Da Vinci Diamonds Casino

3.7 (151)
166.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
High 5 Casino LLC
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Da Vinci Diamonds Casino

3.69 out of 5
151 Ratings
5 years ago, coolcoingirl
Better than spending real money
Takes longer to get the bonus than the real game at casinos.
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5 years ago, Monterey Jackrabbit
Frustrating App!!!
Big fan playing Da Vinci Diamonds Slot Machine by IGT! Please increase the daily wheel bonus that starts at 5 million to 20 million for the daily bonus wheel!!! You should add commercials to watch earn extra 500,000 for 30 secs for others app you own! Make it user friendly liking seeing other people winning big you can send thumbs up! Offer a free slot tournament daily so players can earn points or free slot play to top three winners! The wheel bonus sucked giving out low payout before evening started to play this app! Michael Angelo Slot Game keeps on crashing when I hit the bonus game! I’m frustrating because I don’t get a chance to earned points durning the bonus round . Start back from the beginning trying to bonus again! Please add some new games to this app! I would like to see original Da Vinci with Double Screen Da Vinci! Here’s the list of games on this app! Double Da Vinci Michelangelo Empress of the Nile Moonlight Rainbow Miss Universe Les Belles Nouveau Da Vinci Ways White Lion Venice Masquerade Magnificent Jewels Jewels of India House of Jewels Secrets of Da Vinci Mona Lisa Princess Romanov Shadow Diamond Kiss of the Rose The Amulet and the Charm I’m currently on 1136 level my question is why should I continuing play after completing this slot app!
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4 years ago, louisebluese
Favorite casino slot
This has been my favorite casino slot and thought I would love this app. I like it but don’t love it. Can’t collect daily bonus’s because “something went wrong “ something has gone wrong for over a month. I can’t find a way to contact anyone that that could fix it. If they even care. Adding to my original post. Giving it a one star only because I can’t give it a zero or negative. I try to play daily but get SO tired of “Oops we hit a snag. No problem, let’s try this again.” Orange RETRY button brings you back to the same Oops message. When you press retry again it takes you to the game screen. I did get a reply on how to fix, ‘reset my router’. I play on my IPHONE and have reset my phone many times and never fix’s. I would love to get a reply on how you will fix this and if it is resolved I will give you 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Ohhhh my ffffinnn God
What A Joke!
If I could give a zero rating, I would. Reason being is that I absolutely love the tumbler aspect of the game, I have deleted the app, re-installed the app over the span of 5 years or so, hoping to see massive improvements, but it just doesn’t happen, beware folks, the biggest problem I’ve had over years is that when I win big, I get the money I won but NOT the tumbler part after the win, it backs me out of the game completely EVERY SINGLE TIME. I have to start all over again, but get jipped out of a potential bigger win if I were allowed that tumble affect, so now I will delete it and NEVER COME BACK!!!, sorry ppl, play at your own risk.
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2 years ago, TehMagikarp
15 minutes of disappointment
I rarely go to casinos (I’ve been to less than 10 in my lifetime), but I always enjoyed playing this slot when I was able to find it. On a whim I decided to see if any apps included it and I was initially excited to see this one did. All the free credits you get when you first start ran out within 15 minutes….like, really? Also it doesn’t use the same sound effects that the real slot uses so that was a letdown. Easiest uninstall of my life.
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2 years ago, Aviles509
Fun app, but needs a lot of work
I love this app, but I hate that after I am having fun or I win big amounts the app forecloses and I have to restart the whole application. I wish the app developers would work a little more on it so that they get better reviews. Overall, the game is pretty cool because they are real games, but don’t expect it to last very long before it cancels out.
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4 years ago, bcslotfan
Just like the casino
Take, take, take. Just like the casino. 5 to 6 wins to get your bet back. Payouts are poor. Don’t spend your real money on this app it’s not worth it. I enjoy this game in the casino and have won. But not as often as I lost.
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5 years ago, Suefessi
Bad Support
When the 13.2.3 update came out on the iPhone, this app started shutting down after every big win. It happens when the banner tries to launch. When I told them about the problem, they told me to close the app and open it again and treated me like I was an idiot. Patronizing at its best considering I work building apps myself. The problem still has not been addressed and I’ve moved on to other games. Really too bad. It was the best Davinci game out there.
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4 years ago, Phuque Hugh
Clunky and disappointing
I love this game in the casinos, so I thought I would love it at home. I have a new iPad with the latest operating system, so this should be running smoothly. However, the gameplay is herky jerky, and the program crashed frequently. I use the past tense because I have uninstalled it and won’t be going back.
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3 years ago, 💔mom
Game stopped working
I can’t get the game to even load anymore it keeps saying that it’s hit a snag try again and I keep trying and it keeps saying the same thing so I deleted it and it downloaded it again but still won’t work please fix I love this game
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6 years ago, Ted_E.
Look Fun-Low Pay
I gave this app a try and I was surprised that I was limited to only 1 slot game until my coins were almost gone. I hit a few small jackpots, but the starter coins just kept going down, down, down. They were gone in the first half hour of play, then, of course, they want you to buy some. The very low payouts make it not worth it at all.
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4 years ago, m.corona123
Free spins or large wins
This game needs to be fixed. Every time I get a large win. Or get free games this message pops up saying we’ve hit a snag. And I lose my free spins. And I get kicked back to the main menu where I have to go back into the game. And it still won’t allow me to finish my bonus spins. So I have to reset the game entirely and it becomes as If I never won the bonus
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3 years ago, klawalikist
Not worth the time
This app is totally useless. It’s a waste of time and energy. I can’t level up because it takes too much money. You don’t even have an option of which way your phone is set. The app doesn’t allow it. I’m deleting this app. My opinion, don’t waste your time.
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3 years ago, Bri4812
MICHELANGELO keeps freezing and shutting off
Do the creators even care? Almost every review says this, so it happens to everyone apparently. Every time you begin to win on this game, it freezes, and then a notice pops up saying “oops there was a problem” It mostly happens when you win, and The new reels drop down letting you get free games, and then bam it freezes.
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4 years ago, seacottage
Love these games wish the app would work
The reels move slow and shake. Right when I’m winning I get kicked out and the message says having a problem. I think there is something wrong with this app. Almost every time I start on free spins in Michael Angelo. I get kicked out of the game and lose the free spins?????
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3 years ago, Jahnylucas
This app has been frozen for almost a week now. I enjoy this game and I invested a lot of money in this game and is just stuck. I deleted, turn on and off my phone and check multiple times and nothing. I hope the developers fix this soon.
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6 years ago, Snavley
Easy to navigate and enjoy
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5 years ago, waineead17
I love this game. I have 3 different versions on my phone. I know I have electronics that throw me out but it’s the electric not this games fault. Really enjoy it.
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3 years ago, win a bunch🙏🙏🙏
Loved the game. Now I can’t get it to load for the last month. Had alot of money in the bank, but now it’s a mute point!!!
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4 years ago, Peggy Sue 56
Glitchy! Glitchy! Glitchy!!!!
Don't download this app! It is beyond glitchy. interesting that it always shuts down during Bonus rounds. And, I mean always....every time! I wonder if this is supposed to instill confidence in this app to the point that we spend real money to play it. Not going to happen. Dreadful app.
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3 years ago, lulu thor
Game crashes when you win too much
Twice I’ve had to start at bottom when the game would crash the moment I would win high.
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6 years ago, remskl
Rip off.
Every time I get a good spin or a good series, it ooops, no problem, try again and I lose all. And you want me to pay money for this crap?
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4 years ago, LAT2i2
This is one of my favorite games to play in the casino. I was so bummed to see how poorly it performed. You get kicked out most of the time when you get a large winning. Have to restart.
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6 years ago, Echt Life
It’s fun
and I could gain level 5 and good combinations without free games!
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4 years ago, kar$j
Too many crashes
This app seems to freeze up and crash too often. Mostly happens when you hit a big payout.
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4 years ago, DJB, PhD
Big problems in the app!
The game shuts down in the middle of bonus spins and at times does not add smaller winnings into the total. This is NOT ready for prime time and needs to be fixed.
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6 years ago, Sammylynn26
Fix your app!!!!
Liked it until I realized that every time you get a bonus or a big win there’s a problem and it hits a snag. Super aggravating!!
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4 years ago, LaceskiBooBoo
Great game
Good graphics. Good winnings
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3 years ago, Jodi SCH
Constant glitching
App goes down for WEEKS with software updates!
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4 years ago, Wake up world
High 5 games
Worse casino game ever ..always blink out if you start winning..it’s a dam money grab app
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5 years ago, sig4511
I love the games, but the app hits a snag EVERY time you spin a big win,causing no pay! Oops, hit a snag, no problem. No problem for y’all
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10 months ago, weqat
Da Vinci Diamonds
This used to be such a fun game to play but I haven’t won any free games in a long time, even at betting 200000 nothing and when you finally win something the next 5 spins take it all away.
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6 years ago, Rmabile
This is a zero
Every time I get a big win or free games the game shuts down. Have to reboot. To aggravating!
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6 years ago, Kuzzikann
Crashes all the time
Used to be lots of fun but lately it crashes on every bonus.still crashing what’s going on?? About ready to dump this app. To bad WAS one of my favorites
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