Dave - Banking & Cash Advance

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Dave, Inc
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User Reviews for Dave - Banking & Cash Advance

4.79 out of 5
682.7K Ratings
10 months ago, erininthe2g
the only app thats legit & truthful & helps ur credit!
***during the past few months dave has helped me more than i initially thot. my credit has gone up since i pay dave back every week. so not because i really need it, i borrow from dave every week, since he's already helped my credit score increase about 30 points in the few months i've used him recently. at first i was able to borrow 150 now i can borrow up to 400 a week!***thanks dave! & thanks to the developers for actually making this app helpful in more ways than just getting extra cash. i want a new car next year. started at a 579 score & after using dave a few months im at 613 now! Anyone with a job & bank account can get $ from Dave. I used Dave many times a few years ago, when i got paid every two weeks. Always useful, simple & no hassle. Now Im back since I got no overtime the last 2 weeks & after paying the rent, id have $40 left to survive on for a week, even tho I make $1000 a week. Now i got like $150 to get me thru this week, thanks to Dave. This will now help me budget & allow me to pay bills throughout the month instead of all at once, and being broke for a week every month. Tried a few other apps, but they didnt offer as much as Dave, they only worked thru certain employers, and they did not detect my paper pay checks deposited into my account. All the other apps only support direct deposit. I only get paper checks every week. So if you dont have direct deposit, Dave is the way to go. THANKS DAVE!
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6 years ago, krzylkafox
Truly Awesome
I found Dave via Facebook and read a lot of comments from people making fun of the service, making it sound like people who need it don’t manage their money very well. I was curious to see what it was about and why others feel the need to make fun of people who use it, so I downloaded the app (not expecting to use it, but to just see what it was). As circumstances presented themselves, being a single mom with zero help from the other parent, and trying to provide for my kids (I work full time and go to school full time so I can put myself in a better place, but until then things are pretty tight) - I found myself facing an overdrawn check fee (I wrote a check to register my daughter for school and had something else clear my checking account that wasn’t supposed to go through, which means I didn’t have enough funds for the check I wrote). I remembered I’d installed the Dave app a couple of weeks ago and within a few minutes, I was approved for a small loan and because I paid the extra $4.99 expedite fee, the money was deposited into my bank account within the hour. Dave only charges a $1.00 fee to loan you the money plus any tip you’re willing to donate, but is not required. When your paycheck is due to deposit, Dave takes the loan and fee back out of your bank account and that’s all there is to it! It’s very easy and painless and definitely worth the $1.00 fee to not have to pay an overdraft/insufficient funds fee to your bank.
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3 years ago, idkwhyme1995
Great app! $200 advances are 🔥 and consistent if you are too! 🐻💰
I’ve had Dave for months now, and I get paid every week EARLY! Not only is THAT a great incentive, but I expected this app to be like many others, (where they lie, basically) lol. But DAVE actually gives you $200 advances. (You can advance anywhere from $100-$200) You just hit the “advance” tab and select your advance amount. You have it deducted immediately when your next ACH direct deposit check that clears in your Dave Spending Account, or, you can pay it back early with another form of payment. NOTE: a potential advance DOES REQUIRE proof that you can pay Dave back. It’s not just free money. You have to build a rapport. You start out at $25 advances when you open the account, and then as you get ACH direct deposits, keep money in your account, and advance and pay him back regularly from YOUR money, you can then advance $100, $150, or $200. Once your advance is paid back, there’s a “cool off” period, which is a few days where you can’t advance, and then you can advance again after that. I LOVE THIS FEATURE. Sometimes I have to say, I spend my money frivolously, (not proud of it) and I need a little bit extra to get through the week. So it works out perfectly with timing with the “cool off” period, too! It allows me to budget better AND monitor my spending. Thank you to DAVE!!!! 🐻🧸🐻 THE BEST BEAR AROUND! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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10 months ago, OliviaH85
Works great except for one thing….
Dave has been really helpful these past few months. We hit a bad financial snag and without Dave, I don’t know where we would be. Payment through debit card is fast and easy, however the bank payment is soooooo slow! I made an inquiry to my bank about a charge from Roku, (something we don’t have), and the rep I talked to immediately shut off my card for fraud even though I never requested it. That was just devastating because I now had to access to my bank account. The day of my advance settlement for Dave was the same day my new card arrived. By the time I activated my new card and set it in the Dave app to pay, it had started the process of going through my bank. It has been 4 days, the money is taken out of account and my advance payment STILL isn’t settled!! When I talked to customer service, I was told it was my bank holding it up, but I explained the money was taken from my bank and the app shows that Dave has indeed received the payment but my account still isn’t settled. I’m really hoping this changes soon! The same day my bank shut my card off, my car broke down, I can’t get it fixed because I don’t have the money. So lesson learned!! Do not talk to my bank at all when I have a Dave settlement coming up because it takes a week or more for the stupid thing to settle even though they have the money.
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6 years ago, Damon_Williams
Real-world, real-time lifesaver!
I am a natural skeptic when it comes to apps such as these, but just today I had a real-world experience that Dave helped me out with. The deets: This morning, I had an out-patient procedure at a hospital in downtown Philly. I was supposed to take my wife’s ATM card and use that for parking. I’m my haste, not only do I forget her card, but I also left my main ATM card at home, leaving me only with my phone, Apple Watch, backup ATM card and 20 bucks. After my procedure I return to the lot to discover that parking was $26 - $6 more than I had on me. Wife works 40 minutes away and no way she could text me the money through iMessage, since the lot is not ApplePay-ready. Stranded, I was, staring at my car in this lot. Then it dawned on me that on a whim, I previously downloaded this Dave app. I was very skeptical about providing my bank info, but since that is the only way to realistically obtain an advance, I submitted my banking info, verified my identity and email address, and miraculously Dave fronted me 20 bucks, on the spot. I was able to immediately withdraw it and pay for parking and drive off the lot. Without this service, instead of writing this review I would still be downtown, trying to figure out how to get my car off the lot!! I don’t foresee using this app much, but I wanted to share with you all a real-world example of this app being s lifesaver. I never knew I’d need it - until I needed it!
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5 years ago, Katie ralphs dave appli.
Reviewing the Dave App!
Hello! So my boyfriend was my resource for finding out about these apps out there that will help you with money until payday! He goes thru the app called “Earnin” which was the one I was initially going to go threw but because of all the info they needed and how long it would take I chose “The Dave” app! Now the thing that doesn’t make any sense and really makes me mad, is Earnin app borrows my boyfriend as much as he needs from his upcoming check! Which is what I was expecting and needing from Dave app! This app only gives me $20 dollars! Honestly that is just an insult and not even helpful! What is 20 bucks going to do to help me out, especially in today’s world and with 4 kids that need to be fed and a vehicle that needs gas to allow me to get to work? It is not enough money to help a family or even a single person! You need to make it available to borrow what the customer wants and or needs! They are the ones who pay it back and it’s there decision and or problem what they chose to borrow from there next check! You guys take the money right out our accounts automatically so I don’t see the issue with not allowing your customers really get the help they need. That would also make you guys more money because we as customers would tip you way more better. Please explain why it’s only 20 dollars I can borrow for 5 days until I get paid :( ? Thanks much, Kaitlyn Ralph
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4 months ago, Datt Boyy
Dave Banking offers a refreshing approach to personal finance, combining convenience with a suite of innovative features that truly put the user first. From its user-friendly interface to its commitment to financial empowerment, Dave stands out as a beacon of modern banking excellence. One of Dave's standout features is its commitment to financial wellness. With tools like predictive alerts that help users avoid overdraft fees, budgeting assistance, and cash advances of up to $500, Dave actively helps users stay on top of their finances and avoid common pitfalls. Furthermore, Dave's fee-free banking model is a breath of fresh air in an industry often marred by hidden charges and confusing fee structures. With no minimum balance requirements and no overdraft fees, Dave truly prioritizes the financial well-being of its users. In addition to its core banking features, Dave also offers perks such as the ability to build credit with their Credit Builder program, access to financial counseling, and even the option to get paid up to two days early with direct deposit. Overall, Dave Banking sets a new standard for modern banking by seamlessly integrating technology, financial education, and customer-centric services. With its transparent fee structure, proactive financial management tools, and commitment to user empowerment, Dave Banking is not just a bank, but a trusted partner in achieving financial success.
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4 years ago, tazatezo
Since they were able to validate my account they were able to give me the $75 loan without any tricks. They took it out as soon as my direct deposit came in so if I needed to get another advance the next morning I could do it around 3-5am before the day starts so you don’t have to go half the day waiting for it to give you the green light to put in for another advance! I have no issues navigating site. The only issue I have is after you agree and swipe ok to get the advance the next screen it goes to is the Dave Bear with hands up and a green bar at bottom saying thank you and if you don’t pay attention you will press the Thank You Bar thinking it’s just the final page like a second swipe to make sure you meant to agree to it, but it’s really an effort by them to get a tip out of you which I got caught on it and now I am into it for an additional 10 Dollars which I would never have agreed upon!! If the times are tough enough to need an advance I am not in position to be giving out a 10 tip on top of the $4,99 charge to put it in account right away for no charge you can wait I think 3-4 days for it to go into account so I am now paying 90 dollars for the 75 which I definitely will never ever give a tip again!!! Fool me once ok that’s on me but to me it’s kind of messed up to get people while they are down with no way to reverse it!
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3 years ago, LaughAtSuccess
Banking Trash!
I loved this app when it first came out. When they added the banking option I joined the waitlist and decided to deposit a certain amount of my paycheck into Dave Banking.... FIRST; Never received the correct debit card. I was sent 5 cards and tried to activate all of them and kept getting an error. When I called Evolve Bank who handles everything I was transferred to another 3rd party company.... tried to use my acct over July 4th weekend and I wasn’t able to access any of my money. Called in and kept getting hung up on and no one will contact me by email or by phone... this is horror when you have pills and payments bouncing. I really regret trusting this app with my money.... wish i had real person to talk to instead of a rep who sounds like they just woke up and keeps hanging up Update: I was able to get in contact with someone this morning through the chat app. It’s a know issue currently with not being able to process transactions through 3rd Larry such as Venmo, Cash App and etc. No current eta as of this afternoon and I had to reorder my card because the one I received was tied to a previously closed Dave Banking account. 2021 Update: Since my initial review I have not had any more issues. I’ve actually received a Dave card and it is fully operational and I still get my check a day early from then my other bank accounts
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4 years ago, DoesThisNickNameEvenMatter
So I really do enjoy this “app,” if that’s what it should be called, but I have a few opinions about it. Dave definitely helps organize finances by giving advances when needed. However, the terms of when you can take an advance, and how much you can ask for, are very unorganized. I have taken out advanced, and I have paid them all back, in full and on time, but there are stipulations that users aren’t made privy to until the “app” drops that bomb on them. For someone who is not over drafted in their own bank account, OR in the Dave app, and someone who makes their payments in full and on time, there shouldn’t be a limit on how much they can ask for, or when they can ask for it. If these limitations are there to make it easier for the user to handle their finances responsibly, there should be more leniency towards those that are in good financial standing with Dave. If I have “borrowed” money, multiple times, and paid it back in FULL, MULTIPLE times, EVERY time, the limitations should not occur. I understand the app is new, and the kinks are still being worked out, so me being as detailed as possible should benefit those working on making Dave the best it can be. Thank you for your time, and as I will continue to use Dave, I hope to see improvements that cater to users that are responsible with their usage. Place limits where they are needed, but offer opportunities to those who meet or exceed expectations.
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3 years ago, Elover007
This app is the Truth and if you’re in need of help financially this is where you’ll find it.
I downloaded this app and was leery of it and just thought it’s like the other ones I’m gonna need a bunch of credit I’m gonna have to jump through hoops and it was actually quite simple for the most part and although I only was able to get a loan of five dollars do you know where it came at the right time at the right place and help me out so that I wouldn’t look stupid when taking someone out to dinner and being short a few couple dollars five stars for this app. There is one frustrating thing I am a independent contractor who gets paid often daily but do you have weekly direct deposit which go into my Venmo account Venmo is it legit app and safe place to have your money very safe actually and I’m wondering why doesn’t it link my Venmo account why can’t I use Venmo with Dave where it will consistently show how much money I make every week how much my direct deposits are how long I’ve had them so then that way I could’ve borrowed $100 instead I’m hoping that they fix that and also When trying to open up an account with Dave and have my money directly deposited there it’s saying it’s not able to prove who I am or something but I’m sure Dave will get it fixed until then thank you Dave
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7 months ago, DaddyWarBucks911
Dave alright
Dave is an app I do really like but even paying my cash advances you don’t get another advance till basically when they decide or whatever or who ever decides to make it available to you in your app I litterally paid my advance back on the 26th and here I am needing to use my advance option again but I can’t because it’s not available it says check back tomorrow for whatever reason and I have emailed them and everything I have now emailed them and let them know I will be closing my account if I’m not going to be getting the advance feature especially when my other advances have been paid and especially when I pay a fee every month and if that’s the case I will go to another app and just move on but I love Dave I just can’t allow them to be able to make it available when they want to especially when I paid my advance and than turn around and just don’t give me another until another month or whatever and don’t even increase the advance when I’ve done this several times or whatever yes it’s their option to give you one or not but when they give them to you a few other times and they been paid but you pay it and than it takes another month or whatever for you to get another one there is no sense in it and I don’t appreciate it !
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5 months ago, KatieeBearr x:
Redemption Ark
If I had written a review last year, it would have been in a completely different light and attitude. I was a fairly avid extra cash advance user end of 2022 - beginning of 2023. In Feb 2023 I made an advance request and for the first time since I started using the program, decided to manually pay it back earlier than it’s due date. Weeks went by and the payment came out of my account but somehow never made it to reflect on my Dave account. I emailed back and forth every few weeks trying to get this resolved but was met with “we are escalating the issue” type messages. Eventually I gave up knowing that they saw I paid it and things just weren’t aligning within the app. Today, Feb 2024 I received an email letting me know they finally fixed the issue and all was cleared in my account. They offered to fully waive my next extra cash advance for the excessive delay and for the inconvenience. They didn’t have to do this - they simply could have said we fixed it have a good day. I greatly appreciate that they never forgot about my issue and that they did all the internal work to get things turned around. I will continue using Dave because I now know that even if it isn’t the speediest turn around for customer service escalations, they do make it right in the end!
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5 years ago, SpoofingEncryption
Bugs in the app
Don’t get me wrong, this app is great! I’ve been using it for almost a couple weeks now and I love it, I downloaded it during work because my girlfriend recommended it because I got an unexpected overdraft fee and I was negative, so I had to dispute my charges from the snowball effect, but nonetheless I wanted it to help prevent and better manage my money, I’m 18 years old and I recently moved into my first apartment with bills to pay now with my girlfriend so the Dave app really helps both of us out, and this building credit feature-I can’t wait to try out, it sounds amazing! Build credit by paying rent, unbelievable. I had to pay a big deposit because of no rental history or credit. Dave is amazing, but recently, I’ve been experiencing minor technical difficulties. The app seems to be showing expenses that need to be payed before payday or I might “overdraft” but then I look below, and it appears there are no expenses to remove or edit; and it’s a pretty large sum to be notified about. I’ve tried a lot of troubleshooting, but nothing seems to help, and I don’t want to be notified of false alerts & notifications. Don’t know if there’s a way to fix this or not, but I still love the app. I just wish I could use it to its fullest potential-with the alert system & billing information. -Isaac L.
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3 years ago, littleloweaprille
Helps in those in-between times!!
Always overlooked Dave and totally let it go out of mind until I seen it pop across Facebook and said I’ll just try it just to be doing something… man this app is the truth… know how many times I needed gas , a small meal, or just random miscellaneous items?!! How many years I’ve missed out on being helped when I seen my money getting down to $10??! But better now to learn than never!! Some people get verified instant/some up to 3 days depending on your bank of course. Mine too 1 day and I had my money in under an hour.. now I’ll have gas to carry me through the week, now I can go get a pack of meat or two from the store!!! I am very thankful and hope this app keeps helping me!! Sooo many more people need to know about this!! Do you know how many people need to hold something small until payday?!! Mistakes, impulsive buys, and inconveniences do happen but Dave is always there… and be in reminder that when you pay Dave back, he gives you a cool off period to wait a few days before you borrow again. Don’t take the app for granted!!! ALWAYS PAY HIM BACK!!! The app is easy and common sense. I’m sure a few bugs happen but yes you get the money honey !!! Hope this app continues to save and changes lives in the smallest way !!! One day I won’t need Dave anymore but I’ll always keep him close because you just never know!
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3 years ago, D Pullam
I very much appreciate your help, the only thing I have a problem with is that you ask when do I get paid and I put monthly. I guess Social Security, disability on the first, SS on the third. But yet what I do asked for a loan you do two weeks, which puts me sometimes overdraft. But, this time I had two different things to come on my account that shouldn’t have I wasn’t expecting. I have a 92-year-old art who wanted me to visit, and her daughter that has cancer and there’s no hope for recovery. I think God for allowing me to come. I flew I didn’t know now you have to pay two chicken suitcases. So $60 I had not planned to spend. I knew I was on a tight budget, I make sure my phone went and met another bill paid, but I order something and it was supposed to be in free charge me $50. So I’m trying to get home and I need at least $100. I think you for 25 dollars. It’s not enough but it helps so you see you is no he did not help me much. And the fact that in the past because you did two weeks and I was desperate for that long it cost $72 to be taken out of my account overdrafted so have you help me no and that is happened more than once. You say one thing and do something else when I first started I said but after that 2X bar I have to find other ways to try to make up when I can’t get it from you I would doubt but thank you anyway for what you’ve done I know you don’t have to.
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3 years ago, Donyell M.
Great banking app
Get pay day advances instantly for only $5! No hassle, no joke or gimmick. Immediate online approval process and same day advances in most cases. Cash is electronically deposited to your account in just minutes. All you need is a current steady income. It’s so unbelievably quick and easy! Just download the app and follow the prompts to connect to your bank. If you have regular, recurring direct deposits from a viable source of income your bank and income are verified immediately. Only thing is you can’t get more than $75 each advance initially and the loan repayment is electronically debited on your next pay day no matter how soon that may be. The app also has a few bugs to work out. You may get error messages and have to repeat steps or start over a few times during the process of connecting to your bank and/or verifying your income. Depending on your financial institution and source of income, verification may not be immediate. It seems to take longer or be somewhat trickier to verify some banks and direct deposit pay. And it can take up to 8 hours for your advance to be deposited once it’s approved but all in all it’s still THE BEST EXPERIENCE I’ve ever had getting a pay day or online loan. It’s generally guaranteed... in no longer than a few hours if not instantly. I would give it 5 stars if not for the bugs
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1 year ago, Worried calc student
I discovered Dave when I was in college and first living on my own. It was a great help to learn to manage my money and be able to have an extra hand when I needed it. However, I recently decided I was going to open an account with them instead of just using the service linked with my current bank account and when I attempted to do so I was given an error that my identity could not be verified so for security reasons I could not move forward. No big deal I can just upload documents to verify that I am in fact myself. Wrong, after hours of searching for a way to do so I finally reached out to support. I was told that not being able to verify my identity could be for a number of reasons (all of which are listed in the FAQs which I had read multiple times at this point) and therefore I could not move forward. I explained that I understood and thanked him for getting back to me in a timely manner and went on to ask if there was anything at all that I could do to verify my identity. When I got the response I was a little shocked to find out that there was no way I could verify my identity and therefore could not open the account. It’s quite astonishing and disappointing that if I do something such as move and my identity cannot be verified because my records no longer match Dave’s then I cannot open an account. I believe there should be a way to get this resolved but none the less here we are.
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3 months ago, Miisz D
If I could do less than one star I would
Omg this app is easily the worst. It used to be so good but now it’s just chaotic and unpredictable. It used to only payback advances on your payday. Now it’s CONSTANTLY automatically taking the money back a full week before you get paid. So trust me, you WILL be left scrambling trying to figure out how to pay Dave back. There’s no point in taking an advance to hold you over til you get paid, when it doesn’t wait until you get paid. I thought I had $200 to get food for me and my child and I go check my bank account and it’s actually in the negative because Dave started repayment knowing I didn’t have enough to cover it, which is why I asked for the advance in the first place. So thanks Dave for leaving me and my child hungrier and poorer than we were before we bothered with the app. The point of this app is completely lost if they’re going to operate like this and if money is tight for you, I suggest you avoid this app because it will make finances even tighter for you, by taking money out before you’re ready to pay it back. I’ll probably just get an automated, canned bot response to this review. If you’re reading this, understand you’ll get the same customer service response if you ever need it. Nothing more than an inconsiderate, canned response that shows they don’t actually read anything you say to them, they just program a computer to look for specific words so they can automate a generic response. It’s really that simple.
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5 years ago, kcaftxga
Great at First, But Eventually Experiences Issues
Initially I was skeptical to install and use an app requiring entry of my banking account info, but after reading dozens of mostly-positive reviews I decided to give it a try. Entering my bank account info and inputting my paycheck schedule was quick and easy, and not long after the verification was completed I requested and received a $75 cash advance. Over the course of a couple months I requested and received three $75 advances, each of which was paid from my checking account on the scheduled date. However, this week I attempted another advance but the app reflected it did not register my most recent paycheck, thereby limiting to $20 the amount I could advance. Upon trying to update the paycheck schedule (which has NOT changed, mind you), the app informed me it could not offer advances based on manual paycheck entry. This issue was something I read in many reviews, but I opted to continue with the installation and use of the app. Now, due to the frustrating glitch in the app’s ability to record my always-on-time paychecks and other, static monthly deposits, there really is no point in keeping the app on my phone. Currently I am evaluating the use of other, similar apps, as I see no need to maintain the Dave app because it no longer properly records my paycheck information. I’m glad I waited to write a review because it allowed me to experience both its pros and cons.
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4 years ago, topbossb
Dave is usually great.. but right now I need the help the most and it’s not available to me.
Dave is usually great, I’ve been using this app for a long time now. And whenever I’m in a bind I can count on Dave to lend me up to $75 until my next paycheck. Well due to the recent changes with the virus spreading, I’ve been working remotely which is still providing a paycheck, though it is for much less hours. My usual main source of income is nonexistent right now, as I’m an artist and vendor who makes money at events. This month, money was tight. It is tight. I thought I could count on Dave to get my $75 advance, but I ended up overdrafting three dollars. So I was -3 dollars. Usually that’s not an issue when requesting an advance from Dave, but this time, it was. I was told the highest amount I was eligible for because my account was negative, due to coronavirus circumstances, was $20. So that’s where I’m at. I don’t have enough money to make it until next Thursday when I get my steady paycheck, and I’m struggling. If I had known that I wouldn’t be able to get an event at the moment I went negative on my account, I would’ve set an alert so that I couldn’t go negative and I would’ve requested the money sooner. I’m super grateful Dave exists, but I had come to rely on it, and now I’m seeing that I can’t even rely on Dave.
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3 years ago, jackpot jo
Not Helpful & A Thief In The Night!
I CANNOT recommend this app!!! I’ve been using the Dave App for approximately seven months now and so far it has been mostly frustrating. After taking the time to apply for a spend account and uploading my driver license, Dave rejected my application because they couldn’t verify my identity. Weird because I have been at the same address over six years my license address matches and I have credit &bills consistent with this. Okay, so even though I’m not elected eligible for a spend account Dave allows me to get advances on my monthly income. Great, right? Not really because Dave pays himself back by going by when my credit union last applied my monthly direct deposit. The problem is, is that my credit union deposits the money the moment they receive it which could be different dates every month but Dave doesn’t take this into consideration so he has overdrawn my cu account on a few occasions which is the opposite of what Dave’s main objective is! I have contacted CS several times about it and they have been no help and only repeating what the last rep said or telling me what I already know! To top it off I am being charged for using the app because I don’t have a spend account. Ugh! FRUSTRATING to not have this issue resolved. I will be closing my account since it really serves no purpose but to borrow from at ridiculous fees and to overdraw my cu account costing me even more. 😒 Thanks Dave.
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6 years ago, Bayliekristine
So upset
I’ve had Dave for a long time and every time I’ve borrowed money I’ve always been perfect about paying it back. Even left them MULTIPLE good reviews! Due to my job now my paychecks are every other week. I changed it on the app, borrowed $75, mustve not paid attention to the payback day, and then the next day realized I messed it up and emailed the customer support team and told them I would not have money on Friday and that my paycheck would be the following Friday, they responded and said it can’t be extended but not to stress, Dave wouldn’t charge me late fees or anything, they would just take a partial pay or wait until the funds are available. I emailed again. Told them that a partial pay or anything is going to put me in negative because I do have money in my account but that it was just the money I was given for rent by my roomates, and that if it was taking out Friday I would not be able to pay rent because I haven’t gotten a paycheck yet. Again, they email me back and tell me not to stress about it. Dave won’t take the money if you can’t afford it. FRIDAY HITS AND IM NEGATIVE SIX DOLLARS IN MY BANK ACCOUNT. CANT GET IT BACK. CANT PAY RENT. DEFINITELY CANT AFFORD THE OVER DRAFT FEE. So happy I was told “don’t stress about it” just to be completely blind sided when my rent payment is declined!!! Crying because of Dave. 👌🏻😭😡🤬
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5 years ago, Ian0135
The best app ever!
So my wife had seen Dave on fb and she and I knew this last week was going to be tight. I work full-time but with two young children we can’t always make it to my next paycheck. I’ve found myself sometimes asking friends and family for small loans (that I always pay back) but I hate doing it! I always feel ashamed and even though they always tell me it’s ok because I’ve never missed paying them back on time, I still find it kind of depressing to do. Enter the Dave app. I was skeptical at first. A $75 payday loan with NO INTEREST?? Sounds kinda fishy right? Well I researched this app, downloaded it, and within a few minutes I had $75 in my account! I did pay the extra fee in order to expedite the process but that was the ONLY FEE I paid and that was optional! Then when I was paid this past Friday they automatically took the money back and that was it! I can’t express how satisfying it is to not have to go to my friends or parents with my tail between my legs for a few bucks anymore! Thank you so much to the developers! All of this is made possible by paying $1 a month! This app is a dream come true for hard working people who find themselves in a tight spot from time to time! P.S. I am real. I’m not some shill writing a positive review for a reward. Dave is 100% legit!
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6 years ago, TipTopTaaffy
Used to be great. Now, not so much...
I have used this app pretty much every two weeks for a little help with gas money. For the first 2-3 months I had no problem. Then I started receiving error messages stating that my pay check hadn’t come in, but when I would go to edit my income it displayed my last check from 5 days prior. I deleted the app and reinstalled, which solved the problem. Two weeks later I had the exact same issue, but deleting/reinstalling didn’t help. I wrote into customer service and they responded within 6 hours apologizing and stating the issue had been resolved. I was able to go in and borrow right away. That was two weeks ago. Im not really in a position where I need extra funds right now, but I wanted to see if the problem would persist. Sure enough, I’m getting a message stating my last check hasn’t come in yet, but then it displays my last check from June 8th and shows my next pay date is June 22nd. There has been no change to my income or pay schedule, so I really have no idea why there have been problems in the last few weeks. This used to be a 5 star app, but with consistent issues I’m rating it as a 2. Update 11/30....issues were resolved and I’ve been able to use Dave a few more times to help out in a pinch.
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4 years ago, adriancid95
Going backwards
Let’s start by saying the when I first started using this app it was working fine, now I have been trying to use it for a while now and it was stuck on the screen that said a verification for the bank account was needed and it should take two days, I’m wondering how you guys count your days because it was displaying the same message for over a month, I tried to do the process again and after I linked my bank account for the second time it took me to a screen that requires me to verify all my information again including bank account and routing numbers, once y put my information says my bank account number it’s not correct and I know what you are going to say you probably did it wrong try again, well surprise it was done multiple times and by different people now one out of two everyone it’s making the same mistake or your app has bugs, I think it’s safe to say the second option seems like the right one, I know you will give an answer saying you are really sorry and that you will look into it, save the time and use it to improve the app and please add a phone number to contact your customer service if you don’t have a card other wise it won’t let you do anything because all the options that you have online are useless or at least don’t solve my problem specially since my screen it’s stuck on the part asking for my bank information after I linked it electronically. By the way I uninstalled the application. So keep it up.
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6 years ago, emaleenoelle
Awesome, awesome, awesome!
I don’t usually like leaving reviews but I felt that it was more than necessary for me to do a review of Dave. First of all, the setup process after I downloaded the app was SO fast and SO simple. They walked me through the setup very easily, and they even had some budgeted items already preset for me after they analyzed my bank account. That was a pretty cool feature. But the BEST PART OF ALL is that they let me borrow money from my upcoming paycheck on the SAME DAY that I downloaded the app. There was absolutely no waiting period or trial period before I was approved to borrow. I was honestly amazed by that. Most apps that offer payday type of loans will make you wait up to 30 days before you can borrow but not Dave! I had downloaded the app, set up my account, borrowed money, and had the money in my account all within less than 30 MINUTES!! That’s unheard of! And once I confirmed the amount I wanted to borrow, the money was literally in my account instantaneously. Literally. So if you’re on the fence about this app, just go ahead and take the leap and download Dave. You won’t regret it. ALSO- no fees. They do NOT make you tip them if you don’t want to. Side note- I am a completely real reviewer. I was not paid or compensated for this review. This is my honest opinion. No BS. Happy borrowing!
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9 months ago, Yrashcanman
Stay Far away
FRAUD ALERT: Do not use this service. I set up the account got approved for about 200 on cash advance. Selected a $100 advance and selected an hour delivery to my personal card. I then tipped the company as well. That was done around 11:30. By 1, I hadn’t received anything so I contacted them through chat because I could see I had a $-110 balance and my disbursement was still pending. After not hearing back around 4 I contacted the live chat agent who gave me several different excuses before he said my request was unsuccessful. I didn’t get an email, notification, bird mail or anything to let me know this. They gave me a phone number to contact. When I contacted the number it stated my Dave spending account was closed. The live chat rep tried to argue me down that my account wasn’t closed even though the automatic voice said it was. This app is more trouble than it is worth. Pick something else. Now I can’t even cancel anything until the payment is updated because the rep said since it didn’t go through that it would take 2 days to clear it. Now they can be all in my bank account for two days smh. Please star far away. Update: I have closed my account because after opening an account with Dave someone stole my information and used it at a gas station and tried to use it at a baby store in areas I’m half way across the country from. Despicable. I’ve already contacted the bbb. Run don’t want away from this app. !!!!!!! Worst app ever !!!
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3 months ago, Banana_Boy12
The Ins and Outs, Apps like this scam you.
Good morning!!! I’m writing this to just to kind of give the out side people looking in a idea of what this is. This app is designed to keep you forever paying in an endless cycle. They say no interest this no fees that, when in reality they charge high monthly subscription and $15 transfer out fees. They start off nice and cool when you need that extra $100. But then it immediately comes out of your next check leaving you $100 short, plus the $15 transfer out fee and the monthly subscription. They start to slowing give you more borrowing power, mine started out at 100 to 125 and eventually I got all the way up to 300. But just when you think your going ok and you took the advance for $300. On your next check they will only approve you $100. And it very important to spot that out because that’s how they keep people super reliant on and almost force you to go to other advance apps to make up that 200 your missing. Please if you need extra money don’t do these endless loops of money advance apps and give away your hard earned money for free. Its financially impossible and I hear about people falling apart because of places like this. Learn from my mistakes and stay away.
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4 years ago, pAuLLwALL2252
Can’t complain
I use Dave quite often. Honestly have nothing bad to say about it when you’re tight with money and can’t get through the week without gas money or even just to eat Dave was always there to help. If you’re job offers direct deposit then it’s easy to set up. Based on what you’re income is they will let you take out $100 or $75. When you get an advancement it usually takes 3 days but if you need it ASAP they will charge you $5 on top of what you’re taking out for the advancement. You can set up the day you can pay the advancement back the best thing is when they are ready to get paid back they automatically do it for you. If the money doesn’t hit yet they take a little bit out of you’re account so your bank balance doesn’t go to a negative that right there is really awesome. They care about making sure your account doesn’t go negative even though you owe them money they will wait until you have money in your account before they take it out. Other than that it’s really convenient to have. I personally haven’t had any issues other than waiting for payments to process or loans to come through that’s the only thing that takes a while. I honestly recommend it if you just need extra cash to get by
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2 years ago, hotgirl2022
Extremely Difficult to Cancel Membership
This company is a joke! I downloaded this app after seeing a few ads and signed up for the $1 monthly subscription to pull my personal checking account info and balance into the Dave app. This was the first mistake. I decided about 1.5 months later that I would probably never use the advance payment service so decided to just cancel the subscription and discontinue their access to pull my banking I go through the app. This is when this app becomes a nightmare!!! I went to the account management option in the menu and it shows you have to send their account services team a message to cancel. I sent the message to cancel the subscription and was told by their team that I had to verify my physical address, last 4 of my SSN, and date of birth to close my account. I complied with their request and sent the info Dave's Account Management team requested. Days later, I get an email from them stating that I would now have to send them a copy of my drivers license, along with a selfie photo to verify that it's me prior to them canceling my subscription. Mind you, this type of verification was not requested to open an account with Dave. I did not comply with their request and found a way to beat them at their game. Let's just say that I play chess and not checkers. There's a way to go around this. AVOID THIS APP AT ALL COSTS!!! RUN!!!! I have no doubt in my mind that this is some type of identity stealing scam.
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5 years ago, angel_1992
Quick & User Friendly
To be honest, I heard of them through Facebook and I always skipped the video ad. One day, I needed money for transit and I didn’t have enough in my account. I called a couple friends and no one had it so I was stuck at the airport trying to figure out a way home. My friend told me to download this app. I didn’t think much about it before because I use Earnin App. But I had just gotten off 2 weeks vacation so Earnin wouldn’t let me borrow until my next paycheck. With no other options, I download this app. It was very user friendly and didn’t take up too much time to set up. I didn’t have to wait 1-3 business days or anything. I literally signed up put my information in, told them when I’d pay it back, and within a few minutes (depending on ur bank it takes longer, but USAA Bank is instant) the money transferred and I got home safely. The tips you leave give a percentage to charity which is really great. Also Earnin app only lets u use true bank u get paid from and has a whole verification process which is annoying but understandable I guess. But this app lets u pick which bank u need the money to transfer to and I like this option much better. I don’t normally leave reviews but this deserved one for sure.
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5 years ago, JacksNeu82
Dave is helpfull
When I heard about the Dave app I though yeah right a app that will lend you money if you are in a jam with 0% interest??? To good to be true, so I downloaded it and looked at the app, read everything I could read on the app. And IT WAS TRUE! The only thing you pay back is what you borrowed and a small tip which you can pick the amount if you wanted to tip .75 cents instead of the suggest amount you could, and all for $1.00 a month that’s it. But than I was never able to borrow money for some reason every time I would try it would give some message. So finally one day I was going to delete the app, when I was asked why I told them and they said give them some time to look at it and I got 2 months free. Next I know I received a email saying I was able to borrow from Dave. So the customer service is pretty good as far as I could tell. The only thing I don’t like about the app is once you borrow and they take it from your pay, you have to wait 11 days from your next pay to borrow again. Sometimes the money may be needed before that. All in all the app is pretty good I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is in a jam, needs help with there bank account. The Dave app has definitely saved me from accidentally over-drafting a few times. I’m glad I downloaded the app.
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6 years ago, fspu.scion
Dave is a lifesaver!
I often times live paycheck to paycheck and in need of borrowing a few bucks from friends or coworkers just to get by and have enough gas to get to/from work. After being bombarded with ads for this app while on other apps, I finally took it into consideration and did a little research to make sure I wasn’t getting myself into a big mess. After deciding to download it, I linked my bank account and asked to borrow $25 (you have the option of $25, 50 or 75). You can wait 1-2 business days or pay an extra $3.98 for it to be in your bank acct within 8 hrs. I chose to pay the few extra dollars to have it fast and once I opened up my banking app, it was already there. From the time I downloaded Dave, to the time I logged out, it was less than 10 mins and I had the $25 in my account. That fast!! I will definitely be keeping this app on hand so I can bypass the embarrassment of asking to borrow money again. And another awesome thing? No enormous interest rates like traditional loans, and can do it all from home...no need to speak to anyone and no need to physically go into a bank. I’m beyond satisfied and I hope that satisfaction continues. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs some additional help to get by until payday.
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2 years ago, KoalaKompanion
Lost $1000 due to fraudulent charge
I’ve never left a single negative review in my entire life but hopefully my experience helps someone else not lose over $1000 due to fraudulent activity that was proven to Dave’s customer support. If anyone wants proof of all this, I’m willing to show it so that you know my story is verified and true. This is what happened. My account was hacked. Someone was able to login and make a purchase of over $1000 that was all the money in my account. Any other bank wouldn’t allow a charge like that to go through. You would get a notification saying there’s been suspicious activity and you’ll be asked to verify that charge. Especially, when the amount of purpose is exactly all the money in your account and placed at a vendor based in China that you’ve never even used once. So many warning flags. Dave Banking has insanely low security. The fact they don’t have a system for a suspicious charge like that and allowed the charge to go through with a single notification to me is just sad. So I spent hours talking to their customer service. They told me to submit a case which I immediately did. Not only did I not receive the money back ever, they closed my account without telling me, making me lose over $1000. I’ve been kindly trying my best to reach out to them but no one on their team is willing to help. Hope someone else reads this and changes their mind about using this bank.
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3 years ago, catalourdas
Very happy
I’m a new client here on the Dave app. I was a bit short for a bill I applied for an advance and I was approved in a couple minutes. I’m waiting for the money to be deposited today. I highly recommend this app. UPDATE: I wish I could give more stars. I started with adding my external bank account that I already had direct deposit with. (I added myself to the waiting list for a Dave bank account and within a few months I was given the account) Over the first several months I used the advance option and it is extremely helpful and the cost is cheap (also you decide how much of a tip to give)not like payday loans that cost mass amounts of money with very high interest rates. Keep in mind while you’re waiting on the Dave account list it is worth it. Once the Dave account is opened just set your direct deposit into this account and you will have access to higher advance options and a lot more like credit building, side hustles to make more money. This account is the best bank account I’ve ever had I love the bank card. Just be patient because it’s definitely worth the wait. If anything do some research on it so that you can understand better yourself how wonderful Daves is.
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7 months ago, ADS LIVE !
I started with DAVE during the pandemic in 2020. I cannot express how much this app was and still is a God send !! I was in transition at the time with my children, we moved from our apt into my office space for about 30 days until I could find a new place to stay. This was very painful however I just found the Dave app and I was about $100 short of what I needed to make it through the week and as I filled out the app being a new customer I was praying for something, even $50 and I was approved for $100 !! My family and I have used this app for ever since. This is an amazing app and I recommend this app to anyone who might be in need of financial help. I know a lot of apps are unreliable however I can truly vouch for DAVE. I also use their direct deposit which my account with DAVE account has an APY of 4% monthly. Not only can you get loans you can make interest on your money with DAVE !! They offer direct deposit and their fee is only $1 a month. Enjoy savings , lending , growing your money through interest, all with DAVE !! Enjoy !! (The only downside to this app is , there were times when I borrowed money and when I repaid it , I was approved for less. However the app ALWAYS approved me.)
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6 years ago, O'Malleyjd
Life saver
Iv been going through a lot but a lot of people go through a lot so I can’t complain at where I am at in life and I know how to get where I’m needed. I haven’t grown up in an easy life and I wouldn’t change a thing about my life. Iv had 3 women who tried to be a mother. One passed away, one sent us across the street and took everything and the mother that has always been there is still with me. Iv had cancer 2 and been run over by my own car after a driver hit my truck going 90 and I was in front of it. I have both hips replace and a knee replacement and getting the other knee done (from being a cancer survivor). I wouldn’t change a moment because it made who I am. Sometimes we struggle and I was and still am there but this app has provided me with knowing I can get to work and make the money needed (Have no car have to lyft or Uber). Sometime it’s a struggle and makes you worry that you don’t have enough to make it to the next paycheck. No work no money even if I can’t get there. This app have been a comfort for me knowing I have someone to go to when I need the help. Thank you to those that created this app and I always recommended even if your not struggling use the app. You never know when something can come up.
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3 years ago, Heinechick
Please read me!!!
If you’re reading this review than obviously you’re thinking about downloading this app & giving it a try & im telling you that you definitely should! I work full time & live paycheck to paycheck & was skeptical like you prolly are right now but I am so so so so happy I gave it a try! This app is amazing it offers more than an advance. It also gives you opportunity to try a side hustle for extra cash & also gives you more to get a bank account with them which I’m seriously going to get because they offer better things than the bank I’m with now. It never fails, I always get to get an advance there is no hidden fees, never had an issue with my advances, they have auto payments which is great. The interest fee is literally less than 10 bucks & its 1 buck a month. Cmon an extra 100 bucks after bills & necessity's makes you feel more comfortable in case of emergencies or something yoy may need or what not. Dave is awesome & I feel you will be making your own review much like mine if you download it. I’ve been using Dave for almost a year & seriously still in love like the first day I downloaded it. Thank you for reading, have a blessed day
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3 years ago, ✨K8💫
Dave to the rescue 🐻💨💸💰💵👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🥰💕
I’m so blessed to have the Dave app. Without Dave helping me out with an advance my family and I had no clue what to. I was searching tears streaming down my face holding onto faith with my fingers crossed and just like magic my faith pulled through and sent me the Dave app he’s something a super hero or something the Dave app appeared he gave me my advanced straight into my banking account set up easy renewal for the payment each time just set it and in no time before u even realize it ur all payed back even a child can manage that it’s super easy. Ily Dave ur my superhero thank u for all ur helpful and easy to use and easy to get to may u forever be admired for the generosity and kindness for all of us and we all love you we could never be able to make you feel like you have deserved to feel a million words could not express how much faith and love u have shown to so many of us. I’m sure everyone can say the same as I do we respect you for all that you do and you will always have the appreciation from us all you saved me from the huge embarrassment of my pride and my family didn’t have to watch me fail them love u Dave u sexy lil teddy bear you🐻🥰😇…. 💋Mmm…Uaaaah💋💋💋
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3 years ago, Kokinda0077
Most helpful banking EVER!
So I saw the commercial on television one night and thought, “there has to be a catch….there is no way a bank offers those types of services and options without basing everything on your credit and credit score”…. I was on the App Store and saw the app and advertisement against few days later and thought I would download it and really see what the deal was with all the options and “benefits”, as I don’t have perfect credit and it’s a struggle to find a bank willing to work with those that have past and/or current credit issues. All I can say is WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET! This was not only the easiest process to complete, the company is very much legit and anxious to help customers get started with banking and banking options. I HIGHLY recommend this bank and the app. You won’t be disappointed. I am very impressed and that says a lot. I usually don’t leave reviews because I don’t have a lot of time to pour into trying to convince someone to use or not use a product or service, but I made time to leave this review. Check them out! Don’t look any further for banking or banking options until you give them a try!
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12 months ago, JenKolb
BE CAREFUL & customer service is HORRIBLE
DO NOT depend on Dave. They will change up the amount they are willing to lend very last second and they will change up your settlement date, too. I happened to get reimbursed for travel expense by my employer in an off cycle direct deposit (not payroll direct deposit). As a result, or so the guy said, they changed my settlement date and I missed it - I had used them for so long, I missed it (apparently) when I finalized my request. They also don’t email about the settlement until the night before, when it’s too late to change/cancel. The chat is not helpful at all; you just go round and round while it gives the same message (FAQ links). The customer service #, which took too long to find, puts you on hold and the person who answers obviously doesn’t know what they’re talking about, or is looking at something way different then what is actually in the app. He told me I had to go into the account settings and adjust my pay period myself because it shows weekly (all of a sudden). I looked and it clearly says bi-weekly with a payday a week later than what they are now suggesting. They recite the same 4 lines even if you are currently speaking. “It’s too late…48 hours…BLAH. BLAH. BLAH.” It’s quite the joke. If you can avoid it…DO. I will not recommend anyone to this app. Unreliable in a time where we can all use some HONEST help. Not another place to take advantage of us.
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2 years ago, bufbju
Locked Extra Cash for my “Security”
8 days ago I went to cash in my extra cash from Dave. I kept receiving emails that I was approved for $400 and I use Dave almost every month and have for years. But this was a new thing. Not an advance as I was accustomed to but now called “Extra Cash”. When I attempted to access it I received an “Account Locked for your Security. Please contact member success to gain access”. I did, received instructions to email 60 days worth of bank statements and a screen shot of my account balance. I followed the instructions and did as was requested. Then waited. Over the last 8 days I have contacted Member success by email, chat and telephone no less than 20 times.i have sent the required information at least 4 times and I have watched my cash approval slowly drop. $400, $300, $250, $200 and now I am at $125 and STILL locked. I understand that amount approved varies and is redetermined every 24 hours and it reflects your bank account amount and activity. But I really needed the $400 when I tried to get it and my account was locked keeping me from accessing it. And now the amount is almost laughable. All I want it some help and I’m. To getting it. It’s not ver nice. They also continue to email me telling me I’m approved for extra cash and to get it now! I’ve also received a few receipts stating I have transferred the money and it’s on its way. Which has never happened. Sad.
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4 years ago, very hapy customer
Debi White
Love Dave living on. A fixed income the end of the month gets tuff and Dave is like a good friend always there to help me out !! 😁😁THANKS DAVE. But I do have one issue I can’t get through the app to talk to a rep about my account. I moved an I was getting internet installed an I couldn’t get my phone to load it so the rep from their company was adjusting my phone so he canceled the internet and reloaded it well when this was done it reset a lot of my apps an Dave was one Now the app acts ne all the time if I lost my job or changed my bank well nothing on my part has changed except my internet company. But joe I have to start all over I got a reduction in my loan from 75$ to 20$ WHY???? My account is the same an nothing is wrong so why ???? An what my real problem is getting through to talk to someone for help I’m always told I would get a text to figure this all out but still nothing so I guess I’m just out of luck But this is wrong an I mean wrong so now maybe someone will find the time to text me so we can work things out. Wit everything I’m dealing with family an this virus I could have really used the 75 to help with their meds. DAVE PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!
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3 years ago, hausofjoey
Dave is great… BUT
When in a pinch it’s great to know that you can rely on Dave to get you to payday. I’ve used it several times and I’m very grateful for its existence. However, the app is extremely controlling over how you use it. It takes way too long to update your “available balance” so, if you want to pay back manually, it may not let you because it doesn’t detect that you’ve been paid. I understand this is meant to prevent overdraft, but cmon, I don’t need a babysitter. At least allow me to override this so I can get on with my life. I know how much money is available in my account, and I also know that it may not be there anymore when Dave automatically tries to collect- which is why I would love to pay back manually without being told I can’t. I’ve had to email support a few times to get an “alternative payment form” emailed to me, which just makes it even more annoying. The budgeting features of the Dave app also suffer from inaccurate or out of date information regarding the available balance of the account in question, because it takes forever to update. If your looking for a payday advance, Dave is great just be ready for some frustration when it comes to what seems like basic function. If your looking for a great budgeting app, keep looking.
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12 months ago, Ttw2123
They are slowly going downhill
Have been a user for years, just to use the extra cash to give my credit a little boost. But everyone beware. 2 weeks ago after my direct deposit hit the account, I was locked out. Reached out to customer service via phone, and instead of letting me talk to someone it gave me an automated message that I should have received an email to send in some documents to verify my identity. I didn’t receive an email but provided said documents (Drivers License and bank statement to linked bank account) and within hours I didn’t hear anything so I called back and it said my account was closed. No reply to my email or anything. After reaching out to support via their website I received canned response after canned response. No real person addressing what just happened. Fast forward over a week and I receive a check in the mail for my money in the account. I deposit it into my regular checking account, and get an alert from my bank that they cannot verify the funds and have “Confidential information that the check may not be paid” and now I’m waiting again for 10 days to see if it will. It’s bad business and a crime to write bad checks. Someone needs to do something about this company and their nonexistent customer service. Don’t worry though the CEO is happy to post all over about their expansions, all while stealing customer money.
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3 years ago, Rlawso
Missing funds
Probably the worst mistake I’ve made ever going with Dave Banking. The customer service is no different than a robot, they have lines and a script they go by. They do not help resolve any banking issues whatsoever. I use cash app to transfer funds between myself and fiancé. I’ve always used them no problem. My fiancé sent me a large sum of funds through cash app. I transferred those funds to my Dave banking account. They haven’t been deposited to my account because Dave claims they don’t support the cash out option. That’s a complete lie because I’ve used cash app with my Dave no problem. They told me the funds will be deposited to my account within 3-5 days because they never showed in my account. After the fifth day a woman told me she sees the funds and they will be deposited that day. I waited till the next morning. Still no funds. I called again. They claim it couldn’t be deposited cause the source couldn’t be determined and they say they sent it back to the creditor. Cash app has done great helping me track my funds and told me Dave never sent anything back. I called Dave and told them that but still tell me they sent it back. I asked for proof of that, and they could not provide anything to set my mind at ease. DAVE BANKING HAS STOLEN MY FUNDS AND WILL NOT RETURN THEM OR GIVE ANY HELPFUL ANSWERS. If it can’t be resolved I plan on contacting BBB and also my attorney to proceed with an investigation.
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5 years ago, Loooorita
Works better than earn in
Only annoying thing is that it says you can get $75 but only let me get $20 at the most.. better than nothing I guess. (First time I used it) Now that I got my paycheck and paid Dave back, I now have the option to cash out up to $75. Super cool app. I always choose the fast cash out for a percentage of the money their giving me ( it was $2 for the $20, and it was $5 for the $75) it says it will arrive in your account within 8 hours, and I always get it instantly. Thanks Dave. I’m in between full time jobs so I only have a part time job and drive uber. It helps so much especially when I don’t feel like driving uber or if uber is slow. This is amazing. Better than Earn-in. They keep asking for a copy of my paystub even though I get direct deposit & I currently don’t have access to my online paystub. But there’s none of that bs with Dave. Dave is smart and can clearly see my check depositing every two weeks. I’m sure earn in is good once it’s all set up, just annoying that its doing that to me right now. So thanks Dave creators for making such a cool, smart app. They also plant a tree for every tip you give them. ( I gave .75 cents and they are planting 1 tree. Really cool)
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3 years ago, ayethecoinstho
usually never do reviews but i HAD too for dave. i been using dave for a while and it has been helping me keep with gas and food until my next paycheck. i love the fact that it sends the money asap if you ask for it early enough. they start you off with a $75 limit which mines has just increased to $100 because i use it so much and have it auto drafted back out to pay. also as soon as you do pay it back you can request more next day which is helpful especially if that money you had to pay back is something you may have needed for something else. so it literally helps keep money in your pocket if you have a job. these are all great things about dave but the reason i wrote this review is because of the way dave handles getting their money back. i just moved to another state and got some money from dave to help with that. i just found a job in the new state but i haven't been gettin paid yet so i am behind on my pack-back to dave. I JUST WANNA PRAISE DAVE ON NOT TRYING TO TAKE MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT WHEN ITS NOT THERE. they check 1st which is so nice cause alot of us using the app are already not very financially stable or literate and we need all the money we can get and getting this overdraft or ach fees really hurt us more than you know. I hope you read this developers cause i just wanna say THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. and i start my job soon and im not in debit THANK YOU!!!
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2 years ago, Genj014
Hacking turned in to financial ruins
I hope your account never gets hacked. My account was hacked due to me stupidly trying to join into their sweepstakes the day before I was scheduled to go out of town. After the hacker attempted to get in I was locked out of my account as well. I reported the hacking hoping that I could regain access to my account. Instead I was told that corporate had to fix it but my card should still work. Later that day I attempt to use my card and was denied. I called again and they said my account has been closed. I would have preferred to have some type of warning before they took it upon themselves to Lock me out of my funds. I could have wired the money to my cash app with out having to go into the app and then they could have closed the account but no. Now I have to wait 14 days for them to make sure no transaction have to go through as well as up to 4 weeks for them to email me a check. I did enjoy the app for the time but seeing how they handled the situation I no longer will be using it. If you think you got hacked and your funds are still showing up when you call and check your balance, please transfer your funds before you call them to report it so you don’t have to go through what I am. It seems that not all of their employees know the process and may give you a false sense of security.
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