Dakotaland FCU

2.6 (46)
33.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dakotaland FCU
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dakotaland FCU

2.63 out of 5
46 Ratings
1 year ago, JazzRené
Mobile Deposit Function
I’m glad there’s an app at all since mobile banking really is the most convenient. The mobile check deposit is a big problem though - I’ve seen reviews about it over and over again throughout the years and it seems like nothing is being done to fix it. No matter how clear my check looks in the picture, it continues to tell me to ‘improve contrast’ and because it’s automatic capture I can’t take it manually even though I know it would be an acceptable scan. Mobile check deposit is half the reason I use the app, so it’s a pretty big problem. I wish y’all would do something about it.
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7 years ago, Jowayy!!
The only reason I'm giving a 3 star is for the fact there mobile deposit does not work!! At all! I log it and want to take a image of the check and nothing happens. So for the fact that the app has really good features but just that option of mobile deposit it's worthless. Please fix it!
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3 years ago, Jammers555
Mobile deposit
Why is it nearly impossible to get the camera to take the picture for a mobile deposit? It never used to be this dang difficult! Otherwise, app is pretty good. Does what is needed.
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1 year ago, Mashtonb98
Mobile deposit tool
Worst mobile deposit tool, it took over ten minutes to scan a printed check. It kept telling me to improve contrast even though I tried a black background with flash, without flash, holding the check, everything.
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3 years ago, Powerwindows1985
Good for checking balances, and nothing else
This app is worthless for anything except checking balances. I want to transfer money to another institution to invest. Was told by bank that the app cant do that and I will have to get a cashiers check. Whats the point of a banking app if all you can do is check the balance of your account?
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5 years ago, crazy-danae
Past 3 years
The time I’ve used this app have been phenomenal. Yesterday, however, I can’t access my account on my phone. I hope they are able to fix this soon.
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1 year ago, djdbxuken
E Documents
This has been a great app so far however in my opinion it’s missing one critical thing, E Documents!
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4 years ago, Torque2050
Great App
Of several banks’ apps this is by far the best. The bank is awful the only reason I don’t leave it is this app....
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7 years ago, shayhay2008
Not bad
Wish you could see the pending transactions like you can on the website.
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6 years ago, Xx_CrazyGinger_xX
Update ruined it
An update a while back logged me out of my account and now will no longer let me login. I have tried going to the actual bank for help but it didn’t make a difference. This used to be a good app.
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4 years ago, Mglines
The mobile check deposit feature is worthless!! Compared to other banking apps I’ve seen, this one could sure use some work!
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2 years ago, pokey074
Completely Worthless
Update 7/26/22: Finally able to access the app. What they don’t tell you is that the app doesn’t support the same kind of password as the website. Certain characters are not allowed. Time will tell how useful the app is. Won’t let me log in. I use a password keeper and I know my user name and password are correct. Works just fine online. App is garbage.
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5 years ago, The best streamin app
I don’t have problems with the bank at all but the last update was 2 years ago and you guys need update for new iPhones 8,X and X Max and the institution needs to work with Apple Pay you Guys need a big update
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4 years ago, ask dg
Mobile deposit will not work and I update new password as instructed and just keeps looping through each time telling me to update password.
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6 years ago, goldnotgood
It needs an update everything looks so zoomed in it’s like if it was made for the old iOS and not the new one.
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6 years ago, Iks + headache
App problems need fixing.
This updated and now the app doesn’t even work for me. At all.
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3 years ago, Brenden S
Mobile deposit doesn’t work
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5 years ago, PhotolabStudios
Update is Garbage
Used to work fine. Now it’s junk. Can’t login, can’t access accounts. Fail on the update.
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5 years ago, redchakra
My least favorite app ever!!
You have to login on your laptop to make any changes!! Annoying!
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3 years ago, Discgolfer2002
Don’t get
App won’t work after resetting password
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5 years ago, :Bren
It was a great app until now it stops working in every iPhone
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10 years ago, Slogfarts
This does everything and more than I could hope for! I would expect nothing less coming from Dakotaland!
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10 years ago, Frogs626
It's all at my fingertips just luv it :)
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3 years ago, KENNY ROSADO
Bad app
Demaciado problema deberían bregar con ella por el bien del cliente
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