4.6 (3.7K)
59.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Thomas Young
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.1 or later
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User Reviews for Dadish

4.65 out of 5
3.7K Ratings
4 years ago, frogjesus
The dry humor every game needs
This game is awesome. The graphics are clean but classic and the controls are so easy to master. Every level comes with a new challenge that is difficult enough to frustrate you at times but entertaining enough that you just have to beat the level, no matter how many times you die. The stars do add to the game but I wish they came with some sort of prize or achievement when you collect all of them. My favorite thing about this game has to be the possum. When I found the possum mode, I immediately replayed every single level despite beating the game. The dry humor from both Dadish and his kids is something that caters to a lot of younger players as of now and is a big part of what makes this game so fun and playable. The creators seem to really listen to the players’ concerns and have made a lot of great and helpful changes and I am excited to play the rest of Thomas Young and co’s games. If anyone complains about the humor, they just don’t understand. Take it from a 16 year old girl— this game is hilarious and endlessly entertaining.
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11 months ago, jfudjr
This game has destroyed me…
This game, is what I expected. Smooth animations, a good story, funny humor. But sometimes this game likes to kick you in the mouth and spit on you. For example, there is this level I like to call, spike jump, it’s that one level in world two with the spikes that block you from jumping too high, I was stuck on that level for a while, and that was only world two. It feels like the difficulty starts to spike quickly. Now I’m gonna talk about the enemies, most of them are fine. Some are completely unbalanced. The one I’m mainly going to talk about is the sausage thrower. WHY. The ways he can hit you always depend on where he is, the only real way to get past is to memorize the patterns, but most of the time you die because the positioning is garbage. Back to the levels, there’s a few levels in this game that I thought were practically impossible, such as, the last level in world four before the boss. Because, oh god that elevator was terrible, sometimes it seems like you do it so well and then you die to some random thing and you do it again, it’s really freaking unfair. On the good side, the game feels really nice to look at, and the characters are original and funny. The controls are simple and difficult at the same time. The game has nice dialogue and bosses. It overall feels like a nice experience. 7/10.
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4 years ago, pyrocius
Impossible movement issue
I love having a simple platformer to play on my phone, I even made to sure but the ad free version to help make my experience better. Although the games has extreme bottle necks when you have to make what feels like a frame perfect maneuver, but the game has a horrible issue. I’m constantly having an issue where I try to jump right but I go left and vice versa. This game seriously needs an analog display to at least show you where your movements are pointing. Like I said, it feels horrible to get through certain points simply because the game just makes me commit suicide into the complete opposite direction. In a game where you only have one chance to take any kind of damage otherwise you have to restart the whole level (unless a check point has been reached) really makes me feel like the quality of my entertainment has been reduced. I feel like a main stay amongst any platformer is reliable controls and mastery over each level but this game doesn’t seem to represent either. You have to rely on invisible controls, and you’re punished for no reason if the game randomly decides it wants to take you in another direction. If you haven’t downloaded the game yet, I would definitely recommend waiting until there’s some fix to this issue otherwise it would definitely affect your experience.
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4 years ago, justwanttoplayappstbh
Best Platformer I’ve Played on iOS
This game is great, and probably the best platformer on iOS that I’ve played. The game starts out pretty easy, and steadily climbs in difficulty, until the last levels are really challenging and take around 20-30 tries each to beat. Every new enemy or obstacle that is introduced will become your least favorite, and the hotdog enemy is absolutely horrendous. But the difficulty is absolutely worth it for the humorous dialogue, especially the little interactions between Dadish and his children at the end of each level. It is quite funny, and it makes all the rage you built up completing the level melt away. The game, like the vast majority of free mobile games, has ads. However, unlike the vast majority of free mobile games, it doesn’t shove them in your face at every opportunity. I appreciate the lack of currency at all in this game, and the fact that the game isn’t packed full of useless collectibles and idiot cosmetics. All it has is one star per level, which are entertaining to find. Overall, this game is a masterpiece. 5/5.
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4 years ago, 12#lovedannygonzalez
Great but difficult
The game is absolutely refreshing!!!! I can’t tell you enough that this game makes me feel like I’m ACTUALLY playing a game on my computer. As for the actual game it’s self I found the levels very difficult but that is the point of the game...... However, I showed the game to my friend and he is playing on an iPad and I don’t know how much of a problem this is but he’s playing on an iPad while I’m playing on an iPhone and for him, in the boss levels (the levels at the end of each world) he is only seeing half of the screen, so basically he can’t tell if he hit let’s say burgguruler he wouldn’t be able to see it if he hit him. Other then that, the game for me is from the bottom of my heart I love this game and I NEVER Wright reviews but bc I like it so much I wanted to wright a review (also bc I want there to be a Dadish 2 but I mean) And I’m almost finished with the game and almost to LORD DURNAK I’m on level 38, SO CLOSE!!! But yeah if you want something that you can play any day any hour any minute, this game is for you.
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11 months ago, ✨queen era✨
help please
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME!!! There are no subscriptions other than no ads but I would really like to suggest something. Could you add a 2.99 a month or something similar to be able to skip a level after a certain amount of tries or just skip a level? I have been stuck on level 39 for multiple months (i’m pretty sure since like January or February) and I cannot get past it no matter what I do. This is the same for other levels on dadish 2 and 3. Again, your game is my favorite game I have ever played!!! Also, daily dadish is super amazing!! Another thing I would like to suggest is maybe a dadish account that spreads across every dadish game so that the stars are a bit easier to get so that you can have skins easier and it would share over every app. Like I said, love this game and would totally 100% recommend, and I would really hope the game designers consider these (especially skipping levels 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼) Thanks for your time!!!
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1 year ago, Spicy Cat B0i
I see you making great games in the future.
I finished the game, and would like to share some feedback on it. I will start with things I like. Then move to things I dislike. And finally I will tell you changes I think you should make/keep in mind in future games. First off the humor and charm is great. It is one of the few things that set this apart from other games. However the gameplay can be incredibly exhausting. You sometimes have to take a few tries to understand what you are supposed to be doing. The bosses are really the worst part of this game, they take too long and every phase is just the same thing but faster. I would recommend adding in a button that makes the transition between dying and starting the level over faster. The bosses should also take fewer hits, and maybe consider making the later phases more interesting than just, "It's the same thing but faster." In future games I would also caution the use of enemies similar to the soda, it has a tendency to slow down the players flow due to the fact you can't dash past it. I believe this game uses some similar engine or set of tools as the game CatBird, if that is the case then I would really recommend studying level design from channels such as Game Maker's Toolkit. You could structure levels in a kishotenketsu style (Introduction to a mechanic, development on that basic idea, an unexpected reaction or difficult climax, and then a resolution with a reward for completing a harder challenge).
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3 years ago, GOOGLE-IS-GREAT
This game is great! One big issues after updating.
I love this game! It’s so fun and just the right amount of challenging—it’s so awesome. The graphics are wonderful, and the dry humor/father-child conversations after levels get me every time. I’ve finished the game two times over (and Dadish 2!) and I revisit all the time. By far my favorite game on my phone. This app updated a little while ago and now every time it plays an add the game freezes and won’t let me press anything. I then have to reload the game; only for it to do the same thing again, five seconds after I start a level. It’s frustrating! I just want to play my favorite game 🥺 Please look into fixing this. I’m fairly certain it’s not my device because I haven’t had any trouble with other apps freezing or anything so I hope you can fix this, because otherwise I’m going to have to take away a star on my 5 star review. It’s an awesome game other than this hiccup. Thank you!!
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4 years ago, xX_Deus_Vult_Xx
As far as mobile games go, this is actually really good
Normally I don’t write reviews on games, even If I like them, but this game stood out. It’s extremely polished and well thought out experience, even if it doesn’t do anything new. you move left and right and get a double jump, and that’s all you get for the whole game. But every level tests you in a different way. The collectibles unlock a neat little cosmetic mode for the game, too. The jokes are honestly not great but a few made me exhale from my nose. The only complaint I really have is the mobile controls, which aren’t great. The left and right buttons are placed right next to each other, meaning often times you die when you accidentally hit the wrong button. Other than that, every death was fair. Though would recommend that you remove ads via some method, either pay to remove them or use cellular data and turn off data for “dadish”. It really makes a huge difference in how playable this game is.
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4 years ago, p3nguinb0y
10/10, an underrated gem
bruh, this game is oddly good. It has gameplay like Mario, an art style like Kirby, and transactions like sonic. I love all of these games and this game is all of them combined. if this game got on the switch I wouldn’t be surprised. it’s controls are a bit gimmicky but they work. most games on mobile are trash and have no effort, but this game truly has work and passion put into it. Honestly, the only thing I think needs to be approved is the music but the rest of the game, although short, is a great ride throughout the entire thing. plus, the sound effects are so cartoony and the pixel art is great. I never really feel this way about mobile games but this game literally made me wanna play it as soon as I woke up. The end is a bit boring though. I honestly really hope this game gets a sequel of some sort. also I haven’t typed anything in a while so sorry if I keep on repeating myself, but all in all this is a good game.
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4 years ago, Demangle
Amazing game!
So in the past I made a review that at the time I agreed with, but after giving the game another shot, I want to change it. I love the game, from the funny commentary between the characters to the cool design of the levels. This game gets hard, but if you can figure out the patterns you can beat it. One suggestion is that you change the home button to back to the level selection since at the moment it’s a bit tedious to 100% the game. Another suggestion is to add a cloud save option so when you uninstall the game, it doesn’t delete your save. Other than this I am happy to have played it and for anyone looking at it I would suggest getting it. Lastly I would like to say toward the developer, Thomas, I would love one day to be able to keep playing your games and who knows maybe one day we will see each other in the gaming industry. P.S. I have been playing your other games and they are amazing as well.
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4 years ago, -arnubian
I absolutely LOVE this game
I think this is the first ever review I’ve written for a game before, which shows how good it is! The graphics are simple but amazing at the same time. Some games *try* to make it realistic or cartoony and only get half way, but by keeping it simple, this game succeeds in making it fun and immersive, which is great. I love the script, as it’s funny and silly, as well as the angry fast foods and the soundtrack is just amazing. Not to mention the insanely cute animations and character design, and when Dadish found the possum and it went along with the rest of the children lol. I was super frustrated about the controls before and was about to include that in a review but I got distracted by something and came back the next day with improved controls that the developer added after another review! 10/10 game with a 10/10 developer imo.
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4 years ago, XxNick-2009xX
Great Game, Needs More
I was searching the App Store for a decent game and found Dadish. It felt like a computer game, from the high quality, the music and the funny dialogue. I’ve finished the game but it feels too short. Not in a way meaning that you could complete it in an easy hour, but as in, it lacks rewards or post-completion content. Finding all the stars does not unlock some sort of special thank-you award at the end of the game or anything, after you finish the game, there is nothing else to do. Some ideas could be adding a “Momish” DLC perhaps? That may sound like too much however, maybe some different characters to play as, some of the kids/bosses/enemies. I’m pretty sure the rest of us would greatly enjoy something like that. Overall a great game and a thing you should definitely get, because it’s a free game that should cost money. Only con is the lack of post-game content but who knows? A sequel might come.
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5 months ago, 2134567890765243
Writing this for the 1-star readers
This would actually be a 10/10 for me, but most people read only the 1-star reviews because they’re honest and definitely not written by a bot. This game is completely free, it’s awesome, you should definitely try it. A lot of people are complaining bout the difficulty of the levels, but they have to be designed to be kind of hard, because otherwise it’s not fun. It has a good progression of how hard it is, starting off easy but not staying easy for longer than needed. Yes, there are ads, but really not too many, and they don’t ever come mid-game. Just a heads up, some levels will be really, really frustrating, but don’t just go to deleting the app and publishing a 1-star review. Sometimes it takes a couple days or a break in the middle but you CAN do it, it’s just hard.
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2 years ago, Elishasonic.Spike:)
Dadish has taken over the App Store!!!
Hello! This game is very good and has been a very fun game! To running and jumping, to falling and humor!!! This game is cute and fun because when he and his children talk, it’s hilarious!!! However, I have a few issues: 1: Sometimes when he talks to bosses or the possums, he says a bad word talking about his children. I’m Christian but if your not that’s ok. 2: Some adds may come up that is inappropriate and maybe that’s not your fault, but please make the adds appropriate. Other then that, ITS AMAZING!!! Dadish 2 is cool too because their are cannons that shoot him out to the gravity in outer space!!! I don’t have Dadish 3 yet, but from the news, it looks cool already! Some people may hate this game, but the characters are funny, the game is challenging, and his name is Dadish. I get it! Please respond back to me as soon as possible/ ASAP. 😀😀😀
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4 years ago, SweetPeaStarryEyed78202
Adorable and Clever, but would be helpful if mechanics were improved
One one the cutest games ever! Wonderful animation, and everything is just adorable, all the little worlds/levels, character designs and obstacles. The dialogue is hilarious and refreshing, very well done (and ALSO cute), and the overarching story is cute. Seems like the developer really cared about making something great. Each level is interesting to play and brings nice surprises. The only bad thing I could think of was the controls. There’s no pad at the bottom, so sometimes when you try to go one way you accidentally go the other. Like other people said, it can be really annoying, and makes some things difficult sometimes; so I hoped this gets fixed. I would try the game out anyone though, because it’s not impossible to play, and it’s still adorable and funny
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2 years ago, DadishGurl
I love this game and I have finished all 3 of them and would like to see a 4th! The only problem I have (not a problem with game but with me and my bad platformer abilities so this is more like advice 😊)is when there is a really difficult movement you need to get through and once you finally get it you die immediately because you accidentally jumped off a cliff or something like that, so to everyone reading this don’t do things like that and definitely don’t rage quit and delete that game you will later come to your senses and be more frustrated with yourself because you then need to start over 🙃. But back to the point this game is my favorite and after I finished the 3rd Dadish I was sad because I have no more Dadish to play. So to the creators of this game I respectfully yell MAKE A 4TH DADISH PLEASE or MAKE A GAME FOR MOMATO!!!!
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4 years ago, Kguz3
Amazing! Just a few more things you should fix...
I really love this game from the 8-Bit platforming to the funny text it’s all great but there are a few thing that in my opinion needs improving. First a weird little glitch that hasn’t really bothered me but I have been noticing is that sometimes I just get stuck and can’t move unless I jump. I only had this happen to me twice in the game. The other thing is how far away the left and right controls are maybe you could customize that too in settings and maybe even a visible jump button would be cool. Last but not least this isn’t a bug or glitch or something I dislike about the game but a suggestion, maybe you could add a crouch button and make a new enemy that makes you need to crouch to avoid it or something it’s throwing.
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4 years ago, CSwanek
Pretty great game
As far as the game play goes I think it’s great, the dialogue is cute and funny. Definitely recommend this if anyone sees this review. The only issue that I have is that I often find myself pushing the right button when I’m trying to go left because the left button is so small and in the corner, maybe make the buttons a little bigger, I have played other mobile platform games and they do generally have a little bit larger buttons so I don’t know if I’m just used to that, or even having the option to size it up if you want to would be cool. It’s not super necessary just a small thing I’d like to bring up, but it’s minor enough where I think this shouldn’t bring down the score of the game, so I’m just gonna leave my review at 5 stars
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4 years ago, kennachad
Controls are difficult to use
I preordered this game and I love it. It’s really cute and I can’t get over how much I love the scripts for the radishes. At the same time, though, I cannot even describe the rage I feel when I finally get to a part I’ve been trying to get to for a while, and die because I try to go right but instead it goes left. Once it was doing that and so I moved my thumb farther right and I jumped into a spike and died. The frustration is indescribable. It makes me rage quit lol. Also I don’t really mind the ads because most apps I use have them, but right after I die and I’m raging, they make me so mad. By the way, I love that Dadish found a possum or whatever it was during the first group of levels, it was hilarious. The baby radishes are so cute and I laugh so hard at the lines. Also the animations of Dadish moving is one of my favorite things ever.
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4 years ago, BradRose16
Stellar Game...with a catch
First off, I need to say that I love this game. From its humorous dialogue, to the natural progression of introducing new mechanics into the game, to the sheer number of levels available, I truly believe this is the best game I’ve played on my iPhone. However, one thing that has frustrated me more than a few times is the movement mechanic. Numerous times, I have been between two sharp, Radish-killing objects, and I’ve wanted to move in a specific direction to escape. But no matter how far left or right I tap or swipe on my screen, my character very often moves the opposite direction. It’s very frustrating and I think this mechanic should be replaced with left and right buttons or a joystick instead. Other than that, love the game! Great job!! ❤️
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4 years ago, SEGA!!!!!
A return to form for mobile games?
In a world In which mobile games have descended to the point of fake ads and micro transactions, Dadish and the Floyst games are the type of innovative, creative games that I want to see more of. But that still doesn’t mean I have a few small issues about the game. 1. Weird difficulty spikes, especially in the final world. 2. Not much content. 40 levels leaves a lot to be desired from some players 3. Those 40 levels don’t exactly play with hazards and unique stage ideas that much. It feels like a standard 2d platformer. Not bad, just basic. If Thomas Young put in more content, like levels, power ups and stage builder, without having to resort to micro transactions, or even put the game on switch, I would consider this a 10/10. Until then, 4 stars is still a great score.
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4 years ago, Ellis Kline
A real, and honest review
I just want to start off with saying that so far I love this game I am currently on world 3 and it has a nice balance of difficulty and fun. Now for something I don’t like so much, which is the movement, so to move you tap on either the right side of the left side of the screen to move right or left side of the left side of the screen to move left because the right side is for jumping. So I don’t have any problems with the way you move it’s the fact that it is typically more bias to making you move right. Other than that little thing I think this game is great. That is my review I hoped this helped anyone if they even read it but thank you if you did read even just a little bit of it.
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4 years ago, Landon Zimmer
An amazing, entertaining, challenge
I’m writing this right after I finished it and wow this game is absolutely amazing. It strikes the balance of hard and entertaining perfectly and the dialogue is just perfect. The last 10 levels are when it gets to feel next to impossible and the last 5 especially. Believe me though it’s all possible. The final boss fight takes the 2nd to last and does everything it did but a million times better and more challenging. There’s only a few things that could make the game better, first more boss fights/levels or challenges but also player made levels and boss fights. That would add so much more playtime to this already amazing game. What are you doing reading this? Go play it!
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4 years ago, vixenzorro
Once upon a time I was bored and wanted to find an app, so I looked and looked and found Dadish. I downloaded it and fell in absolute love with it 😍. The graphics are so cute, and it’s hilarious as well. I love how since radishes are healthy they make the bad guys fast food/unhealthy food, the concept is great 👍🏻. They don’t make levels impossible but not too easy as well. Some people have said that they have trouble with the controls, but honestly I have no trouble whatsoever. I have an iPhone SE so the phone and screen are really small, yet the controls are fine to me, so I don’t really see what the fuss is. Idk maybe since I have a smaller screen it helps?.... Well this game is amazing I highly recommend it good job developers!!!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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4 years ago, adinaym
I never rate apps or games, but Dadish is a MUST PLAY
I seriously, seriously NEVER take the time to write reviews, but Dadish blew me away. I’m generally turned off by 8-bit/24-bit type games, as they’ve generally been disappointing and not engaging for me, but this game has changed my whole perspective. It’s a simple plat-former, but I was playing as much for the challenge as I was for the little dialogues between Dadish and his kids. It was absolutely adorable, and such subtle, sarcastic humor that I love. There were a few (read: SEVERAL) levels that made me absolutely want to throw my phone at the wall because they were so difficult, but, honestly, it was 100% worth it. My only complaint: Where’s Momish?
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4 years ago, The_Escalator
My favorite game yet
This game is everything I could’ve ever wanted and more. The music is astonishing and I want to listen to it all the time. The story is short and simple and the dialogue got me to chuckle every time. The art is wonderful and the game itself is a perfect blend of challenging and fun. The only problem is is that it’s way too short. The game only offers you a couple of levels and it leaves you wanting more. We need way more of this and we would like it as soon as possible. Also there is a minor bug in the last level where Dadish goes behind the candle. It doesn’t affect the gameplay, it’s just something that kinda bugged me
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4 years ago, Wasdisbvcxsx. Cvh
I love the game but there are some game ruining issues
One things is whenever an ad appears and you close it the game orientation changes and you are unable to play forcing you to restart the level because you must close the app to fix it, and second the controls should have two options so instead of swiping left and right you can also have a left and right button you can press. I find the swiping controls to be hard to use at times that requires precision. Overall a nice game, but just a few issues. I gave it five stars in hopes that the dev (or devs) fix these things, and also because the game is pretty fun if you put those problems aside.
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4 years ago, Lord Atomic
Most fun I’ve had on a mobile game!
I was hooked from the beginning. The controls are a little hard at the beginning but I soon had them mastered. The game looks amazing, the dialogue actually made me laugh. The levels are very well designed and it did not feel repetitive once. As soon as you have mastered an old mechanic the game introduces a totally new one. The difficulty of the levels increases exactly with my skill level so I felt challenged the whole game. You can tell the developers put in time making a well made, fun game and not just an ad machine. I’ve played a lot of mobile games and this by far was the most fun. I would definitely pay good money for a sequel. 6/5 stars
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4 years ago, AlienateMeBaby
Amazing little game
This fun and cute game has left and right movements with short jumps, long jumps and double jump controls. Had a surprising amount of mechanics to beat as the levels progressed while you’re rescuing your runaway radish children at the end of each level. Each time you reach them there’s a short dialogue that never failed to make me chuckle. Even the boss level at the end of each floor was funny to me, it was all around humorous while still entertaining and just the right amount of challenging! The sound effects were nice too! Although I kept it on low most of the time while watching Netflix in the background. I absolutely loved and enjoyed this game, beat it in a couple days or so since it’s hard to put down once you get in the rhythm of things, but needed a break now and then when it became difficult at times. 10/10 for a phone app, would love to play it on the tv with a console like the switch to see more levels, plots and mechanics introduced! I need a second installment to this game, I REALLY enjoyed this - need more!
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3 years ago, Bananaman9388
Fun, but unoriginal
Sure, the game is fun. It's got funny, witty dialogue at the end of every level, too. But, it just feels like a ripoff of Catbird. For those of you reading that are unfamiliar with Catbird, you can just look it up on the app store. It came out years prior to Dadish. This game has everything that game had, and not much else. Incredibly similar enemies, identical traps & puzzles, and even a similar plot of "getting back home". The only unique thing about this game is the dialogue at the ends of levels, and the boss fights. Just about everything else is unoriginal. If you were to take Catbird, substitute the glide ability for a double jump, and add a culinary theme, you would get Dadish. I'm not saying the game isn't fun, because it is, but it's only fun because Catbird is too.
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4 years ago, Daddy issues...
Dadish is my new daddy
What an amazing dad Dadish is. Puts his life in danger to save his dumb little radish children. I would say he was a better dad than my dad but that isn’t saying a lot anyway. The graphics are cute and super clean. Game play is fun and addictive like a mario game. The levels get progressively harder and I would say frustrating but there’s clearly a path to win each level so it’s more of an eternal frustration of never being good enough. New elements get introduced and you build up a skill set to beat each new world and boss. I don’t know why but I really like this game a lot and this is the first review of an app that I’ve ever written (you’re welcome).
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2 years ago, canselmo1
Great game, gameplay issue
This game is great like I said. It’s hilarious and makes me smile, but there’s only one problem. It’s very inconsistent when it comes to gameplay, because there are many levels that were a lot harder than the last one. Also, the bosses are usually easier then a normal level sometimes. Overall great game, nice graphics, fun but inconsistent gameplay, nice soundtracks, and funny dialogue. Side note: I love how every few levels it introduces a new mechanic, another bonus about the game is the collectibles, because if you didn’t get enough of the game, you can replay some levels and collect the stars.
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4 years ago, Unicornzpug
Great Amazing Awesome Game
This game is honestly the most entertaining mobile game I have ever played. EVER. The gameplay is fun and the perfect balance of easy and hard so you feel accomplished when you beat it. And for what the gameplay lacks it makes up for in dialogue. I laughed out load at least ten times per world. The dialogue is funny and entertaining. It keeps the game running smooth. The game’s controls provide a classic and easy feel. I may be biased because I love pixellated games but I love this games art style so much. It’s so pastel and lighthearted and it just makes you want to play more. Overall this game is great and I more than recommend downloading it. Amazing game. 11/10
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4 years ago, Sidbop
Great game! But flawed controls…
Dadish is incredibly fun. It’s very cute in concept and execution. I have gotten about halfway through the game and am really enjoying it Unfortunately, Dadish suffers from its controls. There are only three control options. Move left, move right and jump. About 50% of the screen is reserved for jumping, about 40% of the screen is reserved for moving right, and a tiny 10% sliver is used for moving left. This can make movement frustratingly tricky. Dadish often requires tight movement and it can be difficult when your thumb is accidentally too far over. This game is built to be a little challenging, but the controls make it needlessly frustrating. This issue was addressed in a recent update, so that the left and right buttons can now be displayed on screen, but seeing the buttons doesn’t make their placement any better. I would love a movable control set up or maybe some sort of joycon set up or even a couple of different presets. Despite this I do really enjoy Dadish. It’s a fun game that I would recommend to anyone… with the caveat that it can be a little frustrating at times.
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4 years ago, Achievement Unlucky
Excellent Game
I've been playing the game since it's release and it was always fun. I finally finished the game but I was expecting the last boss level to be much harder. I was hoping that maybe it would combine all of the bosses together (just like how all of the enemies/monsters from the different regions were together). The final boss seemed very scripted just like the previous ones, which didn't make it feel like a "final boss." I wish there were more elements from level 38 or 39 that made it harder. I still enjoy the game and hope new levels will come out soon! In the mean time, I need to collect the remaining stars!
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4 years ago, Derptin
Solid platformer but ads are far too long.
I had this game pre-ordered because it looks adorable. What I was surprised about that it was such a tight platformer. Controls are pretty decent, though sometimes it's tough to not start moving left by default when you mean to move right. The touch area could be adjusted. The reason I'm removing some stars is because of the ads. They're 30 seconds long and have happened twice in the 5ish minutes that I've been playing. I got through maybe 5 levels. It's just ridiculous. I know you need to make money, but honestly I'd pay to play this game as a stand alone experience. What I'm not going to do is play this game when I'm forced to watch 30 second ads every couple minutes. Fix the ad situation and I'll re-download.
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4 years ago, (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎yazzy
Some Recommendations
I love this game so much, the music, the art style, the storyline. It’s very difficult but also very underrated, here are some recommendations I have that would definitely make the game shine a bit more. (my opinion) 1. I think there should be an area when you could customize your radish! Maybe hats and glasses, there could also be a store for clothing and boosts ups! 2. There should be more levels. When I heard that there were only 10 levels my heart sank. What if each update could release more levels? These are all of my recommendations, I hope you use these recommendations for future updates. Thank you for reading (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎❤️
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4 years ago, Icy EX
Download this game if you are reading this
This is my first time reviewing an app so hopefully this is insightful. This game is very similar to the type of games I played when I was younger. The games animation is great and so is the gameplay and puzzles. I love the dialogue when you find the little kid radish’s. The controls were initially frustrating but then you added the on screen controls and it is so much better. I would recommend making the star on level 29 to be a little easier because it took me a while to get it lol. I also love how after you beat the game you can be the possum. Overall 10/10 and would love a Dadish 2 keep up the great work.
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4 years ago, keng aruther
Amazing but
So, this game is amazing for a mobile game. I love it’s witty charming humor and art style, and it’s levels can get surprisingly difficult at times (in a good way though). I do have two complaints however. One, world one is way to easy, I get it’s meant to teach you the ropes, but I barley ever died there. My second complaint isn’t about the game itself but I kept getting a add about a game called call me a legend. This is a very inappropriate add that shows nudity. I say this because this game could attract a younger audience and I’m worried about them seeing this ad. Overall however, this is a amazing game. Good job, I look forward to your future projects.
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4 years ago, Star Crimson
Good Game Play and The Levels
I enjoy playing this game as much as other people do. I think the puzzles made where very fun and challenging. The story of you being a dad and a radish is really cool. And the dialogue is funny. But right now I want to talk about that I’m stuck on lvl 32 (I think), impossible for me to beat. the hotdogs keep killing me, it’s just impossible for me to beat. I either get hit from the side of the hotdog and it’s really annoying or I jump at a bad time, I’ve been spending at least like 10 minutes a few days trying to beat it cause it so hard. OK I’m just gonna say this if you’re planning on getting it. This is an good game and I think you should get it.
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3 years ago, Beagles4443
Something new
Thank you for creating this game;-; I’ve been bored out of my mind these past couple of years. The only games I had on my phone were Minecraft and sudoku. That’s how sad it was. There weren’t any games that stood out to me or stuck with me. Until I found this. This gem:) it’s cute, fun, simple, and has the best dad puns (I especially liked the convos between the kid and dad cause I don’t have a dad:) jk he moved away when I was six and never came back) so this game really filled my dad less void<3 thank you for creating this game! I hope to create something as amazing as this when I finish college!!
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3 years ago, JalexMan 65
Excellent game and doesn’t “milk” the ads
This is a very thoughtful and well put together game! My only complaint is that I loved it so much I beat it in 1 night, and now have no more levels to play (although I learned there’s a Dadish 2). Dadish is a good mixture of simplicity and frustratingly challenging. And the ads are reasonable, there’s no encouragement to make you watch an ad to get any kind of in-game benefits, and the ads are placed sparingly. Especially so in this day of low quality mobile games created for the sole purpose of making you watch as many ads as possible. It’s obvious you’re in this for the art of game creation! Well done devs, this is A+!!
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4 years ago, Miss Potterfan
So cute!
Adorable art. Love how Dadish pops out of the ground when you start the level. When he jumps, he looks up and when he is falling from the jump he looks down, and it’s adorable. Good platforming experience. Gets decently challenging after the first few levels. Junk food enemies are perfect for a radish. If anyone’s worried about the ads, they’re not nearly as common as they are in lots of mobile games. I’m not sure, but I think it’s set to an ad per couple levels passed, so if you get stuck on a level I do not think you will be flooded with ads. I think getting the ad-free IAP is worth it, just to support the developer ;)
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4 years ago, Lady Lunanumbo
Creators note
The game itself if very good, but the dialogue and storyline definitely could use improvement and that is what keeps it from becoming one of the classics. The dadish and his children need to have better conversations back and forth because I find that i cringe with every conversation and there needs to be some type of story line that intertwines the villains and the radishes because it feels a little bland. Otherwise the levels and graphics are 100% and it will earn a 5 star when the storyline and dialogue also become all it can be. Keep up the great work :)
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1 year ago, mom kids
This game is entertaining, rewarding, and funny
I had this game when I was really young when today I saw a TikTok talking about it. It brought back a memory I had long forgotten about so I decided to redownload it out of curiosity. I was pleasantly surprised by how fun this game was, each level brings a new challenge that you learn and adapt to. And when you complete a level it feel very rewarding. It also helps keeps each level unique and fun. The graphics are adorable, and I genuinely laughed at some of the dialogue. I’m so glad I rediscovered this game and I recommend it to anyone reading!!
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9 months ago, pestoddt
Honest rating from me would be 4.7
Only reason I rated a 4 is bc after the ad ends and it switches back to the game, the game layout always switches to a half-screen portrait yet the game remains the same size so the controls are wack and the game screen is cut off. But other than that: SUUUUUUUCH an adorable lil game! I love the dry humor! I love the cute music! I love how he’s a dad trying to find his kids! I love how each kid has its own personalityXD I love how simple it is! I also really love how it doesn’t feel like it’s constantly vying for my time and attention. I’m the type of person that has EXTREMELY bad self-control when put to the test, so I end up getting sucked into games super easily. Don’t even get me started on how bad my addiction to Genshin Impact was… I had withdrawals for 5 whole months after being forced to go cold turkey. *shivers* never again. BUT!! This game is so sweet and so simple and so good for people who DONT want to have their souls get sucked into the video game trap and be a meta slave:) casual gaming for the win!!
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4 years ago, tayham09
Love it but some levels are hard
I started this game a day ago and have been playing it non stop I’m currently on level 39 and I just can’t seem to win that level the spiky bricks that are moving as you climb up to get the baby radish is going way to fast and sometimes the double jump doesn’t work or when I jumped up to the orange/ yellow platform bar I just fall right threw it’s not supposed to be like that. But since playing this game I have broken my phone because of getting so mad lol (not your fault) but yeah level 39 is way to hard the bricks go to fast I’ve watched several people beat it in the older version before the update and they’re bricks go slower.
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4 years ago, Diamond armor 1905
Great Game
This game is really fun it is a nice 2-D platforms that should cost a dollar or 2 because of the quality it is for a phone game but it has ads instead which is better because you can play for free or punch in a few dollars for no ads but the only thing I would change is the death animation because it is slow it kinda gets you out of the flow of the game it is cool but it takes a second and it would be nice to have the option of a visual joystick so I can see where my thumb needs to go because sometimes I go the wrong way but all in all it’s a great game that I would highly recommend!
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4 years ago, Leaf🌿
Amazing game
I downloaded this game yesterday, because I was bored and looking for a new game to play, and I saw this and thought it looked like a really fun game. I started playing it and I immediately fell in love with it. It’s cute and the controls are easy to understand. Some levels are tricky enough to frustrate you, but not too tricky to make you want to quit playing the game. The dialogue between Dadish and his children is funny and I never know what they are going to say when I find them. I’ve never written a review before, but I love this game so much already and so I decided “why not”.
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