Dashlane Password Manager

4.8 (85.6K)
174.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dashlane Password Manager

4.79 out of 5
85.6K Ratings
1 year ago, Onmyway
Wouldn’t be without it
Very easy to use. I remember when you used the same login name and password repetedly and I thoght “all is well”. In this version you find that dashlane will let you know to change repeted passwords or login names. They tell you if your password has been involved in a breach and take you to the website to change it right away. Now the smartest thing to do is to have separate login id’s and passwords. There is no possible way for me to remember them, so Dashlane to the rescue. It can automatically log me in or I can look up my creditentials by going to the store/company/institution name in my search and it shows me both my login and password. I like to add things in notes about other things besides my password, such as the date my subscription will auto-renew so I can cancel on-time or when my special offer for the sattelite service expires so I don’t have a surprise bill, if the customer service representative gave me any additional information I have it recorded there. I can also share my passwords with my husband, so if I’m not around he doesn’t have to panic to pay bills. I guess my only issue is I used to be able to have 3years for the price one year is now and they don’t offer a family deal if your family is two people, where it would be more economic if you had a larger family. I feel I should have been grandfathered in since I was with them at the start and have been loyal to their product.
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2 years ago, Sniper Cartman
You need this even if you don’t know it
I can not tell you how much I love Dashlane, I’ve never had a issue, never had a complaint and never want to go without. I have so many accounts it’s impossible for me to keep a secure (not reused) password for them all, until I started using Dashlane. All these years later... I’m still with them 100%. Nothing makes me more happy then having crazy password that even the NSA couldn’t crack. The security of knowing that if any one account gets hacked or compromised, they will not effect any of my other accounts. Looking back I can’t image a life without a password service. Yes it cost money but the stress relief of not worrying and not remembering, makes it so worth it. You literally only need to remember 1 password, the one to sign into Dashlane. You get to have your cake and eat it too. *Update* It has been a while since I first reviewed this app and I know most see a update as they “finally failed” or they fixed serious issues. Honestly, I still use Dashlane daily, I still tell everyone about Dashlane, I’m a very happy customer and I don’t plan to leave anytime soon. All of that being said, I liked the PC application but it has been phased out, it’s in the browser only now. It hasn’t really changed anything, nothing is particularly harder or easier to do but I miss the app because I didn’t have to open the browser.
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1 year ago, Flash.Gordon57
Dashlane is Password Manager available — currently
I check periodically, and I continue to find Dashlane is the number one or number two password manager in different comparisons. But, when I consider the functions and features, the kind of rapid customer support I receive, and the cost—I use the Premium Family plan, giving me up to six licensed users—there is simply no comparison. Given the number of major hacks annually, and how often those user credentials end up for sale on the Dark Web, the days of keeping your passwords manageable—easily managed, all the same across web sites, have them easy to remember, and/or writing them on sticky notes or a notebook “hidden” near your computer—should be long behind you. Dashlane makes it so easy to keep you passwords unique for every site, and meeting all complexity requirements. They can be sync’d across all devices, logged in using biometrics, and randomly generated using Dashlane. In many websites, they can be automatically entered by the app/extension, without little or no interaction on your part. Especially on the iPhones using FaceID, I don’t have to do anything but look at my phone—amazing!! And sharing them with friends and family couldn’t be easier. I can recommend them highly enough. Best product available for several years now—nothing would make be changed.
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3 years ago, Skro1970
Makes me feel safer
It’s not ideal to have random 10 character passwords, unique to each app or site, but after having two identity theft situations, I feel a lot safer. If there is a breach (like experian), the app tells you and which accounts were affected so you can immediately change your passwords. There’s also a feature that will update them all, but I don’t use that. Yes, google can save all your stuff, but I feel like google knows enough about me already. You make one safe password (don’t forget it, it’s possible to retrieve it but difficult, that’s the point) and that gives you access to all the others. You can log in to sites and apps via dashlane. On my computer, if the app is open it will auto fill. I also store credit card numbers, ss# of my parents, stuff like that. I’ve never used another password manager and for sure it is simpler to just save passwords on your phone or through a browser but this is an extra layer of protection. Everything is in one place and if you lose your phone or computer you can access everything through the web site. It even has an emergency contact so that if you get hit by a bus someone has access to all your stuff to pay your bills. Worth it to me. It’s $69/yr for premium and I use all the features but you can try it for free.
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2 years ago, LadyPhRx
I Would be LOST without this App!!
This app is fantastic...have been using it for years and it only keeps getting better. I would be absolutely LOST without it. All recent breaches in security online and in stores did not matter to me for 2 reasons...1. My passwords were never saved on those sites and Dashlane has not been compromised (by the way - nice job, Dashlane!!) and 2. When I have needed to quickly change my passwords, I have used Dashlane's password generator and change my passwords quickly, efficiently and securely. I love that Dashlane can populate for me if I choose, but also can now store other types of sensitive information such as ID's you don't want to carry, payment methods and secure notes you need to make. Overall - again, I could not live without this app. One suggestion I would love to see in a future update...would be for accounts you no longer want to use...maybe the ability to use Dashlane to deactivate your account and help remove your data to unsubscribe from a site you are no longer interested in having an account with, so that sensitive information does not need to float about on the interweb :) Overall - GREAT job Dashlane!! I have already renewed my premium for 5 years...because this app and my online security are of utmost importance to me!! Thank you!!
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6 months ago, RDEinMichigan
Intelligent and works
After years using ROboForm, the desktop version of RF is good, but got tired of waiting for them to improve IOS app. After significant research I came down to RF or Dashlane. My upmost requirement was security, intelligence, simplicity, and most importantly the encryption key was not to be stored on any servers to attract hackers, insiders, or NSA. If the service offers password recovery, then they are storing your encryption key and so eliminated. LassPass and most others were eliminated, RoboForm and DashLane survived the cut. But once I tried out Dashlane I was quickly impressed. The user interface is excellent, intelligent, and fast. There are options to really lock your data down. These include secondary password via texting, the ability to require a password even when logged on for very sensitive accounts so even if a foe was to get on your computer while not locking, to your still safe. I especially like the password evaluation dashboard which can automatically change weak passwords for you on many common accounts. Password generator and genre red password log should you lose it. The app even downloads icons for the sites to make it easy for you to find the password your looking for. Yea, I like this app, the iPhone and desktop versions.
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2 years ago, Horitexan
Best thing since sliced bread...almost!!
If you are concerned about security, identity theft or protecting your password protected accounts and data, this is a MUST-have!! Having unique and complex passwords for EVERY account you have is imperative to protect yourself and to minimize the risk if one of your accounts is breached! Until Dashlane came along, the possibility of having a different and complex password for every account was IMPOSSIBLE - there was no way to remember them all or to store them securely. Dashlane has solved the problem ! I thought this was just another gimmicky app that wasn't really going to meet the expectations or claims. I was SO wrong! After seeing Dashlane recommended by some top internet security guys who had just appeared before Congress, talking about internet security, I figured I'd give it a shot. All I can say is, "WOW!" Dashlane provides me with security and the ability to have different passwords for EVERYTHING I do online and check out of online stores with just a click or two. Getting automatically logged into every site you have an account with is SO nice! This app saves time and gives you as much piece of mind as you can possibly get. Don't hesitate to "Go Premium" - the price is well worth it!
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1 year ago, Matenai
Features complicate beauty of this tool
UPDATE of RATING: I have removed another 2 stars as it seems this app is now totally worthless on the iPhone or iPad...even the supposed “open it in Dashlane” function does nothing but open the login webpage without inserting the login information. Also, many sites on the PC have login windows that Dashlane does not recognize and thus does not populate...banking sites in particular. The fact that I have to remember what sites work and which don’t on the PC makes it a real bother. I am almost ready to abandon it. Also it tells you that your account is compromised hundreds of times even though you have changed your password. So how are you supposed to know if it was compromised since the last password change? Original Review: I have this on PC a Send iPhone. I find on the PC it works fairly well when you go to enter a password or something you see the icons giving you a choice from the selection list if there are multiple possible entries. I hate the fact keeps asking me for receipts but you can turn that off. On iPhone it's another matter I found it totally useless. There seems to be no integration between Safari and this application. Then if you go to the application and login you never get the thread that you were pursuing from an email that required logging in Safari. Am I missing something?
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8 months ago, Michael Shine
Free Version Worthwhile, Paid is Stellar
As a Dashlane user for over three years, I couldn’t recommend this app highly enough! As long as you can remember one “master” password, Dashlane allows you to use that, or biometrics, to have a digital library of unlimited, unguessable, wildly random passwords. I use the password generator almost exclusively. You can accept the one given, have it make another until your happy, and/or change it any way you want before saving. Dashlane can generate passwords of various lengths, so maxing out the possibilities for each website is easy. You can also customize or limit which characters are used for those sticky websites that won’t accept your favorite weird one. One small quirk to be aware of is some websites will not accept straight cut and paste. My easy fix is to enter a blank character at the end of the password, then backspace over it. That forces most forms to accept it. Dashlane provides confidence in having extremely secure, unguessable passwords. Changing passwords often is a good online security technique. Dashlane makes it easy and fast. Dashlane is by far one of my most utilized and practical apps. Definitely earns a rating of 5 stars for such a well made and useful utility.
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1 month ago, Right thinker
Dashlane's password manager is an absolute lifesaver! With its intuitive interface and robust security features, managing passwords has never been easier or more secure. The autofill feature seamlessly integrates with my browser, making logging into websites a breeze. Plus, the password generator ensures that all of my accounts are protected by strong, unique passwords, giving me peace of mind knowing my online identity is safeguarded. The ability to securely store sensitive information such as credit card details and personal notes is just the icing on the cake. Overall, Dashlane has become an indispensable tool in my digital life, and I couldn't recommend it more highly. In addition to its superb functionality, Dashlane's customer support is top-notch. Whenever I've had a question or encountered an issue, their support team has been prompt, knowledgeable, and courteous in resolving it. Whether it's through email, live chat, or their extensive knowledge base, I've always been impressed by their dedication to ensuring a smooth user experience. Dashlane truly sets the standard for password management software, and I'm grateful to have found such a reliable partner in safeguarding my online accounts.
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2 months ago, DropInthePale
it’s good
I’ve used its Premium plan for years. I’ve used other password managers that are pretty good, too, but lack all of the best qualities of dashlane: excellent syncing among devices and better recognition of login fields on websites, though with so many millions of websites with logins, perfection with that is impossible. Bitwarden and 1Password are also good, but Bitwarden’s recognition of login fields on websites paled in comparison with Dashlane’s. 1Password existed years before Dashlane but had horrible syncing among devices then improved that pretty well but overall is still clunkier. If Bitwarden had great (not just better) website login field recognition, I’d reconsider it. Dashlane’s development team seems to have hit its stride after its scary transition from a desktop apps to browser apps. I was skeptical and disliked the browser app’s reduced features until Dashlane restored them. They’ve continued to improve and expand features. Dashlane’s family and business plans are good, and so is its sharing feature among individual Premium users. I help my own clients set up Dashlane Premium, Family and Business subscriptions but mostly and daily have experience with Premium. Dashlane has pulled away from the pack.
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6 years ago, Tenn. man
Really good app....
This app is really a benefit in todays world. It’s getting way to hard to keep all the information under control w/o a little help & this app definitely helps. Having said that there is a pretty steep learning curve with all these password manager apps, but this one is the best at helping a noob along the way. I tried 3 others before I found Dashlane & it is miles ahead of the others in terms of “user friendliness”, if you will. The PC aspect of this manager is a breeze once you get it set up & have a little time to get your head wrapped around what is going on. The mobile side of it is a real battle though, at least on IOS devices. As much difficulty as I seem to have, though pales in comparison to the other apps I tried, they were impossible to get past the mobile setup part, didn’t even get to really use them because of set up issues. The biggest thing reason for getting a manager was PC and phone communicating & keeping each other current. Dashlane has managed to do this for me w/o any need for help from support, which after the first three experiences I didn’t think would ever happen. So if you an old newbie like me, then you can’t go wrong with this app.
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2 years ago, Young Prefect
It works well in comparison to other services out there
I’ve used most pw managers out there. Each one has its idiosyncrasies. Dashlane is definitely among the best I’ve used (I use two different pw managers for work and Dashlane for personal). It takes some time to configure settings properly and the auto fill controls could use some work. Ultimately though, it works exactly how I want 98% of the time which is definitely not the case for other services (cough cough 1Password). Dashlane strikes a balance between usability, design, and obviously digital security. Long story short, if you’re new to pw managers, I’d take the promotion/free trial and compare with 1 or 2 other options (I recommend trying BitWarden for low cost, ease of use, and top tier security). You really just have to see which design makes sense given your circumstances. Auto generated pws, auto saving email/username for new sign ups, pw sharing between secure contacts, sensitive info storage aka address, emails, payment info etc all work very well if you take the time to configure how you’d like the software to run. Best of luck and stay secure!
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3 years ago, jrmpco1
iOs Password Generation and Syncing Broken
While there are many positive things to say about Dashlane, using it on an iPhone has become increasingly frustrating. Whenever I try to generate a new password for a site or an app, Dashlane shows it as saved and listed with the other passwords in the password menu - complete with app or website info. However, the website or app immediately disappears from the Dashlane app when you next try to pull it up to fill in the password for the new site- it simply no longer listed in the password menu. While it may - or may not - show up hours later, that does not help when you are trying to sign into a new app or had to change a password that you need NOW. In addition, it takes FOREVER for a password that is newly saved on a pc using the web extensions (now the only supported way of using Dashlane on a computer) to show up on the iOS app. And yes, I sync the pc web app immediately after saving the password. Where is the sync function on the iOS app (there is none…)? I try the recommended logging out of the app and logging back in, but this still does not work. Passwords need to be immediately available on a device once they are saved on that device, and need to be immediately available on all devices once they are synced.
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4 years ago, Seemslikeitt illwork
Deleting entire databases randomly? Why?
Cue the “This is the first time I’ve ever written a review for an app”. I have been using Dashlane on both my phone and computer since 2013 and was very happy with it up until this year, It’s conflicting that after using the platform for so long that I would find myself staring at an empty database after being prompted to log in. Lost every single one of my passwords, backup codes, 2FA keys and notes. It’s beyond disheartening as someone who is very computer literate and understanding that there are always bugs with software, but for something this destructive to be put out for public use does not sit well with me. I kept testing this for months and it still hasn’t been fixed, I guess updating the interface was more important than that? Also be aware if you want to move to another platform like 1Password or Keepass the file you export is going to be broken and you’ll have to fix it manually. I researched how long that had been an issue and apparently it’s been going on for months as well with no transparency on Dashlane’s part. At the very least I’d want clarity on what this issue is since my phones data was also wiped. Yes, I hear you. People should make backups (please for the love of god make backups, people) which I have, it does not excuse the failure on the company’s part for making sure something like this doesn’t happen to their customers.
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3 years ago, OkKaye
Passwords have been disappearing
I really like this app and service. Currently, I have over 300+ passwords saved. However, I’ve been beginning to notice more recently and frequently that passwords are disappearing from Dashlane. Using the web extension, a password and account will be randomly missing. This could be a password to an account I use everyday- poof! Randomly gone. The account and password are not findable, but if I log into the mobile app, it will be there. This is super inconvenient and disappointing. In addition to this, if I create a username/password for a website on the web extension, it does not register on my mobile device until I physically open the app. Outside of these issues, I do have other smaller occasional issues but they are not as inhibiting as the ones mentioned above. I really like using Dashlane and have for the last 3-4 years, but these issues are a big problem for me. For the price, because Dashlane charges nearly $30 more a year than other comparable services, I wouldn’t expect to have these particular issues mentioned above. Will definitely continue using Dashlane for a few more months to judge if this bug/glitch is resolved, if not, I will need to consider a different option as being locked out of any of my accounts is far from ideal and could potentially prevent me from working.
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1 year ago, HAK1
Great app, with some room for improvement
Terrific app. Terrific interface and very intuitive. Works extremely well on the Mac, although I seem to have more success with Google Chrome than Safari. It would be great if more app developers would integrate Dashlane into their apps, so that you wouldn't have to open an app, then open Dashlane, then copy a password, and paste a password into the app.. A few years ago, I used 1Password but found Dashlane to be less buggy and more intuitive with a superior user experience! One of the few issues occurs when generating a new password. Websites or apps frequently require a password to have a combination of numbers, letters, and certain symbols (e.g., @*$(),;”), but Dashlane doesn’t offer any way to limit the allowable symbols. So unfortunately, I often have to go in and manually adjust the generated password to ensure compliance with a site’s/app’s requirements, and/or I have to generate passwords multiple times in order to get one that is acceptable. This defeats the purpose of quickly creating a unique, random password. The free VPN and Vault (for storing credit card and other personal information) are also very nice features.
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1 year ago, JeffRVMan
Time to give Dashlane the rating it deserves!
I’ve been using Dashlane now for nearly 5 years. Over that period of time I’ve accumulated hundreds of passwords and an impressive collection of sensitive information that I never seem to have when I want it (like my passport number or car registration numbers). At first, integration with browsers was a bit sketchy but no matter what I could always go to Dashlane and copy my username/password and paste it into a browser. It’s always there, on all my devices (Mac, PC, iPad, iPHones) and has never let me down. I’ve helped over a dozen folks get started with Dashlane and its been simply life changing for those still keeping their data on cheat sheets. Of late, the improvements seems to be coming along regularly. Most recently with iOS 12, integration with FaceID has been a game changer! Now it all just works without me even entering my Master Password on the keyboard. I also see VPN has been added for the Premium subscriber as well. So hats off to the Dashlane team for a great product that sees regular updates at a very reasonable price!!! 5 stars for sure!!!
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4 years ago, eimcmullin
Excellent App
Used Roboform for years, probably at least a decade, before getting fed up with it. Each “improvement” created a more bloated & complicated program that started getting bundled w/other bloated software. Anyway, I began using Brave when it first came out and Dashlane was the pw manager that worked with baby Brave. Tried it, liked it. Simple to use. Best when used on a lap or desktop (do desktops still exist?). Bit if a pain when used w/iPad - don’t believe I’ve used it on my iPhone, so can’t speak to that. When using it on a mobile device, it does require you to input your master password or, it fairly recently offered, a pin - every time you need to enter a pw. Now that is a pain but it is a safety feature for a device that can be more easily accessed by strangers. It does sync along devices quite nicely. Only complaint I have, and this is not unique to Dashlane, is it’s a pain trying to remember what part of the program you go to in order to update what info. Oh, and it will interfere with using the autosaving of pw info that mobile iOS offers. I don’t tend to use that feature, so that’s not an issue for me.
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2 years ago, Mikcal Mike
Don’t trust your data with them
I’ve have Dashlane for the last two years and suddenly without any notice, I lose several of my passwords. Afterwards, I start experiencing syncing issues between devices. I tried performing a few troubleshooting steps like logging off and login back in just to find out that I can’t log in any device other than the website. I then had to deal with customer support for close to two weeks with absolutely no useful help. I told them the steps I took, and all I got in response was basically to repeat them. After all the wasted time, I tried backup my remaining information and switching to another service only to find out that the manner in which they format their CSV file isn’t comparable with any other service, and to do so would require format manipulation of all my passwords. Honestly, I am not going to waste time on such a tedious task. Then I requested a refund just to get told they can’t offer me my money back due to the method In which I paid. Other than that, the software works great when there are no issues, but when there is, it sure shows you all the glaring flaws the company has. If you like customer support, or any useful support concerning this service or its app, just talk to a brick wall, it might provide you with more useful information.
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5 months ago, bsproles
1Password Switcher
I used 1Password for YEARS without any issues, until I recently was using Windows often enough that I considered needing to get it on the Windows side as well, and realized how high their prices had become. I wanted something that works seamlessly between both Mac and Windows, and Dashlane does all of it. It even has a separate password generator window, unlike 1P, where it’s a pop up, and can go away accidentally if you click the wrong part of the screen. Finally, as much as I liked 1P, it didn’t always save passwords properly (it did *most* of the time), but haven’t had the same issue with Dashlane. May 2020 update - I’m coming up on 2 years of using Dashlane, and I love it. It’s even more "set it and forget it" than any other password manager I’ve used. Since it's online, it’s super easy to log into the website from any computer I’m using to gain access to my passwords. This does mean that you need a very strong, but memorable password, but it also means you can make all your other passwords extremely strong, so you don’t NEED to remember them.
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1 year ago, Tin Man in the Valley of the Sun
Secure, Easy to Use, Modern Method.
I never bother creating, storing, memorizing, or recalling my passwords myself anymore. Instead, I let Dashlane handle these mundane tasks. The iPhone app is so easy to use. Using Dashlane, my passwords it generates are far more secure than any I would come up with because they can be far longer, can contain special characters, and are not reused for the multiple websites I log in to. To create a new password, I just hit the Plus sign in the Dashlane app, type the name of the website where I'll use the password, select both the number and types of characters for the password, generate the password, copy it, and paste it into the Password field on the Web page where I need that password. To retrieve a password, I just take a look at the Web sites I have saved, select the one I'm visiting, copy the hidden password, and paste it into the Password field. It's actually a good feeling not knowing any password other than my master Dashlane password. I've used Dashlane for years and it frees you to focus on more important things. I recommend this app!
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6 years ago, Ricardo-Swe2
Easy to use
I am a long time user of password management software, going back many years -Roboform, LastPass and now DashLane. My favorite now is DashLane because it is a good meld of super easy to use Roboform and LastPass’s modern tight securit. I don’t doubt that Roboform is quite secure, but it fell behind slightly. DashLane convinced me to move from LastPass because of such a simple idea... I use a very secure master password, so it can be hard to type correctly. LastPass hides what you type for the master password, so it’s a real test of careful typing and multiple tries to get it right. DashLane also hides the master password as you type for public security but it lets you reveal your typing if you choose, so I get it right quickly. And DashLane is near seem less compared to LastPass. The only thing I miss from LastPass is the good grouping of site passwords in its storage view. With DashLane it seems just a scramble, so I must rely on searching to find a sight’s password. Also, LastPass categorizes things like secure notes, credit cards and identification info much better than DashLane. I hope DashLane is reading this & improving that aspect.
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2 years ago, danaman62
Dashlane NOT User Friendly
I used the free version for a few months and could not get autofill or password changer to work. Now about 6 months into premium subscription and seriously thinking about bailing. Using iPhone XR with 12.3 of course. Before XR I had iPhone 6 also with version 12. Every time I seek Dashlane support for instructions, help, etc. the only thing available is email and chat. No phone support. How can I get support when I’m not sure what questions to ask. Just a couple of days ago and on chat I had problems communicating my problems and they went unanswered. Try reading App Store reviews but instead of their settings change to most critical reviews. There are page after page of 1 star reviews. People having troubles with password generator, losing all passwords when downloading Dashlane, all kinds of problems. Dashlane response is please send a support complaint so that we may assist you with that. After reading over a dozen of those please send a support complaint from Dashlane I was wishing that Dashlane would just answer support questions online so I could get their assistance fixing my problems.
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4 years ago, HenryEvander
Great to be organized and secure
With Dashlane I have organized my login credentials, generated strong passwords, and my password manager operates across programs and platforms. When I first installed it I took the opportunity to review the dozens of website logins I had amassed in my Mac Keychain. I logged into each and created new passwords. With some I immediately wrote to the website and asked to close the account; with others I kept the account and put the login info Dashlane. I now have unique, strong passwords for all my logins. I am also very pleased to be untethered from Safari, as Dashlane works with all browsers on my computer as well as on my iPhone, where Mac Keychain is limited to Safari. Further, I have installed the dark web monitoring which alerts me to change passwords when a site has a data breach. Lastly, I upgraded to the paid version so I have VPN access when I am at a coffee shop or hotel. I feel good about having such well organized login credentials, secure passwords, interoperability across programs and platforms, and general safety.
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4 years ago, Cuban_Homer_24
This app is a life saver to remember my endless list of passwords and important information. I use this app on my iPad, iPhone, Windows Laptop, and Windows Desktop. It works very well and has been really excellent. I did experience some issues with the Dashlane app not being update on one device, meaning the password for a specific website. Example: If I update a password on my iPhone, the dashlane app will update the password. When I switch to the iPad, if the Dashlane app has not synced and I try to use the password it has the old password. So I just need to remember to update the dashlane app on my device before I use it. I know it caused some frustration where my wife went to use Dashlane, and I had changed a password and since she didn’t refresh or update the app first, dashlane was using an outdated password. So word to the wise - make sure you update the app when switching devices often, like our family does. I think its definitely worth the money and worth keeping your passwords safe. I now use much more complex passwords since I don’t have to memorize it.
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2 years ago, Hhhhhplyn
Early Adopter, Still Love It!
I’ve been using Dashlane for years. My husband and I both use it for everything from saving private medical notes, credit cards, IDs, passports, IP addresses (for printers and devices), usernames, logins, and addresses. I use it either via the app or on my PC AT LEAST 50x a day - for personal and work things. It’s helped me to get away from using the same password and I like their password generator. It also alerts me when accounts or passwords are compromised, but, unfortunately only some of those accounts allow Dashlane access to “auto” change the password. That’s not on Dashlane, I just wish that worked far more often than it does for me. It’s well worth the premium membership. I’ve recommended it to my family, boss, and friends. They’re responsible to inquiries when I need help, and I LOVE that it in includes a free and unlimited VPN (via a partnership with HotspotShield at this time… it used to be built in, but I like using HotspotShield.) Definitely recommended for personal and professional use.
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6 years ago, pc_tech
I simply love it...
I’m an IT Professional and I have been using LastPass for the past three years. It started to act up on me and when I tried to contact their customer service I couldn’t even get a phone number to call! I followed all of their online support articles but my issues remained unsolved. I decided to give Dashlane a try and after 3 days I basically fell in love with it :) it’s a well designed overall app, and the UI on the iOS app is nice and easy to use, as well as the UI for the macOS app. I was able to export all off my data (passwords & secure notes) from LastPass and import them to Dashlane during the initial setup process, which was a breeze by the way and they walk you through every step of the way. You really don’t need to be an IT person to use this service, it’s certainly designed for the average user who is trying to have a simple and easy way to manage their passwords and have them all secure and available on all of their devices. Highly recommend the premium subscription, it’s definitely worth the money.
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3 years ago, Dstefonek
Dashlane...yes and no
There are times when I think it's great and then not so great. Times it will not login to a sight that previously it was working fine. Something changes and I cannot figure it out. I'll be able to login from the browser but not through Dashlane. Times like that cause to want to cancel or certainly not sign on another year. Frustrating, to put it in a word. Part 2 of this review. Once again this product (Dashlane) on my iPad,really angers me. I cannot encourage anyone to load this application. Trying to make a payment online to my Sam's club account just will not work through dashlane. When checking the login information, I find it all is correct. However I can only accomplish a successful login going out to a browser, safari, Firefox, you name it only then can login occur as it should in (Dashlane) which is where all passwords are to be stored and easily accessible by me with a private password intended to get into (Dashlane). This is just one example of many. If this is not intended to work on a tablet iPad etc. then say so and quit wasting my time and at the same time raising my BP. You never know when it will work, from one account to another. Just not worth it....
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5 years ago, bevatron
Has lost its luster
About 4 years ago based on a positive NYT review, this was my go to app to manage more than 1,000 work and personal passwords. I am very pleased with the security and sharing abilities. However as the number of devices I own has increased, and the multiplication of the security efforts I have to manage as a data analyst for a UC medical center - the burdens of repetitive logins needed on devices using Face ID influenced me to switch to RememBear. In contrast to Dashlane, the look and feel of RememBear actually lightens the onerous tasks involving passwords and provides just the right amount of animation and other confidence building measures. Dashlane suffers from Microsoft type bloat - adding progressive features in a way that now makes simple tasks many layered and cumbersome. The proverbial last straw for Dashlane was its inability to export a csv file with database column headers - an omission that almost seems designed to frustrate a user’s attempt to migrate their own data. Unfortunately I have to live in both a Windows (very reluctantly) and OS x iOS world - but RememBear looks pleasing and functions seamlessly across the spectrum. Inexplicably RememBear is not available on the Apple App Store - but don’t overlook it as a viable and perhaps preferred password management option.
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3 years ago, God, then Music
Best decision I ever made
Been a premium user since 2015 and I cannot understate how much this service has helped me in terms of time savings, security, and peace of mind. Being able to have my passwords secure, complicated, and easy to access is really allowed me too keep pace with security demands without having to remember hundreds of complex passwords. The auto fill feature is also a huge timesaver. It is a major asset at work, not having to keep track of passwords for thousands of web portals, or not having to remember login information for a website I last used 5 years ago. The only thing I wish they would change (and this is a major nitpick) is that I wish I could blacklist the auto fill on certain websites instead of having to either have it on all the time or whitelist all the websites I want it used on. There are literally one or two website I don’t want it used on, and turning the service off and on again during use is kinda annoying.
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6 years ago, Missesmcguire
Going to look for a new password app.
Dashlane is honestly only useful for storing your passwords in a way that can only be accessed with your fingerprint. It’s no better than writing them down physically and locking them in a safe. The automatic account upload of known accounts and passwords on your phone is a mess. I have multiple username/email and password combinations for one site uploaded by Dashlane and I have to guess which one is the right combination because the app automatically uploads the wrong info. The auto-login is horrible as well. Dashlane uploaded what it thought was my account log in for a federal financial aid website (it was incorrect, unbeknownst to me). When I hit login from Dashlane the app filled in the wrong login and each time the website attempted to tell me it was the wrong info, Dashlane just automatically enters the wrong info again. It sends you on a loop of wrong login to an error message over and over again until I’m locked out of my account for too many incorrect attempts. You can’t stop the app from auto logging into because it refreshes the page within a millisecond. This app is a mess. I’m trying to organize all of my accounts and this app has only made things worse.
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1 year ago, ejm300zx
So helpful, if you’re tech savvy!
I’ll say this app has helped me with productivity and peace of mind more times than I can count. Possibly my favorite app and money well spent for the subscription. The only downside is when it doesn’t work due to potential compatibility issues with the browser or if multiple passwords are saved for one login. These issues can usually be overcome by going directly to the app and literally copying the password to paste into the login screen. If you’re not the most tech savvy person, these could be hurdles that bring more frustration than peace of mind. I have endorsed the app to a few of my work colleagues and the less tech savvy of them tend to forget to open the app before attempting to login to websites or are unaware that there is a copy/paste feature. Personally, I’ll continue to use the app as it has improved my work life substantially. I’m excited to see how the app evolves and finds answers to some of these understandable issues.
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3 years ago, Antknee_W
Never have to remember anything!
I love that I don’t have to ever remember anything ever again! Well that’s not completely true. I do have to remember my Dashlane password LOL. I love that I don’t have to use brain cells to come up with a creative, different, encoded, unique, ambiguous, ridiculously cryptic password everytime I create an account for something - which let’s face it is almost daily now. Dashlane does that all. It can keep track of info across your different devices too. Although Dashlane can log you into your accounts and sites automatically I’m not super excited about that feature. I don’t exactly remember why since it’s been a minute since I turned that off on my phone. Had something to do with it disabling keychain and reconfiguring the way things were logging me in. Wasn’t any more or less secure than keychain it was just more about me relearning how to do things and I wasn’t about it at the time so I turned the feature off and poof I was back on keychain.
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2 years ago, JustBrianSmith
On Year 2+ and still is still 🔥
After going through 3 other pass apps, I would say Dashlane is by far the most feature rich packed app that continues to improve and enhance based on real genuine end user feedback! Their support and timely responses are six stars! There’s just no comparison… Dashlane is leading the charge IMHO! I upgraded to the family plan last year just to switch my 72 year old mother over, so she would stop handwriting them in her “book” 😀 Stability is fantastic! Security is solid and seems they’ve continued to keep it as first priority to them, as it should be! The UI is super easy to use! It hasn’t always been this good, but like I say they just continue releasing fantastic features and enhancements. Now I can only speak on Apple based devices, but the IOS, IPadOS, and the native MacOS Apps are all phenomenal, including the new integrated 2FA and Autofill. This is the reason they have a 72k 4.8 star rating as of the time of this review! Great product with great support!
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1 week ago, HK Know De Whey
Great password security, horrific notes function
Terrific security, and the password autofill is decent enough to satisfy my purposes. However, the “secure notes” function remains utterly terrible across updates for some time. It may very well crash while you are working mid-sentence, losing whatever progress you’ve made while typing. It often stalls, and at times will inexplicably erase entire portions of your note even after you’ve saved it and closed the app. This is worse than just not having a notes function at all, because once your thought is gone you can’t recover it. If the bugs make the note-taking function so unreliable, what’s the point? Erasing your notes as a bug should rightly be called “insecure” as anything, and for that it’s a star off the old marker. I would personally take more stars off, because I love the promise of this failed function, but I recognize this function is not integral to so many users, and so I want to be fair to the developers. PLEASE invest in correcting this problem!
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7 months ago, DrHockey
Great password manager
UPDATE: thank you for adding the large text display on tap feature! First of all, if you’re not using a password manager, you should be. Dashlane is easily my favorite - the password storage features and supporting inline tools (like password generator) are powerful yet easy to use. Integration with iOS is well done (occasionally Dashlane can’t automatically find credentials for certain apps - looking at you Citibank - but I think this is on the app developer, not Dashlane). Another great feature is payment storage and autofill (although there’s no mobile web implementation on iOS, which is a nuisance). Also get a lot of use out of the secure note and ID vault features. Great for things like storing vital info on your kids that you often need but don’t remember, like SSNs and blood type. I use OnePassword for work and hate it - it’s unintuitive and clunky - although it has enterprise level features that Dashlane lacks, like a shared vault.
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6 years ago, nick7493026374
a good app if you are willing to work around its shortcomings.
in the passwords vault, you only have the option to use one of the websites that dashline suggests. you can just choose one and then go on the the edit screen and change the title to whatever you want. but then the only fields you are able to attach is the title, the website url, the password, and an email... as if that is the only information i will ever need to enter into a password manager. other PMs i have tried have had custom fields you can add in to a password. There is also a notes section for each password so you can bunch any additional stuff you need down there i suppose. i didnt think there was any folders or categories until i saved the entry and went back to edit it. you can choose from a few suggested categories, or make your own. you can then group your passwords by the category names. a folder system would be much better in my opinion but at least there is some kind of way to organize things. for me this app didnt have any of the specific features i wanted but there was workarounds for each one so its not all bad.
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3 years ago, 0nlyKmoney
Can’t Live Without It!
I got this recommended by a CS professor and I paid for the full version within a month of usage. It is so convenient and I’m able to share passwords with my spouse for important accounts. I don’t have to research or write them in my notes on my iPhone anymore. I love that it randomizes and I like the new VPN they added. I will say regarding the VPN though, there might be companies that do a better job of dedicated VPN service. I am however discontinuing my additional paid subscription to PIA as they got bought out by a notorious malware company. One con is that in the past I’ve had issues with it identifying all of the password spaces or recognizing that it needed to auto fill. There are some autonomous features that have a glitch here and there but overall it’s not the worst. Overall it’s an amazing app and I truly can’t live without it now. I feel more secure and I don’t think twice about accessing my accounts anymore.
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5 years ago, amygaga21
Free version, lost EVERYTHING
Dashlane worked like a dream for me for over a year. It was the perfect solution to organizing all of my extremely important data and have it readily available at my fingertips. It really was too good to be true. Until one day, Apple (I have an iPhone), offloaded the Dashlane app to save storage on my phone. When I reinstalled it, Dashlane viewed this as me trying to register a second device (I use the free version) and poof, my data was gone. Everything. Over 100 passwords and pieces of invaluable information. Upon contacting Dashlane for assistance, they said sorry you are out of luck, you should have paid for the premium version to use multiple devices. But I was just trying to use the same one device all along. In other words, there is absolutely no backup of your data if you use the free version. If your phone gets lost, damaged, stolen, or you accidentally uninstall the app (or if Apple does this for you) then you are totally screwed. This was not made clear to me as a user, or I obviously would have arranged for some kind of backup of my data elsewhere. I trusted Dashlane with my most important personal information, and they failed me. I would recommend trying another app but NOT Dashlane!!!!
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6 years ago, Iukekini
Platform Inconsistency
The problem isn’t so much the app itself, but inconsistency across the platform. The iOS app does not offer the same features as the Mac app, which itself does not offer the same features as the web app. For example, you can only setup two factor authenticated logins on the iOS app. The feature is not available on the Mac or web. What this means is that your logins appear differently depending on the platform you are using, and if you have any two factor authentication logins you cannot use the auto-login feature, plus you would need to access two platforms, Mac and iOS, just to login! Because of this kind of inconsistency, it is not worth the hassle just to get auto password changing feature. Also, you can’t just arbitrarily set anything you want as the master password. You have to formulate a password based on Dashlane’s pre-established criteria. The passwords I use (Diceware) are stronger than their requirements, but since they are not compatible I cannot use them. Because of this, I’m sticking with 1Password, which feels like a much more mature program.
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1 year ago, JenniBuginPink
Great program!
You MUST use a password program so that each place you use a password has a different one! Trying to keep up with hundreds of passwords any other way is a terrible idea in terms of security & convenience. Since you must use a program, I highly recommend Dashlane! It makes it so easy. It integrates with your computer, phone & tablet and ensures you always have easy access to all those passwords but keeps them out of the hands of the bad guys. It generates passwords for you (you specify the parameters), and tells you when they need to be changed. It can even change a lot of them at one time for you with a click. I hope they stay in business forever, cause I plan to use it forever. PS - I swear that this is an unpaid unsolicited review, though they can pay me if they want, LOL. Oh, I was even able to get my husband to use it! He likes it too. He'd use one password for everything without Dashlane!
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5 years ago, Traderjo's
I am screwed because of this
Beware that if you misplace your password for the app, that you will be unable to ever get any help in unlocking or resetting the app. Unfortunately I signed up for the premium service where I am paying a significant amount of money each month and somehow shortly after signing up for the app and setting up the premium service, I lost the password (which is kind of the whole point to even having a password manager, right?) and despite numerous attempts to contact Dashlane to seek some kind of help, I have never heard back from them. The credit card I used to sign up for the service will expire next month and hopefully I only lost about 5 months worth of ‘service’ and after it expires I can maybe try and get my life back in order again. I would recommend that if you are going to sign up for this app or service that you note down the password somewhere that you can get to, because of you do lose it you will not under any circumstances get any help from Dashlane, no matter how much you paid. I sent them at least 4 emails about this problem and got zero response. Please beware of this!
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2 years ago, Millbean
Overall Happy experience
I got really into making my online presence secure a couple years ago. Did some research and it seemed like Dashlane was the best password manager app. Better than LastPass. They were both rated as the best but unlike LastPass, Dashlane has never been penetrated from the outside. I like the easy operation, the password generator and the fact I have some crazy complex passwords that are auto-filled for me and all I need to do is remember the main password for the app and enter it in every 2 weeks or so. That’s it. It’s really easy. The auto fill is nice when I go to a website. I also like for the computer version of the app they changed it from a stand alone program to a google plugin type thing that shown in the top right of my webpage next to the address bar. Since they changed this, the auto fill and auto sign on feature for computer works every single time now. Overall great app.
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1 year ago, Tom a real user
Dashlane makes life easier and safer.
I like Dashlane a lot it has made doing things on the internet much safer and less frustrating. I no longer have to write down all of my passwords which are wrong a good portion of the time. That is because there are lots of sites I seldom go to and I go to them from different devices so I change them on the fly and forget to update the list. Since I got Dashlane a couple of years ago don’t have to look for that list anymore because I have Dashlane on all my devices and it keeps all of my passwords synced on all my devices. Now I don’t have to reuse the same Password on multiple sites because I don’t have to Rembrandt then anymore. Finally I believe the security is great especially for online banking and shopping sites and that is why I got it in the beginning. Now I put all sites I need to go in dashlane because it is so easy and I don’t need to remember any passwords.
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8 months ago, iClub Fan
This app has saved me countless hours and heart ach
I rarely do reviews but this app has saved me on a couple of key occasions that I wouldn’t know what I would have done without it. I use to save all of my passwords in what seemed like 100 plus accounts (bank accounts, apps, etc) on an excel spreadsheet. Most of my passwords were very similar with only a few variations so that I knew them from memory. Then my email got hacked 2 months ago and they opened up that excel sheet and had access to everything including my Apple ID. They attempted wiring money out of my account plus many other things before I knew what happened. Through Dashlane I was able to change all 100 plus accounts passwords within a few hours and they are all now very complex passwords that are saved safely in this app. Peace of mind and the ability to cut and paste these complex passwords from my iPhone make this app a no brainer.
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4 weeks ago, Beau Chevassus
Are use this multiple times a day… But still one problem they have not fixed
Another update: the app prompts you to rate them 5 stars. Even after my below review of this issue, they are still expressly prompting customers to give them five star ratings. Update: they prompt you to rate them 5 stars on their app. If you want to rate anything lower, they direct you instead of writing a review to emailing them. So take that into account when you see all these gushing 5/5 star reviews… they are straight up asking for 5 star reviews, which is against FTC regulations. _________ Developer: PLEASE REMOVE THE “WIPE” TRANSITIONS. It slows down the UI. ————— I love the continual updates and stability, however there is still one aggravating issue the developers have not fixed: Whenever you unlock the app, a split screen transition occurs. It looks very fancy, but the transition takes a second. This completely unnecessary pause is rather annoying when you have to access the app 30-40 times per day. In the industry this is what we term “wasted movement,” and it adds up a lot Dear developers: please have the app load without any transitions. Thank you and keep up the wonderful app!
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6 years ago, Mental Monsoon
The Best Hands Down Password Manager
Yes, this is a great application, with plugins for your browser. It keeps track of your online userid's and passwords. It makes using hard to crack passwords possible to use and not loose; your mind. The app is free, this is true. It does have a fee though for those of us with multiple, impossible to count (or two) Mac's and/or PC's if the case might be, or boot camp where I run both OS applications on my MacBook Pro. The ability to sync across apps is worth the cost. Remembering passwords and not needing to remember them or use 1,2 perhaps 5 different ones, impossible these days without a great manager like this. You can even export your data to a spreadsheet and put it under your mattress if that's your thing. This is a five as it keeps me sane. It might have even helped me quit smoking and not killing anyone. Seriously an application for everyone, free version, but seriously worth the cost of an upgraded sync across device price.
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5 years ago, pderuyter
Dashlane doesn't work on multiple iPads at the same time.
I've been working for a long, frustrating time with Dashlane Support trying to figure out why I can only keep one iPad connected to my Dashlane account at a time. Everytime I connect one iPad the other two iPads I own are bounced off with the app crashing and then requiring the process of "adding a new device". It's a frustrating cycle, especially when you're trying to quickly access a password and no one at Dashlane seems to have an answer. UPDATE... I'm raising my rating to acknowledge that a solution was finally found after a week of back and forth and also to recognize that Dashlane is responsive and sticks with a support case. Here was their solution that finally fixed things..."It seems its all related to ID's that are assigned in the background to devices for "advertising" purposes.". If two (or more) devices have the same advertising "identifier" Dashlane will only allow one device active access to the account.
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1 year ago, noeticMuse
No longer a happy customer
This used to be a good app run by smart people. Can’t say that is the case anymore. Customer support will take you in circles. While they claim they want to help, they are mostly clueless. They want you to do all the testing and trouble shooting for them. Their website is useless, just takes you in circles. I DON’T RECOMMEND, you will eventually end up as I did with a failed password reset and inaccessible account. The only way to prevent this is to turn on biometrics not only for use with the app but there is a hidden switch you have to know about to set that so you can get in after you logout permanently and have ‘forgotten’ (or they failed to take) your new password. But as it stands now, I will never have access to all my secure notes again, painstakingly built up over the last 7 years or so. Not everyone has the option to share their data with someone else. I knew something was wrong ever since they were bought by another outfit and changed their logo. I will not be recommending this product to anyone and I will be warning them about the terrible fake customer support.
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