Daily Connect (Child Care)

4.8 (8.6K)
31.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Seacloud Software LLC
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Daily Connect (Child Care)

4.83 out of 5
8.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Flappppppppyyy
Love the app
I have use daily connect for years. Its a huge enhancement for the parents and they absolutely love it. I recently upgraded though, I am a home provider, and it can get costly, but its not terrible considering the parents love having minute by minute updates. I have asked and still hope they come up with the video uploads enhancements soon, its the only thing I can say they are missing. As well as customizable reports!! I highly recommend it though! Gave it a four because of the fee per child vs flat fee and not capable of video yet;)!
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4 years ago, ojai baby
Ojai baby
This app is amazing for any parent who is going back to work after maternity leave or any grandparent who is helping out with dropping off / picking up the little angels for the day . It really is comforting and cuts down on stress and anxiety to see the activity of the child . The app allows photos , it tracks how much sleep they are having , how much milk they have consumed how many dirty diapers , it also lets you send a message to the care giver it’s amazing . It’s so comforting to open up the app anytime of the day and see how your little angle is doing , and what kind of day they are having . It helps keep track of things for you too. On the weekends you can input your daily information. It’s so helpful. Your whole wellbeing is taken care of for you with this app knowing that your baby is being loved and cared for . I show it off anytime I get a chance . Thank you, Proud grandma
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3 years ago, kp122017
Glitchy and frustrating
I’m a teacher who is required to use this app. In short, teachers and centers don’t waste your time. It kicks students out of my classroom daily so I can’t log anything for them with no way to get them back on my own classroom device, so I have to go to another classroom and use one specific device every time I need to fix it. I have parents who can’t view or download documents, and I don’t have the emails so it’s how I’m required to send newsletters. I’m admittedly picky about this, but I don’t like the design of the app (fonts, images, icons, etc.). I think it looks cheap and tacky. The only reason I gave it two star is because it does what it’s supposed to 50% of the time. Teachers and centers, run away! Pick something else, like brightwheel.
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2 years ago, Tomctamu
Subscription bites
I probably should have written this review a while back. I used to love this app until it went to a subscription format. I used to keep track of my children’s medical stats and symptoms when they got sick. Recently, while I was gathering data to store elsewhere I was reminded of how loyal users were priced out. To be fair I went back and looked at my purchase history. The history stated I paid $4.99 twice back in 2012. Once was for the iPhone version and the other was for the iPad version. I did get quite a few years of usage. But I lost the functionality after so much time and data were invested in the app. Be careful before they make changes again that push loyal users out.
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7 years ago, MCB530
Has potential, but needs work
This app is used by my current daycare provider and I love that they use an app. I check this throughout the day and think it makes sense for every daycare to use. However, this app is a little sub-par for me. My previous daycare used BrightWheel which is much more new, fresh and innovative. It has a better layout, design and interface that I think DailyConnect is really missing. It's odd to me that DailyConnect lets me use the app as though I'm the provider (i.e.: I can enter feedings, diaper changes etc) and doesn't seem to have separate functions. There's so many great opportunities for this app, but right now it feels like I'm using an iPhone 3 vs iPhone 7.
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2 years ago, DCNYer
Bug fixed after March 3, 2022, update
App works well after the developer fixed a bug from prior update that resulted in app freezing after update. The developer posted another update a couple days later, responded directly to my concerns in the app review, and fixed the bug. I appreciate the continued support for the app. The app works well to allow the daycare center to update me on my toddler’s day with picture and messages.
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3 years ago, Alijah716
One of the poorest ran facilities in the metro for childcare!! They have only the care of themselves as staff and not the concern of development for the children. The app itself is vague from the truth of the actual place where you leave your children throughout the day. This not being the first child that was cared for there I thought why not because as usual the staff may change but the app I thought would make it possible to communicate better, yet due to the age ‘complexity’ of ‘some’ staff they weren’t able to communicate through the app but called my personal number numerous times of ‘child-like’ behavior from a child??? But thanks child connect for the app, I’m sure once we he’s at his new facility they’ll have staff professional enough to learn the app.
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4 years ago, DenebSwift
Less functional than the website without premium purchase
Almost all features - including all photos, communication with daycare providers, and even the basic update history (over all or breakdowns for food, potty, sleep) - are obscured by a gray box with the statement ‘This feature is limited for your account. You need to upgrade your account to view more.’ EVERY update from the provider is obscured by this. The app functions solely as a check in/out tool for the school. For any parent updates you either have to pay or use their web interface. I’d understand unique features like timelines, growth charts or automated graphs being a premium feature. But they have paywalled any reason to have they app beyond check ins.
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4 years ago, Concernedprovider
Updated- I’m still learning
I try to register and it keeps saying I need an invite. But I’m the care taker trying to set it up so I don’t waste paper. Is this a glitch or am I missing something. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ UPDATE: I discovered the website and then it was easy peasy. It gets the job done and I like that the parents can also use it so I can see how their morning or night was. Also compared to others this is very affordable.
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1 year ago, Tom|MN
Best baby tracking app
I am one that NEVER pays for apps. This app is the one exception! It is worth every single penny! All the details that you get with the paid upgrade are very helpful when trying to remember things and being able to talk to the pediatrician about your baby. We have used this for all 3 of our children and HIGHLY recommend it to all of our friends!
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3 years ago, Baby MacBean
It works great
It’s a great way to keep the parents informed about what the child is doing throughout the day. It also helps with reading comprehension. If a child can look at what they did during the day with a parent at the end of the day and then tell the parent what was happening in the picture and who the people are that’s the first step towards reading comprehension.
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4 years ago, makakonsappo
Asking me to pay again. Excellent customer service.
UPDATE: although the app has its problems, I must say customer service is extremely responsive and helpful. Every time I ask for help they respond timely and without complications! ———————————— We changed daycare location (being the same company) and now we can’t receive the updates from the new facility. I logged out to see if logging in again would fix the problem and now it’s asking me to pay again. Pretty trashy app.
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2 months ago, acem427
Missing Features
Bring back the system where you can choose to mark things for only the kids that are marked in!!!! This was the best feature and made it soooo much easier to do updates instead of scrolling through all kids in the class to mark only the ones actually there that day. It was there for a short time and then you removed it and that was a mistake. Things get marked for kids that aren’t here from accidentally hitting those kids names.
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4 years ago, Toddletown
Been using for several years and have been happy with it. Support has been good. They always respond quickly to questions or problems. A calendar was added recently which is great! Only thing missing now is the ability to upload video and it would be great if it could store a list of commonly fed foods when logging meals/snacks. Most of us I think are rotating through the same meals. Having to type in what is served everyday is time consuming!
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2 years ago, Lembart
Useful tool!
The app works for me again. Thanks for the update! I appreciate being able to keep up with my kid’s day and communicate with the teachers. Very helpful to have the timer since the last time my baby ate or slept to quickly know his needs when we get home from daycare. The graphs of bottle and sleep history are very useful. Very much appreciate this app!
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6 years ago, Sschomak
We have had nannies for our three girls since the second was born. I like to think of this app as our own private Facebook group. I have invited grandparents and godparents to be part of it. At first the nursing/feeding/potty areas are SO helpful. Now we use it mostly for pictures during the day or if one of the girls needs medicine. One issue is getting the nanny to use it. Ours now lives to post pictures but it was tough for some. I emailed the developer previously to allow users to “like” a picture or activity. This let’s the nanny or caregiver know the parents are seeing the posts and appreciate it. One of the best features was the message portion. When my husband and I were out of the country for a long weekend we could still communicate with the nanny/grandparents/kids only using WiFi.
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7 years ago, One Short 1
I love this app!! We made the decision to put my then 10 month old son into daycare, the provider told me she used this app. Throughout the day, the app kept me and my husband in the loop about our son (as the provider made updates). It tells me pamper changes, bottle feedings, sleeping patterns and his step by step day, so it made it easy when doctors asked for feeding plans etc. I am so glad his provider uses this and I love it.
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4 years ago, K Pineiro
Used it for 6 years!
When I first used it at work I shared suggestions, and kept learning how to use it. There’s so much you can do now. It improved immensely since then!! The only suggestion I have now is for us to be able to upload videos to parents. It would be nice to capture funny moments, or a kid first walking. Some parents have gotten mad if we’ve seen that first.
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4 years ago, Metten22
This app has been amazing. I love being able to see updates of what my son is doing throughout the day. The teachers capture little moments in photos that we as parents may otherwise not be able to see. I am really going to miss it once he moves on to kindergarten. Thank you to the creators of this app. You have provided me with memories and smiles that I will cherish forever.
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9 months ago, QueenMeka0414
DailyConnect App
As a inhome daycare provider I absolutely love the app and all the features it provides. My parents are able to see updates in real time. Out of other apps I have used I will continue to use Daily-connect hands down!!! There prices are extremely affordable as well!
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6 years ago, Dave314159
Free version is useless
Our daycare provider uses the app to record our child's daily activities. My beef is that the free version of the app is practically useless because it shows only very limited data entered by the provider. Their model has the provider paying for their software on a per-child basis, and then they hit the parents for access to that data on a mobile device. So now I'm paying for this twice. Do yourself a favor and add their website to your home screen and save yourself the couple bucks.
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8 months ago, ByeFelicia777
Hard to compare since I’ve never used a similar app and not sure if it’s my daycare not using it to full capacity but. It’s not super clean, I miss important updates and events because of how difficult it is to find the different formats of documents vs notes vs dates. My daycare doesn’t use the calendar feature so I have to make sure to check dates on forms and add that to my calendar manually each time.
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3 years ago, Finley's Mima
Finley’s Grandma
I’m so very thankful that I can see pictures of my beloved granddaughter. (We do video on weekends but I’d much rather hold her.) Living in California and being cautious about traveling at this time, I enjoy seeing parts of her days in preschool. Thank you for all your hard work with God’s precious gifts to us. Blessings always.
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7 years ago, Rocky41976
Life saver and day stealer!
This app is amazing. Can't tell you how valuable it has been for both my wife and I to stay up to date on what our guy is doing at daycare. Also nice to look at before we go get him so we can prepare and be ready for the upcoming night! Awesome app, and I am sure it's all about how the staff uses it and the staff we have is great.
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3 years ago, MsMaggieMac
Really great app, helps keep all in the loop!
Great for our home based/nanny situation, keeps all parents in the loop and keeps me on track! Would like for parents to be able to “like” or give activities thumbs up similar to social media platforms but overall very pleased, well worth the $.
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4 years ago, Kona's runner
Love this app!
I love that I get updates whenever my daycare inputs something into the app. The only way I think they could improve the app would be by adding video capability. Not to watch what my child is doing in real time... but so they could video the children doing something fun, that could then be uploaded to the app. Like a dance party.
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4 years ago, quillgara
Fantastic app
This app is extremely useful, user friendly, and well-designed. The customer service is phenomenal using their support request feature. I have been using this app for years for my home child care business and it just keeps getting better.
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5 years ago, TonisNOTW
Great resource
This app helps in numerous ways with my childcare business. It could use some upgrades in certain areas of the app but it doesn’t influence the performance of the app. My parents are very happy with second to second updates on their child. Thank you.
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4 years ago, KeillaZee
Love it
I love it because I know my daughter and son move every hour, I know what they eat and when and helps me figure out if they’ll be hungry when I pick them up. I also get photos of my kids every single day. I just love this app.
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6 years ago, Littlefeet Daycare
Daycare Provider
I am a daycare provider and the parents love it they are able to show information collected to doctor to help solve issues with eating,sleeping and constipation. Bright wheel is another app I used. What I didn’t like about it is the cost.
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3 years ago, lemoncm22
Great app!
Love the app. An enhancement would be adding the capability to like or comment on pictures added. Or even post videos? Just some things I’ve thought about, otherwise easy to use and overall great app!
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6 years ago, Lilac27
Love it!
I love that my daycare provider uses this app. It lets me check on my kids’ activities through out the day. I love that they can post pictures and that it allows me to make an entry when I pump. Makes it easier to keep track of when and how much I pumped.
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2 years ago, APJ from Oak Cliff
Peace of Mind
Great app for parents. I really like the constant feed of information related to my child’s well being through each day. The photos are definitely a plus as well.
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2 years ago, Pacorda
Great app
I used this app from my daycare for my 3 daughters. It was such a helpful app for working moms that wants to check their kids without calling the center. I was able to see photos and monitor how often she feeds.
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7 years ago, nikkim827
Love this app!
Love being able to stay updated on my little one during the day while I'm at work! This app has made this momma feel so much better about being away from my little guy during the day!
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3 years ago, Joshua2374397
Intuitive, great for new parents
I love everything about this app. Everything parents of newborns and older ones would need to record. I highly recommend.
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4 years ago, syedav
DailyConnect App
It is a truly well managed App done with true professionalism and kindness. It is a great gift to have ease of mind seeing your child throughout the day while they are away from you. Peace of mind is a blessing and we are grateful.
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4 years ago, Dax's Nana
Long distance Nana
I am loving my Grandson, Dax Owens from Michigan. I am very blessed by this app so I can keep up with his day to day development in between visits. Thanks to all the staff for your hard work and keep those pictures coming!!!
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6 months ago, TaJBrown
I find comfort in the Daily Log knowing my son’s activities on the hour. It’s very important for parents to have comfort while their children are in the comfort of others. Thank you.
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6 years ago, ArmyMedic7588
Not bad overall
Overall I like the app. Our current daycare is the first one we’ve had that uses an app to stay connected with us throughout the day. I don’t have any major gripes about it, but feel there could be some tweaks here and there that would improve it.
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2 years ago, maltornado
Finley’s grandma ❤️
I really enjoy this app. I love to pull up the pictures of my sweet granddaughter and see her playing and learning at school. I live 3 hours from her so with this app I feel like I’m closer to her.
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6 years ago, tjjjoseph
Okaaay. But could make it a bit better.
Our center uses this app. I love that I can see and get all of the updates on our littles throughout the day, but the app sometimes freezes up and the glitches are frustrating. Also, I don’t feel it’s the most user friendly set up to find what you’re looking for.
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6 years ago, Tchgeek
Broken notifications
Version 6.3.10 appears to have broken push notifications. In the app settings the notifications show off. When I flip it to on and hit save it turns them back off. Seeing how my child is doing throughout the day is nice without having to open the app.
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3 years ago, Inunendo
Could be better
The app works fine, but the overall UI needs some love. It seems confusing to use and the overall aesthetic is poor. It reminds me of a grocities webpage. I really hope they spend some money on making the app better.
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4 years ago, alyssa2416
The best
I love this app so much I get very busy at work so I don’t have much time to message my sons teacher throughout the day however because of the app I can check his activity at any time of the day. I love that
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6 years ago, Lasagni
Love the app
I love this app. My nanny and I communicate through this app. The only thing I would suggest is if there some way to “like” a picture that she takes of the baby. That was she knows I saw it and I can acknowledge it.
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10 months ago, New Host
Tried a lot of stuff
This my nanny uses and it’s been working so well for us. I’ve tried a bunch of App and daycare center apps, this has been great
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3 years ago, HGoldberg
Notifications are very inconsistent
Our notifications as well as the school’s notifications are very inconsistent. Even checking that they are “on” in all places on our phones makes no difference. This has been an ongoing issue for all of us. And just when you think it’s all good, then they stop coming again.
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4 months ago, Chubnomore
It’s nice except…
It doesn’t push notify reliably. My kiddo has diapers and food and pic updates awaiting me in the app and I don’t always know about it until I actually go and look to see if any updates have posted. Yes, all notifications are turned on and alerts permissions are on. Otherwise, it’s a great app
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6 years ago, Writer that's new
Very disappointed
I have been using this app for 5 yrs, last yr you did an update and required a charge that continue using the app. I did that, now all of a you want to charge a monthly subscription, for an app I already purchased. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. 100 percent unethical. It is fine if you want to charge new customers but not for those who already purchased your app and have been faithfully using it.
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