Darkest Dungeon:Tablet Edition

3.4 (624)
1406.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Red Hook Studios Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Darkest Dungeon:Tablet Edition

3.42 out of 5
624 Ratings
5 years ago, Thailian
Nearly There
This game is impressive. I love the style & theme... it certainly attempts to play nicely on iOS on the iPad, but it doesn’t quite manage a certain level of polish in many areas. Of note when you want to rename characters, the game suddenly zooms in & you can read/type the name but will not zoom back out. The game intermittently crashes with no warning whatsoever... It is the most crash happy app that I currently own. I hope that they will make improvements & update it, give it the proper polish it needs to work on the iPad I would love to rate it higher when they do.
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7 years ago, Rangeraragorn
Great Dungeon Crawler!
I experienced Darkest Dungeon for the first time watching people on Twitch playing the game on the PC. I loved the visual presentation of the game - that dark noir style artwork, the animations, the narration, the music...it was just a great looking dungeon crawler - one you didn’t need a high end PC to play. Before buying the game myself, I read reviews online - the biggest gripe for most is the “random number generator”, and because of the randomness, you never know what will work and what won’t. For someone trying to beat the game, I can see how that can be a frustration. For me, though, I guess I’m more of a casual player, and if my group of adventurers don’t make it through a quest, it’s no big deal. I’ll just recruit a new group and try again, or even try again from a new slate by starting up a new game. I just think this is a beautiful and in-depth game that’s a great time killer! Being able to have this game on the tablet is a huge bonus! Some say the menus are too small, but for my iPad 2 Air’s screen, it seems fine. The fact that you can share saves between your PC and tablet is a nice feature, too! If you play this game to win, you’ll probably get frustrated with it eventually. If you play to just enjoy the game - win or lose - you will probably enjoy this game.
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4 years ago, Gr1mwolf
A terrible port
First of all, I am a fan of Darkest Dungeon as a game. But this iOS version of it specifically is terrible. I have an iPad Air 2, so it isn’t that terribly old with some odd aspect ratio or small screen. In spite of this the game letterboxes everything by nearly an inch on both the top and bottom, severely shrinking things down. On top of this, the UI and text in the game is tiny even relative to the available screen real estate. Then on top of that, all the descriptive popups that come up when pressing stuff appear DIRECTLY BENEATH YOUR FINGER! How does a rational human being even do that? The tiny text can’t even be read because your own finger is obscuring most of it. Interacting with the interface is rough as well, because there’s no distinction made between selecting something and actually activating it. You have to press and hold stuff to get those pop up descriptions telling you what it actually does, and if you just tap something it immediately activates it. The game was originally built to be played with a mouse, so a lot of vital information on what the hell UI elements or items actually do is completely hidden from you, normally requiring you to hover the mouse over it to see a pop up. So you have to press and hold on EVERYTHING just to see what it does, and if you accidentally tap it instead, it instantly activates it. And those vital pop up windows will be tiny and hidden by your finger anyway!
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2 years ago, ninside
Giving it another chance
Coming back to this game after a couple years. Once you accept that dying is part of gameplay and understand nuances about who to attack first, this game becomes enjoyable! Like a management game + RPG. Game mechanics aside, I still wish there was keyboard support and better touch controls. I liked how Iratus Lord game (PC/Mac) plays with keyboard control. Where you can select a skill to use. Would be nice to be able to better see buffs/debuffs with one key press or some toggle on screen. Touching small icons with your finger is a bit annoying. Especially since you can miss and instead issue an order :( Overall I am glad games like this make their way to iPads. I find it to be the most enjoyable way to play. Ah and what with the letter box, please please fix it
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6 years ago, Hypnotoast
Frustrating & boring gameplay
I really want to like this game for its ambiance and quality graphics presentation, but ultimately I’m finding the technical issues and game play frustrating. UI is buggy and hard to control, and text is too small. Display is not optimized to iPad; it’s letterboxed top and bottom. The combat choices are uninteresting. Every battle feels like a damage race with enemies. I’m not seeing the point of many buffs when four enemies are chewing down your health with cheap shots, and most healing options are inadequate. Battles feel slow with lots of animations, and not many ways to speed thing up. I don’t feel like there are many clever synergies between classes to exploit. Dungeon exploration is linear without compelling gameplay. Do I open the box or not? Oh, I miss clicked on the trap and triggered it. Didn’t bring a shovel? Your crew gets scared and takes damage tearing down obstacles. Tap torches or not, depending on how spooky you want it. City management is also boring. you spend money to heal characters of stress and annoying conditions, you spend alt currencies to upgrade buildings, the progress is slow and fairly linear. It reminds me of bad free to play city management games. Ultimately, I want it to move faster with more interesting choices throughout. I’m ok with difficult, strategic games, but this feels like you’re strapped in to a defined progression path that is made artificially long with slow grinding gameplay.
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6 years ago, LemonAgeKK
Great and very hard!
This game really doesn’t hold hands. You are expected to make mistakes early on, and you quickly learn not to be too attached to these characters. Not all quests are meant to be completed. You will have to abandon the quest early to save your broken heroes, or risk losing them as you proceed onward in hope that luck is on your side. Your team composition is crucial as synergies between some classes can vary from easy expedition to your worst nightmare. Yes, RNG can sometimes screw with you as many games with RNG would. But it is your own ability that can reduce the odds of it happening, or preventing it from happening. This isn’t some 10 hour long iOS RPG, normal difficulty should take roughly 50-70 hours for completion. If you love a challenge, take a shot at it, as it sure will give you some like you have never had before.
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7 years ago, TheGamerFox
Immersive and Stressful, in a good way.
When I first saw this game, I though it would be an interesting thing to try out. Granted, it did take some getting used to the whole system of strategy, but now it is so immersive I can’t put it down once I start a session (which usually last for hours before I’m ready to stop). This game has a way of putting stress not only on the characters you control, but on you as well. The jarring hits and sound effects, the dark design of enemies, and the idea that random encounters or unfavorable events could happen at any time makes me nervous and tense, yet more ready than ever to tear my enemies apart piece by piece. My only wish is that while there is a lot of adventurers already, I feel one or two more with different themes would round out my roster more fully. All in all, this is a sound investment to those who like turn based action.
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7 years ago, Indarien
Good, needs some polish
After spending a lot more time playing this game, I am revising my review. The RNG nature of the game makes it a bit difficult to deal with at times, but then, reality is not fair, so games can get away with it also. Really, this game can be very rewarding and highly frustrating, and takes some getting used to. Heroes will die, sometimes because it seems like the enemies get 3-4 actions to your one. I have lost more people to random hallway encounters than all the bosses in the game combined. My biggest issues with the game are structural, not game play related. The recent change to Dropbox broke the ability to sync games - you can now only export. The UI is a bit clunky and hard to manage, and the fonts need some scaling options. This is obviously a port from a PC game, and needs some "love" to make it work well as a tablet game.
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5 years ago, the3rdhorseman
Not for the faint of heart
This game is great! It’s very challenging and makes you pay for not being prepared. This isn’t a mindless rpg, you have to pay attention. When you over come challenges the sense of accomplishment and victory is pretty phenomenal. All the class are fun and help you find a style that best suits you. My personal favorite is the plague doctor. She is powerful and versatile. She can dish out damage and give light heals to your team. This game gave me a great appreciation for the h.p. Lovecraftian horror genre. The monsters you face are all cable of wrecking you and your party so the sense of challenge is always there. The darkest dungeon is loads of fun but unforgiving. That’s what makes it beautiful. I hope you enjoy!
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6 years ago, Jim Socks
Amazing Game, Crippling Bug
My save at week 99 crashes the game. I am not sure if "week 100" just blows the game's mind or what, but that means I have sunk a LOT of time into a game I can either not play anymore, or start over knowing week 99 all may be lost again. Not interested in either of those options. The game is so great, I really wish they would fix this problem so I can play it again. I was totally about to buy the DLC addons too- good thing I didn't! P.S. While I absolutely do love the game, I have to agree with another reviewer about the pointlessness of buffs when damage and debuffs are so much more valuable to ending combat encounters quickly. Wasting a turn on a buff spell is similar to just skipping your turn without the stress penalty. A little more reason to care about buff-like abilities would be beneficial for gameplay I think.
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4 years ago, robbjunk2
Terrible Documentation/Help Features
I’m not sure where all of the multi-star ratings are coming from — maybe people who are impressed by the artwork? The game itself is a complete mess. There is no tutorial. You are presented with a list of literally dozens of abbreviations and statistics, with no idea of how they work. The game boasts a “context-specific help menu,” but I’ll be damned if I can ever find it; just a generic five-sentence help screen that says things like “touch something to activate it.” I’ve spent most of my time randomly touching and clicking on things hoping they’ll do something. Imagine being sat down at a chessboard for the first time ever and told “OK, go ahead and play” without ever being told what the rules are, how the pieces move, or even what the object of the game is. There appear to be quite a few wikis and articles on Steam — maybe that is how people learn how to play?
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5 years ago, D.kelpson
Good game but some bugs could use fixing
I love this game a lot actually it’s fun for people who enjoy dungeon crawlers or other sorts of that genre of play it’s well made but my problem is with a game breaking glitch at which the game freezes crashes at the farmstead it happens at random when doing it I’ve restart 4 times out of all of those attempts one got past the first stage at which point as I loaded up the second one it crashed and I experienced the same glitch I love this game everything else works but when something is game breaking and effective soft locks the game I can’t give the five star its worthy of it but any bug which breaks the game to that extent should never get five stars
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4 years ago, Borings
Awful, Terrible Ui
What an awful port. I own this on pc, figured i could pick it up for ipad to play while traveling. Boy what a bad idea. The tooltips show up literally underneath where you tap, and often only last while you hold your finger down. What moron programmed this? Just adding an x-axis offset would fix this, but at $1 i guess theres no incentive for Red Hook to change anything. Tiny illegible popups would be one thing, but what really just killed this for me was accidentally buying a junk item from the market for 15k while trying to tap it to read the tooltip. Week 4, thought it looked like a scouting item, was just some random crap. Sorta like this port i guess, worth a look, but not a purchase, and definitely regrettable if you end up getting it.
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7 years ago, j_jim_j
I’ve been eyeing this game on steam, thought it would be a good portable game to take along on business trips. Nope. Repetitive, buggy, a terrible UI that constantly gets in your way & and unbalanced mess. Navigating the UI while pointless word bubbles pop up constantly to block my view is, I guess, an element of the stress management part of the game. The fights are hopelessly unbalanced, don’t get me wrong I love a good challenge when there is any sort of skill or reward involved but there is neither here at all. Once you’ve level maxed your characters the battle are literally choosing the wrong choice and watching it miss or inadequately succeed while the enemy critically succeeds over and over. If frustration with no reward is the point of this “game” then consider this a success... or is it merely a trick of the light?
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4 years ago, sskeletonss
Great game, only had one minor issue.
Awesome game. Really challenging. One minor issue i had was once I was pretty far in my playthrough when I logged in and all my team members disappeared, along with and potential recruits. This made it so I could not proceed, therefore losing all my progress and upgrades, making it so my only option was starting over. Considering this, I honestly wasn’t that mad because half the fun is the struggle. Every other moment of this game was awesome. The art style is very unique as well. Would absolutely recommend this game.
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6 years ago, Vex_Mythic
Fun game
As most reviews say, there is a slight problem with the current layout, but it doesn't take away anything from the gameplay. And honestly it's not as bad as they make it out to be. If you aren't familiar with these "dungeon crawlers," they do have quite a bit of Rng in them; while the Rng can be frustrating at times, it does make you have to adapt and change your game plan, and makes the game more unpredictable and more exciting. In conclusion the game is definitely worth $5, despite the few bugs and the layout.
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6 years ago, Tormentus
Terrible port, great game.
The game itself is great. I have played it for over 300 hours on steam and love it. I also own the PS4 version of it and didn’t think a tablet port could be worse than the PS4 port but I was wrong for one reason. Unless you are playing this on an iPad Pro (10 inch or bigger tablet) you will have trouble tapping things because for some stupid reason the game isn’t being ran in full screen. I am playing it on an iPad Air 2 with a 9.7 inch screen and stuff is just too small to accurately tap. Please change this...it’s ridiculous. I WOULD NOT BUY THIS ON ANYTHING SMALLER THAN A 10 INCH TABLET.
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6 years ago, jeffy777
Love it, but please fix tooltip locations
Absolutely love this game. My one complaint is the tool tips sometimes appear below your touch location instead of above. This makes it really awkward since you have to touch and hold for the tooltip to stay, but your finger is in the way and you can't read it. Even some of the tooltips that appear to the right are awkward to read. Devs: Can you please make all tooltips appear above your finger? It would make everything so much better. I'll gladly bump my review up to 5 stars. Thank you for this awesome game!
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4 years ago, Martindesan
Challenging game, good fun in short bursts.
The art style is great and the music does a good job of adding to the tense environment. The stress system adds a layer of difficulty to traditional turn based combat, it’s almost impossible not to have characters eventually hit the boiling point. The story isnt the best but it does play well with the rogue lite elements. The town upgrades are worth the investment and keep the player working towards more goals. If stress management is not your thing then this game isn’t for you.
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6 years ago, EvilWillHunting
Not your typical dungeon crawl
This game infuriated me, but I see it was part of its devious design. Darkest Dungeons will be painful if you play it like a typical Dungeon Crawl. Your innate desire to keep one team, leveling them up and healing them up as needed, will make you lose. You need to play the game by burning through many of your characters and only “fixing” those afflicted very sparingly, and keeping very few for the long term. The game has a steep learning curve, and is very very challenging, even at a Normal level. But it’s unique and very compelling. It will frustrate you immensely in the beginning, but once you adjust to the different approach, you’ll find it compelling and quite addicting. There are a few crash bugs in this version but it does auto save constantly, so you aren’t likely to lose much progress. But it’s still annoying. Other than that, recommended!
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7 years ago, Alco Holland
The game hasn't even started and already a UI problem
I have never played this and at this moment I have not started, why? Because when choosing the game difficulty the descriptions of what these difficulties equate to disappear the moment you tap on them. You should fix that. Now having played it is ok. It does not fill more than half the screen. There is a distinct lack of instructions as to what attacks do. I am currently not sure if the chest that was pictured on screen was ever opened because my only option was to leave the screen and return to town. Turns out the tapping problem isn't just limited to the menus. In town if a building is unlocked it passes right by any description of its purpose and dumps you into menus. Why am I being charged for something that should still be in beta? At this point I question why the editors picked this.
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7 years ago, SnipingZombies
Don't listen to the others
The game is amazing, I've played it on PC and I've played it on the iPad, it's a fantastic dungeon crawler with real life aspects like managing stress, dealing with disease, and the consequences when your party gets too stressed out. So far I've found nothing wrong with the game when it comes to any sort of bugs and glitches and in all honesty, many of the one star reviews are because it's not their style of game so they decide to call it awful.
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7 years ago, Labhustle
The Game, man oh man
*UPDATE* So I reached out to the developers about the game. Though the game has a brilliant and great story line and could be one of the if not the best Dungeon Crawlers apps, the team themselves responsible for developing the app responded with this answer. At this time we are not planning on redoing the art work because it would require so much work and money to make the application fit the bigger ipads with higher resolution. So though they are charging 5 bucks for the application and have had successfully sold high quantities of the app they still have it no where in their agenda to make the app work better for the bigger ipad. Be aware of this before purchasing and no that if you have an iPad Pro, the app will only fill a portion of the screen making the buttons very small and the app looks horrible. The buttons you have to push numerous times if you dont have small fingers. The Interface buttons for the whole game is very, very small, the buttons are half the size of a dime.
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4 years ago, Raemahn
Game won’t load on iOS 14
App crashes at load screen on iOS 14. If you have iOS 14+ then don’t buy this game until they get a bug fix out to correct it. Will update my review once they’ve fixed this. UPDATE: Latest update fixes the crashing bug. Can now run the app just fine. Haven’t run into any bugs yet, so I’m considering it good. I won’t review the game here as there are many reviews online on that matter.
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4 years ago, TenWolves10
Has bugs
I really like this game, however after losing my best trinkets in the well documented embark crash bug I'm struggling with motivation to continue. That's right, I'm setting up my group plugging in trinkets and the game crashes, something it does often. I restart the app and the trinkets have vanished. I can't believe this bug that was documented in 2017 hasn't been fixed. These were top tier trinkets.
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5 years ago, __Iversonn
Beautiful Port
Amazing game, works flawlessly on my iPad Pro 10.5. I definitely did not expect this on my iPad. I could play for hours and hours on end. My favorite thing is how things can go from perfect to disaster in a second. Ver difficult but rewarding game. It takes time to understand where to Improve and I love that. I don’t know what people here are talking about issues with screen size and such, mine is perfect.
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4 years ago, SnakeXs
Amazing, grueling game, absolutely adore it, but...
...iPad OS 14’s beta killed it, insta-crash when launched. I reached out to the team during the beta and informed them. Can’t be mad about a beta breaking things. That’s on me. Time passes. IOS/iPad OS 14 releases officially. Still no update. Ok, can’t get mad that an update isn’t ready on day 1. Things happen, especially in 2020. More time passes. Nothing. A year since the last update. Over a month since iOS 14 dropped officially, and still, crash on launch. Will gladly update this review when things change, but with DD2 being teased part of me is worried that the iOS version is a speck on their rear-view mirror at this point.
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6 years ago, Cmo703
I want to like this but the UI is a serious showstopper
I like the idea and presentation of this game, but the negatives are so impactful that I’m not sure I’ll play this much longer. The text is so small that it’s a chore to read. The UI is cramped and tool tips are blocked by your fingers. I’m holding down on items with a finger and then having to crane my head or shift the iPad while holding down to see what the obscured text says. Making matters worse, the letterboxing cuts even more into the screen real estate. I feel I’d really like it if the gameplay wasn’t so impacted by these design choices.
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1 year ago, Eaglet has thoughts
If you can, just get the pc version
Assumed it would be the same quality as the pc version, but it’s really buggy, and hasn’t been updated in a long time. For me, the game has crashed every time I’ve entered a boss dungeon. (It doesn’t prevent me from entering the dungeon, just forces me to restart the app first) Aside from that, the game is really poorly optimized for mobile devices, even on a larger screen. (I won’t explain exactly how, since other reviewers have.) It’s a really good game, though, just not this port.
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3 years ago, jpinard
Districts are broken (bank doesn’t work)
It is incredibly frustrating that an entire DLC function is broken and has remained broken off who knows how long. I have just districts enabled for DLC and I’m receiving no interest for my saved funds even though I’ve purchased the bank. As I’ve read across the Internet there are many reports that appear to show not a single district buildings is working at all. My experience is with the bank, but it appears this is a major issue that’s remained neglected. Please Red Hook, please fix this ASAP.
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6 years ago, KuroEFX
UI is way too small
Just finished up the tutorial and I already have a headache. I’m playing on a 9.7 iPad Pro and the text and in-game buttons/icons are too small. The game is already presented in a letterbox format, cutting off the top and bottom portions of the screen, and then the text is so small that it completely hinders the experience. This port feels like someone just moved the game to iOS, scaled everything down to size, and made the buttons accept taps instead of click without even testing for playability and comfort
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6 years ago, Joseph Last Name
Really addicting game but
I bought this a few days ago and I was hooked, I really like this game but there are a lot of bugs that I encounter like loading screens that are stuck and I have to reset the app and sometimes will crash when I tap on anything. If these small problems are fixed than this is a perfect game for mobile devices! Thank you guy, you have made a very good game
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6 years ago, Atari_Mex
No sound on iPad Pro 9.5”
Game is great but totally silent. I’ve played it on PC and Xbox and wanted to play on a long work trip, but the music and audio is a huge part of the experience. Gonna have to try to refund it Edit: sound came back after messing with some settings on the iPad, but I had to restart it a few times for it to work
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5 years ago, bookemdano92
What can I say?
This is by far the greatest gaming experience I have ever had. The art and narration originally drew me in, but the feeling of accomplishment with the missions is awesome. My favorite thing though is that you have full control of your inventory and the pace at which you proceed. Way to go Red Hook Studios!!! This is a true example of how wonderful crowd funding and a free market are!
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6 years ago, yoslaps
RnG at it’s best!
Love this game, have it on PC with all the DLC. You like to challenge yourself play this game. The only negative thing I can say about this version of the game UI “user interface” is small it’s like watching widescreen on your tablet, I have 2017 iPad 10 inch. Hopefully the developers will fix this to make it Tablet friendly. Otherwise than that great graphics, great sound just like the PC version.
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2 years ago, JKutner
Love the game, not this port
I’m a big fan of this game so keep in mind this rating and review is specifically for this port. 1. I have no audio whatsoever. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it, updated the iPadOS to the latest version no still have no audio in the game. 2. Text box windows appear right under your finger so reading skills is pretty tough. Help with the audio fix and allow text windows to be moved and this would be 5 stars for me.
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6 years ago, Luqavi
Lots of fun, lots of crashes
This game drew me in and I've been playing it for hours now. However, I hope the devs are collecting crash reports, because it crashes a lot. The most consistent is when you try to add an equipable item directly from loot to a character. Luckily, due to the constant auto saves, nothing is lost - it's just a little frustrating.
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4 years ago, N1njah4534
R.I.P battery
We need more developers like these guys to make the App Store better, who the hell would play “Blade maker” or some crappy puzzle game when you could get great story, and real effort in a game. Only complaint I can’t play it for more than 2 1/2 without my battery dying. It’s a price I’m willing to pay for
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5 years ago, chopinSandwich
Great game, sad port for iPad Pro
I absolutely love this game, having logged hundreds of hours on the steam version for pc. Was really looking forward to playing this portable version on my new iPad Pro, but the locked resolution with absolutely no way to change it to fit the screen makes it borderline unplayable for me. If your device does happen to be the perfect size for the resolution(1080p I believe?) then this would be a great buy. But I absolutely cannot recommend it for the new 12.9” iPad Pro.
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1 year ago, Krabfish_
Good Game
This is a good game for the iPad. Plays just like the computer version. Hard and unforgiving. The controls and UI are decent and I don’t have an issue with them like other users seem too. I have also played with Apple’s Magic Keyboard, works quite well with a few minor hiccups here in there in terms of clicking on door ways and items within the dungeons. My only gripe, and I’m not going to dock a star for it, is the letter box. Would be nice if the developers would fix it to use 100% of the screen. 12.9 inch iPad Pro (3rd. Gen.)
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2 years ago, nufanick
Works great
I’m not sure why all the negative reviews or if the developers fixed a bunch of stuff but the game works flawlessly. I actually prefer the tablet experience to the console version. It’s mobile Darkest Dungeon what more could you want.
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6 years ago, ed753368
Truly unique iOS quality
Top notch rpg for iOS platform. Amazing game, challenging in-depth macabre rpg on the go. Best part is aside from a few worth while affordable add-on content characters/side stories, there are no other micro purchases I’ve seen. iOS needs more like this... When is The Color of Madness add-on coming to iOS?
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5 years ago, Dggffdsaaddhjgfhgf
Avoid this game
Might be great on laptop, but one of the most annoying tablet games I’ve ever played. It’s essentially a random walk through a dungeon. The controls are incomprehensible, turn order is essentially random, powers and abilities are poorly explained (it’s hard to tell the difference between your attacks and your buffs, for instance), and monsters randomly go from easy to impossible without any way to tell the difference. I can see a cool game in here, but save yourself the frustration and buy something else.
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6 years ago, tpark117
Solid game, but worrisome performance.
After playing Darkest Dungeon’s first few dungeons, I’ve noticed two things: 1. This game is quite good. The stress systems add unique risks, preparing for your adventures into the dungeons is interesting, the art style is captivating, and the combat is deep and satisfying to experiment with. 2. This port worries me as much as dungeons worry these adventurers. Playing for just a few minutes quickly makes my Air 2 hot to the touch, something I’ve rarely experienced during its use. I’m not sure what’s causing it, but I would like to avoid any serious damage. If some solution can be found, I’d surely have fun with Darkest Dungeon, but as it stands now, this is one source of stress I don’t need.
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4 years ago, Alucks
Doesn’t work with iOS 14
WARNING! This game will not boot on iOS 14. I love this Game on PC and just downloaded the tablet edition on my 2020 iPad Pro but it does not work with the latest iOS release. It looks like the developer is aware from Twitter comments but the app should not be purchasable if it currently does not work. Hold off buying if you are interested until there is a new patch. I’ll update this review when a patch is released but until then this will serve as a warning so others don’t make the same mistake I did
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4 years ago, Omayr786
Game doesn’t save properly
I’ve repeated lost progress because the game doesn’t seem to auto save or sync properly. My characters are always on the latest week and at the right lvl but all guild and blacksmith upgrades get reset to lvl 1 whenever I login without refunding me the gold for the upgrades....Game runs fine otherwise but does crash occasionally in town. Same as the pc version but with the bugs and crashes still happening in Jan 2020 this game isn’t worth your money.
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4 years ago, TheRecruitMain420
Fun game, but now won’t open for some reason
Since the latest software update for my iPad the game won’t open or at least it would then immediately close itself, please help me I really love this game and it’s incredibly fun and I don’t want to not be able to play it, I already tried offloading the app and tried to restart my tablet
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7 years ago, arkofsax
Love the update!!!
My previous review was 1star because of a game breaking bug on my iPad Pro. As of today though, it has been updated and fixed and I couldn’t be happier! Kudos to the developers for listening to the user reviews. I look forward to playing this great game!
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6 years ago, Gr4yman
iCloud crashes app
The game is fantastic. I had early issues with iCloud saves but those seem to have been resolved. Love the art style. The incredibly tense feeling of the more dangerous battles as all your heroes are at risk of permanent death. The quirk and stress systems are unique and give a gritty new feel to ‘the adventuring life’. Love it!
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4 years ago, Fix for happiness
Great Game
Don’t purchase for iPad though as there seems to be an ongoing issue with the game crashing since a recent update. Cannot find any information on a fix anytime soon. This makes me very wary of getting it for the Twitch as I am not going to spent more money for a game that won’t have continued Jed support for all of their platforms.
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