D.L. Evans Bank Mobile Banking

4.8 (1.7K)
168.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
D. L. Evans Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for D.L. Evans Bank Mobile Banking

4.82 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Owner/Operator starting out
DL Evans goes ahead of others
We have been long time clients of DL Evans, just as hometown local banking being your bank. It is ours, as our business grew it became aware the tools and safeguards that DL Evans has in place were far above other banks in most states. And now I’m convinced they are totally competitive with any nationally known bank. Working away from home has made the mobile tools, and availability online invaluable. Online and the app have been available for years and other banks are catching up or just not available. The customer service and guidance have far exceeded our expectations. Always keeping us moving forward and growing. We can not say Thank You enough for helping us grow.
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4 years ago, IOnlyWriteReviewsWhenImUpset
Pick a different bank.
If you need to pull money out but don’t live near a bank be prepared to constantly pay fees. They will also have you pay fees if you’re 50 cents “short” on one account if a withdraw comes through. I use quotations because they don’t consider the fact that you have money in other accounts with them. They just charge you and let you find out later. I’m writing this review as my insurance withdrew money from my checking account instead of charging my credit card. That may sound like their problem except D.L. EVANS allowed them to do so instead of kicking back the charge since there wasn’t enough funds. I get paid in 5 days but nope I’ll continue to amass late fees despite me attempting to use Zelle to transfer the money into my account. D.L. Evans is so old, antique, and nothing on the app works to the point that they lock your account after a mere 5 minutes of “inactivity”. So now here I am, it’s 1 in the morning I am waiting for my account to unlock so I can transfer my funds and go to sleep and wake up for work tomorrow. The website tells me to contact customer service only, ITS 1 IN THE MORNING. Too late for customer service but not late enough to randomly put charges through and ruin your night. I am waiting for my work to move my direct deposit and then I’m closing all my accounts. A waste of time and money. This bank is one of the worst I’ve ever had.
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4 years ago, MrsP_2018
I use it all the time!
I love this app for banking. It makes it so easy to pay bills, makes transfers and check balances. Only one downside, it would be nice to be able to make changes or add bills in the app instead of having to log into a computer.
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2 years ago, Pubhighphi
This app makes me want to change banks
The bank decided to change the company that handled the credit cards a couple months ago at the time of writing this. The app still doesn’t work for debit and credit cards. Can not even see the my cards section so we can not do ANYTHING with any of the cards. This is something that should have been done BEFORE the cards were changed. Even if the devs were as surprised as we were, it has been a couple of months and even the very nice tellers have no idea when or IF the app will be fixed. I have been a customer for more than 10 years and have never had a great experience with the app but at least it functioned most of the time. Now to pay the credit card you have to call bank and pay DURING open hours or show up in person and pay. Third option is to send a CHECK In the mail. FIX THE DANG APP ALREADY!
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2 years ago, narra stikmon
Pretty good
It’s good I like the internal transfer thing. I don’t like how long it takes to show processed transactions, and things will show pending for days some times.
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4 years ago, 12948204
Not reliable
Every feature works fine in this app except for one thing. It would forget my password. I’ve had to change it three times already in the past month. This is super inconvenient. Not to mention that what I tried entering in my fingerprint ID, it would also just forget that too. I don’t like the fact of making a new password every time I want to check my balance.
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2 months ago, FAQ1488
Works great! Just wish I could report a lost or stolen card and order a replacement. I thought there was a D.L. Evan’s card manager app but looks like it was discontinued.
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2 years ago, shoelacesnake
Super useful
The app is convenient to use and seems very secure. I strongly recommend this product.
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6 years ago, ccidaho
Local bank small network
I love this bank but I wish they would participate in Zelle
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3 months ago, 👍🏻MP
Mobile deposit review
Works fantastic, but would like to see $5,000 check limit increased.
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2 years ago, DL Evans Customer
I am unable to write memos on my transfers like on the online computer banking. Also, I prefer the layout of seeing my pending and cleared transactions on the online banking. This one is more compact and is less clear for my preference
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2 years ago, kelseyblinc
Great Product
App does everything I need all in one spot.
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6 years ago, integrity electrical
Best bank in the world!
Awesome service and after eight years not a single problem!
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2 years ago, I love BBB
Incredible App! Fantastic Bank!
This Bank and their products are phenomenal.
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7 months ago, Dave Jensen12
best bank
Rob and The team in Fruitland is wonderful and treats you like family!
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3 years ago, LadySoft A.
Touch login
The Touch login hasn’t been working! I’ve checked the settings and it’s activated. Also, this app doesn’t have external transfers!
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1 month ago, Marshasimmons58
To staff
You guys are the best. Always friendly and helpful I love you guys
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8 months ago, Myers enjoy life
Mobile Banking
D.L Evans Bank makes banking easy and convenient!
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1 year ago, Elder Bnelson
Best Bank Ever!
I love D.L. Evans Bank! They are what banking should be. Thank you for the great Bank and the great App!
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5 years ago, dl evans user
Easy to use and super efficient! Love this app!
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6 years ago, cslovebug
Used to be an okay app
Touch login doesn’t work, balances don’t update over the weekend, and all day today it wouldn’t open.
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6 years ago, Quadpod111
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3 years ago, juliemarva
Great my older iPhone can’t except your 13.0 up grade. Now I can’t do anything on my banking app. Not good
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5 years ago, Jumpjeter
D.L. Evans erases my fingerprint anytime they feel like it
D.L. Evans bank for some reason thinks that requiring me to sign in instead of using fingerprint is a cool thing to do it drives me nuts my fingerprint Cannot be copied why ????
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12 years ago, d_weezy7
This app was everything I was hoping it would be! You can check your balances in your accounts, look at transactions and make transfers easily. I'm definitely a fan of the app over the website! Very responsive and the layout looks nice as well.
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12 years ago, long10+
Higbee's review
Wow!!! The app is seamless, fast and simple. I can see why they took their time developing this app. Great work Evans
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8 years ago, Corkylee7276
Apple touch
Hi I think the app is really good, but I wish you guys would add Apple touch cause it's more secure. That would make the app even better thank you for reading.
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12 years ago, Moo moo 1177
Very basic app but exactly what I need!! Perfect!
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9 years ago, Mal5558899
I used to love this app easy to use. Although now everytime it has an error sign and glitches and fails.. Strongly encourage to be fixed..
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12 years ago, Super20121
Love this app! It's so easy to navigate and it works great!
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8 years ago, Budcleo05
Please fix the mobile deposit!
With this new version my mobile deposit is no longer working. Please address this.
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12 years ago, Stegenp P
D.L. Evans finally in 21st Century
D.L. Evans finally in 21st Century, yaya. Stegen
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11 years ago, Audiostarr
iOS 7 fix
Works great!! It didn't work with ios7 but if you delete and reinstall it works perfectly! Love it!
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11 years ago, Liwi Koko
Doesn't work with iOS 7
Seems to no longer work...
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11 years ago, Wikitiki33
Fix for iOS 7
This app needs updates and hasn't had one since the iPhone 5 came out! Get with the program!
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