Daily SET Puzzle

3.2 (71)
54.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
PlayMonster LLC
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.2 or later
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User Reviews for Daily SET Puzzle

3.24 out of 5
71 Ratings
4 years ago, MyGuyMayan
Great game, ok app
Love the daily puzzle, no complaints there. Really weird though that the app is hardwired to be on a time zone in England. If I wait until evening to do the puzzle, I miss the one for that day and end up doing the next day’s puzzle, even if it’s only 8:00pm. Then I don’t have a new puzzle the next morning! You’d think they could code it to know what time it is like every other app...
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3 years ago, Freespirit10
Can you please update this app?
Hello to the developer. This is a daily 3 minute fun activity, for many of us. Wish we can get more puzzle each day, but can’t ask more I free version. Can I still request you to update this app to work with update in iOS? Thank you
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8 years ago, Nikki101😊
Only daily?
I am not impressed with this app mainly because it only has one set a day and lots of people would prefer more sets at a time because if I want to play multiple times a day I can't because the same set will continually pop up so I hope that in the future or soon enough that an update can appear were there are more sets available to per day
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6 years ago, ninjasneakgirl8
Fun, but...
This is an extremely fun and addicting game, but... I usually finish the daily one, and I want to play more. Yet I can’t because the same board pops up. Can you please update it so there is more than one board a day? Thanks. Overall, great game.
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3 years ago, MaraJen1
Love the game - please update it to continue working on iOS
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7 years ago, Scatney
Can't access leaderboard - no more Game Center
App needs an update after iOS 10 removed Game Center there is no way to sign in to Game Center in the phone to see ranking. Fun game, like the simple daily play but would like the update to include this feature.
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8 years ago, cull e
One game and no choice basic/advanced
On the NYT website, there are two basic and two advanced Set games free every day. This app provided only one, and it was basic. I had no option to choose advanced.
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2 years ago, Jen is taken
Forced to hear sound
Every time I open the app, the sound is on. I have to turn it off every time. I won’t be using again until this is fixed.
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3 years ago, Jobbage
Broken in iOS 14.5
Great adaptation of the card game, but there’s only one puzzle per day. I’d be willing to pay for more. Only two stars because it’s broken in iOS 14.5.
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7 years ago, thayse5789
No option for no set??
There are versions of the daily puzzle where there isn’t a final set, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to indicate “no set” without hitting the hint button and getting 15 seconds added to your time.
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3 years ago, bheyd
Great game
Hi guys! Time to update so the game keeps up with iOS!
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8 years ago, howdoyoupickanickname
Doesn't recognize all sets
There are sets that it doesn't let you pick. Makes no sense.
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5 years ago, a god wuz here
This not even game
This trash game (that isn’t a game) is a scam and doesn’t do anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if your four year old son coded this. Zeebest
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5 years ago, Bob from SIlicon Valley
This game locks up your phone
There is no obvious way to exit the game. It should be taken out of the App Store
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4 months ago, doghouse19
how to contact support? i encountered a glitch
how to contact support? i encountered a glitch
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9 years ago, Seattle-ite 206
Boring x2
Only 1 set per day? Scam.
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10 years ago, Suzyq707
Quick brain teaser that's fun!
Waiting for a friend at the coffee shop? Waiting in line? Just want to play a game? This puzzle will give you just the right amount of challenge to have fun but not make you want to throw your phone at the wall! And you can see how you rank against others everyday. Also like the sounds which remind you when you've already made that same match before and the easy way the puzzle is set up. Love playing this game. Looks so simple but looks are deceiving. If you want to give your brain a jump start, play this everyday and watch your time score get faster and faster. Get your friends to play, and see whose quickest... Good job SET geniuses :-)
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10 years ago, #1find
Love the competition!
Excellent daily teaser! I have done the daily online set puzzle but this allows me to see how I rank compared to other players. I always thought I was fast but I have some serious competition! Good to know. 😜 Had to buy the real app so I can practice...must be #1!
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10 years ago, Joe Long76
Fun game
Slightly more difficult version of the real version. This one doesn't wipe away the cards after you select your three matches.
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9 years ago, Shree56
See your way into it
Great quick daily brain game. Free unlimited hints. It's a shame the app only offers one game per day but at least there are six levels per one game.
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10 years ago, Hemisphere21
Daily fun!
The daily SET puzzle is a quick wake up for your brain - I set the daily reminder to play every morning.
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10 years ago, I love this game😃
Love it
I love this game and everybody should get it because the directions are easy but it's hard to complete the puzzle
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9 years ago, Dom black123456789432
Love the game very fun
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9 years ago, HWeeks
Absolutely love the game!
Set is my go-to game when waiting, killing time. Unfortunately with just one game per day, it's not really worth keeping around. I've bought the actual cards, but spending an extra $5 to have the app just seems overpriced. Would be nice to have the card game come with an app code, or something.
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