Debt Payoff Planner & Tracker

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OxbowSoft LLC
Last update
2 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Debt Payoff Planner & Tracker

4.7 out of 5
5K Ratings
4 years ago, Christi LY
Options to Play With
I am not a newbie to the debt snowball, I have a copy on my excel spreadsheet. While that version is useful it is extremely hard to maintain and adjust my priorities. Once you input it it has to stay in that column. That is were the Debt Payoff Planner excels. I can customize what I want as a priority to pay off and see what my outcome will be, all with a slide of my finger. Extra bonus I really like is being able to make educated decisions on what to pay off and how much interest I will end up paying. A huge difference between the excel version of snowball debt to this is the fact that we have several loans that are zero percent interest for X amount of month. Debt Payoff Planner takes that in to consideration. This is a much more convenient app that allows me to adjust as needed and easily track my progress. One small little thing that I wish was changed, my APR is already entered, I would like to just put in how much I paid and call it a day. If I decided to pay a couple dollars more than my minimum I would like to just hit enter and move on. I get it if you have a loan that you can pay more to interest but in my case most of our outstanding debt doesn’t offer that choice. Overall I am extremely over the moon with the layout and ease of use.
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4 years ago, More Receipt Options
It’s given me hope!!!
This app has been just what I needed! I love the options to either enter the payment details manually or use the Payoff Plan Estimate for your monthly entries. It will not automatically credit your payments monthly which is great because it forces you to look at your payment amount each month so that you can see your accomplishments. Also if you have budgeted extra money to pay each month the app will allow you to add it. If you get a surprise gift of money you can take that amount to pay down your debt as a Snowflake option. I’ve tried another app for debt payoff but this app is the best by far. I’m amazed at the choices I have and not having to pay for the pro version. I did create an account but the best part is that you don’t have to provide account numbers, just name the account whatever you like add details and voila your on your way to being debt free! I’m definitely addicted to this app. The COVID-19 pandemic has made me put a lot of things into perspective for the better and forced me to save when I normally wouldn’t. I’m looking forward to having this debt paid off for good in less than three years. 🙏🏾🙌🏾
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2 years ago, Tinkypoo
My biggest complaint is that there is not a easy way to add an additional payment. From my understanding the only way to do this is to create a one time funding and then pray it applies to the bill you actually applied the payment to. Or you can go in and change the original balance, which is the easiest way but doesn’t give the user the an accurate depiction of how they paid down their debt. Please just add a simple option that says “make an additional payment” to one of the debts. This could be a drop down or a button on each debt that says pay more. If I just paid an extra $500 to my debt, there should be a quick easy way to record that. I shouldn’t have to plan it in the app, then navigate to track to confirm that I did add funding, then wait until the next scheduled payments for funding to distribute. I’ve seen other users leave this feedback and the responses from the company never acknowledges that the current process to record extra payments is not simple or straightforward. I do not have the free version, I paid. Now I’m feeling like I didn’t necessarily upgrade from the other debt management app I was using. While I love the planning part of this app. I left behind the ease of recording an extra payment.
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2 years ago, Kernman
One year in and it’s motivating
Paying off debt is not rocket science. But it takes more discipline than many of us have. People like me need a little more of a push with something interactive. This app has been helpful because of the visual motivation I get from watching the months to being debt free come off the dashboard. I chose the snowball method and was instantly gratified by paying off three debts in the first three months. It is a pretty intuitive app, and I have learned to login regularly, sometimes just to play with numbers to see what I can do to make it go even faster. When I first downloaded the app 15 months ago it said I had 3 years, 9 months to be debt free. At the time I remember being ecstatic because in my mind I thought it would take 10 years or more and cost tens of thousands in interest. Today I have 2 years, 4 months to go. That means I shaved another three months off the original schedule. At this rate I might be debt-free in less than two years and not only will I have the freedom that comes with that, but I will have saved $20,000+ in interest alone.
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5 years ago, MaurCil0806
Finally a light at the end of the tunnel
As many previous reviews state, this app is one of the best out there if you are serious about paying off your debts. I fell into the credit card trap little by little, until one day I realized I was becoming overwhelmed by outrageous interest rates. I tried to figure out how to pay these debts on my own, but every time I had a few extra dollars from paying off a debt, it never seemed to go towards paying off the next. This app breaks down a realistic timeline for me, with easy to understand visuals and charts, and keeps me motivated to stay on track! It's wonderful knowing how much I need to apply to each monthly payment without the temptation of using the money "elsewhere". It is truly the light at the end of the tunnel for me! Although some reviewers state they would like an option to include recurring payments so they don't have to manually enter the amounts each month, the I find that to be part of the motivation in actually entering that amount and seeing the balance go down. Love this app!
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4 years ago, JERSEYGIRL726
Fantastic app
I only came upon this app because I was invited to a Zoom meeting by someone who was selling a system to pay off debt and help people become financially free. I googled that company during the Zoom and noticed that they were charging several thousand dollars for the ability to do what THIS FANTASTIC app does.... So glad I found this app while googling for less expensive solutions.. it was so easy to insert our info into this DPP app....I could see light at the end of the tunnel....I love how you can select different ways of paying down debt and instantly see how it shakes out down the road....I can proudly say that we’ve chunked down our debt already and have discovered tips on how to reduce the interest each month....I will now pay our car loan and our mortgage twice per month.... this app is visually appealing as well......when I open it, the colors greet me with hope and joy...that may sound corny, but it’s true! Koodos to whoever developed it! THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU.....I HAVE RECOMMENDED THIS APP TO SO MANY PEOPLE ALREADY!!!
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1 month ago, Lollipopauntielolo
I love the plan it set up for me!
I have tried to set up this kind of pay off plan several times through excel, and multiple different apps. I am not good with #s and would easily get confused. Thank you for making this so clear and easy. This is a plan I can stick to. Even if #s change, I just make an edit to that one debt account and continue working the plan. I don't quite understand all the option on the funding tab yet. However, all I needed was to see the #s written out. This app allows you to export the plan, in case I want to see the full detail instead of just a few months at a time. I am love this so far. Edit: one downfall is the app crashes for me very frequently whenever I add/edit/update info on the debt tab. It only clears if I close out of the app completely. Then I have to go back in and check to make sure it correctly saved the info I added.
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7 months ago, ck675h
Super easy and powerful
Super easy to set up and use. Tutorial videos are super helpful too. Love the clean layout and the ability to add additional funding to lowere debt faster both as a one time, say bonus or tax return or ongoing say a raise. Like how the app show advantages and disadvantages of snowball vs avalanche vs custom payments as not everyone benefits from using say the snowball approach to pay down debt. Graphs and charts make the whole experience better. The app does all the math for you. Didn’t give it a 5 star because app doesn’t support facial recognition log in or fingerprint login nor does it “remember” login credentials. A little cumbersome having to enter credentials each time. If/when the app supports this I’ll change rating to a 5 star. Over all very impressed. Never thought I’d like paying down debt until I started using the app.
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3 years ago, Watchin18
Very nice tool!
I just started using this app and it is excellent. It is fast to set up (watch the Getting Started video) and has very easy inputs. It literally will take just a few minutes to get it going. A couple of things I’d like to see: right now it shows how many years and months it will take to get debt free. If you put in an amount you can pay extra every month, it will give you new payoff info. But there is not comparison panel or graph, so if I’m experimenting with say $50 extra per month, then $75 extra per month, then $150 extra per month, I have to remember the original calculations. It’s a minor thing I suppose, but it would still be useful to be able to see a couple of the payoff timeframes side by side. Also would be helpful to be able to easily print from the app. I will be recommending this to clients as a simple, convenient, mobile tool for them to carry around. Thank you!
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2 years ago, julie585
seems to be the most reasonable option
Budgeting apps are a lot like medical practitioners. They sometimes catch us unaware of their motives. Almost all app developers are for profit businesses as are hospitals and medical practices. That said I prefer the relative transparency of this app and price point for pro features is affordable, and non-renewing subscription options. This app developer is not a non-profit to my knowledge but is very similar to what a non-profit program could develop. The developer does make commission on suggested credit cards and such, but it doesn’t hide that fact behind advertising like many of the most popular budgeting apps in the app store. What I liked most was that I was able to try the app without creating an account or providing personal information. 5 Stars for great first impression!
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5 months ago, Blueturkey14
Love this app!
I really enjoy using this app and it motivates me to pay off my bills just so I can check an item off my debt list!! I would, however, like to see some minor changes. For instance, offering a weekly pay option vs “every 7 days” or monthly, and I also wish the extra payment feature worked better. It’s not practical, especially if it’s a one-time extra payment and not recurring and the math isn’t always correct and looks as if I’m going to be paying off debt much, much sooner than I really am. Another suggestion is regarding aesthetics. I don’t care for the Home Screen, it could be ‘prettier’ and I wish the app offered more customization. But it is a really good app to track debt and stay on track with your finances and worth the download.
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5 years ago, OlZalibraLou311
Amazing Amazing App
I’ve looked around for other apps but this is the absolute best one! If you’re a goal oriented person, this is the perfect app. It gives you a break down and time line. So you can get realistic and really see what it takes to pay off your debt. You can play around with it and find the perfect strategy to meet your goal. And with the timeline and breakdown it gives you, you no longer feel discouraged. It honestly puts you at ease and shows you you will be debt free... it’s just gonna take a little while ☺️ I don’t ever rate apps. But this app again... was amazing. I am super grateful for this and I am SO much more closer to being debt free then I was just doing it myself. I even have my boyfriend using it and he loves it too! Again, the timeline and break down it gives you really let’s you know, “You CAN do this!”
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6 months ago, Arsen S. ✌️
It’s so much easier to use than some other apps
This is a great tool and its free plan wis enough for all my needs. I’ve tried using multiple apps, which I didn’t like or they were hard to understand, here it’s actually quite simple, I just had to find out what “Extra” meant. Also, it’s one of the few apps that allowed me to change current currency. However, it would be helpful to have a widget for this app so that there was always a reminder on my Home Screen to pay debt. Also, it would be nice to have an option to choose how payoff will affect the loan: change monthly payment or change payoff period (because some loans only allow for reducing the monthly payment, for example)
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3 years ago, MossFamilyStar
Great Tool
Our family is currently carrying a lot of debt from student loans, mortgage, credit cards, and more. I love the amortization options and how you can play around with your pay off order and the app will let you know how long it will take and the amount of interest overall you’ll pay for different scenarios. Love it so much that I bought the one year subscription which is very affordable for what this app provides. My only suggestion is it would be great to be able to change the due dates on different accounts. In the beginning when I added accounts that I had already paid for that month and the due date was in the past, it showed up as being overdue for that month. Also, on some accounts I’ve paid a month or two ahead to have an emergency cushion. Seeing overdue when it’s not, is stress inducing.
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4 years ago, leelpatt
Pro Membership Available
So, in looking for a debt snowball app I wanted to compare the prices. Apple has this feature for “in-app purchases” so you can see the price of the upgrade(s) before you download an app. This one didn’t have that, so I assumed it was free. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a free app - but I wanted to make an informed decision on whether or not the price was worth the features for each app I considered. However, after downloading this and signing up I found there is a pro-membership. Finding the fees for that requires you to go to Safari and sign in on the web - pretty cumbersome and then I find the fee is a monthly $5 (or less if you pay more upfront). The product seems to work well enough so far, but all of the steps to get an accurate picture of the cost seems incongruous with the nature of your product.
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4 years ago, jfhrjfifj
Perfect app to get out of debt!!
I kept paying the minimum payment on my credit cards and never seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. With this app. I am able to track everything and see the progress I am making. Just put in all your debt, add you minimum payments and APR, and add any additional money you want to put towards your debt each month and it will give a detailed layout of the exact month you will be DEBT FREE. It uses the snowball effect, meaning once you pay off one debt, you put that minimum payment towards the next debt you want to pay off and so forth. I also purchased the app to be able to use it on my laptop to keep track of it as well. Highly recommend if you haven’t downloaded already!!!
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11 months ago, Tom Weldmore
Awesome app to get out of debt.
Look, the methods work if you are able to follow them. You must follow them despite any second guessing you may have. However, sometimes we have setbacks that won’t allow us to. Like a car breaks down or an appliance needs to be replaced or fixed. That’s when you it is harder to follow the app. When or if that happens, do your best to catch it up later. Remember when you pay off something, you are not freeing up that money for other things, you are going to use that money to compound that next debt. This is how it works. Don’t use it for play money or you will never get out of debt. Good luck and stay the course.
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3 years ago, brandon From state farm
Good but could use tweaks
Easy UI and great information. Valuable enough that I purchased the 2 year membership because I like to play with numbers. Cons: It forces you to snowball or avalanche all bills. There is no option to just not roll a paid off bill into the next larger bill. I’ve accepted that my wife will always have a car payment but this app assumes she won’t get another vehicle before our mortgage is paid off. Suggestions #1: The ability to easily schedule future RECURRING one time payments would be amazing. I don’t want to manually input 24 separate biennial one time payments. Each new payment starting from todays date too. Suggestion #2: Allow me to schedule biweekly payments even if it is a monthly bill.
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4 years ago, Amyb0776
I love this app
This is a great app to guide you in paying off your debt. It does not ask for account numbers just names, balances and interest rates. You can put any name for the debt if you do not want to use the real name. It even has introductory rates available. The only thing I would add is maybe a deferred spot for student loans. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with only paying an extra $75 a month on my debts. I have even turned my sister in law onto this app. When I added my new mortgage and it showed I could be debt free in under 10 years for my car, credit cards, student loans and a new mortgage, I was ecstatic. I am not one to stick to a budget but I do pay my bills, even if it is just the minimum, and I have been logging every payment and excited to do so.
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2 years ago, Llallalla0117
This App is Seriously Life Changing
I don’t think I’ve ever written a review for an app but I came here to say that if you’re starting your journey of being more mindful of your debt and actively trying to change your spending habits, this app is necessary. I’ve been using it for 3 months now and it’s helped me see my spending more clearly and plan to rid myself of debt. Today after using is for 3 months I just paid for 2 years of pro (something I never do on apps) because I see this being an app I use maybe forever? It’s seriously so amazing to help you stay organized and successful in paying off your debts! Can’t say enough good things!!!!
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11 months ago, Pngwnlvr
Just Okay
This is good in theory. There are some limitations that I find quite annoying. At this stage manual entry just isn’t necessary. The technology exists to link accounts to get exact numbers which cuts down on user error. That’s the first thing. The second thing, if you are someone who paid ahead of your due date, you’re going to get a weird warning when you say you have $0 minimum due on the due date. Third, this one if particularly annoying. There is exactly 1 month that doesn’t have at least 30 days. ONE. So it does not make any sense that you can’t enter the 30th as a due date “because not all months have 30 days.” February. February is the only month that doesn’t have at least 30 days. Instead of requiring us change all of our due dates in this app to accommodate the ONE month that doesn’t have 30 days, wouldn’t it just make more sense to do what every other calendar does just trust that the customer knows how to enter a date from a calendar? I simply cannot understand the rationale behind making this restriction 11 months of the year. If I’m honest, I would have given the app 3 stars on this alone because it’s that illogical.
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6 months ago, D everything
This is a great app
I love that I can update my debt, payment, and choose my options for debt payoff. The app is user friendly and the results it produces are extremely easily to follow. I really love the adaptability of the results it produces from the changes in debt balances, timeline for payoff, and the frequency in payments to meet the deadline. It also goes the extra mile of offerings free materials to read on healthy money habits. Warning, you have to manually enter your info. It does not give you the options to sync your information from an outside source. Overa, this is an outstanding app to payoff your debt.
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2 years ago, Jgartor
Good but it was better before
When I first downloaded it was easy to mark stuff down. It was actually pretty easy to see exactly where you were with your debt and it tells you exactly how long is going to take you to pay off a debt which is great… now they changed it to a 2.0 version that I sincerely can’t understand, making changes is so hard, it keeps saying something about funds, I paid for the subscription and I regret it… I get that is supposed to give you an estimate of the interest rate but is not even close. It used to be so easier to add payments and now is not. I rather use the older version, their Q&A is very bare and whatever you update in the desktop version… won’t update in the app
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5 years ago, kelliswen
Helpful Snapshot
Hi! I really love this app and the picture that it gives/plan it has helped me make. I also like that I am able to enter promotional APRs! One thing that would be EXTREMELY helpful to me would be the ability to check off that my planned payments for the month had been made. Or, a way to know that I had reached my payoff goal/plan for the month. As someone who was spreading myself too thin trying to pay everything at once, I would like to be able to see that I am “done” with making payments for the month and that I’ve paid “enough” to stay on track with my plan. Thank you!
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11 months ago, alliexsonnn
Good concept, but a lot of manual work.
I was feeling really good about this app on day one when I took the time to input all of my many accounts, balances, interest rates, etc…. Only to realize that this app would need to be another thing to keep on top of, along with the many accounts and payments I’m juggling. In my opinion, this would be a 5-star app if it could link to each of my accounts and automatically detect when a payment is made, and reflect the new accurate balance after each payment. I will be deleting my account, simply because I can’t keep up with manually inputting each changing balance each month, so the app is not effective for me.
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4 years ago, Sisterbigbones
I can see clearly now!!!
I have more than 20 cc’s several loans and I could not see a way out. After entering my information into this app. It’s really helped me put things into perspective. Although I have a long journey ahead of me I can see it’s possible. It is quiet tedious to enter and update your info but it keeps you honest. Also motivates me to become more aggressive in paying down my debt. And NOT continue to use credit. It’s worth the $24 per year. You will not be disappointed. I was considering bankruptcy. But with some sacrifice and dedication I’ll be debt free in 4 1/2 years.
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1 year ago, AWgettingdone
Very Impressed!!
I have struggled for years and through countless other apps to help me create an easy to understand plan that allows me to customize what I want to pay off, when, and how. This app is truly the best I have found so far. Set up was a breeze and very intuitive, I only needed to seek out one or two answers to help with my personal customizations. I love the dashboards and how things are displayed. The data you need is displayed clearly without overcrowding or too many options. This is just right!! Thank you so much!
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2 years ago, uma2000
Does a great job
Everything I needed, nothing I didn’t. I have been through many apps and glad I finally found this one. You can enter your debt details, a couple different scenarios and good access for free. Love the graphics and layout. Other free apps I invested time entering info then they would hit you with a fee to continue. This app is very transparent in what you get, and I got everything I needed. You just have to upgrade to get more features to play with. The adds and push to upgrade very low key. Enjoyed, 5 stars
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3 years ago, itsangelanewman
Great app
I love this app! Helps break down the expenses owed to credit and debt collections to make the monthly payments. This app told me less than 2 years I can get at least 6 of my debts paid off within this year and my car payment less than 2 years compare to 5 years if I stick with this plan method. I like this app to stay on track of debt and motivated goals that I’m upgrading to the year subscription until I’m debt free! Get this app if you’re trying to pay off debt fast and be debt free this app works!
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4 years ago, Polarrose123
Good, but could be better.
This makes it easy to track my debt and it encourages me to look at my debts each month and really keep everything in mind. I just wish that in the snapshot of the debts that it gives you it would show you the minimum payments and interest rates so you don’t have to click into each one to look at it. It would help me make more informed decisions on how to handle it all and how to approach a mixture of snowball and avalanche methods to best get out of debt by letting me compare everything on one screen instead of trying to remember a bunch of different numbers while clicking into each debt.
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1 year ago, sfh1958
Nothing special for the subscription except losing the ads
Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice app. But really, the subscription doesn’t offer much except you don’t have to deal with ads. Oh, maybe if you have a lot of debtors, it would be an advantage, but I don’t, so the free version would’ve worked fine. I expected a lot more from the subscription, and all I see I can do in my case, is just change the colors of my bills. Woo-hoo- not. Oh, and you can’t change your mind. You don’t get a trial, you pay your subscription fee and they have your money. Should have stuck with the free version for myself.
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8 months ago, lowell62
Nice way to track all of my debts and choose a pay down method. A great feature is being able to easily switch strategies if I change my mind. I was having a problem with migrating from one version to the other, but the developer promptly helped me resolve the it. I do wish I could connect my accounts so they updated in real time, but then again, updating them manually makes me pay more attention to what’s happening with them. All in all, well done!
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5 years ago, NuclearWynter
Really good app but needs one thing
I wanted to give this app 5 stars but I couldn’t. it is a great app but fact that it doesn’t build into the app the calculation needed to allow you put in your total payment and deduct your principal paid based on APR. I would have even given it 5 stars if that was a feature offered on the paid version of the app but it doesn’t appear that’s the case. The result is I have to use an amortization spreadsheet in Excel to determine the amount of principal I paid from a total payment then I put that in the app. It’s an extra step I wish I didn’t have to do. Otherwise great app.
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5 years ago, areguera
Just two things missing
I am loving this app. However i found that 2 important features are missing. You can put your actual balance but theres no way to put the starting balance off the debt so you can track how much you paid off since yo started using the app but nit a true value for the debt. The other feature that will bump my score to 5 stars will be if the app is able to automatically deduct every month the minimum payments from your accounts and leaving the manual input so you can add the extra payment you did to the debt you are working at said time.
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6 months ago, Atron T
This app instills hope by visualizing the decrease in your debt. It offers informative videos guiding you through the process, ensuring clarity. Previously, I doubted I could escape debt quickly, but the app motivates by illustrating progress. Watching myself move towards financial freedom encourages me to save more and accelerate the process. The flexibility to choose a debt repayment model, such as the snowball effect, is empowering. I anticipate paying off my house in six years, a surprisingly promising outcome that excites me. A solid 5 out of 5 stars!
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4 years ago, Lotusflower10
A solid plan!
I’ve used other apps on my debt pay off journey. This is super easy. I paid for the Pro version (I hate ads). I love the concise plan to pay off. I just started with this app today on 28 Nov. The 3 stars is because I put my due dates in and the app says that my payments are past due. It should calculate that 20 Nov is past and roll to 20 Dec. There is no “ Help” link so I don’t know how to fix this. It’s a small thing I know, but it just doesn’t make sense to me. I logged in on my laptop to see if there was an option to fix this, but I don’t see it. I tec combs the app because I’m always second guessing my self on what to pay when I have extra $.
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6 years ago, mudmasher
Called it quits
I’m sorry to say I had to call it quits for this app. I’ve been using it for a while now but have had consistently increasing problems with stability and crashing. I was able to tolerate that for a while because of its great user interface and features, but manually adding the payment after manually calculating the interest and fees became too cumbersome, especially when the app would randomly refresh losing all my work. I’m sad to say I had to move on to a different app 😢. There are several apps that do all of the interest calculations and payments automatically with an easy tap of a button and don’t charge a fee for “pro features”. I’m now using them. Sorry.
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4 years ago, Project Mgr
Uniquely worth the price!
I love this app! The developer is smart to incorporate into the design the ability to view three different payoff models. It’s easy to run different options to compare the best outcome for your specific situation. One option allows for you to define the order precedence yourself. I personally like this option the best. For example, I wanted to pay off an collateralized auto loan before moving on to my non-collateralized credit cards. I will definitely renew my subscription until I am totally debt free. Great app!
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7 months ago, Parvani Symphony
Mostly Good
I like most of the options that are available, but in reality I could track this just as easily on my own. My one complaint would be that it has the option to put in the interest rates, but it doesn’t seem to actually utilize them (aside from just using it for priority of payoff). For example, after paying my bill at the end of the month, the interest is not calculated and added to my bill, which results in me having to readjust totals. I do like the visuals that the app has, but I wish it could calculate some additional things.
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3 years ago, Mrs.Kimberlyy
Everything is gone.
I’ve been using this app for along time. I really like it because it kept me on track knowing I had a beginning balance of $80,000 and have now gotten it down to about $20,000 in debt. Only issue I have is I opened my app the other day to add my weekly payments in and everything was GONE. It doesn’t allow me to add anything back just tells me to sign up for pro membership on the website. I’ve deleted the app, signed it online, reinstalled, re signed in and everything nothing is working. Super disappointed as this was my favorite app out of every app I have tried out in the past. I really hope this issue gets resolved soon :( if and when it does I’ll fix my review.
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4 months ago, Gamegirl999999
Wow…love it
Where has this app been all my life?? I have heard about the snowball and avalanche plan for debt payoff but it was always so hard for me to figure out what to pay and who to pay first. I was terrified putting all my debt in and thought that it would be 100 years to be debt free. When the program told me 5 years and exactly what to pay on each month for everything I almost fell over!! I love having a 5 year plan!!! Thanks so much for this app!
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7 years ago, ESlike711
Idea is good...
It’s not completely user friendly. It does not include commas, even for five figures. I tried to include them myself, and it erased the entire entry. Very irritating. It is also inconvenient to have to enter in my payment to my principle only. I have to search for that on my loan website, and it gets tedious. However, aside from that, I do like the layout. I like that it shows the progress I’ve made, how far extra payments will get me, and current & starting balance. But please include commas! Seeing a bunch of digits next to each other is not settling to the eye when you’ve been trained your whole life to use commas for 5+ figures.
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2 years ago, Wvjyfbtrbhyvhschyvbtgbyfv
Great app for tracking debt payoffs
My app looks nothing like the screenshots. Not sure the update did what it was supposed to do. The app does what it says and is acceptably accurate in calculating payoff dates. The only complaint I have is the charts. They’re pretty useless. They show noting meaningful and look like some random lines on a chart to me. A useful chart would show original payoff timeline vs your planned timeline or original interest vs planned timeline interest. Looking at the charts more the “paying the minimum” portion of the chart doesn’t display correctly
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8 months ago, Ufucjdjdjdjjddjfkcm
Amazing app - helps anyone get organized & plan
This is exactly the app I needed - it lets me track multiple accounts, plan out payments, compare payoff methods - avalanche, snowball or custom. It’s easy to use & gives tons of helpful info. Couldn’t recommend it enough for anyone battling their way out of debt. Makes it feel manageable & easy to see exactly what happens each month with interest rates, effects of extra payments per month, etc.
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8 months ago, O757
Love Love Love the new version
I enjoyed having the information on the first version of the app, but it was not user friendly and it was a bit confusing for me so I never really used it and I had purchased the pro version, but as I’m starting to get serious about paying off debt again, this new version has me really excited and optimistic to get out of debt. I never write reviews on apps but well done on this updated version.
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8 years ago, anime-mistress
I've used several different apps, trying to find the right one for my needs. After one session with this app, I knew I had the right one! Even though my bills only show in the order I enter them, the breakdown of how to pay, what to pay and for how long is easy to follow and specific. Everything you need is available if you enter everything you can, right down to the interest rate! I am now following my plan and loving the results!!
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2 years ago, Ashhiiee18
Great concept but not user friendly
I love the concept of this all but find it’s not very user friendly. I don’t understand the purpose of the “recurring funding” and the app doesn’t allow me to record when I make extra payments. The extra payments I make are sporadic because they’re made when I have the extra money. I’m not sure if I’m missing something, or if it’s just not possible to record these extra payments. Either way though, it’s frustrating. There needs to be a more user friends way for payments to be recorded.
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1 year ago, Banana butt🍌
Great App!
So far, I’m really liking this app. It lets me customize the debts the way I want to pay them off. Most only let you use snowball or avalanche and I want a combination. Also, I can play around with how much extra I want to pay towards debt and it will show you exactly when your debts will be paid off and shows details in each month. The free version doesn’t offer all of that, but it’s worth the $24 a year to me!
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6 years ago, Ekabna
Helping me reach my goals!
I have used this app for probably 6 months now. Had a few questions early on and support emailed back quickly with solutions. This gives me a monthly snapshot of where I am financially and how long it will take me to reach my payoff month. It makes it simple. If I make the payments as suggested, I will be debt free in August 2021! I would never be able to figure out how much to send to what creditor to make that happen on my own. So glad I found this app!
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2 years ago, Scremped
Can’t do anything but look at it now
I opened the app the other day and was prompted to migrate my history and details to the DPP2. Boy was that a mistake. First off the new design is pretty pitiful because almost all the names of the cards and the debts are pushed to the right so they are cut off on the screen. Since we can’t rotate the phone with this app we’re left to have to open each individual debt to view info Second where is the thing where I can tap to add payments I have made? I am looking all over and all I see is previous progress and the upcoming strategy. But I have no ability to add the payments I am making. So it would seem that my info is just going to remain in limbo from now on. I made a big mistake allowing the app to move me to DPP2. Don’t allow this if you want to be able to use this app like you have before. And developers please have a button or option to go back to DPP1 somewhere. Otherwise I will have to look elsewhere to track my debt and progress.
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