Cyprus CU Mobile Banking

4.5 (1.6K)
38.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cyprus Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cyprus CU Mobile Banking

4.49 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Kweigand74
Cyprus Credit Union Banking App.
The banking app for Cyprus Credit Union is wonderful. It makes checking your balance, seeing in great detail every purchase you have made or is pending, and all the while giving you up to the minute your exact available balance left. The app just makes it simple no matter what you need to do; check balances, look back at purchases and being able to transfer money around from the comfort of your home or workplace. I can’t end this without also giving a shout out to the Bank itself. Everyone has always been absolutely amazing to me and so helpful whenever I go in or have questions. They go out of their way to make your banking experience quick, but also informative, and simple. Ty Cyprus Credit Union. Your customer for life, Kristen Weigand
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3 months ago, Rebekka Stone
Best decision becoming Cyprus CU Member in 2009!
Thank you CCU! Love your company’s history description mashed up with music while on hold waiting to speak with Customer Service Reps! Over past 15 years being a member of your financial family, I have learned so much about banking, money management, interest & savings and benefitted from all kinds of services you offer! I love the associates at my local branch in SLC and I love being able to do home banking anywhere while traveling! Thank you for continuous epic service all these years! And thank you for sharing your origin story! Love how you have the interests of us hard working community folk in the core of Cyprus’ heart ✨❤️✨
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5 months ago, Shan259
Please consider feedback
I have asked a few times for those who answer the phones to pass along a request for a change and I keep watching for that request to happen but not have seen results yet. Our request is to please add Current Statement Balance as an option for payments within the credit card account section. If we want to pay the current statement amount, we have to go in and search through transactions to find last day of the month, write down that amount, go back to where you transfer funds between accounts, type in the amount written down and then transfer. You do have options available to make a “minimum credit card payment amount” or to pay “current balance”, but not the current statement amount. It would save time and be so much easier if you would just add that option into our choices. Thank you
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2 months ago, SZum09
App Log in
When opening the app it does not automatically open the Face ID option. You have to go out, clear it out and go back into the app in order to it to open the Face ID page. Also I like being able to see my deposits in green. Makes searches easier rather than seeing ($0.00) for transactions and no highlight for deposits. Definitely not my favorite update.
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5 months ago, kjeanvario
Best customer service within an app
The app is so easy to use. And if you have any questions at all you just send a message through the app and every time I’ve received a response within a few hours or maybe the next day and the longest. It’s a real person responding to the message and always extremely helpful.
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2 weeks ago, rd103
I have been a member many years, last year I put a bonus in a savings account, The young man said if your not going to spend it right away perhaps a money market might be a good move as interest in your savings account is minimal So I moved savings in another account plus the bonus amount, and am quite pleased with outcome
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1 year ago, RebelOfBabylon
Meets all my mobile banking needs
I’m a long time banker of Cyprus CU and the app has been around for pretty long as well. It was sub-par for a very long time, but I would say that all the features that’ve been added in the last year or so have made it pretty great. Thanks for paying attention to the need of a good mobile app!
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1 year ago, Trevorxcx
Could be easier
I’m a new member with Cyprus and have been greatly taken care of in the last 8 weeks. I think the app does a great job, but there’s been a couple problems of layout and I would like to have an introduction to the app when first downloaded to go through each of the sections and how their balance sheet works because it’s unlike other banks i’ve been with previously.
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1 year ago, Dparke13
Always down
This app is almost ALWAYS down. 8/10 times I get "Network Connection Error" when I try to check balances or make a transfer. I hop onto any of my other bank apps (Key, Chase, Mnt America) and I get instantly connected every time. You've got to fix this or you are going under.
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4 years ago, Jenrn1006
Beware bill pay
This is the worst app I’ve ever encountered! I’m still embroiled in a three-week nightmare trying to get my credit card at another institution paid off and we finally figured out why the payment is getting returned (twice now, with the ensuing fees and interest). It’s because the app put a hyphen in the middle of my visa account number, but this doesn’t show until you go in and select “edit” in the bill pay section. I know the app did it because I’ve corrected it twice now (entering it correctly). Open if up to edit, and there’s the hyphen. Fix the glitch, please!!
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3 years ago, Hsushdbwjs8/$36
Easiest personal banking app I’ve used
I have four accounts including a car payment and credit card, and I live in a different state, the app works so well I have never needed to go into a branch to do anything. It takes less than ten seconds to make payments, transfer money, deposit checks, and so much more
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5 months ago, Mamibum87
Home banking
I like the convenience of using the home banking app for sure however I do sometimes wish that the way the checking account balance inquiry was displayed was a bit more straightforward , like showing the money coming out for purchases with the balance ledger each time along side of it instead of me having to view the app and having a pen and paper beside me to do the math .
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3 years ago, 2babydoll22
Best credit Union ever
We have tried Wells Fargo and Zion bank and have been disappointed. I’ve belonged to Cyprus for 15 years and have never been disappointed. We have overdraft accounts and if a surprise hits us they take money out of our savings instead of fining us. They watch out for fraud on our debit car..great place to bank
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2 months ago, maybe im just stupid
They can’t seem to set up my accounts to work correctly
It’s supposed to pull up all your accounts together but it doesn’t and they can’t seem to fix it so I can’t even transfer money from my Business account to my personal account which are both with Cypress it’s crazy!! I also have an account at America first credit Union and can transfer money anywhere even other peoples account except my own accounts at Cypress it’s so frustrating. Sorry cypress just being honest.
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1 year ago, JNoury
User Friendly
No complaints whatsoever. I love how easy it is to use this app and see all the info you’re looking for. It’s easy to transfer funds from one account to another and I love that you can see your credit score at any given moment.
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2 months ago, GCTX Dad
Works well
The app makes it easy to view balances, view statements, and deposit checks. Getting to the bill pay feature is a bit of work, but now that I’m used to it, it’s fine.
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4 months ago, riccifauntaine
Great credit union
Very pleased with the services offered and the ability to get a credit card for being a first time credit card holder very pleased with the ease of access and ability to be that
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2 years ago, cwpeds
I am having to request a new password every time. And, I put in the existing one and it works when I put in the old one. It doesn’t offer a new one be put in and confirmed. And, it doesn’t do face recognition anymore. Thanks Judy
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2 months ago, Fiji H20 Man
Good application!
This application has slowly been developed over the years and is now a very useful application and very helpful. I wish that the application had the bank’s routing information on the main page!
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8 months ago, Jamin0726
I’ve used this App for 4-5 years now and I’ve never had a problem using it. It’s very user friendly, secure, and you can do a lot of your banking right inside the App. I’d definitely recommend downloading it for all Cyprus Credit Union members
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3 years ago, BigGinger226
Very easy to understand
It is simple and it makes it easy for me find or look at things. Also every time I contact an employee they understand what I’m looking for and get it to me in less then 15 minutes.
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1 year ago, perfectutahhomes
Super User-Friendly
As far as banking apps go, Cyprus Federal Credit Unions app works flawlessly and is rarely “down.” It’s a very intuitive app. I’m able to manage my account when I’m on the go quick and easy.
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3 years ago, Annon6222
Card Controls
I’ve been banking with CCU for 10 years now. I love them but I think the app could use some upgrades. I recently had some fraud charges and I wish I could have just went online to stop the card as I can with other banking institutions. Otherwise I think the mobile app is fairly user friendly.
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4 months ago, VRY happy
Cyprus Credit Union
I have been with this institution for over 30 years and I am now just getting information from them, about learning about finances. Behind the times Cyprus.
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2 years ago, 10th nickname try
Getting tired of this
I have had to reset my password multiple times in the past few months. Even after customer service has assisted me I get the message that the password I have entered us not valid. When I select ‘forgot password’ it takes me to the screen where I enter my login, but it doesn’t send me an email. It bumps me back to the original sign-in screen where I start this whole cycle over again.
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5 months ago, urdaddy1234
The Cyprus’s Credit Union App is helpful, and I use it for the majority of my banking needs. It lets me see where I stand financially and offers great ways to bank. I also like how responsive and helpful the staff at Cyprus are.
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2 months ago, newworldyodeler
Far Better than the big corporate banks.
These folks seem to care more than bank employees and are far more willing to work with you on things regarding your account.
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5 months ago, Jrdj86
Easy to use
Love being able to mobile deposit checks, transfers funds, and everything necessary right from my phone.
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5 days ago, javed236
Great banking app
I have been using this for quite some timeGreat apps for home banking And I love my Cyprus credit union thank you keep it up good work It’s very easy apps to work with easy to understand. Thank you
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3 years ago, Dsuas
Good but not great
I’ve been a member for 10+ years and have been using app for at least 5. Not much has changed with it, I wish they would make it more user friendly it just looks old and loads up like a old computer lol. Never had any real issues with it so I’d still give it 4/5.
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5 months ago, MVB930
It’s a great app, but dealing with an insanely annoying bug
The app itself is great only problem is the never ending load animation at the bottom of the screen when the app is already loaded. I use the iOS platform. I tried reporting the app with no success. :/
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2 months ago, McG71010
Current Member
Such a great banking institution. Easy to work with as far as day to banking, loans and credit. I wish that they would allow the feature of locking/unlocking cards but it’s not a bad inconvenience.
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5 months ago, HayMaker801
Home banking made easy.
This app has made it so much easier and simpler to check my account and transfer funds instead of going to the branch or calling.
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2 years ago, av the ten year old girl
I just wished that it could have some more colors to make it a little more fun!!! 🤩 Maybe even the background could be what your card looks like. 👍 but other than that it’s good
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1 year ago, No Utah Sports All the Time
Cyprus app
App works well for general lookup things like account balances. Bill pay works better if you go to the bill pay app. Hard to find simple things like routing number, account number for direct deposit, etc.
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4 years ago, xoxoandrea
needs fixing!
the app is very user friendly and I enjoy it. but, i find that it crashes a lot and has many glitches. it is frustrating that I never know if I’ll be able to access my account, but when it is working it’s perfectly fine. I just think it needs to be updated and tweaked a bit!
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3 days ago, utesfan3431
Works well.
Only complaint is that it always asks if you want to register the device. No matter how many times you do, it keeps asking. Both on iOS and Windows platforms. Very annoying!!!
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6 days ago, dumb app popup
not enough options
I need to print my monthly statement and have spent more than 15 min looking for a way to print and have not found it. I can view it, but that doesn't help. I am trying to login using Safari, but then a stupid app window pops open where I have to log in a 2nd time. Why can't I stay within Safara to do what I need to do? Why does a separate app window pop open? How do I now print my statements?
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1 week ago, sinkstobottom
Payment interface
Very quick and easy to do business in app. I do wish the “make payment “ interface allowed a space for including a note with the draft.
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10 months ago, PvsZchamp
Easy to navigate
The mobile app is similar enough to the web site that I am able to find what I need quickly.
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5 months ago, Search necessary
Great app for online banking
Love being able to view account information and transfer money between accounts as needed. The bill pay ability is a lifesaver as well.
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1 year ago, jbZufjck
Pages moves when alert loads
It would be great if that alert box could load at the same time as the rest of the page so It doesn’t shift down just as I’m starting to type. Why do I need a nickname. Tried 3 things and their all taken. Frustrating.
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1 year ago, Cal2Utah2018
It is so convenient to be able to reach out online instead of by phone. No waiting, no lines. Sincere replies and always willing to help on any concerns people may have. Thank you, Cypress and have a good day!
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1 year ago, Some dumb plumber
Very user friendly and the financial tools option makes it really easy to keep track of your money. Highly recommend
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1 year ago, James 4:8
My review
I have found the Cyprus app to be reliable. It’s identical to the website, so it’s easy to navigate because I’m familiar with it. It’s easy to transfer money or to check my balances.
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3 years ago, SlimShady64729284738-947
It’s nice that you can do mobile deposit with checks and also pay off credit cards on the app. I haven’t had to go inside of the bank in years
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1 year ago, Jan Hunt
Convenient and practical!
Logging in and out is a quick and simple process. Once in, all records are updated promptly and are very accessible to view!
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5 months ago, orange T
Love it!
This app is super user friendly. I love that I can customize my accounts into sub folders. I also like being able to log in with my fingerprint.
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1 year ago, buzzwi
Almost there
Only thing missing is debit card management and ability to lock/unlock/dispute transactions. Other than that, the loading icon stays spinning on the account overview page.
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1 year ago, slickhair1
Make payments
I like the app for seeing current account balances. I wish I had an option to make payments from the app when logged into my account. That would make it a lot easier when making a payment.
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