Darts of Fury: PvP Multiplayer

4.7 (56.2K)
300.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Darts of Fury: PvP Multiplayer

4.71 out of 5
56.2K Ratings
12 months ago, SarcasmPlays
The most addicting game yet! Just download it!
To begin I’m not the person to write reviews so this is big lol. This is by far my favorite game that I have played on mobile. I highly recommend this game to anyone that loves darts. It’s very addictive though so beware. I have currently been playing this game for about 6 months and still haven’t lost interest. I have a few things that I would like to see happen to the game.(nothing bad just would improve the overall gameplay) It would be nice for the price of the darts to be lower, and or make the rewards worth more. I say this because it can be frustrating to have to wait a whole league worth of games to be able to buy the next one. And I think it would be awesome for there to be some sort of clan! As well as a clan chat or world chat. I know this will never happen most likely but it would make the game even more fun, and I think it could attract an even bigger fan base. Other than that thank you for making an awesome game and I hope that you continue to keep the game updated and alive!!!! I would hate to see this game lose popularity.
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6 years ago, Jer283
I used to play darts back in my 20s. Now that I’m not into the bar scene anymore I rarely get the chance. Enter Darts of Fury. For a person very frustrated with the concept of “free” games that want to charge you just to advance, this game is a breath of fresh air. Sure, you only get to play three league matches before you have to wait for more energy, but that’s a small price to pay compare to some supposedly free games which are nearly impossible to even beat a stage without paying. Plus, it gives me my darts fix that I put to the side for so long. Yeah, it’s not exactly “real” darts, but for someone who doesn’t drink anymore and has little time to get out and play, this game serves as an excellent substitute. The only aspect of the game I don’t understand is the purchasing of new darts, which you buy with coins earned from your winnings. The darts honestly all seem the same. Add to that the fact that as soon as I can finally afford a new set (your winnings from leagues are meager at best and the battles are a toss up) there is another new set I have to afford, which ultimately makes little difference in performance. It reminds me of trying to keep up with the latest smart phones on the market, which I typically fail at. Overall though - a great game.
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5 years ago, Werchman
Subtly addictive. Minor kinks, great game!
This game is a must-have for your mobile device! It has great visuals, user-friendly gameplay and PvP competition! Adequate depiction of the thrill of darts without the lengthy skill curve that live darts has. There seem to be no massive benefits amongst the wide range of darts. Adept players will find it easy to hit their target rather often although it does feel slightly smoother as you level up and acquire better darts. The league mode and the idea of tokens is great so you don’t burn out the game in two hours and you need to league up in order unlock new tiers of darts and flights. League play also groups you by your rank so your opponents are of a comparable skill level. Also, if you have coin you can always participate in a battle match and play non-X01 games, which is actually versus a live opponent! My only gripe is that the VIP membership is subscription-based and you still get ads while on the membership. Granted, I was on a trial, but I thought that would be pretty whack if I had to pay for ads in the game. Overall great game. Highly recommended.
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3 years ago, Lori's Rating ;)
My go to game!
When I’m ready to chill for a bit, but still want a game that has some challenges… it’s this one. I haven’t had to cash purchase anything. You collect coins/diamonds by doing the daily free throw, or by leveling up. There are nice dart options available to you as you level up. Of course, if your in a hurry to get a slimmer, faster dart you can purchase all sorts of premium options. - - - I also like that the chat is limited to their pre-approved text, like these: Good Luck, or Close. You can also choose from their set of emojis. In my opinion it keeps things friendly, you don’t have to worry about seeing an offensive message, or deal with someone who wants to chat you up. - - - I play Darts of Fury on my iPad and find the graphics to be pleasing, and the dart throws to be accurate. The weekend tournaments are of special interest to me as I like to be competitive. So Good Luck… and enjoy… it is well worth the time to download this dart game.
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6 years ago, Vee Yano
There’s a really fun game locked behind typical free to play gating
For a mobile game version of dart throwing, the actual act of throwing feels pretty satisfying. There is a definite sense that you can get some muscle memory going to help put the darts where you want. Visually the game has some top notch production behind it. The matches take place in a highly stylized, virtual arena with a futuristic vibe to it. The boards light up and react to your success and there are some interesting, though unnecessary little artistic elements to show your progress in each game (disappearing cubes for 101, a 300 meter mountain for “count up”). It all adds up to something fun. But, as you find yourself enjoying the game and want to do more you hit the usual free to play blockade as you’re stuck waiting for more tokens so you can play again or having to spend hard earned coins for the privilege of practice. New darts have a steeply increasing coin cost that’s not matched by the rate of coins earned for wins. The result? Why spending real money for the coins, of course. It’s a shame because I’d pay for this game up front, but definitely not going to continue pumping money in for incremental dart upgrades and the ability to play more.
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4 years ago, GerardoMed
I get it App developers develop for the money, but this game will literally rip you off when it comes to you darts. The higher level you go the better the dart you need (premium darts) are the best, although you need to spend USD for them which isn’t a problem because you also have the option to buy “good” darts with gold earned through the game. The problem is when you buy a dart the app will literally downgrade the same dart you bought once you unlock a new dart that you need to buy, they downgrade it by 10 points in stability and if you don’t upgrade your dart you will notice that your dart game is “off” and all of the sudden you start losing because you can’t score points like you used too. My advise is to stay away from this game I don’t mind spending money, but downgrading the same dart you bought by 10 points in stability after a new dart becomes available is a huge RIP-OFF and should be illegal for app developers to program like that (for all I know it probably is, because it’s a scam) I have screenshots of a premium dart from when I initially bought it using USD and after a new dart became available to back up the HUGE RIP-OFF this game really is. 1 star is the minimum I can give this game I wish I could rate it with negative starts.
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5 years ago, Choncey79
Best dart game
Very well made game that is addicting and super fun. Highly recommend to dart fans. I really enjoy the variety of games, as well as the dart upgrades as they become unlocked. There’s darts you can buy with game $$ then darts you can buy with real $, what the game calls gems. Gems can also be earned in the game, but much less then what you can get when you buy them. What’s cool is that the free darts and the gem darts are always pretty close as your level up, so you don’t feel forced to buy darts with gems. One thing the developers could do is add more ways to spend the game coins. I have around 900k and nothing to spend it on after the dart upgrades available to me. Possible suggestions would be more ways to customize ones dart. Another would be to have tournaments, maybe bracket style, that players could buy into for set amount of coins. Anyway it’s a great game and a lot of funny. Pretty darn near bug free as well.
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5 years ago, TxSoldierDad2000
Outstanding game, to many add offer pop ups
I would have given this game five stars because of the graphics, game play and realism. Currently though, I’m giving it two. Almost every other screen there is yet another pop up offer that is beyond annoying. If there is a new dart available tell me...once. There are pop ups you can’t just close, you have to click “let’s go” just to close out the same thing in another pop up. Logging in is very frustrating in the fact, I’d love to just log on for a quick game. Nope, I have to go through the daily dart throw to get to a couple of more pop ups to get to the menu to play a game. The two to three minutes i was going to play my “quick” game in, is waisted trying to get to it, so I end up just not opening the app until I have more time. The very thing the developers have put into this app to make money, will eventually annoy just enough to keep you from logging in more (increasing chance for more $$ to be made) and eventually just driving people away from the app. When this changes, I’ll change my rating, if I keep it long enough to see this.
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5 years ago, mrsheridan
Just like going to a tavern for darts, minus the smoke!
This is a fun and interesting take on the classic game of darts. There are good production value and the focus is on the gameplay. There are some pay to win aspects- if you miss the last shot you can pay 7 gems to retake the shot. Also some of the best dart sets take real money to purchase, but it’s still enjoyable and you don’t seem to be at too much of a disadvantage if you lose. You usually still advance even when you lose, but some levels require you to win the level to advance. The challenges slowly ramp up in difficulty and there are a wide variety of game modes to keep things interesting. After playing 3 matches you do have to wait fifteen minutes to play again, but for me at least 3 games is the perfect amount of gameplay I want at one time. Give it a try, I like it better than I thought I would. See you in the Dart Arena!
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6 years ago, Wrxified
Not real opponents, where’s the closest to bull play?
1st my biggest gripe. Why do you randomly determine who throws first?!?! Where I come from, we shoot for bull, closest to bull goes first. This leads to the second issue which is, are we really playing other opponents, or are we playing the program. The reason I ask is the further we get into the leagues, the less likely we are to throw first darts. I am at level 85, I just played 16 matches, one of which I was awarded first throw. No way that’s random. I agree with everyone else on this. I don’t believe you’re actually playing real opponents. An example would be when you try to quit a match. The developer basically just puts you back in against the same opponent who just so happens to throw the exact same sequence of darts in the exact same location of the board in the rematch. So if we’re not actually playing other opponents, why are you asking for us to link our Facebook accounts. In a day where we’ve seen repeated abuse of our private information, I’m left scratching my head as to whether or not I want to play games in return for some anonymous developer gaining access to my private information.
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5 years ago, London313
Love it BUT
I really like this game but for some reason when I connected it to my FB page my level went down and I lost a dart I bought! I was not too happy about that! Then when I tried to contact someone I could not find anyway to reach anyone. Really a bummer. ***UPDATE: So I figured out how to contact customer service by email. I sent them the details of my situation. We exchanged exchanged emails for 4 days with them eventually asking me to send them the receipt for the pile of gems I used to purchase the dart. (At this point I had leveled back up to level 39 and repurchased the dart plus another one.) I sent them the receipts but let them know I would also be happy to just have my gems back. Their response was that they could not refund me the $ and are unable to add gems to an account. Contact Apple. Well if you can’t do anything why ask me to send you my receipt? Why exchange emails with me? Why not just say Sorry that happened but there is nothing we can do? Contact Apple. At this point I’m afraid to spend another dime on this game because if there is a glitch they can’t help you. Disappointed at the whole situation and customer service encounter.
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6 years ago, Sam-la
Good app that is limiting itself trying to direct you into buying coins
First of all I do really like this game. However I think it’s dumb that you can’t just play no pressure game against a computer or someone else. In league you only play one game mode, and you have to wait for tickets to play (or watch an ad which isn’t that bad), or you play a battle mode for coin bets against other players which has a few different game modes you level up to unlock. Cricket is fun, it’s my favorite game on the app and it’s also the one I’ve played the least because it takes me 7 wins in league mode to recoup the loss after I get bodied. I want to have a dartboard of my own in the game that I can practice and play my friends on, all the modes I’ve unlocked. If I had that I would spend coins to get away from the 3D arena you play in for a more classic style dartboard in a bar or man cave. I would also be more likely to get my friends playing if I can play against them whenever I want.
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4 years ago, nawsttam
League play makes no sense.
In league play, you have to win with 6 darts or less if you’re chosen to throw second. It’s like being penalized for something over which you have no control. Otherwise your competitor, who threw first, gets a third chance to win if they also fail to clear their score in 6 darts - and if when they do, it’s just over for you. You get no equal attempts to win, no chance to tie, no chance to race them to the win. They get 9 darts and three attempts, you get 6 darts and two attempts. So you’re basically penalized if you aren’t a perfect thrower who can clear 301 points in 6 darts.. even though your opponent will get 9 darts to do the same thing after they also failed to clear 301 points with 6 darts. Naturally they’re going to win with an extra turn. It’s infuriating, and I don’t see how it’s fair. Nobody from support will respond to my inquiries. I can’t justify spending another dime on this game now. I can’t play online mode bc it claims my WiFi has failed and doesn’t credit me with my wins. Also, my review isn’t being made visible. What’s the point of asking me to review and rate if you just censor it?
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7 years ago, bosendorfer9
Fun, but a subliminal scam
This game is super fun. I was very happy to find a darts game in the App Store that was actually enjoyable. The touch response it great and allows you to get into a consistent rhythm with your throws. HOWEVER! I’ve noticed that, as you rise through the leagues, the game almost forces you to buy new darts. I “invested” some money into the game for gems so I could get a set of premium darts. They were great! Trip 20, trip 20, trip 20. My three dart average was very consistent. But I’ve noticed on several occasions that, after entering a new league, the darts just don’t throw the same. Nothing about my playing style has changed in any way. The only difference is the league level. I’m even playing the same people that I played in the previous leagues; people I previously won against several times. This issue stops right after I upgrade to a new set of darts. This should not happen. It’s frustrating and makes me not want to play the game. (I also think that tickets should only be lost if you lose the game. A win shouldn’t cost anything. Either that, or throw some free tickets into those boxes you have to open every few games).
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3 years ago, Grudge-_-monkey
Fun to pass time
This is probably the only app I’ve give a review for on here. This app is great for many reason but this is the biggest one...you can actually level up without purchasing things. I love that I can pick this game up play it until my bar of free games are gone and actually feel like I’ve leveled up. If I put it down for 15 mins I’ll have another free bar of games so I can play again. The 2nd reason is you don’t have to keep upgrading your darts to level up or defeat opponents. Once you find the dart that fits your swipe you will almost always pass up every dart after that until you start losing a lot. This is where you might spend a little bit of money. I will say though at this point you won’t feel like you wasted a million dollars on the app. Anyways great job to the developers for making an app that I actually enjoy enough to leave a review.
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2 years ago, Jber5576
A REAL review!
No paid or fake review here, I am proudly saying of the few free random games I have downloaded I have to say not only am I hooked, but I found a game I knew nothing about and actually enjoy playing! Game play and rules are simple and very easy to understand, I am an older gentleman so I have to stick to games with few controls and simple game play. I might just start finding a dart bar or dart clubs in the area because If it’s as easy to pick up and fun to play as this I’m all in! Real quick… there is options to pay and play but if your the type that wants to play a little then maybe spend some money it doesn’t seem it slow your game play down any or lower your chances because you didn’t spend any money. Have fun and hopefully you will find something new you enjoy as well!
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7 years ago, Sbshendb
Good game, could be better.
I think that game looks great, with that being said, it is only a dart game. The mechanics are pretty smooth, so that makes it enjoyable. I’m also not sure if it’s truly multiplayer like others have stated. With that being said, I rate this game three stars as a result of the game being designed as a money grab at every angle. This is definitely a pay to play... meaning after three games, you literally have to pay to continue to play, or find a game from another developer to play until you gain energy. I was also disappointed after I purchased the Halloween flight pack, then I upgraded my darts, and now have to buy each Halloween flight individually if I want to use on my new darts... Seriously? I won’t be wasting any money on flights moving forward. I also haven’t confirmed... but it appears that that attributes of your darts decrease as you use them, so you’ll need to continue purchasing fresh darts to stay competitive. Game has great potential, it is just executed poorly.
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4 years ago, AnnetLaCubana
Used to be 5 stars.
Now it’s 2 stars because it changed from free for all to basically pay to play. Before the last update, you were limited on how many league games you could play, which was understandable, but the challenge and PVP were unlimited. Now every mode requires tokens, of which you only get a few whether you win or lose. If you want to play more than a couple games in a row, you either have to buy gems, which in turn buy tokens or you have to wait for your tokens to refill over time. Maybe if it had been that way from the start, but to hook people on unlimited games and then suddenly pull the rug out from under them is just dirty. You could at THE VERY LEAST let us keep the token if we win the game, that way good players have incentive to keep playing. I really used to like this game, now I’m thinking about uninstalling and finding a new darts game. Very disappointed. The 2 star rating is because it’s still a well designed, fun game. Just wish developers hadn’t gotten greedy.
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5 years ago, Jon&Jen72
Best dart game you will find by far
I have been playing this game for a year now. The dart physics are spot on and the graphics are top notch. The best thing about this game is its ability to keep you coming back to play it. The journey of League Play (where you compete in a single game against a real life opponent) is a long one. Like years long to get to the top tier levels. But each game lasts less than 5 minutes, so you can easily play a quick game during a smoke break. You only need to win to advance but if you lose you aren’t penalized or demoted. Along the way you will earn coins to spend to upgrade your dart which you want to do. All of the various dart games (like cricket) are available to play as side games, and the matchmaker algorithm is fast and always selects an opponent of comparable skill. Bottom line is download this game. You won’t regret it.
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3 years ago, skulljockey34
I noticed numerous suspicious charges on my Apple Pay account 4 or 5 months ago and reported it to Apple Support. I was under the impression (I haven’t been impress-able since I was about 10) that I was getting refunded the charges back to my credit card. Yes my credit card!! Approx 2 weeks ago I was looking over my statements and I couldn’t believe it? There were so many charges that I had nothing to do with! Some days there were 7 or 8 transactions charged to my Card. So I turned over the matter to my bank and received close to $400 bucks and this only goes back 3 months. Some rule doesn’t allow the bank go any further back. So I have only received about half of what I was overcharged. To make matters worse my iTunes and App accounts are disabled so I can’t play darts, tournaments in particular. I have spent a lot of my own money playing darts and was dropped from Golden Eagle back to the beginning because I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to sign out. I used to really enjoy playing darts but at what expense alone with all the people hacking into DOF. I done I guess?
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6 years ago, joeyNcabbit
Great Competitive Game Play
This is really fun. You compete with real people. There are some things I dislike, though. As you progress you don’t receive actual rewards. You are presented with better darts, but you have to buy them with your earnings. The darts are really expensive (you pay with game money you earn from winning). You don’t really win enough to buy the really good darts. Then the other thing I dislike is, even if you are winning, at some point, you have to stop, because your “tokens” run out. It seems, to me, you should receive better rewards and if you are winning, not being allowed to continue because you are out of “tokens” is absurd. I really wish there was an unlimited practice mode. There is a “training mode” but you have to throw where the game wants you to throw. I would like the option of honing my skills by just being able to throw where I want to throw.
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7 years ago, lonejerk
Best Game for iPad ever
Yo I don’t know what to say other than my money is well spent on the development of this game. I equate this to going out to play darts on a pay machine, minus the drinking and rowdy people and buying your own set of darts. If you ever can do us end users a solid, put all available dart games instead of 301. By the way I noticed your passively forcing me to upgrade my darts, could you make them more affordable. I don’t mind spending a little coin, but I don’t have the “at the bar, rowdy good time experience” to pay what your asking, they are computer generated darts you know? Update: you need a place in app to warm up before tournament play. And I’m not talking about that silly timed practice game. If you truly want people to seriously consider this app I’d put that in. Just throwing darts for practice. Nothing worse than throwing cold.
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6 years ago, Tymcode
Beautiful, monotonous and unrewarding
This is a really nicely-designed darts game. Performance and looks are great. I never have problems getting opponents. But it’s ultra stingy with rewards, especially gems. You went out on a double bull 50 times? Here’s the same four useless gems you got when you did it once. You want to do anything interesting? You’re going to need at least 800. A paltry and unimaginative set of achievements once you get past the first silly set. No streak bonuses, no daily rewards, nothing ever increases meaningfully. The coin rewards for games increase by 50 with every league, meaning a jump of, say, 12% on an early level, but only 7% by league 14. The random rewards boxes are heavily weighted on the low end, and never change in generosity or frequency. Leveling up doesn’t get you anything except getting you a little closer to alleviating the suffering of leaguing up, which has no meaningful rewards and only nerfs your darts. And you can’t get good darts, even for cash (!), until you’ve leveled halfway through the league, so you never get to enjoy good darts for more than half a league. And after you get to elite 501-point checkout, nothing in game play ever changes, ever. I’m looking forward to when new game variants appear, because it really is a great darts game. But the developers really need to rethink the rewards structure if they want players like me to keep coming back.
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6 years ago, Clarkstier
Very addicting and fun
I usually never write reviews but I needed to for this game. Where to start, for a game that is so simple a two year old could play it I was very surprised how fun and challenging it is. Even tho some parts are pay to play the game actually gives the player options to keep playing with out having to pay a dime. This game would have to be one of my top five games I’ve played on my iPhone. Usually I’ll play a game and after a few days I get bored with it and never play it again, but for this game I keep coming back day after day to play it and it’s been over two weeks now. So simply put it, if you’re looking for a game that is exciting and challenging and you don’t have to pay money to play plus a game that will keep you coming back for more this is the game for you.....
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7 years ago, aziz5708
Best game I’ve played in a while
I honestly thought that this was going to be one of those run of the mill games that you get bored of in a day, but Darts of Fury is extremely fun to play. Over the last two years I’ve played about 100 games to kill time and I have to say that this one is up there with the best. The game is simple to pick up but makes you work to master it. It also offers helpful training section that you can use to get the hang of the mechanics. At one point I was losing every game in the third league but training and understanding the mechanics of the game make winning and competing very satisfying. Also, playing against others who are just as good as you, if not better, is lots of fun. In my opinion this game combines luck, skill and mental prowess to think a few moves ahead all in one go.
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5 years ago, Ali Laban
Guest Accounts are Rigged Bots!!
It’s a shame that this game could have easily been a phenomenal game, if it weren’t for the greedy developers using every tactic that they could think of to get you spend your money. They even go as far as having you play against “Guest” accounts during Battle Mode (which costs you gold to play) that are blatantly obvious bots seeing as how they completely destroy you in the game and hit perfect scores almost every time. Real people, despite how good they may be, make mistakes from time to time, but these guest accounts are so rigged it’s disgusting. Not only are they fake accounts, but if you notice, whenever you play against a guest account, they’ll occasionally flash a “poor connection” symbol in the middle of your turn to further cover up that the account is a bot and to also slow down your groove. I have never seen the poor connection logo when I play against someone with their Facebook account connected. This is all to get you to run out of gold, and have to purchase more. Disgusting.
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6 years ago, VB4L
It’s fun but...
If you try and do challenge when you unlock it it matches you with people 40+ levels higher with end game darts. Totally unfair. Basic practice for the usual P2W game companies hoping to get you to spend money after robbing you for your gold. Stick with league. Eventually you’ll get screwed into spending money there, but it takes longer. P.S. I also love seeing the copy and pasted “developers response”. This is a crap company with the usual crap tactics. Play for fun people. But spend no money. Once it gets to that point delete it. This game CHEATS. You will NOT be able to win challenges. You’re not playing a player. You’re playing a bot that’s makes all killer shots so you lose what you bet in an attempt to make you spend money. BAD GAME Edit again: noticing a lot of people with the same complaints. Yes this game is RIGGED. You will eventually lose to AI bots and you’ll miss all your shots. Don’t listen to these “good reviews”. They’re either low level or bot accounts. This is one of, if not the MOST RIGGED GAMES I’ve ever played.
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5 years ago, Aklnight
Bait and switch
The game starts out well. Almost addictive. As you gain levels and move up in leagues, the game begins to repeat opponents and the same recorded matches. Matchmaking is also broken. The game doesn’t match with your skill with your opponents skill level. I find it hard to believe that an opponent that has been playing the game for months marches up with a new player. For example, an opponent will have a win percentage greater than 90 and match up with a win percentage less than 60. The opponent will also have bot like reflexes when it’s their turn. The currency system also attempts to force players to pay. The darts are expensive, then once you purchase a dart with in game currency you move up one league and now that dart’s stats are reduced. Forcing the player to ether buy the dart within their league or use really money to buy a dart for that league. Again, I enjoyed this game initially but this is a game to throw your money at and never feel satisfied.
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6 years ago, Jtap66
Fun at first...until you figure out the truth
You’re not playing against other people. At first you blaze through levels, winning games. Losing a few, but mostly winning. Then you hit points where every “person” you play is an ace. Winning to advance gets harder and harder. All this despite facing “players” of various levels. Eventually you figure out you’re not playing other people at all. (I’ve played multiple people with the same profile pictures. There’s one hint.) Try this experiment: get to higher levels and part way through a game, intentionally start to play poorly. Lo and behold, your opponent (who a minute before was scoring big) suddenly plays poorly as well. Then start playing well again and, like magic, so does your opponent. I’ve intentionally tried to lose and games suddenly drag on, your opponent randomly throwing for 3s and 5s when a higher score would guarantee them a win. Only when you’re close to actually winning does your opponent magically get hot again and close out the game. Oh, and you mean to tell me in all the games I’ve played against “real opponents” nobody ever got distracted and let time expire before they threw? I’ve done it many times. My opponents? Not once. Again, a fun game. But once you realize you’re being manipulated to keep you playing some of the polish comes off the apple.
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5 years ago, Ian0135
Best game ever!
So I’ve always been a mobile gamer ever since I got a smart phone years ago. I’ve played many, MANY games and I can honestly say that DOF is one of the best games I’ve ever played on mobile! The graphics are excellent, the mechanics/physics are spot on, and the replay value is insanely great! Also this game is much less “pay to win” than most other games out there. If you practice with a particular dart, your command on throws will get better enough to keep you competitive over your opponents instead of having to purchase upgrades. The weekend events are perfect for me because I work throughout the week. The game is also good about not matching you with higher skilled opponents. I honestly can’t even think of any Cons about this app. 5 stars 5 times over!!!
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2 years ago, WildestParsnip
Has Some Fundamental Flaws
The main game mode (Tower X01) is a bit broken in the sense that if you get the first turn, you’re at the advantage for winning. Essentially, first turn gets 3 extra darts. An opponent can “Check Out” (win the game) using more darts even if said opponent is outperformed every round. I can throw 6 darts for 297 points, and the opponent can throw 6 for 240 points. If the opponent went first, and then wins using darts 7-9, you don’t get a chance to throw those same darts. Players aren’t allowed to see if they can get the same points in less throws. In Count Up, a side “battle” game mode DOES allow you to throw the same number of darts to attempt to get more points in the SAME NUMBER OF DARTS. League mode (Tower X01) doesn’t do this. I have lost countless games where I outperform my opponent, but due to RNG deciding he gets first turn, I lose. Fix this. It’s game breaking.
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6 years ago, FifiDanon
Bold Departure from My Usual Fare
Not my typical kind of game, but got hooked right away. Visually stunning, easy to play but very hard to master, and just really super fun! Also really appreciate how the developers don’t soak you with the need to make in-app purchases to play. You certainly can make purchases to help further your progress and add to your dart inventory, but it’s not required to keep on playing. And if you’re hankering for a dart upgrade and don’t want to shell out the cash, you can watch a copious offering of videos to help up your bank. But without a doubt, my most favorite thing of all is the slo-mo, close-up footage of the trajectory of your final, game-winning dart, which so cleverly lets you know this is the one that nailed it! Coolest thing ever, every single time. Enthusiastically recommended!
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5 years ago, KingJayC
Positive Change of Pace
Definitely a must have in the Games folder. As we all know, In app purchases come with the territory in every game. Luckily there aren’t too many in game purchases because you can earn as many coins playing just fine. Here’s where Darts of Fury shines the most: First the graphics, smooth gameplay, and the seamless menu transitions are top notch. Secondly, the reward system is excellent. Most games give you just enough rewards and currency to keep you playing at level 1. I’m currently at level 7 after just a couple days! With work and home life figured in, I have only played 15 matches. That’s progress! Finally, It’s definitely a great way to pass the time and play a friend or two.
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6 years ago, Th3saint31
Definitely fun, but could use help.
So i’ve been playing for awhile now. I’m a level 73 and believe me it takes awhile to get there. But i honestly still have fun playing the game. With that being said, the rewards are terrible. Gems come very rarely and when they do it’s like 4-10 max for an achievement. You win small amounts of coins for a loss, and barely more for a win... Also the game never really changes. As you level up it goes from 101, 201, 301, to 301 Double Out, to 501...once you reach 501, the games take alot longer and you still get the same XP as all the other rounds. No cricket, cutthroat, baseball, Round the Clock...just same old stuff everytime so it can get very repetative. I still enjoy the game and will continue playing but those are just my opinions and i hope it helps anyone looking for a good dart game.
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7 years ago, Squirt805
Needs warm up shots/other game modes
Overall I love this game. It’s smooth clean and very easy to use the darts. The tiers are a good thing to keep so it only gets harder as you go up in rank. Darts are cool and I like customizing them. Omg I can’t count how many times I go into a game and first dart is completely off. Please add a warm up session before the real match, or way to learn the way the new darts feel. As I said before I like the customization but there isn’t much to do with it, which I understand it’s a dart and not much color goes into it but let’s be able to change the flight colors. Also it’s almost impossible to get premium dart without paying. Let’s make it a little easy to get better darts or we are all gonna end up with the same dart. Besides 301 there are other games on dart boards. I would like to see other game modes besides just traditional 301,401 ect
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7 years ago, A W Rich
Darts of Funy is Legit.
I’ve had this game for about 4 days, and have been playing it nonstop. I can understand the frustrations of having to “pay” to practice and the limited number of back-to-back games, but you can watch a short ad and get a free game to keep going when your first three are played. And there’s not a penalty for losing a game, so you can use the game to practice. Might not win the game, but it really doesn’t matter during your practice rounds. I haven’t spent a dime on any of the extra stuff, but I am still having a freaking awesome time playing. I would love to have a head-to-head feature with standard and/or mini darts games that I could play against my friends, either live or in some other way. Or to have a “league” my friends and I join and compete against each other. That would be sick and I would almost certainly be playing this game 50x more than I already do today. This option would also be the only thing keeping me from five stars. Great job to the designers here, as well. The game looks and plays incredibly. The graphics and the physics are solid. Love this game because it’s super easy to play AND hard enough to master. Darts of Fury is legit. Definitely worth an install.
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7 years ago, Mr. C - Science Guy
Was higher
I initially rated this game 4-5 stars. Great graphics, fun to play at first. Nice custom add-ons on most aspects (except, flag of my country won’t stay on my dart fins). Reason for the drop - I advanced in rank so quickly and the game has gotten so difficult it is not as much fun to play. * To much ai assistance at the beginning to advancing in rank was way to quick. No time to really learn how to effectively throw the darts. No tutorial either. Was lv 12 in a day or two. * Give us some options as to how much ai we would like to apply. Pro level may want none. Amateurs may want more help, but if I want none to help me learn the nuances of the throw. Give me the option. * I would like the option to play in the league that I choose. Not be stuck in a league and constantly losing. Sure earn up to new leagues, but I have no other option of the one I want play in. Less and less fun now. * The darts are not always consistent which can be aggravating, think this is in part ai. My newest dart is not as consistent or as fun to throw as my old dart. Actually switched back to a step down and faired a bit better. * There should be a practice board. Not just the pay to play trainer. I want to be able to just throw darts sometimes. No computer, no other player, just me. Thanks for listening. I look forward to an update soon.
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4 years ago, Qestwie
Rediculous !!
I am in a real life dart league, and I love the game. However over the last 15 Levels in this game I have noticed a huge difference in the darts controllability. I am currently level 70 in this game with a 74+ dart average, and find it outrageous that when I come to a level up opportunity, that I am beaten by a player with a 38 point dart average. So you expect me to believe that an inferior player all of a sudden is throwing 140 back to back?? Impossible!! Are we actually playing real life players in real time, or is it just another algorithm?? Don’t get me wrong, I understand that all apps are geared towards making money, but you all seem to make it blatantly obvious. I also have to agree with another player’s previous comment about the darts magically reducing their effectiveness every 3 levels. This simply does not happen in a realistic setting. I am thoroughly disappointed in you for putting out yet another app that clearly shows a huge amount of greed on your part.
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4 years ago, BruhMonJee
Great Game/Limited Customization
Darts of Fury is far the best darts game I’ve played on iOS. I’m currently Level 24 and constantly battling higher and higher in the leagues. What I enjoy most of all is the highly competitive atmosphere of the game. The battle system used is great (and REAL for those who hate to wait on players being “found” because none were available at that moment.) I love the current options to design you’re darts and the one original board you can buy with diamonds at the Kiosk but if I could add something, more Dart/Board Customization Options and maybe even Player-made Designs for both as well would be awesome. I enjoy the ability to make multiple presets as well. Other than that, friend made clubs would be fun too but everything is amazing. Great Game, Brain Sauce
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5 years ago, Mick2LWRule
So close
This game is a boatload of fun. As you get better, obviously, so does the competition. The only real problem is the randomness of who goes first. It’s not a real issue in the beginning but as you play Battle Mode, in, Cricket say, 9 times out of 10 the player who throws first wins. Even if you throw perfect darts, it’s just a matter of the player who throws first beating you to the prize. So, at the very least, Battle Mode needs to have an option to throw for first ups. Not possible in Reg Mode because you don’t play other players live, but random opponents who have already played and won their games. That’s why when you have a boss battle, they take random opponents who threw near perfect games for you to throw against. Live battles would always be better but overall, the game is fun.
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5 years ago, the1maximus
Loving It
Love the game, I just hope they fix the matchmaking in the battle arena. At the time of writing this at Level 23 I would be matched with a level 37 and totally out matched. There should be maybe a +/- 5 from your current level, so it’s not a total wash out in either direction. a Level 28 would be challenging, where I would be the challenge for a level 18. My only other caveat is that 3 match limit in league mode, and the waiting for another turn. Yes, you can go to training or the battle arena, but those require “coins” to play. You get coins by winning in league mode, or by winning your battle. Other then that, it’s a great game. Make me want to get back into actual dart playing again.
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7 years ago, Curtis.ramirez
Don't waste your time! Look at other bad reviews!!
When I first got this game I reviewed it as a 5 star app. Because we'll at first it was really fun and entertaining. But as you rank up this game puts you against bots or ai that makes it literally unplayable and really aggravating. You can rank up into a "pro" level in 2 days. And you can't move down. You can only move up as you win. So pretty soon it matches you against bots that force you to lose because they shoot like crap, then when it comes time for you to win they get perfect 2/3x 20's and come back and win. At first you just get mad assuming it's really bad but lucky people. But then you find out its robots put into the game and obviously they are programmed to win. Again read the other bad reviews. They are exactly how I feel my self. The 5 star ratings are clearly from new people who haven't been screwed and gotten high enough to realize it's unplayable. Not to mention tho the game is fun visually. It literally has nothing to do. You have 2 options, customize darts, or play league which like I said you can't even win and is unplayable after only a few days. It has potential but it's a terrible app. Don't waste your time. But I'm sure by the time you figure it out it's too late and you have already seen how much of a waste it is and can't win matches anymore.
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5 years ago, Gayyviidd
Can't even play game after game
This game is fun no lie, other dart games it's easy to manipulate the screen to always shoot anywhere you want here it actually takes a bit more time and practice to do so. But the only issue I have is how many pop ups ALWAYS SHOW UP, you can't beat one person and move onto the next game without at least 2 minutes of hitting x buttons and waiting for the screen to transition from one thing to the next. I don't want to have to spend 10 seconds watching the screen as it comes into the board and sets up. So frustrated I just want to play give me the option to buy and upgrade as I go but it's really annoying when the same screens pop up game after game after game if I didn't want to buy a upgrade one game ago I don't want it the vary next game. Uninstalled.
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6 years ago, jwbrent
Nearly 2,000 games in, and it still is addictive!
I’ve spent more time playing this game than any other IOS game, by a long shot. Sadly, I’m almost at level 180, the highest one can go, and I’m not sure how playable it will be when I get there. It would be great if there was an overall statistics board comparing overall wins, win percentage, scoring average, and total winnings, just to see how I rate against everyone who has reached level 180. It would also be great to add more achievements (I’ve finished them all) when getting to the end just to give one incentive to keep on playing. Additionally, how about adding more levels, too? Anything to keep the great fun of this game going (maybe adding cricket?).
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4 years ago, Lolshfjgjeksnckgor
Don’t waste your time
This game is a complete money grab. The idea of the game is good and the gameplay is smooth. The real frustration emerges when you get to a higher level. As others have commented, as you rank up the quality of your darts decrease significantly. If I pay 40k for a dart, that same dart will be completely useless in 3 levels. This will cut your dart average in half and the result is losing almost all of your games. I saw a developer respond to a similar review. The review stated that darts bought with gems were useless after gaining a few levels. The developers response was “well you can spend money on gems and buy darts but you can also buy darts with coins and coins are free.” Well how do you get coins? By winning games and leveling up. Which is almost impossible with your now useless darts, whether they are bought with gems or coins. What a joke of a game. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
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1 year ago, Word Cat
I love this game. I just have one issue right now whenever it asks if you want to double your coins it says you have to watch a video. So I watch the video and then nine times out of 10 it says we were unable to get you a video to watch. Then what was I just watching. I watch the video and there’s no doubling of anything it just says sorry no video available. Makes no sense actually considering every time I tap that I watch a video but I don’t get anything doubled because it continues to say we couldn’t find a video for you to watch or no video available. Very strange. Maybe you can look into that because I love this game it just aggravates me when that happens all the time
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6 years ago, IronOnTap
So good, just wish I wasn’t limited!
Quite honestly, this game is great for moments when I have some down time that needs to be filled. My only wish (which has nothing to do with functionality, because the game works wonderfully) is that we weren’t limited to just three plays at a time. When I sit down to play, it means I have like 30 minutes that I can just watch TV and enjoy a mindless game. This is my game of choice right now, and I would LOVE unlimited free multiplayer. I understand, Devs, you both need and deserve to make money on this one (the .99 cent training mode made things better), this is just my Christmas wish! Really, this is a great idle game with just enough skill to make it worth playing for some time. Enjoy it, have fun with it! -Iron
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5 years ago, Fannar
First player always wins
I’m not an avid dart player, have picked up a few darts at the local pub with no referee in sight and is enjoyed for the most part. Graphics are excellent, gameplay is 10/10, UI geta 5 stars out of 5. Almost every element in this game gets 5 stars. BUT, how the normal league works in this game (probably the same as in normal darts) is dreadful and infuriating. So, lets say you’re playing in a league where each player starts at 201 and has to work his way down. Each get 3 darts in turn and there the game starts. However, if you are first to play, odds are greatly in your favor as the game does not take into account the number of darts thrown, rather who hits their target first. So for instance, we have both thrown 6 darts and I started after the other player. It is his turn to throw darts 7-9. He hits his target in the 9th throw; game is over! I am not offered to equal his score in the same amount of darts, so he got to throw 9 darts, I only got to throw 6 and guess who always wins? Whoever starts, because lets be honest, this is an easy game that is super repetitive. So, until the game is either changed to where each player gets the same amount of darts to throw or at least the option to play such a game in a league setting, the game will be permanently deleted from my phone. Until then....
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6 years ago, Farley213
Loving this game, but...
I miss playing darts and was looking for a good dart app to play...this fit the bill. Other dart apps are a bit too cartoonish or not responsive enough, etc. But been really enjoying playing this one a lot. I took off the one star because I’d like to create a profile without using my google or fb accounts. I don’t use my fb for any games and I don’t feel comfortable “linking” my google account with a game app. Would just like a regular old profile that is set up in this app alone so I can get off guest mode, save my progress, do the nickname thing and access to my stats. No app should ask for access to personal accounts. Other than that, have been having fun and looking forward to advancing some more! Thanks!!!
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5 years ago, njzeus
Great start, then falls flat
This game starts off great; you seem to get a feel very quickly for throwing consistent shots in the same general area of the board. Unfortunately, once you hit about level 7 or 8, that consistency evaporates. (Likely the pay wall hoping you cough up some dough to improve darts.) You can throw three darts the exact same way, and they will hit the absolute bottom of the board, fly directly over the top, and hit an outer bulls-eye! (This has happened to me at least six times now.) My average of about 70 per three darts at level 1 steadily declined with each level down to an average of about 40 per three darts at level 8. I had high hopes for this game at first, but it has turned into yet another one of those early teasers that gives way to frustration and rage quitting. A real shame since there could be a great game in here.
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