DateMyAge™ - Mature Dating 40+

3.7 (12.5K)
105.7 MB
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Current version
Stende Solutions Limited
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for DateMyAge™ - Mature Dating 40+

3.75 out of 5
12.5K Ratings
1 month ago, Carimbo241
I have mixed feelings to your platform. Have met wonderful candidates and have serous proposals. I have two complains: 1-Consider the politic regarding personal information must be review. What I’m referring is to make efforts to provide personal information like phone number or emails if a couple is struggling to meet each other. If the company does not provide delivery of presents with information, then must permit release it through messages. It’s too much expensive to sustain this for much time. Just in case this move your heart. We are lonely hearts pursuing happiness and sometimes I think you play an important to get it. 2- Please don’t permit people disturb or interrupt conversations asking for a video call. Thank you. Can contact me.
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4 months ago, Someone did do
Great for popular members, not so much for casual
I find that this app is very expensive. Popular members are able to initiate video chats with anyone. Casual members are only able to initiate video chats with casual members. Popular members are able to choose gifts that are actually sent to them and purchased by people who want to communicate with them. These gifts are quite expensive. It is one of the ways to exchange contact information by sending a note with the gift that has the contact information. Casual members can only exchange contact information through a video chat. If not all popular members have a hard time finding how to contact customer service for instance, if they wanted to send a physical gift to a casual member to give the casual member contact information, so this app is great as I said for popular members and not so much for casual members. I have many popular members that would like to exchange contact information with me, but have no way to do so. Not sure that they can do it through a regular video chat and since the ones I talk to don’t seem to know how to initiate a chat. Well I think you can see the problem. It would be helpful if a member had the option of purchasing an actual physical gift to be sent to a casual member that they could send contact information with. Obviously, this site is geared to making money and making money by catering to popular members and just barely allowing casual members to use the site.
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6 months ago, Music Biz Refugee
Waste of money
Most apps charge a monthly rate. This app lures you in with what seems like a monthly rate and then hits you with additional charges for “credits” to continue conversations with people. You also have to purchase credits to watch someone’s video. The men most be in on the scam. One guy kept insisting I watch his video. Why do I need to watch your video if I’m talking to you. He didn’t understand why I didn’t want to pay extra to watch his video. Then after several text exchanges with two men, I guess I maxed out and had to pay for “credits” to continue the conversations with them. I gave these two men my number and said if they wanted to continue the conversation, they could call or text me because I didn’t want to continue to pay these outrageous fees. They both came up with excuses to continue the conversations in the app. The second betrayal - one guy is using someone else’s photos for his profile but his profile says he’s verified. How do I know this guy isn’t the guy in the photo? He’s so freakin handsome, I thought … he could be a model. So I googled search his photo and sure enough the real guy came up, instagram profile and everything. This dating app should be ashamed of using people like this and taking advantage of the fact that people are really trying to find love.
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11 months ago, FancyNancy615
A zero for their customer service! Pathetic!
I must have been hung up by them about 5 times! My issue, they keep on rejecting my payments. On 3 different credit cards. I called each bank there were no blocks, which I knew because I just used it at the store. They gave me 10 lousy credits, which wasn't enough, to explain to the gentlemen, who I had been speaking to. They took the 10 credits, I can't get any more, as they won't accept my payments and they didn't worn me my message was too long and now my message to him is doing in limbo again!i Since Saturday morning till Monday evening, I've asked for help at least 15 times. With each one telling me something different and still no resolution.s cash cards. How dare they! So they did not accept that one either. There is no way that I should have to go through this. There is much more! They are an international company and that arises many more issues. It's just a total mess with no resolution in sight! With out me realizing, they take your card and reuse it without you realizing it. I spent about $3800 in two weeks. Which I feel is a hefty! There are quite a few of quality men on there, but if you can't talk to them and pay for it, whats the point! Watch out for the crazies..... BUYER👎👎👎👎👎 BEWARE!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
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5 years ago, ariadnaforest
Fake profiles
I should read reviews before, but thought I’d make it work for me. First , I was impressed by the gallery- nice looking men all over the world , and all work positions are CEO / founder wow... no specific profession or no name of the company- just CEO ! they’re all fake ! I’ve got 5 messages from different men first 20 mins using this app , well I’ve replied, and to see his second message I should PAY. Why? I don’t even know what his answer, maybe some BS , and do I need to pay to read another lie? Seriously. Then when I’ve sent the second message (still free) with saying I can’t read his reply, his answer popped up on my phone notification and I still could read the first words “baby , so lonely without you” ( really??) When opened the chat it say to continue chat I should pay , and all his writing went locked. Seriously, looks like no real person read my message, because his answer was about nothing! For what should I pay to talk to no one ??? I’ve tried the same thing with the other men - all exactly the same behavior- saying nice words to make you melt and pay more and more . Fake fake fake !!! And I can’t even find the option to delete my profile- I’m afraid the developers will use my pictures for creating another fake profile!!! That’s so horrible!!! I curse you for that !!!
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1 year ago, No Longer Fooled
Ever Heard of Catfishing?
Notice on certain men’s profiles on this site the words “Popular Member”. These guys send generic questions on a daily basis, eliciting answers from you that you imagine are communicating to their heart. It seems to me that they must be paid for their services since many seem to be waiting to pounce whenever I sign on. It took me a day or two to realize that I was falling for an excitement rush in “getting to know” someone and it was costing me $11 to read or send an email. Then one Friday night my texts and emails were all inexplicably free, so I took advantage, writing to everyone I had communicated with and apologizing for my lack of activity and explaining that I couldn’t afford the site. The more I have examined this system the more I have realized that it’s simply a money-making engine which relies on the loneliness or hopefulness of the human heart and our genuine need for connection. These men are trained in instant intimacy and how to determine what kind of communication each woman is seeking. It’s terribly unfortunate for them and for us that our world has come to this. Shame on the masterminds behind such schemes. May you find a better, more meaningful way of life and leave behind this cynical, cruel means of using and deceiving people for profit.
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1 year ago, questioninglifechoices
False and Misleading full of spammers
This app charges per message sent. Which is not clear when signing up. Every message you receive is from an international spammer or a bot. They claim to vet everyone but they clearly dont. I had several unauthorized charges for messages i sent because they put you on automatic renewal without disclosing after you put your credit card in. Then advise you to not send chat messages, that “emails are cheaper”. How youre supposed to have a conversation with anyone that isnt a bot is beyond me. Its VERY clear they are using false reviews from fiverr to get the 4.5 star rating in the app store. Every real review basically reads similarly to mine. I told them i wanted a refund and they said due to their TOS they couldnt do it. Its clear they get this a lot and had already implemented that into their scamming technique. Do NOT download this app. Save yourself!!! UPDATE: in the last 4 years if complaints in these reviews, They always respond back asking for the profiles to review in question. Only after youve either blocked or deleted your profile and VERY CLEARLY stated it’s literally ALL the users on the website. They are con artists and are getting away with this from vulnerable people. Do NOT trust this app!!!!
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12 months ago, Krypton_Smash
Here a bot, there a bot
They have so many bots on this app, it's rare you see an actual person. I already left a review about this but it magically disappeared. They charge to send chats and open/send emails, a ridiculous amount by anyone’s standards. You are given 5 credits each for receiving opening and sending emails. They bait you into using these by having the bots email you their nonsense. You get notified via chat when you have received an email, then if you open that it counts against your credit, so that when real people message you, you must pay to see it and reply. This is a really shady thing to do in my opinion. I think if they got rid of the stupid bots and charged much less, they'd get way more people involved in this app. And have more people sticking around to use it after they You get peopleto dl it, sure but you need consistant users on this app to sustain it. Edit to developer response: You do not get passports or any other documents to verify people aren't scamners 😅 you gotta stop making things up, for real. I said you had bots, I said nothing about scammers. Every single message I received was not a real person. Just a lot of overly affectionate messages from not real people.
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2 years ago, LuckyLani
I really wish I would have read the reviews before subscribing. The app sounds like a good idea and most of the photos of “members” are beautiful. The first problem is that it’s a $25/mo subscription (which, btw, isn’t showing up in my Apple subscriptions, so obviously I’m going to have to deal with that issue) that nets you about 2 minutes of chat with members. After that, whether you want to chat, read an email, or listen to a voice message, you have to pay STEEPLY for it. Worse, the vast majority of the members appear to be fake in that they are just trying to lure you into paying for credits to interact. To illustrate, most of the messages start in one of two ways: poetic statements on relationships -or- random questions. Additionally, they continue to email/chat with you, even though you do not respond. Their responses to chats are very “by script” in that they all sound the same. Finally, based on how many chat/email request I’ve received, I should already be a “popular member” but I don’t think that’s actually how this works. Clearly a scam site to get your $$$$. I think there are less than 5% real people on this site looking to date.
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3 months ago, Pablo Esbobar
Inundated with bots and advantageous of their pricing system!
DO NOT DOWNLOAD! Honestly the worst dating app I’ve seen. After a couple of hours all they can offer is overpriced credits (which they make extremely confusing on how the credits are spent) it ends up being about 1$ per text you send anyone. Charging about 20$ per any image. Any person that isn’t tech savvy and doesn’t go out of their way to look at the small letters will definitely be scammed out of hundreds of dollars. What an evil spirited app taking advantage of older people. Aside from that, you are definitely inundated with chats from clearly fake people and bots that don’t have any purpose besides making you spend your credits and waste hundreds of dollars in the app. Once you call customer service they are extremely unhelpful and if you explain to them the bad experience you had with the app and how overcharged you have been, due to their confusing and difficult “credit system”, All they will say is that they can’t help you since you have texted in the app already, even though it’s just bots and scammers.
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3 years ago, Eocnnaeel
THIS APP WILL KEEP YOU ON YOUR TOES SO YOU KEEP BURNING YOUR MONEY!!!! The profiles are fake, many will send the same email on the same day with the most random off-the-wall topics. For example, I received five emails all starting with “when I opened my eyes this morning” “I had a nightmare and I opened my eyes” “waking up this morning” all saying “I thought of you.” Messages are always URGENT. I tested this theory with different profiles. A few “curated” members have taken my photos and used them in their profiles. It angers me because I took the photos and posted them on a different profile. I also found members who are part of drug and human trafficking. I wrote an email stating I would like a refund because I didn't want involvement with the activity. The reply was emailed stating they do not provide refunds but wanted my reply with the information of those involved. If it is as secure as they imply, they would have had the information before I easily researched the information. With the different profiles within partner entities, the messages and chats are all the same. Research before you invest!
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1 year ago, VegetarianVirgo
Bombarded by Fake Profiles
I was BOMBARDED with fake profiles the instant I went live. DOZENS within minutes. I tried to do a search on my area and it would say “no results, try these” offering more fake profiles. I live in a metropolis. But they’re offering me Barcelona. When I complained I was told everyone that has contacted me is a verified member, meaning they’ve had a video of their face. I think the verified fake memberships are pay offs or the videos are part of the scam. My tip: 1. avoid the verified memberships; the real people seem to be unverified, especially if they are extremely good looking, making $6+ figures, has a really great job, speaks 3 languages, and has a long or thought provoking question (generally about love) for you. Ask them for Facebook or Insta accounts…they generally won’t have either. Nor will they be able to send you any proof, like a vid “right now”. Since I’ve blocked the scammers it’s been radio silence but I’ll update my review if it changes. Oh!! And when I block them, the same account comes back 2 or 3 times. Good luck out their, lovers!
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2 years ago, Babi 123689
Fake profiles, scam
This is the worst website I ever seen in my life All profiles are fake. The same people are here for a long time, every few months changing a pictures. It sad they playing with people emotion. I think one day they will experience, karma comes back, They just keep communicating for the money. It’s not worth it to use this site it is waste the time. I was here for half a year and only I spent so much money and heard a beautiful fake words, because they wrote beautifully story like from the fairytale)). Those same person is talking for many people not only one. I was talking to the one person and my friend was talking to him too. We are both had the same story. They even can ask to send money. By the way true man looking for a woman won’t ask you for that. For me that was a crazier experience, I do not recommend to anyone. You can prove yourself just go on the Google and read it reviews. This is actually scam, is the best way to stay away from those people. I hope I will help and save some people before you go here.
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6 years ago, luv2laf
Pen pal site for $100s
This site is a money pit. Don't be fooled thinking if you pay more, it may weed out predators. Being naive I tried it for three days, talking to someone from China. I am Asian. This site promised filter for scammers and real profiles. Well $300 later, the person I was talking too was NOT real. Phone app costs are more than desktop. Every open of email was $11. One night’s conversation can easily end at $100. I tried desktop and my bank flagged fraudulent activity because charges are coming from Malta, while I am located in the USA. I wanted someone local, after search for location and theres only one profile and the name is foreign. This site is probably best in any other place but USA. Anything you need, removing profile, stopping membership, one has to call their customer service. Only good thing is the customer service, but who enjoys talking to them? Long story short, this site exists to make money off you, not connect you to a legitimate person. Positive reviews are misleading, or I would not have used this site.
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1 year ago, bellsherwood
Worst site by far
This is the worst dating site I have been on by far. I have been single for seven years as I’ve been focusing on my kids, but have tried different dating sites at times just to check out what’s out there. All that to say, I have experience on other sites, and with that I say, this is the worst site I have tried! It seems like a total scam. It seems like there are mostly fake profiles that are churning me for using up all of my credits. The way the company has the site operating milks the customer for their credits, and hardly using the site at all before you know it you’re out of credits and have to give them more money. It’s awful! I have gotten the same fake message from five different profiles! I am so disappointed in this site, I thought it had a great promise. I recommend you stay far away from it.!! if I could give it zero stars, that’s what it would’ve gotten, or even better negative.
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7 months ago, Mimi 777
Dating should be easy
I don’t mind paying a monthly subscription However, when you use up your “free” messages you have to pay more to talk or video . So let’s say I pay 47$ for subscription and then I have to buy coins to be able to communicate there is a 10$ coin which wouldn’t work because it would be used up swiftly . There is a 50$ coin buy and now add that with my monthly subscription and I’m almost at 100$ just to talk to guys to see if I’m interested . That’s not right & all the app is doing by charging is getting the customers to swap numbers and chat on a free platform. or if it’s even possible because the majority of the men are in another country. I feel it isn’t right to charge like that give me a flat rate and call it a day . Unfortunately I will be canceling my subscription . A pro is the men are good looking but make sure that you video chat first .
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10 months ago, Jrush001
Worst App on ITunes
Please read this review and all others before downloading this app!!! This app is a scam. The people used to contact you on this website are all fake profiles. They are all men and women outside of the United States but ironically everyone speaks perfect English which is a very rare phenomenon coming from someone who travels all over the world. Another red flag is that unlike most dating apps, you can set a distance option. Last, everyone will tell you that he or she is a doctor, lawyer or engineer or something above the six figure income bracket. This is also very odd. It could happen but highly unlikely. Last, they will not allow you to remove all your photos. They leave one whether you want them to or not. If you are considering this app, please read through all the reviews and make the best informed decision possible. I deleted it after 3 days!! If something is too good to be true. It probably is!!!! Please be aware and be very careful!!!
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7 months ago, Xiomara relyea
Worst site ever!!!
I honestly wish I could get a refund. You pay (an expensive) monthly subscription and then need to pay additional “credits” to talk to people once they “run out”. Why am I paying a subscription if I need to pay additional credits it doesn’t make sense. The profiles all seem fake they all write these very intricate stories all seem pretty scripted. There’s no way everyone talks the same. An unrealistic amount of profiles reach out every day. This app is just a money scam. Wish I would’ve researched it more before downloading. And when you try to delete your profile for some reason you can’t automatically delete like with any other site it required a cancellation request??? That for some reason takes 48 hours to consider? Honestly don’t know why this app doesn’t have lower ratings with all the negative reviews. No one could possibly be enjoying this app or be getting real positive results.
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2 years ago, Islandgal777
Too Expensive and Scammers Abound
I’ve been on this site for a day and so many guys from abroad contact me. I tell them I don’t long distance relationships but no…they claim they could relocate. I had to keep paying for credits to continue conversation and this is just ridiculous. It needs to be a monthly or longer subscription. How are you suppose to get to know someone without constantly paying for credits? $19 here, $15 here, etc. That’s already a subscription on other sites. They say you can get a free membership after 3 mos. Are you kidding me? I would have paid thousands by then, in 3 mos. Guys on here are looking for a sugar mamma or someone to scam because once I ask to video connect or offline so we can both verify our identities, no one wants to do it. Why? Because they are not who they say they are. If it acts like a scammer, talks like a scammer…he’s a scammer! Ladies, don’t do it.
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10 months ago, /LGND
Scammer/bots galore + horrible customer support
Getting messages from people around the world setting you up for scams and ulterior motives. On top of a dodgy credit system that can charge you un-benounced to the user’s discretion. There will be no high quality people or chats on this app/ it’s full of bots, scammers, and green card seekers. Who knows what else is on here. In the month I’ve had this app: nothing but problems. No quality control, no proper verification process… and it’s 2023… seriously who wants to have dating done through emails…? Not only that: but when you reach out to support: their help is non existent, and they cry for you to stick around… to keep you on the platform… coming to think of it: I’ve gotten a lot of strange numbers try to call me after using this app. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re selling or misusing user data too. Anyways I’d recommend to anyone: stay off this app at all costs.
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5 years ago, DSmoker
Date your age
I’m positive that this site employs fake people to initiate and continue the chat for you to spend money on in app token purchases to chat. It’s a scam. Most if not all the women on the app look like supermodels and contact you after a certain length of time flipping through the pics or reading their bio as they are all sitting there waiting for you to stumble across them. I’m sure that women of the caliber shown have a note active life than to wait like a fisherman at a body of water. The positive reviews are bull to bring in false hope from unknowing people trying to actually find someone to share their lives. Case in point, no person that actually contacts you wants to venture away from the app to any other chat service that is free to continue a conversation. That’s a red flag, nobody wants to spend the exorbitantly high cost to chat.... they are trying to lure you into spending a fortune for fake responses from fake profile pictures.
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3 weeks ago, WASTE OF $’s
A rip-off!!
You expect people to pay for your service and then you want more money just to chat?? This service is not even worth the monthly fee let alone having to pay more just to chat with other people. I want a refund for this and I want to cancel my subscription!! Of course there is no other way to accomplish then to write a review. CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION AND REFUND MY MONEY!!!! You should have told me before I even signed up that I was going to have to pay and pay and PAY just to chat on this rip-off website. It doesn’t cost you anything and you never said that subscribers would have to pay more just to chat with each other!!!!! Your website should be taken down for not informing members that you’re going to charge more for communicating with other members. You are a service that no one needs and that senior citizens cannot afford. Shame on you!!!!!
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1 year ago, lifeisatrip
Waste of Time and Energy
This app is a scam. Read all the other negative reviews and don’t bother. The app seems great initially. Until minutes in, you start receiving correspondence that’s pre-written by “people you are supposed to be compatible” with. The reason they e-mail/chat with you is because each time you read a chat, unknowingly, it uses your “coins.” After about three messages, you receive a notice to add coins and/or become a member to continue with the conversation. Membership does not entail unlimited use. Even as a member, you still have to pay $1 per messages, $10 per e-mails, and $15 per voice messages, and $6 per minute for video chats. Lastly, there is a disclaimer, you cannot share your email or phone number in the chat with the person you are talking to in order to move the conversation to a free session on another app. Just don’t bother…….
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4 months ago, Anon from WV
From Isabel in Colliers, WV, USA
I am positive that you have profiles for a reason. Please stress to ALL members how valuable input from them is to who they are seeking. I might have blocked my special MAN because he didn’t even tell me either how old he is or where he lives, etc. I an not interested in men who live outside of the USA. But other women might or it might not matter to them. But it matters to me. Also, please stress to all members that they read the profile before contacting them. I state that I am looking for a MAN between 65 and 75 years of age but I stopped counting how many 55 year olds send me their undying love. I write and tell them that they are not in my age range but,I am sure, many others just block them. If many people who are seeking someone keeps getting rejected. they might just think it is the website instead of the person they were trying to contact.
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1 year ago, Music Lover From Iowa
Date My Age
Too expensive! Too many are not my age. Very few of the men were near my age or near my location. I can’t date someone casually in a foreign country. I was very disappointed in the matches you selected for me. It is definitely too expensive!! Maybe others have thousands of dollars to spend sending letters, presents, emails and anything else you can think of to charge for, but I don’t. I already paid a large fee to subscribe and was not aware when I did that, that everything else would cost except for a few chats. A premium service should give you people you have asked for. I realize they are not going to be perfect, but close would have been good! Under 40 is not a good match for someone 79. So I feel your service is misleading. Be up front about things!
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10 months ago, Becoming penniless for love
Difficult to keep chatting
The site is very good in that participants must be verified. Adds to personal safety. However , the virtually constant demand to purchase credits is breaking at least my bank. I don't know about anyone els. How do you settle on one possibility withot first talking to several people ? But, that isn't possible without a numerous amount of credits!! I understand the need to fund the site to a degree. But, the cost becomes astounding. I'd leave if I hadn't met to lovely men & ould like to explore the posibilities. But, I also have a life that includes bills to be paid. C'mon Date My Age, give us more chat time without asking for an outrageous amount if money. Or is this for only the rich to enjoy?
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2 years ago, At least it's free
The great scam, the developer says its blocked, then why is it always reported again. Because its not blocked, and they do whatever they can to charge. First, i state i only want locals, and I'm not even shown my state in 200 inappropriate suggestions. I report them all as scam, informed i will no longer see the profile, but they come back, in the same day. I say i want large, i’m shown small. Holding back doesn’t motivate me to pay, it motivates me to find and honest operator. If you read the repeat canned replies, feedback is not acted on. Pass, find a service with more than a passion for your wallet. Find one with soul. The developer response shows how disingenuous they are. The features they mention can only be accessed as paid. They prefer to force feed using marketing apps. The way i tested for this was to using shallow and superficial preferences. Real women didn’t respond, but contrived profiles did. In fact some of the contrived accounts used the same image for different names, ages and locations. Pure Sham. The searches they state can be performed, did not exist for me. Except for age range. Another finding, an opinion would not have been substantiated, i substantiated the fake features, profiles and deceptions.
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2 years ago, Charles Payton
I can’t meet anyone
The site is good but I’mHaving a hard time meeting local women and I keep getting international women and women that live far away from me that’s the only problem I see in this website I need to find someone locally these women are beautiful but they’re out of country are too far away and then you keep charging me all the time to say something back to them and it’s expensive every time I pay the 1099 for 10 coins to use is Tim coin so and then you try to get me to buy more and it is very expensive at all as men could do that so you need to either figure a way to let us communicate with you ladies a little better and charges differently you know cheaper or something but other than that the sites good but is poor in helping men find women
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10 months ago, NYC-USA!!
This dating app has a lot of scammers - and profiles from other continents. I tried to delete my account but they didn’t let me. I tried to delete my profile picture but they didn’t let me. Then I tried to “hide” my profile. I wrote to the costumer service. However, I am still getting notifications of people writing/contacting me. Feeling highly uncomfortable. This app feels like scam to me. They want to make money. You can only respond to people when you pay subscription - I clicked the wrong button and all of the sudden I had subscribed, which I didn’t want to. I tried to cancel seconds later but it wasn’t possible, so within a few minutes my account was flooded with weird messages by men from all over the world - most of them had these long standard messages typical for love scammers.
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3 years ago, skn Hawaii
Outrageously costly but good to find initial connection
I feel the same as other reviewer!! This is a very costly site and not technologically up to the top as they boast!! Chat is slow and many eligible men sends email which costs -$4 to open and read!! It is ridiculously expensive that no ordinary man or woman can continue. I also found out that my chat partner was fake. He had Free account from this date site, like several other men who are listed. He can send expensive emails free and demanded to send e-mail back which is much more expensive than chat. He tried to make me spend money to this site. It is all scam. Perhaps this site gives free access to some men and women and they work for this site to create fake contact to make members to spend money. They do not check the profiles . Q we Dangerous site. Stay away.
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4 years ago, twylytzoned13
Fakes!!! Full of Chat bot programs and scamming low life pretenders
Stay off here . It is nothing but fake scamming identity thieves,and chat bot programs .This developer has no safeguards to protect you. Nore do the offer any way to verify the things your chatting with is even human,or is the person pictured , or is even the same sex as the person you are talking with . This is not a “Beware “review I am writing here. It is a RUN!!!!! STAY AWAY !!! DO NOT INSTALL THIS APPLICATION!!!!! Review is what kind I’m writing. This has to be by far the very worst app ever for not having any honest or real people on it. Don’t take this review lightly . I joined and in 25 seconds I have 75 or more open messages flood my box . I stopped checking them after about 30. I never came across one out of them that was even a live person All Chat Bot Programs .Apple is getting a war full from me about this farce of a so called dating app.
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4 years ago, crjackson1
Date my age app
I find that this app is expensive and anytime you want to talk or chat, you have to buy credits! You cannot see if you bought the credits or how Much credit you have use. One email unlock is ten credits and 40 credit cost $40. Ever when you buy the monthly membership 9.99 a month , you don’t get fee emails or chats.. the members are well off and even if you set the criteria for you preference, I mostly only got foreign countries with amazing physical and beauty but well off and those that used the app have no problem with paying.. yes. I will stick with the free email and chat apps or site once you pay a flat fee! I recommend if you not inch and have money to blow, then don’t bother! It’s a total rip off and customer service will not respond when you ask questions!!
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2 months ago, Beegabug
Not the best-
I’ll be honest… I put in my location within the USA, but most of the people who show up are from outside the country; supposedly, they are doctors, lawyers, architects or engineers… REALLY? A lot of their messages are probably copied and pasted from Google, and it just seems so sketchy. I’m in this game to find a high value man (in terms of being authentic, genuine, MORE LOCAL, and I’m looking for long term commitment. Now I realize it takes time and shared experiences to achieve that, but that’s hard to do with someone thousands of miles away. I feel that some of these guys are using this means as a way to enter the US, or they are catfishing women to get money. I think I’m getting out- 😢
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4 years ago, &$@)(;:/""&/$;;
You can not cancel your subscription, no support
Once I discovered that this app is not only $9.99 per month, but once you begin a conversation with someone, you then need to “purchase” the ability to continue chatting, I decided to cancel. Additionally, They would also like you to purchase “gifts” to virtually send to these people you are chatting with. However, much to my dismay, there is nowhere to actually cancel your subscription. Support is an email address which provides you with a standard response suggesting you go to the “help” link. Which is not provided, and is also nowhere on the app itself. Any follow up questions are given another standard reply which includes the opportunity to have an AI assist you in finding the perfect match. I do NOT recommend this site. I really do believe that it may not be legitimate.
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6 years ago, AlexKidd69
It’s early, but it is not promising...
Every website and application has to start somewhere, and this one is apparently new and could grow into something. But for the moment, you can’t justify paying for this one. I’m 66 and of the three active profiles they matched me with, the oldest was still more than 30 years younger than I, and all 3 came from the same small Colorado town. This makes me suspicious of fake profiles. I live in a suburb of Orlando, checking that town there were no matches, checking Orlando and no matches, go 90 miles away to Tampa and still no matches. This was for ladies 18 to 65+. Why pay for a site when no one is there? What they need to do is make the site totally free for 6 months or a year. Get lots of real users, and then you can justify charging for it.
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11 months ago, Angry Cst
App rating
The app is too expensive. To buy credit to maintain conversations with potential mates is excessive. Very unhappy with the constant buying of credits. Match & other dating sites do not operate this way. Also the amount of fake profiles set up is dissatisfying. I’ve wasted time chatting with 4 guys only to have them set up dates with me. Then ask for thousands of dollars before we actually meet. This is extremely upsetting. It almost feels as if the site employs people to extensively chat with u to exhaust all of your funds. Then the person eventually says they had something awful occur. Whereas the need money to help them. They chat extensively, say all the right things. Once they feel they have you. The request for thousands of dollars is asked of you. Extremely upsetting!
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2 years ago, 💄👠💋💃
If you want to have fun playing with scammers this is your app! If you’re seriously looking today, stay away. The second I completed my profile I got five emails from beautiful men: one in Germany, one in China, one in Ukraine (go figure that one) one guy who lives in Hawaiian Beaches USA! For the fun of it I wrote them back and took screenshots of their emailed responses which are the most over-the-top ridiculous crap I’ve ever heard of! I’m gonna post them on Reddit it’s just too funny. As soon as I wrote even the guy in Ukraine, who you think would have his hands full with Russians these days, they immediately wrote me back but I couldn’t see the response, it was blurred until I paid a subscription fee! Ha ha ha ha ha seriously the App Store should delete this one and I’m going to complain until they do.
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1 month ago, Remmimae
Be careful when you purchase credits. For some reason, it is attaching 3799 to all of my charges. So if I authorize a purchase of 1099 it’s charging me that +3799. It’s added up to over $1000 of extra charges. The customer service was nice, but I went from date my age to my bank, then to Apple. Apple told me to go back to the developer because for some reason, the extra charge is piggy backing off when I am allowing. So just be aware of what they’re charging. It may not be their fault. It might be a glitch in the software, but pay attention. I don’t know people on here are legit. But I DO Have fun talking to them anyway! Lol.
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3 years ago, Bobby C. E.
Give a Little get a lot!
Do you only complaint I might have with this website is that it’s very expensive especially for a working man or someone who is retired perhaps you should take a peek at your prices. The clientele couldn’t be more polite I’m speaking of the ladies on the site they’re beautiful they’re intelligent everything that you don’t see on other websites I’m hoping to find a new best friend so all of my things and fly over to be with her! I have a feeling you won’t go broke if you were a little more generous. Sincerely Robert Cross
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4 years ago, Benekeey
Turkish scamming app !
It seemed ok and people looked interesting until i payed for upgrade and you are supposed to be able to answer messages or letters that you receive after you pay, but no that never happened, every time u open a message it allows you to JUST READ it !! And if you want to answer you will have to buy coins !! So annoying and %99 of subscribers look models like and messages they keep sending are all fake, more over when i contacted customer service she said that i need to contact Apple because and claim a refund because they never received anything ! I sent her a screenshot of the page on my profile that says I’m subscribed she apologized and thanked me for my attention lol !! And asked me to contact Apple again ! By the way it’s obvious that is a Turkish made scamming app !
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2 years ago, Dman's cell
Dating by Internet
I think there’s a first class company however I think it’s overly expensive and there must be an easy way to give out our contact information once we find the correct date for ourselves as maybe they should just charge one one rate fee instead of per click what you make it easier for us as you send one text it’s $15 and if you need to get to know somebody could take a couple weeks, it’s not fair but yet what is the cost of moving the woman of your life or man
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7 months ago, mercedezgirl1
Too expensive
In my opinion the charges are outrageous, and I don’t understand why you guys cannot offer a membership.., but you charge so much to talk , email or a video chats. I believe that people would sign up for membership, could get to know a person but not just buying credits… your least expensive packet is about $70 dollars and that can be gone in 3 days if you text/ read emails or video chats. For example match charges a monthly, 3 mo, 6 mo, 12 mo and is cheaper to signup for more time. Your pool applicants are from all over the world, so it takes more time to get to know someone… and there fire it is much more expensive . I had lots of texts/emails but I can’t open the emails because the lack of credits, I can only text or respond maybe 3 times to one person before my credits runs out. If you could make your services more affordable I think more couples would find friendships or relationships … . At least offer some discounts ( at signing in for an account, Hollidays, etc). Thank you Monique
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10 months ago, EmagineScience
Do NOT Trust Them
First, the men on the app are all fake/scammers. Second, i have been trying for weeks now to delete my profile. Unlike all other dating apps, they don’t allow you to delete your profile yourself. You have to email them in order to delete it. I sent one and they responded by saying basically “I know you requested to delete your account but we didn’t do that because we wanted to make you sure you REALLY want to delete your profile. Send us a 2nd email confirming you want to delete.” It’s ridiculous that they didn’t delete after i actively sent them an email already telling them what i wanted. Why do i need to send 2 emails for my profile to be deleted?? Oh, because they want to keep charging me falsely!
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1 year ago, Totally waste of money
Horrible, don’t waste your money and time.
Even though I have paid for the subscription (which is not cheap) you can’t really chat… after a couple of messages exchange, when you start getting to know the person, this website or app, kicks you off from the chat and to continue you have to add your credit card. Everything you need to do in this app you have to pay extra. Not worth since a lot of the profiles are fake or it is probably a automatically responding to you… sometimes people there doesn’t make sense, you ask something and they answer something else. I rarely write reviews but this site is so bad that in good conscious I can’t let another person to fall for this trap.
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10 months ago, hesent
It’s not really full proof for being a safe place to talk to people. One of your clients is a famous model, and he definitely is not the one using his pictures on this app. So there are people slipping through your cracks. Second of all, it is extremely expensive for what you offer. So I put in to have my membership taken down. Nice idea that way too expensive and you still can’t be safe completely. I have also blocked to other men on this app that we are Scammers. One wanted to gift cards. I other one started getting really nosy about my finances. I would like a refund. This was the first and last time I will try one of these apps this was horrible.
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3 months ago, Janessie James
whom it may concern
Hi I have been using your service for about 3 weeks. I do not like the setup. I am only interested in dating locally but I receive prospects from all over the world which is so annoying. And then I get phone calls from men I am not interested in. There doesn't seem to be a way to filter or to exclude those that you are not attracted to. for instance if I only want asian men or no men under 50.... and why should everyone have my phone # it is a messy site to say the least. and the same men have recycled through as there doesn't seem to be a way to count them out. Perhaps I don't know what Im doing please enlighten me. Sincerely Yours Deborah L.
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1 year ago, Alcibiadestiny
A refund would be in order
Absolutely ridiculous- a DEEP bench of offshore fake profiles dropping love bombs in ESL grammar, wherein you are THEN charged EXTRA to REPLY to texts or to READ emails (emails? its 2023!) AFTER having purchased a monthly membership! I normally don't write reviews, but this absolutely warranted one. Cancelled and deleted within one hour. Response: "Hello! thank you for sharing your concerns. Could you tell us why you've come to such a conclusion? Did something happen that made you think so? Could you please contact us with the details via support@datemyagecom. We will be happy to assist. The membership fee and purchase of credits are two separate payments on the site. Subscription is access to the services + packages of credit. Using a service takes a certain number of credits. When you run out of credits, the site will ask you to top up your profile to continue." I came to my conclusion based on my experience- NONE of my responses were from the US. See above. "Two separate payments" Then update your service. Again- ridiculous in its blatantness.
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2 years ago, ArielBH
Fake Profiles
This is a terrible app! Within 5 minutes, I got six messages before I even uploaded my photos (obviously bots).Then, I hid my profile so I could finish setting it up and not bothered with bots. Yet, I kept getting notifications on my phone from the app saying that there was a message for me, which wasn't true once I opened the app. Scrolling through profiles, I noticed most were not verified. Most of the photos looked like professional models and not real. Two fake profiles stood out that prove what a scam this app is. One had a Keanu Reeves photo and the other had the face of MSNBC journalist Ari Melber photoshopped on someone else's body. How can this app let people get away with this?! It's a total scam and an insult to people's intelligence!
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2 years ago, kapi111
run away fast from here!
I subscribed, bought a Premium package with additional credits, paid $ 35 and decided to start enjoying the experience. I have a match in the first 10 minutes. To my surprise, in less than one hour of intermittent texts (no gifts, no video) with two real persons, the subscription ended (run out of credits it says). I had to pay again if i wanted to go on chatting with my match. my premium condition expired in minutes. In addition the site censored messages when i try to send my contact data to my match. No clear to me when site allows you to go on off-site. I stayed screening members for 20 minutes more. It was difficult to believe they were real persons and not advertising models.
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3 weeks ago, MyGirls1984
It’s a scam
It’s ridiculous how expensive it is. You have to buy credits just to talk to people. And then it uses more credits if the person sends you a letter, or picture or recording just to open them. All of the people are from other countries so you’ll never meet any of them in real life. The app is sucking you dry just to talk to these people you will never meet. Even if a connection is made, it’s going to cost you a fortune to maintain it and then it will likely never fully amount to anything because you live thousands of miles apart. Are the people even real? Or is the whole app and the people you meet on it just a prop to take all your money? Definitely will never recommend to anyone
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