Delaware Park Online Casino

4.4 (985)
46.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Delaware Racing Association
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Delaware Park Online Casino

4.37 out of 5
985 Ratings
2 years ago, RissaD73
Overall great but BEWARE!!!
I have had some amazing wins and play very often off prior winnings. I agree that the site takes you through a lot of verification that NO other online casino enforces. However, once you get past that, you receive your withdrawal within 24-hours. You have to call Customer Service (who are very good) if you have waited too long though. Emails will say approved when it’s just the acknowledgment of the request. YOU WILL NOT be contacted if they are waiting on info from you. PLEASE BEWARE THAT IF YOU ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A BONUS PAYOUT AND YOU GET LOGGED OUT; STOP PLAYING. Otherwise, that game is not going to pay anything significant. It’s happened to me several times. I intentionally tested my theory. That’s the downfall to smaller casinos. Very very sad!
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3 months ago, King3azy87
New games update
I enjoy playing online then in person, due to in person they got all the same similar games. One thing I wish they’d do were to atleast remove older games that look like they’re from the 70’s/80’s and put some current and up to date one’s. Out of all the game’s they have on there are only 2-3 that I play that are actually current because I’ve seen 2 of the 3 at the casino. You try the other one’s Bally’s Dover Downs and Harrington (I believe its called) thinking they’d have different games, but the sad part there is no difference they are all 3 the same. Then when you send them a email asking them to update with new games and which one’s you’d like to see, they seem to ignore the request/suggestions which in my opinion is poor customer service/satisfaction or if you wtite a review on here they remove it. I posted about 2 like a month a part, when I came back to see if it was still there, it had been removed. That’s all I got to say about this
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3 years ago, Bling boo
No response
I am quite disappointed with the state of delaware to not warn its residents of the scam of a site. This site asked for credentials in order to prove its me and has not done anything further. Other casino sites has not asked for such credentials. I believe these people are requesting information and using or selling the data . I am in the process of contacting every task force to review and shut the site down along with Delaware state officials to pursue prosecution of said violators. I am constantly the victim of fraud and am not understanding why my state has done nothing about this site along with the Dover Downs online gambling.
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7 months ago, nikia gray
So glad they made it online
Pay outs great seems like a scam if when you first pay cause of bonus but it’s not it’s easy to verify your information I have cash out over 1000 dollars , glad I didn’t listen to previous reviews
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5 years ago, Emikalus
They make take a bonus when you deposit funds. There is no option to opt out of the bonus. Then they have a rule that’s states that you must wager 16 to every one dollar of bonus money awarded before you can withdraw any funds. Which means if you deposit $100 you will have to wager &1600 in total bets before you can withdraw a dime. You could lose all the money you deposited and the money they gave you in bonus if you add more money and you didn’t meet the 16 to 1 wager for the bonus money you already lost and you “win”some money you still won’t be able to make a withdraw. I used their contact us tool and a person emailed me explaining this. I then called and I got the same person that emailed me. I asked his location because he had an accent and he said that he was in the Bahamas. This is NOT DELAWARE PARK CASINO.
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3 months ago, novaspice1985
Worse online casino
This have gotta be the worse online casino experience ever . I always give you guys the benefit of the doubt . It takes forever to get your winnings but when you’re making a deposit you guys take the money off super quick . Why do we have to wait days to receive our winnings . People want their money that’s waiting to be sent to them but to go through all of this and have to wait so many days to get your money is unbelievable. Other online casinos send your money within 24 hours I will no longer be having an account with you guys once I receive my withdrawal. This is beyond insane. Im waiting for my withdrawal and you have to go through a loop hole in a maze to receive your money . DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE .
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2 years ago, Igotlotstosay
Issues with iPhone?
About 2 wks ago encountered issues with not just this app but all 3 Delaware casino apps (appears all connected). None of the jackpot games work/all go to a blank screen and seems to timeout to say network error. The newer reg slot games work but not the older slot games. Reported this last week via email and no response. Called this weekend and unfortunately the link to support is not to tech support related to the app. Ive deleted and reinstalled app. Ive restarted the phone.
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3 years ago, Delaman
No longer works
The app is now working, however it loses 2 stars for not being able to just for fun anymore 😤
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2 years ago, Sunshine@444
This online gaming is slow and slowly takes all your money leaving you nothing, paying 12 cents on a dollar with bets at 2.00 thats real sad. They do NOT pay out reasonable. Save your self the embarassment because The winning chips are in their control making them the winner. BUT they wont be getting any more of my money thats for. I wont play their games with people that arent even reasonable and just take take and take till your broke and homeless AND they dont care.
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2 years ago, angilee68
0 stars
They make it impossible to make a withdrawal from your account. I submitted a request for a withdrawal. Twice now I have received an email for more information so they can verify who I am. I jumped through hoops to verify who I was when I first set up my account. No verification was needed when I made a deposit to gamble. I gamble on several different apps. When I win on those apps, my bank account is credited within 2 days. Completely disappointed.
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3 years ago, KristenBieniek
Terms & Conditions Stuck
I love this app, but I can’t get past the new terms & conditions. It tells me to click to review. I did that and then I hit the I accepted the updated terms and conditions, but it doesn’t work. There’s no continue button or anything. The page is just white with those few words on it and I can’t get past it. It’s really kind of bumming me out because I love playing the games
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2 years ago, SGC9631
You won’t get your money!!
Games are fun and I did win , however , it’s almost impossible to withdraw your winnings! 7 days later and it’s still saying *Awaiting process* when their app clearly states 3 business days . I’ve emailed with no reply. They know what they are doing , they want to take their time paying out hoping you will reverse that money into your bankroll to play more ! Terrible …
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9 months ago, Zooski3x
Worst online casino
This online casino is the worst one yet. The app is very choppy on some days it won’t even load. It won’t let you sign in or withdraw money. If you make a deposit and win bonus money, the bonus money is just for props. It won’t let you withdraw any of it including the money you deposit. This is ridiculous. I’m searching for other apps asap
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2 years ago, legitbob14
Literally in the state of Delaware and it says I don’t have access to any of the game because of location restrictions. I’m not talking location. My home router is in Delaware. Tried using cellular data still nothing. The slots to pick from are bad. No variety at all. Simply abysmal. Stop having a monopoly on this and let us go to over seas sites that have hundreds of different games and better returns for players.
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5 years ago, Nate0525
Horrible App
Delaware has always had a goldmine with their casinos and now with with addition of sports betting, but they just can’t seam to get it right. Off shore customer service, lack luster games available, incredibly tight slots, really it just goes to show the type of dimwitted people running the Delaware lottery. Scientific Games needs to come through here and show you how you how to run a real online casino. This is a disgrace.
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6 months ago, Aevine
Technical Issues/Outdated
Simply put….it’s a circus. Friendly customer service but unfortunately cannot solve issues. Was told there’s an updated version but I can’t find it. It’s not there. Token system is horrible and doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, thirdtimescharm
Wouldn’t play ever
So if you’ve ever played real casino games you understand there are variations up and down. These games are made to be sure the player cannot win I wouldn’t waste a dime on this app. It’s not accurate, fair in anyway If you do the math on the variations of cards that occur with both the Dealer and the player it’s extremely skewed to the casino so you can’t win
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1 year ago, Arti0424
Definitely rigged to take your money. Get .10 cent pay outs betting 2.00. What a joke. Won’t be putting anymore money in this app.
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1 year ago, Play Elsewhere
Horrible Withdrawal Process
Very slow payouts !! Other casinos payout within minutes or a few hours as well has having more options for withdrawal ! Please get a play card, collect at the cage or some other forms of withdraw. Horrible people should not have to wait 3-7 days for payment
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3 months ago, Jimmyjohnston1130
Don’t waste your time
Sad gaming experience, like any Delaware lottery affiliate. Better off going to another state to play. And play at the casino. All computer casinos are rigged, and they can do whatever they want under the guise that this all is totally random. It’s not folks, I’m here to tell ya. And I know…
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5 years ago, Horror-freak
Can’t access
I can’t even access a game. Keeps saying location Services need to be enabled. It is! I get as far as the game icon and then nothing. Didn’t have any issue taking my money. No one answers customer service! It hangs up on you.
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2 years ago, Diallois007
This is a scam if you live outside of Delaware they will let you deposit money and then tell you, you can’t use their app. And you will NOT be able to withdraw your money
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8 years ago, Thaddeus L.
How come there is no table poker?
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3 years ago, ddfucu
I can’t play no games now that the app is updated the old games I use to play I can’t even play now it’s says We're sorry, this game seems to be restricted in your area. I’m in the same area I’ve been in before
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5 months ago, Thistakesablank
Most games don’t work
My free play games never work just a black screen. Won’t let me deposit any money or play most games
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4 years ago, SadUpsetUser
I totally agree with last review! Also I can’t not even get in the account to play even after changing my password!! I still have money in the account!?!?!? This is a crock and a scam!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, huey654
2 thumbs down
You can’t even accept and get past the new terms and conditions page to play. Frustrating..
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2 months ago, Joe 113422
Instant deposits, and 5-6 day withdrawal times. Surprise surprise you can reverse the withdrawal until the last day. Predatory and low RTP.
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1 month ago, dan 1234231
This casino app is a joke. They are extremely misleading, especially with the welcome bonus. Says you need to wager 2.5x but really you need to wager 40x
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3 years ago, del resident
This is the cheapest app I’m the App Store. Worthless. Don’t waste your time and especially don’t deposit any money. It is a scam and a rip off.
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3 years ago, suge302
Total Scam
I lost 23 hands straight even when I had BJ somehow they had BJ if I had 19 they pull 5 card 21 never ever will I play this app again
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3 years ago, maryeid
Scam !!! Don’t sign up
This is a complete rip off. You will NEVER win and if you do, they make sure you can’t withdrawal.
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2 months ago, Kenstack228
Please do not waste your time or money on the app
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5 years ago, Donnnnnnnnnttttttttr do it
The Worst ever
All reviews are correct. Do not do it. I've tried to write this review but it has taking me 10 tries.
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2 years ago, rickeyhatten
App is a scam
I never seen a dealer get a 5card 19,18,20,21 then this app here it’s a joke don’t download
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3 years ago, F-U Delaware
Don’t bother
Delaware online gaming is terrible, play in nj, pa
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4 years ago, Flyrz
Withdrawaling is a big hassle
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8 years ago, Ex DE Park Fan
Fraudulent Transactions!!!!
I was skeptical at first. I should have trusted my gut instinct. The app has no problem taking your deposit but in the middle of games it freezes and has to "confirm your still in Delaware". The fraud part comes in when they give you a matching bonus, you play for an hour and win but when you go to withdraw, it deletes your bonus. Also I had multiple deposits showing when i only requested one. Still trying to get charge back.
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7 years ago, Gambler Anonymous Right
Fixed App
I do not recommend. This is definitely fixed. You lose most of your hands. Whenever the dealer is going to get 21 the thing pauses and then turns a card. All technology based casino products are fixed. Gamble at a casino where you have a chance. Slim but a chance.
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6 years ago, Knights090909
This is the absolute worst scam app ever! They NEVER pay out and their bonus points for playing are a joke! You are better off throwing money out the window.
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8 years ago, Losoadams
The games don't work, when you change it to landscape it freezes.
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6 years ago, Civiboy
Don’t do it, they force the bonus on you to make sure you can never get any money back
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8 years ago, Stickyville
Horrible app
This app is not user friendly and it doesn't payout ever!!! Twenty hands straight I lost in Black Jack. Crazy odds against winning
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8 months ago, yeet_155
Very challenging to withdraw.
Very challenging to withdraw.
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4 years ago, Baker2795
Literally can’t even sign in
You can sign up and play. Go to sign in later and it will ask for an email code. Type the code in and it just says a new code will be sent but will never accept a code.
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5 years ago, LinksMC
Scam scam scam
I got a bonus for depositing money. I won $80.00. I tried to withdraw my winnings and they sent me an email two days later, telling me that I entered the routing wrong for my bank account. They have a copy of my voided check and could have corrected the routing number if I entered it incorrect! 5 days later my withdrawal is still saying in process. They are purposely holding my money. If you click on to withdrawal, it says that you can reverse your withdrawal instantly. “You have US$80 on pending withdrawals that you can reverse and will be immediately added to your bankroll. But, it cannot be immediately be transferred to my bank account???
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