DCFCU Mobile

2 (95)
85.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dade County Federal Credit Union
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for DCFCU Mobile

2.04 out of 5
95 Ratings
10 months ago, Cedieu
Registered Nurse
Subject:the Improved Website! Dear Team, I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to express my appreciation for the recent updates to your website. The improvements are conspicuous , and I wanted to take a moment to commend you on the positive changes.
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9 months ago, Ask_Jeeves
New App works Great
Clean, simple, accepts mobile check deposits. All of the features you’d expect from big banking built into a community bank.
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10 months ago, broncobee
App of Convenience
I enjoy the convenience this app gives. It provides all your banking needs at hand.
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10 months ago, Kevech
Transfer Options
I would like it very much if I could transfer money into my savings from my regular account.
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8 months ago, Twana K
I love DCFCU! It's my local bank. I've been able to get two vehicles hassle free! DCFCU did all the negations in reference to money! I never felt taken advantage of!
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10 months ago, Right energy
Mobile app
The app appears to be user friendly so far
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9 months ago, ilegart
Easy access
Love the new snapshot feature….
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10 months ago, miamipedirn
About time this credit union decided to date to the 21st century!!! The worse credit union I’ve had. This app is still terrible locked me out state my member number wrong, luckily not my main account since you can never get someone on phone ! Time to just let it go!!!
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9 months ago, Robert longtime member
Assistance provided was excellent.
The assistance provided recently to me was excellent. The professionalism and patience was most appreciated..
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9 months ago, Raul Sebazco
Wonderful employees
Very efficient people
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9 months ago, Leonardo bencomo
New window look
I personally preferred your last window looking horizontal on my laptop rather than the new look vertical. I now have to twist my laptop when paying bills
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10 months ago, JRDSRUDDA
So far so good. Smooth app and very user friendly.
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10 months ago, Lord Queen Shay
The app is better
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9 months ago, Pingorocho$
Love this app
Is so safe
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10 months ago, AfricanGiant7
So glad they did this! BEST APP!
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5 months ago, Gvo_bam
Need to update for Zelle
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10 years ago, Lulu_305
Great update- LOVE IT!!!
After figuring out I was using the wrong user name/password I have been able to get in and use all the great new features! Love the new look and how easy it is to use. Great job to my Credit Union!
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12 years ago, Kaibry69
I like it!
So far so good! I like the features. It does need a few tweaks here and there (the completed A2A didn't show that I had just completed one) but still well worth the download. I would give it a thumbs up for a first stab at an app. I have another credit union, and their app doesn't have the member to member feature or A2A feature in their app. I have to go to the website for that institution. And this app gives you access to the website from within the app, where that other institution doesn't. Good job.
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12 years ago, itsdax
Not great
Well after all the wait the app disappoints! It is better than having that shortcut to safari but that is it ! History on the checking just goes on forever and does not break into months while the credit card history is non existent. The design is not bad at all but use ability is lame. I guess it is a step forward from the safari mobile version but a very small one...
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11 years ago, dna82981
Great bank great app.
I would have given it more stars if it had mobile deposit and a cleaner interface but since they are just starting out in the app world I will forgive them but I am so glad they finally got an app. Much easier to check my transactions and balance my account.
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2 years ago, Xarlux
Latest update made it worse.
The new update must not be compatible with iPhones. I like to think I’m pretty tech savvy but I had a difficult time navigating it. Even to complete a transfer it took some trial and error …which now has more steps than before? Ridiculous. You also can’t access credit card transaction history under the account summary which is very inconvenient.
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4 years ago, Mbal4
This app is useless. My phone has all the recent updates and my other online banking applications work fine but this app gives me absolutely zero access. When I sign in it always stays frozen on the Dade County Federal Credit Union logo. No amount of re uploading the app, restarting my phone, or updating has helped. The only option I have is the telephone access which is equally unhelpful.
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3 years ago, NoPinkNoise
App does not work on IPad Air
This app needs a lot of work. Other reviews from 1 year ago have complained and apparently nothing has been done to fix the problems with the app. I have tried repeatedly to use Bill Pay and it sometimes works, but often it does not. Accessing my accounts is equally frustrating!!! Why can’t DCFCU fix this app?
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8 years ago, Black goddess305
The new app is great. I instantly can access my account with just my fingerprint on the IPhone. My CU has definitely stepped it up. Love the budgeting features that was added as wel.
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2 years ago, bsimons07
Worst update
DCFU dropped the ball on this new update. I have not been able to access my account in over a week and on the website states to use the phone banking in the mean time but that also is not allowing me access to my account… This is the problem when banking with a very small credit union. Horrible service!
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5 years ago, Shaniqua🔥
Pretty Good
It’s a good app, it would be nice to include features like notifications for withdrawals/deposits or daily balance. I like how you can do mobile deposits, transfers and freeze card if necessary. Overall good app, but could use improvements.
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4 years ago, Vinici.B
Slow. Update desperately needed!!!
This app is incredibly slow. The last update was two years ago. C’mon, you guys can do better than that. I have Face ID enabled, and I look like a crazy person pausing, and staring at my phone for extended amounts of time waiting for the app to grant me access. I just want to check my account. It shouldn’t be this difficult to do so.
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8 years ago, Reviewer Monocle
Room for Improvement
I enjoy the fact that the app is available. However, it could use some added features. One of them is a spending tracker that helps customers track their spending habits and achieve their financial goals.
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9 years ago, Naybe22
Great app
It would be even better with notifications that tell you when money has been deposited in your account or other things
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2 years ago, Alex1973inmontreal
What a waste
The ones that speak good about this app either they work for the CU or they were told to write something + about it. Terrible app, slow, lacking functionality. In order to use it better, you need to install and uninstall the app in hopes it will work better. The one before was even better..
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7 years ago, Russ - Bradley
Finger print sign on
I am wondering were changes made because every time I access my account I don't have the option to use my finger print anymore other than that great app.
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7 years ago, acolumbie
Don't loose your time
Keep yourself away from this bank, they just going make you loose your time. Customer serv is the worse, super-unprofessional, you call regarding a service, they say they'll be calling you back and you can be seated waiting for years, they won't call. You email them with an inquiry,...nothing! If they respond they do it in weeks. Conclusion, DO NOT LOOSE YOUR TIME
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8 years ago, 305Mom
New app is great! Love how fast the app loads with Touch ID! I can see my balance in seconds! Great Job my Credit Union finally joined the world of technology
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9 years ago, Tazlb
The app is getting there
The app still has some bugs. The check deposit camera shows only a blank white screen in the check area. And crashes if you snap a picture.
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3 years ago, rld1244
Bill pay
I was able to pay bills with this app now I can’t it tells me I have no names in my bill pay to go and use my computer to add them. The bank not the 3rd party pay bill people can’t help. I should be able to add people to my list on my mobile phone. The app is getting worse just like the bank itself
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9 years ago, Ninaastar
It's always glitching and you are unable to log in when you need to see your balance most. Sometimes I try to log in through the website and it never loads either. DCFCU really needs to get their online services in order. At times it makes me want to switch banks.
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2 years ago, cattie6er
Terrible Update
I can’t even log in, like it’s already bad enough I gotta keep up with all the information to log in but when you add the user name and it doesn’t work, it makes you want to delete the app. Change the update immediately!
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12 years ago, Pdub C
Wow what an app!!
I love my credit union I love this app even more....what are you waiting for download it now!!!
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1 year ago, 160$&&&
Do not receive notifications
I can’t receive transaction notifications until I login to the app. So I never know when/if any transactions are taking place.
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3 years ago, demonnnnnnnnnte3
Dade county
App trash because does not send notifications everytime card has been swipe sometimes the app is inaccurate with my bank balance if they can improve those two things app can be so Much better
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5 years ago, spotted and speckled
Mobile deposit has never worked for me
But the rest of the app works & is easy to use.
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3 years ago, Gus2946291539163
This app is terrible
This app never works. Takes years to load and looks like it haven’t been updated since 2005… what else can you expect from this bank.
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3 years ago, Thought of the day
Defective App
This App Is definitely not the most friendly and more recently it stays frozen and prohibits access. Super annoying!
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10 years ago, chantellmj87
The new update is the worst! I haven't been able to access my account and even after registering, I get an "invalid login" error message. I just want to check my account balance without a hassle. Fix it, fix it, fix it!
Show more
2 years ago, Niner Fan 1991
Complete waste of phone memory!
App is continuously “unable to load”. Needs a LOT of work!
Show more
2 years ago, EastRJ
Total frustration with new upgrade
Dade county federal credit union must do better. It’s time to get serious with your banking system. Your IT technicians have drop the ball again.
Show more
8 years ago, Verofbaby219
I actually liked it for the first day only, and now it won't even open. Plz fix this issue.
Show more
5 years ago, afrometa88
One of the most disfuncional banking app I ever seem. I can’t do simple transactions like paying your credit card, or making zelle transfers. It is lacking a lot of “must have” that defines modern banking today.
Show more
8 years ago, D.tt
Doesn't work
This app is a waste of time, I'm really upset because I haven't even been able to deposit a check. I've uploaded it three times now. Please fix this asap!
Show more
6 years ago, Dcfcu
Needs work
App stopped giving me up to date account information.
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