Dacotah Bank Mobile Banking

4.6 (733)
44 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dacotah Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dacotah Bank Mobile Banking

4.63 out of 5
733 Ratings
6 days ago, Kiak
Trust and Confidence in Dacotah Bank’s App
Dacotah Bank’s app is my go to tool for tracking and budgeting. It’s reliable, user friendly, and meets all my banking needs. From tracking daily transactions to planning and saving to paying down loans, this app makes transfers and transactions between savings accounts, checking accounts and loans timely and simple. Security is a top priority and Dacotah Bank meets my expectations. Dacotah Bank has my confidence and trust.
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1 year ago, PAB57
Great app!!
I use the app all the time to check balances and transactions in my account. The information is accurate and always on time data. In these times of hacking and fraudulent accessibility it is important to be able to quickly get accurate and timely information.
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5 years ago, homy L
Not impressed
I’ve had a checking account for many years with Dacotah Bank. I started using the Mobile banking app a few years back, and it has improved since then. But the apps UI isn’t really the best. It doesn’t auto refresh or have a manual refresh option to check any new changes or charges on your account.. Also the layout for purchases along side with the account balances, is sometimes not the best. Would love to see a better app from Dacotah Bank that can help with account problems after Bank hours. That’s probably the biggest thing.
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2 years ago, M's Shiznit
Mobile app
Has several glitches. If I’m in an account and push the back to home it completely logs me out so I have to go back in. Also, the bank has a glitch in their entire online system. Between the hours of 7:15-8:30ish PM it won’t let you move money around in your accounts. It says it happens but the balances remain the same and the card will decline. Major inconvenience. I have reported it several times but no change. Has been an issue for years.
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3 years ago, hotwilzz
Great financial tool
Much more than a way to check your balance. It also brings sophisticated financial management tools to your fingertips. Budgets and more at the push of a button. Plus bill pay and a very secure person to person payment option makes this a must have
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4 years ago, Equinepepebeto
Not intuitive
It works, but it’s difficult to find information of the kind of things that I want to do, like I wanted to made a bank transfer, and it wasn’t easy, I needed to call the bank and the worker cold help me at the beginning, she needed other person. Need to work in that. Other think is that take 2 days to watch the change of charges of payments I would like to see the change almost at the moment that I make a payment or I put a check in my bank account.
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5 days ago, Herbert Tucker
Best App for Banking!
Absolutely fantastic app! This banking app is incredibly easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that makes managing my finances a breeze. I especially love how clear and transparent all my transactions are. It's the best banking experience I've ever had!
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9 months ago, lmtackett
The app is a lot better than carrying around a purse full of receipts every time you purchase something, it’s convenient to be able to look up your account when ever you like!
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4 years ago, Babyz2000
Easy app
The app is improving better and better!!! I love being able to send money through Dakota bank P2P and not running to an ATM each time! The bad is there is never a customer service line on weekends which is usually when I need it the most!
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1 week ago, neenah54
Online banking
Easy to use would love more if my dakotah credit card could be seen on this app wish I could access my credit card from this app
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2 years ago, Bser2020
I wish you guys would have face recognition for your mobile app. There are also times that mobile app doesn’t have all transactions on and when log in on home computer there is all transactions on that.
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2 years ago, shorterthenu
Bank app
Always right there when you need it. Very informative of when they are having issues which is hardly ever.
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2 years ago, Jrn313
Dacotah bank mobile app
Have had no issues and have been able to complete everything that I have tried so far
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2 years ago, myjeep97
Easy to use
The app is easy to use, has many services that i use. Would recommend it to anyone. I would like to see the ability to make credit card payments within the app.
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It was great. I forgot to print some account information off during tax time and this app was awesome. I could set a date range just for the previous year and go to my deductions. Saved me. Thanks.
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1 year ago, lov it faulkton
Love Dacotah Bank Mobile
This application is so easy to use! Have your information right at your finger tips 24 hours per day!!! I like that it is free to use at this time of COVID19 I hope DACOTAH BANK will consider keeping it FREE!
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2 years ago, langford limber 123546798
Vey nice because you can stay at home and deposited checks and transfer money and just check your balance very great and highly recommended
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4 months ago, aubryannaa
Won’t let me access my account
I type in my login info & it says loading but then it never loads. I’ve tried it on data & WiFi including different WiFi networks & still nothing. I’ve been using the app on this same phone for 2 years & one day it just didn’t wanna work for me anymore. I’ve called & asked if there’s anything they can do & they said no.
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2 years ago, Brittneyyy143
Needs to be user friendly. Need to stop hiding things under the three menu bars. Should be able to deposit checks mobile with out having to enroll first. Need to be able to see all accounts with out having to scroll or make the scrolling easier. Real time transactions. It seems like everything takes a day to post
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5 years ago, Carltondancer
Good app
This app makes it easy to monitor my accounts and do anything I need to. Easy to transfer from account to account. Easy to understand account history. Makes life easy
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1 year ago, Idrthrbrdng
Great app, very helpful
I’m so happy Dacotah Bank has this app, I use it all the time. It’s easy to navigate and I can get business done with just a matter of a few clicks! Great app!
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4 years ago, Whatdiffdoesitmake
Damned changing of password all the constantly
I find it annoying that I am constantly being “required” to change my password. It is NOT the bank’s password, it is mine. I will change it if and when I want to. I have enough trouble trying to remember 45 passwords without having to try and keep up with one bank that wants me to change my password every few months.
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1 month ago, Geni64
This app is so convenient. I can check my balance anytime I want. It’s an easy way to keep up with all of your banking.
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6 days ago, Ms. Mc’
This is very user friendly for me as an older person. If I have any problems the help is a phone call away!
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12 months ago, JiiZuz
Great app ~ Easy to use
Easy to navigate and when I do have a question the bank staff have been able to help. 😇
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4 months ago, BigChristianCowboy
Best Bank EVER !
Up to date and user friendly Always in real-time and Ashley or other personal banker always available to help
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4 years ago, ;-}~ ME!
Getting better
The app is getting much better. If each transaction reflected the balance at the time of the transaction, deposits with amounts held showed date it will be credited and their customer service continues to improve I might keep an account with this bank.
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4 years ago, duplicateamount
User friendly
I like the app but the bill pay function won’t let you pay the same payee the same amount each time. That is frustrating.
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1 year ago, Meme momo
Easiest app ever
Never have an issue with the app. Perfect for transferring from one account to the other, checking balance, or reviewing payments. Great app
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1 year ago, 76884060
Good app
Only been using it for 2 weeks now but it seems very simple and straightforward to use.
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1 year ago, mesenj
I feel the reports generated give enough information and it’s good for my business
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1 year ago, WM caregiver
Quick and Easy
I enjoy this banking application because it allows me to perform whatever financial task I need in a secure and efficient manner. I especially enjoy being able to deposit checks electronically from my house and not having to go out in adverse weather.
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4 years ago, loser & proud
So easy to use!! Can check my balance and transfer money from literally anywhere. Thank you, Dacotah Bank, for keeping up with the technology times!
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2 years ago, andsaari42
Good but could be better
Don’t like the fact that the app doesn’t reload after I close the app. I need to force close the app to use the my face to unlock app.
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5 years ago, Bjstabs
Convenient and Easy
It’s one thing to have an app, it’s another to have an app that is very easy to use and has a lot of valuable features.
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4 years ago, Mielke1991
Easy app to use P2P is great. Most the time
Great app all around. My only complaint is from time to time when trying to send more then one p2p in the same day it comes up with an error. Other than that awesome app.
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4 years ago, J.Llewellyn
Solid app...but could be much better
I would really like to receive push notifications for more banking operations. For example, I want to know anytime a transaction is posted.
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1 year ago, Katyontheprairie
User friendly
Makes transfers a cinch. Glad our stellar local bank has an app!
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2 years ago, wVigor
Lot of great features
The app provides great access to a lot of convenient banking features.
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2 years ago, Katiediid914
Mobile deposit
Love the freedom of not having to run to the bank.
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2 years ago, Apple Laptop
Easy to use
It is great to check balances, transfer money easy to use.
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1 year ago, Christopher La Croix
Easy to use and very comprehensive
I can do almost everything I need to. So convenient!
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1 year ago, Bus. customer
Was better before
I use Face ID to open the app, but it doesn’t save my password. It used to, but not anymore. Frustrating.
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2 years ago, sd2thdr
Check deposit
So convenient and easy to use.
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1 year ago, Dr. NW
Awesome App
This is the first time I used online banking and I’m pleased with the smoothness and ease of this app. Makes paying bills “almost”painless.
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3 years ago, tomhonky
Always on line except for maintenance. Not all banking apps are like that. Information is current. Easy to navigate. I like your dashboard. Made good improvements.
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3 years ago, mikecee56
Very good app!
Very useful for tracking silly spending. Always accurate and updated.
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2 years ago, RangerMuffy
Forced Password changes doesn’t save or let you use a keychain
Nor does it let you use apple feature to create a strong password it doesn’t tag as being understood as a password - this is painful
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5 years ago, Airplane440
Love this app
This app is easy to use. It’s a great way to keep track of my checking acct. balance. And I know when my pay check goes in. I love this app!
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6 years ago, BaronVonKumpf
Great Bank - Even at a distance
Having this app has allowed me to keep Dacotah Bank even though I don't have a local branch. Thanks for the great service!
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