deej - DJ turntable. Mix, record, share your music

3.5 (58)
71.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for deej - DJ turntable. Mix, record, share your music

3.5 out of 5
58 Ratings
5 years ago, Muse#IK
Dropbox upload is not working
The app works well but you can’t upload the file to a cloud service (Dropbox option doesn’t work). So your audio file remains stuck in the app. It would be nice if at a minimum the files were backed up by Apple iCloud.
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4 years ago, TXUSA72
Nice app to play with and mix but...
It seems that there’s no further development on this app but at least give people drop box access. It gives some error message that the platform is outdated (?!) when attempting drop box sign in.
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7 years ago, Musistics
Update Missing Soundcloud
Love Deej app but latest update is buggy. No Soundcloud radio button to upload recordings. Hoping a new update with bug fixes will come out soon.
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5 years ago, Ty-Ty-Hehe
App only supports discontinued media service
So I purchased this app after much searching. Does not work with any of my purchased music. Going through the app I see Pulselocker is an option, or so I thought. The app continues to advertise it can interface with Pulselocker, but it can’t. Pulselocker was discontinued in 2017. Don’t waste your time or money
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4 years ago, Dj fox_nick_wilde
Needs an update
I can’t play my recordings anymore one day I can and the next I can’t please fix it!!!
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5 years ago, subsurf23
Mikeyy Livayy 🚨🚒🔥🧯
Terrific app but the records not spinning like other apps I’m not so pleased about could you fix that because it doesn’t comply with my company guidelines.
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5 years ago, Jigalata1
This app has the potential to make you a lot of money. Make Apple Music playable without having to purchase, and set pitch continuous play on while albums
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14 years ago, eliaseg
It works as described.
First, The lunatic worried about sending these guys your music need not worry because that's not how it works. Your iPad turns into an FTP server and allows your pc to connect to it on the local network. Its strictly a trainer dj app. No way to output a mix, and screwy headphone review makes it a deal blower for me. For anyone that wants to learn, this is probably the app for you. Otherwise...ehhh. Performance is actually pretty cool, but needs more features.
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4 years ago, Purdydangerous
Rock solid
I’ve had the app for over 10 years. Gets the party on the dance floor!!!
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6 years ago, fazeband
Love it, nothing complicated, simple layout. Watch out for tracks that are protected, otherwise it's great.
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2 years ago, scrdvgf
Wheres Soundcloud in this app?
I tried to share my mix but it only gives me mixcloud and dropbox as the only choices, Wheres Soundcloud? Buyer Beware!
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4 years ago, JayJerJohn
Doesn’t work
I paid and the app won’t allow me to use my music. It keep saying download from iCloud when I’m trying to use my music downloaded in my iCloud.
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4 years ago, Shai-Hustle
Can’t play recordings
I can’t play any mixes I record on this app. How am I supposed to know how my mixes sound?
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4 years ago, Tudbvxjfijd
Trnd booo
Cant use your own songs
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2 years ago, KammysReview
Don’t Buy At All…
Just don’t
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7 years ago, U8ntme
This is by far the best DJ APP !!!!
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14 years ago, Meerupps
Can't use your own Music?
Wow. Clearly states you can't use your own Music without uploading it? Seems the developer wants to enlarge his own Collection. No? Then why for $5.00 can't a paying user access his or her own collection? If iTunes doesn't allow it then drag and drop in options? Can't use my Music and it wants to teach you how to DJ. Nice plan. Waste of Money until you can add your own Playlist...without uploading it to the developer. Strange how every single other Music Software I own allows me to add ANY of my own collection easily without asking me to upload it via FTP. If it is NOT a Song stealing scam then add this feature like every other developer and buy your own music. Now delete this review, I have copy / pasted it to repost when necessary. If you think my review is unfair? Think of how you charge $5.00 for a program that you need an FTP Software to use your own music. Shame on you. I am not a complainer, nor a Troublemaker, I am proud Father of two handicapped children that are very sad that they cannot easily add their own music to this program. The Developer(s) should really be ashamed. $5.00 AND Install an FTP to share all your personal bought music collection with them...
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13 years ago, jeissonh
Requires automatic mixing mode
This application does a really wonderful audio processing job in a low-powered device. I would like it had an automatic playback mode. Currently if you have to absent for a few minutes, the device stops to playback the music. In those situations, you could enable the automatic mode, and the application will select random songs from the library and crossfade them with the current settings you have in the mixing table. Another alternative is let user to build a playlist with the songs ready to be mixed. I would also love a "Normalize" option, to keep the volume automatically adjusted.
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11 years ago, PugnaVox
Very nice
Just DJed a small Halloween party with deej on an iPad, iTunes on a laptop, and an aux input for phones & MP3 players mixed with a mic on a small mixer. By the end of the night, I was using deej exclusively. It's that easy to learn and use with all the basics to get the dance floor moving -- just add speakers. I spent five years DJing clubs starting back in the days where Denon 2000s had just unleashed the concept of pitch shifting, bending, and instant start with CDs (looping & sampling came later). Deej does that and more, making it a clean, simple, and effective tool for playing tunes at a party.
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11 years ago, Dark_Lucidity402
Love it but *****NEEDS A FIX*******
I bought the Deej effects and loops and every time I go to use it it asks me to buy it again... It says if you previously purchased it you can restore purchases by clicking here... But the link doesn't work... And I got charged again to use it because after hitting that link many times I accidentally hit the buy button and thought the link actually worked... This needs to get fixed ASAP
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9 years ago, Cole Williams 123
This is great it's just amazing how you can mix songs and it's just so much fun thanks to who made this I encourage you to do more things like this Ps If you can please make a update so you can add your songs you make to videos it would be very helpful to me because I make a show called the lost ones on you tube my channel is red adrenaline if you want to check it out but great app
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13 years ago, btcvideo
Awesome app!
This application has a ton of potential! Works excellent on my iPad and able to access music library as described. Only recommendation I have is small - the opening title box says "TitleHere" or something to that effect. I would fix this to look more professional. Once that is made, 5/5!
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14 years ago, TheWandererNYC
Great value for your money!
2 thumbs up! I downloaded deej and I was amazed of this app. You can have a DJ professional experience for a minimum fraction of a prof equipment. I used FIZELILLA to transfer all the music, it is pretty straight forward. It is a pitty that APPLE prevents from accessing to iTunes library, maybe in the future it will be possible!!
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11 years ago, Tony 2 ton
The best for your buck
This is by far my favorite app out of my other 60 apps, this is easy to use yet sounds great. Out of all my mixes, some of my friends say that I'm better then actuall Dj's and should become one. So if you know your music and want to mix your favorite songs, I highly recommend this app to you.
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10 years ago, Alius evans
It's an awesome upgrade from what it was I do think you should make the recordings just continue like if I'm just listening to music cause it's alittle annoying how I have to be done with the recording instead of just continuing with the recordings but other then that it's an amazing app to buy👍👌
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12 years ago, ZombieFarmFreak
I bought the free version of this app and later upgraded to this version so I could play more than 2 of my own songs at once. What I really wanted was an app that would allow me to record and save because I want to use my newly mixed music in a movie. After buying the app, I learned that this app doesnt let you record or save making it... Worthless. Add a record and save button and you will get your stars back. Thanks.
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11 years ago, Tss88
Only one problem
I love this app, I wish there was a way to remove the vocals from a track so you could have the beats going but play the vocals of another track on top. In the next update??? Please!!! If you can add that I'll be all in on 5 stars.
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14 years ago, PureSkill™©
Dee-Dee DeeJ!
Very nice DJ app. Feels very professional and looks very nice. The only problems are that the buttons are really small so they can be tricky to use. And the music selection menu needs to be scrollable. Having to use search to select songs that are farther down on the list is not a good method. Also, the app needs an HTTP music tranfer method as FTP seems like overkill. The icon should be changed as well. It does not look good at all especially when compared to the quality of the app. Other than that, it is a really good DJ music turntables app.
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11 years ago, Rikki Tikki Tavi's
Very Fun to play with.... In a pinch you could actually D.j. Off of your phone.... I own a NuMark NS-7 FX board.... However this is way more portable... It isn't quite the NuMark but for an app. It is Awesome for the cost difference.... It's enough to get you started and get your feet wet in the world of professional
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13 years ago, Marzano
very good
this app does everything u can do with two players, mixer, and headphones. Playlist from iPad iTunes player works perfectly I opened the app and was favorably impressed by the interface.
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11 years ago, Knownothin
Good buy
This app is really good for an iPhone. Unless u want to spend more for a real deck then this is probably the best dj app out there. But u should be able to search for any songs if you r connected to wifi.
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10 years ago, Blahjblfkdks
Awesome app
I have had this app for a long time and it keeps getting better and better. I have recommended it to several of my close friends.
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10 years ago, Pandaboy420
Pretty dope & fun to use
Love this app. The only thing that I would suggest is the addition of more cue points & different effects. Only then could this app to complete in my eyes. But other than that, it's fun & I lose track of time mixing my library. Lol
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14 years ago, snumed
Nice DJing app, indeed.
This is really exciting music app.. If only IPOD library access is possible, it would be perfect! Hope for that after version up.
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11 years ago, nkos7
No longer freezes & is great for listening to music or creating mixes; have already made a few myself.
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12 years ago, Zer0 Vybz
Incredible App just Wish it had scracthing n soundtrack effects...but if your a dj n u are tired of carrying that old laptop around this is the App for you keep up the amazing work guys!!!
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14 years ago, Simmo104
Give us our own music please!
This would be a really good app if you could use your own music but you can't so it kind of ruins it. :( The interface is great and seems to work well. But not much good if you can't use your own tunes. Will be back if they update to allow us ;)
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10 years ago, DJDeven15
Want fixxes.
Perfect app, but would like to be able to change the "pitch" more then 20%. Also the right side of the board has mis-labels. Treble is actually bass and bass is actually treble.
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11 years ago, RoRoNorthTexas13
I support!
After spending much needed on this app, I've found that its easier and more exciting than other DJ apps. I am happy that I stuck with it and mastered my mixing. Cheers!
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12 years ago, Wyalok
I love this app
Im really impressed with this app and all its features. It works great. Never had a issue with it. Well except that the scratching doesn't sound right to me.
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11 years ago, NeverEatSoggyWaffles478
People are copying you!
idj2go by ion audio has an exact replica of your deej app, just in different colors. i hope you know this. They are profiting off of your app!
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8 years ago, GameModeZero
Would be better if you could load songs from your iTunes library
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9 years ago, Trumpkes
Good for home users
It gives you everything you need but it hard to use in a club atmosphere.
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11 years ago, ia_teacher
Wow! I can't believe I paid money for this app. First of all, it worked fine until I turned off my iPad and then later tried to play songs on it again. Now nothing will play. I tried everything - loaded a new song, closed the app and reopened, nothing. Don't waste your money on this one!
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11 years ago, Tulsa1718
Love it!
I love it! I can finally learn to be a dj cause of this app!!😃 This has everything a beginner needs! Totally recommend buying this worth every penny!
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10 years ago, HomieBkyln
Not a good enough app
This app doesn't have cue points to cue up different parts of the songs. It also doesn't have loops unless you pay an extra dollar. There's no scratch feature or hold the record option.
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11 years ago, Hector3rs
Wow -_-
There should be a way to get my money back it worked the first few times and now every time I mix something my music starts to skip and then it tells me to exit or restart because of an error like are u serious I'm given this no rating a 1 even though I want to put zero.
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12 years ago, Nendjcjsnxnxjrj
Awesome app and great for mixing music! Just wish you could mix songs that you've already recorded.
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11 years ago, Amol Dani
Simple and effective
Very easy to use. Great value for money. Highly recommended.
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11 years ago, Cominus
I like it
It's simple to use, not a master control set up but for somebody wanting to get into mixing its a pretty decent app.
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