4.7 (32.2K)
535.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Trung Nguyen
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for DEAD TARGET: FPS Zombie Games

4.66 out of 5
32.2K Ratings
1 year ago, Mamakitsu
Please read my review🙏
Love this game, it is one of my favorite Zombie games,I have tried and played many over the years. Their is a but, sorry😬 my game keeps glitching. I had a token for a special gun I was hoping to use in a raid and as soon as it started it went dark then all I see is the menu displaying the different missions and I hear the game playing but that was it. I closed out the game , opened it back up and it started me off in the raid. I have been trying to buy a battle pass but every time I try and hit purchase I see white dots floating around and next thing I know …purchase failed. So I tried for another item to see if that would work and it did. Two other items worked . I had made so much progress with this game a few years back and bought all the best weapons, had a lot of cash and decent amount of gold but when I redownloaded this game none of that came up. It logs me in through Game Center I believe. My info is the same and it should have been stored in the cloud. My husband redownloaded his game and all his info for the game came up, all his progress and it has been the same amount of time. I sent an email a couple days ago and was told I would be contacted in less than 24hrs but no one ever reached out, So bummed .
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4 years ago, angry11ama
why I have a 26,800mAh battery pack
Developers regularly sprinkle in new things, the updates keep coming, new weapons, etc. I love trying to make it through ridiculous goals/missions without cashing in or upgrading. The audio is bone-crushing and a treat for OTE headphones or iPods. Game is a cornucopia of all things zombie wasting and my favorite shoot ‘em up app to date. This game has crashed hard on me twice over the past few years, resetting back to zero. Recovering from cloud did not restore everything, so I am bit apprehensive about reinstalling this app to resolve in-game crashing. Note- I do not advise playing while driving unless the sound is playing through car audio system and cranked.🙄
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3 years ago, TXF5833
Less Entertaining
The fact that you spent real money in this game and have the same arena, standing still, lack of encouragement to keep going. I wish the main character is able to move and hid and collect rewards while at it, this game has a lot of potential but it lacks in the entertaining part. I spent money to get a quality and to be entertaining, I normally spent hours and hours on this game when I first downloaded but now after seeing the same arena, same Zombie, same standing still with no sense of moving away from the zombies or just to have some excitement. But nothing you just stood there and shooting with powerful weapons. I don’t know where this game is heading in the future, and all I’m saying is everything is perfect but im lacking of entertaining and not even motivating and the last one im am lack of engaging in the game while I play. Three major components that is effective in the gaming world. So world, if you’re like me a gamer download this game and let me know if what I encounter is true. I’m telling after two to three days you’ll stop engaging because is lack of those things I just mentioned. Developer, Please fix these I had this game for year hoping that I can spent money for any major change. I’m hurt that this game has so much potential but there’s a lack of interest.
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2 years ago, Nagash1997
Ipad issues
So i was going to give this game a five star review, until i downloaded it for my ipad. I have this game on my samsung phone, and it is awesome. They don't over push advertisements. They regularly upgrade. It is also easy to advance through the first 200 levels without spending a penny. This all leads me to actually support the game by spending on it. On the ipad it is a different story. The amount of advertisements is insane, and they throw you into them whether you want to watch them or not. The worst thing? It crashes 90% of the time during the advertisements, so you have to reload the game again. I like to be able to play the game on a larger screen, but i am getting to the point that i am going to delete the app from my ipad. I am certainly not going to spend anything on the ipad version. I will continue to play the game on my samsung however, i love to see how far i can get without upgrades and using all of the health replenishments that i have. I will also continue to support the game by paying some money into it. But ONLY on the samsung
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9 months ago, Serop-ms
Need to change gacha way to win
I love this game and I’ve been playing for years and I enjoyed all the time. The only downside of it which is I really don’t like it is the way that gacha works which is not really random Gacha , you just have to open every single thing until you get the biggest price at the last one and that’s not fair because that’s not really randomly getting stuff and you have a chance to get the big price randomly. Hopefully the developers be fair and change it to a real Gacha that you can get it either the first box or the fifth box or the last box the big prize. And no reload, supposed to be 9.99 and not $99 which is crazy expensive to buy it Thank you hopefully you guys do better changes like this to make it more interesting to other players and new players.
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1 year ago, Ro216cleve
Game is so rigged
They wouldn’t give me back my no-reloads, I have proof of all my purchases, yet I keep contacting them and nothing happens. The spin of the wheel automatically chooses the item that you don’t want and make the items of higher value picked last. All to get you to buy more gems. I bought the no-ads and yet still seeing ads. They trying to make as much money possible off the in-app purchases. It’s a fun game, but it’s unfair to those who spent and is spending money on the game. I had all the weapons. Couldn’t get them back. The working of the saving and in-app purchases is soo one sided. I was unable to purchase the battle pass for a week. They told me to delete and download again, did it everyday for a week still nothing happened. Then just when we’re 9 days away they allowed me to get the battles pass. Now I don’t have enough time to max out the tiers. I would have to but them. Everything on this game far as in-app purchases is waaaay too expensive.!!!
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3 months ago, CasinoMark671
What happened
Like one reviewer said this used to be my favorite game! But all of a sudden there’s so many glitches. I have an iPhone 12 and thought my play experience would be better, but there are so many glitches. Sometimes my controls would be at the top left of my screen instead of where they have always been in the bottom, right and it just screws me up in the middle of a mission or something. Then I lose everything including all the gold that I spend and all the weapons or accessories that I was using for the mission. Before customer service used to be better and they would get back to you. I haven’t heard back from anybody. For a minute I was playing or was forced to play without any audio because the audio just cut out. What’s going on over there? I thought as time goes by an app is supposed to improve?
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4 years ago, Skychief1948
Greed dooms a great shooter
I’ve been playing this game for a while. I’ve managed to upgrade multiple weapons and armor to at least level 8 just with my cash and gold earnings from defeating the monsters. I would buy grenades and health as needed. With the latest update, the developer has decided increase revenue in grenades, health and weapons by making the matches nearly impossible to win without the use of grenades and maximally upgraded weapons. It now takes 5 rounds to kill a zombie bat with a level 8 Tesla gun. Before the last update no more than 2 rounds. The size of the hoards has nearly doubled and it takes more rounds to kill each zombie or resort to using grenades. In fact, the new bat lady Boss can’t be killed without using a grenade. I don’t mind a challenge but having to buy grenades every couple on matches is great for the developer but a choice I reject. This game get’s deleted unless the developer dials back some of the revenue increasing changes in the last update.
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4 years ago, Yahweh-Yireh
Best game ever!!!!!!
You might asked yourself? “Why is the title best game ever?”. , And My response will be, “ it doesn’t have that many interruptions with commercials!!!!!! At all.” . And I will proceed with,” no , like seriously, it doesn’t have that many commercials!!!!” Ok, dead target, I want you to give me back the (flamethrower) and the (Tesla gun) back, because I had it before my 4 year old son deleted your game app (dead target) because he was upset with me for not downloading the game he liked on my phone. I have it record of him confessing doing it on video. If not, as a thank you for the review. My account name is: call me daddy please hijo
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11 months ago, jw4987
Pretty fun game I do gotta say. The guns are realistic and pretty easy to use and get. Problems So many ads pop up every time I come back from a mission, it says mission intel or smthn and o have to watch an ad and only get a thousands bucks from it. Other problems- I feel like the guns should be more balanced. Like the MW11 and the other start guns should be only a little worse than the other guns like all the crazy stuff with the chainsaws and sonic booms. I get it’s because they do more damage and the zombies have more health but maybe have some use for the start guns like all the zombies have less health later on and you can upgrade the guns to do the same damage as the cool ones.
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3 months ago, The-oogler
I like the continuous improvement
I’ve been playing this game for a while. I think it’s a great FPS. However I have some questions: 1. The screen is messing up after an ad. It looks skewered. 2. When are you going to release the other Bosses in the Boss competition. There’s just two. 3. In the Apocalypse area, when will you be releasing the other levels that are under “maintenance “. 4. And could you add some of the upper level zombies like the “cruncher” from the Apocalypse arena into the main game levels. I’m at level 2100 and it’s the same array of zombies that I encountered 1000 levels before. I first downloaded this game 2-2-1/2 years ago and after awhile I deleted it. I downloaded it again several months ago and found the gameplay was remarkably upgraded. Thanks
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3 years ago, Melodymelmel22
Purchase fail
I bought things before never had an issue this time i purchased a 4.99 pack but never got the pack but the money is taken off my card and the game also said it was a successful purchase as always so who can I talk to about getting my pack or refunded me my money. Still gonna play the game because it’s fun good and fair with the deals they have the game play is great and intense I like the movement and the control I have and also like the new this things like the raid and free play the events everything really now that I think about!! Just this one Lil tiny IT problem thanks!
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6 years ago, rcwittenauer12
This game is wonderful one of the best zombie games that I have ever played I’m almost up to rank 23 and level 400 but I only have one complaint when u rank up and start unlocking more and more guns your ammo gets so expensive I’m now using the M134 Minigun and every time I buy ammo for it it’s like $1000, and at the end of each mission it’s like I’m barely making any money. If I could make a suggestion either make the ammunition cheaper or give us more money at the end of each mission or ways of getting more money, that’s the only reason I haven’t given this game a 5 star rating overall it’s an excellent game.
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1 year ago, qwetyohdd
Fun game, but the last update released that was meant to give us “improved shooting experiences” actually just heavily needed the MGL-140, the most powerful gun that can be purchased with regular in game non premium currency. It went from 10 shots to 6 shots, and the projectile speed has been slowed down, making flying targets nearly impossible to hit and makes the grenades never land where you aim. I’m not sure what the game dev has against players who use the grenade launcher, but he even made it so the grenades don’t explode sometimes. Instead they just bounced off walls doing nothing, which is obviously a huge problem, especially since the dev also cut the magazine size almost in half.
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7 months ago, Monsjcjdjc
Needs more
Game is alright but it’s the same maps and no other maps it’s gets boring after a while and have to invest real money to do some good damage. It’s manageable not to go to hard on spending but it’s irritating. I also dislike how you can only do raids once a day to get the bonus money and after that it’s like should I even continue playing or just do a bunch of campaign missions that are repetitive and doesn’t lead to anything. This game has potential but it’s a cash grab in my eyes. It’s fun again but it can get annoying. Wish the developers would add more maps.
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7 years ago, Zombie hunter🔥
Best game ever 🥇🏆⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This game is the best zombie shooter game I've ever played in my life five out of five (P.S) Note to developers: 1.please add more sniper challenges 2.their is a wired bug right now that freezes up the game and some levels I tap fight and nothing happens and none other levels work so then I have to sign out and then come back in and that gets annoying The level that screws me up is 48. If you could fix that would be great 👍 thanks Looking forward for a second one
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3 years ago, Rizxo7
Needs a wider variety of missions
I played this game about 3 years ago and finished it. Played a second time and didn’t get to the end because I didn’t enjoy that nothing had been upgraded or changed. Playing again for the 3rd time and although it looks like earning jewels and piggy bank have been added. Waiting to see what else has changed. I would like to see other boards though and it would be nice if you didn’t stand in one place waiting for zombies to come to you. Like if the player could run around.
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6 years ago, BeOncaE
Why can’t I play events???????
Okay first off this game is great hands down. Love the graphics and how we’re not continuously playing the same ole boards because for a minute I thought it was going to be like that. But... every time an event starts it never pops up on my game but my girlfriend also plays the same game and she’s now in her second event this one is the fourth anniversary event I’ve refreshed my game uninstalled it and reinstalled it I’ve tried a few things so please FIX this there is 11 more days to this event and I would like to play :)
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2 years ago, Ridocoules
The developers are horrible
Listen the first time I ever got this game I was like oh this is gonna be so cool and all that because when I looked at the ads of it looked like the last of us and it had multiplayer and all that well when I got in the game no it looks like it 2000Game that was in a dollar store no hard feelings but all but developers instead of making Clickbait ads why don’t you stop buying expensive zombie 3-D models and work at on the actual game and use the zombie models that you buy and put it into the game because millions of other people are getting very mad when they actually play the actual game so developers get your game plan together
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1 year ago, skratchrecord
So much potential
This game has so much potential. Like others who have mentioned stability problems and restoring from the cloud not restoring 100% from where you left off or providing what you have earned is pretty frustrating. Now we are having lost of network connectivity problems. Again the stability issues is what seems to be the biggest gripe. People also having problems with making purchases too. The good thing is the developers do address certain issues about the game so that’s a good thing. Will adjust rating when these problems are handled.
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1 month ago, N.s.c.8
Monotonous cash grab
I will admit, I have played many happily braindead hours playing this escape of a zombie shooter game. For a year or so I battled, killing waves of zombies, one or twenty bullets at a time, in mindless phone-game bliss. Then it became tedious and monotonous, so I quit. Then…four years later, I needed something similarly vacuous and incremental, where the appearance of success was enough to satisfy a sense of rewarding progress. New battles will be unleashed….new enemies will be revealed… weapons will be needed. Then I realized, this is, just as it had been, a simple, silly, repetitive game, that is only worthwhile if you need to shut your brain off and waste your time and money. If that’s you, cheers! You’ve found your fun.
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4 years ago, Josesharpos
Sort of fun, but gets boring
Pros: - gameplay is kinda fun and challenging Cons: - paying for in-game gold and cash is extremely expensive, and you don’t get much for what you pay - gameplay gets really, really redundant. It doesn’t improve or get more interesting, just harder - upgrades to guns don’t scale with difficulty. Meaning as the game gets harder, the upgrades get less and less powerful. In other words, the only way to keep winning is to spend more money. - obnoxious ads constantly pop up - the minigun was a tremendous letdown - the “story” element is super, super weak. Stereotypical hot girl at the beginning gives you a mission and that’s it. It’s kind of fun at first, but the novelty wears off, and then you’re left with a boring, expensive, unimaginative money sink. Frankly, it’s insulting when developers do thinks like this. I hope the developer considers building quality games that focus on the player’s experience, and stops creating garbage with artificially inflated ratings.
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4 years ago, deadladymorton17
Love it
I hate allll the ads omgggg other then that nd plus seems like i keep moving around the same missions like yall should have different boards as u progress. I loveeeeee this game but theres alot of problems nd gaming problems. Im in the mission 600 almost nd got good gunssss but i hate all the ads and especially when u have to watch after a win omggg. It doesn't updated like it should and i seen other reviews about a sniper and other guns? Am I missing something?
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7 months ago, mach2don
Not what the ads shows
Aside from not being what’s advertised it’s a repetitious same play scenario same maps. This becomes boring after playing awhile. On top of that to make it extra exciting you’ve got Bou-coo adds and to make it interesting guns are expensive. So if you happen to be a spoiled want for nothing waste woke this game is for you. If you want to change that pitiful being your mama birthed you with and enhance those silly little bells you carry then make the change and join the military you’ll be proud you did.
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4 years ago, SNOWMAN12213
Beware: developer is after your $ big time!
Its a cheat after all, won’t be able to pass to the next challenge unless u keep wasting $ buying stuff, it wont even allow u to use earned gold unless u rebuy piggy banks over and over again to store it in, and the price for it multiplies every time u used it up, first piggy was a $1, second $5, and thats when i deleted it so I cant tell whether the third one was $25 or more :) and all other prices are ridiculous too, like $99 tasergun or something and u need several those guns + to upgrade .... better delete this cheat and buy yourself a real shot instead of wasting time and money and go to the shooting range :)
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6 years ago, jojotheboss33
Game is not updating to play special events please fix this great game
My events won’t show up on this game is not updated like it’s supposed to make y’all please fix this Great game just that problem need to be fixed And try to make it a little bit more easier for us to be able to obtain more goals in the mission the hearted the mission gets the more golden should be able to earn so we can level up and unlock more guns
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3 months ago, hitman50cal
Great game
I’ve been playing the game a few years now. The staff has been very helpful on fixing any issues that may arise. Been playing the game for free. Only purchased battle pass once. Got to General of the army x22 on achievments. Have crazy upgraded guns and I made it to the top one percent of players currently playing the game. The team here who maintain the game do a great job of fixing any glitches. It is truly a very fun game to play.
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7 years ago, Manasseh57
Great Game BUT!!!!!!
DON'T MAKE PURCHASES FROM THIS GAME! An update deleted 70% of my purchases and I have had to jump through a lot of hoops to get what little they have given back to me which is not even a third of what they took. Otherwise, It is a very fun and challenging game. The venues are well constructed, the zombies are any where from easy to formidable, and the weapons can make the difference in life or death. You have to buy the more effective weapons. You can do that several ways. Accumulated gold, purchased gold or money when you are given that option. Here's the rub. I was at rank 31 with the most powerful weapons available. They updated the site and I lost 70% of what I had paid actual money for and was demoted to rank 5. ARGH! I lost my rank and almost all the guns I had purchased. In my opinion, support has been somewhat resistant to helping me recoup what they took. In conclusion, fun and costly game.
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5 years ago, Guru de Musique
My Favorite Zombie Killing Game
I’ve been playing this game every day since it was released. I have no complaints except one for the devs and that is the fact that they took away the daily weapon trial match where I would get to try a different weapon and was then offered a deal to purchase it. I was one weapon short of having all of the ones I want and now I will have to pay the full gold price. Other than that, I love this game.
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4 years ago, chinekem
Great game
I really love the graphics and most especially the sound ,effects mostly how the zombies die lolz , but my complain is please does big guns are too expensive and to the bonuses are far too from the amount of the gun if one has to purchase it ,I just want to follow this game systematically , so make it more easier for us to get this big guns, for you no for sure that the zombies boss are way tougher and bad . But In it all I love this game awesome
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4 years ago, JTUberGeek
Started out great
Not very often I write a review but I had to with this one, game started out great, could upgrade guns as needed, add additional armor, you know the drill, was able to complete missions fairly easily. Finished up what I could do and left for the afternoon and came back to find my weapons so nerfed I couldn’t do anything anymore. How could I roll through the levels and hardly get my armor damaged too not even being able to get through a level. Zombies I was killing with 2 round head shots are now taking a full clip, nice try developers for making money but all you did was make one less player.
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7 years ago, Goonie601
I need help. Wait.....The game is the TRUTH!!!
The game is the truth but I’ve leveled all the way up and there is nothing new coming up. I’ve made purchases and have seemed to have been very successful. There has been a few bugs. Now my “Christmas Santa “ isn’t showing up,I get very few video opportunities/rewards, and I have unlimited bullets but I still have to buy bullets. But this game is hands down/ man down!!!!! Lights out!!!!!
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5 years ago, Chipper1
OK game, but...
Game play is fun and when you start unlocking new guns it gets better. The only thing I didn’t like was when I first started playing the no reload boost was 2000 gold, well when I was finally getting that amount the game required an update and the reload boost jumped up to 9,999 gold or $50 bucks to purchase. Very shady, then the things they require to level up are almost impossible to pass without paying to upgrade yourself. Fun game to pass the time but not worth the money to upgrade what you need to upgrade to really have fun.
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3 years ago, Crimson729
Won’t load
For some unknown reason this app has decided to crash every time I try to open it. I have resorted to deleting and reloading it which worked for about a week. Now nothing I do opens this app anymore. I get to the Home Screen and when I hit continue it crashes and kicks me out. I liked the game a lot but I’m now frustrated that I can’t even open it after several attempts to reload it. Is anyone else having similar issues. Btw my iOS is up to date and I’m playing on an iPhone 10.
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2 months ago, Rko78
My Favorite Zombie Game
I really enjoy this game which i have been playing this game for about 2 years now the game is really exciting and the levels are really interesting to play.I want deny i have spent a decent amount of money on this game which i usually purchase the no adds and i have bought a few weapons when i first started playing this game.
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4 years ago, No try this
Fun game
This game is awesome they keep me entertained, I like it but I wish they had told me how you lose Tier after the event is over I was mad because you have over 500,000 of them trying to get a better price and you check out today and is gone after spending money on this game, then you not get nothing free I will give it another chance but I will not spend a dollar more.
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6 years ago, thisisjacksparrow
Best Game
I’ve played several zombie shooter games, but this one is the best, I can’t stop playing till my battery notifies me to charge. And the Zombie bank... Jesus!!! That’s my favorite spot. Those Bats get on my nerves though. Lol. And whoever made this game is unfair, why would there be huge police zombies, Venom Zombies and Dog zombies too. It takes 6reloads sometimes to bring them down. Lol. Thanks for the excitement In an action packed game like this. I give you 5.
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4 years ago, Lordshadowz
I love this game!
I’ve spent money in this game because it’s addictive and fun. The developers continually update the game and add new weapons and events. I just enjoy slaughtering the zombies! Thank you devs! The only thing that needs to be balanced is cash. More cash needs to be given for hard missions. Especially for those of us who have purchased those high end weapons.
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4 years ago, geoduck clam
Great game
Played the bio-lab trial event—-super. However, I had a large amount of first-aid and grenades before I played the bio-lab event and I lost those amounts. The amounts went back to the levels when I finished the bio-lab trial event. I’m ok with that. I always upgrade the battle pass anyway. I use the first aid a lot & the grenades not as much. Keep the new events coming. New bosses as well. Excellent job overall. Having a great time playing the app.
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11 months ago, Stratos285
Latest update messed everything up
Whatever the last update was apparently it a failure I can’t even play anymore it glitches and goes blank on any mission or battle I try to do. I’ve invested too much time and money in this game to just give up I’ve tried contacting them on messenger and on the app but the game won’t let me go to the contact support option. Hopefully you fix this issue soon this was one of my favorite games to play.
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1 year ago, Mrbadboy008
The graphics and gameplay are gorgeous. The support up til this point was great until an event inside the game called Zombie River kept crashing! Like any game there are quests to complete and I spend on average playing 2 hours on this event. Unfortunately once it crashes you lose credit for all the kills, etc that would have fulfilled your quests. All that time and effort wasted!! It’s like banging your head up against the wall!!! You’ll enjoy playing this game but it’s like rolling the dice whether or not it crashes. Fyi it didn’t start crashing until the more advanced stages.
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3 years ago, poacherbob
Good stuff
Good game. Time goes by fast when you have nothing to do. It would be nice if they kicked down a few more things because it’s a lot harder to get er done when you can’t put Money on game but you can still play with out. Good stuff this is my second round on game Someone stole my phone a few days ago. It ohh well I like the game
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1 year ago, Limogod
App keeps crashing
Very frustrated with this app. I enjoy playing the game when it works. Unfortunately, the app frequently crashes when loading missions. I have reached out to customer support multiple times with no response Also, I’m not sure what the function of the Supply Depot is, other than to force you to watch ads. You spin like a slot machine anticipating that you will eventually match all three wheels and get whatever you match. I have spun those wheels sooooo many times and NEVER matched. The ONLY reward is the bars of gold based on the number of spins
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4 years ago, #1run and gunner
Top 5 without a doubt
This game rates in the top 5 for me one of the best shooters by far this is one game you can progress in without spending a dime of your own money although it’s a lot easier if you do and we’ll worth it I’ve played this game over and over again and never get board thank you for making such a fun and enjoyable game hats off to you guys
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3 years ago, MSTABCE
Game is good but it’s got problems
The ammo cost more than you make off beating the levels. I’m on level 511 and I have the highest gun that you don’t have to pay actual money for leveled up to 13. It cost 2250 for 50 rounds. On a hard level I go through at least 10 that $22,500 and I only get 12k to 16k for winning the round. You loose money by playing. You have to watch every ad just to break even. So you can’t level up your gun anymore. It wasn’t like that in the beginning. Great game but after you get so far it stops being worth it.
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4 years ago, Evanston Gary
Great but hard
I have been playing for about 5 years, my armor and all my guns are top tier as I played every single day on my train ride downtown to work. But recently the bosses got nearly unkillable and no amount of bombs or bullets will kill them. I have to now skip the bosses and play over levels just to not get frustrated and lose interests. They have added more variety in the bosses and several mini games to keep the game fresh and enjoyable. If we can’t beat the bosses the game losses some of its appeal.
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4 months ago, Odaciou$
Account Recovery
I don't exactly know what happened but for some reason when I pressed log into apple id to save data it started me all the way over and currently it doesn't have the option to "link" my apple id in the setting yet. Is this a permanent loss of data or can this be fixed through customer support? Great game but it'd be tragic if this was what derailed the fun for me.
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3 months ago, just me in worth IL
Latest update
The game’s great. However the latest update said bug fixes?! All of a sudden bugs are all I’m getting. The screen keeps zooming in to the point where it’s not manageable, and the controls and functions aren’t accessible! I have to close the app and reopen to fix the issue. Which also makes it impossible to complete in the mission race. PLEASE FIX!!!
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5 years ago, babyjoseph;)
No update/new challenge for a few yrs now.
This game is pretty good at the beginning, i got hook but then i got to rank 20 and nothing new is happening, they used to have lots of updates and new challenges and bonus games but I haven’t get any in a couple yrs now, i stopped playing this cause it got really boring. I would love to play this again if they would give new challenges again and bonus games. So please do so cause like i said, this is a good game and i wanna play this again.
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4 months ago, ZokiPo
The moment I got the top drone, I haven’t seen a single epic drop in over a thousand games of playing. Like seriously, how ridiculous. Man what a cool and fun game, but my God…the ads interrupt other ads nonstop. It makes the game glitchy and literally ruins the developers own game from functioning. The storage says 500 megabytes but it takes up 20 gigs on my phone after a month of playing.
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