Death Drop

4 (53)
184 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Death Drop

3.98 out of 5
53 Ratings
8 years ago, Fdsasa
The game is fun but glitch
This game is fantastic but so many glitches. Often the glitches are funny but sometimes they happen and ruin the game.
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3 years ago, Buckbo1962
Wish there were more levels
It’s stupid but lots of fun. I’ve never seen a pop up ad or questions interfering but only complaint is on the farm level many objects are missing in the daylight but are visible at night.
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9 years ago, Goldwinger 19
Crazy Game
Awesome game minus the few glitches.....none the less, it's awesome!
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7 years ago, Pharm13oy
Mobile Strike ad
The Mobile Strike mini game app locks up the game because it gets stuck at loading up the mini game. Quite annoying to have to shut game down and restart. Please fix thanks!
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5 years ago, Mozlady
So cool
It is sometimes hard to find the x but it is still fun
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9 years ago, Openhand52
This Game Is.....
A resl POS. My second review. I played it all the way thru and the ads play over and over and over and then the ads get worse and longer. At end you get 14 second ads constantly. Fun concept but crap.
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7 years ago, Catrattle
Death drop ad lock
If it wasn't for the dumb trivia or aka mini games popping up and locking up the game causing us to restart I would have given it a 5
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7 years ago, Methredus
This game is hilarious. Super fun. Can't stop.
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9 years ago, Fireyhead 78
Best best best game ever
This game is great man falling from a plane skydiving I used to skydive with no chute
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8 years ago, KOTABEAR 🐼
It's a great game but it has a lot bugs
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9 years ago, Stevenrck
Neat idea
Poor execution way too glitchy
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11 years ago, JediTal
Needs some work
Not bad, a little challenging. Needs some work though. The third level needs to be fixed cause you can't hit the mailbox, you literally can't go any further left to hit it. But still not bad.
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7 years ago, Fuzzy remote pic
Game works but does not work wit mPOINTS though it gives you credits
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10 years ago, The weed king
It is a great game
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10 years ago, RedFury13
Great Game!
Great game.
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9 years ago, Tdtdutfluyfluyffdyf
Don't download this app is STUPID
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10 years ago, Gabriel2222222
I LIKE WAFFLES..............great game btw XD
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11 years ago, mindygarland
It good for a first try but please make it easier to recharge the speed falling, make it easier to get coins, I can't find the second place to land and make it easier to find daily objects, also please make it easier to move the character it feels like I have to hold my iPod in a position for five minutes and I over shoot, and clean up the buildings I was expecting a zoom effect like google where the buildings become less pixilated, and the beginning takes way to long to load
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11 years ago, Kiddo123321664
This game is stupid and fun at the same time but then again all u do is play the same level over and over for awhile!!! This game is ok and there is a few things that I would like to change is that u should have different levels that u can get to easier and then as u progress u can make it harder and harder but it's just to hard to get it at the beginning!!!😡
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11 years ago, Rosie2247
Distrutive fun
Yeah it may be hard to control but every time I fail I can't help thinking that the jumper is someone I HATE. This game is a good way to get rid of anger. I love all these types of games because I'm usually angry a lot. Games like this help me get my anger out without actually hurting someone. Though this review isn't getting 5 stars its still good just no blood cuz it's TOO MUCH!!! -rage release gamer
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11 years ago, BLhckyfn
Fun at first but...
...sometimes difficult to identify the location you are supposed to hit. For example, it may show you are supposed to hit a green patch near a tree...well that could be just about anywhere and it's just trial and error over and over until you guess right...makes the game get boring and I lose interest.
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11 years ago, G H G
You're on a roll
If you people are smart enough to create this app, and it looks good and works well on the first version, I'm not critical unless you ask. If I see anything later on, whatever. Hire me. I'm teachable.
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11 years ago, mugwump3
Needs work
Fun, but it didn't take long to complete the missions. Plus, I still have no idea where the rock is.
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11 years ago, RobertB927
The graphics in this game are really good. However, it is very hard to hit the target. Sometimes your guy just doesn't move no matter what you do! When you do hit the target, you still wipe out!!? And I still don't know what the little drinks and other icons are for. Don't bother wasting your time or energy on this most frustrating game!
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11 years ago, Andrea1060
I am a big fan of several Fluik games but this one makes no sense at all!!! I understand what I am supposed to do in terms of getting the dude to land on certain objects but I can't figure out how to control his speed or direction and I have no idea what the little drinks are for...the settings didn't help at all and there are no instructions/help to be found!
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11 years ago, Hubcapone
Fun with issues
The rock in the daily crush items are impossible and the first level manhole cover has a glitch. Mine shows two overlapping and won't give credit when I hit it
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11 years ago, Kilemy
Gameplay is great,The controls are easy,And also...I have too much fun in this game,You should make a Halloween Special of Streaker Run
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11 years ago, Jennypenny1337
I got a glitch where the daily gnome kept appearing again. I crushed it like 100 times.
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11 years ago, Sabre tigger
Trying to like this game
Very hard to find all hidden objects. I jumped several times and never found a coffee cup. Plus some of the objects are hard to figure out. No idea what they are. And whats up with the phone? Im not spending money if I have no idea what im getting into.
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11 years ago, JaegerJedi
Death Drop
Good game entertaining and can play through it quickly.
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11 years ago, Zebramango
Mash ville
I can't find the target in mash ville and I landed on a crate that has an x noting happened some one help
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11 years ago, Helpmepickanickname
Get a grip people. Its a fun game. Waste some lives see the land figure it out. Its a game. Almost like the real thing without the parachute.
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11 years ago, powerslave2000
Instructions or training please!
Please in a future update include training or instructions and list or name the items. It's hard to tell what some of the items are. Other than those minor wishes I like the game
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11 years ago, Sarcastic420
Thank You mZpoints
Another fun game to kill time with as I am at work waiting for time to go by.
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10 years ago, rover master
Fun, but...
Nice fun game even if on the morbid side. Some if the drop zone maps are too vague (even with the Enhance power up) and make level play long and frustrating.
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11 years ago, Gunrunner 2.0
It's so awesome when u die on top on the buildings with tilted tops because it's funny when u lose your limbs.
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11 years ago, Hardrockzombies.
Death drop
Good game great way to kill time it's fun hard and very Addicting
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11 years ago, Denni77
Death drop
It is fun but it should add more blood and a scream and more places to go too!¡
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11 years ago, 2002Niloc
this game is fun the controls are easy. I like killing myself. I do not get why people think it is h
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11 years ago, CWold
Stuck in Mashville Forever!!!
This game is fun, but I've landed on the mystery x area several times and it won't unlock the next mission.... I'll never get out of Mashville. Very annoying!!!!
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11 years ago, kojikabuto
; ) love it
Can stop playing
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11 years ago, Nfgbcdvgj
Death drop
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11 years ago, Tentoes1130
Fun Game
Relaxing way to pass some time.
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11 years ago, Lem0nlem0nade
The controls for this game are awful and just plain frustrating. The cartoon blood doesn't help my view of this game either.
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10 years ago, Yoyoyoyothad
Love this game!
I love this game so much fun to watch the guy splat into the ground!
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11 years ago, Jd98goon
Difficult to find some objects & I have no idea what the iPad is for!
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10 years ago, Viggleli
Where are mpoints
Thanks for fixing. Love this game.
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11 years ago, Crematorium
Death Drop
It's very fun! Keep up the good work, Fluik!
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11 years ago, Lgb tree
Awesome game
Blood goes every where it is so awesome
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11 years ago, @@@@@@@111122222
It's true, Fluik games are fun. But this one is horrible! And why the blood? Blood makes things worse, not funnier! Is it funny to see a guy's blood splattered all over the place as he DIES?
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