Descrambler - Word game cheat

2.7 (51)
60.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
PBJ Studios
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Descrambler - Word game cheat

2.71 out of 5
51 Ratings
10 months ago, TooThru
Last gasp with this app!
I have been playing with this app for almost a decade. Over the past few years, I’ve found that I can do better on my own when I’m desperate. This app constantly puts you in a position where your opponent gets the advantage after you make your play. I used to win most of the time… now I find I can’t rely on it like I used to do. I’m going to find another app that kicks my chances up a notch!
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6 years ago, ssbasha
Excellent tool BUT
Now it keeps jumping to a blank internet screen with a Citi bank ad at the top. Plus I paid for ad free and I have an ad on the main screen. Too frustrating.
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6 years ago, 12-6 Doodlebug
Love this app!!!!!
This is a most helpful app. I use it all the time. Oct. 15, 2018. I’ve always loved this app works great. However, the last few days I’ve been getting a credit card ad and I’ve purchased NO ADS I don’t understand. I’ve restored purchase but still it continues. Please fix this
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6 years ago, LJ_Blitz
I purchased this app quite some time ago. I shouldn’t be seeing *any* ads, yet lately I’m seeing a Citibank ad all the time. I tried contacting through the link in app, but it doesn’t go to a valid email address. The link to visit your site here in the App Store ends with a dns page - so this is the only way to contact you. You switched ad providers - good for you, bad for those of us who paid to not have to deal with the ads. Please fix this!!
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6 years ago, 2-Texas
Black screen
I have been using your app for a long time now and within the last two weeks when I type the 7 tiles on top then go to bottom and type 1 or 2 tiles (board tiles) press the blue start button, my phone screen goes black with only the word “Install” on the screen and everything freezes up. Please can you fix this? Thanks!
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6 years ago, Rayinderry
Purchased without ads, but have ads now.
For years I have purchased this app to have no advertising, successfully. but recently ads are getting through. You have to click something to go back to your screen, but something is definitely wrong and hopefully they will be fixing this ASAP. Once they do that again, I’ll be able to recommend this app if your the cheating sort. 😜
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4 years ago, Rock Hager
Long words
I purchased the long word option and it does not show up anywhere. I would like to know how do you use it since I purchased it. Thank you
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6 years ago, ScrabbelGirl
Ads in Paid Version
I own the full version of the app and recently if I hang out on the word list page for several seconds, my screen flips over to an ad screen. What’s up with that? I expect that in free versions, not full, paid versions. Otherwise it’s a great app. AND, there don’t seem to be any available nicknames to post a comment.
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6 years ago, 111Holly
Annoying ads!!
I purchased this app 6 years ago and never had any problems. The past couple of weeks have been so annoying with the same ad taking over!!! It closes easy enough, but still a nuisance.
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6 years ago, DLR1949
Fixed ad bug but still behind on wordlist
They fixed the ad bug. The wordlist is still out of date it seems to me.
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6 years ago, 5th Set
Descrambler Ads
I, too, purchased the Descambler App, but I continue to get pop up ads. Please fix and I’ll rerate five stars.
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4 years ago, Ol' Texas Rocker
Too much missing!
Nice! Sometimes!!! Too many words missing and many that don’t. Would be nice if there were a way to report missing words or unusable one to freshen the database but I haven’t found one tat!
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6 years ago, eysnogle
I love this , but I’m now getting ads! How do I update this To get rid of them. I did pay the extra money not to have the ads!
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6 years ago, docmorg
The program has glitches
I purchased the program: yet I still have ads popping up. So I purchased it again because is the glitches, ads and pop-up. Plus the program freezes up while I'm playing.
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6 years ago, ttraid
Ad pop up
Bought the version to avoid ads and expand tracking but lately the Citi ads pop up constantly. What is up with that?!?!
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6 years ago, CQueen from SF
Annoying Ads
My app has been ad free for a long time - like several years. But for the last two weeks annoying ads have been appearing. Please fix this problem. It’s very frustrating. 👎🏼
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6 years ago, ThatFatGuy1963
Get rid of that damned ad!
I bought the app. Then upgraded it to NO ads. All was good... until about a day or so ago. The ad is bad enough, but contacting app support has been turned off! One week to fix it or I am using and buying another app!!!!
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5 years ago, ladybug828
Works great
I have no add version and get no adds
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13 years ago, Dutch Van Horn
New, upgraded Descambler
I actually like the look and feel of the former version better than this version. - I miss the "delete" button (the x to delete all of the tiles with one touch rather than having to delete each tile individually using the "backspace" button. - the functionality could also be more user friendly by: ~ eliminate the need to press "return" then "run" by inserting a "run" button directly on the text entry screen. This would then run the app directly from the text entry screen. ~ have the text entry cursor automatically jump to the "Enter your seven tiles" section rather than having to select it every time you wish to enter your tile letters. ~ have the text entry screen "jump" to the "Enter board tiles" section automatically after seven tile letters have been entered. This would only work after seven letters have been entered but seems like a logical choice. ~ Move the lower case "i" information buttons. Those of us with stubby fingertips sometimes hit this button instead of the tile entry row.
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4 years ago, The guy you were warned about
Out of date
This used to be decent, but it hasn’t been updated in years. Now it cannot find many of the words you can make in WWF.
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6 years ago, Texflix
Paid to remove ads
Now they are back up! Tried to connect to developers, but not available! Rip off!
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4 years ago, Jamestown Dave
The developer has given up. No updates. No responses. Do not use this app. I’ll be deleting mine. He’s getting money for ads, but not doing anything else.
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6 years ago, KellyinSF
No way to close an ad now
The new ads have no close button, so I have to keep quitting the app to get rid of them. Annoying.
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4 years ago, Cloudchaser1
Missing Words
This descrambler misses a lot of words and gives words that are unaccepted by Words with Friends.
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5 years ago, karma3719
PLEASE update the dictionary!
I am finding far too many valid WWF words that are not in this app. Please update the dictionary!
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6 years ago, Kiwibaby
Love the app but.....
Please fix!!!! I paid for the ad free version. Why can't get I rid of these ads?? I've made this request for help numerous times. Can't get thru to apple support!!
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6 years ago, MWB MD
Spent $, still get ads
Despite paying for ad free version, I get pop up ads when I open the app. Enraging. Please fix.
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6 years ago, BODINEs iPhone
Adds are back and annoying
I purchased the upgrade and have had a couple years of uninterrupted play. Now adds are back. This needs to be fixed so advertisements go away. -------------------- Support Info Device iPhone10,6 iOS 12.0 --------------------
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2 years ago, Ktsnena
Loved it
Need to update the app! Won’t work with my software!
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5 years ago, Cardiopro321
Please Update WWF Wordlist
Love the app but now there are new words added to WWF as well as some word deletions. Please update the app!
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6 years ago, maranuna
Get the pop up ad off here! !!!!!!!!
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13 years ago, Dr. Zeed
Thank you for the updates
UPDATE - thank you for listening to the reviews and fixing the app. It is very usable again. I still like the old colors better, but that is minor. Now the app does everything I need it to again. Previous review: I love this app and use it all the time, but the new upgrade ruined it for me. They removed the "x" button so you cannot delete all of the letters at once. Now you have the backspace/delete them individually. Also, since they replaced the text box with tiles, there is no more cursor. You can't change one letter entered early on, you have to delete all the letters to get back to change one at the beginning, and then re-enter the same letters you just deleted. They also did nit highlight the tiles, so you do not know which field you are entering letters into until you start typing. Please bring back the old version and I will give you 5 stars again. In the mean time I will be looking for a different app to use. I do not recommend this app in it's current version.
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13 years ago, DMarks49
Holy Cheating!!!
Wow - great app! Unscrambles your letters (including blank tiles) in order ranked by point value, with the option of adding an additional tile (or two consecutive) into the search, simulating tiles already on the board. Also let's you check to see if a combination of letters will be accepted as a word, and which games will accept it. How it could be better: - the ads in the app ate by far the most annoying I've ever encountered, and the method of getting back to the main screen changes each time an ad pops up, making its even more frustrating to circumvent. I haven't upgraded to ad free yet (.99), but since the app is otherwise amazing, I'll be soon that very soon. - you are able to add in an option 2 letters to simulate letters already on the board, but if you use both optional tiles, the letters are treated as consecutive, limiting the results to words that include those letters back to back. It would be much more helpful if the results weren't limited in this way, especially when you want to add a word to the board and happen to cross over letters from two other words (ie your word would include two additional letters from the board that are not consecutive) I've also been using Tip of the Tongue to help in these sorts of situations, but it's a bit tedious switching between the apps, especially due to the horrible ads in this one. Otherwise - totally amazing way to cheat at words with friends!!!
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13 years ago, Just Bite
I gave it 2 stars (see review below) before they fixed my complaints - now it's better and I'm getting to know this newer version - so it is very usable for my purpose. A less cumbersome interface might be considered for your next upgrade. Thanks for listening to the suggestions. ********* The whole app changed with this free upgradeto something that is a completely unusable app for me - I love the app Whirly Word and like to use Descrambler for words that stump me - now v2.2.2 seems it is only good for Scrabble - I also wanted to upgrade and buy it before this recent unusable upgrade but It seemed that there was no obvious option to pay for an upgrade - so if I wanted to see the definition of words I looked up, It said I had to pay for getting definition which I am happy to do. Please go back to the original app and have the pay option obvious. This 'new' upgrade is totally horrible. Thanks
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8 years ago, Mindy-Minsk
Makes scrabble fun to “cheat"
As other people have noticed, the only way to achieve play level above intermediate is to “cheat”. This is because the official scrabble dictionary is so unfair in that it uses MANY meaningless and archaic words while allowing some foreign words arbitrarily (“qi” is allowed but “zen” and “jew” are NOT). When I first re-discovered Scrabble after 40 years, I felt so inept and inferior. Then I discovered the weird and indispensable world of two-letter alleged words (again, arbitrary). So no matter how hard I sweated over anagrams, I just kept losing both to the computer and to random online opponents. Now, this kindly and well-written app has restored the fun of the word-chase and reassured me that it’s not me, it’s the Scrabble rules. This app is better than the two others I checked out. This one is indispensable.
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11 years ago, Nauthor
Update to "no-ad version…"
I found that if you delete the application from your device--closing and reopening doesn't work, power-cycling your device won't work either--then download it again it will not crash. If you made IN-APP purchases, go into EXTRAS, then select UPGRADES, then RESTORE PURCHASES. It works fine after that. Thanks, Tim!! I was running the free version. Upgraded for $1.99 to the no-ad version. Worked fine a few days ago. Latest version crashes--app stays running, returns to home screen. Close app, re-open: doesn't fix. Power cycle phone: doesn't fix. Delete app, re-download: works, but now I have the adverstisements again. Bottom line: I'm out $1.99 and can't get my ad-free application. Note: in-app purchase means ad-free on iPhone still has ads on iPad!
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12 years ago, Padrebooster
Cool App!
I'd give this App 5 Stars if the 'Accept' Button wasn't on top of, & so close to the 'Right Arrow'..see later in this note for explanation! I love the help I get with definitions, & w/ new words..I like it even better since the upgrade & that big red X has disappeared! Thanks fr this great app & keep up the great work!! Only problem is, I have an issue with the Right arrow for less points/more words is WAY TOO CLOSE to the Accept Button!!! I'll be goin thru the words & have accidentally hit the Accept button & have to find out what happened!! Make the Accepted word a different color, & move the Accept button farther away!! It's too close!! Thanks..God Bless u all!! Thanks for the Tracking!! Now please, move the 'Accept' Button, & I'll gladly give in to the 5th star!!
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14 years ago, katimomkat
Got Ripped Off When Purchasing Upgrades
I have to give the application 2 stars because the free app does do what it advertises itself to do: find word combos for very short words. However, I purchased the package upgrade, which it appears can ONLY be done from the iphone app...can't find any way to purchase the upgrades on line...but none of the upgraded features have been made available to me, even though I received the message that the upgrade was successful and have been charged for the upgrade. Have tried clicking on the link to their website but the page comes up with an error message saying the page can't be found. So don't bother purchasing the upgrade will be throwing your money away. Sure wish I knew who I could complain to. Anyone know?
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13 years ago, Disgusted 
Great App
It really is great!!! Love it. I purchased the upgrade that gives you The definitions and since then I get more realistic words. .Some of the words Prior to this purchase were not found in the dictionary, not good cause you explain!!! . Keep it real focus on real words. Love this app.  The tracking system is the bomb!!  My previous thumbs up was before the up grade. I can't speak on the up grade because I'm afraid to update, after listening to the reviews. Also looking at the orange color on the sample hurts my eyes. However I purchased the paid version with no ads On my I phone, and since that time I have a IPad too. Down loaded my IPhone apps to my IPad and now I get ads on my IPad. Why is that? Are u expecting me to pay for no ads on the IPad also? If so why isn't this app set up for iPad and IPhone. Please fix the problems and go back to the original colors, get rid of that ORANGE!!!!!!!!!! After writing the above comments I tried updating this app. And now I can't get into the app at all  Please fix this NOW!!!!!
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8 years ago, Snakes Reaper
I love this app!
I love this app! Unscramble your letters (including blank tiles) in order right by point value, with the option of adding additional tile (or two consecutive) into the search, simulating tiles already on the board. Also let's you check to see if combination of letters will be excepted as a word, and which games will except it. How it could be better: - some way you could import a game once it's already started and been going for a while. - you're able to add an option to letters to simulate letters already on the board, but if you use both optional letters, the letters are treated as consecutive, limiting the results to words that include those letters back to back. It will be much more helpful if the results were limited in this way, especially when you want to add a word to the board and happen to cross or letters from two other words (i.e. the words would include two additional letters from the boards that are not consecutive). Otherwise – totally amazing way to cheat and words with friends!!!
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12 years ago, Milnesmom
Love it!!!
Got this app to help with a scrambled letter game. It was okay before the update but after?? It rocks!! I use it almost every day. I love that I can change the settings to get the results in the format best suited for the game I'm playing. Thanks developers!! I appreciate the expertise, care and excellence you invested in this app! :D And many months later, I'm still loving the app!! Each update brings something new. Not too fond of the ads - using this app so much, it'd be a worthwhile investment to buy the paid version. Thanks again for a quality product that stands out significantly from many others.
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14 years ago, raistlinxw
Consider this a $1.99 app
There are other free apps that can solve anagrams and check words, most are also ad free. What makes this shine is the $0.99 dictionary add-on that gives you the definition of the words that it unscrambles. So often I'll look up of a random string of letters is a word, and when it turns out that it is, the very next question is "what is it?". Before I'd have to leave my word-check app and open a dictionary app. No more. The other thing, the ad's are really obnoxious. Pay the additional $0.99 and make this an ad-free version. I've been able to scrap half a screen of word checker and dictionary apps thanks to this one.
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14 years ago, Bozocity
Intrusive, Invasive Ads by Greystripe
I protest the intrusive, invasive advertisements by Greystripe and refuse to patronize these developers. Won't even pay $.99 to upgrade to the ad-free version from such scoundrels. To be able to use the free version, one must tell the advertiser one's age and gender (I lied). Then, *every time* one enters letters to be descrambled, the *entire* display switches to an enormous ad. To return to the letters, tap the ad for yet another screen, which will demand to know whether you want to learn more about the ad or skip it to return to the app. Ads are okay if users agree to them, but paralyzingly and poisoning an app on the assumption that one can generate revenue from morons who are stupid enough to allow themselves to be treated so callously is insulting and presumptuous. It's a big app store; there are better options out there. Shame!
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14 years ago, RonDycks
Works, but the ads are so obtrusive, I uninstalled it.
The dev says ads "pop up" every 3 minutes which may be true but it happens immediately when entering your first rack of letters. The pop up is so blatant, it really caught me off guard! Yes, the app is free. And i really don't mind being served some ad copy, but then, the banner ads are also there. That's fine, but the pop up is so blatant and distracting that I trashed this app. iPad can't multi task anyways, so to try and bounce from scrabble to this is also a joke. Better to use an online descrambler with your laptop or desktop and save space for useful apps like dragon dictation, which I used for this review!
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9 years ago, frisbeedogzz
Poisoned Apple
I like this app, but I prefer to use my brain to figure words out. I also like to play people that do likewise...and I can tell when someone's using this app. However, this app is most enjoyable AFTER I have already played a word, and my curiosity compels me to see what I may have been able to play. This technique will actually improve your gameplay. Also, I am a persistent letter scrambler, and will discover new words daily. The add-on dictionary is great for learning what these words mean, which is fun and educational. Now words like "QAT", "ZA", and "CRWTH" come alive. --- If you're a cheater, don't bite this poisoned apple.
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13 years ago, Penny Brown
Absolutely the best!
This is a great free app that does exactly what it says it will do...without any bugs whatsoever. I generally only use the word checker portion, but liked it so much that I purchased the ad free version with the dictionary combo just to support the developers. I wish all my apps worked as flawlessly as this one does. My only "complaint" is that there are a few words that differ (either are or aren't included) with the ENABLE dictionary that is used by most online games such as Scrabble and Words With Friends.
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12 years ago, Dodie1701
I had this app for a while before I realized it had a page where you put your word boards. It actually picks out your next, highest point word for you. I have 2 friends that won't play me because I have it. But, I have an iPod that I use it on. My friends don't. It is only like this in Apple mode. I tried to download it on my smartphone and since it isn't an iPhone it won't give me the same app. So I use my iPod to get my words and my phone to put the words on the board. I haven't been beat yet!! Lol!!!
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12 years ago, HootieDaRed
I love this app, except when I use the Check section of the app. If your trying several different letters to form a word,and the letter you want to change is in the front of the word, you have to erase the entire word and start over entirely! It would be nice if they could figure out how to erase one letter at a time and replace it with another as opposed to having to erase the entire word to change one letter in the word. They've already accomplished that in Descrambler main page, why can't they apply the same system to word check? Thanks!
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12 years ago, KSichting
I love this app! I don't make a move in Words With Friends without checking w this app first!! At first use I pretty much let this app play for me... & after a while of learning to recognize & use the letters to get the most points possible I score a much higher game now & I'm more able to do it myself w/o this app help but like I said I use it with every move just to be safe... & the tracker is the best part if the app!! Especially when u purchase the upgrades!! =)
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13 years ago, cldof73
Below was before the latest update. It's much better now with the option to switch views. There are still a few annoyances like the bar across the screen that's always pops open even when you close it. Overall it's better and I do enjoy learning new words. -------------------------------------------- While the former version was plain looking, it was much easier to use. This new look is nice, but it's much more cumbersome to enter and remove letters. I'd prefer the old word entry over this one. It is very helpful in increasing my Words vocabulary, though.
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