Deer Hunter Classic

4.5 (11.9K)
289.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Glu Games LLC
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Deer Hunter Classic

4.48 out of 5
11.9K Ratings
7 years ago, Benjamin Billionaire
It's a great game in so many aspects and it's actually a stress reliever. Me and my fiancée play all the time, literally. We love it, but on the flip side. The weapons are too expensive and it's too costly to upgrade once you buy an expensive weapon to continue moving on to different boards, but at the same time I respect the fact that the game isn't easy to beat either. If you're a competitive person then this is the game for you. I'm VERY competitive and it makes the game even more exciting to play. I just suggest that you guys make the weapons a little more affordable and the leave upgrades the same. I don't mind paying for upgrades if I can buy any gun I want. Another thing, “2 of everything” consumables should be available at all times for $10,000. That'll make the game much better. Cons - 33mil for a gun that's only gonna take me to 2 boards? Come’on man that's absolutely ridiculous. It's highway robbery actually. Plus you guys are charging hundreds of thousands & millions of dollars to upgrade the gun. Smh what exactly are the gamers playing for? Why are we saving up money doing several hunting series and contract hunts to only be robbed by you guys pricey weapons & upgrades system? Changes are needed immediately. Pros - It's fun to play, great graphics and details.
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2 years ago, Killa-kid03
Great Game
I love playing this game the graphics are good and the animals are pretty realistic and the guns are great overall a good game and good time,But speaking of the guns they are way way too expensive and so are the upgrades You’s need to lower the price on the weapons cause you buy one gun and then have to pay all that money to upgrade it and you can only use it for that stage and then you have to do it all over again and buy a new weapon for the next stage and it’s not worth the money with the price’s You’s charge it’s crazy I literally had this game for 2 months and already spent about $450 just for the guns and upgrades and then you have to pay for all the consumables that are over priced as well,So anyway it’s a good game and i like playing it
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6 years ago, Amir 412
Fix the Elite series
Im on standard 3 (yes don’t laugh at me) and there is an elite hunt. I decided to try it once I saw that it gave me the Westin Warfighter Elite. I go through to level 10 pretty easily and get the .45 Frosty or whatever it’s called. I thought the prices were too high to upgrade but whatever, I’m still having fun so I continue. I get to level 20, it was pretty challenging but I had a lot of sports drinks and animal calls so I got the shotgun. At this point I was disappointed at myself because I had already upgraded the Maginot Marauder to max in everything and tier 2, the shotgun I got looked really cool too but it was also expensive so I moved on. From level 20-30 was hell for me, by this time I had no sports drinks and one animal call, I was pretty much waiting for the daily bonus to give me something so I have the slightest chance against some of the levels. Do they really expect me to get 3 lung shots on running, I repeat, RUNNING deer in 20 seconds? The answer is yes. In my opinion all you have to do is make the reward higher so I get motivated to keep going and if I stop I’ll leave a ton of goodies I could’ve gotten. I don’t thing 6 platinum coins is enough for hunting 2 albino caribou who react immediately to your shots, while trying to get lung shots on them so you don’t fail the mission, which believe me, you will, over and over again.
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4 years ago, Carnoraptor1284
Great game,too much waiting :\
It’s a very fun game and I have a lot of experience with this game and the others but I have a problem I’m always hunting and it’s pretty fun but I wish you didn’t lose energy doing hunts,I think it would be nice if you only lost energy IF you failed or died in a hunt and in my opinion that would make the game a bit more fun because I don’t like having 10 energy slots that last 5:00 minutes just to wait a hour just to hunt 10 more times again just to loop, it would be nice so that we can continue playing this game, this is so Players don’t have to constantly play a waiting game after They’re done hunting, plus it would give this game a bit more action and kick to it you know? That or make it to where you have more energy slot’s thank you for reading this and I hope your games continue to do good thank you and Bon Voyage!
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2 years ago, jose rogrigues
Daniel moreno
It's a great game in so many aspects and it's actually a stress reliever. Me and my fiancée play all the time, literally. We love it, but on the flip side. The weapons are too expensive and it's too costly to upgrade once you buy an expensive weapon to continue moving on to different boards, but at the same time I respect the fact that the game isn't easy to beat either. If you're a competitive person then this is the game for you. I'm VERY competitive and it makes the game even more exciting to play. I just suggest that you guys make the weapons a little more affordable and the leave upgrades the same. I don't mind paying for upgrades if I can buy any gun I want. Another thing, "2 of everything" consumables should be available at all times for $10,000. That'll make the game much better. Cons - 33mil for a gun that's only gonna take me to 2 boards? Come'on man that's absolutely ridiculous. It's highway robbery actually. Plus you guys are charging hundreds of thousands & millions of dollars to upgrade the gun. Smh what exactly are the gamers playing for? Why are we saving up money doing several hunting series and contract hunts to only be robbed by you guys pricey weapons & upgrades system? Changes are needed immediately. Pros - It's fun to play, great graphics and details.
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12 months ago, IAN PATCHEN
Deer Hunter Classic Reviews
This game is very breath taking and it’s very impressive! The game is very addicting to play and the graphics are realistic and the model of the animals are amazing but there are unfortunately some draw back to this game. I really wish that they didn’t have to add those “ENGERY LIMITS” where you can only play 10 tens unless you spend your 10 pieces of gold or actually have to pay for the game. I also wish that you can 1v1 players online to compete against each other. I would also wish that they didn’t have to add “PRICES” to the gun or at least reduce the price so it’ll take a less longer time to wait to play this amazing game. This mobile can have so much more great potential if they would’ve get rid of the energy limits we can play this game as long as we wish we can. This would’ve easily been a five star review but unfortunately due to its random uncalled nonsense I’ll have to give it 4 out of 5 stars. This game graphics are a lot better and more impressive than a lot of the BIG BUCK hunter arcade games or some of the Cabala’s games.
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4 years ago, tellytubby13
Nostalgic game
I played this game growing up but never passed region 5 i re downloaded it since its one of my all time favorite games on app store. Im currently on region 6 and plan going even further. I like the game and i know the energy situation or how expensive guns and upgrades are those are situations i too wish could change. It would make the experience much more comfortable and better to play if those things could change. It would also make it easier and funner to make it through all the regions since i know there is currently 65 of them. I dont think i can make it that far but i really enjoy the game how it is right now BUT would enjoy it even better if those situations changed for the better.
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2 years ago, dankmemer69h3h3
fun game, but the bow series is out of wack.
started the game with a new profile and 3,000 platinum eagles. care to explain why the starting bow costs 6,000? with the reward per mission being 2-3 platinum eagles? regardless, i ended up buying the hand cannon (region 25 weapon btw. i was on region 2 when i remembered it existed) with 1,000 platinum eagles, and now have around 2,062. i remember playing this game when it came out as a little kid and absolutely loving every minute i played it, but now it seems like i cant progress without spending money. much less PLAY the parts of the game that just dont exist anymore, i.e. the pistol series, and special events. if anyone is still working on this game, please just try make the platinum rewards for the other series events better so i can actually play this game.
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1 year ago, Rockygamer99910
Deer Hunter Classic
This is a great game, but it has a few issues. I’ll keep it short, only going over two. 1: The energy system is frustrating, only allowing you to play ten hunts before you have to wait fifty minutes for it to fully recharge. 2: New weapons are far too expensive. It takes months of grinding to get a region 6-10 weapon, and after that, it just gets worse and worse. Now I want to talk about the good things about the game. Incredible graphics, steady frame rates, and realistic animals. It’s easy to hit vitals, but not too easy. All in all, it’s a really fun game, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes hunting, or just fun mobile games. ✌️
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6 years ago, StormingReviews
Good game, too much loading
This game is quite enjoyable, from the beginning until you can’t progress any further. I am irritated by how long it takes to load up when it starts. It says c”checking for updates” and “downloading” when there are no updates to be received. I downloaded the game and opened it from the App Store and still checked for updates and downloaded updates, what did you update in 1.6 seconds glu? It also often crashes right after a hunt, taking my energy, but not giving my reward, oh and I have to deal with the load screens again. But the quality of the game play speaks for itself when you see four stars despite my complaints.
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11 months ago, DJdemonGaming
Amazing game, bring it back
Me and my father have been playing this game together ever since i can remember. Now i’m 14 and still have it on my phone. However, I’m not sure if the developers cut off the game or something. The energy bar cannot refill at all and stays stuck at 0 unless I use gold to refill it. I heard the servers were also disconnected. This is a w game, very nostalgic and beautiful graphics. People say it’s pay-to-win but i find it enjoyable without paying for it, I like to grind for the hunter bucks. Please bring it back. Many people want the game back too, not just me. The 2018 version is also good but that doesn’t mean this one should be cut off.
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4 years ago, Avery Thomas Hall
Very good but you can’t play it a lot
This is one of my favorite mobile games it’s fun and at times challenging probably the best mobile hunting game but it could be better. The problem for me is the energy, why would you not be able to stack or even watch as many ads as you want to regain energy at it takes about 1 hour 40 minutes to recharge your energy and only half the time you can watch a ad or two to get some of your energy back. I feel the game would be perfect if your energy recharges a lot faster like maybe 1 energy per 2 minutes instead of 10, otherwise this game is amazing it has a lot of guns, bows and other weapons.
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4 years ago, A Person That Does Stuff
I started out wanting to rant on about how the game is bad but then I felt bad
The game is fun, but everything costs WAY too much! Like, I’m only on region 5 but I have a good amount of hunters bucks. I would be happy except you need a TONS of gold to do, like, anything, really. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I feel like I have always had a lot of hunters bucks, but that almost never matters! Almost everything I’ve needed to buy is with gold-and a lot of it, too. On the plus side I think the game is pretty fun. When you are not focusing on having to buy something, the game is fun and enjoyable. I think if you just lower the price of some things a bit, your game would be even more enjoyable then it already is
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2 years ago, ilovemycats0
Super high quality graphics and gameplay, and a crazy amount of weapons! It does get to a point where it seems almost pay to win because of how expensive everything is. I need a bow for the bow series and it is still 2,000 platinum eagles away lol. Guns are super expensive and upgrades are ridiculous, only for the gun to become obsolete in the next board. The ONLY thing i don’t like about the game is the expensiveness. Everything else is fantastic, especially gameplay and all the animations and the fact that there’s 65 regions! 7/10, just need the prices knocked down a bit.
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1 year ago, ThwDinoBladen
Nostalgia and fun
This isn’t very often updated if it even is, but there is already so many hints and regions that make up for it. I remember once having the “hand gun” idk how hard that is to get but it was cool. I’m still playing because I had to restart and I even play Dino hunter. These are nostalgic, original, fun, and overall good to jump in and play a couple times in the day after your energy refills. Great game, I assume the new deer hunter is the only one you guys update? Either way, thank you for making the main games of my childhood. Keep it up if you can👍🏻
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7 years ago, Guaraquear
Needs compatibility update
Ever since I upgraded to iOS 11 this game has all kinds of weird quirks. For a little while it let me hunt the trophy hunts with a far underpowered rifle. Then it suddenly changed and, even with gun that exceeds every requirement for the hunt it tells me I need a different rifle. When I click on the "go to weapon shop" link on the hunt page it sends me to the shotguns, or the pistols, or even the bows, but it never actually shows me what rifle I need to have. This has even happened after buying and upgrading the exact rifle listed for that level. It also randomly turns on the music app and plays music in my library. It's still a fun game, but I find myself opting for other games a lot more lately because I never know what weird thing it will do.
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4 years ago, ThomasIOSReviews
Fun, but takes too long to level up
It’s a fun game, but it becomes extremely repetivw trying to level up. Obviously this is done in hopes you spend real money to huy their in game currency. I understand they are trying to make money, but they’ve taken it to the extreme. Also, I would like to play this on the plane in airplane mode, but it needs an internet connection even after preloading maps. The only reason I can think of for it to need an internet connection is to download and show ads. If they made it easier to level up without extreme grinding I would probably play it more. In the PvP modes it doesn’t make sense for the animals to continually get harder to kill the more you win. Again this is to make it harder for you to win the in game currency in the hope you spend real world money.
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3 days ago, Likes war games!!!
Same Dino hunter bug
Both this and Dino hunter have a “internet problem” pls fix nobody can play anymore because either haven’t been able to play because the last update was 5 years ago but also I could never even do the multiplayer matches when it worked yes that was a thing 2 people try to shoot the x number of x amimal I remember it working when I was younger but it hasn’t worked for years but year fix/update everything overworked/over haul everything also fix the glich where the 1v1 mod doesn’t work or show up
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6 years ago, Grumpy man shopper
Cheat By the System
During the head -to-head mode (hunter vs. hunter) I notice there is a player who I go against, but he never shows up on the list of players in the 10/12 day competitions. I have over 40,000 points, and within hours “PCWIZZ” has more points than me. This, at 25 points per win, would take continuously playing the game for over 24 hours. It’s impossible to do in 2 to 3 hours. The reason...we’ll, the prizes for 1st place are 3x more gold bars, and more. Second, 2x.., etc. It keeps the developers from having to give out gold bars...they much prefer you buy them! I’ve won quite a few hunts, but it seems the more I win, the more this occurs. I don’t like to lose, I don’t like a loaded deck, wasting my time, and I cannot stand cheaters. That’s exactly what they are…FACT!
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2 months ago, Louie08409
Hello, I really hope you guys see this, it has been many years after I played this game and I always played it with my dad, we loved it. I redownloaded it to play again with my dad and after the first map is finished it will not let me download the next, if you guys could bring this game back to life it would mean the world, but other than that, best hunting game on mobile by far. Thank you! Also it’s the same for weapons and any other things that require internet to download it won’t let me.
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7 years ago, AlienBladeStudios
A complete money pit. It's designed to make you waste your money and time. You can't even get high winning streaks on "multiplayer" because it's designed so that the animals become 2 shots even if your gun is max upgraded. And the multiplayer isn't even multiplayer. It's set up to look like your playing over people, but your not. You are playing an AI. Don't believe me? Try pausing in the middle of a "multiplayer" game. Can you pause you AND your opponent in a legit multiplayer game? Of course not. This game is rigged. Used to be alright, but it seems the developers got greedy. Also, if you erase the app, you loose EVERYTHING. There's not way to save your progress. Restore purchases does nothing at all. Do not waste your life on this game. UPDATE. THE MENU DOESENT WORK. ITS FROZEN. I CANNOT DO ANYTHING PN THE APP AFTER THE UPDATE. GARBAGE APP. DO NOT USE.
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9 months ago, SPEED DIMOND
So I just love this game but there’s some really bad things I don’t like so number one the graphics can get pretty bad and I just wish that the gun names Where are the real gun names but the real ones reals? Anyway so Also, you have to really repair the gun graphics. Also the graphics of the animals falling down also one time I shot a zebra and it just it just stopped and then stayed still and then fell over so yeah those are all my improvements I want y’all to make please bye 😇😎
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3 years ago, No other option for nicknames
Serious bugs in the server!
Had this game for a while, got way up in stats and for some reason when I tried to do PVP it vanished and always notes “can’t connect to server”. Can’t watch videos to get gold anymore, it’s all adds you have to pay for so I decided to delete and reinstall. Same thing, got back up to high stats then PVP vanished and get the “can’t connect to server”. So last night I deleted and reinstalled once more. Everything was going fine, it let me do the PVP intro one time and then poof! Can’t connect to server… Even though it’s a free game, almost not worth the time of downloading unless you just want something to pass the time on the toilet. And even then, unrolling TP is at least consistent.
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4 years ago, VLB Pops
VLB Pops
I am thrilled with the excitement of the various levels of the hunt. Each level is engaging, to say the least and challenging as well. However, as a player for years and just returning once again, I have to say that I am surprise as well as annoyed the persistent crashing on every level that I have achieved and have lost numerous bonus gold bars on every level, as many as three at a time. I’m am currently on level 7 now. If the bonus hunt levels problems are address and fixed, as well as the annoying persistent crash are fixed and you are actually awarded what you achieved this would be an even better game.
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6 years ago, thecowboyinc
What a shame. A game that I’ve enjoyed playing for about three years is just junk now. I’ve managed to finish all the hunts and don’t mind the ridiculous contract hunts required to buy the overpriced weapons needed. I don’t mind the hoops jumped through to get gold bars needed for event hunt weapons. Even the jerky glitches that make targeting difficult though annoying can be endured. But for the last few weeks the game shuts off after three hunts or less. It had been happening after playing for a while but now it takes longer to restart than play the three hunts. If this is intentional by design to deter free play, job well done. I’ll just delete the game. Again what a shame.
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3 years ago, rhdhdhhf
Great game
Love hunting 🦓🐆🦒 I’m in area 10 I love the dogs that u can get and I love the PVP mode because I outshot One person by a mile I especially love the hippos but The guns are too expensive in my opinion I was just trying to get a regular bow and it cost $3,256,000 it’s crazy how expensive they are it’s annoying as well because when you think you are done upgrading the weapon it adds another upgrade for the trophy hunt and I have another account I am In Area 30 in that one But Overall Great game dude
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6 years ago, PuckSchmuck
Do you love ads, and having your money taken?
Well you’ll get them here! I’d say maybe 50/50 gameplay to ads. That is unless you want to get ahead a little bit, and then it can be 20% gameplay and 80% ads so you can get “free” gold. Whatever you do don’t spend actual money on the game as I did while playing it on my last phone to get a quicker jumpstart to the game. I then went on to earn everything. Only to find out that for some unknown reason the app developer claims it is not possible to move your progress or PURCHASES to a new phone... That’s like a furniture store showing up to repossess my furniture, because I moved. Unbelievable, but if you want to give these thieves your money have at it.
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6 years ago, Christian Philip Kluz Shaw
My ideas for more downloads 😁
Dear deer hunter classic, I think I have some ideas for more downloads, My first idea is fully automatic guns, the m134 mini gun or those fully automatic ARs with straight magazines or drum magazines, My next idea is stand shooting with you shooting out of a deer stand, My third idea is multiplayer shooting, you have friends to add and you can hunt with them, My last idea is throwing knifes for power ups like the hollow shot and the energy drink with you can deal the damage with a animal
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Please read
It’s a great game I love it but I don’t like how you have to wait so so long for the energy to fill back up but I would totally recommend, I also don’t like all the downloads like for one place whatever you call it. Again is a great app but mostly I have the problem with the energy filling up and it’s kind of like I downloaded the game to play it not to wait a long time to be able to play one small round/ hunting mission or whatever you call it.
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2 years ago, FRAUD012
I would give it less than 1 star if I could. I made the mistake of buying gold so I could get a decent bow. After buying a bow I went to try the first bow hunt except when I click on it I get a message I must have a bow of at least 402. Well the bow I bought was in the 600 range. So I contact customer care and they tell me this is an older game that they no longer update or do any kind or maintenance on and they apologize and tell me there’s nothing they can do about it. Well the way I read that is fraud. So those that want to play deer hunter classic I wouldn’t these guys are thieves that don’t care about anything but the money THE WORST THING ON EARTH IS A THIEF!!!!!!! Play at your own risk
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5 years ago, Letsride116
Good game however
Good game decent graphics fun to an extent you finally get your gun upgraded and you enter the next level you need a new gun 🙄 and then you go through the torture of paying for gold or free gold ... when you go through the free gold it’s like a 20% chance you will actually get your gold so stress level 10 .. I paid for gold bought the best gun I could and go figure I can’t afford to upgrade it 🙄 there should be an option to sell or trade in your gun on this game I think that would be way more fair
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2 years ago, awesome woods
Unable to connect to server
I have been playing Deer Hunter Classic for about 4 years. In that time I had to delete and reinstall it around 4or5 times. I just deleted it again because I couldn’t connect to the server. I lost everything I earned and went back to the beginning of the game. I had 14 trillion hunter bucks and level 56 rifle. I really enjoy this game but it’s so hard to get the items if I am not able to connect to the server to update my game.
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5 years ago, jeremy the fortnite player
Good game but...
I like this game and think it is really fun. The only problem I have is that the graphics are not amazing. But otherwise it’s like it really puts me in the world of hunting. I love hunting and this game is just like it. You get to get different types of guns with over 100 species!!!!!! You can’t tell me that doesn’t sound fun!!😍😍 This game is just awesome and I love it!!!!! I really hope you read this review and if you don’t I will be sad because I spent a lot of time pouring my heart into this!
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5 months ago, Redneck28474
Exceeded expectations
Let me start off by saying that I have been hunting for my entire life and I absolutely love doing it and being in the outdoors. I have looked for a game that really expresses the same feeling that I have when I’m outdoors and this game is everything that I was looking for and more. I love this game and I didn’t think much of it at first but I figured I’d at least try it and I am so glad I did
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3 years ago, evanmazurek
This game needs help
This game is amazing but one tiny problem I can’t refill on energy without buying it with gold it seems as if y’all have just left the game to die please consider coming in and doing some new updates to get it up and running unless my game is specifically messed up idk but I’ll send some requests to the devs in game and see if they’ll help I loved this game as a kid I hope I really really hope it makes a return you guys have an amazing game and I’d still love to play but it needs major work rn thank you please consider the things I’ve said
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3 years ago, Jaxthedachshund14
Great game but
This is an amazing game definitely recommend. The only thing that should be improved is the stamina. You can only hold 10, and trust me 10 goes by quick. And it takes 10 minutes to refill just one. So I think you should either be able to hold more or make the amount of time it takes shorter. But other than that great game! Please take my recommendations into consideration!
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7 years ago, FIXXX DIS PROBLEM!!!
Okay so i love the game! Butttt 2 things 1 for the second map the opponent vs opponent, I keep upgrading my guns power but it never gets any stronger, I have to go and shoot 3 tines when my opponent only does it once and beats me. NOT FAIR!!! If I’m buying a recommended gun, it should work for its purpose. Also we are already spending gold or the tokens for a hunting crate we SHOULD NOT be spending 100 gold to keep all three of our bonuses. I use gold and if needed the tokens. Ticks me off!
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5 years ago, ewylouwe2008
It was good a few years ago...
I used to play this all the time a few years ago. But with all the new updates since then, it’s just plain awful. It’s not even fun anymore! When I was bored, I would grab my iPad and play this game. It was perfect since I didn’t like any other types of games. Now, the game that’s taking over the world right now is my worst nightmare.(You guessed it! Fortnite...) So I really recommend playing something else. There are obviously tons of games out there to play, but this one is definitely not my cup of tea. It’s probably not yours either if you try the game.
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4 years ago, CrushStamp
Fun fake hunting
The game won’t prep you for an ACTUAL hunt, but it will excite you for playing at a real endeavor, which is SOMETHING. Better than combat games killing people, for heck’s sake. Way too expensive for upgrades on weapons. This will break you. AND IT’S A GAME! There are slight freezes in hunts containing predator attacks. These moments are where you see the game is set against you. ONE of the few times. The graphics & settings are way better than arcade types. After a few weeks, it’s a fun time-waster, but it beats any other hunt/shoot games out there.
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6 years ago, Gregd548
good, but...
Another update - the latest Apple update (they’ve become just another Microsoft with their constant updates) now cause DH to give a timer error - time to give up on this i guess update: another update that trashed the app - have to restart my ipad to get the game to start - if I have to delete and start over again, I'll just eliminate it completely and find something with a little more reliability! Good game overall, but too many ads and too slow to accumulate upgrades.. and NOBODY works a bolt action THAT slow, nor works a lever action that way. Would be nice if those actions were more realistic, and would improve game play tremendously. Update: latest "patch & bug fix" locked the app... can't enter ANY hunts - says 'download required and check connection'. I AM connected but this game won't connect. If it has to be re-installed, it will be gone from my devices for good.
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7 years ago, Tay Tay 25 <3
Please fix
I like this game it's a good and fun to play, but there is only one problem that happens every time I play the game. Sometimes it happens when I pick the trophy or one of the other ones the game will take forever to load and then it just kicks me out! If you could please fix the time it takes to load and also fix that the game will not kick me out that would be great. Other than that it is a great and fun game!
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4 months ago, m4nw4rd
Fun Game, But A Huge Bug!
About 5 Years Ago I First Downloaded This Game When It Was New On The AppStore. it Was Fun And The Graphics Were Good And I Had No Problems. So I Came Back To Enjoy The Nostalgia I Had, And There Is A Bug Where I Can’t Download The Other Regions, Nor Buy Guns Because It Says I’m Not Connected To Internet. Though I Am, I Try With My Cellular Data, It Doesn’t Work, I Try With My Home WiFi, Still Don’t Work! I Can’t Enjoy More Than Half The Content Because Of This. The Game Content Is Still Enjoyable Non The Less. But I Can’t Play What’s Amazing About It.
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1 year ago, hunting boy 6
Hunting life
Everything and everyone should be trying this game it is sick is the funnest game to possibly think of on the App Store and really everyone should be playing it if you don’t wanna that’s fine but still in right when I get the game if you don’t like this game really just go on the Xbox and download Hunter called of the wild it’s on Xbox or PS five I would say.
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4 years ago, DebraDog
I absolutely love this game!! I’ve been playing it for a while and I have the one from 2018 too and I love the design and there graphics in it. I would change the price on some of the items. Some of its super expensive and it takes me days to get enough money. Other than that, I wouldn’t change anything else about this game in the future!
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2 years ago, StandardCitizen
A unique Game
It’s a fabulous game to play, helps you where to shoot and how fast you need to be in order to kill multiple of animals. Incredible game experience and incredible graphics. It does progressively get harder and expensive abs having for you to spend your money wisely on weapons and upgrades. But it’s still a fun game.
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3 years ago, I Am Only 10
Very fun and not too unrealistic
This game almost perfectly captures hunting in real life with some ups and downs. I recommend this for all different people young and old because it is not as gruesome as real hunting, with only blood when you shoot the animal. There are no ads unless you want to get something for free like energy. Over all, I love this game.
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3 months ago, zebstrikaaa
Bugs; Not Downloading
Hey, I’ve played this game for years and I’ve just redownloaded it. I have tried to get the new guns/download the new area I just unlocked, but they won’t download because “Internet Connection Required.” That’s the issue, my wifi is perfectly fine. I have full bars and I’m the only one using it. I don’t know what the problem is, but it makes me incapable of playing the game at all. I would love to play more, because it’s really fun, but this issue is making me unable to play.
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1 year ago, ykykshelsjsb
Decent game very fun
Start off I’m in standard 31 the whole standards from 1-31 have been very fun, but the guns are very expensive, almost like 30,000 to 40,000 I have to pay for the gun upgrades, amo,barrel, and sight. It’s been very fun also, but another thing is why wait for the upgrade to come like 30 minutes, why not give it to us there is not like is going to be delivered to our house. Anyways that’s all I have to say it’s a decent game if you like to hunt. ✌️
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3 years ago, dizzyhoneybadger
Love it
I’ve been playing this game since I was like 4, and I’m on region 7 (until I got my new phone :() and I just love everything about it. Although, just one bad thing is that the weapons are soooooooo expensive and it takes super long to upgrade them. Other than that, it is the best game I can think of thanks glu
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1 year ago, Carnivorous tiger
Grind is to annoying
The game it self is a fun game and starts of good but overtime the grind gets to much. The weapons upgrade needed to move on in the game gets high enough where you half to grind long enough to get enough money to get which gets very tedious very fast. Also when you get the weapons part it takes as long as 30 mins to import which is very annoying. Overall I don’t think the game is worth the time and grind.
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