Cut the Rope

4.8 (254.3K)
291.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
ZeptoLab UK Limited
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cut the Rope

4.76 out of 5
254.3K Ratings
2 months ago, robin from space :0 <3
Best Game I’ve Ever Played
tldr: flawless game, singlehandedly made me (an atheist) convert to christianity because i cannot fathom how this would’ve been made without a god. the love i have for cut the rope is simply immeasurable and unparalleled. the immaculate level design and lifelike, fulfilling gameplay is enough to get me through even the hardest of times. it is truly a relic, a masterpiece unto this world, and it has singlehandedly sparked my belief in a supreme being. for how could such perfection be crafted without the aid of one? if the greatest philosophers pondered for decades on end, they undoubtedly could not grasp the meaning that cut the rope has given me. the purpose that has bubbled up inside me. each death is a learning experience, teaching me the ins and outs of this universe, and each success is such gratifying freedom. in all my life, i have never experiences something as magical as cut the rope. and i haven’t even mentioned the soundtrack. the impactful ambience playing throughout the background of the game gives me strength to move forward, not only in the game, but in my life. i feel every worry slip away, every burden lifted off of my shoulders, each second i play bringing me bliss peacefulness, that i simply do not feel anywhere else. i’ve begun to neglect my needs, because cut the rope fulfills them. cut the rope eliminates my hunger. cut the rope quenches my thirst. without cut the rope, i would be a dead man.
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5 years ago, AsiaMoo
It’s fun, but it changed a lot, not really for the better...
I used to play this when I was really little and I liked it a lot, so when I got my new phone I was like “why not?” and downloaded it, it is not exactly how I remember it. 1st off the superpowers, they make it super easy to pass some levels and totally ruin the game play. You get sooooo many hints so that when you finally get a level where you have to acutely try you have like 20 hints stocked up. + you get like 1 to 4 superpowers every day 😑 2nd Ads... this game used to be ad free!!! Why did you change that!!! Now pretty much every level I have to watch an add for an app I will NEVER get! ( and stop telling me to watch the “new episodes” of cut the rope, it’s a game not a 4 year old cartoon 😒) . 3rd this isn’t really a real problem but the new episodes and seasons of cut the rope really bug me, they are constantly trying to get me to watch a show that is super cringe and I will never watch. I mean come on, the majority of the players aren’t 4. (Yea I get it this game is made for smaller children, but it is still a pet peeve of mine). Other than those reasons I really like the game, and think it is a fun way to pass time (on airplane mode). It has changed a lot but still really fun and addictive 😊
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2 years ago, Just a loaf of bread
Read for my opinion! 🙃
So to start, I’d give it a 4.5 but that’s not how it’ll let me. Anyway. OM NOM IS ADORABLE ❤️❤️❤️!!! I used to play when I was young and decided when I got a mobile ‘Why not enjoy my work free life while it lasts?’ So I downloaded it. IT HAS CHANGED. I mean, did it change for the better??? Superpowers make it to easy. Ik this is aimed for younger kids but (Uh pet peeve don’t judge) I did, and still do, enjoy the game. Hints pop up after some time. The hints aren't hints they are solutions. TOO EASY. I am sorry, but I think they made it a bit to easy. AND WHY, EXPLAIN, DOES IT WANT ME TO WATCH SOME CARTOON??????? WHY??? I’m sorry it keeps popping up like “Watch Om nom now!” “Season (Xyz) came out yesterday! Watch now!” I mean, we’re not all 4 year olds are we?? And then there’s ads for other games made by same developers. Why do that? Ik they are like Om noms adventure or what not but I’m just there to feed Om nom. Uh I haven’t had much of an ad problem so there’s nothing to be said there. So, my opinion in which they should not have added is; 1, No superpowers. Like why? Much too easy. 2, Hints popping up like every 2 mins or so! 3 WHY THE DANG CARTOON???? And lastly, 4. I think they should ad a candy (acting as money) thing where you could earn candy by playing levels and feeding Om nom. Then you should be able to BUY the hints not just watch an ad. But there’s not to many things to be said abt this game. So I give it a 4.5! ❤️🏆🌟 Thanks for reading!
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3 years ago, DominicFoxSS
Love it already
I’ve heard a lot of people call it “their childhood” so I figured I’d check out what I have “missed out on.” I figured it would be a game I play for a minute and then delete but no, it was the complete opposite. I personally preferred Angry Birds before this but I like both. Besides, Rovio has removed Angry Birds from the App Store so why not find something else to play to pass the time while waiting for a dentist appointment. Obviously I dislike ads but every game dev needs ads for revenue. Why make a good game when you can’t earn from it? Plus there’s a premium of sorts so you don’t get ads (I think) while playing. I could be wrong, but, it’s no reason to hate. I don’t have any reason to complain so far. I see why people call it a good game. So here’s my five stars, and ten minutes of me tapping a keyboard!
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4 years ago, 🥜🦔Pnut the hedgehog🦔🥜
I love this game SO much. I played it when I was really little and loved it more than anything in life. Om nom is so cute and the game was fun and challenging. There are no glitches, the game is hard but not lose-your-mind hard, there are tons of levels, every level is unique and it’s probably the best game I have ever played. HOWEVER, there is one tiny* (*very large) problem: THE ADS. I can never get the timed stars because an ad pops up WHILE I’m playing. MULTIPLE ads play between rounds and sometimes the INTERRUPT you when you’re about to win and then they make you start the level over. I love(d) this game but now I can’t stand to play it. I know ads are a way to make money, but it’s a lot to play a non-skippable ad every other game, and you are playing 2 or three EVERY round! Some ads are fine but this is TOO MUCH and I will probably delete the game if it doesn’t change. I REALLY love this game and it’s very frustrating that I can’t even play it. I’m not going to say much more because it seems like EVERYONE gives this review and there is no response. I know you are busy but It’s really important to pay attention to what people say about your game because I don’t want to write a long and detailed review and it be a total waste of my time. Thank you.
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2 months ago, Airimder
How to milk a decade-old game’s fame to the last drop
This app is unusable in its current state. Despite this being a 14 year old game, whoever owns it now wants $9.99 every single month for the privilege of playing through this dusty old game. Because without that subscription, the game is unplayable. Like most free apps, this game is ridden with ads like fleas on a dog, but in addition to that, the game is filled with obtrusive pop-ups begging you take surveys, advertising pointless minigames, and repeatedly asking you to enable notifications, making even the ad-free experience utterly unacceptable and certainly unenjoyable. The laundry list of data collection (for which there is no option to opt out), including the maximum amount of personal data that it is POSSIBLE to collect via an iOS app, confirms to me that this game’s app store page has been taken over by a piece of malware. Unusable as entertainment and doubtlessly selling every piece of information about each of its users for pennies each. Whoever owns this app and has implemented these exploitative practices is shamelessly exploiting children and those seeking nostalgia and should be ashamed of themselves. I support developers being fairly compensated for their work, of course, but despicable practices like these to wring every last cent out of a 15-year old game is disgusting.
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2 months ago, brebrebrebreeeee
used to be fun
It’s changed a bit, even without internet you get an ad every 3 LEVELS. It’s really annoying and makes the app just unplayable. What makes it even more annoying is that it’s the same king of thieves ad over and over and over, you can’t click off, and it lasts like 20-30 seconds. I understand that the ads are necessary to promote king of thieves, but the ads get very repetitive and do the opposite of influencing me to play them or even continue playing cut the rope for that matter. I’m sure other players feel the same as well. Having ads displayed after every 6 or 7 levels and able to be clicked off before the ad is over would be more reasonable, in my opinion. Plus, even after I beat the level, I’d get the ad and after it’s over it wouldn’t move on to the next level and instead it’d replay the same level *every* time. I would still get stars for my previous attempt, but it’s frustrating clicking to the next level each time I beat a level and then get an ad. At the very least, it’d be nice if this issue was fixed. Otherwise, this game is really fun, yet still challenging, and I really like all the new options for candies.
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7 months ago, somechickwithaphone
The ads are the problem
It’s a fun game, one I loved playing as a kid and downloaded again for nostalgia. Now, there are ads. I understand including advertisements to a degree. In order to run a free game, you need ad revenue to keep going. However, the problem is the length of the ads, frequency, and mechanics of it. The ads are around 30 second long and play every two attempts at a level. Every attempt is usually only a few seconds long. So you’re watching more ads than playing a game. The biggest problem and the one that is the most inexcusable and also fixable is that many levels have timed stars meaning you only have a few seconds before that star disappears. The problem is that, if you restart a level and an ad plays, the level is still live while the ad is going, meaning that by the time the ad is over, the timed stars are gone and you have to restart again in order to try to get them. This means that, in levels with timed stars, you get one play that lasts 5 seconds per 30 second ad. The level SHOULD NOT be playing in the background while the advertisement plays. It’s RIDICULOUS. It’s easily fixable to just auto-trigger the pause if an ad plays. There’s no excuse to not fix it.
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5 years ago, Batkiller
$10 a month? Seriously?
Why is everything being forced into a subscription model? $10 a month is about what most streaming services charge, but in this case, all you get is the privilege of playing a single iOS game uninterrupted by ads. There's no option to simply buy the game--it's either agree to hemorrhage $10 every month, or suffer through these ads. And let's talk about the ads. I fully support an ad-based model for a free game, and I wouldn't care if it were just banners that constantly ran at the top or bottom of the screen, or an occasional pop-up. That's not what we're dealing with here. These are full-screen videos that are at least 45-60s long that can't be skipped, and they run so frequently that you might spend more time watching them than playing the game. It's faster and far less irritating to simply force-quit and relaunch the app so you don't have to suffer through another one. Why does all this matter? Because beneath all these terrible publishing and marketing decisions is a fantastic, polished, and super fun game. I feel terrible trashing this game for things that have nothing to do with the game itself, but the free version is essentially unplayable this way, and $10 a month is outrageous. Do you think playing Cut the Rope ad-free should cost the same as an Apple Music subscription? Yeah, I don't either.
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4 years ago, LizardLovesEpisode
The ads are horrible
I can’t even begin to explain the amount of ads in this game. I get one after almost every level. That’s not the problem though. Every time I open this app it floods me with ads. I open it and get the subscription pop-up (if I didn’t want it before I don’t now, so don’t keep pushing it), then when I close out of that I get a self-promoting “OmNom Run” ad. You might be saying, “Don’t the ads let you close out of them early?” Well, they used to. Now, I have to sit through the ad unless I want it to kick me out of the game and delete half of the levels I *just* completed. Right now the ad isn’t even letting me close out at the end, so I can’t even get in the game. If I make it past that ad, I can click play, and then I get an ad. Then after the ad, I’ll get in my level, and mess up, so I’ll click the restart button, and it gives me an ad. After that ad I’ll finish the level and go on to the next level. OmNom Run ad, ok, that’s fine. Well no it’s not, because I’ll close out of that ad and be kicked out of the game. Then I get back in and all of the SUPER difficult levels I *just* completed are now gone, and I have to redo them. I don’t want to complain just to complain, I just want this bug to be fixed, because it’s driving me insane.
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5 years ago, AmazingAmbom
Game is great, but way too many ads.
First of all, I love this game. It’s so fun and challenging. I used to play this game all the time when I was younger, and it brings back great memories. But, I recently revisited this app and I am very disappointed. The app is mostly the same, but I’m disappointed about the ads. There’s too many. If you fail at a level, chances are you’re getting an ad. If you want to retry a level, chances are you’re also getting an ad. The amount of ads that games have to use today makes the gameplay less fun. It takes away from the game. I usually don’t mind ads, but when there’s so many that just pop out of no where, it’s disappointing. And I hate to leave a bad review on this game. I honestly love it. I really don’t think this game needs the amount of ads as it currently has. Sure, once in a while is ok. But, every single level? I know people that makes apps like this want to make money off of their apps, but I don’t think they have to go to the extent of ads popping up in your face every time. I’m ok with being able to watch ads for extra hints or something like that, but pretty much every time I fail a level or hit restart, another ad.
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1 month ago, kmn#🌪
I know I’m not the only one 👆
I’ve been playing this game since I was a child, and I just re-downloaded it a few days ago. I was excited for the game to bring me back and to play it like I used to, and it was doing good for the first couple minutes of playing. I was excited to see the new candies, and also happy that the levels hadn’t changed much but then after playing for a while, I noticed the same king of thieves ads kept popping up after every single level. There was no way to skip the and the ad is very long. Along with the annoying ad, when the ad is over, it makes me replay the level I had just finished. Then I finally finished the level again and it lets me skip forward, but then I have to watch another ad just to play the next level. It’s very annoying and generally takes away from the fun of playing that game. I know y’all have to have the ad on there to support King of thieves, but it can be annoying if it’s replayed too much. otherwise, I love the game. It’s super fun and it would make me so happy if you would just narrow down the number of ads between each level.
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3 years ago, Life 360 ruins lives!
I used to play this game as a kid, I redownloaded it to see what it was like now. It’s sad that this game was killed by ads. 80% of the levels you complete are followed with ads. Restarting the game to skip the ads isn’t an option either because a “VIP” membership for 10$ monthly is shoved down your throat every time you start up the game. For one this game is marketed towards young children how can’t fully grasp the concept of micro-transactions, and secondly is that its TEN DOLLARS MONTHLY, that’s as much as any streaming service out now. The developers will never listen because this game has become their cash cow. Please fix your game. It’s sad that such a memorable game for so many children years ago has turned into this mess. If I had given this a rating years ago it would’ve been 5 stars, now its 1 star for everything I’ve mention in the previous. (Wish I could give it 0 stars). You’ve killed your game and player base because you got greedy. While this game will go down in history as one of the best phone games ever to come out, many who redownloaded it, like myself, will get to see the mess you turned it into. It’s quite sad that such a great thing has turned into a pile of waste that you force feed advertisements into.
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4 years ago, ALVA84
To many ads
TL;DR 2 stars cause the game is still sort of good but removed 3 stars because of the subscription and the bombardment of ads. Ok I’m sorry but when I used to be younger I played this game so much. So one day I decided to get it again after years of not touching it and omg there are so many ads. You might be like “tHeN wHy DoNt yOu gEt ThE sUbScRiPtiON?” Well you see I’m 13 tryna play a game that I played when I was 5-7 and I obviously don’t have the money to pay 10$ a month and obviously my mom and dad are not gonna be ok with that. Especially in the time of COVID were money is kind of tight due to my dad being payed half of what he’s supposed too and my mom not having a job. So if y’all tryna feel the nostalgia of this game then you won’t feel it due to the ads ruining the whole feeling. I might have been ok with the ads if there weren’t so many also. After dying twice or finish 2 levels you’ll be given an ad. Like dude sometimes I get the levels finished faster then the ads themselves smh. It’s like I’m trying to have fun but I can’t if I can’t even play the game without being bombarded with a load of ads. Don’t buy this game if your trying to feel the “nostalgia” cause you won’t feel it.
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2 years ago, alexcneal
Another Unhappy Longtime Consumer
As with many others reviewing this game, I too had the pleasure of enjoying Cut The Rope back in the day, before the greed of the higher ups and marketing decided that their game (loved by thousands) should be completely overrun by advertisements from others, and for their own products (this particular one is understandable). *But* The monthly “ad-free” option is absolutely unacceptable. The amount of money they receive from a *subscription* to remove advertisements instead of allowing their customers to just plain enjoy their game is insane. This game was a masterpiece, and still can be if they don’t completely destroy it by continuing to force their fan base to pay to play. You may as well start setting a price on the app, as any attempt to play the actual game is nearly impossible, especially the first 5 levels where if you’re not new (like me) you can breeze through them fairly quickly. I experienced 6 different advertisements in the first 5 minutes of playing. It was a game I enjoyed in the beginning and was satisfied at the end. This experience has me deciding I’m better off keeping that early memory, and finding something else to play.
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2 years ago, ,wkajw
PLEASE READ. There is something to know……
First let me say cut the rope, this game is great for entertaining kids 7-13. Much to my dismay, this game has an end. This game is NOT Informative. In places. In this game you cut different ropes at different times to give a monster a cupcake. But what you need to know……….this game, sometimes,….has inappropriate ads. Once I was expecting the game and a ad came for a game where you clean windows! And when you did there was a naked woman! Facing away from you! Now, ads are expected. But thankfully they (almost) never come up. But that is not the game’s fault, just never let your child watch the ads. It is a huge risk. Ether you get this or not. Make your choice whilst I tell you more. This game has different levels and features. You chose a box to do it in. By playing more you can unlock new boxes. Now if your a kid reading this review don’t even think about getting the game until you have shown a parent or guardian this review, AND they have said you can download it. Remember to stay safe online. Thank you for reading this review.
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3 years ago, Simarien
Wow! You really changed this nice little app a lot.. i use to love this game.. but the new updates has just been hijacked with ads.. i mean I appreciate your intent to get us to buy stuff so you get commissions.. but you really went all the way down to abuse the trade off.. so much so that whole experience suffered big time.. i have done only 3 levels and I already had to forcefully watch at least 20+ ads and that after i closed a lot as well. And then what is this subscription model about ?? Seriously? Why is everyone is trying to tap into it.. even when it just doesn’t make any sense.. i don’t want million features every month. I just want a simple game. Anyway, since i like the App, i wanted to still check your subscription out.. but your ads keep coming in the way of that too. 20mins in and I still don’t know how am I suppose to buy that subscription and what am I getting from it ? This is classic case of too much greed by the developers. Unfortunately you at least lost 3-4 users in our home. I don’t think you would care but that’s ok, all the best.
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1 year ago, Anonymous 3846
Shouldn’t have updated the game.
I’ve been playing this for a while and I’ve noticed somethings. 1: Why should you have to buy solutions? 2: This may be a problem for only me, but sense I play on a phone when I’m cutting some of the ropes on the slide rope it moves the rope instead. Honestly it isn’t that big of a deal but in some levels it matters. 3: Ever sense I updated the game I’m getting ads EVERY time I mess up. No game, I don’t want to watch ads every time I mess up. Like why now start adding advertisements? After I update? 4: Stop saying to watch this Om nom show. I don’t want to watch it. Im always about to cut a rope and the arrow to pull up the ad comes up. 5: In my opinion you should be able to do more interactive things with this app. Like getting coins after finishing?! Like maybe you could buy skins for Om nom, or other candy skins then the ones you already get? In conclusion, this is a pretty good game but there are some things that make it annoying. Thanks for reading. 💚💚
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3 years ago, RMW1987
Ads are horrendous
This game has the absolute worst ads I’ve ever seen in an app, they are constant and stay on the screen forever and extremely difficult to exit out of even after the time runs out!! Naturally, plenty of kids are playing this game. My son LOVES this game, but I deleted it off of the iPad because the ads are so bad they cause a meltdown every time he tries to play. Not only that, but some of the ads are totally inappropriate for children! No filter at all on the content of the ads. So you might think, well then pay for the ad free subscription? Well, yes it has to be a subscription and not a one time payment. I’d be happy to pay a couple bucks or heck even $10 once to get rid of the ads on this game. But no, the only options are weekly or monthly ($5) subscriptions, or $30 for 6 months. Seriously? What in the world makes these people think a simplistic little game app is worth that much? I pay less for monthly streaming services. That’s outrageous compared to normal prices to get rid of ads on other apps in the App Store. Could’ve been such a great game, it’s just a shame.
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1 year ago, Drakovitch
Not How it Used to Be
I remember when this game came out back in roughly 2012. It was pretty fun. So, after about a decade and a half I redownloaded it to play and enjoy it once more. However, it seems the creators got a little money hungr. So there are ads every game retry and moving to the next level. When the game was first released I didn’t have a single ad. Let alone these “super powers” that you’d have to buy if you want more then what’s originally given. No, with the ads, I’m well aware that you can pay money to remove them, but, why the heck would I want to pay money to remove something they added in to more more money when they didn’t used to have them to begin with when they first created the game? Simply put, I’ll never give them the satisfaction of paying them money for something they decided to put into the game to make more money. It’ll never happen, but if they remove all the extra stuff like ads and superpower and make it they way it was originally when it was released I’d give it 5 stars.
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3 years ago, IrishAmerican69
Loved it, but it’s changed.
This is definitely a classic iPhone game. I remember having this back on my ipod touch when I was a kid and enjoyed every second of it, but since re-downloading it years later I find myself extremely disappointed in some of the companies decisions. 1.) My major complaint is ads after every 3-5 tries. The game was free and didn’t have this back when it came out, and I don’t know how they can even justify it besides rampant greed. IF you had to maybe pay a couple of dollars nowadays to buy the game since they have added tons of new features and levels. I could totally understand that, and would happily buy the game. Yet, they think they can charge you 10$ a month for a mobile game just to not have ads? That’s 120$ a year, for one phone game! It’s ludicrous and has corporate greed written all over it, and frankly, it’s sad to see the game in this state. 2.) The game has become extremely easy with the amount of hints and powers you’re given now. This doesn’t bother me as much, since I understand they’re just trying to make it more accessible to young kids which is good. I only wish there was a feature to turn hints off. Cut the rope is a classic, but the ads really get on my nerves so I can’t play it for more than a couple minutes. I only gave it 3 stars for my nostalgic love of the game, but really, it should’ve been lower. A great game eroded by greed as is the trend on mobile.
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3 years ago, goaskjeevesig?
Ads make it unplayable
Like a lot of the other reviews I’ve seen, I also played this game years back and loved it, so I thought it would be worth getting again. The ads, however, are ridiculous. I have nothing against the creators making money from their app, but these ads are overboard. Any time you pick a level, try to replay a level, fail, etc., an ad pops up. You wait for the X to show up to close it, and ANOTHER ad follows it. Now like many other apps like this, I assumed there was a full/ad-free version I could buy, but nope. Instead, they have a $10 a month subscription (more than I am paying for most of my streaming services). This is unreal, I’ve never heard of a game this small trying to get that much money consistently from people who just want to play the game. All things considered, I really tried to dive back in and play a few levels, but I can’t take the ads, so within a day of downloading this, I’ve deleted it and don’t expect to return. Good luck devs, but I don’t expect this frankly insulting idea to really work out for you.
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6 years ago, Angryamericanx
Fun but not how I remembered
When I upgraded to an iPhone I figured it would be neat to re-download all the old apps I had on my iPod touch that I played when I was in middle and high school. This was a personal favorite of mine. The game was addicting and fun to play, and was just adorable in general. The fun gameplay hasn’t changed much aside from the addition of “superpowers” (which I don’t use to begin with), it’s still as adorable as I remember, but I find myself playing this without my WiFi or mobile data on for what is obviously the biggest change. Ads Lots and lots of ads. I don’t like the addition of obnoxiously intrusive ads, and I’d like to emphasize intrusive because I had a 30 I skip panel second video shoved in my face while trying to restart a level. I have to play this game with any network connections off or else I’ll be forced into watching videos for things I don’t care about. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still ads with internet off, but they’re far less disruptive than the videos. The addition of micro transactions is also upsetting as superpowers add nothing fun or useful to the game since levels were easily solve-able on their own and any level you couldn’t pass required some trial and error. Now, like most other games, you can plop down a dollar and get past it. I’ll still be playing the game for the nostalgia and fun, but I feel the recent additions to the game are disheartening and greedy.
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3 years ago, Spencer Garlick
Buyer beware, Developer changes terms without consideration of players
Buyer beware! Feeling deceived! Yeah it’s fun… but I am extremely disappointed! I purchased several cut the ropes games a few years ago, played them and them moved on. Now it’s been a couple years, and the app changed from one time purchase to a monthly subscription! Total bait and switch! When I originally purchased them, they were not month to month. I even paid to get rid of ads for life. I redownloaded 2 of the games to see if it didn’t recognize my game-center or Apple ID but no change. I will not recommend this product or any apps from this developer (don’t follow thru with their side of the terms, or decided my rights are not good enough to abide by. I just wanted to play a nice thought provoking game) Other apps at least will stop supporting and leave players like me to play on older devices, switching to a subscription base after having a one-time-purchase model is really underhanded and I now feel ripped off. I’m not sure if I can recommend Zepto games anymore.
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3 years ago, ebb_0
Great game, too many ads
I really love this game, and I used to play it all the time when I was younger on my iPod touch. I now redownloaded it, super excited to revisit it, and it’s still as fun as I remember, except every two levels or every time I restart, there’s an ad. Is this many ads really necessary? I know the developers and such need support and money, but the sheer amount of ads really detracts from the game for me. I looked to see if I could remove ads and there was a 10$ per month membership offer, which I don’t think is a great price for just a game of this caliber, especially for one that’s been around for so long, it seems really expensive. Most ad removals on games are like 2-5$ maybe, but this is a subscription fee?? 1,200$ a year is a lot, and even so I don’t think a lot of people would be willing to subscribe to a game in this way. I don’t want to leave a bad review because the levels are really creative and fun, but i feel disappointed about how many ads there are.
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3 years ago, elk4444
Game developers- READ THIS.
I adore this game. When I was younger my dad put it on his iPad and I would sit on the couch for hours playing it. Om Nom is adorable, the levels are simple yet tricky, and it’s a very well designed game. BUT. The ads! I have to watch one every five seconds! No joke! I will be in the middle of a level when an ad pops up and I have to restart the level. Not fun. I rEALLY rEALLY wish I could give this game 5 stars but with the ads I can’t. After about 3 minutes of playing it, I get so bothered by the ads that I stop playing, yell, and throw my phone across my room. It’s infuriating. Also, the cheep ads that are on here don’t let you click the X button to get out of the ad, it just takes me to the App Store where I have to exit out of the window and go back into the game. It happens SO often that this needs to be addressed. PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS! I LOVE this game!!
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1 year ago, govertk
Love this game but problems
I absolutely love this game and would always play it on my iPad when I was little. I decided to download it on my phone just for fun and it’s still the same which I awesome. There are some problems that I would like to say. Number 1, to many ads. After 2 times of playing a level or if I restart the level two times an ad pops up. And it’s frustrating. Number 2, the app automatically exits out even if I have great internet. And the most annoying thing is when it dose close out and it backs you up like 3 levels. Like I will be at level 25 and it will close out and back me up to level 21 and it’s super frustrating so now I have to do those levels all over again. Please fix the problem other than that I love the game. Thanks
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3 years ago, rainmaker9440
Too many ads ruined this game
I just read through or scanned a few dozen reviews and they all say the same thing I’ve been thinking- this game has been ruined by the ads. Restart a level- ads. Not enough points - ads. Beat the level - ads. And not just a quick ad. I’m talking a slowed down, 30-60 second ad for another game. Think the ad is done - nope, here’s another video to interrupt your game. Click the X on the ad to end it- nope, go to the App Store. And the price for no ads is ten bucks a month- are you kidding me? No thanks. The sad thing is that every review said the same thing- great game but the ads are out of control, reviews from years ago. Cut the Rope should correct this very obvious problem. Until then, I won’t play any of their games.
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3 years ago, Guillermo59urmom
👌Really Fun!💯💯
This was one of the first games I downloaded, and I don’t remember much about it so I decided to re download it. It’s just as fun as I remember, but I do have a few complaints... First, I think that some of the levels are kind of repetitive and sometimes get a little old. Second, I don’t like the ads. I know that it’s a free game and you should expect a lot of ads, but the problem is that I have been seeing the same 3 ads every single time. It gets old and makes me not want to play the game. Other than that, the game is super fun. I like the challenges and the creativity behind some of the concepts in the game. I recommend it for someone with a little nostalgia or just for someone with some extra time on their hands.
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4 months ago, a.lana727
transaction successful but not active
i just tried to buy the royal pass, and it said my purchase was successful, yet nothing changed, i still have gotten ads, i didn’t get any of the little prize things. It was only $1.99 but that is still MY money that i spent on something that i enjoyed, and it didn’t even work. It is ridiculous, i tried it about 8 different times, and it kept saying the same thing and not letting me repurchase it after saying my purchase was successful, it didn’t go through my card, it isn’t in my subscriptions, so maybe it is on my side, but i have money on my account, and again, it is saying my purchase was successful? i’m confused and frustrated, Someone PLEASE help me with this issue, because i do LOVE this game it is loads of fun and omnom is so cute, but the ads are just every 30 seconds, so for it to not work is very annoying.
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3 years ago, Band_Geek5623
You’ve messed it up ZeptoLab
I’ll start off by saying that this game was a huge influence on my childhood. I 100% completed this game, as well as CTR Experiments and Time Travel. I loved all three games and had a blast with them when I was little. This was when the games were somewhere between $2-$3 (I don’t remember which) each and I happily paid for them. Today, the App Store asked me to ‘rediscover old classics’ showing me all the good old mobile games. I saw Cut the Rope and was ecstatic (and blinded by nostalgia), took the bait and downloaded. After downloading, you will immediately be asked to subscribe to the game. Not pay for it once, but subscribe to it monthly, for ten dollars. Annually that is $120 for a mobile game that was $2 five years ago. Note, you can play the game for free, but I only made it halfway through the first box before giving up on a game I have 100% completed before. The ads make it impossible to play and only the $10 subscription will remove them. ZeptoLab, sweetie, all that praise might’ve gone to your head. You can get two large console titles for the same price as the annual subscription fee to your game. Of course, for it to be priced that high, some poor saps must be subscribed to it. So go off I guess. I hope you guys are happy. You’re now just another crappy mobile game. Two stars for what you used to be.
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12 months ago, WhoopdidyScoopdidy
An Old Classic Ruined
It’s depressing to see how they’ve absolutely ruined this game. They’ve made it nearly unplayable due to the ads alone. You’re forced to watch an ad that lasts at least several seconds nearly every time you proceed to the next level or hit the reset button. This is par for the course as far as apps go, as this strategy is used to push users to pay to get rid of the ads. But for Cut The Rope it feels like the ads are thrust upon you much more than other apps, although this is just a feeling and I have no proof that they do this. I wouldn’t mind this as much if there were was singular payment as I’ve seen in most other apps. Unfortunately in order to get rid of ads you have to pay 10 bucks a MONTH to have an ad-free experience which is ludicrous. That is almost as much as an MMO or show streaming platform’s subscription cost for a stupid puzzle game phone app. I simply can’t justify 10 dollars a month just so I can play Cut The Rope.
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3 years ago, blackoutcurtains
Ads and Paywalls Ruin an Otherwise Excellent Game
I remember playing this game when it first came out about 10 years ago. I loved it. I decided to download for the nostalgia factor. But after about five minutes, I realized this would be a far cry from the experience I remembered. The ads are crippling. You’ll spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. It’s frustrating and not at all what I expected. And to get rid of these ads? It will cost you $9.99 a month. A MONTH! I would consider it if it was a one time cost. But you’re insane if you think I am going to pay $120 a year just to play this game. While I do miss the golden age of the internet when ads didn’t rule all... I understand the developers have to make an income. However, the ads and paywalls absolutely ruin an otherwise excellent game. It would behoove the developers to think about restructuring their subscription, in-app purchases, and ads. More reasonable costs and less frequent ads will only bring more people in. Clearly judging on the other reviews there are a lot of people like me out there. They want to use your product. Even maybe willing to pay for it. But costs and ads are absolutely prohibitive so they delete the app. Instead of solely focusing on the money you’re bringing in right now... perhaps you should think of all the people you are turning away. That’s all potential income you’re losing. Just a thought.
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3 years ago, majohnson69
Way too many ads.
This is one of my childhood games and it holds a special place in my and thousands other others’ hearts. I love it dearly, but when I redpwnloaded it to play I couldn’t play it properly due to how many ads there are. It gives you ads every time you move to another level and when you restart it, so it just ruins the whole experience. Plus, the ads aren’t just quick things you can skip, they’re usually 30 seconds or longer. It just ruins the whole experience of the game and feels like you’re spending more time watching ads rather than actually playing the game. When I visited the reviews for this game, I wasn’t surprised to see plenty of others who also love this game to have the same complaint. Please make some changes regarding the ads so we can have a better playing experience.
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2 months ago, Maelle_shroom
Good game, minus ads…
I started playing this a while ago (not sure how long) and Its interesting to see how the game has changed coming back a while later. (If not for better) it’s a sturdy game with fun music and cute characters, that I love. But there are SO. MANY. FRIGGIN. ADS!!! You can’t go two round without another ad popping up, and don’t even tell me “oh, just turn off the WiFi!” You used to be able to do that, but NOOOOOOOOO! NOT ANYMORE! And I’m sorry, but I have to say the worst sentence humanity has made. I’m not angry. Not angry about the small changes, or cluttered up transition screen, or other remotely stupid choices. I’m not even (really) angry at the ads! I’m just DISAPPOINTED. So there you go. (And game creators, I’m sorry if you are reading this, I know you are trying hard. Keep up the amazing work!)
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3 months ago, hrgdhrhfhdjrrh
😐 😶 😕
So I really liked this game when I was like little so when I got my phone I was like oh yeah and it’s not how I remember it I like the upgrades they’re not bad because some of those are just really hard for me to pass along that makes me so that makes it easier for me and Caleen Also being able to switch your candy is really 😊. but there’s one thing that I don’t really like and that’s why I only have four stars there were new races and I just hate those they make it so hard for me I’m under pressure and I hate the look on I’m noms face when he’s sad but I pretty much never win unless I go to one easy level and do it over and over and over and over so it’s pretty good I think you should get it unless you don’t really like you know like Races Byeeeeee On nom fan
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2 years ago, Gulkoilya
Great game, sad to see ads
Love the game absolutely!!! However, compared to my experience playing it a decade ago, I am sad to see that it, alongside many other apps has adopted gree-to-play-for-ads model where you gotta watch the ads (which DO get annoying with their sound which pauses my music!) to play, or pay a subscription (10$ a month) to not see the ads. I understand that this model probably ends up generating more cash for the developers than all else, but I really miss the time where I could pay for a download up front and simply enjoy the app for lifetime. I think that the subscription model is a little unfair, as there are probably people that forget to cancel, and this becomes part of the profits the app generates. Plus, $10 a month is a bit steep for the app IMO.
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6 years ago, Luthor Guy🐶
Brings Back Great Memories
Cut the Rope makes me feel nostalgic, since it was my childhood game. Now that I was 13, I decided to try the game again, and much had changed. For example, you can only play the first five boxes, whereas, back when I played it in 2011, you could play all the boxes. Secondly, I looked to see just how much money it would take to unlock all the boxes. 15 bucks!? I never expected this game to be so greedy! No one would pay fifteen bucks to play a couple of more boxes. Lastly, the adds. Ugh! They never stop! I hit the redo button on a level to get all the stars, and it takes me to a 30 second ad about Chocolate Frosted Flakes. Those adds are meant to be on television, not on a game! The adds also randomly pop up whenever you go into a level, exit a level, etc. Seeing the game will never be the same, I must say I miss childhood, especially old Cut the Rope. 🙁⏰
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3 months ago, woollyprimate
Do not spend money to remove ads
I played this app years and years ago for a while. Now, all the apps are different b/c they have to appeal to the new generation of people who need constant rewards and dopamine hits. So, you can’t just solve a level and go on to the next. No, that’s too boring. I’m not sure I’m going to like this new format, but I can’t stand ads, so I paid the fee that the game claimed would remove ads. Next thing I know, they keep popping up some thing about racing. I don’t want to race. I want to play the original cut the rope. It won’t let me continue unless I click on it, and then after I click on it, an ad pops up. Um, didn’t I pay money to have no ads? There are also lots of times when it tells me I can get some sort of bonus if I watch an ad. WHAT PART OF I DON’T WANT TO WATCH ADS, WHICH IS WHY I PAID TO HAVE NO ADS DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND!!!!! So, I will be requesting a refund from apple, and I will delete this @#$%& app from my phone.
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4 years ago, Corrupted Doge
This game is a classic, I have known about it since it came out years ago, but, at least currently, THERE ARE TOO MANY ADDS. For example, I’m a perfectionist, I’m going to try everything to get 3 stars, however, in this game, I have to restart quite often, so when I get an add every 2nd restart, it starts to get annoying, especially on levels where it’s quick time. And I can already hear some people, probably the creators if they read this (I understand you need to make money, but still), “Why don’t you buy the subscription and no longer worry about adds?”, my answer, I don’t want to pay money every month for a game I would play when I’m bored. Zeptolab, if you read this, I ask you very kindly, to lower the add cycle of every second restart, say to like every 5th, I understand you need to make money, however it gets kinda insane.
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1 year ago, Blelegjhrfedghdcbb
So. Much. Glitching.
This app is constantly making my iPad glitch. Literally every other level, my iPad glitches and exits out of the app. And every time, it starts me over. Really frustrating. I tried to see if it needed to updated but it didn’t. And I tried turning my iPad off and back on, but that didn’t work. It just glitches constantly. Not too mention when it’s not glitching, it’s playing a stupid ad after every level and sometimes in between as well. I get why they show the ads. But they don’t need to being interrupting me while I’m actively t trying to pass a level and make me lose the level, in order to play an ad. It’s truly a waste of time for me. I also would spend money for a no ads version if it’s going to just glitch constantly. This game has been in existence for awhile and this shouldn’t be a problem but it is.
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3 years ago, elalifesoftball🥎
It’s such a lovely game :)!
I just downloaded this game yesterday because I had deleted one (1) of my other ones and I didn’t know what else to get. And I saw this game whilst I was looking for other games and I came across this one (1). I had remembered playing it in my youth and I could not be happier ☺️ playing it again! It is very easy and just a very fun relaxing game! Thank you for making this game! I cannot what for more amazing 🤩 things to come from you guys :). •Natalie P.S One (1) thing I don’t like about it is that it keeps bringing up a membership opportunity and I am thirteen (13) so I can’t pay 💰 for things myself. So if that could be improved that would be great 👍🏻! But I also would understand if you can’t :).
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5 years ago, choclate banana kid
I watch om nom but this game? IT IS AWESOME! I think everyone should play this. But the ads. Cmon now but wait! If you have vip... NO ADS! i really want vip but I’m only on the 1st box. But I’m only 6. How can a 6 year old like me play it? Well it’s easy! So I get the hang of it now because all of you guys need vip. But yeah om nom is very cute and I watch the cartoon. But I do agree they should add custom levels. Now everyone understands it. It’s a game where you cut ropes for om nom to get the candy. And other stuff! But I am only on season 1. But 10$? Ok stop with this nonsense. Whoever said something is 10$. For a month. This game is for little children and all ages. But 1 thing. I just wanted to tell you. You should get this game!!!!!! It’s addictive! But I’m now on fabric box!!!!
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5 years ago, QueenOfTheDerpz
Wonderful, but...
This is a great game; I think everyone knows that. Om Nom is adorable and the level design and interface is genius and revolutionary. It’s also wonderful that the game is now being provided in full for free. However... There are too many ads. That’s my one complaint. Especially for levels in which you need to collect timed stars quickly, you may need to refresh many times and it’s so exhausting sitting through a 45-second ad every third refresh. Please add an option to remove ads with a single payment. I know ad removal is available with the subscription, but it’s a rather inefficient solution. If a stand-alone option was added to the game to pay for ad removal it would enhance my experience greatly and earn back that fifth star.
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5 years ago, Bradh02
Ads, crashes, and problems
Cut the rope is a great game, but there are too many ads. This game also crashes a lot. The ads are long, and unskippable. I have noticed that a lot of people have been saying, just from the first few reviews, that there are too many ads and it crashes to much. I have a feeling you guys just don't bother to fix any of these problems ever. I say this because some of these reviews are from almost 15 years before I was born! And almost all of them say the same thing: TOO MANY ADS or CRASHES TOO MUCH. I would like you to, and many other people too, fix these problems. You make more money when more people play your game then when you show ads. And you LOSE more people who play your game, by NOT fixing problems.
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3 years ago, PRE'
Nope to the rope
Let me see here, either there are hundreds of long lasting ads or a $10 a month charge. If this were the only game in the whole world then perhaps I might consider paying that much for an iPhone app. The prices for subscriptions for games are getting out of hand. I would rather pay an upfront fee then do some thing like this. Every time I discover that a game app has changed to a subscription service I take it off my phone. If I am looking for new game apps I will ignore anything with it subscription service. There are apps out there that might be worth a subscription service but to put things in perspective I can join and arts and crafts program with years of episodes that presents new material all the time including hours of live instruction for $6. The only ads are the materials they are using which you may be able to purchase from them but there is no pressure. So no….
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4 years ago, micraftisdabest:)
Not at all what it used to be
Now, before I get in to writing this review, I do understand that they need to fund the game by using ads. So please don’t get upset when I say that there is way too many ads. I just downloaded the game, after so many years and finally I got it. It started up, did all the stuff, blah blah blah, and then I went to play the first level. And it was fine. No ads. I kept playing until about level 4, there was an ad. And the app crashed (making the audio sound terrifying!!). So I reopened the app, and went o my levels BUT IT DIDNT SAVE THE DATA. When the app crashed, it didn’t save the data and I was back at level 1. Hopefully by turning off the internet, it’ll fix my problem. But I’m just upset because so many years ago happy 3 year old me was enjoying feeding on nom a donut or cupcake. Man, the good ol’ days...
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7 months ago, ALuckyShot
The ads though
The game is great, but like most other modern mobile games, the ads are brutal. I just got 3 ads within 2 minutes, all unskippable ones where you have to click out of the ad after 15ish seconds and then click out of another Play This Garbage Mobile Game Here! page. All because I had the audacity to finish a level. I swapped to Airplane mode to see the difference, and I somehow was getting ads at a higher rate as I was getting them every time I restarted a level, not just when I had beaten it. I’d consider this borderline unplayable. Most games require a one-time fee of a couple bucks to get rid of ads, but this dev requiring a subscription where you pay every month is pretty nuts. And it’s almost as if they’re just making it worse and worse to find the tipping point to farm more pay-pigs.
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2 years ago, JKGKEG
I bought this 10 years ago, shouldn’t have to watch ads.
I played this game in like 2011, when iPhones were really getting big. My dad had an iPhone and he would let me borrow it to play Cut the Rope and other classics from the era. Anyway I’m still on the family’s iCloud and so the app has already been purchased, meaning I just click to re-download. I’ve done that a few times over the years to just play through the game (I still have the first three or four boxes memorized lol). I re-downloaded it today and now it’s asking me to pay a $10/month subscription fee to play a game I bought 10 years ago 😂 If someone is just now hopping on the Cut the Rope train in 2022, okay, they can deal with ads or buy the subscription or whatever. But I’ve been playing this since 2011, when my dad originally bought the game. I deleted the app after about 15 minutes of playing.
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4 years ago, AquaMarine9173
Too many ads
I used to play this as a kid and was my favorite game to play while my mom took me to places. I stopped playing it for a while and had the idea to revisit it again to get some nostalgia. When I downloaded it, there was this ad for some om nom run, and I thought “It’s probably just one of those ‘start of the app’ ads”. After playing for literally 10 seconds, the app just gives me an ad, I didn’t really mind at first because all free apps had ads. Besides, I kinda like ads, except when they LITERALLY COME ON EVERY TIME I COMPLETE A LEVEL. Most apps are better than this and have the ads spread out to every 5 levels or so. But I’m just dissapointed that this game I used to LOVE when I was a child is now a whole clump of annoying ads every time I complete a level. Used to give this app 5/5 stars, now it’s a 2/5.
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