Current: The Future of Banking

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Finco Services, Inc.
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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Current: The Future of Banking

4.75 out of 5
152.7K Ratings
2 years ago, CbabyBhadf
It’s really 0 stars for me
I’m only putting five stars because I can’t give 0 and people need to see this. Thought I’d try it out even though I was skeptical about it. I’ve been getting paid by my job 2 days prior ever since I switched to Dave and Albert. However, I wanted to try Current out. My job makes it very easy for its employees to switch accounts and add accounts whenever we want too, so last week I got my first check through Current while having a basic account I could see that on my normal payday of Tuesday the check was pending and it was released the next day, well this week I had a premium account which they actually do promise to deliver your check 2 days before your actual payday. Well yesterday I waited all day for my check to show up in the account, I mean there isn’t a check pending or anything. I’ve talked to 3 customer service representatives 2 had very bad attitudes because I had the most basic of questions and because once I found out that being a premium account holder sucked because you don’t get your check any earlier, I asked to go back to basic because premium cost 4.99/ mos. I’m probably just over the top and I don’t care because I don’t play about my money, so if you promise 2 days in advance you should deliver that. I’m going back to Dave because my savings accounts got paid yesterday. Just don’t do this to yourself you guys, if your use to getting paid 2 days before your actual payday just don’t do Current.
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10 months ago, SC Pandanemic_2000
This is the best financial app out there!
I have been using this app for years and it has only gotten better, with the new build card I have started to build credit and being able to have 4% apry for all 3 of my savings accounts means I am making about $1 a week on average just for having money that I would be saving up anyways. It’s also great to be able to still have access to my money with a virtual card even if I need to replace my old card(s) which I just did last month just because they’re getting old. It’s also nice to be able to send others money with the tap of a button and receive money from them just as easily. It’s safe secure and support will do everything they can to try and solve your problems and answer your questions. Your money is available anytime anywhere and you can easily turn your cards on/off anytime you might need to and block specific transactions or brands with a single tap. You can also use the Fee Free ATM Lovator to find the nearest ATMs that won’t charge you a fee to use them. You can deposit cash through some stores like Dollar General straight into your accounts. You can get fee free overdraft up to $200 when you have monthly direct deposits, you never get charged for using the overdraft if you ever need to use it. There are so many great features that you can’t get with a physical bank that make this app great and it makes saving money and building credit easier than anywhere else!
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3 months ago, jdifbtuis
Love the account
I always get paid earlier than my actual payday. Sometimes the issuing bank will place a deposit hold on funds so that they cannot go to my current account until that electronic hold releases the funds. That hold time can vary just by the payroll person alone doing the direct deposits at your place of employment. I want Current to remain solvent so that is ok with me. I do have an issue with the amount of money you can deposit via checks. The limit is &2,000. Twice now I have had checks issued to me for over $2,000 with no ability to cash them. The last time I had to turn the check back in to the issuing party and have them write me 3 checks for less than $2000, which took an entire month. I deposited one check and it takes them longer than the usual 3 days to get to and be cleared by the Federal Reserve. It has been 2 business days and my single check I deposited still hasn’t cleared and I am expecting it will take another 3 days before the funds are in my account. It is an out of state -for me-bank so today I am driving an hour and half to cash the other two checks. When I get there I will have to present the checks to the bank, wait for them to call the issuing party to approve them and IF they get back to the bank in a timely manner I can get my money and drive back home. This will cost me a day and $50 in gas and food eating out for the day. This is the biggest inconvenience of this account. They need to fix this.
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2 years ago, Oddomission
Much Better Banking Experience
I’m so glad that I came across Current in November last year. I had just closed my BofA account after being fed up with their mercilessness and greed. For example, I would get slammed with $35 overdrafts and customer service never cared if it was because I had lost my income during the lockdown or if my overdraft was .28 cents below. They took that money like their lives depended on it (talking about one of the largest banks out there). Then they started tacking on an unreasonable $12/month “maintenance fee” after I got a job where direct deposit wasn’t an option. After losing $60 to these fees, I switched to Current and it’s been great. I also appreciate their check deposit feature and how quick it was to set things up. I tried Venmo before and verification never worked despite having valid ID. And customer service would tell me to call an outside company who would then tell me to contact Venmo CS. I got fed up after not being given an answer for a week. Current isn’t perfect however. Check deposits can take up to a week and the estimated date that the funds will be available isn’t accurate, but at least deposits take less time the more you use the function and customer service actually responds within minutes instead of days to your questions.
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2 years ago, Most goes
I was a victim a of fraud and this useless bank did nothing about it. An unauthorized purchase .of almost three hundred dollars was made at Sephora was made. I have no idea how. I get notifications every time a purchase is made. Well as soon as I seen the transaction I immediately contacted current. Whoever I was chatting with told me to wait until the transaction settled. Once it did I immediately contacted Current again and disputed the transaction. Two days go by and I get an email from Current stating that “no error” was made therefore my request for a dispute was rejected . No other information was given to me. I have then been contacting Current constantly and nobody can give me an answer. I was desperate and hopeful I’d get my money back. They couldn’t even answer as something as basic as telling me where and when the purchase was made. I can’t believe they let the scammers get away with taking my money. I am going through a rough patch and couldn’t afford to loose that money just like that three hundred are gone from my account. Moral of the store don’t waist your time banking with them, you’re money is not safe with them and they will do absolutely nothing in the case you’re a victim of fraud. Terrible experience I had.
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3 months ago, southsidemayor007
Mobile deposit
I really love the app and the security it integrates! The only thing I can say that would make this app impeccable to all others is the mobile check deposit verification needs a lot of work and guidance! I had a check that was from a JP Morgan account that a huge local car dealership had wrote me, for the refund of my balance of the extended warranty! I followed the instructions as I always do and went thru the verification period and after a few days passed I got on chat to see if they could find out why it wasn’t verified and funds available and they said it was pending and the next day it showed denied! I got on chat again and ask what the issue was and they told me the check was no good because it want real! Now I sit with a check that I have signed and have current mobile deposit and can’t do anything with but wait for the dealership to reissue me a new check! I just don’t feel that whoever did the verification either one, didn’t know what they was doing or two, didn’t know what they were doing! So I say a little more training on the process so they know who, when and where to get correct information when doing the verification process! Other than the hic-up on that the app is wonderful and good to its function! Just be a little aware when doing mobile deposits! Sincerely, Mr. Lagle
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2 years ago, Aj0303
Worst mobile deposit process I’ve ever seen
I wants to give current a good review, I really did, but with the ridiculously abhorrent experience I’ve just had with them I couldn’t in good conscious pretend that this bank is worth your time. I had a current account before and I absolutely loved it. However I started a new job that (infuriatingly) only does paper checks. At other banks this wouldn’t be a problem as most will deposit the check immedielty in some fashion or at the least within 24 hours….but not current. I used my first Mobile deposit well over a week ago and it has been in pending limbo since. I’ve had to go an entire week without a paycheck because current thinks it’s somehow acceptable to make people wait AT LEAST five days before a clearing a mobile deposit which is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve already switched back to my old credit union because they at least deposit half the mobile check deposit Immedietly and the rest within 24 hours at the most. I contacted current assuming there had to be some sort of issue with my deposit because waiting 5 days for a check to clear sounds like an unreasonable joke, but no. They told me it’s their standard and that is absolutely infuriating. This one issue has been a massive inconvenience in my life that has caused legitimate financial hardship when there otherwise shouldn’t be. If I could rate current at ZERO stars I would and I can only hope they either fix this absolute trash mobile deposit system, or shut down.
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2 months ago, Abby l ulrich
Current can help with your life.
After destroying my credit, automatically tried to fix it at cheaper payments. Did a debt settlement, that I thought would help me. I was up to date with all my credit until it started to get overwhelming. I let it all go because o thought the debt settlement would help me to be more at ease. Needless to say that was not true. Before canceling them, I decided to to do good credit for life. Unfortunately they were only able to get one deleted off my credit. During the process, they wanted me to get another credit card, which was really hard since that what got me in this mess in the first place. Took me a while, but got one. Now they give me an option to increase my high credit, but decline every time. I like current because they gave me an option to build my credit which is what I’m trying to do, but I set my credit limit. Not the credit card companies, not a loan company. I use current as my shopping on amazing, subscription, and saving for vacation which I have not been able to do yet, but will. Current gave me this opportunity to help with my credit and I’m grateful. It gives people a change to improve their lives, which out necessarily getting into debt.
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2 years ago, Babyxmag
I have used current for 3 years now. 3 YEARS. mainly because i just have everything hooked up to it and dont feel like changing my card/bank info on every subscription. my advice go to Chime, or some other mobile banking. Currents customer service is rude 9 times out of 10 and half the features the app claims to have don't actually exist or require 100 eligibility requirements. for example, they claim to have an instant deposit feature that’ll eventually be ready for you to use. I’ve been depositing the same exact check (as in from the same person) for the same amount every month of every year since getting this app, give or take a few months, and still have not unlocked that feature. so today I contacted support and said “hello I was just wondering when this instant deposit feature will unlock“ and the customer service representative responded, rather rudely, with “we don’t have an instant deposit feature“. i told him that when i deposited my check the info tab you can click says “it normally takes 2-3 days for check deposits but instant deposit will unlock as you use Current.” HIS RESPONSE “im sorry we don't have feature. Also it actually takes 4 - 5 days for check deposit” NO WONDER I ALWAYS GET MY CHECK DEPOSITS LATE AND WONDER WHY. BECAUSE YALL HAVE LIED ABOUT YOUR CHECK DEPOSIT FEATURES. this app would be amazing IF the customer service was nicer and they were HONEST about the app features.
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3 years ago, Jessturely
Not a bank. They lie.
This is the absolute worst decision I’ve made in a long time. Go to a real bank and get your teens a real teen/student bank account. Current is not an actual bank. When you attempt to transfer money to the current account, it will take 3-5 days or LONGER to actually show up in the app. This is true even for a DEBIT card transfer in which the money is immediately pulled out of your bank account! I took my teens to the mall to do some back to school clothes shopping. They wanted to go to separate stores and asked if they could please have their money on their cards. I transferred $1000 to current and it immediately took the money (+$30) out of my bank account and then HELD the entire amount. I contacted my bank to see what em could be done and they gave me the phone number and authorization number associated with the transaction. I called the number and it went to some home loan company with a recording saying “you are calling from a number we don’t recognize” and hung up on me. I used the support chat on the app and they basically told me they aren’t a bank and don’t have the ability to reverse authorization or cancel authorization. They absolutely do!!! Any company that authorizes a transaction can reverse it. They just don’t teach them how to, because they are liars. They refused to get me a supervisor saying they are all given the same training. What a joke. Don’t use this company if you value your money. They do not value your money or your time.
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4 months ago, softparkj
I had Current for four or five years they’re dispute team is ridiculous. They do not have a dispute number so you can contact the dispute team and ask why your dispute ended this way. It’s 2024 the fact that they don’t have a dispute phone number or dispute number to get live. Support is ridiculous. If your card is stolen lost and it’s used and your proving that you didn’t make those transactions they do not care you could have a police report on your dispute claim they will still deny you. I provided receipts and police report and hospital bills to prove that it wasn’t me making a whole month of transactions and telling them I have been locked out of the online banking, and they still denied my claim making me lose, $3,347 of money that I can’t get back now I’m going to have to go out of my way and file a small claim court to get my money back because they can’t help me because it look like I made transactions in Houston when I live in Orlando!!! and nor do I have the time or the money to go to Houston for a month. so now I have to lawyer up to get my money back because I did not make those transactions so if you want to save yourself, the hassle do not bank with Current. They are the worst of the worst when it comes to disputing and trying to get your money back they do not want you to get your money back, I filed for claims and all of them have been denied. I never seen a lick of my money back, but obviously this was the last straw.
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2 years ago, mandaxmae
Great Banking App 5*s
I absolutely love this banking app! It’s got so many great features that other alternatives don’t have. The great things is subscription fees are no more with this app and atms are free if you use one of the many many on their list. They have many options to help you save money and make investments as well. I love that I can manage everything from a app on my phone including blocking a certain brand or business from being able to keep charging my card, pausing my card if it’s lost or stolen, sending and Receiving money, buying or cashing out bitcoin or other virtual currency in the app and getting lots of deals when swiping or buying with your card. There’s also a option to use a virtual or throw away electronic card number when you make online purchases as well as use your virtual card if you have to order a new card due to loss or theft as well. Customer service is amazing and they have a great referral program with incentives on both the referee and the referred. Don’t even get me started on the option to have several savings pods to save up for things without worrying about spending money you want to save for something special, a bill, etc! Highly recommend!
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2 years ago, Eddie R.
Don’t use this App
Initially I believed I would love this app but I don’t recommend a banking app that you can only access from the mobile app itself. Current you really screwed your customers over by not creating a website along with the app that customers can access to love money around if they app crashes. I deleted the app and downloaded three times to see if it would fix the issue but the app continuously says something went wrong. I’ve tried WiFi and my own 5G internet which every other app works but this one. You guys are going to be a failed company I can already tell. Also don’t try to call their customer service because there isn’t one. It’s only automatic options. If you contact customer support it’s only through email which takes 24 hours! I’ve pressed every button on my phone and listened thoroughly to each command key to press and still no transfer to an actual human being. They refer you to use the app which isn’t good if your app is the issue. If I could give negative stars for the app and customer service I would. Step up the game Current because this isn’t it. I’m now going back to a different banking app that way I can always have access to real human being customers on the phone and multiple options of how to get to my money. I want people to know this is a legit review and not leading them to some other bank for promotion tactics this is someone that is genuinely fed up with these people.
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1 year ago, Impressed1!!
Great online banking service!!
The app is simple and easy! It’s also an incredibly easy way to be able to utilize a savings account/rainy day fund with a great rate to increase the amount of savings you have over time and with the more you put in the savings account the more money you’ll make and add to what you’ve already saved!! I’m definitely going to continue to use this particular online banking service! Especially since it’s got absolutely no hidden fees, no overdraft fees or fees that you aren’t made aware of basically immediately. Most banks also require a minimum amount to be kept in your account as well as charging a monthly “service fee’ just for using your account, but current does not. The fact that they make everything so simple and easy to use and access within your accounts makes it that much more worthwhile!! I’m definitely not going back to my old banking services!! Thank you Current!! You’ve saved me a ton of money and kept me from the massive migraines that come along with most any other banking services!! Keep up the good work! I would highly recommend Current to anyone looking into switching over from most mainstream banks or banking services!!
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3 years ago, bsksndh
So rude, and they lie and work together on the lie
I have had the worst experience with a bank that you can have and it was with his bank. I have two cases where my car was really stolen and they swiped as a credit card and they did nothing normally it takes like a 30 to 90 days for a bank to get back to you they contacted me the very next day denied it did not care about any of the evidence I had when I ask him about theThe reason they always tell you to contact the disputing the disputing when I tell you never reaches back out I sent multiple emails opening up multiple cases nobody ever reach back out I have lost hundreds of dollars in his bank account because they were fused to do investigations whenever I asked him to be transferred they have will never change for me I am going to upload evidence of just just some of the evidence but please just know I have a lot more Oh and I also have a case build up against him with the Better Business Bureau I screenshot all of my conversations and they will be handled they won’t let meUpload the pictures but basically when they send me the email of the dispute they created they basically lied in the whole email and they basically say I said things that I never once said I still have my original copy of the email I sent them every day when I sent it to them do you know the people still never say anything for to me in a basically justify the actions in lying of the employees
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4 years ago, agauth79
Hacked and customer service no help
Update** Three days later and the hackers are still attempting to use my daughters account, despite our reporting to Current the issue, and changing passwords several times. I had to have my parent side of the account removed completely to stop the scammers from trying to deposit money from my end. The scammer also tried to scam my younger daughters card as well. Lucky for us she had ignored the calls/texts before anything happened. Original review: The card we have for our kids got compromised. The hackers/scammers were very smooth. Had all of us fooled. The company isn’t being very helpful at this moment about returning the money, either. And even after contacting them about the fraud, somehow these scammers are still trying to use my account to steal money through my kids’ compromised account. I can’t remove the linked checking. Can’t pause it from making Deposits. It should only be allowing access via my Face ID, yet they still got in again. Looks like this is a new frequent issue for current users with these scammers yet no warning was sent out about this new scams. I do NOT recommend anyone use Current cards for your kids. They need to do better about security and be better about returning fraudulently stolen money and about earning customers when new scams are on the rise. We’ve been working with them for over two hours and there’s still no real resolution
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9 months ago, MaC x BeatZ
One of the BEST Debit Cards to have!
To anyone looking into getting a debit card to use for either personal or a business than the CURRENT Debit Card is a GREAT choice to go with! Having a Direct Deposit from your employer will allow you to receive your paycheck(s) a few day's earlier than most other bank cards may provide as well as to receiving gov checks, unemployment checks and many more Wile having the option of putting a Percentage of your paycheck into savings pods that enables your money to accumulate over time. The other Great Perk of having a CURRENT Debit card is not having a over Draft Fee of up to (-) $200 which is Great to have for a cushion when times may get tough an tight with Bills and other life events that could happen unexpectedly. With CURRENT, your able to keep a good track of your spendings and earnings that is provided with analytics charts for each month so you can have bills paid on time as well as watching any spending habits. There's more good things I may have not mentioned but I can ensure you that choosing the CURRENT debit Card, your more than likely going to be very satisfied. - MaC x BeatZ
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3 years ago, FedtfUUP
I've used current for maybe a year now. I have filed only ONE dispute because someone got ahold of my card and used it on cash app. Months later i ordered something using my current card linked to paypal. The sender did not send me my item and paypal was giving me trouble because it looked like it had been disputed and to contact my financial institution. I filed a dispute with current and spoke with customer service through chat and explained what had happened. The next two days everything was fine and then they closed my account with no warning or explanation. Not only that but they block your number from contacting them if they "suspend" your account and the only customer service is really in the app. Even on the phone it will say you can reach is through the app. I sent an email and got no response. After they suspended the account they still let my direct deposit come through the account. I tried to connect my card to cashapp so i could take the funds out and of course it didn't work. Now they have NOT send the funds back and my job isn't able to track down the deposit. I always LOVED this app just seems crazy to be a BANK with no reliable customer service or suspending accounts without reaching out first or at least requesting ID or verification for whatever issue they suspect. I have one income that is now in limbo with NO response STILL. I am just disgusted with how they treat there customers!!!!!
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6 months ago, Tracylynn33
Worst mistake I’ve ever made was to have my direct deposits going to this app! $1200 worth of fradulent charges, (approx 10 different transactions), and after filing disputes for these charges, I unfortunately received an email saying “sorry, after reviewing your account, we have found that no error had occurred, your disputes have been denied”. Mind you this is income that I depend on every month after recently going through a death in our immediate family and my son and I are struggling to just barely get by every month! This has caused tremendous issues with our living situation etc! I have chatted with support literally begging them to find out what happened to my money just to get the same answer every time. No option to call and talk to a live person whatsoever! It’s like they don’t even care that $1200 we desperately needed to survive, was stolen from my account! I thought I would have some type of protection or else I never would’ve have my direct deposits going to this account! All of the said transactions said facebook, yet this was not my Facebook acct and was not in my history on Facebook transactions so I am not sure how they could not find any error that occurred ???? I am extremely disappointed with this app and wanted to make others aware of this because I am certain that I am not the only one to go through this type of mess! Thanks for protecting my money current!!! Tracy Fessler
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2 years ago, icknametaken1000
No accountability
HOMELESS AND PENNILESS THANK YOU CURRENT UPDATE after my horrible experienceWith Current I close my account not being told that I would not have access ever again to my account numbers routing numbers etc. when I went to change my direct deposit they require I gave them my old account number which I didn’t have so I am unable to change my direct deposit which is Social Security and due to that I am now homeless and penniless. Current wants me to send them an email from my original email address that I open my account with which had been hacked along with other things and no longer exist. I don’t have access to it only the hacker do. And because you were only able to communicate via email and you’re never addressed by the same person twice it took five days to be told oh sorry. Sorry for the inconvenience yes being homeless is very inconvenient being penniless is even more inconvenient shame on you current bank you call yourself a bank you’re not bank you’re a nightmare Any bank or any kind of company (Uber and Lyft) that has no phone number to call immediately shows the lack of accountability. I guess current is great if you never have an issue. Run don’t walk from this bank. There is no customer service and fox forbid you are unable to get into the app your totally screwed. You can’t even get your balance via a automated system. This bank hahahaha is the worst.
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12 months ago, Fiona20
No longer a useful platform for parents of teens
I used to love this service. I have 4 kids. I used this with my first teen and had zero issues. I got instant deposits quickly and enjoyed being able to give my kid money whenever she needed money to go out with. She’s now older and has her own bank account so I’ve moved to using it with my second teen. All of a sudden out of nowhere I lost the ability to instantly transfer money to her when she’s out. I’ve been stuck twice now with depending on others to spot her because I was unaware that I wouldn’t be able to give her money instantly. If I had known I would’ve sent her with my credit card. After the first time I reached out and asked for assistance and was told there was some sort of glitch and to relink my accounts which I did. A day or so later I was able to instantly deposit money into her account again. Today no luck once again. I’m no longer able to deposit money in her account without waiting 3-5 days. I don’t want to transfer money and have it just sit there just in case. If I have to do that I’d rather just rely on giving her cash or my card. So after reaching out a second time and getting no resolution to my issue and having the person tell me how deposits work instead of listening to my issue at hand I’ve decided to close my account and seek out another platform to use for my needs.
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3 years ago, Poncheater
Customer service and Technical issue
I have a problem where I’m missing a feature on the app. That feature is being able to deposit cash to my account. The feature is completely gone nothing shows up. That means I’m unable to deposit and money to my account via cash. I contacted customer service and it wasn’t a good experience. My first “helper” told me to uninstall and reinstall the app because there seems to be a technical problem. So I did and it didn’t fix it. While all that was happening he wouldn’t bother to say “we’ll be right there with you” or “working on it” to indicate he was figuring out the issue or even on the line/chat. I was left there for a solid 5-10 mins waiting and wondering if he even saw my message. He seemed lost when I would explain the situation. With the second “helper” it was pretty much the same but I will say she was kind enough to let me know when they where working on it and to hold on. What they had in common about the both is that they would give incoherent responses. I don’t want to go to in-depth about it because it might just be that English isn’t there first language. In the end after a 30 min session of back and forth of pretty much making no progress, I still got no resolution to my problem. They just said we’ll notify you when we add the feature.
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3 years ago, DaddyOkane
Easy but not helpful
Current is ok only reason I’m writing three stars is because customer service is honestly garbage. And they promote that there was $100 overdraft which honestly that’s not true at all. But back to my original complaint about customer service I had an unauthorized use and someone used a little cash out of my account and when I contacted support they basically said it would take three to six months to get that payment back after I fill out a mountain of paperwork and all that they could do is cancel my card and send me another one, but in the process they canceled the wrong card so I was stuck out and they did not ship the new card faster they basically told me to deal with it or use another Bank to link a virtual card so I can pay for stuff for my kids .they were not helpful and honestly I won’t be with them for much longer .only good thing is you will get your paychecks faster and tax return fast but outside of that it’s really nothing good. And if you change your phone number it is basically impossible for you to get back into your account even if you have an email link to it and they did nothing to help my wife she is still locked out of her current and the money is still sitting in there so basically they said deal with it so Hope this helps dudes
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6 years ago, ampfrances
Good idea, needs work
I started free trials for two competing debit card companies, and this one came in second. It takes a full day to transfer funds from my bank account into my parent wallet in the app! That was way too long. I need the money there instantly. I debated this card in the first place because I wanted the chores to be checked off and payment to the kids to be made only if chores were done, but it is not a simple integration. Once you create the chores, you can’t edit them, so even if there is a typo, you are stuck with it! You can’t change the order that the chores appear for each day, and there isn’t a check box to check them off when they’re done. I started by creating a separate chore for EACH action I wanted done, but it takes up most of my screen to show one chore, and with three kids and at least 15 chores each, it wasn’t worth it. I decided to go with another card that does not have the chore option, but transfers to my parent wallet immediately, does not require such an elaborate password to get into the app (how about a PIN or fingerprint?), and I can turn each card on or off any time with only two clicks instead of three. If I think it’s lost? Off. If I can’t find it? Off. Kids have it safe in their wallet? On. Current does not have that option without reporting it stolen.
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2 years ago, Kawithuhthy
Terrible Response Time
Before I begin everyone needs to know this isn’t a bank, Current is just a tech company. I went through the support chat to resolve what I thought was going to be a timely fix. Then slowly realizing this has morphed into a longer process. I had spoken to someone through chat on how to establish the connection to my Credit Union again. Since Currents systems no longer recognized it. So someone informed me to delete the app, download it again, none of these were working so they informed me to delete the account and reconnect it again. This made things even more complicated. I no longer could request transfers from this account. This was escalated to the “hire ups” then I got a response that they were looking into this. Then I didn’t heard from them for a few weeks. I returned to the chat support and they were able to help. They had me go through the same steps and unfortunately sounded very robotics. As they follow a copy and paste speech, possibly to avoid getting any fingers pointed at them. However, it was clearly stated it was an error on your part, which I have the screenshots. So either this gets fixed or I’m leaving Current that simple. You are a tech company you should have the capabilities to fix this error in less than 30 days. Do better. I’ve already started the process of moving my funds to a legitimate institution
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2 years ago, Jedmadar
Great Idea, Horrible Customer Service and Problem Solving
*PUTTING 5 STARS SO PEOPLE WILL SEE* Their app and website designs are flawless. Their savings pods and interest percentage are amazing. Their customer service… is a different story. Don’t expect to make it to $200 overdrive either. Chime will approve you quicker. I have had a long on-going issue with trying to get my bank numbers sorted out. Needless to say, it’s been months and it still hasn’t been resolved. You have to email them more than once to even get a response and then you’re given a generic answer of how someone is “looking into it” and it never happens. Don’t get me wrong, I know bombarding a company with emails isn’t right. It backs up their queue and is just annoying. The problem is, they don’t answer the first time and after weeks, it’s time to send another email. I’m not a Karen in the least, but seriously, their customer service could use major work. Current, if you say you’re going to give a customer new account numbers, do it. Don’t close tickets without saying anything and acting like your customers are too dumb to notice.
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2 years ago, Oklahomacm2
Omg pls don’t
I’ve never had more issue with an online banking system. I just thankfully closed my account after have current for about 6mo. If you like have easy access to your money, I’d advise against current. I was using current as my “fun money” account. So I kept my external main bank and would transfer only money to use as I’d like into current. Seems like a good way to use an up and coming online banking system, right? At least that’s what I thought. I was wrong. The transfers hardly every had correct estimates of days it would be deposited. Current also offers immediate transfers! With a huge list of caveats.. if you want to start using immediate transfers, it is possible but it takes about a week to initiate, and it only works for going into your account not out. It is also not compatible with Zelle, I was told I could manually connect my card with Zelle but when I tried to do so, Zelle gave me an error message that the platform does not accept that card. Current is only really compatible with cash app, and everyone in my life primarily uses Zelle or Venmo, so overall current was not compatible with me. At times during the week long transfers waiting for the deposits to land, I really felt like my money was being held hostage. I’m very glad to be done with current, it may be compatible for you and that’s great, but Jesus Christ.
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2 years ago, Holly Geter
Love Love Love
Never have I had any issues with my current bank account. I initially set it up for when I was getting unemployment a couple of years ago and had only planned on using it for those direct deposits each week and then being done with it but I love the account so much bc I have never had any problems with receiving my deposits and there are so many places to add cash to the account that it makes it so much more convient to me than these other online banks. Also chatting with a worker if you do have any questions or if an issue arises is an absolute breeze!! Thank you current for taking away the monthly subscription fees as well. You guys are now my NUMBER 1 choice for all of my online banking needs. I even use my current account over my local account here in town. My boyfriend even decided to open his first account with y'all today as well. Can't wait till you have the option for joint checking and savings tho. That's the only complaint that I do have is that I would love for you to offer joint accounts. Thank you so much for making banking easy and accessible! 5 stars for sure 😍😍
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5 years ago, LeahRKat
Awful!! Protect your money. Don’t use this.
I have tried nearly every allowance app and current allowed me to schedule regular deposits on a particular date. However, when I went to set up regular allowance for the kids, it only gave me the option to transfer directly from my bank. It is not even an option to transfer from the parent account. That is the entire appeal of the app is to manage allowance funds in one central location. We get paid monthly so a monthly transfer to the parent account makes sense. However we want to pay the kids weekly from the funds in the parent account. As of yet I have not been able to set this up. I contacted support last week but beyond an automated response that said they received my message, I am still waiting to hear anything back. The concept is a good one, but perhaps not effectively executed. **UPDATE: I had to drop to one star because not only have I not had a response to my email, but I have been trying to get through on the phone and after about 20 minutes of holding a recording came on and said we are currently receiving a large volume of calls. Please email (tried that) or try our online support. Click. It hung up on me! After all that waiting, it doesn’t give you the option to continue holding your place in line. It just drops you so you either start over or give up. I am not giving up until I get a full refund.
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2 years ago, LightningFlames
The BEST bank.
There are sooo many good things I could say about this bank and how smooth it works. If you are hesitate about online banking or hesitate about using current, don’t be.. It is seriously soooo much better than Chime and the other online banks. It works and runs really smoothly. You have a savings option as well. Also a way to send family and friends money through the app. You can of course lock your card so unexpected things cannot charge your card randomly. They give you a physical card and also a virtual card to use for online purchases. My direct deposit from my job comes in 3 and 4 days earlier than any other bank I’ve ever used. You can block unwanted purchases or even block stores from charging your card. For example.. You can block Walmart from charging your card, which means there can be no purchases from in-store or online. And unblocking it is just as simple as blocking it. No hassle. Pretty neat feature. So much more I could talk about but I’ll end it with this. The card is really nice looking as well! 1000% recommend this bank. 👍🏼
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3 years ago, gotepicplus
Zero stars should be an option
By far the worst customer experience I’ve ever had with any bank/banking ap. When I opened the account and they sent out the debit card some how things got messed up on there end and according to there computer they never sent me a card. After several discussions with multiple people and being told that I would hear from the management team because my issue had to be escalated I finally gave up and linked an account to take my money back from them. They had my whole paycheck which I had no access to right at the beginning of the month when my rent was due. And the only answer I got from anybody over there is that I should being hearing from them through email in 1-2 days. So the people that you connect with are super incompetent and they can do nothing to help you except lie. All that above being said the $50 bonus is a scam to get your business and they will not give you the 50$ even after you do everything they want you to. Bad app, horrible customer service, and will not do what they say. Save yourself the agony and do not open an account with current. There are better choices out there. Cash ap for one off the top of my head. But current is horrible. Do yourself a favor and do not down load this app and do not place money into that account if you do. Lastly the
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3 years ago, CJ of NY
Shame I Can’t Leave Negative Stars
This company has no means of good communication! You wait and wait for an email reply to your concerns about their misuse of your financial account. Chat support tells you to wait for this email that should arrive within 24 hours. It took 8 days. They allowed a charge to come out of my account without my authorization which made me a few thousand dollars negative which should not have even been possible with my account being set to NOT have an overdraft allowance! After reviewing y dispute a SECOND time I receive an email stating that they have overturned their initial finding in the company being allowed to take such a huge deposit from my account. When I contact them I wait 8 DAYS to get a chat agent telling me that the email I received saying my account was credited back the full amount was actually sent IN ERROR!! WHAT!!!! Do not trust this “bank” to handle your finances. We’ve all been deeply effected by this worldwide pandemic and this company has the audacity to state they made an error when they said they overturned their initial finding? How is this even possible? How is this even legal? Do not trust them. If online banking is what you’re seeking, I have NEVER had any issue of any kind with Chime! And Chime also allows you to obtain a secured card that helps rebuild your credit! Trust me when I say Current os a joke!
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4 years ago, sirenxo
Not pleased
To first start out I’ve had a bad experience with Current. This is my first debit card and I am not pleased with it at all. First things first I tried transferring money into the account and after about a week it never went through so I tried to dispute it and NEVER got my money back (this was months ago) so I decided to stop using it because after that I didn’t want to lose any more money. I’ve finally decided to start using it again as I’m looking for a job and it’s currently the only debit card I have and I went to look at my account inform and Current has signed me out of my account on both of my phones. I’ve tried signing back in but it literally makes me create a whole new account which I don’t want to do and the support email for current is no longer in use and I never reach anyone when calling. I don’t see anything about a sign in issue on the website and what to do if you can’t sign in at all so I have no clue what to do. There is literally no sign in option on the app only a “get started” option as if to open a new banking account with Current. Are you really that desperate for new customers that you try to make them open up a new account if they can’t sign in to an existing one? I’ve received no help from anyone despite trying and like I said never got my money back from the first time and now I can’t access my account. Do better
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12 months ago, Bstarr09
I’ve used this bank for a few years and like any company policies and practices change. The app constantly logs you out without your permission. If this happens when you’re out and about and don’t have service…good luck accessing your account. The newest policy does not allow you to sign in on VPN only on mobile data? You can see where that might be an issue for some of us who live in areas that might not have the best service. Now say you run into this issue and you want to contact customer support. Well you need to have access to the app in order to do that because there is no contact support button unless you’re signed in. There’s a bit of a paradigm you’re locked into. Fortunately there’s a customer support number right? Well, yes but only available M-F 8am- 5pm CST. Current message to you is this. If you’re going to have this much “security” you better be available for the consumers 24/7 for support. You cannot have a policy where using VPN is a security measure. What of the folks who do not have data or cannot afford it? If you are going have this much stipulation and restriction you better ready answer question anytime of day. Any other bank has after hour banking help. Yes I called yours and no the cannot help(they are a third party) Completely ludicrous what I have gone through with you guys
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2 years ago, Izdadon
Good Banking for Side Job/Second Income
When I signed up and started using Current it was a smooth transition. I used partial of my check and had it direct deposited to my account. Always comes early. I went on and put some of my close friends and family on, that I send money with. **My only issues with Current is the reporting card damage/stolen/lost & transaction history between recipients. -It automatically cuts off your card and you have to wait for the new one to come in. So this renders you to having to only use the virtual card. Which can be a pain when you need to get gas or have you money deposited you wont be able to use a card to the account (annoying) -When sending money to, or recieving from people with Current accounts, it will tell you you have xx number of transactions between the two of you. Issue is… when you click to get the history for your personal review and talle up for taxes so to speak.. it shows “No Joint Transactions” which defeats the purpose.(Really Annoying) Other than that, its not a bad Banking choice. Id recommended it primarily for weekly direct deposit’ers and those with second or side job incomes.
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2 years ago, mikea2684
Horrible customer service, lack of supported banks
I would suggest any other banking app other than this one. There are banking apps that work much better and don’t charge you a monthly fee. I signed up because they offered a $50 bonus when setting up direct deposit of at least $200 and I wasn’t aware of any issues. So I set it up and on the day my deposit goes into the account there was no $50 bonus. They also have a ridiculously small list of supported banks, so unless I need to buy something online with the virtual card (which also can’t be used for anything person to person related) my money is basically hostage until the debit card comes in 14 days…I contact customer service live chat and not only do I find out I have to wait 10 days for the bonus and 14 days for the card..I also found out how horrible the customer service is. They seem to refuse typing to you themselves and repeat the same pre written scripted responses over and over again. The person I chatted with kept telling me to “connect a bank account that is supported by plaid” over and over again after I told him that current doesn’t support my bank and I don’t have an account with any in the list. They charge money to be one of the worst online banking apps out there s do yourself a favor and go with chime or dave
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4 weeks ago, Wilmingtonkid
It Works!
I love the fact that there is a credit card such as current visa that allows you to build your points up based on how much money you put on it. And,yes it is a real credit card. Just check your credit report like I did to find out this Current Visa is the real deal. I like the fact that if you decide to do direct deposit. It gives you even more points. All of the credit cards that I have are to help rebuild my credit. All of the credit cards that I have are to help rebuild my credit back to were it was when I had my house built from the ground. I’m 19 points away from being it the fair range. I,had tried chime rebuilding credit card and nothing ever showed up on my credit that was positive. They didn’t report each month like the commercial said it does. I paid all my bills on time with Current Visa. And they do report to the three top credit bureaus out there! You will see everything that is reported to the credit bureau! SO GO WITH CURRENT VISA AND YOU WON’T GO WRONG!! From a very satisfied customer, S.Williams, Wilmington-New Hanover county,NC
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2 years ago, Judibethhh
Easily hackable accounts
Someone managed to get my card info and had it in an apple wallet and I got the notification for a failed attempt at using the card. Thankfully my bank isn’t connected to this card so money wouldn’t have been withdrawn. After bringing this to the attention of the customer service representative they honestly didn’t seem to think this was a big issue at all and just said they would send a new card. I declined and said that someone getting my info was enough for me to delete my account and yet the representative still wanted to tell me it wasn’t necessary… umm idk about you but I prefer no one having access to my accounts. Worst of all the failed transaction wasn’t even in the same city but some where in LA. I don’t trust this company and it doesn’t seem like they would care if you have fraud on your accounts seems like they just want as many accounts open. The developer responses to negative comments are just quality control and not really useful, they just want to make it seem like they are helping or care. Lastly I would like to say shame on the man who goes by Beast something because he advertises this app knowing people get hacked or maybe it’s apart of a bigger scheme for him to get money from hacked accounts, who really knows but please avoid this app!
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5 years ago, swanklyfe
I’ve had the current card for a while for my teenage son. I’ve been having no success at signing into the account through the website or the app. I’ve contacted the company and all I got was a succession of robo emails. There’s no one to talk to when you make a complaint just emails. I have no problem signing in but every time I do it automatically routes me to a verification page with no other options. It asks for all my info which I give and it tells me there’s already an account with that information. Duh!!! It’s me!!! No matter how many times or different ways I try to access the account it always routes me this way. My sister can log into my sons account with no issue. I’ve left email after email with nothing but automated responses. I’m about to cancel his card and my nieces card as I have no way to properly access the cards nor does anyone from the company seem interested in assisting me. This has been an ongoing nightmare. Be careful before you put money into this. It seems as if there’s a robot running the company instead of actual people. Has technology gone so far that people in a company don’t take the time to deal with customers anymore? When it comes to money, technology is great, but when there’s an abounding issue with my money, I want to speak to a real person. If I could give it less than one star I would.
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9 months ago, Teebaby2828
Love current!
I actually enjoy current. My employer pays me on Friday, but with current I get paid on Wednesdays!! I signed up for the current build account and have only had the card 2 months I used it to pay for my gas and some groceries and the following month my credit score went up 26 points!!!! At first I was skeptical but now I actually enjoy current, I’ve never had to call customer service and ask about my money, I’ve never had a late deposit, I’ve never had any issues with the app either. I have been with current almost 2 years and so far so good! The only thing I would have to say negative about them is if your someone who overdrafts a lot you might not like having them because it says overdraft up to $200 without any fees, but you stay at $25 for like 7 months even with the qualifying direct deposits. And then you go up to $75 for another 6-7 months then just keep going up from there. But if you don’t really use overdraft then it shouldn’t be a problem :) other than that current is GREAT to have!!
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1 year ago, Brooks .G
Horrible fraud policies
I recently got hit with some fraud that put my account in the negatives my card was deactivated for it they didn’t offer to send me a new card. I told the reps that I didn’t receive my other card that costed me $6 for over 2 months and they just ignored me so now I have no physical card and can’t access my savings. I asked for a credit for the fraud amount and was told I have to wait 10 days for a chance to “qualify” to get the credit so now I’m screwed. I either lose the money in my savings so I can use my overdrive or I just don’t go to work since I have no money for gas due to this. When I first saw I was in the negatives i immediately talked to a rep he had an attitude and said they won’t investigate my account so I had to go look for the fraudulent purchases myself before they do anything. Since I get paid before the 10 days it’s going to eat a chunk of my paycheck I won’t be able to pay rent on time and I told the reps that if I don’t pay on time for the rent my apartment complex will evict me since they have a 0 tolerance for late payments all they said was wait 10 days and it can take up to 90 days for the money if I don’t “qualify” for the credit. Never had a bank that really doesn’t care about their members when something like this happens.
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5 years ago, Spessman
Useful but a Hastle
This app has been great for managing my own funds with my parents but it tends to break down, on my old phone and iPad it completely locked me out. My dad has been able to send funds from his account but I tried to get a dollar drink expecting my dad to have put funds in (I can’t read my funds because it locked me out) it was denied and I was like ok fair enough I’ll text my dad and he can’t send the funds because it says “Insufficient Funds” or “Transaction cannot be completed due to low funds” or something like that (that’s the point of me getting money????) we cant send the funds and now I can’t get paid my allowance. Even worse is the fact that we haven’t gotten responded too because the customer support has (so far) been non-existaint, the FAQ has so little awnsers that whatever you search either gives you nothing or the entire list. And since it’s named current, googling “Can’t send funds via current card app” just shows random BS for other banks and cards. It’s been so useful yet at the same time I want to punt my device through a window! Why can’t the updates actually fix these problems? We’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it doesn’t work so this just LOCKS PHONES!,!!
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Never again
I signed up for this account at 7am this morning. It would not allow me to use my apartment address for some reason so I just used my parents. It let me get all the way thru, telling me a card would be sent. I went in to change the address and it wouldn’t let me. Told me to submit a ticket!?? I did it THREE times? No one ever tried to contact me to help, so I sent an email twice..still nothing. Got on with chat who told me I have to send documentation just to change my address. I have NEVER had to do that with any other major bank. Called in, 20 min wait just for the rep to tell me she’s not going to stay on the phone with me until I get the email. (Which only takes a min) what a b****. Then I got back on chat with mike, he was helpful but still couldn’t change my address bc the date wasn’t visible on the renters insurance letter I got in the mail today. I ended up just requesting to cancel everything. If I have to go through a FULL days worth of back and forth for absolutely nothing, it’s not worth it. I’ll just keep the bank account I have currently. Also called back to speak to a manger at 5:40, I kid you not at 6:05 the automated system told me they were closed. This company is very ghetto and unprofessional. I regret taking so much time out to get this account up and running..I should have read the reviews first
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3 years ago, I$ab!
The Current is Currently Perfect!
Funny true story. The payroll company that pays me uses a service that if I pay a fee they give me an advance on my paycheck. Well I signed up for it because the first time was free. Well when they go into the account to pull the funds to give me an advance they say I don’t have any money. Now I’m confused and a little upset but ChaChing here comes Currents notification! My finds are already available! You just know I had to tell that other company that they’re fixing to go out of business and some think that’s rude but I call it “get your crap together, know that in these times you must stay on your toes because their will always be better!” Thank you Current I appreciate you! Please know there’s another one coming down the pike and the sooner I see it the better in these times you know we could all use it. God bless you thank you so much.I look forward to a long lasting business relationship with you. I love saying I love my Current because they are ahead of current and there is currently money in my account!
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5 years ago, candismalli
Very helpful for my teen
This is helping my teen learn the value of money and budgeting. It is also wonderful to know when he is on school trips away from me that I can quickly transfer $ to his card within minutes if something unexpected comes up and not have to give him a bunch of what if cash- he goes on a lot of out of town contests! He used to ask me for certain things not realizing costs and now he compares prices and it is helping him to be a better spender and saver! I am able to set his weekly allowance and if needed I can transfer $ into his account immediately. One thing to note is that you need to have $ transferred from your bank into your parent current account ahead of time because it does take several days for it to clear. Once the $ is in your parent account though you can transfer to your child’s account as needed within minutes. Also if your child “owes” you $ for something it can be transferred from their account back to yours! I love that my son can have his card and not have to carry cash especially on those trips he takes with school.
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6 years ago, VeroMal
Acct is locked with my money in it and I can’t speak to anyone...really?
I researched 4 or 5 different card options similar to this one and I chose Current because I liked that I could assign tasks for payment to the kids and that they could request money. What I didn’t like was that it took 2 days to transfer funds. But after a couple transactions I was “approved” for immediate availability of funds. That was great but then there was an issue when current send a notification that the approval had been revoked because the funds weren’t paid. There was money in the account so I was confused. Instead of being able to call them and resolve it like every other service Current only gives you the option to email customer support. FRUSTRATING!!! The responses are slow and it’s absolutely ridiculous that in a business where you deal with OTHERS MONEY that you would have NO OPTION TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE. So now my acct is “suspended for review” AND I CAN’T REACH ANYONE TO DISCUSS IT AND RESOLVE IT so my money sits in a Current acct that I can’t even sign into while they are “reviewing”. And for something that has no website access the app isn’t detailed enough.
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2 years ago, Maurixh
Avoid this, wouldn’t recommend
The only good benefit you get from this “bank” is getting paid a few days earlier and sometimes you probably won’t get it early at all depending on where it’s coming from. The 4% APY savings isn’t worth it, unless you’re saving thousands of dollars which I definitely wouldn’t recommend, people money has disappeared out of their account with no explanation from Current , just rude and confused customer service reps. I wouldn’t recommend using this as a everyday banking account. They’ll almost never follow through with a dispute. Once you dispute it , you will not get one message in the app or a phone-call with any updates. They’ll make you wait for multiple months and then email you saying they declined it due to what the merchant says. Although I have all the proof that I was scammed , so I don’t know what the SCAMMER could have said to stop them from disputing it. Now I have to take the merchant to court to get my money back. Which I’m sure I could’ve avoided if I had a real bank account. I’m not the only one Current has done this to, it happened to my friend and many others who complained about it on Twitter. I’m so glad I opened up my Truist bank account , and if I ever need to use online banking I’ll be sure to use Chime.
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3 years ago, slim tha stylist
I was with this company for over a year I took $150 out of an out of network ATM I contacted current because I did not get the money that was supposed to be dispensed from the ATM I contacted current for them to file a claim it took them one year to decide that they were not going to replace the money that I never received I had to keep reaching out to them I never received any emails that the chat customer service stated they sent out when I did receive an email it stated that my dispute has been overturned and there was an error on their part when I contacted Current again they told me that the email was sent in error and that my claim has been closed I asked how was the claim closed when I received no update on the status of what’s going on with my claim they refused to replace the money and now I have to file a civil lawsuit to get my money back so I would basically be putting out more money then I was supposed to receive from this company current is not a good company they fraud customers into believing that they are here for the customer but that is a LIE I warning you do not sign up for this account they took down the customer service number to contact a live agent and blame COVID amd that’s the reason they don’t have live agents
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4 years ago, almondxmilkkk482
Needs work
It’s a good app all together, I do have an issue with the customer service. It takes forever to connect to a representative & once you do it doesn’t notify you so the representative usually just ends the chat if you don’t respond in a few minutes so you have to wait all over again to finally get connected to a new one. Also, if you need to dispute a charge that also takes forever. 30-45 business days I believe which is normal but I should at least be able to get my money back before that especially if it was fraud. I also don’t like the gas holds feature, say for example you only want to put 20 dollars in your tank & that’s all you have in your account, the gas station will try to charge you 100 bucks instead of 20. So it just declines at the pump and you have to pay on the inside. If you want to go to a bank atm to withdraw money, the atm already has a 2-3 dollar fee since it’s a different bank, but on top of that this card charges you another 2-3 bucks so all in all your fee is 5.50 or something like that which is way too much. It’s just little things I have issues with but other than that like I said, it’s a good working app.
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3 years ago, Emmalulurose
I was somewhat enjoying having the app as a teenager, but it was impossible to do anything without an adult supplying the money. Then once I turned 18 it locked me out until I could provide proper identification. I put in the wrong stuff and they locked me out permanently. I emailed them and they didn’t even respond to my question. I guess they have default responses when it detects certain words because I said ‘information’ maybe twice and the email back was about “sorry you’re concerned with the information we take”. Um, what? Nice to know they don’t read it until the second email. So it took me 2-3 days to figure out I have to find a new application and there was nothing they could do for a mistake——it took less time to receive appointment approval for a mammogram during COVID. You might think, oh can’t you make a new account? No. Never. You can only make an account via the app and you can only sign in with the same details after that so the apps useless on my phone now. In conclusion: Don’t get it as a teenager unless you have someone willing to give you money, DO NOT mess up an ounce of information or you’ll lose everything in your account, and expect your questions to take at least 72 hours for a proper response.
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