Daily Prayer App

4.8 (1.5K)
36.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
RethinkMe LTD
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Daily Prayer App

4.83 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
10 months ago, Jewel0315
Makes prayer life sooooo much easier
In 2021, I made sure that I prayed and read my Bible often, so I believe that that got me closer to the Lord, and after I gave my life over to Jesus in 2022, I prayed every morning and every night and then a couple months ago, it started getting hard, so I took a break and one day, I was in this app store right here and I thought to myself: I think I want to buy the daily prayer app. So I searched for this app in the spy glass and God asked me to buy this app, so I bought it, and I LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH it has an audio voice on it, and to me, reading on my own is a bore, like I dread reading. And when I hit the play button, you don't have to read it on your own but you have to read the Bible no matter what. Every morning I wake up, I know that Daily Prayer is waiting for me. Every chance I get, I go to this app. Sometimes, I could go to the Prayer Wall and write down my prayer and a few minutes later, I see that somebody else had said my prayer and I'm sooooo proud of them. And it helps me with my chores and in the evening, I would do my devotional and then do my chores and it makes life so much easier and when I feel worried, Daily Prayer is always there.
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5 years ago, lesleyshell
Peace at Last
I found this app while browsing the App Store. God led me to this one. I was born in Great Britain and raised in the Anglican Religion and this app is perfect. It is very straightforward, user friendly, you can set your own prayer times and get reminders because we are busy with life and need reminding to pray. My husband has just completed 9 months of extremely intense cancer treatment of the throat. We had hundreds of friends, family and people whom we did not know praying 🙏 for him and his family. During his surgical neck dissection this past April, I put ALL of me at the mercy of God and miracles started happening, God started by sending Angels to me and my husband. I then understood that if we ask for love and guidance He will show you how to get there. My husband was still having problems a month later and was admitted to the hospital for one last surgery to kill the birthplace of the cancer. This has been the roughest surgery so far but when we prayed together, we witnessed a true blessing. God is real and I pray for the day that he releases His Son Jesus upon his Fathers great earth and rids all the evils of the world. I pray that whom ever reads this brings God and his Son into their lives.
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Incredible 100% FREE app
Usually many times although an app is advertised free, there are in app purchases, or hidden charges. 😵‍💫🤦‍♀️ More times than not an app is just down right now worth the time it took to put on your phone. 🤦‍♀️😵‍💫 But I cannot speak highly enough about this app💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 when they say it’s FREE guess what?!? 🤷‍♀️ it is 100% FREE🤗🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻The prayers are incredible. 💕💕💕💕💕 I love the reminders four times a day. Truly, If i could give this app more than five stars, I definitely would do so😃 I love the fact it has the audio you’re able to use; being a senior citizen my vision is not that great. I was born in raised a Catholic girl. If I had anything to change or add to this app, it would be a choice of more prayers maybe explanation of some of the scripture (in layman’s language) and perhaps the ability to say the rosary. I’m not sure if this app can support such ideas.😊 Thank you🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 God Bless😇🙏🏻😇🙏🏻😇🙏🏻😇🙏🏻😇🙏🏻
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5 years ago, TPieters1
Great content but hard to read the Scripture
I just started using the App last week and love most of it. The images and daily prayer content are great and I really like how they guide me to pray beyond the written prayers. However, I have a problem with it that I would love the developers to address. I am losing my eyesight and appreciate the large text for the daily prayers. However, the Scripture reading links are in a grey text (which is hard to read) and even when I set it to “Extra Large” print, it looks like a size 10 (or even 9). I can’t read it. Sometimes I can just push the audio button and listen to it (when I am alone) but sometimes I have to skip the Scripture reading or go out to a different app to read it in a larger, clearer print). I would love to be able to read the Scripture in the same size and format as the daily prayers. Or at least have the option of choosing a size 14 or larger font in a darker type. Thanks! (Also, it seems to only work in portrait but not landscape on the iPad. I have checked my device settings to make sure it is set to “rotate screen” but this app will not rotate to landscape.)
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4 years ago, Uisdean51
4.8?—Not Quite Perfect
First: what’s less than perfect... 1. Not all of us have schedules that make it easy to do this four times daily. Twice a day is doable. The alarms are at times that do not work for us. It would be nice to set them to our schedule. —-We have a morning prayer routine that we have used for years; we do not want to stop using it. We might be able to combine your morning reading with our prayers... 2. Trying to read the Psalms in one month seems forced. Little opportunity to meditate on them. It would be nice to have the OT readings from A) The Law/Historical writings B) The Wisdom writings C) The Prophets. 3. I hope you have included the Apocrypha writings... Second: what’s great... Everything Else! 1. It is refreshing to see the Church Seasons observed. 2. The prayers you include are helpful. 3. The two minute meditation is great. 4. The audio presentation of Scripture helps us to meditate on the Holy Word. 5. For many, I’m sure, the four daily times of devotion fit their needs. 6. Thanks for Including the Confessional Prayer—we need to confess at least once a day. 7. I like that Scripture is the whole chapter & not just the BCP daily liturgical reading. 8. It is helpful that it is an app & not just a website. But...is there a website we can access to see the yearly reading plan? 9. Thanks so very much for publishing this app. We can listen to Scripture using Bible Gateway and adding our prayers...but this makes it feel like true worship.
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1 year ago, TimoTidwell
We are our habits
In a time of individualism where everything seems to be focusing us on self, I’m incredibly grateful for this app that points me to ancient rhythms of prayer, silence, meditation that I don’t need to come up with on my own. I’m incredibly thankful for the words that God has given us through His scripture and through His people over generations. This app does an incredible job guiding through these liturgies (or habits) at each stage of the day. Some might say that this is too ritualistic but whether we realize it or not we are all engaging in rituals throughout our day that form us. I highly recommend choosing rituals that form you in a way that makes you more loving, sacrificial, thoughtful. Thank you for developing this app which helps me with this. Keep up the good work.
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5 years ago, JenLB76
Thank you for this beautiful gift!
I found out about this app on Church of England website where in the prayer and worship tab there were several apps to be had for download on my mobile. I immediately looked them up and fell in love with this one. I shared it with my mother and in turn she will share with others. It is very user friendly, calming to interact with, lovely features, simple yet complete. It’s true I’m always on the go, so to have a way to remind myself to breathe with the help of contemplation several times a day, I find I look forward to the notifications daily. It allows the times to be set up four times a day. I loved that idea. Of course I love my BCP and that has everything, but this app has the daily readings, so reading through the week in anticipate for Sunday’s, that creates a continuous flow. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Mz Tweetiebird
I found this app browsing through the App Store because I was looking for something to help me grow in my prayer life. This app not only helps you with prayers but also confessions, praises and meditating on scriptures as you read God’s Words four times a day. I absolutely love this app and it free as I’m on a fixed income monthly and can’t afford certain app that will only give you a sample because they want you pay a subscription. God’s Words should be free and the developers of this app be bless abundantly for everything that they are doing to help spread the Gospel of Truth for the up building of God’s kingdom. Please tell everyone about this amazing app and thank you to the developers and may God continue to bless you and your family as well as enlarge your territory and increase your business.🙏🏾
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3 years ago, Timothy M B
Finally: Anglicanism’s Beauty Brought to the Digital Age.
I have found that nearly every Episcopal/Anglican digital prayer resource is unattractive and unwieldy. Yet, this app manages to bring the core elements of the Episcopal Church’s Daily Prayers to life in a brief, simple, and truly elegant way. Despite being a digital resource, this app has single-handedly reintroduced daily prayer rhythms into my life due to it’s beautiful and peaceful simplicity. I would even suggest this app to non-christians looking to find a short rhythmic reminder to rest and pray or meditate (even just briefly) throughout the day. Thank you to the creators, who have managed to finally translate so much of the tangible beauty of the Anglican Tradition into a digital format. My two requests: 1) Offer a setting to use unabridged prayers (I could be mistaken, but I believe that occasionally the wording of the prayers has been adjusted). 2) Create a BCP app of equal beauty!!
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5 years ago, Sister Shawna Osborn, RN, OSB
Love this app!
As a monastic who prays the daily offices, I have found this to be an invaluable resource. It is wonderful to have this in times when I don’t have my prayer book or when I am ill in bed. My only critique/request is that there were a way to use the speak function on my iPhone or if there was a way for the readings to be read aloud. For the days my eyes and body are weak, it would be nice to pray with the app instead of trying to read it. Otherwise, I highly recommend the app. I use the reminders to notify me when the next time to read is and to help keep me from falling behind. Thank you for this gift, your service has truly been a blessing!
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4 years ago, ksmallz13
Overall a Great Prayer App
I downloaded this app a few weeks ago when I was looking for more structure in my prayer and Bible-reading life. I have some friends who are Catholic and pray the hours, and I was interested in the idea but unsure where to begin. This app offers a great resource for prayer throughout the day. The design is simple and easy to use, and there are notifications you can set for each of the four daily prayer times, which offer a few minutes with God throughout the day. My only critique is that I wish there was an in-app option to increase the font size. Sometimes I feel like I start to squint during the Bible passage section since there’s so much text on the screen. Aside from that, it’s a very user-friendly and helpful app.
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4 years ago, JonnyBeIsGood
This is a simple, extremely valuable app geared entirely at getting you on a good prayer schedule. That’s it. It’s exactly what I was thinking someone should make, and it’s clean and good looking on top of it. This is the kind of app that could truly change your life, and would get a five star review from me as is– but for being completely altruistic and selfless, for offering it completely free with no ads and only a small donation link that you have to search for, I would give this a couple more stars if I could. It throws off the curve for all other app developers I can think of. It’s such a free and valuable gift that these developers alone could help restore your faith in humanity.
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2 years ago, loridee23
Finally a Devotional app that You will LOVE
I haven’t had this app long, but I already know it’s the best one I have used so far. For the beginner they have the “Lord’s Prayer” and each parts meaning so when you say the prayer you actually know what it is that you are praying about, not just words said because you memorized it once in church. I also like the different times in the day that you can sit down and read a devotional. Rather it be all the times or certain times that work out for you, I try to do as many in a day as possible. Come and get the app for a closer walk with the Lord!
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5 years ago, alderstream
Focused, accessible, beautiful.. perfect for highly distract-able people like me!
This is the app I’ve been looking for! Daily prayer and lectionary reading feel more accessible and less daunting with this simple and beautiful interface. I love that I don’t have to give up my practice of reading the “little bible that’s always in my hand” in order to engage prayer and reading with my Anglican community. I am easily distracted by going back and forth between books, so I love that this is all right here and ready to go. I especially love using the audio feature for listening to the daily scriptures. Thank you so much for this app!
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5 years ago, Amelia3637857
This app helps me focus on my faith
I’ve been going through a family crisis, and this app is helping me through. I love that the Bible passages, timer, and prayers are built in. The reminders help me remember to check in with God. I also appreciate the fact that the prayers and passages are short. I never feel overwhelmed or feel like I have to “over-read” to earn “spiritual points” as perfectionists often do when stressed. Thank you for the beautiful app! I would love to be able to see my progress over time (like a calendar of what days I prayed or what time a day I’m praying most often) and record my own prayers and answered prayers. Thank you!
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4 years ago, WestBreedlove
The prayer app you need
You want to build a good habit of prayer. You know the people of old prayed faithfully and routinely throughout their day, but you might go days without a pausing once for meaningful engagement with God. You desperately desire change, and have tried other apps, but you basically always feel like a failure in prayer. But listen - the Father is more proud of you than you think. Your care for your family and your faithfulness at work bring unceasing glory to him. He delights in knowing you. He knows you are dust, and that (unlike him) you only have so many hours in your day. You live in time. Your irregular, white-knuckled, distraction-filled, sin-resisting, 3-minute prayers may reinforce your “not enough” view of yourself, but you - YOU - are a delight to the Father. He is not judging or condemning you. That said, fellow heir, you still need a good resource for pulling you from the busyness of daily life into the sustaining joy of fellowship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This app will help you do just that.
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3 years ago, rehbel
God Given.
This app is phenomenal. It is so well organized, so simple, and ad-free. It is exactly what I need to see throughout my day, and is a gentle reminder to connect with God. The prayers and scriptures that are given make me feel like I am connecting with God more and more everyday and are just the right length to make me feel accomplished without losing my attention span (something I am working on). The app is so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing and I believe that this all belongs front and center on every individual’s home screen. THANK YOU AND BLESSINGS TO THE CREATORS OF THE DAILY PRAYER APP!! 🙏☀️🌷🥰
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12 months ago, T3508
I like this app for many reasons. Good focused prayers from the book of common prayer, break down of the Lord’s Prayer and scripture. The prayer wall is good too, though the first time I used it I case my prayer on the wall. Then I didn’t see any prayers I posted after that. The prayers seem to be the same at the end of the day as at the beginning. Not sure why. Also as I pray for these prayers I wish we could scroll thru - like if I prayed with the first 10 in the morning I’d like to be able to skip thru to the next ones later in the day. I do like that you can pause the scrolling on the prayer wall.
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4 years ago, Beary The Great
Has greatly helped me grow my faith!
This app is awesome! Though I am not Anglican this app has been a good guide for prayer throughout the day. One of my favorite parts is how simple it is. You don’t have to learn too much about how it works, etc., which leaves room for you to focus on praying and connecting with God. The app works really smoothly and I thoroughly enjoy using it each day! I recommend it to anybody trying to instill more prayer into their daily life as it has helped me greatly in remembering to pray and finding new ways and things to pray about. 5 stars!!!
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5 years ago, Bikini Blues
Great App!
I love this app! It has helped me to be more intentional about prayer. I have found it easy to keep a running conversation with the LORD through out the day. But those prayers tend to be about me. The prayers and scriptures in the formate of this app have helped me to be still and develop the listening side of my daily conversations with the LORD. I find the app especially helpful when I am tired or don’t feel like praying. I use the audio when I am too tired to focus my mind on reading. Thank you to the developer of this app. I am growing in my prayer life!
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3 years ago, opalescent_sky
Prayers are good but I experienced a little disappointment after downloading the app
I like that this app has prayers dedicated to different parts of the day. I can just open the app and it will automatically show me a prayer for that part of the day. I find that very convenient. The only disappointment that I experienced after downloading the app is that it doesn’t show the number of people praying at each specific time. I expected it would show this information since this is one of the features advertised by this app.
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4 years ago, Bridgette Sandoval
Love this app
I love almost every single thing about this app, it has multiple timers so you can do prayer sessions through out the day and has reading and audio choices. Mine only con which is very very tiny is it’s in NKJV I believe and that’s a little harder for me to read, I understand it all just harder to read through, I also have the Holy Bible app and that app gives you choices to change the different versions. I hope that we can get to change versions on this app and that would make it 10 stars for me! I love this app regardless, it’s amazing and everyone needs this in their lives!
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3 years ago, KyleQuiz
Best Prayer App, Hands Down!
I’ve used a few different prayer apps but what I love about this one is the simple guided prayers with emphasis on the Lord’s Prayer. Guided prayers are magic but they greatly help one pray well on days you don’t know what to pray or even want to pray. I also love receiving notifications throughout the day that remind me to pray. I’m sure there are many ways you can set up reminders to pray with a smartphone, but this apps reminders connect you right to the app and I didn’t have to set them up 😅
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4 years ago, review.from.laura
Just what I was looking for
I’ve been looking for a simple, easy-to-use version of the Daily Office for a few years now that would help me focus on delighting in the Lord, especially at work. This is exactly what I was looking for. The app is not overcrowded. It is simple and easy-to-use and very peaceful in design. I would suggest it to anyone— it’s different from apps like YouVersion because it doesn’t bombard you with options and it let’s your time with the Lord be private. I like that. Thank you to the creators! Well done 👍🏼♥️
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4 years ago, Sizzled Bacon
Why you should download this app.
This app has notifications for when a new session is ready, quick, it only takes like 10 minutes and goes through prayers and scriptures. Not only that but it also has audio for the scriptures for you to follow along, you could even read this as a family! If I’m being honest I already feel like a new man and I barely downloaded this app 20 minutes ago, I definitely recommend this application over the other ones.
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5 years ago, katgrabau33
I can’t believe this great app is free!
This app is simple to use and beautifully created. I feel a spirit of peace come upon me each time I open it! I love how simple this platform is and I am in shock that it is both free to download and ad-free. You literally have nothing to lose by trying it out! I ordinarily access daily lectionary readings via the Sacred Ordinary Days planner (which is a bit of a blend between Revised Common and Book of Common Prayer readings), but this app is what I now use for travel. Thanks so much for creating and providing this lovely tool!
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2 years ago, Faith736
Thank you!!!!
I found this app just scrolling through the App Store. I found a few others, but this one really spoke to me. Thank you so much for taking the time to develop this. I love structure and things that are decent and in order. I love that I can set times that work my schedule. You’ve done a phenomenal job with this!! I have been sharing it with others and I hope that they will download this app and enjoy it as much as I do. Have a blessed day.
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5 years ago, Kat 90
Option to write or add our own prayers for inspiration?
I love the concept of the app, but the prayers repeat too often. I have only used this for a week and already have repeated the exact same prayers multiple times. I understand these prayers are taken from the book of common prayer but is it possible to add a feature where we can write our own personal prayers to be included in our daily routine? Perhaps have a specific category of 'personal liturgy' that can cycle through a list of prayers that the individual writes or add other scriptures to inspire prayer.
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5 years ago, et0nes
Been Waiting for This
I’ve been checking the App Store periodically for years to see if there was a good app for guided prayer utilizing the daily office. So often it seems like stuff put out by/for Christians is poor quality compared to the “secular” offerings but this app is clean, modern, responsive, well designed, and well engineered. Apps like this one have also tended to be pretty cheesy or doctrinally questionable but from what I’ve seen so far this one is solid. I look forward to additional features in the future!
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5 years ago, s_french
A Brilliant Idea and Beautiful Interface
I love this app!! Not only is it ingenious, but it’s incredibly user-friendly and intelligently, yet simply, designed. It’s so nice to use an app without having to deal with burdensome design flaws or annoying ads! I especially like the personalized notification feature that allows me to set reminders to use the app according to my schedule. As odd as it may sound, I’m super grateful for this app that serves as a thoughtful reminder to pray and read my Bible regularly throughout the day.
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5 years ago, Benny8420
Simple, Helpful and Elegant Prayer App
This app helps me to pray every day, and make time with God. You can customize the time you get a notifications, which are some of the very few I find worthy to enable. The app includes various scripture readings throughout the day, which gives options for multiple passages - choices or both. There are also various creeds and prayers from the Anglican tradition. There is a segment some days of two minutes timed on your screen. This can be some of the best time to break up the day and re-center amidst a busy work day. Thank you to the Daily Prayer App team in the work you’ve done to deliver a wonderful tool. If I were to change one thing, it would be to include prayers from multiple backgrounds that unites the various denominations of the Christian Faith, as a way to celebrate all our unique perspectives. Thanks again for this app, very well done including both prayer and scripture. Ben
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4 years ago, Imbrock
Excellent Resource. Really helpful and functional.
This app is really beautiful. It’s pleasing to look at, simple to navigate, yet packed with rich features and a variety well-laid-out content. I appreciate that it includes prayers, lots of scripture, occasionally a choice to do some or all of the psalter passages, and that it incorporates 120 seconds of silence and solitude into some of the sessions. The designers have thought this through really well, and it’s great. Really helpful resource for creating rhythms of prayer and habits of spiritual formation. Thank you!
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4 years ago, therichalpaca
For the best self-care! ♡︎
I came looking for an app that is not very consistent, but still gets you to pray. Here I am! Self-care should involve a little prayer! It keeps you peaceful. This app has aesthetically pleasing pictures for each morning, midday, evening, late evening. You can choose when you get notifications too! One more thing that I love, with each piece there is a scripture choice. You get to read the bible or have it read it to you! You can do both! Thanks for helping with my dream routine! ♡︎
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4 years ago, Willies06
Reminder to reconnect
Absolutely love this app. I love that I can set the reminders to suit my schedule. The prayers are thoughtful and Biblical. I also like that some of them repeat and some offer variety, as both help the brain focus on communion with the Lord. During this season of unusual schedules and stress due to the Coronavirus stay-at-home orders, it is nice to get a notification that reminds me of my citizenship in heaven. I love the reminder to turn to the Lord no matter what is happening in the world. Thank you, developers!
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4 years ago, Adam S. Hunter
Nearly Perfect
I love the beauty and simplicity of this app. It helps tremendously in giving me a structured life of prayer. The one thing that keeps this from being 5-stars for me is the ESV being the only option for the scriptures. Our family uses the CSB as our primary translation. I know many others who prefer the NRSV or NIV as well. It would be fantastic to have an option of which translation gets opened when tapping on the scripture readings. I hope to see this added soon! Thanks for all your hard work for the Kingdom!
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1 year ago, MrsJeffB
LOVE this APP!!!
This app has really been a wonderful addition to my daily life. The prayers are very beautiful, meaningful and spiritual. The app itself is a clean, neat , easy to use and navigate. I set my prayer notifications for the 4 times a day of my choosing and they pop up every day and remind me to spend time with GOD, our awesome Father. Thank you for this wonderful app. I just love it as a part of my day. One of the BEST parts of every day!
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4 years ago, knightontherim
Great way to access the prayers from the BCP
I love the Collects from the Book of Common Prayer, and I love the way this app makes them so accessible to me. I like that it gives me words to pray that I love but that I would never think to pray on my own. The interface is beautiful and simple. I’ve been disappointed recently that some of the prayers are not set up as words spoken to God but rather as bits of scripture or blessings/benedictions. These are fine in their place, but they are not prayers. I wish there was a way to provide feedback more directly.
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4 years ago, stacyvee
More than I expected!
Beautifully written prayers and prayer prompts. The prayers are so helpful as often times I can feel stuck or get distracted while praying. I love the prayer prompts throughout the day which is something I was wanting to incorporate in my prayer life. This is perfect for that! Not only that, but the layout and design are so well done. Enough features to keep you focused but not a ton of other bells and whistles to distract you from the intended purpose of prayer.
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3 years ago, lyric.elle
Helpful but Repetitive
This app has helped me so much in making prayer a consistent part of my life! I love that scripture, confession, and the Lords Prayer are part of every day’s reading. My only request would be to have more variety in the opening and closing prayers. They seem to repeat every few days and I end up skimming or skipping them altogether if I read it a few days earlier. Otherwise thank you so much for this helpful and easy to use app!
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3 years ago, Quinale.
Needs translation options
Overall I want to really like this app. It is a simple way to create pause in my day and focus on God, and I appreciate the distraction free environment they created! However, there is one major flaw. They only offer the ESV as the Bible reading translation. I am personally opposed to the ESV, as it has no women on its board of translators and attempted to prescribe complementarianism into the scriptures instead of letting the scripture speak for itself. As such, this would be a perfect app if the settings allowed you to switch to a different translation, like the NSRV or even NJKV.
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3 years ago, brynlie cotten
Please Download!
This app makes me excited to wake up and go to sleep at night, this app gives me hope and faith in the Holy Spirit. This app has made my relationship with God stronger and has made me happier. I highly recommend this lovely app, the creators did a wonderful job creating it. Jesus is coming, it is not too late to turn to him and repent for your sins. Let downloading this app, be your first step to becoming a Christian. Join us all in Heaven some day soon, TO WORSHIP OUR SAVIOR!!!
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3 years ago, #1 Fan forever and ever
Good but
It’s good but the prayer is not how we would normally pray all the unnecessary wording like “god have mercy for all I have done” it sounds like your praying a different god from out loud and doesn’t feel right and “most merciful god” for the starting prayer and then it’s “I confess that I have sinned against you in thought, word, and deed, and by what I have left undone.” “I have not loved you with my whole heart; I have not loved my neighbors as myself. I Am truly sorry and I Humbly repent.” Is the confession prayer
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3 years ago, swkm2020
Amazing and practical
This APP is awesome, it remind me when I need to pray throughout the day. It give you everything you need to start the day to keep up during the day and a closing reflection just before going to Bed. God bless each person in charge of this app Please share this app with your friends and family and support them if you can so they can continue.... the mission
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3 years ago, trinitycby10
Very good
i am a 16 year old girl. i have sinned and I am trying to become a better person. Being able to be at peace with myself has been a struggle. Being close to God is not common in my community. I never grew up religious. I feel like this app is a good place to start, before i start reading the Bible. I really like that I can listen to scriptures. Even though sometimes I am unsure what they mean, they all tell a story — that brings me peace.
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5 years ago, nhiraba
Life changer
I’m a young lady who was addicted to watching porn and wanted to stop, I wanted to get closer to God but I didn’t know where and how, I somehow came across this app and ever since I downloaded this app I don’t even get the desire or urge to watch porn again and I see my life changing from some other bad stuff I used to do Thank to whoever established this app. You have no idea how this app is helping transform to a better person GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU AND YOUR HOUSEHOLD 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
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4 years ago, And then a hero comes along
Great for learning to pray and read scripture
For those unfamiliar with the liturgical calendar like me this app is incredibly useful. It has notifications that you can customize to lead you through the set prayers and scripture for each day. If you don’t where to start in praying and reading scripture this will help lead you into it. Also, the application is really beautifully crafted which is quite amazing for a free app like this.
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5 years ago, Lake villa dad
Great prayer prompt through my day
Jesus is incredible. And life is fast. It’s too easy to go through my day without stopping to pay attention and receive his love and wisdom. The guys of prayer is helping me to pray throughout my day, not just a morning “quiet time”. Thank you for doing this. My only thing and it’s little...would prefer more modern English for Lord’s Prayer. But I can work around “thy” and “thine” as it is...glad the scripture readings are not old KJV...
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3 years ago, Sweetiebwood007
Rethink Me
I just got out of the hospital after being on life support and everything. The first thing I seen was your app . My husband and kids had got me a new phone so I had to put my Bibles back on the phone and I like to have my prayer apps also. I seen yours and I really enjoy doing it I read the scriptures, then go to my Bible to follow up on any other extra work you have offered to help in my study .
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4 years ago, Buckeye Peg
A small glitch
I truly like this app. Sometimes I forget to start my day with the Lord. This app reminds me. The content is great. Just one small problem. I use my iPad in the landscape mode. Your app used to always present this way. Recently it has begun to present in portrait mode. It will change back to landscape if I physically rotate my iPad but prefer not having to do this. Anyway “we” can fix this?
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2 years ago, Austinm137
Love the app!
I downloaded this app because I was struggling with consistent prayer and it really helped. It's like a siddur but for Christians. I do have one suggestion. I'm aware that you've recently added the feature of listening to the monthly psalter, but it would also help if you made it possible to listen to the prayers as well. It makes it much easier to pray along while listening to it. Great app. Thanks!
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