Deferit: Pay bills in 4

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deferit Pty Ltd
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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Deferit: Pay bills in 4

4.79 out of 5
8.3K Ratings
2 years ago, prettysavvy
Love it
I love deferit, I’ve used it quite a few times. Never had a problem. I can say if you don’t have a clear way shown on the bill uploaded of how to pay online they will send out a check instead. It’s up to you to check the payment method at the bottom of the screen once you get that message of “your bill is ready to be paid” once you hit accept or whatever that’s what it is. A check is sent. I made the mistake of doing that once, and a payment was past due but again that was completely my fault. For the people saying they had to pay the full bill or 3 payments upfront, yea it’s kinda dumb, but your credit may not be up to par and they want to be sure they can trust you or you maybe have too may unpaid bills active and it’ll do that. They’ve also increased my credit limit to $500. And as of sept 1st they will start reporting on time payments to the credit bureau. I have no complaints.
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2 years ago, JosieChico
5th star
So far so good will get the 5th star once my power bill is paid. I guess it was my fault for not doing sooner I did it last Friday got approved first payment taken. Was working yesterday I work from home and power went out they cut us off for none payment. I spoke to power company and they said they needed something from deferit saying they were paying the bill. But then they reconnected us giving us until Tuesday bc after I told them it was being paid they said they never heard of this place trying to make me feel I was being scammed. Well they call and said they were reconnecting until Tuesday bc right after I talked to them 3 other people called in talking about this app and the bill would be paid so they reconnected us bc of that. Power companies fault bc I had emails and confirmation nm and all that. I am new to this and think it’s gonna be great! Helped when I was in a bind! So 5th star definitely be given once payment is at power company and PLEASE provide a way to contact customer service other than email and that chat. 5 different people disconnected me from chat yesterday when I was trying to get this resolved and that is frustrating. But thank you for helping my family when we were in a bind!
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2 years ago, GILASTRUD49
Best App EVER!
Let me start by saying that I was VERY skeptical about this company, but as I called them and asked all my inquiries, I was more than impressed with the work service. I was having trouble paying for my cable bill and BAM! paid! I do advice to please plan your bill a few days before due date. There was a mistake on their part by Payo g vía check when it was suppose to be paid via phone or online- but I called them immediately and they fixed it in a few hours. Please be patient with their wait- as they’re always have high call volume. The service DOES work, make sure you do your homework with your merchant on how they can receive payments. If your merchant does NOT have a “ guest pay option” then you need to add the details when you upload the invoice- if not, the system will generate a check to your merchant. I cannot express how happy I am with them and how professional they treat their customers. A++
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2 years ago, moonie24423
Saving grace
This App truly has been a savior for me ! I was in a tight spot and needed some assistance paying my bills. Then as I was researching options for help I came across Defer it. This app basically gave me credit to use to split my bills up into four smaller installments. All I had to do was upload a copy of my bill and pay the first installment. That wasn’t even the greatest part about the app. My fav feature is how you can change the dud date of your installment payments as long as it’s not further then 2 weeks out. So not only did they help me when I needed a helping hand, they turned around and helped even more by letting me move my payment date giving me a little more time to come up with the money. I tell anyone that will listen about this app and how I 100% recommend it to EVERYONE/ANYONE that is looking for a savings grace when it comes to paying bills. Thank you Defer-it !!! I’m a customer for life !
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2 years ago, 1545959
I definitely don’t always give a review but I’ll tell you that this app, this service is absolutely incredible. A bit ago I had emergency situation with my pet, vets want cash right up front and I had my pet who was in rough shape or my cable bill. I chose my pet and I’d figure it out later. Well, I didn’t have to look very far. I was cruising the App Store looking for a payday loan, which was a horrendous idea but a last ditch effort and I came across Deferit, it’s literally like you were made for me . Unbelievable! Started me off with just enough that I needed. So easy to set up and honestly I haven’t had to contact support for any reason so I can’t speak to the service end honestly but you definitely have to consider that I haven’t had to reach out for service should tell you something! Anyway Deferit representative, if you are reading, you have a fan as well as a customer for life ! Allen Hill
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4 months ago, asuna2113
Great App! So Handy!!!
I absolutely love this app! I primarily use it to pay my PG&E bill since that is the largest bill currently. It’s basically in 4 app that helps you build credit by making on-time payments. Additionally, you’re not breaking the bank just to pay for necessities. When your bill is uploaded via the app and your payment plan is set up you can go ahead and submit it. The bill of your choosing will be paid in full via the app on the day you choose or day you submit it, while you make installments towards that bill through the app. Either way you’re not having to pay full price upfront for any of your bills. It takes a little bit of the stress way when trying to budget or when something unexpected comes up. The app itself is extremely easy to use and I would 100% recommend this app.
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2 years ago, chriseanawagner
Was good at first but got bad!!
So first off, they NEED a phone customer service line. It’s very frustrating when you have a urgent issue and can’t talk to someone. You just have to wait for a response on email because on the live chat all they do is “escalate your concern”. They paid my insurance bill one time and it worked amazing! Only paid $30 and my insurance bill was paid that day. I tried paying my insurance again and this time it didn’t go through because they did it the day my policy canceled so my insurance didn’t process the payment. I’ve talked to insurance company 4 times 3 phone calls 1 email and everyone says the same thing. I told deferit this and even gave them proof of an email they sent me saying this but yet deferit says no refund until they reverse the payment. How am I gonna get them to reverse a payment they’re saying they did not process and canceled?? Their exact words on email are they don’t draft payments on policy cancellation dates so they didn’t process the payment. Deferit pls just repay the bill, I don’t even want my money back just pay it that’s what I paid you for!
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3 months ago, SC: Mysteriously_xr
One of the best options in the economy.
I am a college student who has a few bills that can fall behind and want looking for an app like a Afterpay, Klarna but for bills. When I first downloaded Deferit, I paid a ATT bill using the 4 payment installment. However, the second time I had to pay everything upfront but since then, I have not had any issue with the company regarding payment and have recommended them to others. Last, as others have mentioned, if they are not able to pay a bill online, they can still send a check to the company but it does take 7-10 days.
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9 months ago, EricaDempsey7143
Tough times
Ive been through some rough past due bills. If a bill is $200, and I dont have it, I can easily make an initial payment of $50+ whatever other fees, or if that $200 is a past due balance + a current balance, I can just defer the past due balance of $100, pay $25, and worry about the rest later. Deferit helped my boyfriend carry the bills and saved our apartment for 6 months straight. The ONLY thing I wish was different was that I can make car/credit card payments with it because thats my highest, troubling bill. The only problem I have is using the app. The app is pretty buggy because a white blank screen that wont let you continue. If they update their app a little more, it would be perfect but for now, I typically have to wait to go home and get on my pc in order to pay a bill.
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11 months ago, CryssyLee90
We chose to use the app because a search and read through of the reviews said it was legit. They offered to pay $100 of our bill and we agreed and paid almost half of that $100 to them up front. A day after being notified the payment was made our original bill pay account for that company is overdrawn by the $100. Deferit continues to claim they paid the funds and we aren’t owed the refund of the $42 they charged us despite screenshot evidence from both our bank and the company our bill is with showing the payment was deducted from our own bank account. We’ve filed a fraud complaint with our bank and will allow them to handle it but the fact that they want to continue to argue when screenshots show that the funds were paid from our account and we accrued the fees to keep it from charging back screams scam to me. Like if you screwed up just own it, don’t try to keep money that you aren’t entitled to because you screwed up.
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1 year ago, Daisyluf
Customer Service Issue
I would have given them a 5 star but I been having the same issue with the payment method, my bill was via check and it wasn’t really idea due to the processing time. However they’re able to pay my bill via online simply by using my cellphone number and I’ve inquired about this since Wednesday, somebody responded but didn’t spent enough to read to my email and simple instruction, I’ve also attached the proof of email to correct how they pay my cellphone bill , and still the customer service insisted it can’t be done?! This is getting a bit frustrating with a simple solution . And usually Deferit is good with responding to inquiries but it’s been days without anyone actually providing any response to my inquiry and concern.
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2 years ago, Squirreldapearl8282
Started out promising
I’ve been using the app for awhile now and I will say in the beginning it was a lifesaver then one day without notice they switched it up it takes 7-10 business days for the payment to be accepted. Up until then they would make payments over the phone or online. My issue happened 3 days after making my Deferit payment process, my power was abruptly cutoff so I called my service provider like the help center says and was forced to make my full payment and a penalty fee. Deferit customer service informed me due to privacy concerns they would no longer be making payments by phone or online and that all payments would be made by mail in check. So word to the wise if you plan on using Deferit you better do so a week and a half early.
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4 months ago, StaciaaNayee
I absolutely love deferit
I was iffy about deferit as I believed that it wasn’t legit. I have been with deferit for a couple years now and they have yet to disappoint me. They have been extremely helpful in my time of needs and the payment plan and subscription fee is affordable. I love that the limit goes up after many consistent payments. At one point I got behind on my payments and they even let me get on a payment plan with true accord to retrieve my account back. There’s not another app I would use outside of deferit. If you are looking to pay your bills in full but also in increments, Deferit is the way to go:)
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2 years ago, momma bowie
Was lied to about paying my bill
I was approved and uploaded my first bill and did not get any update so 3 days later I call and then the rep says he processed it. They took the first payment and I was told the check was being fedex overnighted but it WASNT! I called again 3 days later and the rep could not give me a tracking number . When I logged in later he had cancelled my bill payment but my $110 has not been refunded! I was very excited to have something like this to help out every once in a while, but not like this!
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2 years ago, iwantsprinkles
Unsure if this is a scam or not
I signed up for this and their app and site are so user friendly, I am hopeful this is not a scam. They marked my bill as paid & took my first payment and my membership fee out of my card and set up my payments. The payment was not made, however and I reached out to them and was told they are behind on payments because of the large volume, but they are preparing to pay my bill. After the weekend, the bill was still not paid and I replied and asked if this is normal to mark it as paid when it is not paid & was simply told “ We are doing the best we can do make sure we can process all payments” and stated again they are behind on the payments. This really needed to be something they were up front about before they took payment from people & claimed to pay the bill, though. Since they cannot tell me when the bill will be paid (even though they claimed in the system they paid it), I will be paying the biller myself because I don’t know if I’ve been scammed or not. It’s unfortunate because this is my first experience with the company & this is not sending a good message. I’m not impressed.
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4 months ago, Realsunshine46
I’m am replying just like I have been and emailing Deferit to stop fraudulent withdrawing funds out of my account for a subscription fee that I never signed up for nor did I want to become a member!! And this Deferit is still withdrawing funds !! Because of Deferit I have had to replace 3 debit cards through my Financial institution!!! I have asked!! I have begged!!for Deferit to stop taking from me!! And they want That is very bad business!! They say you can live chat Not true at all!! All you get is an answer machine!!And know I’m starting to think that they do not have human emailing or replying!! Because they will not stop taking from me!! I mean what business takes 5 withdraws in one month?? And it may be more!! I didn’t sign up for Deferit for a reason and I wouldn’t do business with Deferit!! I am tired of this nonsense I will be posting a review.. It’s a scam!!
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2 months ago, Godlovesme5199
Best thing ever
I wasn’t going to write a review until I was able to use this app. Boy do I love this app so easy to use and my payments was made to my billers fast. I ran into some issues in the beginning with getting verified but they completed that within 24 hrs and got me set up. The only thing is that you have to email and no phone for customer service, other than that, I’m good . This app came right on time with a bill I had needed paid fast and it was same day. I appreciate Deferit for being there.
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4 months ago, Colef3
Love deferit !
This is such an amazing app and a great idea. Times are tough right now and there are some months where I am unable to pay my full bill, but with deferit that make it so simple! I am able to split my bill into 4, making it more affordable ! The customer service is amazing as well, need to push back your next payment date? No problem, you can easily do it right in the app or reach out to them and they will get back to you instantly ! The app is also very user friendly!
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2 years ago, Siege41290
I’m impressed
After reading a few reviews saying their bill didn’t get paid for over a week I was nervous and hesitant because I didn’t have all the money for my insurance up front but needed help paying as well as needed it done within 4 days. I subscribed, paid the first payment and couldn’t believe it was paid the next day. I received a notification from my insurance stating it was paid as well. This app is AWSOME. I’m hoping they stay that way and maybe even add new features but so far a BIG thumbs up
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5 days ago, Zetta D.
Love this app!!
Discovering this app has been one of the most amazing experiences I have had,when your in need of help Deferit comes through, I have been using this app for years now and never had any problems,upload your bill and within minutes I got a text saying it’s set to be paid, highly recommended to all my family and friends and anyone who needs the help, Thank You Deferit for coming through every time 😊 #Trusttheprocess#
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2 years ago, DustyKeyblade
Not sure what changed
This app helped me out the first two bills I used it on but recently its been delayed. I was supposed to have a bill paid a WEEK ago and there has been no update. I contacted support, and they said something about a high volume (got that email Saturday). I have to keep calling my phone company to change my bill date and I get charged $10 every time I change the date. I relied on this app heavily before, but now I’m about to get my phone service shut off because this app isn’t processing the payment. No idea whats going on, if they had changed things, they should have let customers know via an email blast or something.
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4 months ago, kekejonesw
I love deferit! This app always have been a big help to me and it helps me manage and budget better as well. Deferit came across during a hard time while I was in the middle of switching jobs and I have been using it every since then. Customer service is always very quick to respond and fix any issue I haven’t ever had a bad experience yet! I have told my whole family about it and they must think it’s to good to be true.
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2 years ago, Gregtast1c
DONT USE!! This company is either a scam or run like crap.
Uploaded and had a bill approved with them on the 16th. It is now the 18th and my bill is still not paid. Their app says it was paid the 16th but it wasn’t. They claim to pay bills within 2 business days and they don’t. On the 18th customer service rep basically told me “sorry we are overwhelmed with orders but we’ll make yours PRIORITY and have it paid today” guess what? Still unpaid. Was hoping to have some flexibility by paying a $200 bill in 4 but now I actually have the opposite because I have to pay the bill in full today as well as get my money back from this fraudulent company. Do not trust them to make your life easier!
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3 years ago, Sharkeisha Sister 👏
Easy and works
I dont normally write reviews but I have to because they saved me by helping me pay my phone bill. I absolutely appreciate them and it was no credit check. I do like that the main goal is to help you manage your money better so its not just like other services where you can shop anywhere. I do hope one day they’ll have a card or some method to pay our bills, but still 5 stars !
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2 years ago, Appletreez19754
Please listen to me I beg you to stop and read this review. Think before you use this service I know in these times we can look for a lil help here and there well that’s what I did being out with Covid and no pay so I used this Deferit to pay my insurance well thing is they can’t because my insurance company does not take checks for payment. Well needless to say why pay monthly fees for something I can’t use they’re refuse to close my account and I have been keeping my debit card off to avoid paying a monthly fee I used my card forgot to turn it off I got charged they said I didn’t I sent proof of charge still no closure I will just get a new bank card
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4 months ago, Faith_Believe
I don’t know!! UPDATED REVIEW
I’ve submitted a bill for the first time and was placed on hold due to unable to verify identification, which is understandable. However, based on FAQ, there should be a 24 hr turnaround once information requested has been submitted. It has been 72 hours with no response. So, my bill is just sitting on hold. **UPDATED REVIEW*** they were able to get back with me and apologized for the inconvenience . Used the service and is excellent so far!!
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2 years ago, prettypetitepanda
No longer good !
This app had helped with a couple of bills in the past. But now that it has become more popular the delays are AWFUL. Not only are there delays but they suddenly can’t pay my electric because a portal is used to pay. Before they used to just call and process payment over the phone. Now they are offering to pay via check which takes 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS. By that time, my electric would be off. And NO deferit… you can’t just ask the electric company to hold off because there’s a thing called disconnection dates and they WONT hold off from that. Y’all have really ruined a good thing before it even really got discovered. Do better.
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1 week ago, ucffit
Wish i never used this app
Good luck ever getting ahold of anyone. ZERO customer service. In fact they just ignore you. I sent in multiple tickets and none have been addressed now they’ve deactivated my account and threatened to return the bill they paid previously. Like??? What is wrong with you. All because i asked to revoke ach and debit access to be in control of when the payment is submitted. I had not made a single late or defaulted payment. Yet they’re demanding full payment for something that has scheduled payments already. Scummy company. Its against federal law to refuse to allow revocation of ach and debit authorization yet they continue to ignore the numerous emails i sent in.
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2 years ago, ABThoo
Pretty Helpful
Straightforward. Splits your bills up in 4 payments to help you manage them when things are a little tight! They charge a monthly fee and like 1.5% every payment which is kind of lame, but you gotta make money i guess. lol. usually pays your bills really quickly, but i’ve definitely had them take a few days before. still giving 5 stars because it has really helped me out when i needed it!
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9 months ago, enis51
Just in time
This app has been wonderful. I’ve never had a problem. I just upload the bill and they pad if they’re not able to pay it by ACH they pay by check. But either way the bill gets paid. I have paid so many different types of bill, insurance phone bill ,water bill ,now they do not pay a car payment but they do pay insurance registration best site ever.
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2 years ago, ardnekbee
This is probably my first review ever written for a darn app. But deferit is soooo helpful and great. I’ve used it in times where I’m unable to make a full payment on a bill (usually my electric bill) and it’s great. They allow you to move scheduled payments if need be without issue and their customer service either email or chat have always been super helpful and easy to get to. I’m glad I found this app!
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2 years ago, SLA08010815
Best App to help you
First off if I could this app more than 5 stars I would. I called customer service and I was waiting for maybe 5ish minutes and spoke to a very wonderful representative, who guided me through the whole process and my bill was paid in less than an hour. It will help for future needs im sure, but such a great service. I don’t write reviews ever, but this one deserves all the credit.
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4 months ago, annieggc
Only 4⭐️ they lied about bill negotiations
Deferit claims they helped to lower my phone bill which isn’t true, Verizon called me right after someone attempted to access my account via landline and they let me know that no changes were made and that any promos were already applied to my account. Other than that they did pay the $150 for new users to my bill. But I’m being charged an extra $100 for a service I never received.
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2 years ago, D's little Monkey
Deferit has saved me when I needed help
I appreciate deferit, I didn’t know about it until a friend told me. I was having a hard time because I was out sick from my job for too long. I fell behind in all my bills. Deferit saved me when my electric was about to be turned off. It allowed me to get my bill paid and make my payment more reasonable for me to afford. Very pleased, thank you so much!
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9 months ago, Shelbaeeeslay
One of my favorite apps!
This app helps so much. I am a single mom and I pay everything on my own. Things get tight financially a lot and this app has been an absolute godsend for me. I can’t say enough good things about it. They work with you on pay back dates, they pay the bill for you very quickly, and they are just awesome with helping keep all my bills paid. I am so grateful for Deferit.
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2 years ago, CaramelCubana
Life Saver App
I am a real person leaving this review. I was in need of paying my car insurance as my job close for the holiday and made my paycheck short. I literally signed up , gave my Allstate bill in pdf via upload in the app, paid a small fee of $7.79 and $60 towards the bill. It was paid the same day by 5pm . I will continue using this app love the concept just wonderful.
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12 months ago, Insurance coverage
Sending check for payment instead of paying electronically
The reason for one star is the way the State Farm bill was handled. Deferit has paid numerous auto insurance bills to State Farm for me and always paid electronically. This time you mailed a check instead of paying electronically causing my auto insurance to be paid late. This has created a hardship in me as I am going to have to pay it myself since it takes so long for a company to receive a check from Deferit. I love working with Deferit and the company has been good to me but mistakes like this could cause my insurance coverage to lapse. Thank you; Chester Rowland
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4 months ago, Disappoint vet
I read the reviews they all sounded good so I decide to become a member four days and they were still trying to verify my identity. I sent them about four or five different ID pictures, front back and a selfie and still nothing ever happened so I eventually just cancel the membership and pay my own bill. Customer service will allow it takes two or three days for them to get back which and then it’s not no two-way conversation. They sent you a message. You replied to something that you don’t hear them back anymore till you come back on the app and redo it over.
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4 months ago, Vcruz05
Customer service non existent
I have reached out multiple times through email there is no number of any sort to contact you guys I have not received a respond and I am well within the time frame of contacting customer service ..I can’t get my identity verified and every time it doesn’t work it prompts me to contact your customer service that does not exist or respond at all and I have sent several emails …then In the app when you go to the customer service page it just doesn’t load up so how can I try to use this for help if you guys personally are not respond or helping
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5 months ago, iceeyaa
Not for me.
Hope you don’t need help, because no one will answer you. I sign up for a membership and uploaded one of my bills. When I realized the app wouldn’t work for me, I quickly canceled the membership. I never did anything with the app but it did charge me for the monthly fee. I tried getting in touch through email, their website, and Facebook and no one has responded. I just want my money back.😤 Edit: Changing my review because I did eventually get my money back.
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2 years ago, jeni216
Helped me out when I was short on cash
I got a $300 speeding ticket and they didn’t offer payment plans. I had no idea how I was going to come up with the funds on short notice. I saw an ad for deferit on Facebook and quickly downloaded the app and was approved for the amount I needed. It was so nice to have this paid and the stress off my shoulders. I appreciate this so much.
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2 years ago, dnsndcisnd
Love it, don’t hesitate
I absolutely love love love this app and program. Being a mom of two with sometimes limited funds, Deferit comes in handy with trying to pay multiple bills all at once. Very easy to navigate the app and it doesn’t require much to do exactly what it state it will do, pay your bills!! If you don’t have, it’s never too late to join the party!!
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1 year ago, jaestok
This app saved my life
I’m soooo grateful for this app all it took to start was to upload 3 bills and pay them fully and after that I was given a $300 limit. I’ve uploaded so many bills now and they keep increasing my limit and has helped my credit more than anything else including credit cards etc I love this app
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6 months ago, libra92583
Misleading app
I don’t like when you surfing these apps for help and you put your personal information in then get all the way to the end and you can’t even use the app because it’s asking for money. You can’t do anything with this app if you don’t pay for the upgrade deal. If they need help with bills why would y’all think they have the money up front and why would this app make you pay. I don’t like that I put my social security number address and phone number on here and can’t even use the services. It gives me scan vibes.
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4 months ago, dia_tay
Best budget friendly and easy to use app
I came across this app almost a year ago and it has been such a life saver. I have been able to budget and manage my finances much better. They are very helpful and understand when a payment needs to be moved or adjusted. Absolutely the best and I am so thankful for the app and concept!!
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2 months ago, Patra8890
Best Company for building credit
My score has increased 60 points and helped me to keep current on my cell phone bill during a hard time. I will continue to use this app I just wish I had a bigger limit. Hoping it will increase soon as I’ll continue to use this service in the future.
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1 year ago, JenkyBabywv
Awesome ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I am so thankful for this company!! You guys are amazing to be able to pay my bills with installments and report to credit agencies this has been the best choice for us we are saving for a trip this summer to spend time as a family that we haven’t been able to do in years ❤️ I would give this app 10 ⭐️
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2 years ago, DTMACPROV
That’s An Option
This has actually been a lifesaver. Although I don’t appreciate the membership fee change, this has really been a lifesaver. Unexpected bills, late or short pay checks, just life “lifeing” Use it responsibly and it will definitely work for you. It does not pay credit card or loans.
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1 year ago, Beingme..
Use with Caution
Unfortunately I have had a not-so-great experience while using Deferit. I do see the app as a great idea for splitting bills but it’s so hard to speak to a human in order to help with concerns. I had a check that got returned due to the company not following instruction on what to write in the memo. Once I finally got my deposits back into my account, Deferit never updated the credit bureaus to remove the balance. I have reached out multiple times to have it cleared and all I get is a run around answer. Hopefully leaving this review will resolve the issue.
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2 years ago, Purple256
God’s Blessing
This app is amazing. I was hesitant at first because of so many scams. But this app is legit. It paid my Spectrum bill in 4 installments and I loved it. Only thing is they do charge a subscription fee of $9.99 and that’s something that I was not use to with an app that you make payments back for the 4 installments, but other than that it is amazing and it is real.
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