CVCB Mobile Banking

4.7 (498)
35.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Central Valley Community Bank
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for CVCB Mobile Banking

4.7 out of 5
498 Ratings
7 months ago, WWW dor MEMORY
CVCB app
I love this app , this bank and bank customer service, the security protocol for this bank by far is the best compared to other banks out of the 4 banks I’ve banked with CVCB is #1 F&M, WellsFargo then BofA which comparing to ANY BANK has the worst security measures and falls way below zero , in other words I would not trust BofA with 2 $ let alone thousands, CVCB by far is the best in all areas especially in more importantly, and protecting my funds from hackers, fraudulent debts and other illegal activities, so without saying anymore CVCB Bank gets a double 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 , 10 being outstanding and zero being what it is the worst place to bank. I hope this helps anyone decide as to whom to bank with. RB
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1 year ago, thisishowlibertydies
CVCB, I’ll love you forever
This bank is phenomenal. Their customer service can not be beat. They don’t bleed you to death with hidden fees. I can’t say enough good about them. And now their app is picking up steam. The new app is smoother, higher functioning, and has more safety features than its predecessor. The only thing I could fault it with is being “too safe.” The app emails me every time I miss a keystroke when entering my password, alerting me of a nefarious hacker trying to access my account.
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3 years ago, Sumiye
I had the pleasure of doing business with Vanessa at the Modesto branch and I could not have been happier. Everyone at this branch are great to do business with and they all have great customer care service. I had an issue with a fraud alert and after 6 prior employees she figure the matter out. Thank you for a chance to give Vanessa the credit she deserves Regards Penny Tamanaha
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4 months ago, pilot.jerry
So convenient!
I appreciate this app so much! It’s easily accessible on my phone, and quite user friendly. I haven’t used a banking app before, so I’m really appreciative that I can access my account from anywhere. Very pleased with this feature and type of app!
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3 years ago, Frank Lovero
Frank Lovero Jr
The only problem I have with this great app is the payees in the Bill Pay part of the app are not in alphabetical order and are hard to detect which one is which if you have more than one of the same payee... such as Southern Cal Edison if you pay more than one house.
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3 years ago, Acu weather
Central California Community Bank
Poor organization of bill pay. You have to maneuver thru too many steps to get what you want. No calendar for upcoming bills. When you want to change a fixed payment you have to go to another app. I have to use the mobile app on my iPad because the older and more user friendly doesn’t work any longer. Seriously contemplating changing banks after 30 years with same account number. I would rate this lower than one star if able to do so. Seriously Dissappointed!
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6 months ago, PCWhitaker
Easy to use
I can log in to to my account with a touch of my finger. I love this because I have so many passwords to remember I forget them and I have to pull out my little red book to get them. I love Central Valley Community Bank. It the only bank I trust.
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2 years ago, Fawk youu
This Application is great
This App is very easy and fills all my needs. Transferring money from my Savings to my checking is quick! I like that option the most so I can help my kids out ASAP with there collage needs.
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1 year ago, CVCB Customer
Since the last upgrade, the daily running balances (that were in red) have been removed. I found this an effective tool that I used frequently. It allowed me to track my balance & usage month to month. I am disappointed that took was removed. PLEASE REINSTALL THIS TOOL!!! This is why my rating dropped from 5 to 2. It was that useful to me. I have also contacted customer service about this.
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2 years ago, AdamPuff
I love this banking app.
The bank has very nice and respectful and reliable customer service and the app is very easy and secure to use. I recommend it to anyone that is interested in a new bank and their bank app.
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5 months ago, dyanbluehorse
Great info
I love using the app to keep track of all of my spending! Excellent information at my finger tips when I need it! Great tool to make sure I’m not getting fraudulent purchases
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2 years ago, Judyyiper
Would like to be able to deposit a larger amount.
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3 months ago, jazzylazypumpkinsnazzy
online banking CVCB
What I don’t like is it is loading a lot especially at the beginning of the month! I am grateful for on line banking ! This online banking app works just fine, and I am happy with your service! Thank you
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3 years ago, Recycled Parts
Missing a calculator for convenience
I like the app but would find it very convenient to have a calculator to use while doing my banking. It would eliminate having to switch back and forth between apps.
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3 years ago, Gardener Dillon
The best bank with the best app
I love my bank. Absolutely best staff, very nice and considerate. The app is really easy to use, simple, and straightforward. Visually appealing and better than other banks I’ve previously had.
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2 months ago, gyrlfr58
I have been a Member of Central Valley Community Bank for over 20 years. J.R. The Branch Manager is the most Wonderful and very attentive person we have ever meant. He is full of Knowledge and kindness. We will forever be members of C.V.C.B
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8 months ago, Grrsbuzzin
Keeps Crashing
Keeps crashing when logging in. Something about API. Also, when depositing a check, the app makes us write a lot on the back of the check. If we could abbreviate Central Valley community bank to CVCB, that would be very helpful.
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3 years ago, hankjr1
Web smart app
I like the way it responds to your needs and has no difficulties is it works right
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2 years ago, PrettyRough
No push notifications
For all the things this app doesn’t do, not being directly notified when my account overdrafts even with plenty in my other account. It would also be nice to be able change account setting but I guess it’s better than nothing
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2 years ago, sindalanke
Online Banking
I do appreciate CVCB online banking. Although there have been issues at times, it’s still a good feature for a bank to have!
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2 years ago, MCB BOST CLUB
Online banking
On the whole it is good. However when we download to QuickBooks it doesn’t show the name of the vendor that was paid online just that it is a check. How can that be fixed ?
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3 months ago, Galli Family Apple
Easy to navigate
The CVCB app makes it easy for me to see all my accounts at a glance, and move $ when I need to.
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2 years ago, Pick53
Easy to use and navigate
I can easily manage our finances within app.
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2 months ago, peppertigertuxedo
Friendly people-great service!
I love CVCB. I have sent my family over there to be customers.
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2 years ago, xlanileex
Slow at updating recent pending purchases
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1 week ago, Mike CZ.
Love it. Easy to use I like the app the only problem I see is I wish the print was darker or bigger. Send.
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2 years ago, cmh25
Great app
Easy to use and to navigate quickly. Lots of features but not busy.
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3 months ago, bluemajorette
CVCB Nice App
TheCVCB app is very handy to get around on. I appreciate using it since I am busy and can get through the app quickly and conveniently.
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2 years ago, ego self
I have never encountered a problem with any of your facilities. Thank you for your great service.
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3 months ago, MercedWindow
However, processing is too slow. Has some bugs to deposit checks. I am glad they offer an app but needs more work.
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6 months ago, West Elite
Great bank been with this bank longer than ten years
Carlos benavidez
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3 years ago, Manny@VRC
Online banking
I’ve been a member for years now and am grateful for their services
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2 years ago, Posie Ann
CVCB app
Easy to use, well planned out and efficient. It makes online banking much nicer! Thank you!
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7 months ago, AlansJMJ
Nothing fancy
Nothing fancy but everything works as it is supposed to.
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2 years ago, ArleneGail
Great service
I have no issues and get great customer service.
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1 year ago, Sweetsbymary
Need the balance on each transaction
I love the bank, but I think you should have the balance on each transaction
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3 years ago, Love Thankful
The Hope Steps Now
This is such a helpful and useful app for me every day. Thank You
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1 year ago, nessaaurora12
Good App
Love this app I do wish it had the face log in other than that it’s great
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3 months ago, with-wish
Easy to use and manage
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3 years ago, big javi jav
Banking app
It’s convenient and it doesn’t have any bugs that I’ve noticed.
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6 years ago, Cari517
Great APP!
Very easy to use. I love the layout and how easy it is to do your banking and even pay bills.
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3 years ago, jwdukes
Pretty good
Only prob is I have trouble logging in sometimes Face ID does not pop up and I forget password
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1 year ago, G Hash
Crashes all the time.
It crashes all the time on mobile deposits. Usually have to try 3-4x for each and every mobile deposit….
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3 days ago, Gorgeousappolonia
Easy to use
Love it because it is so easy to use
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3 months ago, jlanson
Like it when Face ID works
Thank you!
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1 month ago, Richhol12345
Rich Golda
Easy access and easy use.
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2 months ago, PGJZ
Great App
I really like this app! Makes paying bills a Breeze.
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1 month ago, rtvivie
Great app!
Use this app almost every day.
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6 months ago, Fondly Fonting
Good app
It’s simple offers lots of options. Love it
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2 months ago, da'nice
Love the App. How could I have lived without it . So convenient and easy to use ‼️‼️‼️‼️
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