not uphold its promises.
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3 years ago, Xylem794
Great music app! It pays!!!
Probably one of the best music apps out there for download. Extremely limited ads, works great, plays a lot of variety, also has alternative ways to earn as well. Unfortunately I’m running current version with my iPhone 8+ and the play first song as well as the play for 30 minutes achievement will not unlock. I listened to it all day yesterday? Charging feature is not working as well. However on my Samsung Tab A, everything is working perfectly! I will try uninstalling and reinstalling to see if maybe that fixes problem if not it may be on the Developers side, maybe someone can advise me on this issue?
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1 year ago, yela222
Solo dire que promete muchas cosas y no cumple ninguna de ellas, literalmente te pagan 0,01 ctvs por escuchar una canción de mas de 4 minutos y algunas el pago es menos. Lo segundo que no me gusto es que no me conecte un día y automáticamente mi cuenta fue bloqueada! No me permitía ni siquiera intentar recuperarla. Si piensas que tienes mucho tiempo y es una idea de hacer dinero realmente tienes que tener un celular día y noche con la app prendida para que al menos generes $1. // I will only say that it promises many things and does not fulfill any, they literally pay you 0.01 ctvs for listening to a song of more than 4 minutes and some the payment is less. The second thing I don't like is that I didn't log in one day and my account got locked automatically! She wouldn't let me even try to get her back. If you think you have a lot of time and it's an idea to make money, you really have to have a cell phone day and night with the app on so you can generate at least $1.
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3 years ago, 19720303&$@tinker
I listen to the country station while I work from home, REALLY love that the music is not repeated like some other apps. They play songs that I haven’t heard in a long time and new ones I have not heard of. Highly recommend this app. If you work from home , a wide variety of music to fit just what you are looking for and you earn points for listening. The only thing that is kinda aggravating is I have to keep enabling that I am listening so I can earn my points but I still give it a 5 star because of the variety and never any repeats. Download the app today and star listening!
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1 year ago, Cchabs123
Not bad of an app. But takes forever just to make 10 cents .
Listened to music about 2 hours and made just about 10 cents. Tbh loved this app, but you have to buy a boost just to get more points . Which I feel like it shouldn’t be that way. Also, some songs will give you a lot of points and some not , which I assume it just depends on what the song is . I really think it’s unfair . So just watch out for this app, wish there was some apps that paid like 5 cents for one song I wouldn’t mind it . This app I kind of do and don’t recommend because it takes forever just to get $1. Took me about 10 hours or even more just to get to $2 which is just straight out unfair . But it’s money I guess .
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2 years ago, gamalalals
Hahaha jsjsjs I’m sorry but I’m sorry for your reply lol lol I have a good time at the best time for that too but I’m not feeling well lol I’m going to have some fun 🤩 but I’m not doing it anymore lol lol 😂 I’m so happy to see hear see ya soon lol I don’t know what to say about this video lol lol I don’t like the pictures of ur hair and that’s okay lol I love you so cute and cute I miss your birthday and I’m sorry for your birthday so I hope you have an awesome 👏🏼 day love you bye love ya ya soon I have to wait to get my car back lol 😂 I’ll be there in like five hours I have a good day at school lol I’m good with you and I’m going back in my house lol I was like oh yea I
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2 years ago, coydavid
Feedback on current music app
I like the fact that you can listen to the music any where an you pick what type of music u like an it goes off of that an plays that type of music as well as it gives you amazing offers to earn more money more ways an at faster paced an I would an have told family an friends as well as a couple people I don’t know that I highly recommend this app to be downloaded an that if it wasn’t in the top downloaded apps of 2021 that it will be in 2022 an that in order for that to happen we need to spread the word
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3 years ago, carolbiking
Becoming very Disappointed
I have been using this app for quite awhile now and while I have been able to earn several PayPal gift cards, unlike some other apps this one you actually do earn real gift cards, I have been having issues with some of the glitches that have been happening more and more frequently. When I contacted support in regard to my last problem I was instructed to delete and reload the app to see if this would fix the problem. I did this and lost all the points I had earned towards my next $20 PayPal gift card, I was about 96/97% along and anticipated earning it later today. I also lost some other benefits that I had earned through my regular use of the app. It recognized that was already registered but I’m still down all the points I had spent my time earning.
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3 years ago, tbaby212124
Great for music not for money
Disclaimer - if you go into an app and expect to make a buttload of money you need to re-evaluate lol I have used this app for almost a year, I have gotten paid out successfully. Pros: Great for listening to music and discovering new music Not too many commercials Plethora of music choices Works well with other apps Gift card payout is much faster than it was before Cons: It takes a LONG time to earn gift cards Bonus Bucks doesn't work after a few days of making your purchase A lot of replaying the same songs If you don't log in every couple days you will be flagged as fraudulent - had a friend lose over 20k points for that Overall, it's a great idea, the app runs well and it is really good for finding music you normally wouldn't. It has a few kinks, but what app doesn't 🤷🏼‍♀️ They have improved the gift card process quite a bit and now you do actually get them, it just takes forever to earn them. I think you should earn more for listening.
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2 years ago, none4security
Good music, crashes a lot, earning is not what advertised
The stations available in IPhone version are very good. That being said, I downloaded with the anticipation of earning for listening to music. Battery is being drained, low power power stops background refresh and then I get a message saying earning is disabled due to inactivity. Or so I thought. Turns out it just does it randomly despite me being hooked up to a charger above 60%. May revise review if these issues can be fixed. I deleted and re-downloaded the app which made the earning disabled error disappear. However with the price of having to invite 3 more people to unlock earning. Let’s see how round 2 goes.
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2 years ago, lailarose420710
I thought this was a cool app at first but I redeemed a $6 PayPal gift card over a week ago and it said I would have it in a few days but I still haven’t received it yet. I redeemed it for the “bonus bucks” to earn twice as many points while listening to music but for the past FOUR days it says my earning is inactive due due inactivity and when I click the button to watch an ad to show I’m still active, it says there’s no ad available. So not only did I redeem it for no reason, now I haven’t even received the redemption. This is the worst false advertisement ever. Y’all need to step up your game. I don’t know if this is just some sort of glitch but I would appreciate it if this was fixed ASAP or at least addressed in some way so I know you’re at least working on a solution.
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1 year ago, Phenixrose
Current app review
Overall I like this app. I have used it before and it works pretty good. This time around though I noticed that I didn’t earn any points for streaming after the first day. Please fix this. Also when you use points to get bonus points it’s only good for 6 days but it says 30 days. That should be fixed too. The only points I get is from surveys. Oh there are never any videos available to watch for points. All apps have plenty of ads to watch but this one has none. I really like the stations that I can listen to so I hope they fix the issues.
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5 years ago, Anika’s iPhone
Love, easy to earn
I love the app, quick to earn. I do have problems with the music suddenly stopping. I don’t know if it was my car or the app but it can be annoying and inconvenient. Also the wifi can be an issue which I don’t understand being that this is connecting to radio, can that be fixed or are these online stations? Thank you! Love the variety of stations, prizes are great, maybe have an option where we can take out money like directly convert your points to moola. The ads do not give you any money thoufh, they do not work and some opportunities do not reload quick enough.
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2 years ago, jordan lil mama
It needs a little updating for iOS systems
Overall the idea of the app is wonderful I love it and it’s FREE which also makes it great. It would have earned all 5 stars, but and idk if it’s like this for all system users or just iOS but I have iPhone, ok so it took me an entire 24 hours to figure out how to do ANYTHING other than listen to music, I didn’t know how to “earn”, I didn’t know what the point system was like, I didn’t know how to see anything of importance, and so on and so forth. So if they could make that a little bit more user friendly for iOS users I think it would be a definite 5 star app, once I discovered how to for all these things it really is a great app.
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3 months ago, GTG1323
"I have been using this fantastic music app for a while now, and I must say it is a game-changer! Not only does it offer a vast library of songs and playlists for me to enjoy, but it also rewards me for my time spent on the app. I have earned some extra cash just by listening to music, which is simply amazing! The app's interface is user-friendly, and the payouts are fair and prompt. I highly recommend this music app to anyone looking to enjoy great music while also earning some extra income." I hope you find this review helpful!
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3 years ago, Rockstars Never Die
Referring Friends
I don’t know why I couldn’t find much on this topic. Current says 500 points per friend you invite. I do lots of affiliate marketing, so when I saw this I was excited. I started promoting the app with the special link they give you to refer friends and earn 500 points for each of them. I was able to get over 200+ sign ups through my link, but NO points were given to me. I thought this was odd, so I had my friend download and use the app in front me with the link I gave them. They literally downloaded the app and signed up in front me, and I still didn’t receive a single point for the referral. With that being said, it’s hard to understand what else the app could be lying about. With over 200 downloads, I’m pretty sure I deserve my referral points. 🙁
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