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Jordan Hipwell
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1 year ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for DateStamper

4.81 out of 5
4.3K Ratings
5 years ago, LegallyHelpful
Awesome! Exactly what I needed!
My brother was in a custody battle with his ex wife and we had tons of pictures and evidence on our phones but in order for them to be able to be used in court the have to be time and date stamped. This app uses the metadata stored in your phone and does it flawlessly. You will have to pay the $1.99 and the $2.99 fees to upgrade to full features but it is worth $5.00 if you really need pictures dated and timed! The only suggestion I have for this app is it has the ability to select all pictures in your album to stamp but does not have the ability to select all pictures to restore to original. I only suggest that because I have 6000 pictures in my album but only needed 700 stamped. Because I didn’t want all my family photos stamped I had to go through the album and just choose the ones I wanted. Overall great app! I’m sure I will be using again and again! And thank you!!
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2 years ago, racita
Dates for printed pics AWESOME!!
I am an early childhood educator and I print photos for each parent as a Christmas gift each year. I love the fact that I can print the date on each pic for future reference. This current generation will be lucky if they ever hold a picture of themselves in their hands and digital data is so easily lost. I love knowing that the children will be able to look at these pictures of their childhoods until they are old and gray. update- figured out you can change the date on a screen shot from a video that you edited after the video taken date! Extra sweet!!
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3 years ago, Sgo4th
I needed this app! I’ve been spending a lot of time individually date stamping or adding to a date stamp by another program. DateStamper is flexible with data display, fonts, colors, positions and formats. Changing color insures that I can always read my date stamp against a very bright or very dark ocean, and any color in between. For my personal research project, I often take over one hundred photos at a time, and I need the date, time, location and my name assigned to each photo. DateStamper reads the photo’s metadata (info from camera) and applies it to the photo. I purchased the expanded program on a one-time purchase, and I’m glad I did!
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5 years ago, DEValleyGirl
Revised to 5-Stars
UPDATED review. It was the light areas on the photo that made it unable to see the stamp. I did an all dark shot and it was fine. Also, the developer wrote back with help if needed and very promptly. Thank you for that!! I upgraded to the paid version because I’m going to be wanting more options. Great app. [Even though I moved the stamp around, it still wasn’t visible...I think the areas were too light.] I was excited about this app and it all seemed to go smoothly. I tried a few photos and it says the date stamp was added but it wasn’t. I don’t know what I’m missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
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7 years ago, eliteteams
Awesome App & Customer service
I'm a realtor in Florida and have the need to take pictures to upload several banks for REO property listings that need the time and date stamp. This app fits the bill nicely, easy to use, plenty of options and very fast! A+ customer service: I noticed I was having a issue with photos not showing up on when uploading with google drive after applying the dates. I contacted the developer and he quickly found in a few hours that it was a problem with my Apple phone and google drive and not the app. Very professional and fast customer service. Highly recommend the app to anyone!
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3 years ago, Billybobbruebake
Simply the Best Photo Date Stamper
I have been using this app for years and it keeps getting better and better. Multiple fonts, multiple stamp locations, multiple date time formats including custom (that is what I use) ability to add a second line of your text to the stamp - I could on and on. Not to mention not to mention the customer support. When I got a new iPad I could not get my stamp to appear as it did on my prior iPad. I emailed the website and Jordan responded in less than 3.5 hours (amazing) and explained very clearly what I needed to do. I am beyond satified.
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2 weeks ago, auburnpolk
i wanted to be able to add time stamps to my digital cameras photos and this app does it perfectly! i have tried a few apps before this one and this is by far the easiest to use! i did buy the add on where you can choose how the time stamp looks so i could make it look more vintagey! the only suggestion i have for the app developers is to make is so we can stamp videos! even if your only able to do the date! other wise the app is flawless and super easy to use! highly recommend 🙌🙌
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3 years ago, Fairdale16
Date Stamper is Awesome
You can add the date, put the location of the picture and add a caption. When you get your pictures printed, this will all be on your pictures. You can change the font, size and color of the font, and the location of where you want it printed on the picture. When looking back at pictures that have been printed and put in a photograph book you won’t ever have to wonder again when and where that picture was taken. I love this app.
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7 years ago, Paul st
Great app
The best feature is the ability to remove the date i.e. like the description mentions; you don't have to create duplicates in order to preserve the original. I think this is really innovative - if there were a buy-up to insert a small caption, I'd buy that as well. I had a few photos where the font color ended up blending in with the photo; I was able to remove/edit and insert with a different color. Position alignment of the stamp is also a plus. The dev is also extremely responsive when I submitted a question.
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2 years ago, JonathonNow
Good app. Just what I was looking for
I have a question into the developer about adding a time along with the date to the photo. I want to see if that is possible. I will update when the developer responds to my question. Date and time stamp is available and works great. Working with the developer to customize my settings in the in the app made the best possible outcome occur. I'm very pleased. The developer also is very fast to respond to questions which is a great service the app offers.
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3 years ago, Derpitts
Worth the $$
So I HATE to buy apps and I typically find the best free one. As a free app this one is great, but if you seriously need to document pictures just pay the money, this app is actually worth it and won’t keep asking you to pay more !! I am glad I did it, I really don’t write reviews but I had to here so people who really need to stamp photos would know this one gives you what you need !
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6 years ago, zoebug93
I don’t understand how to put a date stamp on already exsisting photos. It has the icon to go to your photos.. I click it... It says choose photo/photos to date stamp.. so I click my photo, and then nothing. No other options other than to save the photo (without the stamp), heart the photo, change the date/time (but not to put the date ONTO the picture) and the trash can to delete. What the heck?? How do you get it the stamp ONTO the picture? Why wouldn’t there be a button for this considering that is the number one thing people are looking for?
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4 years ago, TexasDaddyo
Could be Great
Does what it’s supposed to and what iPhones should do by default! Even the old school 1998 digital cameras had the option to add the time stamp to photos. The only thing this one is missing is the ability to select albums. If you don’t allow all the first time it asks, you’re stuck with having to individually select which pictures you want to stamp. I don’t want to allow my entire album of 18,000 photos, but I do want to allow individual albums. To do this would be sweet!!! That’s why I think it’s almost great!
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5 years ago, hoopla28
I really wanted to love this
I really wanted to love this app. However the app consistently stops at pictures that it’s “unable to download.” It doesn’t take me to the picture so I can delete it, and it doesn’t let me bypass that design so that I can skip the time stamp on that particular picture. It makes me start all over again. I have nearly 7k pictures - it takes hours for the app to go through my pics and I can’t use my phone during that time. Then after several hours it gets to a picture and basically says “oops, this won’t work sorry!” I have emailed the designer 3 times since October (it’s now almost January) and have received no response. It’s very frustrating. I wanted this to work so badly!
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1 year ago, stevefolge
This app has always been my number one app to use for real estate. I do a lot of pictures that have to have date and time stamped on them to do reports that I did. This last update, I now can’t take pictures, it freezes, it takes a long time to save a picture, there’s a been a lot of issues for me. I hope that you guys can fix this app to come back to being my favorite app to use every day for work.
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1 year ago, DLS😊
This is great!
I’ve been looking for a way to date stamp my photos for a long time now. And now I’ve discovered DateStamper! I love being able to print my photos at home and have this information on them! When I did have a question, it was answered immediately and helped me work through my problem. I highly recommend this it’s a great app to have. Daphne
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3 years ago, Jstpostalready
Date stamp a photo twice and you’ll see - pretty awful
I downloaded this app to be able to change the dates of old photos (50+ years old) that I had scanned and wanted to put a date to them. If you put a date, then stamp it, and then realize that it’s the wrong date and want to rectify it, you can easily change the date, but when you stamp it again to update the photo date, it doesn’t erase the previous date and the most recent date ends up on top of the other, that way not being able to read either date. Big mess. Needs to be fixed.
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5 years ago, sfreva
App doesn’t work at all!
This app is the most expensive one from this category and I was hoping it can do what it claims however the app doesn’t work at all. Literally!!! They claim if you buy it you can can time stamp all of your photos at once however when you try doing it the app processing photos for several minutes and than just says “can not stamp”. It is not created for the storage model than all iphones use where pics are stored in high resolution on cloud. The app is unable to stamp any photos. Also be aware that the owners of the app refuse any refunds , you won’t be able to get your money back. To make it short, this app is a fraud!
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5 years ago, 4 Larry
Just perfect
I had a project to send some very old pictures that were undated. With this app It’s easy to add correct dates to any picture which always answers the receiver’s question “when was that taken?” you can also add text to explain the picture ( i.e. Birthday, 10th reunion, etc.). Of course I can now date pictures when taking them. And tech support is outstanding. P.S. I am not related to the developer in any way.
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6 years ago, Another Jim Andersen
Very Impressive!
This app developer knows what he’s doing! He has made not only a fantastic working app, but one that also provides great instruction on how to use it, while integrating FAQs, a Support link, and more. I found myself instantly very happy with it, making it easy to spend the buck for an upgrade to use all its wonderful features, which is something I do not ordinarily do. You cannot go wrong with this app!
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1 year ago, Birdman008
I downloaded this app and within a minute I was sold, and bought the premium package. The app is straight forward, doing exactly what I need, which is to date and time stamp my photos. The developer also states that there is no in app, tracking or data collection, which I highly value. The one time purchase was worth every penny.
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5 years ago, wa5rng
Really Great App
I wish I had discovered Date Stamper a long time ago. The one best feature for me is you can revert back to the original picture if you don’t like how it looks. After I played with the app for about 30 mins, I bought the paid version (more options). Also, I had a question about something and the developer got back to within the hour.
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5 years ago, BDG07
Awesome App!!
Super convenient and quick. I was able to bulk stamp 200+ photos for an album AND then upload them to Walgreen’s for print. This is a really awesome app. I’d pay more for the value!! I had a couple of questions for Date Stamp so I contacted them through the site. They responded and answered my questions within the hour!! (Thanks Jordan!). This app is pretty sweet! Heard about it on Quora. Pretty excited to know this exists!
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5 years ago, Reasonablewoman.kc
Just what I need to get the job done
My work requires all photo submissions to include a date. The app was easy to install and even easier to use. I can date stamp dozens of photos in a matter of seconds making my report turnaround time much quicker. I only have to date stamp the photos I choose and do not have to change any features on my phone. I love it!
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7 years ago, Pat A2Z
Stable, but a Request
I wanted to add the date to existing photos rather than as I click the camera so this is what I wanted. However, I wish I could add the date in a title box. For example, allowing me to center it and put a black text box behind it. I take quite a few outdoor photos and it's hard to choose a font color that always works. Likewise, I would like to put it on the bottom of the photo and centered as a title for a group of photos.
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6 years ago, Roiceroce
I’m a General Contractor and this app is amazing. Took all of 10 minutes to set it up to suit my needs and test it. Fabulous. Very cool feature allows you to stamp any photo ANY TIME because it reads the native date/time of the photo stored in the phone. I was able to stamp photos taken in the past with the actual date and time they were originally taken. This is a game changer for me.
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7 years ago, sleach - Phoenix
Great product and developer support
I'm a commercial property real estate appraiser. My lender and legal clients really appreciate having photos with date stamps to verify dates of inspection and property condition as if a specified date. This product is very simple and easy to use. I had a question about the product and the developer replied back in less than 5 min. I'm impressed. Well worth the purchase price.
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7 years ago, BlakPsyOperator
Works great; wish it would auto stamp
The app works great! I haven’t run into any glitches yet. This is how it works: (1) You take your photo, (2) go to the photo in your album, (3) select it, (4) select edit, (5) select the Time Stamper from mark-up plug-ins, (6) add the stamp. You can edit the font, color, and date or time format. Other options, for example, location of the stamp, background color, certain fonts/colors are locked unless you purchase the upgrade. I do wish there was an option to automatically stamp the photos as I take them instead of having to go back and edit the photo to add it, but the free app as it is serves my purposes. I just needed the ability to put the date & time on my pics and it does that.
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3 years ago, livingbyfiction1234
Amazing AP
I love my Date Stamper that is a convenient and easy way to have all of your pictures printed without needing to ever guess at the date and location of a picture. It’s hard to believe how easy this program makes organizing hundreds of pictures. Lucky you are if you own it. !!!
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2 years ago, PWaqua
Excellent App
Easy to use and works every time. We are in the service business and it’s important for us to document when we do things and how we leave a job site. This does the trick and I’ve been using it for several years now with no complaints.
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5 years ago, Teazdale
Needs Siri Shortcuts
Would love to see the new addition of Siri Shortcuts added to this app! I think of a number of ways I could use the two in a workflow that would make my life so much easier. Biggest thing would be allowing for DateStamper to allow as input a number of specified images, videos, etc for stamping. Please consider this in a later release and keep up the already incredible work. Great app!
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7 months ago, EngineerLincoln
Almost There
Nice feature set, however, not very easy to use if taking multiple pictures. You must click the camera icon first, then take a picture, then confirm the picture, which takes you back to the previous screen. Would be great if you could keep taking pictures without leaving the camera and having to review each one!
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6 years ago, Mr. EJ
Satisfies a critical need. Can I add my logo?
Had a issue with date stamping panorama photos but after being given a recommended fix I have not tried them again. I would like to be able to add my logo as well. Is that a feature that can be added in a future release? Hopefully as an option and not a new app?
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11 months ago, Henryhiggins
Love DateStamper
If an old fashioned film camera can date stamp pictures, why can’t a smart phone?! I’m so glad DateStamper gives me this option. I’ve been using it for over a year and am very happy with it. Simple to mark my photos with date/time or back it out if I don’t want it.
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9 months ago, December 23, 2022, at 3:27 PM.
It’s worth it.
I use this and I am able to use the customization for any format I want my stamp to be. I do it because it is remindful and it does seem reliable as well whenever I use my Google reviews too I use this app because I want to stamp my photos for my Google reviews.
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3 years ago, meriden customer
Great app, it does exactly what I expected it to do. In a time when remote work is dependent on documentation. This DateStamper app gives “pomg” to my customers. When I had a little hiccup trying to load pictures in the order I took them. Jordan Hipwell gave me a solution that solved the problem. Thank You J. Hipwell. p.s. POMG = Peace Of Mind Guranteed :)
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5 months ago, $!?(,;!'
The application works ok, but awkward and time consuming. If you choose photos to be stamped, it duplicates them, so you have to take the time to delete duplicates out of photos. If you take pics with app for them to automatically be stamped when taken, you have to click on use photo before before you can take another. If you don’t, photo is not saved.
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7 years ago, Kathi Westlund
Great app!
I love this app! I wanted a simple, classy date stamp app. This is it! The free version is great but the additional features are worth the price. I also was impressed with support service. I emailed with a question and had really prompt and helpful response (unlike many apps!). I'll be watching for more apps from these folks.
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6 months ago, janned 695
Great app!
This app does exactly what it's name states. If at some point you want the photo without the date stamp, it is easy to revert to the original. Customer service also excellent. I appreciate well-designed easy-to-use apps, and this app certainly qualifies.
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3 years ago, Joe AZ 81
Fantastic and simple app
Definitely worth paying for the extras - you’ll be able to add stamps with whatever style you like, as often as you want. This is easy to use, doesn’t mess up the photo metadata, and looks fantastic.
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3 years ago, gremus18
Printing issues
I used this app to add a time stamp, by default it goes in the lower right corner which is fine, but after printing photos at Walgreens through their app, many of the photos had the time stamp cropped off, even though I didn’t edit them. It is really random, but I’d say about half have some part or most of the stamp cropped off.
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3 years ago, silvaqua
Missing pictures
I like the app because of it’s ease of use. However, I have a problem because it won’t bring up google photos where most of my pictures are.
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3 years ago, MacGuy1989
Easy to use & integrated w iOS photos
Use it every day to track pics of my scale 😉. (Also worth the small upgrade price to customize the layout of the date and time).
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4 years ago, ray__I
Still not Quite Right
I wanted an iPhone app to auto stamp my photos. This app has a feature to stamp all photos in my library, however it does NOT work quite right. In the middle of using this feature it hangs-up on certain photos. To get out you must exit the app and lose everything that had been processed. I communicated with the developer but no changes or mods were offered. Scratch this one!
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3 years ago, bfgvfgds
Useful but needs improvement
There needs to be a way to easily deselect previously selected photos, and a way to “select all” when you’ve given the app limited access to the photo stream. The time stamp labeling does what it claims otherwise.
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7 months ago, DanaKaufman
Customer Support
I had a question so I emailed support. They responded in just a couple of hours. The instructions were clear and took care of the problem that I was having.
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6 years ago, Claudes1991
Be able to change stamp date
It would be great to be able to change the stamp date on the photos sometimes you take photos and then the next day you want to stamp them.
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5 years ago, Coopmax
Great app!!
I wish all apps were so straightforward and simple to use. The developer obviously knows what he’s doing and has been thoughtful about this. My wish list for the future would include an option for adding a caption.
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7 years ago, Morrris 007
Great App - wonderful support
I downloaded this app today and was having issues with it so I emailed for support - immediately I got a response and was able to get the help and instruction I needed from Jordan - Thank you so much - I highly recommend this app.
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2 years ago, ladyjade7013
Such a neat app - did everything I need
My favorite is an old digital font that mimics how old cameras had it. Please don’t ever remove that font. I’ve been wanting an app like this for years. Thank you!!
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