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User Reviews for DaVinci Resolve

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2 years ago, yakndahootr
Great App, but... Mac : (
10 hours learning the tools and tricks I needed. 6 hours working on my first project. Then lost links to media and there was no way to recover any of them, even though I knew exactly where the original files were located. I blame Mac OS, since I have new problems with other apps that used work fine.
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1 month ago, ultimatecaptain2001
0 Issues, 100% stability
Been using it for 3 years, no stability or technical issues ever. Coming from final cut and premier the workflow has a few things to learn, but once I got the hang of it this is some pretty powerful stuff that mac silicon native. Still rocking the free version...there is nothing close to this software. I have much more to learn with this software and looking forward to being better at color grading.
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1 year ago, AlfTron30000
An impossible tool to work with
My biggest beef with DaVinci is the fact markers don't stay in place and everything's too sensitive. It's almost as if it was built for iPad and just ported without any afterthought to here. I've had to give up multiple times on a project getting bent compltely out of whack. Add the fact that some of the video tracks have such a hard time working independently, the fact they kept pulling on each other, makes no sense. Sure, you wanna slap a few videos together, it'll work, but anymore than that-- precise cuts, multiple short clips, lotta footage? It just can't!
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2 years ago, JN7777
Video FX Crashing
Hoping BlackMagic can remedy this. Some of the updates are a great and welcomed step up from Resolve 16, but each time I try to select something from the video fx, it crashes. Lost an entire project I didn't save. On me for not saving, I know... but still. I loved 16 and was considering buying the full version, but I'm naturally apprehensive about it now. After all, crashing was the reason I left Premiere and migrated this way. (btw, running a 2019 MBP 16, i9 2.4ghz 8-core, 32gb ram, 2tb SSD, AMD Radeon Pro 5500m 8gb. Shouldn't be having these issues.) Come through for us BM!
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2 years ago, Skumarsusa
I recently downloaded it on my new Mac. It did not crash. I watched a couple of videos on You Tube and felt confident that I could use it. I think its biggest strength is the special effects. It does prompt you to upgrade but that is not a negative, after all the creators spent money, sweat and effort into it. I may upgrade once I become an expert but I really liked it.
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2 years ago, Really good app that I like
Well it is a good app, but with downsides
First, it is a good app for editing and every need for me to edit in my life, but still it is incrasingly unstable almost every day in shuts down, and the MOST TERRIBLE PART is that when. you close it and want to end the part, you need to reload everything, every file and sometimes, you need to replace other files that make it a bad timewaster, bit still a free app that I use everyday, I recomend, bit be aware of its downsides
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12 months ago, Wayhead
Seriously... want to learn how to edit...on professional software? - use Resolve! Do you know how to edit, but want to harness the power of color correction? - use Resolve! Want some kind of a DAW to do audio mixing/repair/mastering - use Resolve! Need a snappy tool to manage video files and convert/export lots of vids to the web, for broadcast, etc - with pro specs? - use Resolve! The only tool that Resolve does not adquately feature and and ecplise Adobe with is something solid on motion graphics....Fusion is a great compositor with more powerful tools than AE, but it really isn't as accessible as AE in terms of Motion Design. That said..... Resolve = $0 Adobe CC = $65/mo or $780/year (reg price) The future? - use Resolve!
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7 months ago, TkwrtXIVwriter
Don't waste your time or money.
Who creates an overly complicated app and then doesn't tell you how it works? Also, who promotes an app without telling you they want to charge you $299 after one use (that was lousy at that). I would pay them a dime after the deception of not telling anyone you only get one use of this product before they expect money. Especially since the product is not as good as Final Cut.
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1 year ago, purpke man
this is ok
This works exactly like final cut basically. I've been using Imovie to edit videos forever because I cant spend $300 on final cut. I really like it other than the fact it took me forever to figure out how resize/move a image. I think this is great app if you are a little advanced in editing and you don't have $300 to spend on final cut. If you have no idea how to edit you may want to start with Imovie.
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2 weeks ago, K_a_s_p_e_r
Could be 5 stars...
This is an amazing app, but one glitch makes it extremely frustrating to use: Every single time I open the app, some or all of my media is offline and I have to spend forever relinking everyting again, and sometimes that linking doesn't work so I have to go and rebuild those clips. I hope I can find a way to fix this glitch, because I love the program, but this problem is too prohibitive for me to keep using the app.
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1 year ago, jingai
Where is 18?
I downloaded the App Store version just so I wouldn't have to download updates manually. Hmm... oh well.
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10 months ago, TheCimemaPro
This is a fantistic piece of software!! It's perfect for those who want to get into video editing without paying monthly in Adobe. I love how it gives the option to upgrade later but does not constantly bembard or hold back necessary items to do so.
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2 years ago, freememoryfan
Version 17
I have been using 16 and now 17 since the app updated (I can't remember when). I think this is a great program. I have had no crashes and 0 problems. It is very powerful. Not for the novice. I have a 2017 iMac with 16gb of ram.
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2 years ago, SelfOof
app issues
since updating to 17.1 the program has been acting up, crashing for no reason, not saving properly, and rewriting over all of my footage. I had to turn in an assignment late because of this program. I'm really disappointed because it was working just fine before the update. Please fix these issues
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2 years ago, zaara0edits
just keeps crashing
like everyone has said, it just keeps crashing. I downloaded it hoping it would be fine since my edita are relatively low-energy, but it has come to a point where it crashes after almost every little edit I make. I've learned to save, but it's very annoying and impossible to wrok with. It's really such a shame, I quite enjoyed the features.
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2 years ago, Mito5775
App keeps crashing and lagging
As far the cool effects and great stuff from this editing software, When ever I play something in slow motion, it lags and freezes my whole computer, it also crashes for no such reason when I add a audio effect to it and DOESN'T SAVE
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1 year ago, Omarmendoza_
it works good.
i can honestly say its better than imovie, you have more to do on here and it free. lags a little but nothing major. Videos are saved and look great.
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2 years ago, Jean-LucDumont
I'm sorry...but trash
This software has so much potential. I'm sure the paid version is spectacular. However the free version continuously crashes. And when it doesn't crash, it'll prompt you to buy the paid version. I've seen plenty videos and it looks spectacular, but I can't keep it open long enough to do anything with it.
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1 year ago, Ascension Digital, Inc
Buy it from Da Vinci directly, not Apple
The verison Apple offers both the free version and the studio version, crash and have problems regularly. This color cool and editor is the most powerful system currently, but buy it at the Da Vinci website to get a more stable software. For some reason, the version Apple sells is not reliable.
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9 months ago, Trinidad1
very disappointed
Voice Isolation & other modules are missing on most recent download, I actually puchased it from MAC app store, I have the uodate 18.1.1 but not the needed modules, superfrustrated. tried to contact Black magic & no response. went online to find a lot of people complaining about it... just need some help, I really like the program & Ive been with them since the beginning
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5 months ago, Knachy1
Great tools, awful execution
I have to relink my files EVERY time I start the software. And lately I havent been able to export anything. It starts with 14 fps and it drops to 0 fps after a while and crashes. Cant export anything ever. So frustrating. No wonder it's free. I wouldnt spend $299 if that's how the paid version is.
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2 years ago, xxkricc
Just spent about an hour editing a long video with title slides and transitions, only for the app to crash. Then I found out it's not set to auto-save by default and had to find that in the settings. Spent another hour re-doing all the title slides and transitions I lost, and now that I'm just about done editing, the app crashes every time I try and do ANYTHING. This app is a WASTE OF TIME!
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2 years ago, tomburnout
5 stars
I love this software the only downside is whenever i click it asks me to get the pro version
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1 month ago, davie540
Perfect for daily work life but recent 18.5.1 update instantly crashes on fusion page. And I updated my project to work with this version. Please fix!
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8 months ago, ts123346
Was great not so much now
Latest version 18 has issues with media going offline in a project. This is a big issue as you constantly have to relink it. No fix as of today.
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3 weeks ago, bmcgolden
Can't get any file to open
Downloaded the free version to see if i liked it because the pro version has some cool features. Glad I didn't pay anything for this because I can't get any file to open. I tried mov, mp4, avi, mpg and on and on. Just kept telling me that it was an invalid file type. Waste of time.
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2 years ago, Douglas clarke
Very laggy
I use this app to make my edits but It lags out a lot. I wish It had more effects and eaiser ways to use this app. But It's okay.
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2 years ago, advaithttv
One of the best ones out there
This 100% Free app makes dream for upcoming editors a reality it is literally so good that I chose not to use my final cut pro x anymore.
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2 years ago, teno157
17.1.1 Crashes constantly, Pop up saying I've reached the limitaions of free version and to upgrade to full version ( when just opening a file ) . The software is responding like timed out trial software . Was a useful option before version 17
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10 months ago, Megamind280
It dosent even fit my macs screen correctly. I'll be full screen and the inspector will be off the screen And if I'm not full screen everythings so compact and small so I can't even edit text in the Inspector and see the text.
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2 years ago, Bekah Blossom
app not loading
I spent hours editing a special video and thenI had to reload my computer because Divinci resolve wasn't working and everything was erassed. Now I don't have anything and only have a few hours left to figure something out. I'm really disapointed.
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2 months ago, Ramdom Person1
Free version is good and all but whenver I press the middle button in the bottom it crashes luckily it saves so now I hope I never have to use the bottom button.
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9 months ago, Len44039
Not "Free"
While the power & features of this app seems substantial, I could't do much without paying 3-digit $$$ to activate them. An "In-app purchase notice" might have been warrented. Now I wonder just how much else is hidden from the user.
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2 years ago, CWayne234
Really good
I think Davinci has to better than Final Cut Pro. I use Final Cut Pro and it seems slower than Davinci Resolve.
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10 months ago, Coastal Pirate
The best of the best
I have tried countless video editor editions for PC and for Mac. This is the very best one to use for any projects. Simple
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2 years ago, jacenK
does not work
App just crashes instantly on load screen, same app from Davinci's site works fine. Apple wont give me my money back or give me my key in order to use other version. Also keeps deleting reviews.
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2 years ago, henry.chinaski
There's not a single piece of software more impressive than this.
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1 year ago, Leash bar
Once great. Now very bad.
Clearly they have lost control of the update cycle. This application was magnificent. However, starting with the previous update, it barely runs on my Mini Mac M1 without crashing. No longer usable.
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2 years ago, gretchennielsen
Constant issues with a fast imac
First of all the linking issue is a huge issue that can't always be fixed. Secondly, it crashes all the time.
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2 years ago, tyrolium
Locked Up
Latest Update caused App to lockup, shows "Waiting" for the last 2 days. Tried removing and re-download but can't download as shows circle with square inside instead of "Open" or Download Cloud.
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1 year ago, ecophobic
better than FCP
better than FCP for much free
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1 week ago, Sevikha
Awesome !
Pure awesomeness ! Thank you very much !
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2 years ago, Mickeyyy_10
The actual editing software is amazing, but it keeps crashing too much.
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6 months ago, diamondlucci
App Crashing, doesn't even load
I cannot boot up this app at all as it just crashing with an error.
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3 months ago, floamdaddy
CRASH CRASH CRASH - totally unusable
All versions of 18 crash immediately when clicking on .mov thumbnails in media browser.
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2 years ago, GeekRider
Does not Work
Does not import media to work with. Get spinning ball and have to force quit. Too Bad I was excited to give this one a try.
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8 months ago, Saculorscoop
best video app period
this is the bet for video editor app good job this my motivational game
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2 years ago, Lomo134
App issues
The app keeps crashing for no reason, and i dont know why.
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2 years ago, -Unknowncj
Hilariously Unstable
I love this NLE. However, it is not stable at all and is very infuriating. I will change my review when Blackmagic decides to fix it.
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2 years ago, cashchasing
worst app
honestly i dont know why this is 200 dollars the free version doesnt even let me put out my videos always crashing and acting slow like ? take it out the app store in reality you guys wasted my time.
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