Dancing Line - Music Game

4.6 (95.5K)
410.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dancing Line - Music Game

4.62 out of 5
95.5K Ratings
5 years ago, i just want this posted
The Best Game on the App Store
I’m not a very good player, but this game is still my favorite. The graphics are pleasing and the music is beautiful. Even when I’m doing horrible at the game itself, I still manage to feel more at peace, refreshed and happier in general after playing. I could play the same level 100 times and still feel entertained. There is quite a surprising amount of diversity in the game and many levels. With that said, the ads were incredibly annoying in this game specifically. But I wasn’t bothered paying $5.99 to remove them. This is such a great app that I think it’s a catch it’s even free, so I feel justified in spending to remove the ads. There’s also a little bit of lag, but it doesn’t really bother me. The push to make players spend on packs and levels and coins is a little bit obnoxious however, and it’s my only genuine complaint. It’s annoying trying to figure out if you won something from the level and you’re getting it for free, or if clicking on it is going to ask for a password to charge your card or bring you to a 60 second ad. The negatives don’t balance out the positives though — it’s a great game. I would be pleased to see an update to clear the confusion between messy advertisement of expensive skin packs and actual earnings from collecting diamonds or passing a level though. I’m genuinely happy with this app and feel grateful for how amazing it is now.
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2 years ago, PSS325
Really fun and addicting but to many ads.
So a couple years ago I started playing this game and forgot about it. I later remembered the game and decided to see if it had changed much and there where new levels but it was pretty similar. I enjoy this game a lot and it is very fun and addicting. If you’re looking for a little challenge this game has it. But my one problem is the ads. After almost every time you die there is a 30 second ad! There are ads everywhere and it makes the game feel boring and the ads really get annoying. Each ad drags on and they can happen with 30 seconds in between 2 of them because you died. The only way to get rid of the ads is by paying for a subscription that cost 8$ A WEEK! I don’t want to spend that much money on a game I pick up on my phone when I’m bored. Eventually I will probley stop paying this game again and forget about it so paying that much WEEKLY for an online game is not worth it. In total it ads of to about $32 a month and $384 a YEAR! This is way to expensive for a game that you do just for fun. The subscription just unlocks all the levels gives you unlimited revives and no ads. It’s not worth it! So ultimately having to deal with the ads gets annoying so I will probley quit this game eventually because I am getting tired of the ads. This game has more potential and I understand that’s how the developers make money but there are just too many ads!!!
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5 years ago, Tmac Tlex
Great, but could use some adjustments
I’ve been playing this game for about two years and it’s an overall great game, although until recently, I’ve been having trouble with lag and loading. In the case of many levels, (the sailors tale, the spring festival, the chaos, the legend of assassin, etc.) I’ve found there to be problems with gameplay. I would highly suggest that you add more options in the settings, like disable shake. I understand that shake effects are incorporated to increase difficulty, though I’m a very skilled player and the shake just creates annoying and unstable gameplay. Another thing that would be sufficient would be the inclusion of ad personalization. I am a mobile player and I keep getting the same ads about Disneyland, Klondike, Wordscapes, Angry Birds, and it makes me outrageously irritated. I would also prefer there to be fewer 30 seconds and over ads. I feel as if they waste time that I could spend enjoying the game. About the ads again, whenever an ad is about to show up, the level that I’m on glitches, trying to load the ad, which turns out to have better quality than the game itself. Unlike many others, I know that you need the money from the ads, although I want it to be more fair, meaning that one ad doesn’t completely corrupt the screen. Those were all of my suggestions, and I hope that you have carefully read this and acknowledged my issues. The game is very good, but a few tweaks would make it almost perfect. Thank you.
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1 year ago, jfsin2017
Please remake this game in a better way
I have been playing this game since the pre-alpha days. Let me start off by saying that this game had so much potential but the developers got so greedy and money hungry that it went all downhill. Back when this game with first launched. There were 3 levels, and were much harder to complete you had to unlock each level by completing the previous level. When the beginning was removed and the piano was added that’s when it started to become a big hit on the App Store. back at this time there were no ads and you didn’t have to pay for anything. After more levels have been added over time we got another UI update. and that’s when things start to go downhill. When this whole you UI update happened the developers start putting ads in to the game and made you pay for a no ad an infinity cube bundle in 2018, they made the paths for all of the levels, much wider, which caused confusion for some new players, because they didn’t know where exactly to tap. Every time you fail, you have to watch an ad, every time you wanna play a new level you have to watch an ad. and then in 2020 a bunch of levels were removed and canceled and the game has stopped updating ever since. i’m really hoping someone out there can make a new dancing line with the old UI and no ads.
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2 years ago, golrah
my favorite game!
I remember I first downloaded this game in 7th grade, 2017, when it had first come out. I was immediately drawn in by it, and it seemed like the only game I could always play and never get tired of. Now I’m a senior in 2022, and this game has become my comfort game, I play it any time I feel anxious and it instantly makes me feel better. As a person interested in the arts as well as technology and graphic design, I was drawn in by how well the game was designed, whether it was each song and it’s graphics, the different tools used to play the level, the inclusion of helpful lines to know when to tap, or the wide selection of music genres. I have completed almost every song perfectly and finished all the challenges, and still participate in the weekly challenge to get notes. Every time I feel stressed, I just open the app and play “The Chinese Garden”, and every single time I am fascinated by the music, the graphics, and the hidden gem that can only be achieved by tapping the beats correctly. This game is a visual representation of the combination of the arts, computer science, and graphic design, all in one. I am truly blessed to have had the chance to find this game, and use it as an inspiration for my future. If ever I get the chance to communicate with the team behind making this game, it would be an honor!
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4 years ago, dotelstotels
Love it!!!
When I started playing this game, there were only 8 levels: the piano, the winter, the plains, the storm, the earth, the desert, the chaos, and the cathedral. The piano was the easiest level at the start and I could not even beat it. I mean, my brother could beat it, but why couldn’t I? But that didn’t stop me. I tried so hard to beat the piano and finally finished it one day. But then one day, I deleted it. The levels just got too hard. Then one day in school, I thought about dancing line and was like “maybe I should get it back.” So I did. And somehow I still was good at it. Well, better at it than before. Skip to today, and I literally Beat the cathedral recently, and I’m gonna see the 3rd anniversary of dancing line!!! After about 1 year, listening to all the catchy songs, getting a new level often, and doing challenges to get levels for free, the hardest level I beat was the crystal. (Cuz It was the closest one to the bottom that I completed.) even know I get adds crazily, One day I’ll remove them. And one day, I might even make my own fan made level. (That will be when I grow up, cuz I’m only 9.) and I even LOVE the secret at the end of the maze that shows a picture of the dancing line team. That’s all I have to say about it, but thank you for this amazing game, because it was the game that made me like music. Bye!!!! 😄
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7 years ago, Jnuck83
You were on a roll
OK so I have been every single level in this game except for the new level“All about us“. I love this game in the sense that is addicting, but also very simple and not hard to understand. I feel like you guys were on a Roll with all the levels until you made the sailors tail. The sailors tail is a nice level but you left a lot of blank spaces and the level could’ve been much nicer if you would’ve just waited a week or two to release it and added a lot more smaller details on the sides and places like that. Every single section of a level was unique before a sailors tail. You never just use the same theme or colors or anything like that for a section of a level. I feel like the Crystal was your best level. It was totally unique, it never repeated itself, and was a beautiful level overall. The new level all about us is really bad and doesn’t stick to the music and you can tell that it was lazily made. It’s good that you used a song with words, but I think everything a one of your OG fans love the original instrumental soundtracks. I feel like when you started this game it was beautiful and we’re just doing it because you loved it. Seems like you’re just doing it for the money now. The level of ad you have to watch just play the game is ridiculous. Everyone loved the simplicity of the old menu design and I really wish that you could change it back. I love this game and I’m going to keep playing it, but you need to get back to basics
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4 years ago, chico_dusty40
great game but too money hungry
a few years ago i would have rated this app 5 stars. it’s great, addicting, fun, & keeps you interested. but over the years the developers have become too money hungry.. ads are literally everywhere & they load the screens with more adds to make you buy things from them.. lets start with revivals or “boxes”. you NEED them to even play the game. you get 15 boxes/ revivals for free. after that you either have to pay real money or watch long ads to get more. they at least used to have an option where you could buy unlimited revivals for 24 hours for 99¢. now it’s 50 revivals for 99¢. then you have the themed levels. it used to be that some were free but as you pass them, you use gold that you earn in the game from completing one level to save & pay for another level..you used to have to save a couple hundred gold you earned to unlock a level. now it’s high hundreds to thousands of gold & now they give you less gold when you pass levels, so new levels are hard to unlock.. but wait theres more. now you have to earn points from completing challenges to even be ALLOWED to use the gold YOU EARNED to unlock a level. otherwise you have to watch ads to do a trial run of the level or buy the level with REAL MONEY for 3.99+. it’s actually ridiculous the ways they try to force you to spend money. i understand they have to make money cause it’s a free game but they are making it unenjoyable with their greed.
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6 years ago, RadomsTheRockshaker
Great, but glitches
When I got the game, I loved all the new songs and menu design. However, it glitches so much! I was doing the beach song, which is the remix of the piano song, and the screen would freeze and then it would unfreeze and my dancing line would catapult and send me off track, and there is nothing I can do about it. Also, the winter song has random blocks appear, which is not the glitch. It’s the fact that the screen freezes and I freezes but the dancing line is way ahead of the game so you don’t know where the blocks are going to appear and they only appear behind you, so you just crash instantly. No, my phone is not responsible for the glitching because I never experienced it before, only on this game. Now I feel bad talking trash about the game and it’s glitching, but it needs to change. It will make my day if there and update saying general bug fixes because right now it’s ridiculous. Lastly, the adds are annoying too, but not as much as the glitches. All in all, I know I talked trash about the game but it is still a very great game and the music is phenomenal. It is very addicting and deserves some praise. I’m still keeping the game but please fix the glitches! If you are trying to decide to download it and you are reading this, don’t think I made it sound horrible, because it is not! Give it a shot and you will love it! #nohate #lovethisgame #fixtheglitches
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1 month ago, BeesSeeds
Super fun but kinda buggy
This game is incredibly unique, with fun levels (with questionable gameplay) and banger songs. However, I ran into a couple of bugs while playing. First off, most of the time when I respawned the music disappeared and all animations (ex. moving platforms) stopped working. Secondly, sometimes when playing i literally couldn’t move the line. No matter how much I clicked I couldn’t progress through the level I would be playing, and I would be forced to exit and replay the level. Maybe these have to do with the quality of my device, but if not, I really hope these get patched in a future update. Additionally, I would love to see some kind of level editor/creator in the future. Because of how many people complete the whole game in such a short time, I feel like a level editor would be really cool, and I’m sure everyone would love it. Besides, another game, Geometry Dash, already has a level editor, and many people use that editor to create their own unique, albeit limited in quality, Dancing Line type levels. So, it just makes sense to add a level editor to Dancing Line itself. It might take awhile to program, but trust me, it’ll definitely be worth it once it gets added. Overall, this game is super fun and I hope we see a lot more added! 😊
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5 years ago, Dean Dog 22
This is the best app ever!!
Overall, this is the only game so far I have rated a five star. There are a few things that I want to see if it is possible to fix, or add. First, I want to say that in “The Time” at the end, it has a really cool thing that it does. It puts the letters: D-a-n-c-i-n-g L-i-n-e to spell Dancing Line. Maybe at the end of each level, it could have that, but in different colors maybe. The last thing is that if I want to watch a video to play a level, it won’t work. It says, “video unavailable”. Those are the only things for the negatives. They aren’t really negatives, but I don’t know what else to call them 🙃. Now, on to the positives. I feel that the producer(s) of this app are actually listening to complaints. I have read in the past about “Too many ads” but now, there aren’t any! Which is a good thing. Because now we know that you are listening to suggestions. The only reason I am bringing up this positive is because yesterday, I , for some reason wanted to rate White Tiles 4. As I was looking at the reviews, almost all of them had a complaint, and none of them were suggested or tried! (I gave White Tiles 4 a 1 star rating). Also, the songs are amazing! That is pretty much all I need to say. You should be proud in this app, and many of your other apps. Make more like this!
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6 years ago, WasLinda
Awesome game
I have been playing dancing line for a few years now and I love the game! I don’t think I have played a game for this long without getting rid of it! All of the soundtracks are beautiful and the most of the levels are great and challenging, (which I like). Some of your best works in my opinion was the crystal, the maze, and the earth. All had beautiful graphics and the maze is the most unique out of all of them with the twisty turns and all that. Although the game itself is great, some of your new features and levels have let me down. First of all, I don’t like the idea of have to pay actual, literal money to unlock levels. I think that paying diamonds is enough, and that should be the only way, besides free trials. Also, there have been many let downs with levels. I think that holiday ones should only stay around for that holiday and a few days after, because seeing Christmas Eve level in the middle of June is kind of weird. Sailor’s Tale and All About Us we’re just horrible levels in general, and I do not think have the spring before the beginning is a smart idea because it laterally says, “The Beginning”. Also, not a big fan of the Autumn soundtrack, that’s just my opinion though. I think that a little more effort in levels and features could bring back the original Dancing Line everyone loved, and still love. Ahhh, stop, I could’ve dropped my croissant
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2 years ago, MangoMasher
Solid Game, Bad Monetization
Core gameplay is fun, addicting, and everything you want from a mobile game but it is not without its issues. The monetization greatly take away from the experience and immersion. It suffers from relentless adds, a million types of currency, a barrage of micro transactions that are constantly thrown in your face, etc. Another issue that doesn’t appear that large but draws me the most away from the game is the restart system. After dying there is a checkpoint system that requires a currency to restart at the checkpoint you most recently passed. The game will do everything it can to get you to use that currency to restart at that checkpoint than instead restart the level. It literally takes about 10 taps and 20 seconds to restart the level and that is only if you aren’t hit with an add. On top of that there is a life system that forces you stop playing after 15 deaths so that your lives will recharge (but don’t worry you will be offered to spend money to buy more lives instead of waiting.) The levels themselves are well-built and flow with the music well. The music is good too. Once again, this is a good game and can be enjoyable when you have your internet turned off. At the end of the day it is a free game and they need to make money somehow, but to me it is over the top.
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4 years ago, jjoh858
I Want to rate it Five...
So, this game is just amazing! I play this game almost all the time. I’ve been putting up with the annoying ads and just ignoring the glitches. However, I just want to rate it a five star, but I can’t. The graphics are amazing, but when it comes to the glitches, to me it’s just plain annoying now. It ruins the game play and it keeps messing me up. One of the levels that had a lot of these was the Legend of Assassin. Sure, it’s amazing, cool graphics, amazing music, and very challenging. But what is also challenging is what I have to go through the glitches. It just keeps messing me up! Also, the Legend of Assassin is one of the hard levels and I have to keep reviving myself to get through it but, the ads just keep popping up left and right. First when I die, then when I need to revive and when I try to start over, there’s on there too. Not only that, the guidance line still requires ads! Too many ads! And one last thing, I got this game when the samurai came out and I didn’t have a chance to play the Despacito and Faded Original. I would have loved to play this but I couldn’t! This was the most disappointing part of this whole game. If these issue was addressed then it would be an amazing game.
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5 years ago, 5chris5
Fun and frustrating
Ahhhh! That’s all I want to do! This game is great! The designs are artistic, unique and awesome! The songs are definitely phenomenal. BUT, I have a few problems. First off, the calibration can be off sometimes, I have to use the guide to help me along the path so I can be in tune with the flow. Second, the reason I download the app was because of a demo advertisement. (Good job for reeling me in) The camera was fixed in one place, but in the actual game it’s not. You don’t know how many times I messed up due to bad camera angles. Sometimes I can’t see because the camera is too low at the ground and away from the scene, other times it’s all twisted. It definitely makes it difficult to continue playing when you’re frustrated most of the time from losing and watching ads for a half hour to gain lives... Only time you see it fixed, it’s only when the song/level is wrapping up, but the scenic distractions awaits you. I love the different colors and cool artistic designs, but sometimes the line blends to the same colors as the environment, cant it just be one color? I want to give so much credit to the creativity of this app, I applaud for being so different and fun! I want to soooo bad to buy the no ad/unlimited hearts/ unlimited blocks package and the other packages, BUT, I need it to be easier on my end to have five stars, $4-$6 from me, and to continue playing. I want hear from you guys. -Chris
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4 years ago, Wizardmc
The game “was” good, but now...
I would like to say that I am an OG player. I played it when the Cathedral was the final level. Back when hearts weren’t in the game. That was the best. So now, y’all are becoming more modern, sure there are a few good levels, the remixes are amazing, but most of them are pretty bad, and lazily made at that. The amount of ads as well, I can barely play the game till an ad pops up. You might as well get one willingly than get one unwillingly. The game no longer seems like a free to play fun time waster. Instead it seems more like a pay to play game when looking at the newer fine print. I think a way to fix this could be to allow us a way to organize our own levels how we want. And lower the ads. If we could add an OG song list ourselves, Put in all our favorite OG levels it would be great. Not only that, but to add more original tracks, rather than Alan walker songs, or poorly made ones. Get more original. Make the game your own. Stop running with the world. Turn the world yourself. Not the other way around. And listen to the reviews. The events need to be toned down as well. They’re blatant and very annoying. The idea of new lines is cool, but stop adding such ridiculous ones. Especially if they don’t fit in. I do have to thank you though for the amazing 3 year anniversary level bringing back the old into a new sense. Thank you, I hope you got all that.
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12 months ago, fossiltooth669
Ruined the game.
Back when I played, about 5 years ago, the game actually ran properly. Nowadays, the game lags and the music becomes un-synchronized making it impossible to play. As well as the game lags when scrolling through the maps. Not to mention the fact that now you have to either pay for all the maps, or watch adds for a “free trial” of an individual map which makes the game lag even more and the adds are brutally long and hard to skip. They try to trick you into downloading the advertisements by giving you a fake countdown for the x and when you press it, it sends you to the app link. Then when you close out of the add it gives you another countdown for the x which actually works. It takes about a minute between lives. And that’s another thing. Back when I played, you had 15 lives same as now, but now you have to watch an add just to use your next life. Not only just to respawn where you were, but you have to watch an add just to back out of the map to restart. This game has just become a huge money racket and I really don’t see why it has such a good rating. Perhaps it’s better when you pay for it but back about 5 years ago, you didn’t have to pay a dime and it was in my opinion the best app on the App Store. I think most of the good reviews are from people who don’t mind paying for stuff like this and never played it before the game was ruined. Thanks for ruining one of my best childhood memories.
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4 years ago, Grant_Man25
I’ve wanted you to bring back three old levels on dancing line: 1. The beginning (old) I know why you took it but I gotta tell you that just because it was short and not massive doesn’t mean that you have to take it away because everyone loves it and has the same question so please bring back that level 2.the despacito I know the theory of the car running over the line and then the car getting struck by lightning but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad so please bring back that level too 3. The faded - original I know one of the crowns doesn’t have the mark but you don’t have to take it away you can just put a crown Mark like on the floor or on a wall or something like that. That is all I’ve wanted to say... ... I forgot to say that in some levels like the video game and the third anniversary and the racing and the samurai they do not have guidelines so can you please bring back the guidelines and in the racing it shouldn’t be like 30% crown 40% crown 70% crown it should be 10% checkpoint 30% crown 45% checkpoint 60% crown 80% checkpoint 90% crown and that’s all I have to say hope you read this! From: Grant Clayton Thomas. To: The Creators Of Dancing Line one more thing I love through the fog A LOT too!
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4 years ago, 😀😓
Used to be Great, now a disappointment
I first played the game when they added earth, and then I stopped playing it for a while I did not delete the app. I updated and I could not believe what I saw. I’m sure the devs put a whole lot of work into the levels but honestly, I miss how the old levels were much more abstract, now every level is really detailed especially the music. One thing that I strongly dislike is how the game now bombards you with ads. It makes the game almost unplayable than it used to be. Back then, you were able to retry as much as you like as long as you watch an add. Now it forces you to watch like 15 seconds EVERY TIME YOU FAIL, if you want to get 3 crowns of course. As much as I want to play the game, I almost cannot possibly unlock more levels unless I use the rigged spinner that gives you more lives or like 25 gems or whatever. If I want to play a level I have to watch an ad, this keeps repeating with the ad problem. I’m forced to watch an advertisement to play a level, but hey daily levels guys! Am I seriously supposed to play the game like every day if I want a new level cuz that’s just outrageous. A long time ago you were able to play the levels for free, as long as progress the game you would unlock the levels. Maybe it’s me that doesn’t like the change, maybe it’s the developers who made the game the way it is, who knows. I don’t even know if I’m going to play this game anymore honestly.
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4 years ago, gatorjackie
AMAZING game ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️+
This is my favorite game. I would give it more than 5 stars if I could. In fact, I love it so much that I payed the 6 $ for no ads on both of my devices. (Which I think is too much.) I mean, I understand that they have to make money and all, but I think 6 $ is too much. It doesn’t even get rid of all the ads. It gets rid of pop up ads, yes, but you still have to watch ads to get level up on your gems. And every once in a while there is a small lag. Not too big! But it has cost me the level I was playing a few times. If these two problems could be fixed, I would love it. And I think it would make a big improvement to the game. Otherwise, this game is the best. I could play for hours nonstop! The game is really all about the music. The music is great. And it has really improved my reflexes too! The levels progress and get harder the farther you go along, which is what I always look for in a game. This has bonus challenges too, which I love! This game is a really smart idea, so a thank you to the designers. If the designers of this game have actually taken the time to read this, this game is the best, and I hope you could fix these small problems. Thank you! ☺️❤️
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5 years ago, Jaenalyn
Awesome but....advertisements, glitches etc.
Where do I start? I love this game! I’ve been playing it for about 3 years and the levels never get old. They are challenging yet feasible and the graphics make the game more interesting. I like the idea that we don’t get unlimited cubes because that would make the game boring. The treasure chests that unlock new levels are really cool. It would be nice if they changed it back so that if we do a free trial and complete the level with three crowns and all 10 diamonds that we would unlock the level anyway. I also like the option to watch videos and get free stuff. The free stuff include gems, cubes, and checkpoint lives. That doesn’t annoy me. However, what really annoys me is that the game is FILLED with ads that always slow down my phone and make the game glitchy. I’m not talking about the video ads, I’m talking about the pop-ups. I lose a lot of my cubes because the game one run at an efficient speed. Lastly, I wish there was a way we could save our data. Recently, I had to reset my phone and Apple ID and when I redownloaded the app, all my data was gone and I had to restart. Other than the ads, glitches, and data, I love this game. I especially love the music because it’s unique and the company didn’t steal anyone else’s ideas.
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3 years ago, pickle juice 85
Adsolutly love it!
So this is an amazing game and I like the music and the graphics. I would have a made it a five star game but I didn’t for a few reasons. 1.) sometimes when I tap it won’t respond and it makes me crash which is really annoying when I’m almost finished with a song. 2.) there are way too many ads 3.) Why is the roller coaster part on the amusement park SO DANG HARD. I’ve tried like one hundred thousand times and I still can not get past it. Could you please add a checkpoint or a crown like halfway thru it? If you could that would be awesome. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you consider my suggestion. Overall it’s a really great game. Also, just wondering, why did you take off the faded and not alone? This were like my favorite levels and I deleted the game and when I came back on they were nowhere to be found…. … funny thing is, after I wrote this review I managed to pass the roller coaster part. But I would still like to have a checkpoint or crown. I also know how a lot of people don’t like how the camera is at weird angles and shakes a lot, but I really like it because the game is supposed to be challenging. Sorry this was such a long review and thanks for reading all the way to the end 🙃
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4 years ago, cittycat?!?
Bugs with legend of assassin
So i wanted to beat it so i could get the points for the thing but i saw that when i tapped nothing happened and i lost and i got so angry and when i finnaly beat that part the same thing happened and i was frustrated and now here i am righting this review about this bug but other than that its a great app i love it and i play it everyday i hope you could make a way how to make your own level and also add a school level cuz i saw the secret in the amusement park ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and i just love your app i hope you can fix the bugs,add a school level and make a way how to creat your own level stay safe Edit: so about the bug thing with legend of assassins the same thing sometimes happens with The Chinese Garden so i still hope you can fix it and i just really love your OOOO I THINK IM GONNA EXPLODE OF HOW GOOD THIS APP IS 💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥well i just hope your app can become more successful and i just cant wait for more updates anyway i hope you stay safe Edit2: bruh now im starting to think its the game itself cuz i played the Indian journey and guess what... the same thing happened with this bug and its so annoying i swear but can i make the 60% part on the Chinese Garden more easier cuz its very hard and i die there everytime but i hope you can fix it stay safe
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5 years ago, PassionfruitM
This is my favorite game on my phone!
I know that’s very high praise but it’s true. It’s builds up to more challenging levels, levels I never thought I’d complete! But now I proudly consider myself a master lol. The levels are all so pretty and you can tell a lot goes into the development of this game. The new fan created level was awesome and now I play it for fun, as sadistic as that sounds. The Halloween ones are adorable, the crystal one is visually stunning, the only one I didn’t like was the Valentine’s Day one lol. Couldn’t listen to that song over and over again. I’m the type of person that needs to complete things as much as I can lol so the fancy crowns was a nice touch, makes me feel special. The only thing I don’t love is the adds, but I consider it justified, they gotta pay their creators, although I personally would rather have paid a flat fee upon purchasing the game, but I know that wouldn’t work for everybody. Despite how much I love it I do have a minor critique (as with everything,) I think the lessening of how many heart cubes you get for watching an ad is a bit frustrating, obviously I’ll live but it does get a bit tedious when you keep getting the “no video available message.”
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6 years ago, Paindeer? Hey
Absolutely Love it!
The graphics and music is amazing. The concept for the game is great and the gameplay is simply beautiful. Though a little difficult at first I absolutely love it! Maybe teach me a little better tempo along the way. I love the way the level gets more intense when the song does, and the way that if you wanted to, you could even play this blind. (I tried it a couple times with decent success.) Yet the graphics and animation is wonderful! I suggest this app to anyone who likes music or basically anyone at all. Update: I'm very happy with how far I got in the game and the updates are brilliant! I'm still searching everywhere for a soundtrack of this this. I would pay for it! The new maps are even more awesome and amazing, and while I love the new cube options, some of them distract me a little so I don't often use them. I am easily distracted all the time so that's okay. Another Update: The producers are never ceasing to impress. Now, there are a few levels I don’t really like, but there are so many to chose from it doesn’t matter! I love the newest one’s graphics (like The West and The Savana) the soundtracks are still great and have more variety then before.
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6 years ago, Margwi
Most Frustrating Game
Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the music and atmosphere. HOWEVER, this game is filled to the brim with ads. I get a long 60 sec ad every two lives I spend and half of the time, I don’t get a choice to close it, even when it has no value to me as the player. Another issue I’ve come across is the fact that in several of the levels, I don’t even have to hit the wall to die; if I barely touch it by a hair then I die (sometimes it wasn’t even that). My biggest complaint BY FAR is the fact that because the game is so overloaded with ads (with the addition of the high graphics), EVERY TIME I go through an ad, the game lags SO MUCH. This means that I can go through 3 or 4 lives before the game isn’t out of sync, glitching, or going through the moments where I’m hardly able to see my character because it’s being run off the screen by the auto-scrolling. And then to top it all off, the path to take is extremely unclear on many of the levels and takes about 7 lives just trying to figure out where to go (in some cases it’s ok, but it’s taken too far in several levels that shouldn’t be as hard as they are). I don’t get frustrated that easily, but this game is ridiculous. Again, beautiful game as far as graphics and concept goes, and it has so much potential, but these problems are too much and drag the game down.
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5 years ago, GabbieGabbie
Relaxing with Beautiful Graphics and Music
Dancing alone is a fantastic game that I always find ways to come back to, even though I have 100% perfected every level they have so far and have all the different types of lines in the shop due to the challenge points system. Dancing Line is a game that you can play anytime, while relaxing, bored, or just simply want to listen to some tunes. The songs for each level are all melodic and soothing and the visuals that go with them are lovely to look at. Dancing Line uses its blocky artstyle to great affect which produces lovely visuals. Sometimes I even play this game without the music to challenge myself and only use visual quest when I’m bored, and even now I still play a level I already 100% perfected again just to play it for the music and the visuals. It’s just that good! Dancing Line is a game that has lots of love and care put into it, with its relaxing songs and beautiful visuals. It has great replay potential and it can feel very rewarding after 100% perfecting a level after numerous attempts. The developers clearly shown they care about their game and aren’t just driven by the desire for money, so I recommend giving this game a try.
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6 years ago, A$weetDragon
Points to consider
I found this game about two years ago. To be honest I fell in love with the beautiful music and became addicted. I’ll tell the bad before the good. I personally loved it more when you didn’t need to rely on the internet for the best gameplay and the new heart boxes. I very strongly dislike the two songs with words (they are country songs and don’t like the style), but, again, that’s my personal opinion. Now for the good. Every (well...almost) level is great, fun, interesting in looks, and sound. I haven’t finished all the songs because they have done a great job with having really easy levels, medium, challenging, and then, the last three or so are extra hard (haven’t beaten the hardest). I showed this game to my friends and they loved it too. I don’t know if this game is popular, but it should be. I’m super exited and grateful that there are updates and new songs are added! It’s a easy game to turn on when you are on the bus or car (not driving of course) and to relax and play(or on the harder levels-stress and tap forcefully at your phone😂). If you are thinking about getting this game I would highly recommend downloading it and trying it out!
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5 years ago, Awesome&cool
So many problems
This game used to be the perfect game but now it ends up being something you get mad at and it’s all because they made these stupid updates. They creators are always making upgrades and the upgrades used to be decent but hen they started making you buy everything. They used to let you have guidelines for free, then they made you watch a video which wasn’t to bad but then they made you use 150 of your gold so if you want guidelines anytime you need to have a lot of gold blocks. And it’s not just buy guidelines for a level and it will always be available it’s really any time you hit the home button and you go back into the same level you need to buy the guidelines. Also the game glitches a whole lot so that when your playing if it glitches the whole thing stops and if your trying to tie then it won’t turn you and you’ll die. The other thing I found out is that it wastes all you battery. If you start off with 100% battery in 15 minutes you’ll be at 20% battery. I actually quit this game for a while because I hated it and I started playing it and all the problems make me want to delete the game. There are so many other things I’d like to acknowledge but I know he creators will never do anything because they are to busy making more stupid updates to make more people hate it.
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6 years ago, Mr.Poptropica
Definitely Recommend This Game
This game is a really fun and addicting game to play! But I have been having a little bit of glitches here and there, but is I can manage you can to...one thing I like about it is it has beautiful and unique songs on it. I have been losing storage, but I kind deleted 4 more different games JUST so I could keep this one. If you are up for a challenge you should definitely get this game. Even if you are running low on hearts you will seriously always be determined to keep trying! Ok I know how dramatic that seems but you will get it when you get the game.. and if you can’t because of storage freaking delete at least 1 app and 2 pictures for this game! Trust me it will be worth it! And if you don’t like it is not hard to delete... but don’t hate on ME!! because everyone has there own opinion! Ok, welp if you get the game enjoy it! And do NOT say “tldr” (to long didn’t read) cause if you do then there would be seriously no point in keep writing this.... :/ so now I’m gonna stop cause I know y’all are getting bored... :/... ok byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (if you know what that is from I am literally your best friend! In MY opinion!
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6 years ago, CrimsonChin7295992
Don’t get me wrong, this game is fun to play! If your looking for a simple game that’s addicting and fun to play then this game is your best bet. Ok so why am I giving it a 2 star? Well for a couple of reasons. For one, some of the levels aren’t as in depth as others and I feel like they were made very fast and without a whole lot of care. That being said I also feel like some of the first levels were made with more passion in mind then money... and that leads me to my next topic. Money! The fact that you have to pay/watch an add to keep playing a level is just scummy! I know whoever made this wants to make some money off of the game and I get that. But it comes to a point where it’s just down right annoying to play any hard levels because you have to watch so many adds! I like hard levels, I like the satisfaction of finally finishing a hard level, I don’t think every level should be easy, but I also don’t think that hard levels should be the money makers! If a level is hard then you’ll make money off of people playing it constantly and enjoying it. Not making them watch 1000 different adds because not only does that make us not want to play, it makes us want to quit. Oh and last thing, for the love of god if your going to put a song in with lyrics at least make it a good song... thank you!!!
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4 years ago, Flabbergassted
What the??
I have to echo some of these reviews about how this game just keeps getting worse with each new update. It makes me not want to do an update for this app anymore. It was an awesome game a few updates ago! Also, Everyone cry’s and complains about the adds. Well I for one don’t mind the adds.....I’ve found new games to play through the adds. What I don’t like now, and I don’t know if it’s because of the last couple of updates, but now, when I want to watch an add to get more revivals....I can watch a couple or so adds, and then go in to watch another one for more revivals and it comes back saying “Video not available”. Even after waiting a few minutes or so, I go back in and retry and still it comes back saying video not available. It’s like I can’t get free revivals (adds are not available), after I watch 3 or 4 adds, because they want you to buy the revivals instead of getting them from watching add after add after add. Didn’t used to be like that!! I quite frankly don’t know why we even send in reviews, because the development team, or whoever the hell they are, don’t bother reading them anyway, because nothing is ever done about the concerns voiced through the reviews!!!!!
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5 years ago, kazoo69420
Used to be a good game, but now it’s just “pay to play.”
When I first found this game, it was great. But now, I can’t even play it anymore. Anytime I try to watch an ad to unlock a level it says “ad not available”. But then when I try and watch an ad for gems or event points, I get the ad. It’s not that there are no ads available, it’s just that people want you to pay money to get the levels instead of watching ads. When I first got the game, no money was required to play a level. You just had to unlock it with the gems. Now every other level is pay or watch an ad to play. EXCEPT YOU CAN’T BECAUSE THE DEVELOPERS WANT TO TAKE YOUR MONEY BY NOT LETTING YOU WATCH ADS AND MAKING YOU PAY FOR THE LEVELS! It’s just sad really. This game used to be so good and I loved to play it. But now I rarely play it because I beat all the levels and I can’t play any of the new levels because I can’t watch an ad. I want to play this game more but that’s going to be impossible until this problem gets fixed. Just make it so that when you press on the button to watch the ad, you get to watch the ad. Not the stupid excuse of “ad not available” because we all know that’s a complete lie because of the excessive amount of ads in this game. All I ask is that this problem gets fixed so that people don’t have to pay for every single new level made.
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6 years ago, Fivkfdkxovnd
I’ve had this app for a long time and it’s fun. But there are a lot of problems that if you fixed would make the app a lot better. 1) the amount of lives you get when you watch videos are way too low. For one, when you watch a video to open the chest, you only get 2 lives, where when you watch a video to get lives to continue from your checkpoint, you get four. If I’m watching a video for both to get lives...they should be the same amount. At least the one for the chest should be higher because it’s so called special. Plus, 4 lives do not last long at all and you should bump it up to 10 or something. Or just stick to how it used to be where there were no lives required to continue from checkpoint. It’s just really annoying. 2) it lags a lot. This is really annoying. I’m playing one of the levels and then it lags which results in me dying...which also means I just wasted a life. Not very fair, is it? 3) let us unlock levels easier. In order to unlock one you need to buy one with real money, fake money that you earn by buying it or earning it, or getting a perfect score on another level. I know there’s a chest you can open, but I’ve never unlocked a level from that and I’ve played this game for a long time.
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4 years ago, cupcake&sprinkles🧁
too many adds
i was so excited when i got this game. it’s really fun, but there are WAY too many adds. every time i “died” an add popped up. and sometimes the adds don’t even load and then it freezes up the whole game and i have to close out the app and go back in and restart the level i was on. also i don’t understand why all of the levels are locked. i have to watch an add every time i start a new level. i don’t understand why it doesn’t unlock after i complete the level before it. how do you get the little gems to try to unlock the level anyway. they’re always out to the side where the dancing line doesn’t go. same for the hearts. i’ve tried to tap them and stuff but it just moves the dancing line. it seems impossible to ever get the gems and hearts. i hope you can make that easier. especially for people new to the game. i’ve only been playing this game for about a month and it’s already starting to get annoying. overall the game is really fun but if you could just put less adds on it and make it a little more fun then it woulf be a lot more enjoyable. but currently there are WAY WAY WAY too many adds. and plz make it easier to figure out how to to get the gems and hearts. sorry i made this feedback so long. juat trying to help you out. thank you
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4 years ago, Joey.B52
Y'all need to chill..
Okay so first this app is great, love the levels, love the music, etc. But first of all, everyone needs to chill with the ads, they need to make money somehow, it's how every mobile game works. If you don't like the ads, just buy the no ads thing it's not that hard. Secondly, I've been seeing this alot, levels that are removed from Dancing Line, such as The Faded Original, The Alone, The Despacito, etc etc, are never coming back due to them being copyrighted, so stop complaining people. Anyway there's probably someone complaining about lack of updates, that's probably because they're barely working on the game since the whole ad fraud accusation stuff, and there's like two level designers at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if the game was never updated ever again. Anyway that's about it I just wanted people to stop screaming about useless things. Edit: I forgot that to get rid of ads you need to pay a subscription, so that's probably why no one wants to buy it, makes sense. I bought it when it was just a one time purchase so that's why I forgot, oops lol.
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4 years ago, MyOpinionCounts!:)
Used to be my favorite game
I downloaded every single Cheetah Mobile app on my phone. That’s how much I loved their games. They started out as very beautiful games. They had levels that looked like they spent a lot of thought and time on, and beautiful flowing music. They practically had me dancing to it. Especially Rolling Sky and Dancing Line- those were my favorite games! I would spend so much time on them. I passed the hardest levels and always played on it with my friends. There weren’t many ads at all, then. But a year later is all it took to change quality entertainment into thoughtless rubbish. They have so many ads it’s literally disgusting. It’s sad. And the music now is just notes thrown together in levels. And there’s so many new levels, it’s almost annoying. And I can tell you- too many new levels just isn’t fun. If a new level almost never comes out, it makes it much more exciting to the player when it comes out than having multiple levels being thrown at you. And guess what? Now you have to unlock like- ALL OF THE LEVELS. It’s not fun anymore. I don’t feel the magic I used to feel before their games changed. They will never change back. I feel sorry for the people who won’t experience the way that these games used to be like. Remember Cheetah Mobile, OUR Opinion counts.
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4 years ago, Mandolovingal
Fun game, but needs to be cleaned up
This game is actually my favorite game. I love the concept and you can see just how much the developers really put into each level. However, the game has glitches that are starting to drive me insane. There is a lag issue on some of the levels (maybe other aren’t experiencing this, but it’s the same levels for me while others work just fine) and there are times where certain levels are just not synced to the music. I’ve found that this is typically when it’s a level that has a lot of moving background objects that are synced to the beat. Almost like there is just too much movement happening for the game to keep up with. There is also an issue with gems disappearing when they have to be dropped in on the next platform. The worst is when I have to restart the app every other ad bc the ad refuses to load or play. Yes you can purchase the game to get rid of the ads but the “purchase” is a subscription for $8 a week. Which is absolutely ludicrous by they way. If they could update the game and sort out the technical difficulties I would definitely rate it a 5 star. It’s just hard to have fun when you keep losing lives bc the level can’t handle the amount of things going on.
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4 years ago, turtlesloth22
Good, but there’s a few things that might need fixing
Ok so I’ve been playing for a while and I must say it’s a good game in general. The songs are catchy and the levels are easy yet challenging to beat, especially since you added the guidance line. But there are a few things I’d like to point out to keep in mind for future updates. First, the ads. Every time I lose a level or want to do a harder level, an ad pops up, and although it wasn’t that bad at first, it’s starting to get annoying. I understand that you ppl need the ads to make $$, and that’s fine, but it would be nice to see not as many. Next, it can be hard to do some levels, and if you run out of revival cube thingys, you have to either use your hard earned coins or pay real money for more revival cubes and that adds up quick. Even if you have thousands of coins if you spend them all on one level, using 150 coins each time, it can leave you close to nothing. That’s all I have as far as complaints go, and overall it’s still very good. Just the little things that ppl don’t really notice like the goodness of the levels and peaceful music outweigh the negatives a lot. Thx for reading!😉😀
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3 years ago, Dogey22
Let me preface this by saying this is not a bad game at all, it just has a few flaws, and that I am a rhythm gamer. Firstly, the charts mostly match up with the music, but only to a general extent, for example, when you hear a certain sound and don't know where you’re going, (for me at least) by instinct I would do jacks which are basically just tapping really fast. Normally this would just be taken as me being bad at swing rhythm, but as i said previously, the maps only MOSTLY match the song and this is excessively annoying when the camera angle switches to a point where you cant see which leads me to my next point. The camera seems overdone as it moves extremely fast at certain parts and sometimes moves to an angle where you can see absolutely nothing. Overall, this game is not a bad game, but it feels mostly geared towards the aesthetics and “easy” part of the game, as it lacks a hard mode or scroll speed setting, and some minor flaws. I believe this game could be a really good game if things like obstacles coming up spontaneously, music only generally matching the chart, and the excessive ads didn’t exist. I know this is a casual game, but in any rhythm game most of these points are unacceptable.
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4 years ago, fletchyyyyy
love this game so much, just a few problems
this is the only game i have and i’ve almost completed all the levels. i love it so much but there are definitely some problems. i experience A LOT of glitches especially on the third anniversary level. i tao and the line just keeps going. also, it is extremely rare that the ads ever work and when they do, sometimes i will have to watch only for it to say “video not available” and not let me do whatever it was i wanted to do. also, why are there not guidelines for the racing, the video game and the third anniversary? it’s just inconsistent and annoying. ok that’s all the bad stuff. i seriously love this game. my friend and i play it everyday and we are honestly obsessed. the levels are so entertaining and the music is incredible. i’ve been playing for over two years now and it’s been great going from noob to pro and experiencing all the different levels and stories that this game tells. i always get so excited when new levels come out and honestly none of the have disappointed me. dancing line is life and it would be afterlife too if the non working ads and glitches stopped! 🥳🤪😁❤️
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2 years ago, moooonsss
this game overall is good. Its late for me to be changing my review as this is no longer a modern game (which is very sad :c). The graphics are nice and the levels are fun and match the music. I understand that there will no longer be updates, and the some levels have been removed due to copyright reasons (faded and alone both by alan walker) I think. I don’t have much to say other than being sad about the last ever level update. (Ah yes I remember back when the time was called the beginning and when it used to be the easiest level before the spring came out) and now there is one last level; the end. I hope that someday cheetah mobile will come back and make more levels :) hopefully you get unbanned from google play. I do have one complaint though. there is a bug for me where I can collect a challenge reward infinitely. the infinite hearts is nice, but I can’t unlock the third anniversary since once i exit the challenge section it resets my rewards and says I can claim it again. (my extra hearts are still there). thank you
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6 years ago, a rocka
Great game, weighed down with ads
I've been playing this game for the last year or so, and I love the music and the challenge of the levels. The music and artwork sync together well to give the player an entertaining and involved experience that keeps them wanting more. However, the recent addition of heart cubes in addition to regular cubes has made the game somewhat difficult to play. 30 second ads every 4 deaths to continue messes up the pacing of the game and has made the game more difficult to play. I understand the need to support developers, and I imagine these levels are difficult to program in addition to producing the music. Because I enjoyed the game so much, I decided to shell out to pay for the $5.99 no pop ads, and I never spend money on phone games. I played about 2 minutes, then had an ad pop to gain 4 more heart cubes to continue. Why is there an option to spend money to remove ads when the ads are still there? I am extremely disappointed and have since restored that purchase. I will happily spend money to enjoy this game without ads, but it is unethical to offer a no ads option requiring a steep $5.99 then still have ads to gain more lives.
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4 years ago, bridget_lps
A while.
I’ve been playing this game for a WHILE probably one of the most early players. I have been playing this game for a hot minute. I’m not sure when this came out but I think I played it the first year it came out. Anyways it is a really great app very calming. It is very rewarding to finish a level that you have been trying for like 2 years. 😂 it is an extremely calming app. I have a specific memory from playing this, when it was newer, and “The Winter” was the second level. It is a very nice memory, because it was a day a lot like the day showed in “The Winter” for anyone thinking of getting this app I Highly recommend. All though the extra adds and rewards and such can be a bit much it is really easy to ignore and don’t usually mess with the mood. You can pay to get the adds removed but, I personally don’t have the money to do that so I just deal with the adds and it isn’t that difficult. You will come across difficult levels. When you fail you think about what you did that made you fail, stay alert for the part, and you will get through it bit by bit. Enjoy the game just a much as I have.
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2 weeks ago, RomanRooster
A great game, but some bugs
i do not want to be that person that always complains about how bad the game is without saying anything about the good parts. this is an AMAZING game. i have played it for a very long time and ive seen it change a lot through the years. every level is special and the music from old levels always brings back memories. there are also some not so good parts of the game. it glitches a lot when connected to the internet and there are a lot of ads (although id be fine with that if it means we keep getting updates). there are a few almost game breaking bugs like with the level unlocking system. i was in and out of wifi while playing and tried to collect the journey and the wizard of oz levels, and only the journey got unlocked. i reconnected to wifi and everything but it still acts as if it is locked. i REALLY want to play the wizard of oz so can you PLEASE fix this glitch if at all possible? thank you!!!! (also i am so glad that dancing line is getting updates- i know it is difficult when fake games like the community edition are around)
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6 years ago, Yawnsville
Bait’n’switch when paying for ad removal?
This is not really a game. As with so many similar apps these days, it is really an AD-DELIVERY SYSTEM where you will spend only the occasional 20-30 seconds in actual game play, but the vast majority of your time sitting waiting for the same tired old ads to finish. And it’s a real shame, because the underlying game is actually very enjoyable. So much so that I even PAID FOR THE ADS TO BE REMOVED, but then they weren’t. And I can see from others’ comments that I’m not the only one to see that problem, so it appears to be purposeful and not a glitch. (Of course it’s possible that what I paid for wasn’t “Removal of ads” per se, but rather, “Removal of ads, on Thursdays, if the ad has the color blue in it, and is an ad for soap-flavored peanut butter, and lasts longer than 3 hours, and is being displayed prior to 1903”. *Those* ads — yes, I can confirm that I don’t see any of *those* ads... 🤨 ) So overall, sadly (because as I say the underlying game is enjoyable) I cannot give a strong enough DO NOT BUY recommendation. Really — DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. The positive reviews are not wrong; it’s just that they are almost certainly from people who haven’t played for very long and so haven’t reached the stage where the incessant ads have driven them nuts with frustration. It will happen to you too, believe me.
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6 years ago, idxotpulyfyd
This app is O.K 😃
I love this app!♥️♥️ I love how the layout is set up and the music is totally awesome.😎 This game is totally addictive. I bet your probably wondering why I gave it 4 stars and not 5, well even though I totally love the game there are a few problems, 1 at the end of each game it has a button to double your rewards, for some reason it will not let me move past that screen till I claim my reward 😤. It’s very irritating and it gets worse, for some apparent reason it won’t let me watch the video so I have to get out of the game to go back to the home screen 😡. The 2nd thing is the soccer “challenge” costs money, I didn’t know that, I bought it because there ratings were high and because the comments were too good. Also most of the snakes cost money too, not the coins, actual money. The third thing is that this game is ad central it’s ridiculous to have to go through an ad every 10 secs just to play the game, if this game has costed money I would definitely not have got it. Other than these three things this game is totally addictive and if your looking for an app this should definitely be an option.😁
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5 years ago, The frustated downloader
When I first downloaded the game about a year ago, it was so fun and I passed every single one of the levels. But at some point I deleted it for space and now when I come back to it, it is hardly even the same game. There are some levels where you can’t even see where your player is and then you die. When you die, a 10 second ad pops up and you have no choice but to watch it. I know, 10 seconds doesn’t seem like that much but imagine not being able to see your character and dying so many times. It is really frustrating. If you want 2 lives you have to sit there and watch a 30 sec ad (Which you’ll blow through in like a min) the game is super fun and it could be a really great game but all the ads and glitches and the most frustrating thing is how many stars it has!!! I think the creators are only interested in the money and don’t want to fix the glitches. I think they put all the ads there and don’t even care about how frustrating it is. People who want to download a fun game see the ratings and download it which only gives the creators more money! So please, if your reading this... enough with the ads. And if you’re someone who is going to download it, DON’T. It is the most frustrating game I’ve ever played but it WAS a fun game before the ads
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7 years ago, eclectisms
Love the game but this new update.... yokes
This is one of my favorite games on iOS, but I definitely agree with other reviews that the new update really messes it up. The UI is clunky, not nearly as intuitive or as beautiful as the old one (which, like others, was a lot of what drew me to this game in the first place with it's minimalist design that really fit the gameplay and music), it's lagging a lot more (even when I turned the quality down and made room in my storage), and my most favorite thing about the game was that first song with the piano keys, and now it's sped up?? That song was beautiful, calming, and an incredible introductory experience that really had a huge hand in me falling in love with this game, and speeding it up makes it sound and feel rushed, like the orchestra can't wait to get it over with, and a lot of my enjoyment of this game entirely has just been sapped away as a result. :( I get that app developers rarely turn back releases like this, and I'm sure a lot of people will get used to the new UI, but with the overplayed new design and changing that first song.... I replay it more than any other song, and I don't know how much interest I can retain in this app without it.
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6 years ago, Deathdeliverer
Not going to lie, ignore EVERY Instagram advertisement. I tried a couple games and they were all absolute garbage. I looked in the comments (on the ad) and saw someone say that the game is actually pretty good. Went ahead and took a chance and man I’m glad I did. I love music games sometimes and this one is very different. Simple and really fun. The music sounds excellent so far and the effects on screen are minimal but nice. I do have a few complaints but make no mistake, it seems great so far. My only issues are that 1) I was presented with a 3 hour unlimited play offer for like $4. I hate that. I think it’s ridiculous. 2)I go to the store cause I’m like just let me buy the game cause this is a keeper. What do I find? No ads for $5. No option to just buy the game. I must not have reached a point where the 3 hour unlimited thing makes sense but now I’m worried it will show its ugly face soon. 3) There isn’t a buy the game and enjoy yourself whenever you want option. So for now, the game is awesome, but if it runs me off with cash grabs remains to be seen. The uncertainty is a 4 star. If I could buy it it would be a 5 easy.
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