DATCU Mobile Banking

2.6 (87)
111.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
DATCU Credit Union
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for DATCU Mobile Banking

2.63 out of 5
87 Ratings
4 years ago, KevinOG01
Please Update for iPhone XS Max and newer
I love the DATCU mobile banking app! It has all the features I need to manage and take note of my money quickly. The only thing hindering me from giving the app 5 stars is that it hasn’t been updated to support the screen of the newer iPhones (with the notch). The app just looks outdated and not as clean without all the screen real estate being used. I would love to have support for my iPhone, and I’m sure all other newer iPhone users would appreciate it as well! As for the app features, allowing access to your account number would be helpful. Currently, you can only see the bank routing number.
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2 years ago, deeswaagggg
Please fix!
The new update is alright, I personally feel like the older version met all of my needs. I used to be able to transfer funds from my checking to my credit card/loan to pay every month, but with this new update, for some reason I’m not able to do that anymore. If there was a fix for this, I would definitely give a better rating!
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2 years ago, mjhtx
Format is irritating
I DO NOT LIKE IT, SAM-I-AM. Instead of showing pending debits as part of the standard listing, I have to tap PENDING, then I see them, but there is no balance following the payment. The old way was BETTER! I saw pending payments at the top with the running calculation of the account balance. I don’t want to need a calculator to do the math—especially if I have several pending payments, and I’m on-the-go. Loan Payoff sounds great, but again, parts are missing. It would be nice if it showed the savings from paying off early (or at least the current loan amount). All it shows is the payoff balance, so again, I’m left needing a calculator. You can do better, DATCU.
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4 years ago, Zach.GamingUnusual
Works, needs an update
The app works great as a banking app, but the trouble is that it hasn’t been updated in 3 years. The app doesn’t use the new phone screen sizes and it still has Touch ID as a login feature when most iPhones don’t even have the button anymore. If the app utilized Face ID for fast login instead of thumbprint, and fit the modern phone screens it would be practically perfect.
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3 years ago, alig-23
Stop the frozen account
This is making me mad it’s a good app but I can’t even log in cause of the frozen account🤬😡😤 and I can't see how much money 💵 I have and I can't stand that
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7 years ago, Marco082
Better than ever!
Thanks for finally making mobile deposit! Almost switched banks because of lack of this capability, but now you guys are the best again!
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2 years ago, SpeshulJ
Please fix this app!!
Last month, with a little help from customer support, I was able to make a payment on my loan without any issues…. BUT now there was an update which makes the app pretty much useless. I contacted customer support again today and explained my issue, and was met with attitude! This is my 3rd loan payment, and I’m feeling like I made a mistake choosing DATCU.
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2 years ago, Dramamama1978!
Not a fan of the new App
Once again the app is down saying server error, try again. Card controls on the old app was easier to function. On this this new app it kept giving me error messages and wouldn’t work. Eventually it worked after the 10th try. I’m sure I’ll get used to the new one but really miss the old one.
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2 years ago, Frances OTS
Not helpful for loan payments
If you have a loan with them and want to pay with an external account, don't bother downloading this app. You can only manage within bank services and anything outside does not show up. I set up auto pay with an external account and it isn't even visible in the app, only on the web page.
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4 years ago, aappleby
Update App
We switched away from DATCU a few years ago. We recently considered switching back. However, as silly as it might sound the one thing that was a deal breaker was the total lack of app updated to reflect more recent iPhones. Until this changes, I’ll stick with a bank that invests more resources in keeping their assets updated.
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4 years ago, HunterSchwan
Unfortunately the DATCU app is sub par. It is extremely difficult to access routing /account numbers quickly. Secondly, it has an antiquated feel to the app. It needs updating. Lastly, you are very limited to features and accessibility in the app that you would be accessible to online.
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6 months ago, FrankyG 007.1.23
The App Store says minimum is iOS 12. I’m running iOS 12 on one phone and the app crashes. 1 star My other phone has iOS 15 and it works fine. 5 stars Not everyone trades their phone every two years. It might be worthwhile to keep an older version of the app working good for those folks (and my older phone). You averaged 3 stars. Not great. Signed, Long time member
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2 years ago, Fohi84
Updated app
I just updated the app and I don’t like it AT ALL! It’s too “busy”. I really prefer the older version. The old saying if it’s not broke don’t fix it. If I would have known that it was going to change this much I would not have updated it.
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2 years ago, J. Padron
Add Feature
App is great!! Really wishing there was a budgeting feature. As well as a more in depth income/expense feature. And other financial tools.
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2 years ago, @Great One@
Balance transfer
When confirming an account to account transfer, I can’t see the balance of each account. Why ask for confirmation if I can’t double check the amount I entered? I liked the old app better.
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9 months ago, sydneyh4321499
I really just wish I could get notifications when money comes in my account or money comes out of my account
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1 year ago, hdiakhsbwks
Never Works
Nearly every single time I try to login, it says server error and will not allow me to. Before they updated the app it worked fine but now it hasn’t for months and it’s super annoying.
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1 year ago, Regrub Atahw
This app is worthless
You would be better off emsiling them and having something done that way before you rely on this app to work. This bank used to be amazing but it's going down hill fast!
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3 years ago, khplenger
I used to love this app
No longer works on my iPhone XR after last update on phone. Now I have to login on the website which is not as easy to navigate—especially on a small screen.
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2 years ago, unfortunatleydisappointed
Not User Friendly
I used to love the DATCU app. Since the new app update from October 2021 it’s not easy to use anymore. It’s more complicated and takes more steps to do what I used it for. I really miss the old app. Newer is not always better.
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8 years ago, ltb126
Just the basics
Allows you to see your balance, transfer between accounts and pay your credit card. Time to upgrade with the ability to deposit checks with a quick photo.
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7 years ago, shelbylynn0313
Update is amazing. Totally revamped the interface and it's much smoother (and prettier). Plus mobile deposit! Yay!
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5 years ago, NightCrawler1016
Needs an update
The app is ok but lacks basic features since apple has released new versions of iPhone and iOS. The last update was over 2 years ago. Please fix the layout for x and xr phones, add Face ID and support for passwords via Apple keyboard.
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5 years ago, Tonianr
What’s the purpose?
What’s the purpose of the app if all I can do is just look at my loan...I would love to be able to make payments with an external account in the app. I’m guessing the app is just for people with deposit accounts.
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3 years ago, Scubamagic
4 years since an update??
App crashes instantly after opening. Sad to see a bank completely abandon it's mobile app this day and age. Will definitely be switching soon.
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2 years ago, Therapy30
App not working
The new updated app won’t load the id settings so I can’t log in. Tried to connect to app support and it said page not found. Regret updating.
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2 years ago, Micheman2
This app went backwards
Hate it. Less user friendly. More obscure info layout. Can we go back to the old version?
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2 years ago, kgsucks
It was already good
Have you ever heard of it ain’t broke don’t fix it? Well that’s exactly what happened to this app.
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3 years ago, Anbs1598
Bank statements
You should have a feature to access monthly bank statements!!!!
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6 years ago, lacachon
No In-App Help!
Forgot my login and absolutely NO HELP from the login screen. No “make an account”, “sign up”, or “forgot password”. Would love to see my balance without walking into a store :)
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2 years ago, ilove vic
Datcu mobile app
I can’t even get on this app?! “Cloud flare” is blocking me? I have other bank apps, and have no problems with them!
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2 years ago, EternalFMJ
The old app worked really well. Why would they make this crap?
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4 months ago, Yo fatass mama
If i could give 0 stars i would ... this app is trash
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3 years ago, Sheba Baby69
The app won’t open anymore
I can’t open the app.
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3 years ago, Newsboys kid
iPhone XR bug
The app will not open at all
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14 years ago, SSplendor
Good app..
Gets the job done, and does what it says(although my graphs feature doesn't work) needs an update, new features, maybe sleeker interface. Should be more all inclusive. Doesn't show pending deposits or withdrawals, or credit card account. Not bad at all, will change rating to 5 stars with a few improvements.
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14 years ago, Singin Hobo
Functional enough
Not a bad app, but it could use some features. Specifically I'd like to see check images, etc. Overall it's not much more functional than the mobile website they offer. Either way, it's nice that my little hometown bank is catering to the mobile market.
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11 years ago, Usmc5381
Bank needs to invest money in app
DATCU needs to invest money in updating app. Would like to see available balance. When I have called about it, was told they were working on it. That was 6 months ago. I have spoke with several active and former customers. That is the biggest complaint. All the members that left said, not having this options was the reason why they left. I am starting to think about it myself. Hard for a bank to make money, when all the members leave.
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11 years ago, Sorny
App need update
This App need fixing, not too happy with some of the features. Settings, location, etc. it would also ask for the password even after I am logged in. Some time it would bumped me off. Please try it for yourself than you would understand what we are going thru. Citibank have some of the best functional apps around. Thank you
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9 years ago, Dantheman7566
It Does the Job
This app does everything it promises. I particularly enjoy the graphs and trends that are made available. It could certainly improve, and it looks like it hasn't been touched since 2012 (pre-iOS7). It's an eyesore, but it's a functioning eyesore that doesn't crash or fail.
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11 years ago, TC Resident
App needs updating
I have been a DATCU customer for a long time and have been using this app ever since it came out. This app is very limited in its features. I have called on numerous occasions about features that they need to include like posted and available balances, pending transactions, and access to bill pay, all to no avail. They really need to make their app as user friendly as Chase, Wells Fargo, and Capital One. Love DATCU but hate the app.
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9 years ago, brenvic126
Not bad, but not too good.
I like the quick access I have to my account info. But that is where it stops. I do not like that I do not have access to pending ach withdrawals or pending transactions. I also, cannot see the balance as each item cleared. I am very disappointed that I no longer seem to be able to access the desktop version on my iPhone like I did before. Disappointing.
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14 years ago, Bekenney77
Needs update
Would like to have password feature on startup to be moresecure if phone is lost/stolen
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8 years ago, Lindagmor
This app is useless because I can't even log into it. It said to use the normal user name and password from the main website. I input that information several times and it would not work, causing my account to freeze up and me having to go into the website, computer and set a new password. Blah! Don't bother with this until they work the bugs out! :-/
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14 years ago, Pandaboolee
New os4 update
I loved this app until I updated the software on my phone and now I can't get it to work at all. Please fix it, I'm always on the go and this app made things so easy.
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12 years ago, Drg21680
Want to see pending transactions!!
This is a very help and handy app. That being said I would love to be able to see the pending transactions on here. That is something I miss from my BoA app. Please consider an update.
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12 years ago, jlibick103
Good App
Please allow us to see captured transactions and pending transactions without having to log into the desktop version. Thanks!!
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8 years ago, Anabundanceofawesome
App isn't working with update
The most recent update has made the app stop working. It doesn't accept my login info and keeps asking for some kind of pin that I've never had to use before. It froze up. And the app won't even accept the login info on my husband's phone.
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14 years ago, TX-IAN
iPhone 4!?
I used this app daily and now it doesn't work on my iphone 4. Please fix! :(
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14 years ago, QZISUE
Easy to navigate and locate what I need.
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