Death Knight

4.3 (157)
20.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Triniti Interactive Limited
Last update
12 years ago
Version OS
3.0 or later
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User Reviews for Death Knight

4.29 out of 5
157 Ratings
11 years ago, Justinms100
This game is very fun but it needs more of a story, more weapons and classes, and new enemies. Also after ypgrading weapons to MAX you shoukd go and see their stats still because I wanted to compare the damage of different weapons but couldn't which is pretty stupid. Other than that, awesome game.
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12 years ago, YellowJacket LE
Still love this game😄
Death Knight is one of those games that keeps me coming back. I wish you guys would make an endless dungeon and add something to spend some gold on. The weapons are good enough maybe add dual wielding. Between this and L.O.D I am content. Much love for you triniti please keep up the good work and thanks for being one of the few companies out there not trying to drain our wallets👍
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11 years ago, neeeebzz
Let me pay!
I love the game and would love to remove ads because I have extra iTunes money, All I want is an option to pay you money to remove ads :P they get really distracting. Oh and an iPad version would be much appreciated, I'm currently playing on the expanding iPod version on my iPad mini and would love a version meant for iPad. Thx for the game guys, keep it up! :D
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11 years ago, Mor_ran1
You guys need to make it where you choose the guys you want to battle with. I get cornered by two mages and I end up dying. One Mage will shoot then the other and I can never hit them because of that. This is still a really good game and I will rate 5 stars. But if you can work on that it will be an awesome game
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11 years ago, JohnIon96
I previously downloaded the game when it was free, and I had to reset my phone for unrelated issues, and now I have to pay for it even though I'd downloaded it before? It seems like a little bit of a scam to me. EDIT fixed after I posted this. Thanks and sorry.
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8 years ago, [#]Meta knight[#]
I wish there were updates I used to love playing this game
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3 years ago, Hotrod2089
Bring it back
Developers, this game was, and I’m sure it still is, amazing. I always played this as a kid and loved it, although it’s out of date for the newest version of iOS. Please update it and thanks for the memories.
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12 years ago, Sky777Guy
This is an awesome game. You have awesome weapons and armor, each weapon with a special move that can either give you more health, more strength, or just a powerful attack! I love how you can tuck and roll to dodge attacks, either projectiles or up close
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4 years ago, Grape988
Please Update!!
I loved playing this game when I was little and I want to play it again because it was always so fun but I can’t play it because they haven’t updated it for the new iOS :( Please update!!!
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11 years ago, MedStudent102
Flawless Example
Of perfect gaming structure where one can earn everything in the game without painful trouble, and can buy reasonable iap to get an early edge if they so choose. For that alone, my first 5 stars.
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10 years ago, Rip rip hurray
Good but i want more wepons
This is a great and addicting game but i would like an update to have more weapons and armor and maybe have a pet by your side that would be great please make some updates for more weapons/armor
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6 years ago, JordanUsher
Update game please
Hello I this is one of my favorite game to play on my phone and if you could update the game so t can work on iOS 11 that would be great please let me know that you for your time
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11 years ago, BlazeTank
Great game love it but needs more weapons and maybe after you beat the portal you should have to go into it and some new mobs should be maybe dragons and demons dragons only as a boss
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4 years ago, Kevin121796
I beat this games over and over again thought the years , and you guys need a new game asap
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10 years ago, Nadav.H
Is there any chance for another game
Loved this game so much wished you'd make another one or at list update this one!
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11 years ago, Close to Canada
Death knight
One of the best apps I have ever played, but it is short, I finished it and maxed my armor, sword, and shield in a day, otherwise awesome app. I would recommend it!
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7 years ago, Untaken nickname #2
Death night
my game lagged on death night and canceled all my progress can u give it back
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12 years ago, Steve1822
Pretty fun, I like upgrading the weapons and the arena is pretty cool. Wouldn't pay for the game though, happy I got it for free.
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2 years ago, Luis D. Mejia
Plz update this game so I can play it again! I miss this game!
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10 years ago, recorder master
Da best eva
This app is awesome to sum it up I had it but accidentally deleted it but it was awesome I got it back it always helps me get my anger oit
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4 years ago, Jrhehehehdiejsbsmsj
Please update this game it was like one of the best mobile games
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11 years ago, 00bluestang
I liked the game but i bought a gold pack for the game and never got it. They have not responded to my emails about the issue. Its been 3 month since they took my money and havent given me what i paid for. They stole my money and wont respond to me
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3 years ago, Zachgfhffgvdd
Best game ever
Please bring this one back. It was my favorite as a kid! Now I have a kid and I know he we love this!
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7 years ago, Ultimate 14
Simple and fun
I like the knight theme. I like the simple game play: a d-pad and attack buttons. It is fun to play.
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4 years ago, pablo_6730
i remember when i was younger playing this on an ipad 1st gen, now i have a newer iphone and it’s not optimized ;( it would be fantastic if it were to be optimized because it was and still is an amazing game
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6 years ago, Maxxis 4444
Love the game
Please update so I can finally beat the game
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12 years ago, Nicho21
Great game
One of the best games i have played on the iphone.
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8 years ago, Kksanchez
You need to add more stuff to the game like more weapons and more levels
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12 years ago, CreativeDrawer7
I Absolutely Love This Game And I'd Definitely Recommend This To All My Friends!
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11 years ago, Death10998
I've had this app for a long time and I say it's the best app I have I love it good job
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5 years ago, Hellboy419
IOS 11
Needs an update for IOS11. Please read this and update. Its a great game and I miss playing it.
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10 years ago, Freeliesevon
This is an awesome game.. I just wish it was optimized for iPhone 5
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8 years ago, llahsrambocaJ
I love this game sooo much but i really want the armor on the cover of the app
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6 years ago, billcrosby'd
Please update so I can play on ios11
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11 years ago, Wardog101
Great game
Great game would recommend it to anyone
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12 years ago, raybeast
Pretty fun game..would recommend to anyone.
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11 years ago, Pokepuppet
Ripped off
Don't waste your money trying to buy gold on this game. I spent 2.99 for the medium bag. It keeps telling me it hasn't downloaded it yet. I'm starting to Think it never will
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11 years ago, Slash1719
Beat it in a few hours its fun
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11 years ago, Runstacy
I love it
I love the game but plz add more armor and levels
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5 years ago, Ray36558
Please update this is my favorite game
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10 years ago, RippinBlue
Please update it 😭😭 it's amazinh
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11 years ago, ArdentKid
Not that great
Needs more interesting gameplay and lots of polish
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12 years ago, TheGuyO
It's awesome!
It's a very fun and easy game
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12 years ago, Bro karat
This game is amazing!
I love this game!(I have the best axe and armor)
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11 years ago, Dragon563737);$
Learn how to nothsggygbeyhhyhh
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12 years ago, Spirit kid
Great game
It is fun
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8 years ago, hws1230
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10 years ago, Duuuudee
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8 years ago, Lulu18008753
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10 years ago, Zernicek
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