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Daily Pay Inc.
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User Reviews for DailyPay On-Demand Pay

4.82 out of 5
241K Ratings
1 year ago, djturbo91
Coolest and most convenient app app ever!!!!
This app is without a doubt the most useful tool for anyone who lives from paycheck to paycheck ( the vast majority of Americans ) . The first thing I absolutely love about it is the fact that it is not a payday loan , it doesn’t charge you rediculous interest rates averaging 400% apr or higher according to a google search I just did. As a matter of fact this service is absolutely free if you’re willing to wait a couple of days for your money to transfer or if you need the money instantly deposited into your account they charge you a flat rate of 2.99 no matter how much you receive. The way it works is it is synced with your direct deposit info and knows your pay schedule and your hours worked In real time . It will basically make a percentage of your pay for the hours you have already worked available to you instantly ( the percentage is roughly half) . For example, say you make 25 dollars an hour and you work 8 hour shifts. That would be 200 dollars per day before taxes . So if you have worked 3 days you would be able to get roughly 300 dollars deposited into your account instantly for 2.99 . And when payday comes you will receive your full pay minus the 300 dollars you were given early. Isn’t that awesome ?!?! You should give it a try next time you are in a tight spot and need funds instead of getting a payday loan or pawning your personal belongings. I’m confident you will love it as much as I do .
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2 years ago, chadgarrison15
Change of heart
So before I talked to this DailyPay employee I’m about to mention, I was already out the door ready to stop using DP. The overall experience was honestly horrible. Customer service sucked, I had a dude eating while talking to me and talking like he’s on the streets. Just unprofessional. Let me say there is some good agents at DP but far and few. Anyways, they were charging me $2.99 a transfer, for what was suppose to be free when you set up a Current account, But then God called on one of the good ones left at DailyPay and I couldn’t be more happier. All worries are gone knowing this man works for DP. I had run into some horrible customer service with them and week long responses just to get asked if I needed help again. Then came along a man named DAVE. A legend in my book and someone who DP needs to pay as much as you can to keep at your company. Cause he will keep customers and make the company money. I don’t know his last name but he’s a Daily Pay employee named Dave in the customer service department, most likely runs it. But man, I hope people who have issues with DP, get to talk to a Dave. He made everything more then better. Dave is up there with Jesus Christ in my opinion. Just a class act and a peoples person. It’s not the hero we want, but it’s the Hero we need! Thanks for your help Dave!!!! Talk soon
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2 years ago, bye macari
Aramark via instant pay
Ok this being my second job I don’t care about borrowing at all I would do it everyday but the updates are not daily atleast for me. First day of work on a Tuesday I see my $123 so I cash out $123 first deposit free then I waited 5 days for my Wednesday pay plus now they say only 50 % can be advanced and when asked about my first advance being 100% of my pay “minus taxes of course” they can’t explain how I was able cash out $123 when I should only be allowed $60 some odd dollars because 50% allowed amount. So on Tuesday of next week I get my $58 dollars after the $3 fee. Then I’m thinking ok maybe Wednesday I’ll get another $58 and so on and so forth but no that’s it no more money sent to my daily pay during the middle of pay period. End of story it’s not daily pay and they blame your employer and employer blames them. Change the name from daily pay to whenever it clears. Don’t ever both with this daily pay crap. No matter where you are just go to “People ready” it’s nation wide and they actually pay daily no gimmicks. Just choose the daily pay jobs not weekly if your in a bind for cash. Ps No need to have daily pay personnel comment back because obviously by the amount of bad reviews your failing as a company.
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3 years ago, pinkpistachio21
Be Careful
For the most part, I like Daily Pay. Sometimes you need your money early for necessities such as gas and food. That’s a big pro. However, there are many cons. First, you have to pay $3 for every transfer. When you’re making minimum wage ($7 and some change where I live), that’s a lot to give up every time you really need money. Second, this app can incorrectly report how much you’re really earning. This week it said I had a certain balanced earned. I was borrowing money and making sure I didn’t touch a certain amount of my paycheck because I have an insurance bill due this week. My paystub came out yesterday and it turns out I actually EARNED LESS than what Daily Pay stated. After my paystub came out, THEN DailyPay updated theirs. I had already borrowed money this week. As a result, I’ll have LESS money than I expected to have on payday. Now I have to borrow money from my next paycheck to cover the rest of my insurance bill. Just a warning to everyone: keep track of your own hours, don’t rely on this unreliable app, it could screw you over. Even better, don’t use it unless you really have to. Maybe I should stop using it entirely and just try to make it between paychecks, that way I will have all of my money when I actually need it. We all have to be careful when allowing our money to come through a third party. It’s probably better to just have your full paycheck go directly to you then through some app. Just be careful everyone.
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2 years ago, Brook6789
Frustrated old time user
A year ago I started working for a company that offered daily pay. Being a fairly decent budgeter and a firm believer that the old-school era of getting paid every two weeks is out of date and a scam, I used DailyPay often. Fast forward to now and about two months ago I took a position at a different company that also offers dailypay. I plugged in all information for my new company onto the app but I then discovered my account was cancelled due to no longer working at my previous company. No big deal, I decided to call and figure out how to get it set up. I sat on call for an hour and 20 mins, eventually gave up. Called again and again, finally got offered an option to receive a call back. After receiving the callback I did everything the rep told me to do and was told that she could see I am a long time user and that my account would be restored in 24 to 48 hours. Weeks have gone by. I finally took the time out of my day to call again and sit on the phone for hours waiting for someone to pick up. Eventually got an answer and was told yet again the same thing, that my account would be restored and my ticket was “escalated”… it’s now been another two days and still no balance to pull from. It’s frustrating, time consuming and the customer service lacks. The turnaround rate for answers on someone’s MONEY needs to be evaluated. Hoping my escalated ticket gets answered soon..
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5 months ago, Jo Giggles
Love it
First off let me by start by saying how much I really do love Daily Pay. Having this option to get paid when I can, has come to my rescue on more than one occasion. Single mom, bills to pay and working as hard and as much as I can to make ends meet. The only issue I have ever had with Daily Pay is when they had an issue a few months ago when we didn’t get paid on time. Whoever fault it was weather bank or theirs, we will truly ever know. Daily pay tried to correct it by making an advancement, which was nice but when it was time to pay back and you selected the option, paid it back in full. The message still pops up til this day saying I have to pay back (which I already paid back in one lump sum) I have spoken with many staff and supervisors (so they tell me when I call) to get this review my account. Once they confirm that they see I paid the advance back they reassure me this is just a fluke on the website and it will go away. It hasn’t. They even told me to try to go to the actual website off a desktop and not on app to see if it will correct it. It hasn’t . I have called and emailed several time and it’s still not fixed. As much as I love Daily Pay I would love it even more and feel reassured that the issue is fixed , if they fixed it.
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3 years ago, Prncxx
Don’t think twice - I’ll explain
Daily pay is an app that enables you to receive your paycheck before payday. The money/hours you clock in one day is what daily pay gives u at the end of that day but CUT IN HALF. Your reported earnings will grow and will eventually be correct the day before payday. This is what you made from your current hours clocked in (Reported earnings). Your available balance is what daily pay is enabling you to transfer, this balance is half of the total amount you made so far working that pay week. If you transfer/use this balance or some of it, it is taken out of your check on payday because it IS your check. Daily pay is for people who need funds now. If you don’t use your available balance , this balance and the money you receive on payday will equal your actual paycheck total, in my case more. Daily pay does not steal your money because you are obviously using it. The bad reviews are from people who didnt really understand DailyPay. I was one of them. I thought daily pay was talking half of my money but I received the rest on payday. DailyPay is a GREAT app and I’m glad I came across it. Please give it a try. If you don’t understand just come back to this review.
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3 years ago, AGiberson
I love the idea of this service but it’s sketchy and the customer service reps are beyond rude! Let me explain, my bank account information continues to be disabled on the daily pay end. I’ve spoken with my bank and they only see several successful transactions. But on the daily pay side my bank account information gets disabled and I have to go back in and re-enter everything. I called customer service and I was told that the reason for this issue is my fault and I am not putting in the correct information. The women I spoke with refused to think any of this might be issues on their end. I had all of my, correct, bank information in front of me while I was on the phone with her. The lady kept trying to tell me that I didn’t have the correct information because my account number didn’t have enough numbers. My account number only has 6 numbers and she said that account numbers have between 8-10 numbers (because she googled this while on the phone with me) so I am missing something. Daily pay needs to get their crap together, own up to tech issues on their end and stop putting all the blame on their customers! I have since deactivated my account out of pure frustration! If my next paycheck doesn’t get deposited into my account I will be blaming daily pay 1000% due to their lack of ownership to the issues at hand! Moral of the story I wouldn’t recommend daily pay to anyone!!! Stay clear of this service!!!!
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9 months ago, Fzs 12
Does not update daily
I signed up for daily pay cause my boss explained it to me as “your paycheck updates every day after you work.” I even expected it to take 24hrs or even 48hrs, as those things can take some time. However, after the first week, mine only updates every Monday… sometimes. Sometimes not till Tuesday, which means it’s essentially a weekly pay, just not on Friday. I get paid ever 2 weeks… so being able to pull money out a week early is cool… but when it’s Thursday and I need to pull the money out I made on Mon. Tues. and Wed. And I can’t, and have to wait till next Monday, it become irrelevant. The whole idea is getting my money when I need it… not whenever it’s convenient for the system to do it’s job properly. Might as well wait for your check. For example, it’s Saturday right now; my last update was Monday Sep. 11. It’s been a WHOLE week. I don’t get paid till next Friday, but needed some money this Friday (yesterday) but nothing. And you still have to pay like $3 if you want YOUR money on the same day… or you’ll have to set it up for next business day. But if it’s Friday, you won’t get it until Monday. So if you need YOUR money on Saturday, but don’t want to pay an additional $3 of YOUR money, then you have to wait till Monday. But when it comes to Updating your balance, they take a whole week. Seem like just a clever way to make money off of people already living paycheck to paycheck.
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3 years ago, Ridiculous.Period
Absolute waste of time
First time using Daily Pay. First issue was at login. Red Flag. It kept trying to log me in with Face ID after I already declined the option. Then afterwards after finally getting in and once again turning off the log in ID, I use it a couple times and noticed that it wasn’t even tracking my actual pay correctly and thought that maybe it just didn’t track shift differential pay and only actual pay base. Ok fine. So a couple days into the pay period after I do all my Xmas shopping and all the pay bills for the month I try to advance a small $40 to get me along with gas. I try to connect my bank and red flag number two it kept trying to submit my password with a Face ID. After being unsuccessful a few times it locks me out and tells me to contact customer service who proceed to leave me on hold for over a hour. I don’t care how many calls your getting that is ridiculous. You have online agents who aren’t even online to provide assistance. Right before that the instant pay had stopped working. This app and agency are e absolute worst
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2 months ago, Another one Fed up
The other preview made me laugh. Yes, it is very nice and you start out at the very careful and trying to get rid of it or stop it. Beware I’m going to say is your account is no longer your account with your bank watch your account number change and then eventually you’ll lose a little more money hello more money to the point where you’re not getting any money, I now have an HR in my company trying to stop this and it’s gone from store HR to corporate HR they won’t stop… I haven’t had this app activated and just tonight I apparently used it at least, according to them… right now, five minutes ago $41 this is a dangerous app… and when you start seeing half your paycheck, you disappear 200 here 400 there 100 here it’s never a percentage of the check it’s just Chunks of money taken out… I gave you people one week to get all my money back you have two more days and it goes to court I will file against you I haven’t had your app download it. I have not used it. You said it was job on the 11th and you’re taking money out still over $300 on the last one today’s paycheck was bad it was just messing $40 after I informed you my intentions…. I have paystub‘s from Kroger, showing with my check, swear and I have the deposit from the bank. And I want to know what happened to the hundreds missing in between…. Two more days. you have two more days?
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2 years ago, Syn00081
Don’t trust this app
I’ve been a user a few months now and things were going great then all the sudden my dp wasn’t showing up call the customer service no help only once they sent a email I confirmed w the info needed and received a payment later that evening, was told it was a mix up and everything would be back on track well here I am no dp and I depend on the help worked a full 12 hrs and again everyone’s saying it’s in someone else and no help solving so prob will be getting rid of this especially if it keeps up, don’t use this app they’re not helpful at all when issues occur and I feel like I’m being charged a lot more then what I use numbers don’t match they have no record of where or how the money is deducted so it’s very sketchy if I knew before I would’ve just said no please save your self a lot of hardship my last pay was over 700 short and no explanation to why so much was taken so be warned
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7 months ago, 11Poppy11
Do not use this app or this company
My reviews keep being deleted. This company is shady. If you use their service even one time in the small print that immediately entitles them to get ALL your money before you do. Your company will send your check to their company and they send you your money days after your direct deposit would’ve been in your account. I immediately canceled my account when I realized what it was going to do to my check and it has been weeks and my ADP information was still showing their routing and account number and not mine. I had to change it again or another check of mine would’ve been in their hands. I received an email saying that my account was closed yet my routing and account information was still theirs and not my own. I had to physically go and change it before my paycheck ended up with them again. So if you have used this service and they are still getting your check, you have to go change your banking account information to yours. Because they will not do that for you they will continue to take your money. I will write a negative review every single time you delete my review. I will not give up until people have been warned about this company. it is 100% a scam and it screws people who already don’t have any money out of more.
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1 year ago, ksndkekh
BEWARE! Bad customer service!
When trying to inquire on why the app was DAYS behind with updating, you’re immediately directed to followup with your employer (no surprise there). Upon investigation, said employer actually advised that shifts are reported daily (immediate red flag). With that said, for someone who expects to be able to cash out daily- this is not the company to go with. As it stands, I’m actually STILL waiting for my balance to update from more than 3 days ago. It is the 31st and the last update was the 27th. I’ve worked everyday since then- NO update. Will be canceling as this defeats the purpose of having “daily” pay access. Might as well just wait for your check to arrive the old school way. UPDATE It gets worse. Don’t take the risk. If the numbers are off on their end, then their go-to response is “your employer” “your employer” meanwhile the proof is there in black-white. The paystub show what was deducted by them. You can’t tell a customer well they must have deducted more. Canceling as I submit this review. Oh and customer service is scary. If the agents are so comfortable with being rude that says a lot about the company itself. Don’t use unless you like money being stolen from you. Oh and dishonorable mentions go to Diego, and Bert- if that’s even their real names. TERRIBLE customer service.
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1 year ago, faceman5050
Daily pay we hijack your paycheck and make you wait
Ok before you do anything with this app just be aware it changes your direct deposit to them then to your bank account. So if you have a bank account that gives you your money two days in advance, that advance is now gone. The whole idea of getting this app is to get a advance on your money, however your money arrives like normal but if you don’t pull any out as an advance then they deposit all your money in your bank account a day before your paycheck legally is supposed to arrive. That’s if they even give you the ability to pull an advance out. I seriously recommend not getting this app. You literally have to pay money to have access to your own money that you would have already have in your pocket if you didn’t download the app. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone. Please read this and just walk away from this app. If your manager recommends it stab them in the face. If your co-worker recommends it drown then in the urinal. It’s that bad. You literally loose in this relationship. Not only does it cost you money it delays your paycheck. Also if your manager doesn't update your time sheet but 1 time a week you loose the ability to pull money at all. Like I said DO NOT USE. DO NOT RECOMMEND TO OTHERS.
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2 years ago, Family dollar Employee
Representative are non responsive and not considerate
I found out my account was closed and under review without me knowing until I went back to my past job to work & that My account was charged for 5 hundred dollars and then some which is ludacris due to me not being able to have access to my account . I have been working and haven’t received any pay from the 3 checks owed to me due to my account being in a negative . I currently had to speak with representatives who either put me on hold or hung up in my face ! I also had to constantly email these guys because I wasn’t getting any responses . for this to be a serious issue for me and the money I worked for they weren’t considerate at all!!!! one representative told me instantly that there’s nothing he could do for me and that I would have to speak with someone else and ended the conversation! Another representative put me on hold then took me off hold to hang the phone !!! They had a phone number on file of mine that was old in which I told all the representatives to change because that phone number wasn’t in use I just got it changed TODAYYY it’s been almost two weeks since I stated that . I’m owed money and It’s sad that I have to go through the run around to get what’s owed to me !!!!
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4 months ago, TommyWright502
Don’t Do It!!!
Daily Pay is holding my paycheck hostage! I went back to work for a company I worked for previously. I was using Daily Pay then but upon returning to that employer, I decided I was just going to have my payroll directly deposited into my checking account. When I was choosing my elections I noticed Daily Pay was still on file as my bank of choice. I wanted to change that but Daily Pay said no, I HAVE to use them because my contact information had changed between my employment dates and the only way to change it was to wait until AFTER my 1st paycheck was sent to them, I have to call and someway give them a copy of my ID and my most recent paystub. So instead of being able to just login to my employee acct at work and change my direct deposit info like any other place I have worked or any REAL financial institutions I have used prior, Daily Pay seems to think they can just do with my deposit what they please. So now my paycheck is tied up, I got paid 2 days ago, and I cannot access my money until Daily Pay decides to release it to my REAL bank. I am prepared to contact an attorney to make them aware of these shady and unethical business practices if I do not have access to my paycheck in the next 24 hours.
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2 years ago, none_yo_buisness
Not Helpful Anymore
So I am a teenager who of course wants money and wants their money faster. I used this app last year when I first started working so that I could receive my paychecks faster. This year I started using it again and I got paid for a training that I did. It wasn’t a lot though it was like 22$ but it was my 22$ that I worked for. When I went to transfer my money out of my account that following Tuesday my account said I didn’t have any money in it. I waited until that Tuesday because my card was supposed to arrive that day also. I don’t know what happened and it’s Saturday now. I’ve been trying to get my money back since last Tuesday which was May 31. I’ve sent them 5 emails explaining what’s happened, I’ve called them everyday multiple times. I’ve been on the phone waiting to talk to someone sometimes over 30 minutes and I’ve been cool about it because I understand dealing with multiple situations at once. But I’m tired of waiting when I’ve been trying to reach them in multiple ways and I haven’t gotten a response. I don’t know what happened and I’m done with this app now. I would have been much cooler about it if I would’ve been able to chat with someone about it, but that hasn’t happened.
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2 months ago, IndyAli22c
Horrible…. Stay away.
UPDATE: So I responded back to Daily Pay via their email address in their response and the promise to get back to me within 24 hours. That was 5 days ago and I have received ZERO response from them. Wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt but they are just full of false promises to help and assist. I stand by my original post. This app and website are horrible. I have been able to access DP just once since my employer linked me to sign up for it. It will not let me access it from my laptop of phone via the website and when you go to click the trouble access link to get assistance that does work either. When you try and use the app it won’t let you on there either and just says oops, sorry there has been an error. Be sure to read through all the most recent comments and not the most helpful and you will quickly see this place has a ton of problems. There is no way to get any assistance. It shouldn’t be this hard…. So that a huge red flag for me. It says it’s blocking me on my laptop due to a VPN but I don’t have a VPN and I have tried from multiple devices and still have no access and no way to ask for assistance. Just stay away is my advice.
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2 years ago, kayegee1515
Terrible app. Steals your money
The app never updates properly. It never updates your pay or shifts on time so you’re never really getting your moneys worth. I get paid biweekly. So the past couple weeks I held a little experiment because I noticed money from my check was missing. I transferred 100$ two pay periods ago so it made sense that 100$ was taken out of my check for that specific pay period. For the next three weeks I didnt take anything out of my daily pay account and money was still missing from my check. So I looked into it. DailyPay has been withholding that 100$ that I deposited two pay periods ago from every paycheck I’ve made since then. It only makes sense to hold that 100$ from the pay period that I transferred it from. They withhold however much money you transfer from every single paycheck you get even if you’re not using the app to make transfers at all. If you make just ONE deposit of let’s say, $5, that $5 will always be missing from your check, every single check, as long as your DailyPay account is active with them. It makes no sense and is just a way to steal your money. I deactivated my account immediately and I’ll just wait until payday from now on.
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11 months ago, presto0294
Professional scam artists!
They accidentally paid me double my paycheck so I had to pay them back (perfectly fine) they gave me 3 options to pay back the money. I chose a payment plan of I believe 4 paychecks. They ended up taking my next whole paycheck, and told me there was nothing they could do about it. Now because I don’t make much, I have to struggle to pay my bills on time. Oh and they told me I have $200 that I could take out from my next paycheck. That had nothing to do with the whole paycheck they stole from me. I’m fine with paying them back for their mistake, but if they give you an option, stick to that option. This app is not worth it. Bunch of scammers and if could give this zero stars I would. Update: before I deleted my account I had to pay back whatever else I owed them (not as much money) and the same prompt asking me how I pay it back popped up. So I chose the same option to pay it back in my next 4 checks, and this time I did not touch that account after I chose to pay them back weekly instead of in full, AND THEY STILL TOOK OUT THE REMAINING BALANCE! The concept of this company is cool, but overall is not worth it. Do not waste your time using this app.
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2 years ago, Lovemysavior77
Serious trash
So I’ve been just trying to set up my account. It took me longer than expected to start this job and now I’m low on cash. I’m trying to set up this app but it says I have no bank account on file. I already have it in my work account. Already been paid once through my employer. Then they say I don’t need it and they’ll escalate the problem to the supervisor… no supervisor emails or calls me back. Spoke with like 5 or 6 customer reps and no one can help me. The last one blamed my employer. Also the last 2 times I called it was ringing for almost an hour. The rep just picked up and said “ so you need to call your employer” Didn’t even ask questions. Im assuming they just know who’s calling and they refuse to answer. Before they answered in seconds. Anyways after reading the unpaid reviews (cuz obviously a lot, if not all, of the 5 star reviews on this app are paid reviews. You can tell by what they write🚩) I think I’m better off just borrowing from family. If something goes wrong with my money on this app there is no customer service to help get my money back which is not cool. If there service was good they wouldn’t have to pay for 5 star fake reviews.
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2 years ago, StrongBlckWoman
Love Daily Pay!
I have absolutely no idea why people are freaking out about this app. It’s literally golden. I get paid as soon as my shift is over. I don’t mind that it’s not the exact dollar, the convenience is enough. And truthfully I usually rack up a few days before I advance. At first I was furious, not understanding that when my pay period ended daily pay would deduct from my next check. But once I learned this it was also a W for me because I still needed money, I didn’t care which check it was cut from. My opinion, if you don’t make a whole lot of money where you can pinch off and shorten your check I wouldn’t recommend. Im a nurse so if I advance even half of my earnings, even with the fees, I still break even because the cost of convenience is just that: a cost. Nothing is free. Pick your poison people. Just a tip, it would be nice to shorten the free transfer after 5 instead of 10 😊
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1 year ago, Gutterstench
They take 50%
They will take 50% of your paycheck once they transfer it to your bank account on payday. DO NOT USE THIS APP. The only thing good about daily pay is the customer service representatives (the ones who are patient and speak native English). They are full of fees, full of mystery charges, and full of scams. Whoever runs this company is truly a genius, convincing vulnerable, hard-working employees that they get to see your daily balance.. with the hefty price of taking HALF OF YOUR PAYCHECK. The only reason I got the app was to see my balance so the company wasn’t ripping me off lol turns out DAILYPAY WAS ABOUT TO RIP ME OFF. Taxes in Pennsylvania should be AT MOST 23%, add 50% to that and the rest is your paycheck. Also I’ll add this, when I signed up and when I was offered this, no where did I see they were going to take 50%. This app is lucky I caught this asap or I would’ve contacted my lawyer and brought this whole company down. Whoever runs this company is lazy garbage who doesn’t work for anything, They steal from the hardworking. Do not use. Beware of this app especially if you need to pay phone bills. Just use direct deposit like the good ol fashion way
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2 years ago, Mr Charles Roberts
They are horrible
I’m in a process of airing this company out right on all platforms, they literally messed my paycheck up then tried blaming me I said I screen shot every day I made withdrawals I’ve never had a pay under 5 hundred I received 290 a week ago for a job that pays me 980 every 2 weeks the service is horrible and their agents know nothing I said if I could figure out a way to prove it that their messing up the pay I will either this or when I finish developing my case with this company but they will be shut down this is ridiculously bad service for you guys to work with real companies pay people rightly. My company gave me more hours and it changed my days of work the still took money from both checks instead of 1 stating I took money from both checks. Gonna be great winning this case messed up the creators didn’t fix this
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1 year ago, Talipilot
This app is essential
When I was looking through my adp app I saw the DailyPay information, I clicked on it and been using it ever since. Like in the review I read for this app says : if you are living from paycheck to paycheck, this app is a must have. It actually lets you access less than your full net pay for the day minus your taxes and other deductions you may have added , so I would say less than half of your net daily pay but very reasonable rate. When payday hits you get your paycheck minus the amount you transferred to your bank from DAILY PAY. THE DOWNSIDE IS THAT I’m kinda upset that the instant transfer rate is $3.46 now instead of $2.99 . So if you don’t want to get hit with DAILY PAY rate and ATM FEES if using other financial institutions than your card issuer to obtain your money which adds up to average transaction costing you around $5.50 to $9.50 every time you use instead availability of your funds. Also when I first signed up I was able to withdraw my funds daily as needed but now it’s only every 2-3 days. Before as soon as I clocked out I had gotten a notification saying that my daily pay balance had increased. Overall I would rate it At 10 out of 10 for having access to my funds when I needed for a very small flat rate instead of percentage based rate. 7 out of 10 for the period of time it needs to update and upload the money for my daily balance
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2 years ago, bwes@3450@9
So over this app
So I’ve worked at my company for three years. Daily pay always been super great. It’s been really nice to have money accessible before payday in times of need however, I swapped locations at my job in June. Once I swapped locations, I call daily pay to change all of my information over to my new employer and I was told everything was good and it be working by Monday. However, it was not so I called again this continued for a month. I have called and called and called and even tried to hash this out over however, I don’t get a response and I did get a response eventually and my ticket got escalated all the way up to as far up as I could go however never handled and still to this day aren’t My account does not update properly. The last shift that I worked was in June. I work pretty much every day. The experience that I app is truly frustrating and at this point I’m over it I’ve had a defective account for three months and it’s truly irritating. I wouldn’t recommend this app to any of my friends anymore such a shame
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2 years ago, Ashley Harbin
Absolute worst
I have had so many issues with Daily Pay. Currently I am waiting for my account to unpaused. They are saying that something on my account has been changed and neither my employer or myself have changed anything. I have spoke with so many people that my head is spinning. I have heard so many different things about when this issue would be resolved. The first person I spoke with said this would take 48 to 72 hours to fix and now I have been told that it won’t be fixed until my pay day which is almost a week away. This is an issue within their company and it seems no one wants to actually fix it. Another thing that is frustrating is hearing every person I speak with say they understand. How can someone understand when they are not having the issues I am having. Some of the automated answers these people send out should be changed to actually take the customers situation into consideration. I’m sure I’m not the only person who get upset and frustrated when someone says they understand when there is no possible way they could understand.
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1 year ago, k123ye
Scams and excuses
If I were to take the time to read all these reviews I would have never signed up for daily pay to begin with. Working for agency for more than 7 years prior and receiving daily pay from them is what prompt me to sign up after taking a full time position at this company. Anyway and entire year passed with minor mishaps but wasn’t a big deal. I know nothing in life is perfect. Fast forward to now it’s been an entire week and I can see money increasing but cannot be transferred. All of a sudden they saying my company not reporting my hours. Mind you we work shift so everybody clock in and out just about the same time. Everyone else that participate in daily pay receiving their money but mine lost. Went to pay roll Sher said yes my times are in. Spent three days on the phone with worthless reps my money still not in, so called escalated ticket created on the first day still nothing. My bills are set up for daily pay I’m backed up been working and nothing. Do not sign up this is a scam 100%. They have no set policy each time you contact them the story changes. I’m out.
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3 years ago, JuanVet1
Instant pay app
I just tried it out and am very excited about the app . I finished my shift and a couple of hours later, I received a notice that I had instant funds available. I requested my funds and received them in less than a minute. If you’re having trouble with the app, understand that you must ensure that you have a current valid direct deposit account set up to your employment payroll and that you won’t receive your entire paycheck, you’ll receive what you requested upfront or if you opt for the entire amount, you’d receive anywhere from 50% to 80% instantly and the rest on the following regular pay day. For example ($100 ), you’d get $50 to $75 instantly from that amount and you’d receive the remainder $50 or $25 depending on what you fronted. To summarize it , in the end you’ll end up receiving your whole pay.
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2 years ago, Yourfanmom
It’s great, when it boots
So far, the app’s intended functions work great. The UI is clean, fast and simple, so props to whoever was in charge of that. I’ve experienced no bugs so far whatsoever and have made several transactions without a hitch. There is one important caveat however… more often than not, the app will not boot. I’ll be stuck on the splash art screen for several minutes until I give up and kill the app. I’m running an iPhone 10 Pro so I don’t necessarily believe it’s a performance thing. Granted, i’m using the app a lot more than most people; I’ve been opening and closing it several times in rapid succession, usually because I remember there was something I wanted to check out or just seeing if my balance has updated yet. If this “crash” (if you even want to call it that) was patched, this would easily be one of the most user-friendly and well optimized apps I think i’ve ever used.
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2 years ago, IZfan4life
Infuriating login errors.
So for the better part of the past two years I’ve been using Dailypay to get some of my paycheck early if I need to. I had no problems with the app until recently. It constantly gives me errors about my login information and locking my account, leaving me to have to call customer support and have them unlock it and send me password reset links over and over. I know I’m entering the correct information. I changed my password AGAIN earlier this week, and when I tried to log in with it, it once again told me my info was invalid. Keep in mind, I was able to log in perfectly fine on desktop. No issues at all there! It’s just this app that is now completely unusable. No matter how many times I change the password, by whatever means, it tells me it’s wrong every time. I have no clue who’s end this is even a problem on. But I have abandoned the app and now only use desktop. Real pain this has been. >:(
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3 weeks ago, Stacey_S1975
Love this app BUT..
I love this app BUT I have problems every time I’m trying to process the money to my bank…. It takes about 10 or more times of me trying to then it will finally work. So I’m stressed that it will not work every time then thankfully it does. So 4 stars bcz it does eventually work but I’d give it 5 stars if I didn’t have that aggravation I love it tho! This app has saved me from getting one of those payday loans and I am more then grateful!!! Update… The apps working great again! I love this app and am so grateful to the creators! No more having to get a payday loan (that is designed for us to never pay off and just get ourselves deeper in debt)when I’m low on grocery money or need gas to get us thru Now I just draw from my own paycheck when we need it. My bills are never late and my car always has gas!! I’m so much happier!!!
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2 weeks ago, bhskek in f
Bad Support, glitchy app
Pretty sure their coding is completely awful. if you have multiple jobs be aware if they’re both on the daily pay account and you stop working at one of the jobs they’ll just cancel your entire account. i’ve been trying to work with their support team for days on this and i was told to give it 3 business days and it would be resolved it’s been 4 business days and it’s not resolved despite 3 phone calls and 1 time messaging an agent in their help section this week. $4 charge for me to take out $20 but anytime anything slightly changes with your employment your entire app will freeze and say all $0’s. Not sure what the problem is but i know the creators are aware these issues have been going on for probably over a year now and haven’t changed the way their system works still. Don’t expect to be able to actually use the app when you want if you experience any changes at work ever at all for any reason. Really can’t support an app that steals my money in exchange for awful service.
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2 years ago, ashofler
They remove things you didn’t ask
I have previously came back to a job that used this app DailyPay. I removed the old account that I no longer had anymore and set up my new banking information I also added my PayPal so my DailyPay and my paycheck would go to my PayPal. One morning on payday I wake up and the account that I had removed when I set up my new account information has suddenly reappeared and my paycheck was sent to that old account that I have absolutely no access to. The banking info I set as primary was removed and my old banking info re appeared and they set the old as primary. When I contacted daily pay they said oops contact the old on line bank you had and figure it out your self basically. They offered no help and no assistance they’re refused to understand what they did as long as daily pay makes their cut of your paycheck they don’t care where your paycheck goes you have to be careful and check every day before payday to make sure your money go to the correct bank. Doesn’t matter if you deleted any banking info they will make it reappear.
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2 years ago, nijah nahree
This is the best thing since sliced bread
Tbh i believe whoever created this app deserves the world. Being able to access your money right after you worked hard for it is amazing . I only use daily pay when i'm really in a crunch and need my funds immediately, which duhhh thats what its for ( whatever u don't use goes on your paycheck as normal). But i see alot of reviews of people complaining abt the 2.99 fee but nobodies forcing u to use the app! You gotta understand in order for this service to be offered they gotta get funding somewhere. I have no complaints, this app saved me from hard situations a couple of times and im so grateful for it. W app, W creator, W developers. Bless u all thank u for making this possible, I think all jobs should offer this service and if your job does, get the app, trust me, eventually it’ll come in handy.
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2 weeks ago, jose😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
A way to breathe
I sometimes find my way outside looking inside. Thank goodness for the time of the day you started DailyPay. The work is there and i have the privilege to contribute as concessions supervisor, i had to work my way up and yes I’ve had my ups and downs. I love my job and my ups outweigh my downs , still learning everyday cause something always pops up. I’m so glad i signed up for DailyPay it gives me a chance to breathe not having to wait until payday. Just the other day my son needed $400 to pay his rent. I had some money in my checking but not enough but in my DailyPay account i had more than enough i was able to help my son. He’s my gift from God and i will do it again if he needs help. DailyPay not gives me room to breathe but a piece of mind knowing i put in the time , i don’t have to wait. Thank you DailyPay!!!!!
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4 weeks ago, йеремйя
Best employer supported app
If your employers support DailyPay, GET IT!! It has the potential to get you through paycheck to paycheck if you're learning to budget or just need a little bit of cash to get by. You can add your daily wages the day after your shift you worked the previous day to into a savings to ensure you're still receiving direct deposit on payday. While still getting cash you've worked for here and there to make those ends meet. I've had the app during 2023 when I lost one of my two jobs and it seriously saved me while trying to find a second source of income. You just have to be very careful about how much of your wages you're pulling out so you still have enough for your bills at the end of your pay periods. I really advise everybody try this app if your employers support it! :)
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4 years ago, - JA
HORRIBLE!! Steer clear.
I helped out at an additional store last pay period. I didn’t get paid for one of my stores. When I called to fix it they pushed over a payment that was really a sort of pay-in-advance payment because the pushed forward money they didn’t have to back up that I DEFINITELY didn’t ask for. I asked for answers and what could be done, NOT borrowed money. Then that put my daily pay account into negative. I called for a week in a half to fix the problem by pay day today so I could get the money I deserve. No one on daily pay reached out to ever. I always called in. Despite them marking my account as urgent numerous times and filling escalation tickets nothing got done and magically for a week and a half while a called a manager was never in? It’s been 2 pay period and I haven’t gotten the money I worked for thanks to daily classifying my check wrong. A fixable problem that’s taken a week and a half just to be heard and hopefully it’ll be solved. And the best part is I can’t leave and get my money bc daily pay states I’ll lose access. This organization is ridiculous.
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4 months ago, hgyhfdegbiookff
I would like to start off by saying that I am very grateful and thankful for DailyPay. The company I work for gets paid biweekly. When I started with my company I had been out of work for a month. I was not sure how I was going to make it another 3 weeks before my first check so to say money was Tight is an understatement. I had the option from day 2 of starting back to work to be able to get some of my check early so i could feed my family. I am so thankful that this is an option for people because being the working person in the household making ends meet can be rough sometimes. It is nice to know that if we need some cash before the two weeks is up that I can just go into the app and transfer what is available and needed. Thank you DailyPay.
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2 years ago, Vsgabba
Terrible Customer Service
If you ever have an issue with DailyPay and have to contact customer service, I wish you all the luck in the known universe. You may talk to someone, they could be nice or rude, it doesn’t matter. It won’t change the result of nothing will be done. And by nothing. The call back feature does nothing too. The only thing I was able to figure out from calling is that DailyPay users with a yahoo email were hacked. Okay. Not a perfect world. Stuff happens. They tell me that I’ll get a call back in a week. I get the call back with no new information and no way to lift the ban on my account. I had to talk to my boss at my job about emailing them to make sure it got done. And I’m not even at the part where my money is still missing. I would try calling customer service again, but I don’t want to waste my time to come out with nothing but anger over the situation never fully being resolved. This all happened in early May. If you made it this far in my review, I truly hope you never have to contact customer service
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1 year ago, Jonah Michel
I’ve had DailyPay for almost a year, and just saw a review saying people with current aren’t supposed to have $2.99 taken from their withdrawal. Every time I withdrew DP took 2.99 from me. I’ve wanted to cancel for a while, but whenever I do, a problem comes up in life and I have to reactivate my DP account, thus restarting the 1-3 pay period wait for it to cancel, if I could cancel it immediately I wouldn’t have this problem. I can also attest that all customer service people I’ve contacted were terrible. I haven’t met this legendary man named ‘Dave’ but I wish I would, every customer service member I’ve talked to have dodged some of my questions multiple times. And seem to not know what they’re doing. It’s very sad, I would love to continue using DailyPay in the future. But with my experience I can’t say I will. Unless things change. It hasn’t been all bad, but most of the time I’ve used it, it hasn’t been a good time.
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2 years ago, jo3.e
Don’t do it
I wouldn’t recommend anyone to daily pay . It lets you takes whatever amount you need out but after transferring your money to your bank they change your bank account info where your check/ remainder balance would go & put their Wells Fargo bank info and after it’s done you can’t go back in and change the bank account back to your own personal account. So now I don’t have my check… I’ve seen this happen to my other coworkers as well . It’s been a whole week after my pay date and I still haven’t received my check and don’t know where it went . Their customer service never answers the calls , the chat agent only answers certain questions and once you try to cancel it don’t allow you o cancel it get stuck there so I really wouldn’t recommend the app . If you transfer your money it comes straight to you but if you don’t transfer your full check the remaining balance will become theirs no matter how much you have it will go straight to them . Do not download
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2 years ago, HelloKittttyx3
I’d give this app a half and half. The good about it is definitely getting some of your cash upfront. It’s good for emergencies and what not. But come on with the fee’s. First they had this punch card system that after every 10 th transfer you’d get one free. Now it’s you either pay for instant, which is literally near 4$ or wait next day or so free. And last option to get the not so clutch “Friday” card. When they changed things around I guess nobody was considering the needs of the customers. People have expenses and money is needed so why make changes that are so inconvenient. Instant fee is too high and the friday card isn’t convenient for someone who wants their money into their primary bank account to complete a specific balance for emergencies. Ive probably paid about 100 dollars in transfers because of single mom/head of household issues, not to mention only had this app for 5 months or so yea… a heads up to oncoming customers.
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1 year ago, DFC25
Customer Service
A first this was very convenient, but now this app has done nothing but stress me out. The customer service representatives are 100% clueless about everything. I have not been able to access my funds since December 25th 2022. Here we are January 13th 2023, and I’m still not getting any type of resolution. When I first called I just kept being told there is a delay in earning updates that’s being worked on (that’s the response you will get regarding ANY balance updating issues). I continued to get that same response until I finally met someone who knew what they were talking about. She escalated my ticket to the specialist team, and they kept closing my ticket out and reopening it (3 times to be exact). I have to reach out daily in order to get an update on my ticket because no one is taking the time out of their day to update me on my ticket. Now when they finally decide to actually try and assist me, I am being told I have to wait an additional 3 days! This is ridiculous. Horrible experience.
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2 years ago, K- an unhappy customer
Rip Off
This app was so convenient when my employee first introduced it ! I could get my money when i wanted and needed it and never mind paying the fee when i needed to. Now so much has changed and its terrible. Whether its a new state thing or whatever now Instant pay is only available once a week, i had to talk to 3 different reps who barely even knew what day THAT would be available to me. So of course now im not getting instant pay so I have to time and budget when i get next day transfers so i only do them when I have enough money needed for bills. Now that I am now transferring everyday my usage keeps going down all because they changed their policy and I have to time out bank transfers !! It’s ridiculous and frustrating and now Im just ready to go back to regular checks every 2 weeks. The customer service is a long shot. You either get a robot person that keeps sending you typed up already messages or someone who actually talks to you. Change your policies !!! Be more convenient !!
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10 months ago, Dee Saunders
When I first started using DailyPay, it was fine until I started realizing all my check is not hitting my account. I’ve been trying to close my DailyPay account for over a month I was told by a representative that I was going to take two weeks I had to open my account to get the funds and close it and will be closed the same day which was wrong. They lied to me, I spoke into multiple representatives and supervisors. Ive also spoken to the fraud department. Everybody has been rude and hung up on me and giving me information that doesn’t add up. Do not waste your time with this app. In order to cancel your account you have 16 days not two weeks which is what they will tell you. And they estimate how much you make they don’t do the correct calculation until they receive your check. And they combine two checks for one pay period is ending the start taking from the next check, not the check that you’re supposed to be receiving the same week. DONT MAKE A DAILY PAY ACCOUNT ITS NOT WORTH THE TIME AND STRESS
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1 year ago, Heimric
Not satisfied at all
Well, If you are used to getting paid two or even three days early, get ready for disappointment because unfortunately with this app you can forget about early pay days. DailyPay says that you will get the paycheck the day it’s meant to come in. But they don’t verify, clearly, that you can still get the check early. There’s no way you will. I used to get my check on Friday's and my McDonald’s pay day is Tuesday. I guess there is just too many checks they have to process because mine hasn’t come in and it’s Sunday. They make money off of you by charging you 3$ every time you pay out (Another red flag). I deleted my account because it’s not fair they just decide to hold my check just because they think I’m going to do another pay out before Tuesday and remove more money off my check. It honestly makes my income messy and I don’t recommend this app. Sorry DailyPay, you didn’t work for me!
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1 month ago, KrisstenH
It’s fine
It’s convenient when it works. I’ve been using it for 3 years. They just reduced everyone’s balance because they upgraded their system and now everyone can’t pull more then 10% of their paycheck so until they figure it out the app is pointless right now. Kinda irritates me cause I never expected to have to search for money for groceries for my kids because I was hoping that you know. I get $90 a day from daily pay. I should be find to make it till the weekend and do groceries. Especially working 5 days a week. Now I can’t. 😂 thanks for resetting the stats. Also. When you ask when it’ll even out the customer service person will only say “hopefully in a few days”. We need a direct time. Not a hopefully in a few days. Not everyone should have been affected by this. The data for everyone’s account should have been stored and consistent with the updates. Or at least a dang warning would have been nice
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3 months ago, vonbeatz
Very Inconvenient
So the app is garbage as far as not remembering your password the app gives you two options if you forgotten your password, But only the cell phone option works, which is really dumb considering people have more access to a computer and they email more then they would have to a phone, I’m sitting here trying to pay rent and they’re telling me that I can only use the number to reset the password, If the cell is the only authentication then the email option should be removed, Then you call to customer service you provide them with all your credentials and it’s no way they can bypass it on their end, but that makes no sense because when you call is asks are you call about your phone number or another number, customer service verifies your access but can’t send a link to reset your password which is completely inconvenient on the customers end and non helpful at all, A total waste of time!!!!!!!
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