Del-One FCU

4.7 (3.7K)
101.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Del-One Federal Credit Union
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Del-One FCU

4.74 out of 5
3.7K Ratings
6 years ago, P1atinumz
This has to be the worst banking app I’ve ever seen or used!!!!!! Fingerprint doesn’t work half the time, app locks you out, put in password and half the time that doesn’t work either and when it does it asks you your secret question, and even when you put in the CORRECT answer, it locks you out and you have to call the bank every time and reset everything!!!! This app is straight garbage!!!!! Take my advice and use your online phone browser!!!! Whoever does maintenance on the app needs to be fired ASAP or sent back to basic training!!!! 👎👎🏻👎🏼👎🏽👎🏾👎🏿
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2 years ago, BuddyRoll@928
Nothing works
I’ve contacted customer service a 2-3 days ago, because I couldn’t get into my app due to being told that my info is not correct. Talking with customer service my same info that I gave them was correct, which is the same info I put into the app and was told that it was wrong. I was advised to delete the app and reinstall. I did this process and I was able to use the app again using the same info. Now a couple days later, I’m face with the same situation again and deleting and reinstalling is not working either. My mobile banking is show I have been banking for many years now, I just don’t have the latitude to go into a bank branch due to my work schedule. I even tried gaining access to my account over the phone and I am told that my pin is wrong. This is frustrating. A lot of people do not like banking with Delaware Credit Unions. Before now I was very please, but I am seriously considering changing banks. This is to much, One thing I don’t want to deal with is issues with my bank and my money.
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2 years ago, Countryluvin
Worst banking app
I’ve hated this app from the start. So many issues, so very opposite of user friendly. However, I’ve made due. Until the most recent app update. Ever since it won’t let me login. In face, as soon as I pull the app up it immediately sends an error message. I’ve deleted and redownloaded it 10+ times and nothing. It’s been almost a week of this. Happened to have some bank card issues around the same time as the update too, I’m sure that’s related. But I’m fed up. Supposedly this update was to “fix bugs” and all it’s done is screw the whole system up. I’m ready to move states just so I can drop this bank and it horrendous app. (For the record, my spouse and I have used BofA, chase, WF, Synchrony, PPal, Cap One, and even a private local bank app with less issues combined than this one)
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5 years ago, Bobbie murray
Banking @ Del-one
I have been banking with this bank for over 5 years and after all the banks I’ve dealt with Del-one is by far the best. They will help you get your credit straightened out n help you with your financial for FREE. Staff is very friendly n I have had no issues with my banking. Free ATM and reimburse you for atm charges from other machines. Would not bank anywhere else.
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2 years ago, summrbreez
I’m really considering switching banks because of this app. I saw the app updated and whatever, I just was able to access my account to see my balance last night. Now, since the update, whenever I open the app it just keeps saying it’s “unable to connect” and I have to keep tapping “retry” as those notifications keep popping up. Before this the app had issues too but this is ridiculous. I’d love to see my account balance! I even tried on browser and that’s not working either. I feel like in a time with everything you need being online, Del One should try harder to make their banking online easier and actually work!!!
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2 years ago, clinton cici
Terrible banking app
I don’t know where you’ve got your current IT staff from but they’re terrible at their job. I could run this app better then anyone at your It department or wherever you they’re housed. I understand the whole scam around banks but i have my money in there to withdraw at my leisure. Not being able to take it out the entire day has made me accumulate 2 fees that I wouldn’t be dealing with if your app worked and let me transfer money. I will be talking to the bank in the money to either get them to pay these fees or to transfer banks. Not to mention the the annoying security checks you have me do once a day, everyday.
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3 years ago, bbrn94
Customer Service
I called in today and spoke with Brianna at the Dagsboro Branch location. She was patient, pleasant and very helpful with my payment needs. She did not make me feel stupid for being behind the times and was encouraging. This saved me a trip. So glad I called and even more happy to speak with Brianna today. Thank you!!
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5 years ago, Killa Kurt
business acct.
i love Del one online banking but i hate That I can’t transfer money from my business account to my personal account that’s how I normally pay myself and I am unable to do that for some reason it would be amazing if I could pay myself once a week out of my business account to my personal account for personal spending that’s not a tax write off!!
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2 years ago, kindle shevers
App is trash. Zero stars
Terrible app!! I cannot even check my account the way this app intends for you to do. Half the time it says there is an error when you try to log in and after a certain time trying to check your account? Forget about it. Every time they do an update to it, it gets worse. Now the app isn’t even working. Same your time and phone storage for something else. It wouldn’t allow me to this review without giving a rate. But my rare is 0 stars !!!
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3 years ago, plezdaspunch$$
The app is fine very user-friendly when they updated the app they update for reason to make the customer experience better. I saw the last review it was two years ago ?obviously that guy or a girl was user error. lol
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2 years ago, 89megs
Fix the bug
My app just updated like 3 days ago, I can not log in. It’s says that there is an issue Communicating with requested service. Please check your network connection and try again. I have turned my phone off, I have made sure my phones software was update, I have also deleted the app and then downloaded it again and also turn my phone off and on again and still says the same error. Please look into this ASAP
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2 years ago, Chris7271674
The app is down because they are working on the mobile banking system, the app should start working within the next week or 2. Just relax people.
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2 years ago, Talili
The app wont open since the update today
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2 years ago, Armyequlaswar
Decent update with issues
Overall the app works fine. Except when trying to view the Credit Card transaction history, it shows and error. This has been consistent since the app relaunched last month
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2 years ago, ahmaddddddddddd
Unable to Connect
I just updated the app literally a few mins ago and now when I try to open it , it says unable to connect . Before I updated the app I was able to log on and off with no problem. This issue needs to be fix because I can’t access my account from the app now
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5 years ago, Blaise222
I love this app!!
This apps functionality is amazing and it does what it’s supposed to do very well. The check feature is a little hard to use but I usually get it eventually. I do have a suggestion
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2 years ago, Satisfiedgettheapp
Not Really Liking New Update
Please. In settings, can you allow us to edit the snapshot feature and each individual account review page so we can switch the Ledger Balance to display the Available Balance instead?
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2 years ago, twd0827
new update
the new update is horrible, it won’t even let me load in. it’s been saying for the past 3 days “Unable to connect” and after reading these reviews it seems that this is a universal problem for us who are using the app. even in the browser it does not work as well.
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2 years ago, Malc D.
Worst Banking App Ever
I haven’t logged in on the first try since I’ve had this app (2+ years) and every time an update comes out to “improve” things, I get locked out of the app for hours to even days. Every thing is UI is confusing to read and doesn’t work half the time. Do not bank here…
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2 years ago, Lauren Rentz
App doesn’t work
Without notice, they cut access to all mobile banking for a full week (as if people don’t have bills to pay) for a “major” update. The app has always been subpar, doubt it will be any better after access resumes over a week later.
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4 years ago, SUGAAH💋
No Problem Easy
Wonderfully done!
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2 years ago, Brit Townley
April 2022 update
Since the recent update the app won’t even open it keeps telling me it can’t connect to check my service/internet connection like really I hate when the app crashes n I can’t get in it n it does it a lot
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5 years ago, Daftkitty
Update wonky...
Every time I try to log in to this app, it tells me that I need to update, and directs me to the App Store. The app page shows that I have the most recent version, so then I have to open it from the App Store. Every. Single. Time.
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6 years ago, smartashley
No functionality
When I log in a get the “timeout” message every time. I don’t need a message bubble to pop up every time. Just let me log in. I can’t see transaction details or disputes any charges.
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2 years ago, Aria2806
Worst update ever
This new update was not good at all instead of fixing problems with the app it just made everything worst. At least before I could log in into my account not it just says it can’t connect and won’t let me log in at all!
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2 years ago, Empress1983
I tried to log into my app yesterday and I couldn’t because the app needed to be updated. I updated the app and I still can’t sign in because of some so called “internet connection”. I’ve turned my wifi and tried and still can’t log into the app!!!!
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2 years ago, Toshikia
Updated App not responding
I can no longer get into Del One app since the recent update of the app. It is telling me my connection is unstable and to try again. Had no issues with older version.
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5 years ago, Mz. Vick
I love the Del-One App I’m not able to always go to my bank in Georgetown,De but we really could use one down to the beach area!!
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2 years ago, Truasia18
Trash update
App update and now no one can access their accounts til 4/26. And that’s a problem bc I need to be able to have access to my money/account. It’s too many issues with this app and bank in general. Really considering changing banks
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2 years ago, dizzydime._
This app won’t even let me open the app with out it saying “no network or connection” & I even re downloaded the app and it’s still pop up the same thing! This app needs to get fix ASAP I can’t even check my bank balance!!!!
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5 years ago, Badge 1911
Abusive: Laura Cruz
Sad; they allow managers to abuse laws and bully customers to abuse appeased discernment. This bank should be closed by law for they take advantage of policy and than; know to pretend.
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6 years ago, wilkie28
I have had Del-one for almost 20 years and the mobile app for over 10. It keeps getting worse and worse. Won’t even let me get into the app in the last 24 hours. So they better get it together cause I can easily go to a different credit union
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5 years ago, MarqTwaiin
But I still don’t understand why pending transactions don’t reflect in the available balance. The AVAILABLE balance and CURRENT balance should not be the same if you have pending transactions.
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1 year ago, swag1999yolo
Mobile deposit takes forever
Its been a week since I deposited my check through the app and they still haven't processed it and given me my money, do your jobs people
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2 years ago, idkpaul
After most recent update, am unable to log in due to “no network connection “ message even I am connected to wifi or mobile data
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4 years ago, Del One grateful
Del One app
I’ve never had trouble with this app!
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3 years ago, aukmom
Good app
Makes life easier!
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2 years ago, Tae123456789p
Horrible App
I was once able to access my account on the app and after this new update I can no longer access my account.
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2 years ago, ahdbshdjdnsns
App is jacked up keeps kicking me out the app, what a waste, keeps saying it fixes bug but the app is still acting stupid, don’t waste your time banking with these horrible people!
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4 years ago, Niq728
App needs work
This app is not reliable and is always either down or crashing. I haven’t been able to login for 3 days. The app continues to say not network. I’m connected to my home WiFi. Annoying!
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1 year ago, Hotelier4
New update crashes
The new update crashes every time it tries to read my face. There is no where to report the issue other to write a review.
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3 years ago, Muggaofficial
Worse app ever
This banking app sums up del ones service and is why i will be closing my account. Half the time the app “forgets my creditials” or “ entered the wrong information “ when i have face ID enabled
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5 years ago, Harold 302
Please stop asking for my password after every push of he button! My Face ID is far superior than a alphanumeric password!
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2 years ago, Ajazabeats
App No Longer Working
This app has not worked since the last update. Please fix immediately!
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4 years ago, CC Details
Credit Card Tensactions
There is no way to view credit card transactions...”details” - would expect to see a list of merchants/purchases here????? Please add this feature!
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4 months ago, Bree:D
Latest update 👎🏼
Latest update has the app crashing more than opening, and the Face ID isn't working at all.
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2 years ago, Bill_C_1
App Won’t Open
I’m unable to use the app. I must use a browser to access my account information. Please fix the app!
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3 years ago, missmikey2107
I’m about to switch banks I haven’t been able to log into my account both online and mobile app for about a week now
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2 years ago, Chinapennymoon1
Can’t log into my account it doesn’t even let me use my mobile app!!!
What gives with it?
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5 years ago, Yosemite Jay
Problem with phone app
Constant problems on phone app. For credit card account
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