Deal or No Deal

4.7 (46.8K)
934.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
iwin, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Deal or No Deal

4.74 out of 5
46.8K Ratings
5 years ago, Hachiko1309
Good Fun and Real Prizes
This game comes with the occasional glitch as just about every game does...However this game is great, very close to the GSN network series and accurate. If your a fan of the show you should enjoy the game, my only complaint honestly is the timing between picking a case or hearing from the banker, could be sped up or at least let a tap skip to the next part. This causes the game to be time consuming and you already spend enough time playing to buil your chance at winning. I haven’t won anything yet but I’ve found over 3 reviews saying that the prize was received and in a decent time frame as well. The entries are fair in my opinion, and the prizes to choose from are all very nice. I personally think this is a great game and the best part is it doesn’t matter how many entries you have it’s still randomly drawn so even if you don’t have the biggest number of entries that doesn’t mean you won’t win anything! 4 plays a day seems to be working fine for me but you can also pay $3 to upgrade to unlimited if you want. That’s a good price considering everything. Anyways that’s it for my review, I highly recommend this game
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5 years ago, Paria3
Too much effort for little to no reward
I’ve played three tournaments to test out this game and the likelihood of winning. First tournament I played with 404,000 sweepstakes and lost, second I played with 1.2 million sweepstakes and lost and finally the third I played with 40 million sweepstakes and lost. The 40 million I played every single day for a week as many times as it would let me play so that was as much as I got playing from the start of the tournament without doing the monthly subscription of $2.99. I’m leaving this review so people will know how much time and effort you would need to put into this game to actually win. Also I believe only people who pay the $2.99 would have a chance due to the fact they get unlimited plays. This game would be a lot better if 1. You could see at least who has the highest sweepstakes amount during the tournament so you know what you’re aiming to get in entries to stand a chance of winning. 2. The winner was decided based on who has the most entries as this would make me want to pay the $2.99 fee for unlimited plays. This method would also work well with actually being able to see who is in the lead and what you need to beat. Other than that this seems like a lot of effort for a blind competition with no idea how many entries would increase your chances. I thought 40 million was a lot with me winning the million box at least 8 times. Clearly it was not enough by a long shot.
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1 year ago, oklook kkoji
I have been playing this game on and off for quite some time. I did win one prize, and it did get to me. I was very surprised. It was very nice and I loved it very much still do. I seen a notification on my phone this morning that I had one another price. But I cleared the notification before I could see any information. I’m wondering what that may have been or if I did win a prize again or what? Also, here for the past week or two it keeps telling me that I have to have Internet to play the game. I’m not sure if it was my phone or it needed to be updated or what. But I have Internet on my phone. if you could, please reply or send me an email letting me know what is up. I would really appreciate it. I really do like this game but do not want to have to delete it just for problems that I cannot fix?
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3 years ago, gg0718
Great game with major downfalls
First of all, this game was incredibly well made and truly does encompass the beauty of Deal or No Deal. Kudos to the developers of this game as you guys did an incredibly well done. Also, the face that there are real prizes is great. Don’t expect to actually win anything, but it’s a great little touch. However, there are multiple major things. One of them is the adds. They’re in the middle of your game, before and after, and even in your push notifications on your phone! At the bare minimum, remove the ones in the middle of the game and absolutely stop filling my notifications with ads! The second thing is, your amount of games are limited. That’s just ridiculous. At least let people play without the prizes since we all know we aren’t gonna win them anyways. The last thing is, the effects and dialogue is inaccurate. You can lose the lowest prize on the board and get a negative sound effect and knock out the largest prize on the board and everyone is clapping. Howie also needs better dialogues. Overall, great game with major fixes that need to happen
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5 years ago, ihc18
I’m using an iphone 6s. love playing this game but after I play like 4 rounds back to back, it crashes. It’s a problem because you only have like 4 turns to play then you have to wait a certain amount of time for your turns to reload. So when it crashes, you lose a turn without even finishing your round. Honestly I could deal with the crashes if I could pick up where I left off when I get back on the game. As for people saying it’s impossible to win a large amount, I have multiple times. No prizes although I try lol. But it seems random to me, I always look for patterns in the cases and such and haven’t realized any. I usually always have a couple high amounts left on the board. Depends on if you think you have a higher amount than what the banker offers you. Cause really you’re just playing for sweepstake entries so you just have to have a case higher than the banker, or accept an offer higher than your case in order to get entries.
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5 years ago, SLICK__T
Very mad at your glitches!
I was liking the game and even signed up for the monthly subscription but after a few days of being screwed out of more winnings $ in the drawings I said nope and went to my subscriptions and canceled. So I will try my best to keep my cool and enjoy being screwed out of double winnings and screwed out of putting the million back in play after watching a video to do so and it never does it. Its a random crap shoot for it to work after wasting my time watching a useless ad to get it and it not give it after the video. I won the million and guess what. My double winnings for watching a ad never applied so you better bet I was mad and canceled the subscription. That is a glitch that I just won’t pay a monthly sub for sorry. Fix the stupid glitches that screws out out more winnings and screws us out of putting the million back in play. Its a broken game with that right now. Not paying for glitches that serious when were playing and need them for more drawings in your drawings for stuff. Can’t have glitches like that happening a lot. Not worth my money wasting for a broken award system.
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5 years ago, JulesJx3
Are we being scammed?
Okay, so from my experience i think the cases are definitely randomly generated. I’ve won a $1,000,000 case and a $750,000 one back to back. I have definitely had my hits and misses. The only legitimacy of the game that I question are the prizes.... is the sweepstakes actually real or is it a fake incentive for us to keep playing? Just want to know so I’m not wasting my time on the game. I couldn’t find any reviews or anything about the app online were people have actually claimed their prizes. Thanks! Really fun game though, i love DOND and watch it all the time!
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1 year ago, lana lani nani
My favorite game!!!
O m g! I just got the game and it’s the best. This game was my favorite at the arcade but COVID hit and I didn’t go in a long time. Then I discovered they had a game on the phone so I got it Joke of the game: I was in my car with my mom and I told her there was was my favorite game in the arcade. She said what game? I said deal or no deal. She said did you win? I say yes. She said how much did I win? I said……………………………………………………………………. two tickets 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂(I said it really cute 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊)
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2 years ago, maybe you shouldn't play
Best decision
I saw my dad play this game and he said I could download it on my phone this game has changed my life you should play too because you can get money in real prizes. This amazing game allows you to get play for a few days with allowance to play without winning real money then you can win real money in real prizes without having to touch your finger this game is so fun I suggest you download it to have fun.
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3 years ago, momobear03
I got my prize!
This game is actually so fun, and a great way spend some spare time. I am usually never lucky, but I really wanted the rose gold 14k necklace, so I played and got 3 million entry’s in it! When it announced that I won I was soo excited and I couldn’t wait for my prize. It came today and it is so beautiful and fits perfectly. Thank you so much for this, and for all the skeptics, just give it a try I think you’ll soon have the same energy as I! :)
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5 years ago, ThatGirl425
So fun!
I love this game yeah much this game reminds me of watching TV when I was a kid. When I was sick and at home this was the one thing that why I was excited to get up and watch TV in the morning.! It makes sense I don’t understand why this game is underrated because this game is amazing. Thank you so much for making this game and continue to strive to succeed for this game. I don’t understand why I don’t play this game more often I wish it was free but it’s not!
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2 years ago, ___Deegeeee
Too Good to be true
I really thought this was another fake click bait game but I decided to download it and the AD’s was a little annoying so I got the subscription, long story short March 23 I went to play for the JBL Flip and it said I won I’m like is this foreal? Is it too good to be true? Today I received my JBL Flip and I’m amazed Thank You guys for being honest and the gift ! I love it.
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5 years ago, Bob632
Good game, terrible graphics
I’m not particularly triggered when it comes bad graphics, but it looks like I’m playing an ad from “Episode”. This could easily be fixed by bringing back the good ol’ 2004 looking 3-D terrible textured girls. The new ones make me want to gouge my eyes out and bake them at 475 for 8 minutes. Although the people look absolutely awful, The games pretty cool and I want those stemless wine glasses. In conclusion I (and many others) would love if you brought back the old girls. Thank you, xoxo - TacoBellLover69
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4 years ago, BillyBob42356
Great game just needs a nice clean update
I love deal or no deal and the app is a great copy of the tv version this app just needs a clean update improvements the lady’s walk up from behind the stairs as they do in the show update the host so it’s howie Mandel red flashing lights for when the banker class and flashing lights for when you hit deal and just music from the show there should be like a nice slam when you hit no deal as the game players slam the box closed same with the deal button
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4 years ago, I Rate it NO JOKE
Ok so when I had this app on my iPhone 6 it worked and I paid the $2.99/month because that’s just $0.10 a day which is cheep but I got my new iPhone 11 it just crashes so I canceled that $2.99 a month subscription if it’s fixed than I will pay that again I can’t even open the app without it crashing Ok now it doesn’t crash I’m giving it 3 stars for now because I don’t know if the actually giveaway prizes but if I find out that they do than I will give it 5 stars and pay the $2.99 again
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5 years ago, Mandible83
Constant crashes
This app has the potential to be a lot of fun. The problem lies in the fact you only get a certain amount of plays per day/hour and when the app crashes you lose that play. Out of the twenty plus times I have tried to play the game I have only played about 4 times. It has crashed right at the start of the game or right in the middle and is incredibly frustrating. The ladies also freeze a lot opening the cases so you often have to double tap the screen to get the game going again. The glitches and crashes need to be fixed in order for me to keep the app
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5 years ago, DayWonderland
Lately, it won’t let me claim my double points after watching an ad, or after finding the million dollar case it won’t give me another chance. Other than those annoying glitches, I feel as though I should have won something by now, so I’m not entirely sure if that’s all real. The game itself is fun if you have nothing better to do. You can speed things up, by pressing on the screen if you have an iPhone.
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3 years ago, MJRudegyal88
Keeps you on your toes!
I personally love the app, having a competitive spirit and having watched the show countless times this game makes me feel as though i'm on TV playing for a real chance at the money, although I havent won anything yet, its exciting to beat the banker and allow your winnings to be used as entries for certain prizes, couldnt be more pleased . Fingers crossed on winning .
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3 years ago, Crismaqv
This is Legit
Honestly, when I first saw this I immediately thought it was a scam. I ended up playing and I got the 1 million (2x that because of the ad) for the echo show 8. This was back in August to keep in mind. The day of the drawing comes and it SAYS I WIN! I was like NO WAY and was still kinda skeptical. Then, on September 5th, IT CAME AT MY DOOR!!! I WAS SO HYPED AND IT EVEN CAME WITH A NOTE SAYING CONGRATULATIONS! THIS IS THE REAL DEAL YOU WIN REAL PRIZES.
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3 years ago, MaryELyn67
Fun Game
I like this game, but I wonder if you win a prize, are you blocked from winning future prizes? I know the prize giveaway is for marketing purposes. I hope it truly is a lottery and not one prize per email account. I still like the game, easy and attention is not required. Update: I am unable to play the game now. It says I need to be connected to the internet to play which I am. Tried to delete and download with new password, but I still can’t play. I don’t want to subscribe to infinite plays. Help!
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1 year ago, ChristianKustomz
It’s a total Sham
First off the game is ruined by commercials every 2-3 minutes of playing. It’s ridiculous. We get it…you’re a money hungry greedy dirt bags trying to jack as much money as you can. It’s not about the players but how much money and corporate sponsorship you can squeeze out and pump down the players throats. Well I have deleted this garbage game. No one ever wins the prizes either. Just to let you know that the reviews you find here of people claiming they have actually won a prize are what’s known as BOTS; computer generated fake reviews. Completely dishonest.
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3 years ago, Shreksfather
I watched this show and became huge fan so I decided to download this. As far as ive come across it is wonderful. Exactly like real life. I love that when it gives you the option to deal or no deal you can actually close it. Very fun to me lol love it i will play with my sister tommorrow 😎
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5 years ago, LG aka juan L
So , I just finished playing and was left with 2 cases left , I had case # 6 and case # 2 was the other left .. given the option to either choose my case #6 to keep or change my decision to case # 2 , with a chance at either 400k or the Million dollars , I chose to change to case # 2 - it was the Million Dollars !!!!!! But , computer had the audacity to say I chose the wrong case and the dealer beat me - WHAAAAAATTT????? Is this a game that’s not beatable ???? Is this a SCAM ???? Totally DISAPPOINTED!!!!
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2 years ago, immarealboy07
This would be great if I was allowed to play
Whenever I try to play just a normal game, it tells me I must connect to the internet. I’m already connected to the internet. I’ve tried deleting and redownloading the app and it worked once, and when I tried to play again it told me the same thing. I just want to play the game. I’m not committing a crime here.
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5 years ago, linds7258
Not actually random
The game isn’t fun because I’m pretty sure the game predetermines what values you’ll open and in what order, no matter what cases you pick. Aka the game has already predetermined if you’re going to open the million mid game or not, no matter what numbers you chose. The app crashed in the middle of a game and then when I started a new game, I somehow knocked out the same numbers in the same order as the first game, despite choosing different case numbers. Takes all the fun out of the guessing, knowing that the game has already predetermined it for you.
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5 years ago, Steely McBeam
Fun when not annoying
The graphics would be great except the faces of the models and host are creepy. I laugh when one has 2 small dollar amounts left and the host says “that’s a pretty good offer.” The worst aspect of this app is the limited play time. By being forced to watch advertisements I shouldn’t have to wait 8 or 12 hours to play. Get it together, app producers. I won’t pay to use this app.
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2 years ago, long bingo
Long bingo
The bingo part takes way too long it also seems they are cheating from the time you are trying to tap bingo it doesn’t always go through or the time between tapping the freebie then waiting on the ability to tap bingo they freeze it so you can’t …the no deal part is ok it can def improve more
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5 years ago, achibalds girlfriend
I can’t figure out how to play
This app needs a help center or something I played the first round and then it goes it this spot and one of the icons says “play now” and when I click on it the screen goes black with a little x in the corner that can’t be clicked on. I’m not sure if this is crashing or what but it’s very frustrating. Please make a guided tutorial after you play the first game because I don’t understand.
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5 years ago, Like the Casino
I never leave reviews. But this game was extremely frustrating, about 6 times in a row I kept swapping my case at the very end and continuously lost to the banker. Not to mention, I can’t chose more than about 3 cases before the million dollar case is picked. It’s annoying as it doesn’t even give me a chance to feel as I might have the opportunity for the million dollar case. And I also find it ridiculous that if you don’t “beat the banker” you LOSE all your money and cannot enter the winning amount into the drawing for prizes.
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2 years ago, Crazycpcp
What happened to Bingo?
I was doing well with the Bingo side to the app. And then was locked out from playing on my iPhone because my phone said there was a new version and I needed to update. It didn’t have an update available in App Store and when it finally did- no more Bingo. Very disappointed!😟😞😒 Please bring back Bingo. I was usually one of the tournament winners on the practice side- and what happened to my leftover money? First you take away my game , and you keep my money? 😯🤔😠😤 Before Bingo was gone I had always given a 5 ⭐️ rating. That is what and how much I enjoy/enjoyed the game. On the regular side- I have had the million dollar case multiple times had multiple million entries to win a prize- never won anything! I think it is a hoax!
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2 years ago, lol...! :)
great game!!
This game is so good! at first i played it in the arcade and my cousin told me they have it online so right when we left the arcade i downloaded it, and it was the best, game ever!! theres not a lot of commercials either maybe one or two each round!! one million out of ten!!! ❤️
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3 years ago, Styrojake
Not enough like the show
I like this game because I’m a huge fan of the show, but there’s things about the game that are too different from the show which bothers me. The biggest thing that bothers me is the fact that if you take a deal and your case had more, you don’t get any sweepstakes entries. On the show if they take a deal but their case had more, they still get to keep the money from the deal they made. I feel like the game should be the same way.
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3 years ago, ReginaBeckyKaren
I will give this app a better rating when I can see the digit amounts again when the briefcases open. I can’t see what’s in my own case or any cases. It was working fine and then suddenly stopped. I even deleted and reinstalled app and still it’s glitching. Also there is no way to contact anyone about issues in the game so I have no choice but to leave an entire review about it. I have a lot of entries on prizes but for the last two days this issue won’t solve so I am playing blindly and I can’t see the amounts.
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5 years ago, 1818benji
App crashes and lets you only play 2 games
This app was fine until after you play two or three games it stops and you have to wait 45 minutes to play again. It is not fair you get excited to play the game and then after one or two plays it either crashes or stops and then you have to wait 45 minutes while the timer goes down back to zero and then it let you play another two or three games it makes no sense I never heard of such a thing.
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1 year ago, mytw0b1ts
Game ruined by greed
Between ads and in-app purchases the App Store really birthed some demons. And I get it, developers deserved to get paid too so usually I don’t have an issue with ads, but now developers are getting forceful with them and there’s no way around them and they have to be videos and the kind where you tap anywhere all of a sudden you’re leaving the game and going God knows where. At that point, no thanks - you can have your game back it’s not worth it anymore.
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5 years ago, TatiCrystal
First of all, it is SO ADDICTING! You constantly want to play more! And the more you play the more you win! Which means you can get a chance to win prizes! And then there are the prizes! From money to electronics, it is made for anyone to win! And they are real prizes! Not digital! It is so much fun!! You will not regret downloading this app!
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5 years ago, Qtcvz
Entertaining UNTIL it freezes and won’t load
I only was able to play this for one night, next day it wouldn’t load. Restarted phone, quit the game completely and reloaded, same thing. Just deleted it. Waste of time unless they fix the glitch that is complained about over and over in reviews. I thought maybe since the reviews were old this would be fixed, but it is not. Don’t waste the space on your iCloud.
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1 year ago, Lkjhgfdsa9753
Too many ads and can’t even complete game without them, awful
I played this game for a long time with few ads. Now they are numerous, lengthy and you can’t even complete a game without an ads intermission. I am fine with ads, but fewer, shorter and not to interrupt gameplay. Should be at beginning or end. As is, I may never play this again, which means NO more ad exposure at all which serves no one’s interests.
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2 years ago, Spatty123
Ads make this unplayable
The ads play out and then don’t give you a way to get out of it. You have to restart the app and then watch another ad. If you’re lucky you’ll get the X and can continue to actually play the game. But if not you just have to restart and watch another ad. Maybe you’ll be able to play after the second or third ad maybe you’ll just give up.
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3 years ago, ghnjkkjhy
Love it a lot!
I love this game because you can win things and I’m trying to get the Air Pods so I be cool wearing them around in places. If you are wanting to get it you should because it’s very fun!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
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5 years ago, Aaronhanks4
If you had said no deal
I think after you say deal to bankers offer the host should ask you if you have said no deal which case would you have picked if you said no deal. And than continue with the bankers offers You should also have The MDM in this game with more than 1 case will one million dollars Also add days where you can win 2 million dollars
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5 years ago, McYoshh
Pros and Cons: Good Gameplay but Not Updated
I love Deal or No Deal. The app works pretty well: here are some pros and cons Pros: - best online/mobile game I could find - very similar to the game show - girls are modest - fun to play Cons: - this is NOT the new and improved deal or no deal that is currently airing on CNBC. Maybe they will give it an update, but as of now, not yet. - banker offers aren’t very good - no counter offer - only can play up to 4 times in a row without having to wait - if you take a Deal, but your case holds more money, your entries don’t seem to get placed in the giveaway (not big deal to me, but for some it may be) Hope this is helpful! 4/5 stars
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4 years ago, hey girl asdfghjkl
A Cheap Scam
If 0 stars was an option that would be it the app is a little fun I will give it that, BUT is a major scam I won a prize but it never came and it has been over a MONTH and no package has come, I guess it doesn’t want ME to have MY PRIZE necklace. Over all a huge scam a little fun but no actual prizes 2/10 would not recommend
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5 years ago, GymnastStar24
This game I was so excited to play then I started playing and it was just kicking me out and it was really annoying I keeled trying and it did the same thing I deleted the app and powered of my tablet and it still didn’t work. I kept trying to play online too and none of that worked either. I thought of all the reviews and the bad stuff they are getting on this game they would try to fix it but NO. If I were you I would not waste space on my iCloud.
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5 years ago, Hdhfhdjje
Game is basically unplayable. They want you to give them $3 a month to avoid ads that they purposely use to make the game choppy and frustrating. Most the time when the ad finishes it lags out on me and I have to restart then go through all of it again in hopes that it will actually go through that time just to play for a few minutes. Then you get to go through all of it again just to play another round. Deleting very soon if problem is not corrected.
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5 years ago, Dutchchocolate
Can’t play, don’t download, tried 7 times to start a game! Gave up
Tried 7 times to play even first game. The game won’t fully load, each time I got to the point of choosing a case, then the game closes and I had to reload it, each time I got a little closer to being able to play, but wasn’t even able to play one game. Don’t download! I thought it would be fun to try this game because the show is back on TV and it showed that the game had been updated 2 days ago... don’t download!
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2 years ago, Sportsnut21
Super Fun Game
I almost won a fake one million dollars the other day . All I had to do to win the fake million was switch cases while I was actually watching the real show of Deal or No Deal on the GSN I believe at 10 am but maybe 11 am last Saturday !
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4 years ago, rheign24
Could be better
A lot of times when asked to double the price/entries and you confirmed, it will play the ads but will not double the entries. It the same for re-shuffling the 1 million, it will play the ads but will not re-shuffle the 1 million. It would be nice also to still get entries (whatever you win ) even if you did not beat the banker. It’s just an entry to the raffle anyway. It’s a waste of time to not get anything in a round.
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5 years ago, Tribetime33
Tired of crashes
This game is really fun to play and I love it but it crashes quite often. I have an iPhone 6s. Out of the 4 plays I had, 2 of them crashed and I lost them. It would be helpful if you could pick up where you left off after a crash so you’re not losing the turn you waited for.
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4 years ago, ImJacobMcDaniel
Extremely Rigged
No matter what happens, I always lose at LEAST three big money ($100,000+) in the first two rounds of the about 15 games I played before deleting this app. No matter how you chalk it up, there’s no explaining that other than it being rigged. Also, if you wait until you choose between your case and the last case, you will ALWAYS lose. It isn’t randomly generated, the game just hits you with the occasional “win” so you’ll keep playing this waste of time
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