Cync (the new name of C by GE)

4.5 (107.3K)
237.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
GE Lighting, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cync (the new name of C by GE)

4.52 out of 5
107.3K Ratings
4 weeks ago, Aiden Phu
Very professional, neat, simple, easy, and basic to use! 🐟
Try to add other languages so people who do not know English can use as well 🪺 Try to add more background colors and settings, I like your peaceful dark settings but I want bright settings as well in your app 🦁 Be the first company in doing what’s good and right 🦇 I appreciate so much how you responded and cared about my feedback 🦁 I really like your bulbs 🐝 I don’t like matte finish as they are depressing to me 🦚 Glossy is better and less depressing 🍂 It was incredibly fun when I was messing around with the colors that the bulbs have!!!! 🍃 I love the quick daylight, blue light and so on settings… 🐎 Maybe you can add quick pure white light in the future! 🐇 Peaceful and filled with joy pure white light! 🦢 The yellowishness of the white light currently is a bit gloomy, negative and depressing 🐈 🐄 Your bulb is around 9.5W each. That means the user has to use 2 bulbs at a times or even more for enough light! 🪵 That will cause a lot of pollutions as more materials are used. Try to make other versions where each bulb is maybe 19W? Try to take survey to see what customers are looking for so they will buy only 1 bulb and it is bright enough for their use 😝 it will reduce a lot of pollutions and so on. Love the peaceful ~dark backgrounds. Allow multiple people to connect to the same bulbs so one family can control with multiple accounts.
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3 years ago, Smartfam7
Nice set up for inexperienced users
I received this product complimentary for testing purposes. I followed all the directions on first set-up. I made sure my bulbs were less then 40 ft apart. The instructions were very descriptive to follow. I appreciated the labeling of the lights, being able edit and group the lights together or separate. The editing of the lights made it quite easy to figure out which one was being edited with the lights blinking, I especially like that feature and made it helpful to follow overall. I do like the back button during trying to sync the WiFi to the bulbs. When I entered the description of my WiFi it didn’t do a full search of my WiFi until I hit the back button to search. Once I got the WiFi and Bluetooth together set-up it was simple to change the colors and add other features. I liked the guidelines, buttons and easy instructions to follow. Great reminders to follow along the way as well such as, making sure the bulbs are connected to WiFi. Also, the mention of Bluetooth and WiFi on your phone matches the WiFi on the app is helpful as well. One thing I would change, is in the area of the setting or location I would add or make a different color to the “+” (upper right hand corner) when trying to update the setting, it is the same color as the screen, which made it challenging to see. Once my settings, labels WiFi and Bluetooth were all connected, set up of light bulbs was simple to change as well.
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3 years ago, Adrianaa182
User Friendly & Awesome
I received two GE Cync lightbulbs complimentary for testing purposes. The Cync app is very user friendly. The process of setting up the light bulbs that I had received was very easy and the directions were very straightforward. For example, the light bulb that you are setting up will 'blink' and the app will walk you through the process of setting them up, one lightbulb at a time. I had one small issue where the firmware for the lightbulbs failed to update on the first try; however, it worked on the second go. I like that you can really customize the app to make it more personal to you through being able to name things, set custom photos, set schedules, etc. You can also save favorite colors as well. I think that it's neat that you can have multiple 'scenes' with the option of creating a schedule for each. For example, you could have the lightbulbs turn on when you are waking up and have them turn off when you are going to bed. I also think that it's neat that you can use Alexa, Google Home, and/or HomeKit/Siri to configure the lightbulbs as well. I would suggest having the option to customize the colors/brightness of the lightbulbs when you are creating a new scene vs creating one and then having to go back to the home screen to do so. Overall, the app works well and is user friendly. I would recommend it to a friend!
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1 year ago, pogman67879
Fix your app cync.
I probably cannot mention every issue with the app in a essay-like style so im just going to list the pros and the cons to it. Pros: - Simple, easy to understand UI - Can be useful - Multiple custom light presets (unlike other smart light applications) Cons: - Not very good technical support - Low functionality - Filled with useless features - Overkill security measures for that is only really useful when you have their thermostats, security cameras or other daily items that are vital to security, but most people seem to get it for the lights instead of security when you can get higher quality security equipment for less money - Very glitchy and buggy (app crashes randomly, devices get mixed up if you have more than one of a specific device, devices shutdown randomly even if they are connected to the app.) - False marketing on some of their products, for example, on the smart light bulb box it shows multiple colors displayed at once. However, the light bulb is only able to display one color at a time. If your app’s amount of issues is double the amount of good stuff about the app then you should maybe do something about it. For now, when you use any of their products, just use Alexa or google home to access them but you need the app to setup Alexa or google so I guess just don't use Cync products.
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1 year ago, AnthonyTynan
Power Disruption Forces Switch to Drop WiFi
I own the Cync no neutral WiFi switch and a Cync motion detector. I experienced a brief power disruption and after the power comes back on, the switch is disconnected from WiFi, and the switch is red. I attempted to use this app to reset the switch WiFi, but the app is unable to find any WiFi network. It’s not an issue with my WiFi, as it is only 30 feet away. I then attempted to delete the device so I can reinstall. However, in step 7 of Cync online instructions for deleting a device, the app shows a disclaimer about how deleting the device will make a scene not work, and does not allow my to scroll to the end to see and select the delete button. I called Cync support today and it was a good experience. I did not have to wait long. As far as fixing my issues, the app issue was my phone font was too large, lol. Once I made the font smaller I was able to see and delete the switch. Regarding the switch losing a WiFi connection after a power disruption, I was told to use the reset button at the base of the switch to see if that will force the unit to reconnect to WiFi. It is a very thin horizontal button, push in for 10 seconds. I’ll test this theory after the next power disruption.
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3 years ago, GemmaK2014
High hopes for the app but not so great
I am providing two stars because I really love the actual switch devices and they are super pretty and work great. However, the app IMO is a fail. The marketing hype of the transition from C by Ge to CYNC did not align with the functional experience nor is the UI intuitive or nice looking. I was so excited to then experience navigation fatigue and frustration with what felt like additional touch (click) navigation to get from A to B and see the unnecessary new bonus features like adding a photo of the device location or scene is just silly to be frank and doesn’t bring much value vs simply relying on your naming conventions. Plus in the scenes you are forced to select a photo (or use the stock photo) before the ‘save’ button is enabled for use. Unless someone has a grand palatial estate and can’t remember which room is which based on the names then I get it, otherwise, this isn’t a huge upgrade feature to boast about. Lastly, I may be missing this but I can’t schedule an off time. I’m not sure if that’s a feature just for the bulbs but all of the previous C videos I’ve watched mention that you can set an off time for bulbs and switches and I can’t find that as an option in the scenes. I love my smart switches and the Ge products, I’m hoping the app UI and UX is improved in the near future to have a more competitive edge. Until then I prefer using the Alexa app for scheduling as it’s a cleaner path to navigate and get from A to B.
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3 years ago, Love113014
Love this app!
I did you received this product for free or complimentary for testing purposes in exchange for my honest opinion. I absolutely love this app almost as much as I love the bulbs themselves lol. It’s so easy and simple to use and you know those apps that take forever to come up like your remote for your tv apps etc? Yeah this doesn’t which is great. It really organized and I like how you can add all of your GE smart items and name each room along with assigning a picture each rooms profile if you’d like. You can turn the lights on and off from the app as well as change colors, dim brightness etc. the only thing I will say though is make sure your spouse/kids whomever has access to your lights when your not around has this downloaded on their phones because my husband went into our bedroom and attempted to turn on the light only to find it was already on but I had dimmed to black on the app itself and he had to txt me to turn it on from my phone cause I was the only one who the app downloaded on my phone at the time. Thankfully I was outside waiting in the car because I’m not sure if the app can be used really far away like if you’re at someone else’s place, I am not sure if the app can be used but I’ll have to rest it out and update later. Everything else is great and I’ll be buying more GE products soon!
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3 years ago, Lex____96p
I love being able to control the ONE light w my phone
I never really like writing reviews unless I have to in order to use an app or it will benefit me somehow BUT idk why I just thought I’d review this light.. Anyway I’m pretty sure most ppl that use this app is bc they have many if not all C by ge light bulbs in their house and I only have one for my room; aaand I love bc I’m the only one home that can turn on the light before I go in the room and if I forgot to turn it off on my way out I can still turn it off from wherever I have wifi like I’ve literally been in the car ready to go and I realize s””ot needa turn it off pluuus all the colors it has and I can choose how bright i want it depending on how I feel. or set up a schedule for day and night oh and lemme not forget the fun I have sometimes I’ll go to the bathroom or the kitchen and turn it off to scare the shoot out of a guest or my family forgets and they think a ghost is playing tricks on them lol... Ok that’s enough I think I was just bored to have spent 20 mins writing this but yo ! The image the app displays of how my house would look inpires me to get that house I want and install this lights all over it bc that’s how i’d want it to look. Ok ✌🏼
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3 years ago, beet_ray
It’s functional
Like others, I received GE smart bulbs for free for a review of this related app. (The bulbs are super cool, btw!) The app itself isn’t anything amazing or groundbreaking, but it works. Setup of each bulb does take a little time but it’s easy and pretty self explanatory. I do think the app needs some more instructions about the features embedded into the app. Even if it was explained when setting the app up, it’s easy to miss out on what certain things do. For example, I had no idea why I would want to take a picture of where I had the bulb installed. Like, I can remember where my bedside lamp is without a picture! But after trying it out, I realized that the picture displayed is adjusted based on how bright you have the bulb set to, which is cool. Another thing that wasn’t immediately obvious to me is that the lamp has to be physically on in order to control the bulb, although it seems obvious now. So for example, if I turn off the lamp by pulling the cord when I’m going to sleep, I can’t turn it back on with the app. It took awhile to figure that out though because the error message just said it couldn’t connect to the bulb and to make sure you were within a certain distance. All in all, the app works fine but it’s nothing I’m going to rave about to my friends.
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2 years ago, Madd1dde
Needs some updates and fixing.
For about a year now I’ve used Cync’s LED strip lights in my bedroom. I wouldn’t say it’s the best on the market, but at the same time it’s gets the job done. I’ve been able to create perfect mood lighting on various occasions with these lights with only a few issues in that time. Recently, I’ve bought an indoor smart camera, and I’ve had more problems with just setting it up than I have ever before with this company. I was pretty disappointed. To start off, the camera didn’t want to set up. At all. It took about 10 minutes and a few times going through the reset process to get the blinking blue light you need to even begin setting it up. I then went to add my boyfriend to my home so he can also have access to the cam (we bought one to keep an eye on our cat while we’re away) and to my surprise, guests aren’t allowed to view the camera feed! I just have to say that if I didn’t trust someone, then I wouldn’t put them on my Cync app where they could access most of my house if they wanted to. It’s just common sense. While I know this may be a security precaution, many people besides myself also see this as a drawback. Overall the quality or the products themselves have been good, but my interaction on the app and with the company has only been mediocre at best.
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3 years ago, Teetguy
Great lights but could use touch ups
These lights are fantastic and they are just what I wanted, but for some reason my fan light (with three bulbs) cannot sync up properly all the time. When it works I’m hyped cuz that’s how they should be, but other times it only changes the color of one light, and the other 2 bulbs remain the previous color and cannot be adjusted. I know software updates can be sent to each bulb so I know the issue can be resolved, I just don’t know what to do. Usually after waiting an hour or so they all sync up again (after closing the app and opening it later to try again). They’re all in the same group in the app, but they sync up about half the time. Living with something in your house that functions as a “hit or miss” can be frustrating from a convenience perspective, and makes me consider going back to standard old bulbs. Alright GE, Ik this part of your business isn’t where 100% of your time and money is focused on, but I would love to not have to resort to another brand for something so trivial. On the other hand, the app has improved greatly in the past year and I was happy to see that. Please don’t stop with this and definitely communicate these ideas with Savant so they can be resolved. Thanks y’all👍
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3 years ago, Duzy612
A really nice app!
I received these bulbs complimentary for review! I was extremely excited to get them in the mail. I see that a lot of people experience issues setting them up, but I had no issue at all. The one thing that I had to do after setting up was try and reconnect my Google Home to the app, but it just seemed like my wifi connection was the issue after I reset it. The app is super simple, which I like. It’s easy to figure out how to use as someone who has never used bulbs that hook up to an application; I am simply used to manually turning on and off the light. The colors are a really nice touch as well - I only wish there was a bit more variation for us to pick from on the color wheel in the app as I either got an extremely colored light or a lightly tinted but mainly white lighting coming from the bulb. I also really wish there was a button to just have the bulbs go through the entire color wheel I stead of me manually having to change the color whenever I would like; I feel like this addition would be really great. I haven’t delved too much into the scenes, but I wish you could set one scene to turn on and off the light instead of having to set up two different scenes. Overall, a really complimentary app for the bulbs!
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3 years ago, MattDela
The CYNC App Worked Extremely Well For Me!
*I received a complimentary product for testing purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.* Although many reviewers have commented on the difficulties they faced with the app, my experience was much different. I had no issues when pairing the bulbs, in fact the entire pairing process was very smooth and simple. The app was able to recognize each of them almost instantaneously, and it also allowed for me to connect them to my Alexa dot. In addition to the seamless pairing process, the app allowed for me to personalize the device page by adding a background photo and my own title. I could also personalize my user profile. In addition to this, it has a convenient feature that allows you to create and save lightning scenes for easier access. I also had no problem adding my partner to the app so he had access to the lights as well. Overall, the app is incredibly user-friendly and allows for a nearly effortless pairing process, as well as personalization features for both your profile and the bulbs. I would certainly recommend both the CYNC app and product to friends and family.
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1 month ago, ajthib86
Cool Lights, App Needs Updating
I like the light itself. Controlling dimness, color and effect is easy in the app. The main thing I wanted to point out is that I cannot tap some necessary buttons such as “next”, when setting up the TrueImage feature because they are wedged half way off the screen or completely missing. It makes having the feature useless. I am running iOS 17.4.1 but on an iPhone Xs so that may be the issue. The thing is that I don’t recall any other app on my phone that is this unintuitive and glitchy. Routine set up is a little too time consuming and confusing. I think that having one page to edit routines or custom light shows would be easier than having to go through separate steps every time just to make one adjustment to a routine. For instance, it is not clear what an effect does when I’m trying to create a custom light show. I wanted a strobe effect but had to go through the same steps over and over again before I came to my desired result. In conclusion, I like the lights for their affordability, instructions, and most of all versatility. It really does change the mood lighting game up! I just don’t understand why it is so hard to go back and improve an app that so many people use, but then again, I’m not a developer.
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3 years ago, 😣✌🏽🙈🙊
Enjoyed this app!
I received 2 Cync by GE lightbulbs free in exchange for my honest review of this app. When I first downloaded it, it took about a minute to load up but once I was on the home screen it was fairly easy to navigate. The user interface isn’t complex and everything is clearly labeled. Once my lightbulbs were screwed in, the process to add my device to the app was easy, and afterwards all I had to do was click on the homepage, swipe right on my device, and change the color or mood. There are many different colors to change to, and the moods (sunset, sunrise, candlelight) are very pretty and make it easier to change the lamp light to a more conventional color. I was also able to easily turn my lamp on or off just by tapping, and the process to add multiple devices is easy and personalized since they allow you to name each one or use a suggested name. I did not have any problems using this app, although I didn’t use any other features besides changing my lightbulb color and turning it off or on. The new device setup process took me about 5-10 minutes. I definitely would recommend to a friend.
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3 years ago, adtcstoca
Primitive App, Looks Like 3rd-Graders Designed It
(EDIT: I need to add two points. First, I received NOTHING free in exchange for an “honest” review. I spent >$500 on many smart switches during a home remodel, so I have no incentive to give a dishonest review, good *or* bad. My review is genuine. Second, among the various filters for looking at reviews we need to be able to select all reviews EXCEPT the ones from people who received their products free. Quite frankly, reviews from people who got their products for free are *completely* worthless and compromised. They have zero credibility in the real world. I should be able to filter them out completely, because I don’t care one iota what they say.) After months and months (and months) of breathless hype, the app finally rolled out. Talk about underwhelming. Its design is simpleminded and amateurish. It is barely functional, because there are barely any functions to it. It really is primitive, evoking 1980s technology. And the icing on the cake is the fact that the “Contact” link doesn’t work! So I can’t even tell THEM what I have to say. I have to come here to do it. After all the hype I expected savvy technology, and I got a clown show instead. And finally, I’m stuck. I have their smarthome products, and they’re really good. No complaints there. But in order to use them in a smarthome capacity, I have to use this app. Which stinks on hot ice.
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3 years ago, hollyofspades
So Cool!
I received the GE CYNC Full Color Direct Connect Smart Bulbs from Influenster & GE for free in exchange for my honest review of the CYNC App. I found this app very simple to use! Three were quite a few steps but they were all easy steps. I simply screwed in the lightbulbs, downloaded the app, created an account and followed the steps and now I control my lights AND the color of my lights from my phone! I’m loving it mostly because when I turn off my lights at night I have to use the flashlight in my cell phone to find my way to my bed and now I can just turn them off while in bed and it’s SUCH a luxury for me! I gave the app 4 stars because they put a lot of emphasis on capturing a “TrueImage“ and I’m just not sure why or what that is. I did it but I’m not sure why I needed to do it. Also, on the “Set the Scene” page it says to click the + button to get started but you can’t see the + button because it’s literally the same color as the background… so that was kinda weird… but overall, this app does exactly what it says it will do which is control the lights in your home from your phone and I am having a blast with it!
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3 years ago, K. Hal
Easy to use!
I received these bulbs complimentary through Influenster for my review. First I want to say I was hesitant to use these because I thought the set up for them would be a pain but it wasn’t! It was so easy for me to set them up, it only took a few minutes even with having to do an update. I loved how the bulb flashes/flickers to let you know which one you are connecting. Being able to label each bulb in the app made it easy to know which one I was turning on. I don’t like having a bright white light all the time so I really liked how easy the app makes it to change the color and the change is so quick, I’ve notice no lag in the time it take to change the color. I’ve never thought about getting a bulb that I could have an app for and honestly it is because I thought it would be more of a hassle but after trying these I will be looking into getting more for my home since half my rooms don’t have switches in the wall for the lights. I highly recommend trying these. I currently use them in my office and in my bedroom.
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1 year ago, mwvc626
Great lights, buggy app
I really enjoy the full spectrum bulbs—it’s nice to be able to change them to match the light outside, give a room a mood, or even balance out coloring while on a Zoom call to help you look less washed out. The app itself is not great. The interface is intuitive enough once you get used to it, but I constantly have to exit and reopen the app to get my lightbulbs to respond. It’s a small thing, but it gets annoying having to do it day in and day out. Months ago the lights stopped responding to my app at all. Cync customer service was great and talked me through the (hilariously tedious!) process of resetting each bulb—this crazy sequence of turning them off and on for a specific amount of time five times in a row, and eventually the solution was to delete the “Home” with which the lights were affiliated and make a new one, adding each bulb again. When I did that, the app was more responsive for a bit, but I’m back to having to close and reopen the app to get the lightbulbs to respond. It probably takes no more than ten extra seconds, but when you’re walking out the door and just want to shut your lights off, it’s a real pain!
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3 years ago, Radhikamath
Influenster Review
If you're reading this review then you'll want to download "Cync" from your app store. The Cync app holds your hand and navigates you through the simple process of getting your bulb properly setup and connected with your smartphone. The process is very easy but does require you to create an account with GE (ugh, another account), share your location, and enter some identifying information (name, email, etc). From the Cync app you can turn the bulb on/off, use the dimmer slider to dim the bulb, and change the bulb color or temperature gradient. The app works well and is very responsive. There are some colorful reviews here and on the Cync apppage. Suffice to say that I'm probably the simplest possible use case and I think many people have much more complicated smart home setups than I do. I have a single Cync smart bulb that I use whenever my wife and I are out of town to turn on the bulb in our living room. If our test with this GE smart bulb proves successful we will see about expanding to additional smart bulbs. But so far, so good.
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3 years ago, AsiaJetsetter
Decent set up, but app could offer more
I received two of these GE Cync light bulbs for free so that I could test out this app. Overall, the light bulbs were moderately easy to set up. I consider myself a very tech-savvy person, but it still took some troubleshooting to set up my two bulbs. The first one was super easy, but the second bulb would not register on the app at first. Eventually, I just tried manually turning off the light and turning it back on, and then it finally was able to sync with the app. The app itself is fine in terms of functionality. It’s easy enough to turn the lights on and off and change the color of the light. I also use the Philips Hue bulbs in another part of my home, and they are likely the main competitor to GE Cync. The Philips Hue app offers more fun color combination options for the various light bulbs to work together (themes such as “Xmas” or “Arctic aurora” in which the bulbs are pre set to different complementary colors). On the GE app, there aren’t set multicolored themes like this, it appears, but you can manually change the colors to whatever you like. Not as fun, in my opinion.
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3 years ago, jockyyyy896
Love these advanced bulbs!
As an Electrical Engineer myself, I thought it was pretty cool I was able to receive these complimentary to review! These bulbs are great quality, I have noticed cheaper “knock off” bulbs are poorly put together, so that was the first thing off the bat. Second, I really like the customization options the app has for your home screen, kind of useful especially if you plan to maybe control all your smart lights thru a tablet and may leave the screen on the app interface! I also liked the color capabilities offered, very neat! The only suggestion of improvement I have is to perhaps mention to people while connecting right away, that they want to be connected to their 2.4GHz bandwidth access point, vs their normal 5GHz bandwidth in order for the bulb and wireless network to be able to “find each other”. I believe this may be the biggest problem people probably have when they state they had lots of issues connecting the bulb to the app!
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3 years ago, Gomi1289
If you just bought any lightbulbs either C by GE or Cync I urge you to return them immediately. They have been incredibly difficult to keep connected, and a nightmare to reconnect if wifi ever goes down. Now upon getting a new router, I can no longer set them up with Google Home at all. I have factory reset, tried setting up directly from Google Home, but the app doesn’t doesn’t detect the lights at all anymore. I set them up in the new version of the app (formerly C by GE) and tried the Works with Google link and although it says account linked successfully it never shows up nor do the lights exist on Google Home anywhere. All of a sudden even though they worked via WiFi with Google for a year, they all are now Bluetooth and require a hub (that I have to purchase separately) to function on WiFi with Google. Do not waste your time or money with these products. GE is begging for a lawsuit from those of us that were shafted out of multiple bulbs working properly with their “rebrand”. Update* looking at the reviews, I’m definitely going to seek class action, create a BBB report and contact Apple to pull support because they are trying to buffer their reviews by sending people free products for “honest review”. Dishonest business
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2 years ago, dancingbrook
Update: After many hours trying to troubleshoot (they decided we should be their free beta testers) they acknowledge there is a bug that keeps the C-Reach from working with other devises via Home-Kit (which is why I bought C-Reach, to work with HomeKit, just not exclusively). Someone will get back to me someday when the problem is solved. We want what we invest our time and money in to work, so it is hard to let go, but I think this one is going to have to be gone. —— I’m trying to do more than most folks I assume. Multiple sensors and lights and connecting to HomeKit (at least trying) Took multiple attempts to get motion sensor updated, and it still says it needs updating though firmware matches latest update. C-Reach won’t “connect” though it connects to network (so it says) but says it isn’t but on same screen says it is. Very frustrating. I’m very tech savvy so I’m making user errors; multiple tries and resets yield same results. And C-Reach (HomeKit Bridge) needs to be set up as part of a different “Home”? What’s that about? Can’t tell yet because it doesn’t “connect”. No trouble shooting info on support pages so I have to wait to call during their limited support hours.
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3 years ago, erika0715
Little bit of a learning curve
I received these light bulbs complimentary for testing purposes. The app seems very basic and easy to navigate but I had some issues with the initial setup. I installed the GE light bulb and was able to link it to my google home app but when I tried to link it to the Cync app, it could not locate the light bulb. I had to google troubleshooting tips and eventually read how to do a factory reset on the bulb. The reset process was easy, I just had to turn the light off and on for specific sequences of time and then it blinked to let me know that it was reset. After that, I had no trouble finding it in the Cync app. Once linked, you can give it a name and assign which room it’s in. You can also change it to any custom color and brightness that you want. I like that it gives you the option to favorite colors so you can easily go back to the ones that you like. My only suggestion would be to add more detailed instructions and troubleshooting tips in the actual app so people don’t have to search for them online.
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1 month ago, appletinifbskxbd
Does not connect
I don’t use the app frequently and maybe that’s root of the issue, but literally every time I open up the app to adjust the light bulb, it will say the light is not connected. The only way I have been successfully able to sync it is through a factory reset. It’s very frustrating as my light has 3 of these bulbs. I have the bulbs light setting set to a specific level, and the light works great, I also love the variety of colors and brightness options you have. But for nights that I would like to dim the bulb, change the color, or make it brighter, I literally cannot without it being a huge hassle of resetting all 3 bulbs. Usually takes me 15 min or so to get the light set up on my phone. And then in a few days when I start up the app, it tells me there’s no light connected OR it will tell me there is an update, but won’t let me update until the bulb is connected, but won’t connect unless I factory reset, when literally the light is on. So yea, pretty frustrating out-dated app. Seems like they focused more on small things on the app, such as changing the picture of the home page on the app, and disregard the bigger issue of having the bulbs stay continuously connected to the app.
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1 year ago, fyegiuvctihfry
So disappointed
Chose the C by GE bulbs because they don’t need a hub, but am continuously plagued by the handling. The original app worked fine for me as did the first version of Cync, but since beginning of 2023, nothing but problems. There seem to be ‘ghosts in the machine’. One light turns itself on at midnight and again at 3:30 am, and various bits don’t turn on when they’re supposed to. Am also vexed by the app. New sunrise and sunset features just tell me that a firmware update is needed, but when it ‘finishes’, I can’t save the routine. The fade features also seem to exacerbate the behavior issues of the bulbs. And why, oh why, do we have scenes and routines on different screens when you can’t use a scene in more than one routine. And the scene can’t have the same name as the routine unless you create them simultaneously. And if you duplicate a scene, you don’t get the option to create a routine. So, total hodgepodge of names. Have fully recreated everything twice now, and feel a third go coming on with a full reset of the problem bulbs. Plus the automatic ‘push’ of the random heap of scene names to Alexa totally confused her. Had to delete them all in the Alexa app.
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3 years ago, jasminlimon
Awesome bulbs
I received these light bulbs as a complimentary gift for an honest review. I was really excited when I was notified I would be able to test these light bulbs out. Downloading the app was very easy, as well as setting up on the app; really enjoyed the personalized settings like putting your name and a picture of what you wanted as your background. It’s also neat that you can add where you have placed your light bulb. However, I did have a little difficulty in adding my wifi to the app to be able to control the different changing colors setting. Part of me feels like it would’ve been a faster process if it was connected via Bluetooth. It only took a few minutes to connect to my WiFi, patience is key. It is a fairly easy process was just having problems connecting it to my wifi at first. I really love that they come with an app to control the settings of the light bulbs that way you don’t loose the controller some light changing color bulbs come with. Overall, I really like these light bulbs they are definitely a vibe.
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2 years ago, jupiterkitten
Annoying but works
Edit: okay I abandoned trying to use the sunrise/sunset feature and just set the schedule to specific hours, so now that function is working to my liking. After utilizing some patience and playing with the app for a few days I have figured some other things out. I do still think the app should walk you through the options better though, and also not freeze up periodically. I never did contact support, but I’m glad they cared enough to respond. I love the bulb and connecting it was easy, BUT the app is so buggy I can hardly make it do anything. I tried to set a schedule but it keeps getting stuck on the naming screen and won’t let me finish. The UI is terrible as others have mentioned and I’m surprised this app made it past the testing phase. Like I said, connecting the bulb was a breeze, but controlling it through the app should have been the easy part. Now I have to get on google and figure out how to make the app the work before I can make the awesome smart bulb do anything awesome.
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3 years ago, EnticingOasis
2 light bulbs tested
I received lightbulbs complimentary for an honest review of this app. The app was easy to install and I had no problems starting it up and didn’t have any slowness of loading. You have to set up each light bulb individually. You get to name each lightbulb/device you own and section devices into categories such as bedroom or bathroom depending on where the devices are located in your home. I find this very helpful if you have multiple devices throughout your home and need to control a single room or single device in a room. It makes it simple and easy to do so. The set up took about 20mins. I had a problem connecting to my WiFi at first and the app did crash once on me while trying to connect. But besides that everything went smoothly and it was pretty cool. I enjoy all the color options you have and the dimming feature is also pretty handy. It’s very high tech and innovative. I would definitely be buying some more devices for my home in the future and using this app to control them!
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3 years ago, gnavobi
Awesome app for awesome hardware
The application's UX is well built. You can easily find things where you would expect them. The setup wizard felt a bit long and verbose but is otherwise a good experience. I tried the TrueImage feature and was delighted by how well it worked and how easy it was to set up. During the TrueImage setup I found a minor bug where the app believed the light to be off when it was in fact on. I also found that swiping on a device multiple times to reveal controls could get stuck midway (on iOS). Beyond the app, the integration the ecosystem has with Google Assistant is great and most importantly, very responsive. We will definitely be getting more lights for lamps that we do not have wired. I think my only wish for these lightbulbs would be a dumber version that is compatible with smart dimmers (or some way to disable on/off and dimming at the lightbulb). I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes
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3 years ago, jcoffey17
User friendly, neat product.
I received two of the full color direct connect smart bulbs for free in exchange for my honest opinion of the Cync App. Overall I found the app to be reasonably user friendly. Once I installed the app, I believe it took me about 10-15 minutes from start to finish to successfully install and connect one smart bulb. The app gives clear directions on what to do. I received my confirmation email within 30 seconds. It gives many options to select for naming your light bulb and also the ability to take a picture of the light is nice, it just takes a little to get the picture correct. It also took a little bit for the WiFi to connect and then for the update on the app itself once the bulb was fully connected through the app. The controls on the app for changing the lighting, whether it be changing the color, or dimming the light is very easy to use! I would purchase these bulbs for other lights throughout my home, because the easy app is relatively easy to use.
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3 years ago, hygge1984
The new app is useless and doesn’t work!
I would pay money to get the old app (C by GE) back. It worked! The new one, Cync, has been a total nightmare. The new app worked for about two months, then mysterious things started to happen. Lights turned on at unscheduled times, worked sporadically, and then some of the lights just stopped working with the app at all and I have to manually turn them off and on now. I’ve tried resetting the lights several times, I've tried deleting and adding the app again, and deleting all the lights and scenes and adding them again. I’ve called in to customer service twice and followed the directions to a tee. I’ve read the help sections, and still nothing works! The old app worked well and I never had a problem. It was also simpler to use and made sense. The new one is kind of silly with many unneeded and complicating options. I would like to get my money back for the 10 lights I bought, and try another brand. So frustrating and disappointing. Especially because the old app worked just great! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. GE you should have left well enough alone.
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3 years ago, Haleejane
Decent app cool bulbs
This is my first time using a smart bulb with an associate app and overall I am impressed.I really like the look and design of the app. Setting up the bulbs and changing colors in the app is super easy to do.I really appreciate that you can change two bulbs at once or give them the same settings. The app also made it easy to add other users for my household so that all members of my family were able to access the app and our light settings from their phones. The app itself is rather user-friendly and was quite easy to set up and learn how to use (even for some of the less tech savvy members of my family).They are some additional features I wish they have had such as color changing mode but I think this app is a great start and there’s lots of room for growth and further improvements. I would definitely recommend this app and the bulbs as a great beginning smart light an app set. I received this product complementary for testing purposes in exchange for my completely honest review.
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2 years ago, lauraann99
I’m glad my lights are so secure…?
I got a string of colored LED lights to put atop a bookcase for ambiance. After my purchase I learned I had to download an app to operate the lights… fine… Then I was required to create an account complete with a password- just to turn my lights on or off. Slightly less fine and much more annoying but… okay I guess. The app works fine and I’m able to turn my lights on and off, select which color I want and create much more elaborate timing schedules than I ever dreamed of wanting- kinda cool? But then I open the app to turn the lights off and I have been automatically logged out. So of course we begin the multi step dance of remembering the specific email and password I used to create my account. (Why would you remember such things- it’s a LIGHT.) Rinse and repeat every month or so and I’m losing my patience. Why is there more security to turn my fancy lights on than required for my bank account? At least my bank app will take my Face ID and not log me off periodically. GE, please gain some perspective and tone down the high security- for a LIGHT. I don’t put padlocks on my light switches for a reason.
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3 years ago, cheysoldo
Good light
So first thing I will say about the light is I LOVE all the color options! It has so many to choose from!. I have one in the living room and one on the front porch, and it’s so cool having a blue porch light 😎. The light has some weight to it compared to one I already have, (brand name is Merkury) Cync is a lot heavier. Now the app itself was ok the only problem I had was trying to set it up I had to try and connect it 3 times before it went through, which was prob something I was doing on wrong on my end but still annoying. The app is very easy to navigate and all the options are fun to mess around with, like for instance the color you choose, you make it lighter or darker and you can do that with every shade, it’s awesome I really enjoy it. Is this something I would purchase on my own?… Yes. I would. The quality is A+ and the app I will give an A+ too since I can’t find anything I would change and have no difficulties using it. :)
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3 years ago, trst223
Great concept poor execution
I received these bulbs complimentary for my honest review. When receiving them I was super excited. I have been needing timers for some of the lights in my home so I don’t have to manually flip the switch when it gets dark every night. Experience setting up things were 50/50 but idk if that is because of the app or the bulbs but 1 of the bulbs set up fine while the other does not connect. I’ve tried it in multiple lamps with no luck. Once connected I have played around with the app. Love that you can easily change colors but that’s about all that is easy. There are so many different sections to name for each light and I am not sure what they are all for. Also the main thing I was excited about which was scheduling I cannot figure out. I found where you schedule but it seems you can only schedule for 60 minute periods? I could see where these would be great when you come home from work to a dark house and can hit one button and everything lights up but for my purposes it just didn’t work, especially because I really only got 1 light to function correctly.
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7 months ago, Bildo The Pro Tool
Second review after app update
So I previously gave this system a one star review based on devices not being able to stay on the net work, and a few annoyances like that that Martin otherwise fantastic system. Fast forward a month or two and I have applied software updates that have alleviated the issue with the dimmers disconnecting from the Wi-Fi. In fact, all my concerns have apparently been addressed with this update, so I now must give a five star review because the system works exactly as advertised at this point and while we are here, let's talk a little bit about light quality. These are premium LEDs the colors are beautifully saturated and pure, and the white cover the full spectrum without that greenish tinge that cheap LEDs have. This is very high-quality light. That makes things under it look good. It's especially nice now that everything place nicely on the Nettwerk. I am moving my entire house over. Enjoy!
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3 years ago, Uhh...what?
Great color range
I received 2 bulbs free through influenster for my honest review of the Cync app. I was very excited to receive these as I’ve been interested in smart bulbs for a while. My daughter and I love the option to change the colors of each bulb to a variety of colors! I also appreciate that you can adjust the brightness of the bulb to your desire. Set up was pretty straightforward and was easy to group the 2 bulbs together to control as one. I did have some issues with getting Alexa to control the lights as she wants to just turn off one and not the other, however when she turns on, she turns both on. I didn’t know about the option to set up a scene until reading other reviews and have not yet been able to test that at this time. I do wish there was a simpler way to access the features needed to turn light off/on or change color without a lag in trying to locate and open the app. Overall we like the lights and range of colors we are able to change to, just wish it was a little more simple/quick to access.
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3 years ago, cmdcasey212
Weak functionality for “smart” bulbs
I received these bulbs for free in exchange for my honest opinion. I love the idea of these bulbs - I was excited to set them up on a schedule instead of the manual timer I have which is difficult to use and also hard to access behind my couch. However, I didn’t see anywhere on the app to set up a schedule. So I was greatly disappointed. After doing some searching online, I saw that you can access schedules once you set up a “Scene”. Oookay, I set up a scene and go to the schedule... which only has a start time and a duration, if I understand it correctly. And the duration’s longest time period is 60 minutes. Or, you can only turn on the light and it slowly turns on for 60 minutes, and it stays on from that point on. Totally useless, either way. I want an easy to understand app that has “Schedules” on the front page, a start time, an end time, and anything else is just luxurious. There’s so much potential for smart light bulbs, and schedules are a given. It would be REALLY cool to be able to set different colors on timers or change scenes at different times...
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3 years ago, sahars125
Great app to use with smart bulbs!
I received 2 Cync Bulbs complimentary in order to review this app, I have to say I’m very impressed! I have LIFX smart bulbs and the app and this app is better in terms of personalization and ease of set up. I was able to easily set my bulbs up with the app in less than 5 minutes. I love the range of colors and moods the app offers, much more varied than other apps I have used. The app does sometimes lag when dimming and brightening lights, but it isn’t very often that happens. I was easily able to connect my Alexa to the app so I can use voice commands too! All in all, I highly recommend the app and bulbs, just for the fact the app is very easy to use and has so many customization options. The only thing I couldn’t see in the app was a way to have the lights automatically turn on at a certain time of day. my husband and I will be switching all our other smart bulbs for these ones!
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3 years ago, Lawbooksandlattes
Easy to Set Up and Lots of Color Options
I received two bulbs for free in return for my honest review. I have smart bulbs from another brand and have used other bulbs from a third brand before, so I am used to them and setting them up. What I like is that the bulb can be updated and when you turn the light off it saves your setting. Some other smart bulbs “reset” to a default color when the switch is turned off and then back on. I also like the variety of colors and the ease of selecting between a pastel shade and a deeper color. What I do not like is that updates take time and you have to stay on that screen. Also, when you switch colors or shades it takes a second for the bulb to respond. The delay is small, but it is noticeable. Not sure if that is the app or the bulb. The app itself is user friendly and you can set backgrounds. It is not the BEST smart bulb app out there, but it is not the worst either. Overall I give it 4 stars for ease of use and range of options.
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1 year ago, tarsomere
Lacks a widget
Overall the app itself isn't bad. The UI is pleasant and, most importantly, device setup was pretty easy. That said, the color control is not intuitive and needs some work. When you tap the arrow to the right of a light or group, it expands a list of options that lacks a button for plain white light. You actually have to tap the button for the rainbow color picker—white light is nested underneath. While functionally these options are the same, most people conceptualize them as two different things and so they deserve separate buttons. This adds up to a discouraging number of click-throughs and memorization in order to perform basic tasks. As of this review there seems to be no widget available which is an oversight for an IoT smart home device. People with voice assistants probably don't need it, but not everyone is willing to allow those devices in their home so tech companies can listen to their every private conversation 24/7.
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3 years ago, Business1
The worst! A review from a paying customer.
I’ve been using this app since it was released after using the original app for these smart GE bulbs, etc. Despite the developer updates, there are still issues with the app. I’ve just spent 20 minutes correcting scene settings that continue to reset without warning. I’ve corrected scenes multiple times that included 3 rooms which mysteriously reset to 2, scheduled times that disappear, and colors that change. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app. I’ve reset all of my devices. Including every light bulb in my home using the slow and repetitive “turn the light on for 8 seconds—turn the light off for 2 seconds” process to the point that I’m now willing to just control everything manually. I expected so much more from the GE brand. If I hadn’t made such a significant financial investment I’d throw it all out and go with another manufacturer.
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2 months ago, Alli231
Recently Turned Horrible
I’ve only used Cync smart home products for years and in the last few months they’ve become absolutely horrible to work with. The lightbulbs are never connected, regardless of how many times I reset them. When they finally seem to connect, the app won’t link to control them. I’ve tried deleting the app, resetting the lightbulb, disconnecting and reconnecting the app…nothing. Some of these bulbs I’ve had for over a year, and they were perfectly fine until a month or so ago. The amount of bugs I’ve encountered in the app just within the last 6 months is ridiculous. I was waiting to see if Cync would finally fix them and go back to the standards I used to associate with this company—clearly not, because it’s only gotten much worse. Missing the times I didn’t have to reset my lightbulbs nightly and go through all this frustration. I almost wish I could go back to the much simpler bugs from 6 months ago, when I just had random problems every so often. Or, better yet, would love to go back to the times when this app worked smoothly and I had no issues.
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2 years ago, dhhkigc
Better hurry up and cover up this review guys
Complete garbage I bought this one light bulb and thank god tried it out before i wasted anymore money. I figure if they were able to screw up something as simple as a light bulb it would be dangerous to own all of their products and have them operating in your home at once. Like I’m not even joking it would have to be a hazard. Plus you would get sick of not being to control anything every time you leave the room or god forbid your house. Be like welcome to my home come on in. (Other person) why is it so dark in here its dirty isn’t it thats why you have the lights off. ( self ) no no its just these new lights i got i can control them with my phone just give me a sec i might have to reset them all or delete and repair i got this ( other person ) Its been like 15 mins and all you have accomplished is getting one bulb at the end of the hallway to flash a couple times Im outta here enjoy being with your hand tonight loser. One smart thing this company could do is start selling trash bags because as long as they keep making products like this people will need plenty of trash bags.
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3 years ago, Terrible12964819:
Love the bulbs; app is just okay
So I first thought that spending $45 in two lightbulbs and downloading yet another app was somewhat frustrating. I received the bulbs free from Influenster and was excited to give them and the app a try. Overall I love the bulbs and after playing around with them, would purchase when needed in the future. The app is fun once I figured out how to use it. It was a little frustrating. I’m close to 30, very tech savvy but the instructions were difficult and I couldn’t find the “chevron” for a good twenty minutes to change the color. I haven’t dabbled in the timer settings but now that I’ve figured out how to turn the lights on/off through the app and how to change their color, it’s pretty fun. I just removed one star as figuring it out is a little tricky. Set up was very easy though! Took maybe 5 minutes for two lamps and is easy to install other items as well. Overall, I really like the bulbs and the app is decent.
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3 years ago, Scheeler
Cync blubs and app
Let me first start by saying I received the bulbs in return for my honest opinion for a review of the app -I love the idea of making scenes and I love the layout of the app however I think just due to the set up of it without having a bridge necessarily like the hue one does I’ve noticed that the delay time is seriously longgg for updating scenes and turning off the lightbulb like most times I would have to wait around 20-30 seconds after turning it off in the app -Another issue that I had noticed was my bulb randomly just likes to turn on without any warning at 8:30 pm after I have already set it to be 8:30 a.m. it’s still continues to go off at that point I even went through the effort of deleting the scene and it’s still constantly turns on at this point I will probably have to unpaired and start back all over again unfortunately —— I could definitely see an amazing app design that went into this however but just with the lacks and the lag of these I am not the biggest fan in comparison to my hue and wiz branded smart bulbs that I already have
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3 years ago, bsarv
Great App!
I received this product complimentary for testing purposes. I loved how easy it was to hook up and install. It took me a second to figure out my WiFi password because it unfortunately wouldn’t let you port it over from your phone. Once I figured it out though it was super easy from there. Once I hooked it up it was cool because it allowed you to set up all your different scenes with the different colors although I wish there was more options on the timer setting and allowed you to create more scenes than it does. I one downside I found is it wouldn’t allow me to link two lightbulbs together like in my ceiling fan so if I hit one button they both would come on at the same time. It does better if you have only one lightbulb per room or big enough area. Overall, they are great for just everyday use and make it really convenient to turn on and off your lights or change the color even if you’re not in the same room.
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3 years ago, Mattspunkingurl
Cool lights!
I received some GE smart bulbs for free to test and give my honest review of the Cync app. I installed the bulbs in my daughters room because she’s 9 and thought it would be an awesome idea to be able to change the colors of her bedroom lights. The app was able to find the bulbs and hook up to the WiFi. The setup was relatively easy but it is slow. The app lags behind a little so I would click back thinking it wasn’t working. Once I sat there for a few minutes I realized it was still processing. That was the only hitch in the process. You have to set up each light bulb separately. It wasn’t a big deal for us since we only had 2 bulbs but if you had a lot in a big room it would probably be annoying to set up each bulb individually. The color options are cool and everything can be done in the app or you can hook it up to Alexa or Google home. My daughter is very excited over the new lights. She watched with eagle eyes as I set them up with the app.
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