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User Reviews for Decluttr

3.98 out of 5
3.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Kimmy011
Not bad
Was super Leary at first due to the bad reviews but In the end wasn’t too bad at all. Took a very long to get to them my one box ( they pay for shipping so it’s the slowest ) they claim to pay you after they receive your items. That isn’t true at all come to find out. They received my box on a Tuesday... didn’t actually “receive “ it till Thursday & paid Friday the next day . They then check your items. I was scared they were gonna offer me a lower price on my tech but they didn’t. After they checked my items it only went down $2 so in the end wasn’t awful at all. I think they should clarify their meaning of receiving your items and shipping could be faster but would definitely sell again to this company :)
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5 years ago, NikNakJS
Rudest and Slowest Customer Service * Do Not Trust Them
My order arrived at Decluttr and began processing over ten days ago. I still have not received my payment. I rejected an offer on my iPad mini and when it was returned to me via USP it was still turned on with less than 3% battery and no longer takes charge. This was not the condition it was sent in. I emailed decluttr but after 48 hrs still received no response. I reached out via phone on the third day and spoke with the rudest customer service agent. Instead of apologizing for the delays on my pending payment and expressing concern about the handling of my iPad, she proceeded to lecture me on the volume of packages they receive daily and let me know that she wouldn’t be able to help me. Apparently they don’t keep managers on staff during all business hours and so no manager was available to discuss my iPad. Today(nearly 5 days after my initial email) I received an email saying my payment for the other items will be received in three days. It was apparent that they didn’t carefully read my email because the iPad resolution offered doesn’t make sense given the problem. A simple apology and common sense resolution would have gone a long way, but instead their lack of customer has left me frustrated, unpaid, and with broken equipment. Please Please Please Do Not Trust Them with your items!!
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4 years ago, Hajiofthefirepeople
Don’t—they are scammers
I had one good experience with them selling some CDs. Then I made the mistake of sending them my AppleTV. Then I get a message saying they were going to downgrade my offer because things were missing. First they said they couldn’t take it because I didn’t send an HDMI cable even though AppleTVs aren’t sold with HDMI cables. I guess I was supposed to send one for free to them?! They then said my remote was missing, but it was absolutely in there. I told them exactly how and where it was packaged in the box, but of course they didn’t recheck. I asked them to send all the materials I packed the stuff in back to me, but of course they didn’t send any of the original materials. So basically they stole my remote. AND when I tried to contact customer service, they were incredibly unhelpful. They just kept saying “your remote wasn’t sent” over and over. And twice they just disconnected from the chat without warning. So, unless you are confident that all their warehouse employees are thorough and honest, don’t use this service. They won’t give you any recourse if they lose your stuff. PLEASE be smarter than me (and all the other negative reviews) and skip this service. You might have a good experience like I did the first time, or you might just get ripped off, like I did the second time.
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2 years ago, Bryant 4 ever
Horrible app
I feel like a lot of people should pay attention to this ad because they are not receiving what they are promise for the stuff that they are turning into this app even this app will accept your stuff have you ship it out and then tell you at the last minute that your stuff wasn’t needed but the system will accept it and said to add a price you’ll be under the impression that you receiving what you have turned in and later they’ll tell you after the system have accepted your stuff that they never needed your stuff in the first place when they give you all the options to choose what you really have so you can submit it and the system will accept it but then they will critique your stuff and deny it on top of it they will change the price they changed my price on my Xbox 360 and my controller twice and both of them workAnd I spoke to representative and they told me that they were going to set my stuff but only paid me four dollars for it but that they didn’t need my stuff so I did advise to her that I want my stuff shipped back out to me and they told me that they can’t have it out to me for another three days this is horrible and absurd and I won’t ever use this app again or recommend it to friends and family
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1 year ago, danniblue22f
Not good
I’ve gotten some payments from selling DVDs to Decluttr but they seem shady. They tell you an amount that you’ll be getting and then after the fact they lower the amount and frequently say that “items were missing” when I know for a fact they weren’t. If you’re just selling old DVDs that you don’t care about you can make a few bucks but don’t count on them being completely honest with the amounts you will get. Their customer service is slow and sometimes they just don’t respond unless you keep contacting them. If you’re looking for a decent place to sell DVDs try Eagle Saver instead. I’ve found that on average they pay at least double if not triple what Decluttr pays. They also will return any DVDs that they reject free of charge if you choose to have them sent back to you. They send an email stating whether an item was missing or whether an item was scratched and they give you the exact UPC and title of the item so you know. Decluttr doesn’t do this at all they just give you randomly less money. Also sometimes they just don’t even send your payment at all so you really have to keep an eye on that and contact them to make sure your payment is sent.
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3 years ago, Livingfora1up
Deceitful payout rates (CDs)
I was getting ready to send in my first order the other day, as I have a few hundred CDs to get rid of. Started off well, getting an average of $0.30-$0.40 a piece. Not bad for CDs! After I scanned 20 or so, I noticed I was starting to see a lot of $0.05 offers and a bunch of CDs they’re “not accepting at this time”, so I set those aside. Fast forward, I’ve scanned probably 60 using their subpar barcode scanner, now seeing an average of $0.05-$0.10 with a large pile of rejected albums. It was at this point I started seeing offers for $0.01. A LITERAL PENNY! Getting pretty suspicious now, so I saved my order and logged out of my account. I decided to start open the app as a guest and rescan my “rejected” pile. Lo and behold, they all scanned for an average of $0.30-$0.40 a piece! The exact same CDs that earlier on a larger order, they were offering a penny or outright rejecting. SHADY COMPANY FOR SURE! They lure you in with attractive prices and once you’ve invested time and effort, they start ripping you off. I cancelled my order and will sell the CDs elsewhere. Looking at the other reviews, there would almost certainly be more problems had I proceeded. Not a company I’ll do business with any time soon. Get your act together Decluttr!
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2 years ago, Unique Name # 4
2nd experience was not good
My first time using Decluttr’s services was a few years ago. The process was very easy and I ended up getting more for my device than I’d originally thought. I recently used Decluttr to get rid of a device I had no use for any longer, to get some much needed cash. After following the instructions and sending the device out, it arrived at Decluttr’s location 5 days later. After about a day in their possession I was told my device was locked (which it wasn’t) and that they couldn’t issue payment. Having been told my device was locked, I had concerns however there wasn’t any specific information surrounding the verdict. I immediately opened a case with support to get more information, of which was never answered. I received an automated response asking me how my customer service was, even though I hadn’t gotten helped by anyone. It seems like the support is a general service that assist multiple companies by how you submit a ticket. Unfortunately it was a one off experience for me and I can’t suggest anyone else use this service, especially with my experience and the lack of customer service.
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5 years ago, 02/07/2019
Worst experience
I thought working with this company would be an easy process it had good reviews seemed simple. It has been far from that. I sent in my device over a month ago still waiting on payment. They keep telling me I’m sending your check today but then I wait and have to call after not receiving anything even an email of confirmation, they say the same thing again with a new story of things wrong with my device that is delaying it when I say just send my device back then because I know there aren’t any problems with it, it turns out to just be their inspectors errors when reviewing my device. I’m hoping that I actually get either my device or the check sent to me today as told. Hoping if I get the device back instead of the check that it isn’t damaged. When I asked the phone agent to send me an email verifying the info I was being told since I have not received anything with verification of what I am told when I call in she said she has to disconnect and ended the call. This has been such a frustrating experience I don’t recommend them to anyone or plan to use them again.
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4 years ago, Smashbag
Excellent start to finish
On receipt of my new iPhone 12 pro on 24th October I set about looking for the best price for my old 8 plus. I certainly wasn’t going to try and sell it on eBay with all the risks that entails. So I tried Decluttr. I first got a price for my 8 plus using the very easy to use Decluttr app. The price offered was substantially more than Xfinity or Apple. I accepted the price. Opened a Decluttr account with option to have sale monies paid into my bank account. I then printed the free shipping label. Took it to UPS and waited, I used the tracking service available. On Wednesday 28th tracking advised my phone had been delivered to Decluttr. On Friday 30th I received an email from Decluttr to confirm receipt and that my phone was being checked by their tech department to confirm that it was what I said it was. Saturday 31st I received an email confirming all was good and that the payment monies would be in my bank account within three business days. Wednesday 4th November ..... monies received. The whole process was ridiculously simple, highly efficient and very quick. Two of my relatives are now selling their old iPhones this way too. The great things about this service is that it’s free for shipping, easy to use, good price paid, very quick and peace of mind that you’re not having to deal with some idiot trying to scam you !
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2 years ago, theREAL_hnXs
⚠️Use gazelle👍 instead of declutter👎... Google it...
I had the WORST experience with these guys. They offered me $100 each for my Apple Watch 4 devices. During the app interactions prior to sending in my watch they neglected to inquire about the $3 plastic strap that was in the box when it was first opened brand new from apple. They only asked if there was damage and did it function. I sent the watch and they STOLE IT. NEVER RETURNED IT OR PAID ME FOR IT. They sent an reduced offer of $9 for not having the. Wristband with it. They NEVER ONCE stated anything about "must have the wristband" or "does it have a wristband" or "we will reduce the offer by $91 if the $3 plastic wristband does not accompany the device when sent." Of course that offer was illogical, outrageous and rude so I did not accept it. Then they just stopped responding and never gave it back. Gazelle does this same business model, but they do it the right way and don't screw over their users. Gazelle actually does what declutter pretends to do. DO NOT TRUST THESE BLUE COLLAR FRAUDSTERS!
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4 years ago, IamLonnie
They don’t follow up on their promises
It wasn’t just Pete that didn’t respond to me until after I got my money so he didn’t have to actually find anything out or solve anything it’s the entire company overall I will not be suggesting you guys to anybody and it may not mean much but you have lost my business. They say next day payment(which I understand means we’ll send your money the next day it could take 3 days after that) ok that’s cool they wait almost an entire week after the initial week of me sending in my items and lying and saying my iPhone 6 was faulty and lowering my price by 50 dollars for some reason when It was originally 30 and went to 10 dollars I messaged about that no response at all completely ignored me but answered later for my payment inquiry
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4 years ago, Aidan not Aiden
Not great, but easier than other selling options.
Pros: Very easy to sell books, dvds, etc (I haven’t sold tech). They pay shipping costs. Quicker and easier than trying to sell on eBay or organize a garage sale. Cons: Payment is low, about what you’d expect to make if you sold at a garage sale (avg about $0.50 per book/dvd). Takes forever to get paid and you will probably have to email customer service to move things along. If there is an issue preventing them from paying you THEY WILL NOT CONTACT YOU ABOUT IT, your order will just sit in limbo. The app itself is glitchy and stops scanning every 2-3 items, so I have to go to my basket then back to the scanner to get it to work. If you save your basket you definitely want to complete the order within the 14 days, because the media they buy and the price they buy at changes constantly. If you forget the complete the order you probably won’t make as much money.
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5 years ago, silver_99
Deceitful and Dishonest trade practices.
I sent them A brand new iPhone and as previous reviewers have stated they are intentionally deceitful about when the package is received. They do NOT pay the same day as received. They only pay after having the item 2-3 days than processing the item, than they pay. So they intentionally dishonest with the claim they pay after item is received. But the bigger issue for me is they have at this point stolen my iPhone. They sent me emails claiming 2 different reasons for not paying for my phone. Both being complete lies and dishonest. Now they are ignoring my emails and will not respond. Claimed they mailed it back to me and gave me tracking for a package that was not mine and going to Tennessee when I live on the west coast. They have for all intense purposes just fraudulently stolen a $1,300 iPhone... I have just contacted the State of Georgia Attorney Generals office and filed criminal complaint of fraud & deceptive dishonest trade practices against them. So learn for me ... do not send them anything. Complete fraud.
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5 years ago, Phbtivfgkll
I wish I could give Decluttr zero stars. They are total scammers and getting a hold them is near impossible. It took over a month to receive my payment. They also shorted me $90! Was suppose to receive around $200 and ended up with $104. I did receive one email initially about one of my items being faulty, which I accepted their new offer price. Not once, did I receive any information about them lowering my iPhone down by $90. I told them I’d rather have the phone back then. I know nothing was wrong with it. When I called, the agent said he’d call back in a few minutes after he spoke to a manger. Of course, no call back. I processed to call a few hours later and they actually HUNG UP on me before I could speak. Called again and after 15 mins on hold and multiple attempts, no answers. No responses to email. Nothing. I honestly can’t understand how a company like this can be in business. It’s a total scam. They should be ashamed of their business.
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4 years ago, $$$Winwin$$$
I have tried several tech mail-in apps/companies and Decluttr was my best experience yet!! I am an avid eBay seller, yet I did my research & the quote I received from Decluttr was on-point with current iPhone XS sales trends so i decided to save myself the hassle & send mine in. I even found a promo for an extra 10% for my first sale! To the negative reviewers: CALL your cellular provider or Apple to make sure ur imei is clear!! They can also unlock ur device & u can get extra cash!! FOLLOW ALL steps prior to sending in any tech & make sure u read everything. It’s not that hard. DONT expect to be paid out top $ just bc u clicked perfect condition. If u know u dropped it in water that one time but got lucky... dont be surprised when you are provided a lower offer once a device has been inspected!! Send your items in a TIMELY manner. The world of tech changes by the minute!! Obtain your offer the day you send your tech that way there should be no monetary disputes as long as everyone is HONEST. I have had companies cheat me & steal from me. The entire Decluttr process from an easy 2 min quote to $$ directly in my bank took 7-10 days.
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5 years ago, its.jose.
They steal your items! Beware!!
I sent in my phone 2 weeks ago. I received an email that it did not pass inspection because the imei was reported stolen. I bought the phone almost two years ago so I don’t what they are talking about it being stolen. In the email it said I had to prove that the phone was mine or they would not pay it out and KEEP the device. I reached out to the support team and they responded by saying there was a balance due on the phone. Don’t understand how when I bought it two years ago. Reached out to my mobile carrier and was told the imei was not blacklisted so there shouldn’t be an issue. Since being told this by my mobile carrier I have emailed support 3 times and have not gotten a response or any type of pay out. The original email said I had 28 days to prove it was mine. It’s been about 14 and I doubt I’m getting my device back. I will be reaching out the BBB and reporting my phone stolen at this point.
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4 years ago, GameBoyGreg
Took forever to get a reply
Decided to use this app to get rid of a old MacBook Pro. But once I had the model selected and had it sent out. It was delivered according to ups. But the app didn’t indicate it till a day after. Then it said it will look over the items and then issue my payment. Almost 5 days later (as if that wasn’t bad enough) I get a email saying that they don’t except my MacBook Pro...It took you 5 days to realize that??? And on top of that you had the model in your stupid app. I emailed them a couple of times and they only reasoned twice with automated responses. Contacting these people is almost impossible. Never trust a company that doesn’t have a customer service number in use. They need to fix the way you search for tech models on here. So stuff like this doesn’t happen again. Just let my type in the model number and tell me yay or nay instead of selecting from a hard to read list.
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6 years ago, nldkdd
As advertised...for the most part.
This is my first experience with Decluttr, and I looked at all the reviews AFTER I sent in the items, so I was a little wary. The box arrived a day before the website said they received it, which is really not that big of a deal, but the website made it sound like they’d be waiting to go through the items as soon as they arrived. They did send payment the day after they went through everything and it wasn’t that far off from what I was quoted. I only wish they’d take everything I had rather than declining so much. I’d definitely recommend to anyone who has a large cache of unused cds and dvds
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6 years ago, heathenscience
I know from experience that if you want top dollar for your stuff that you have to hustle it. I just don’t have the time or patience. I’ve done 5 orders through them with a total of 1063 items. Cd’s, DVD’s & Blu-rays. I’ve never gotten my quote reduced but can understand if they ever did. It does take longer to get paid than stated but for free shipping I’ll deal. You may get pennies for some items but I’m not paying to ship it, I’m not spending my gas to drive it to Goodwill and I’m gaining much needed space. I take the rejects to Half Price where I get even less per item than Decluttr. So I’m thrilled so far. Hopefully I’ll never have an issue like some reviewers but for now I’m thankful this app is here.
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2 years ago, Phil230087
Scammers all the way
Sent in my mint iPad 7 for $160. They received it and not long after I get an email stating the mic on it was faulty, hmmmm that’s odd considering I tested everything 3x before shipping it and no issues with it previously. They send me a new offer of $16 and I promptly turned it down so fast. Managed to speak with what they call “customer service” and they were rude, non helpful and inconsiderate. Most of their responses to me were emojis….yes, emojis. Fast forward to today when my iPad was returned to me. As before I tested everything numerous times including the mic and guess what? Worked just as it should, shocker I know 🙄🙄🙄. They intentionally say that there is something wrong with your device in hopes that you accept their laughable lowball offer just to turn around and make money. Don’t send your stuff to these people, they’ll scam you quicker then fly on cow dung.
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2 years ago, Prettysweet712
Can’t even print the welcome packet & mailing labels
I don’t know who is running this app but the service is slow and they don’t even read through the issues. I’ve been trying to get in contact with someone. They did respond but it was totally vague like some default answer just to get through the email. So o had to respond to them again about the issue. The issue: when they send you the email of the pdf for the welcome packet and mailing label, the file is not even downloadable due to the file being corrupted. I even went through my account settings to select “download and print” option via iOS on my iPhone. The doc doesn’t load and when I attempt to print over Bluetooth anyway, the app completely crashes. There is some disconnect with level of customer service and technical support. It’s unbelievable.
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4 years ago, playawaythepain
Very happy customer
I have been using Decluttr for quite some time now. I am amazed at how much I have been able to send to them and receive payment for! Books, CDs, video games, phone, you name it! My home is being de cluttered, I don’t have to rely on tag sales to try to recoup something for items, and the app is so easy to use! There are also options for payment including check, direct deposit, and PayPal. You get paid within a day of them checking in your stuff. What could be easier? Just add items to your basket, when you are done you can print out a shipping label and drop off at UPS. So easy, and the money adds up!
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5 years ago, Allie52424
Super disappointed
I sent in an unopened cd and an almost brand new droid turbo 2 phone in the SAME box. They were delivered via UPS 3/22. I’d been checking my app daily to see if my items were received and my tracking number said yes, while the app still said waiting for items to arrive. I reached out to Decluttr and got no reply. Another week passed and I reached out again and actually received a reply. Not the reply I was hoping for. They said they were still waiting for my phone to arrive but they go the cd. I told the agent they were sent in the SAME box. They’re now investigating because they obviously lost or threw away the cell phone. I saw Decluttr on the today show and was very excited to check them out. I will be waiting to hear back from them and I really hope they do what is right which would be to pay me what they quoted me for the items I sent them!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Jonathan Soutcott
This app is absolutely amazing. Everything is very easy and they are very helpful. I have used Decluttr two times and just sent my third box of items. The first two times were great it’s a can be a little slow with the items being accepted but, I think it is worth it. I have received full payment both times I’ve sent items of mine. Sometimes if you send in a tech item and say it’s in good condition they might reduce it to poor but it’s probably reasonable and worth it. It’s by far the easiest and best app to sell things on. I definitely recommend using this.
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2 years ago, Pdoffjas72
The inicial process was fine. I sent my phone off and unfortunately it was rejected because it wasn’t completely paid off completely understandable, however when they sent it back there was scratches all over the front of the screen that were not there before. Mind you I always keep ALL of my devices protected with cases and full edge to edge tempered glass screen protector’s. I checked it before sending it off and described it as great condition no scratches. There is no reason it should return to me in any condition less than I sent it off. I reached out to customer service. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL and now I’m left with a device that is worth way less due to the extent of the scratches. If you decide to sent it to them make sure you document the condition with pictures before hand!!!
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11 months ago, filthydemongodofheaviness
You can do better elsewhere
So the app works fine but the money they offer for CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray is a joke. I sell CDs on another platform so I did a comparison of my three most recent sales. Going with Decluttr I would have received $1.22, instead after fees and shipping I cleared $9.20, which is a significant difference of about $8.00. So if you don’t care how much you get and don’t want to spend much time selling your collection Decluttr might be for you but I think I can easily make 10 times and maybe more doing it myself. Decluttr also will not catch releases that have increased significantly in value , for example I bought a CD for about $6.00 a decade ago and sold it last month for $40. I doubt Decluttr would have given me anything close to $40.
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4 years ago, SacredDreams
This company needs closed down.
They said my item was rejected. A pristine Samsung Note 10 plus. This phone was in a case the whole time and looked like it was right out of the box. But it was rejected and as per the terms and conditions of their contract they are not going to return it. They say they are going to recycle it which means they are going to sell it. What honest company thinks they have the right to keep an expensive item after they rejected it. There should be laws against these kind of practices and this company should be out of business. My phone has now been STOLEN by this company and in their eyes it’s ok. Because they have it written in the contract. Well when your sending in a phone I’m excellent condition who would think it would get rejected. Stay away. Stay far away. We need to get everyone together and sue this company.
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6 years ago, joeyhearts47
Lies and a scam
First off they will not pay you the next day as they claim on their app. They also will not pay you your bonus if there’s any kind of issue. When you try to reach out to them they take about two days to get back to you. They will find any small reason cannot pay you want an item and then because of their terms and conditions you have no way to get your items back. I had sold them an unopened game and that they claimed the discount damage I don’t know how that’s possible when the game is on opened. I also signed up for the extra 10% bonus and never received it and still have not gotten an answer why I did not. I also never got an answer back on why they did not pay me the next day and took over five days to finally Pay me. I will delete this app very soon!!!
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4 years ago, Ceeceetbh
Simple and easy
I’m happy I had this option to get rid of some old games and DVDs I’ve had sitting in storage for a while now. Instead of throwing them away, I got a little bit of money back for it. It was also very simple, easy and straight forward to use. Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because when I tried to put in a game console, the app kept crashing so I was never able to find the value. Also almost half of the CDs I had weren’t found in their system which is odd for some because there were some really famous collections I’ve had that wasn’t accepted.
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5 years ago, charrahdoll
Please don’t do it
Wish I could rate less than one star. This once good company has turned sour. I sent them my merchandise a month a go and I have not received any money!!!! After speaking with the agent a million times they tell me they will just return my merchandise now here we are 2 weeks later and I still have not received my merchandise they are saying they have lost it. I have to fill Out a claim form which will take another two weeks to process. They are scamming people so please please don’t send them your merchandise you have been warned!!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, ELLE_BX
Deleting this app when I’m done writing this review.
I usually check reviews before using apps, but Declutter was recommended on a website. Silly me. It could be from them lol Registration process is sketchy. Along with other info they asked for that makes sense they also ask for a full birthdate which is weird because that’s not relevant to what they claim they need it for. Nowadays you have to be careful with scammers! That made me hesitant. I continued...I registered the first time on their site then downloaded the app - had to register again because my account wasn’t found??? Then when I got the app I started scanning random items right away. The titles of scanned items did not match what the system pulled up every single time! It also listed prices all under a $1 each. After dealing with that nonsense for maybe ten minutes I quit. I think this is only good if you want to sell iPhones or some devices. However, be careful because I noticed in other reviews that people were complaining of being scammed, rude customer service, or lack of assistance when needed. I will delete this app.
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1 year ago, JuliaTL2
Ok if you can’t get a price anywhere else
I’ve tried multiple sites to send in my old stuff for cash. I’ve used decluttr twice now. My first order was a mix of CDs and books and I got about $30 so I accepted. Got my money. My second order I tried to send about 30 books but less than half were accepted. Kinda weird. But I gave them what I had, got $10, probably not all that worth it but I got my money. Wish they accepted more books (mine are pretty popular too, not random or super old). I’ll try another place to sell my stuff.
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6 years ago, Berries88
This company is awful!! I sent in many dvds and books and one blue-ray (I don’t own a blue-ray player) then after weeks of not receiving payment I looked to see if the package was delivered and it was so I messaged them asking why I hadn’t received payment. The person told me that there were many missing items that I know for a fact were in there including the Blu-ray! I asked her to double check because those items were not at my house and I heard nothing back from them then weeks later received payment with those “missing” items not included. Totally scammed! I would advise anyone to not use this app. I had also asked for them to sent my package back since they lost my items and I was totally ignored. I regret using this app.
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3 years ago, sweetscorpion11
Easy service, actual $
Easy to use and pay outs are quick 1-2 days. This app has helped me a lot over the last year. They even pay for shipping! It’s great and I recommend it to everyone. One day I’ll actually read what happens after the products are received. The amounts are small, but once you start you’ll be scanning everything. I’ve earned somewhere around $75+ so far and counting. Again it’s small but over time it adds up
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3 years ago, McDeezee3000
I sent in an iPhone 10 max 64gb in excellent condition; all accessories and the original box included. They estimated it at $350. Once received, they came back and said my video sound records slightly “muffled.” They counter offered with $75. I said no, return the phone to me. Upon receiving the phone, they sent it to me in a flimsy brown box. They kept my original iPhone 10 max box. I also checked the video sound of the phone. The phone sounded exactly same as my brand new iPhone 12 pro, upon making two of the same video, one with each phone. So, in short, they kept my pristine box and tried to short me money of an excellent quality phone. No response from any customer service. Scammer, fraudulent, thrives. Delete app.
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4 years ago, Shadow_Samurai
At first when I tried this app I was scared that I would be ripped off, but things worked out well the first time. So fast forward 7-8 months later I send them two phones with no issues and in perfect condition and they tell the screen had issues and they offered me 80% less than what they offered so I declined. Got home saw the return box with my phone in it and I turn it on to find it with a bleeding screen. How does a perfectly good phone go from being in great condition to not usable at all. The phone was carefully boxed up with bubble wrap I even put packing envelope that had bubble wrap paddings on the inside. HONESTLY DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME I LOST TWO GREAT CONDITIONS PHONES BECAUSE OF THESE PEOPLE DON’T TRUST THEM REGARDLESS OF THE GOOD REVIEWS BECAUSE THEY WILL SCREW YOU OVER WITH NO RESOLVE FOR A PHONE THEY POTENTIALLY BROKE.
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6 years ago, Mtinks
Be very careful
So a couple issues with this service. 1. They do not pay the day after. Whatever I can deal with that. 2. If they find that your items are not up to par they will reject them. I'm told that in their terms they say they will not return said items that they recycle them but like most people I didn't read them (that's on me). However heres the problem I have with it. At least 2 of the items that were rejected were brand new movies that I just took the digital copy of and then sold to decluttr. So why were they rejected and are they really recycling or are they rejecting them so they don't have to pay for them. Yeah used this service once will never do it again. If you choose to do so at your own risk.
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3 years ago, Lucky Hippy
Seller beware
I recently sent three items in to sell. After carefully reviewing and packaging, I sent them over. Shorty after receipt, I received a drastically reduced offer, citing cosmetic damage. I immediately reached out to their customer service team. This is where things went south. They “escalated” the issue, provided unclear/incomplete responses, sent pictures that did not show the cited damages, all until the offer grace period expired when they immediately shifted their tone to blame me for not responding. All-in-all, I’m not certain what happened to my device, but I do know it was not in the condition they claimed it to be. I would strongly advise those seeking to sell items here to exercise great caution.
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5 years ago, Dragonshano
Pretty easy!
I was nervous to use them because of some bad reviews. I decided to use them anyways. I sold two iPhones I was quoted a price and received a label to send my phones. Sent my phones on April 28th from California and they received it Friday May 3rd. They checked my phones on Monday May 6th and on Tuesday was notified they sent payment of the exact amount they quoted me. Money was Pending in my account today Wednesday May 8th and clear this evening. Process was so seem less definitely will use them again!
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1 year ago, Jack Russell's Rule
Rip off. Bait and switch
I had an IPhone 7 and iPad mini in very good condition in original boxes. Was offered $200, got the label and sent in. I was very happy with this offer. When received, I was told they can’t give me anything for the iPad and only $30 for my phone. I later got an email saying they can’t pay me. I sent several emails with my dissatisfaction. Finally I said “ you can at least give me the $30 for my phone”. Immediately got an email back “thank you for accepting our offer”. I’m actually furious and I hate giving bad reviews and love giving good reviews but they show no interest in customer service. I’m told there are much better services out there.
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6 years ago, VikDragonCC
Easy and Smooth Transaction
I had an old iPad and a couple of video games that I wanted to get rid of. I used this app which offered more money than anyone else. After I agreed to the quote, they sent easy to follow instructions with a prepaid label. I sent the items and I got paid the amount they quoted the day after they received and inspected my items. Just make sure you send all inserts, fillers, whatever came with your movie/game/CD case or they will just recycle it. It’s stated right up front.
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2 years ago, Zeus 1956
No one cares
After submitting an iPhone and iPad, I was informed that the iPhone had a couple of issues. I really found this hard to believe because I removed the cellophane packaging before shipping, it was brand new. However, they adjusted the offer and I decided to refuse. The problem is their website doesn’t work when you are trying to change password because I forgot mine. They send you a link that brings you to a blank page or it says webpage not found. Tried calling, constantly get busy signal. Tried email to which they responded they would get back to me. STILL WAITING!!! This will go to the Illinois States Attorney office if not resolved soon. BEWARE!!!!
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4 years ago, Kjorgie
Terrible Scam! Do NOT send your items!!
I should have read the reviews before sending my items in as they are all right! They require you send a tech item if you don’t have enough books or DVDs, so we sent our basically new WII that we never use. All parts were included and upon receiving it, they revised our offer and said they didn’t receive any of the parts with the WII- total lies...we are very upset with this company and wish we had taken a photo of our items as proof before sending. I highly suggest doing this so they cannot claim they ‘didn’t receive it’. Will NEVER use them again and will tell everyone I know not to either. We are filing a BBB report against them as well.
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3 years ago, Ian Ranus
Read a lot of concerned posts about this. Let me help
So I was really nervous about this as there were posts of people getting screwed over or never getting what they expected as payment. Well i sent in my iPhone 11 Pro Max and got nearly $700 for it. They didn’t ask any questions, they didn’t dispute the condition of my phone, they just paid me! So I had a great experience and I highly recommend them for their services.
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2 years ago, bdjdifnejd
I recently sent an order of two two packages worth $40 after waiting two weeks for my payment, they email me and tell me that i didn't send all of my items or they were lost in transit. Since I sold them them the ps3, why would I want to keep the games for it that nobody likes? Who would open two big packages and steal Final Fantasy for the ps3 out of it? No one likes that game and no one even knows about it, so tell me how they can tell me it got stolen and other games too, but the actual ps3 wasn’t taken? To me its all bull. They are scammers and not to be trusted. I am 15 and have no reason to be lying about this situation, i just wanted all the money I was promised.
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6 years ago, mandi_1
Convenient and easy!
While you probably won’t get rich selling your old books, CDs, DVDs, and electronics through this app, it allows you to quickly and easily get rid of old unwanted items. It’s like a garage sale that you don’t have to actually do anything for! They take almost any item, and The prepaid shipping label makes it even easier to send in your items. I’ve used them multiple times and will continue to do so whenever I clean out my home.
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4 years ago, Flutterbyurgirl
Deserves ZERO stars
This app is a complete scam I sent them a practically new Samsung phone because they quoted $98 which wasn’t great but thinking it would be quick and easy so it wasn’t awful. However once they received it they email me saying the screen was burned and changed the offer to $9!! First off the screen was not broke/burned and secondly I wrapped it extremely good for shipping so when I emailed and asked them to please explain better I got an email back stating I declined the $9 offer so my phone would be mailed back to me ..... but yet STILL no phone! Not even a tracking number? So basically they stole my phone! DO NOT USE - I wish I had read the reviews before using
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4 years ago, SelfCareMaven
Extremely helpful and easy to use!
We were overwhelmed by the number of DVDs we found during our decluttering project! This app is exactly what we needed. This is our 2nd time using them. Our first run -5 big boxes! This time only a small # but I’m sure grateful to Decluttr for accepting the ones they approved. We will put the rest in giveaway. Thank you for this easy to use app! And for helping me declutter our entire home. (What else time do during free time in between zoom meetings?)
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1 year ago, Bduren20
An amazing experience
This app was perfectly compatible with my screen reader on my phone, which really helps me as a blind man be independent! I used the service, I mailed out my old iPhone 12 mini and less than a week later it was received, and payment was issued to my PayPal account. and it was the original price they quoted me was the amount I was paid!!! this was a fantastic experience. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Garbie87
“Next day payment” is total BS
The tracking on my package said they received my order on Monday. I sent an email Wednesday to find out why they still show it on their site as not yet delivered. I received no response. It’s now Friday and I finally got an email saying they received my order, but they don’t recognize “an item.” They don’t say what it is, but now my order total shows about $30 less than before, so I assume it’s the item they were paying the most for - a 4th gen iPod touch with a $29 payout. How can it suddenly be an item they don’t recognize when they agreed to pay for it?! It’s not locked. Find my iPhone was turned off. It’s total bull crap. I will never sell to them again.
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