DeleteMe Privacy Protection

2.7 (27)
31.4 MB
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Current version
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for DeleteMe Privacy Protection

2.67 out of 5
27 Ratings
4 months ago, jpjackl
Horrible app, but decent service
The app has been having issues for a while and it’s becoming increasingly frustrating. The program itself is fairly decent.
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2 months ago, Merlins assistant
Good product not so good app
My review is based on the app only, not the actual company. (I do like what the company does so far). The app is rudimentary at best. Doesn’t use portrait mode, cannot use Face ID for login and when logging in it cycles several screens before going to Home Screen. If you hit the apps back button it takes you back to the login screen and not the Home Screen. I expected a much better app experience. They really need to completely overhaul this app. I tried to give this a star rating of 2 but for some reason the rating wouldn’t work.
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3 years ago, Pc and mac harmoniously
Leave fewer footprints in the sand
I have been using this service for a couple of years now. They definitely get results as seen when you google yourself. It does take time. Opting out of the data mines is a tedious process on purpose to persuade folks not to do it. Companies like this one are the only hope to make a dent. Even with this we are screwed with our PPI being collected so freely. It’s scary. It helps but don’t expect it to be the Jesus to the anti christ.
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3 months ago, Blnli
False Advertising
After paying for this service for almost a year, I was able to locate all of my personal information on the internet within a minute. In addition, I received one of their “reports” about one week prior. Two of the most popular “people search” websites, one being Spokeo, contained everything. Spokeo is one of the sites they advertise as being “monitored”
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2 years ago, Charles2yall
fairly solid
I was having trouble with getting past the OTP screen but either the developer resolved the issue or it resolved itself somehow. Would it be possible to add support for multi-factor auth, Hardware-based encryption keys on the main site?
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5 years ago, Green Tee 🍵
So far , I have been deleted from the white pages. I’m happy about that. Initially I wasn’t pleased with DeleteMe because I didn’t see progress. Each website that broadcasts my personal information has their own requirements for information removal. Some websites will delete information within 24 hours but others take 6 weeks. If you’re a victim of domestic violence or stalking , I highly recommend finding a way to delete your personal information. DeleteMe is one of 2 companies that help people do this. Hopefully DeleteMe actually deletes me. 🤞🏼
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6 months ago, didntwantopaythat
I’d like a refund
Really you might as well go through these sites and select the opt out requests yourself. This site did not do anything for me. I had them done before I ever saw any kind of report from DeleteMe. And all within a few hours of signing up. Don’t waste your money here. It is also very glitchy to use.
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2 months ago, natspo6061
Poor quality app
The delete me service seems pretty good so far, but it’s obvious they didn’t spend a lot of time and money developing their app. It’s awkward to use and doesn’t have good features.
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6 months ago, nicknametakenreverseuno
Good app
This is a good app. Only problem is it REALLY needs Face ID recognition login. I literally have to input my login credentials every single time
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8 months ago, cammo80
Can’t even login
So badly designed you can’t select the login button when you enter your login and password because the menu covers it. Might be able to review it if I could actually login!
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3 years ago, Interactive3
No support
The help section links do not go anywhere. There’s no way to choose any plan other than 1 year 1 person.
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6 months ago, Cinderz95
Can’t open
Open app & click dashboard & app crashes. No way to get in. Ugh
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5 months ago, dquackrr
App crashes
Doesn’t launch at all
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3 years ago, wacowhacko
DeleteMe take while but it works
Edit— Paid for one year January 2020 never got a refund but service ended in November. “Keep in mind Google will in some cases produce a search result with links to personal data that has already been deleted...Google eventually removes these dead links... but can expedite removal of these links on request.” The quote is from a recent deleteme email. Using sites like delete me can make you more searchable encouraging data brokers to create new profiles as such search engines like Google make old information resurface with new search results. You have to request Google delete these individual caches yourself. DeleteMe is very limited. It only covers under 50 sites. That hardly makes a dent as new data brokers pop up everyday. It’s like a dog chasing it’s tail. Its maybe a better investment to change your name and social security number. At least you can request court documents be sealed. Law enforcement uses data brokers so does every court and DMV though they deny it. Every government and state agency gives access to your information for a price. Data brokers don’t have to be licensed or verify the info they sell. The more you’re online the more info there is to sell. My stalker and abuser found my new address and contact info when I froze my credit with Transunion. Even though I gave that credit agency my injunction for protection and ID proving my identity they sold and shared my information to “verify it.” Then my information was dumped everywhere with false and inaccurate info and combined with other people with similar names on data broker sites. I had to move but I could not leave my lease without penalty. My stalker and abuser weren’t arrested so I didn’t have a legitimate reason to leave my lease early. I’m still paying for an apartment I don’t live in. This pandemic and data brokers are the bane of my existence. I don’t feel safe anywhere. I know I’ll have live off grid just to have a semblance of a life. Technology was suppose to improve our lives but it’s just making digital conglomerates and techno vultures like data brokers richer. It’s empowering sycophants and abusers to follow you to the ends of the earth just because they can with a click on a keyboard.
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3 years ago, CAJohnson98
Down 1 Star: Does not support 2 factor authentication in app
I ordered the service for me and the wife. I was on 55 sites and my wife was on 53. After two quarters, I am down to 11 and she is down to 7. I sincerely appreciate everything this company is doing and the progress is outstanding! The remaining sites are very aggressive aggregators that you have to stay on top of. Set realistic expectations! Many of these sites will start from scratch again unless you have a service like this stay on top of them. Overall, this is the happiest I have ever been with a service. Combined with other privacy approaches for web, email, mail, and phone and you will reap the rewards!
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11 years ago, Bell67543
Utterly useless
Totally ineffective. This app. simply exists to take all of your personal information and provide it to the developer. Regardless of how many contact details you provide, it will continuously tell you it can't find any instances of you on the internet. Meanwhile, a quick search of yourself (using the same information you've provided to the DeleteMe app) on the web will turn up plenty of hits with personal information. Useless app, claims to do what it cannot. Uninstalling.
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11 years ago, Online Privacy
I use Abine's other privacy products and have been thinking about trying DeleteMe. Like that the mobile app let's you try it free by removing you from three sites at no cost. I'll probably buy the three month subscription and give it a try.
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10 years ago, camadre
Waste of money
Do not buy this ap without doing some research. The only websites it will remove you from are the ones you can easily do yourself. The harder ones (intelius, among many others) require verification from you by fax or mail before they will remove you. NEWSFLASH: DeleteMe Mobile won't remove you either! They will want you to upgrade to the full version for that. Big waste of $$ buying this ap. Do some research first.
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3 years ago, pound4pound1983
Great service BUT
Great service but app doesn’t work because 2fa isn’t supported on the app, only on the website. Please fix.
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11 years ago, WoodShedd
Login failed
I entered name and address information and ensured that I had the correct password, logged out and could not get back in. I'm sure I am entering the correct password. There is no way to contact this app maker to fix the problem.
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11 years ago, ninjasavant
Didn't find anything
I have a lot of accounts and none came up. Further, the birthday field kept changing to the wrong date no matter how many times I fixed it.
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9 years ago, Zena Jagger
Contacting FTC !!!
It's been Months and Nothing Removed !!! Some guy I think from India E-Mailed Stating "They're working on it". Really...Really ??? I'm not seeing anything done as promised !!! Please Refund all our money . Is this Fraud ??? Please Help !!! Apple ipad Apps. Legal Dept. Please Help !!!
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11 years ago, Jc121384
It's great! Bugs seem to be fixed
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4 years ago, ezegaib
Totally waste of money
App does not work, freezes and does not recognize user at all. The biggest rip off
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10 years ago, NicknameEZ
Curiously the App did not identify records on Intelius. Also app does not allow users to verify or reset their login password so if it is initially mistyped or forgotten afterwards the user cannot gain access again.
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3 years ago, Pequena143
App doesn’t work!!
Logged in to view my dashboard and it’s completely blank!
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11 years ago, Teddiebare
Worst app ever/ not free
Did not work. Went online and found a service called safe shepherd that actually works and was free.
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11 years ago, Grumpy Girl 37
Does nothing unless you pay.
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10 years ago, endless bummer
awesome app!
really helpful, works great!
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