Desert Financial Mobile

4.8 (71.6K)
86.7 MB
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Current version
Desert Financial Credit Union
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Desert Financial Mobile

4.84 out of 5
71.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Jzamora001
Credit Unions Are Always Better Than Banks
If it’s a testament to Desert Financial, I’ve been with them for 7 years. They’ve always been good to me when it comes to overdraft fees (sometimes they say no 😜, but 80% of the time they work with me, and they don’t keep charging you a fee for everyday you’re overdrafted like big greedy banks do) They put my car loan on hold for 2 months when I called them when Covid-19 hit, and they didn’t ask any questions or make a fuss about it. They’ve worked with me on my credit card payments too. Overall they’re a wonderful credit union, they constantly care, and I love their staff. Big ups from me for this place, I love them.
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1 year ago, suuuwoo
i’ve been with them for over 2 years now and i’ve really liked them everything is simple and easy but for over a month now it wouldn’t let me make payments on my credit card app and it wouldn’t show my amount that was due either so i finally emailed and reached out asking for help (they haven’t got back to me yet) but a few days after i sent it it FINALLY let me make a payment but i had to make a 400 dollar payment bc throughout the month it wouldn’t let me make my normal smaller payments and it also told me it was past due even though i tried countless times to pay throughout the month. it ended up knocking me down 26 points in my credit score so to say i’m upset is an understatement. i really have no idea what was happening with the app. it also kept enabling my face id so every time through the month i’d go to get on to make a payment (and couldn’t) it would also make me re log in and answer the questions, seriously irritating.
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1 year ago, straycat82
Important features don’t work, cost me money
I set up account alerts so that if my checking account gets below $150 I can transfer from savings. But the alerts don’t work. It will keep borrowing from the Personal Overdraft loan account, charging me transfer fees and insufficient fund fees and interest each time until my checking is bled dry and the Personal Overdraft is maxed out at $500. Then, one morning, it will send me twenty text messages all at once in rapid succession—the messages I should have been getting a week ago—to tell me my balance has been declining for a week and is now negative… and I’m now on the hook for $30 in NSF fees and $15-$20 in overdraft “protection” loan transfer fees ($5 each time). Now, in addition to being out the NSF and ODP fees, I have to pay myself back $500 plus interest to clear the overdraft loan account when I had plenty of money in my savings to cover it all along. What an absolutely absurd and predatory way to do business. I am 41 years old and have been with this credit union since I was 15. When I’ve tried to resolve these problems in the past they act like they’re doing me a favor “I’ll go ahead and waive these fees as a courtesy for you just this once…” No! The courteous thing to do would be to make your app do what it says it does so that I’m not losing money unnecessarily in the first place!
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4 years ago, Patyo23
App review for IPhone
The app has been nice overall, though there are a few changes needed. It does not separate app login and website login notifications, so I was getting an email every time I logged into my app. Sometimes multiple a day when I’m waiting on something to be posted. I don’t need a notification for that but would like a notification for every website login since I should be the only rarely logging in on the web. Also sorely needed is an option to lock/unlock my debit cards. I am a person who constantly misplaces them and I want be able to quickly lock a card while I’m searching for it. I don’t want to have to call in, navigate the options, wait on hold, and lock/cancel a card only to find it later. It’s a huge hassle having to set up new auto payments on all my accounts on a new card.
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7 years ago, Manaoana
Help!!!! App won’t let me set-up!!!
I was forced to update this app this morning and it won’t continue past the page where I create a unique user name. No matter what I put it either just comes back to say Continue or it changes my user name, to something totally different, but still won’t ‘Continue’. I’m forced to go back and it starts the whole process over again! I tried putting in different user names (and some were quite unique and I’ll probably never remember them). If the problem is that the name is taken it doesn’t give me the option to try something else. I even lose the ability to type. This is really frustrating!
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3 years ago, Go Puff Fan!
I have to say that I’ve been with Desert Financial for many years! I opened my account with them when they were still Desert Schools. A very good friend recommended it to me and I’ve been there since! Desert Financial has the most wonderful employees. They are kind , friendly ,and very professional. They are helpful and are always willing to help you with a genuine and beautiful smile. I also strongly recommend that you give these amazing people what quality customer service is! THEY ARE AMAZING! I L❤️VE DESERT FINANCIAL!
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1 month ago, Red3Cent
App review for iPad
I have watched this app improve over the years and enjoy it more with every update. This last update however removed the option to view the app in either mode, portrait or landscape, on the iPad. It would be nice if you to bring back the choice. I like to work on my iPad in landscape mode and get frustrated every time I open your app and am forced to turn it around to portrait. Since you previously had landscape or portrait viewing options on the iPad I’m guessing it was an oversight by the developer. Please bring this feature back and you will be back at a 5 star rating from me!
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4 months ago, rblake237
Limited mobile app
The app delivers the basic minimums. When compared to other banking apps I’ve used, the interface and the features are lacking. The biggest drawback is the limited search function. The app won’t allow me to search a range of transactions between two dates. I’ve tried to remedy this by opening the website on my iPhone, but the mobile website is a carbon copy of the limited app. In addition, safari won’t let me request the desktop site on my phone forcing me to have to dig out my laptop to just search by range to be able to see how much money I’m spending/saving in a month. There’s no excuse when other banking apps allow its users to search by range.
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2 years ago, Essias
Good app, but some requests for improvement
I like the mobile app for IOS. I suggest when a user switches away from the desert app and then goes back that they have to re-authenticate or Face ID again. This would improve security. It would also be helpful if you could copy the account number or at least the routing number from the app so it can be pasted in other apps or browsers when setting up auto-pay, etc. Hopefully the bill pay option will be built natively in the app versus launching a web page within the app. Thanks.
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4 years ago, James88878
Good until malfunctions
This app is good, I could transfer money and see how much money I have. But recently, I transferred money to my savings. I left to see friends and when I went back on the app to see how much money I have. The app wouldn’t let me sign on telling me transfer failed and I need to try again. I can’t do anything as a try again button Keeps on popping up, I deleted the app and downloaded it again and even restarted my phone but the try again button keeps on coming up. I can’t do anything on that app anymore
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4 years ago, Crucg
This is garbage
The bank statement updates are so slow. It takes days to see your tru balance. There has never been a weekend where I got an update to my balance. It all seems to show up on Monday. This is irritating cause of overdraft fees, even if you opt out, you still get charged. The app goes down for weeks at a time and you come back to overdraft fees and such. Don’t trust this app and much less the bank.
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Customer Service/Requested Loan
I have excellent credit requested a loan for 5K and never got call back or anyone to give me a courtesy call back . I work in management at WELLS FARGO and you can learn a thing or two from a big bank . Why would you lose business in this manner and forsake a loyal customer who has been with you over 13 years. I took my business else where and was approved that day. Shame on you Desert Financial for not being there for a person who has stayed faithful. I have considered taking my business elsewhere and discard you like you did me. Im sure no one will call me back because only millions speak loudly in your world and customer service is not even a thought. Im ashamed to be a member and see why your growth has been saturated. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE YOU ARE NOT!!!!
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1 year ago, Azsunshine2u
Change the app back
Some of the features on the app since the latest update, are fine. However, when you use “remember me” so you don’t have to constantly put in your password and you keep having to put in your password, it’s a PAIN. I liked the option before of having Face ID or even a PIN. Having to put the password in each time is ridiculous. Fix it! Otherwise, I love the people at the credit union themselves. They have always been friendly and helpful.
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5 years ago, xXTROLLZORZXx
Mostly good
This app can be very helpful to check my account balances and to transfer funds if needed, however I have had recurring issues with the ‘pay anyone’ service. It is very helpful when it works as I can send my rent directly to my landlord, however it has been buggy recently and is extremely inconsistent. It will often times not send the money and say “error try again later” but never explains what is going wrong or how to rectify the error, which is frustrating when I need to send rent money that day and it decides to not work the whole day! If that gets fixed then 5stars
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4 months ago, Nedolh18
Unreliable, feels scammy.
They bounce my checks half the time, take money out of my account I never received, hit me with fee’s without telling me about why I'm getting the fee, so I have to figure it out myself, only reason I have an account with them is because other banks don’t work well with them and my checks come from their institution. Boutta drop that too though and just pay the 7$ fee to cash a check in person without an account. I swear sometimes they’ll see my account is low and then bounce the check even though my employers has funds, just to see if i’ll overdraft without knowing and they get their free overdraft money.
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6 years ago, Nellhooligan
The change from Desert Schools to desert financial has been disappointing.
The change from Desert Schools to desert financial has been disappointing. It seems that NSF fees are doled our quicker and sooner than ever before, and most of the customer service people are young inexperienced and poorly supported by upper management. I don’t refer my friends here anymore. I do like the mobile banking. But the whole experience seems more like a bank and less like a credit union.
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7 years ago, MacStu1
Thou I like the refreshed look of Desert Federal I find both there online and mobile apps are primitive compared to others. I think if your seeking to be ahead of the game that the appearance refresh isn’t enough. Can’t transfer external funds from another outside banks. Font is small. App is slow with initializing. Criteria for having an account with low maintenance fees is higher then commercial. Alerts doesn’t even include a basic direct deposit alert.
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5 years ago, Jennifer AZ
Please change back
I just did an update for my Apple phone. In the transaction screen the dates are all the way to the left and smushed. I can see a first letter and then two digits for the day. The amounts of the transactions are no longer over the balance. It’s now also to the left. It just doesn’t flow right like a normal check register would. I haven’t tried any of the other functions as of yet.
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6 years ago, Okiegyrl80
Not accurate since update
The app is constantly showing the wrong info. It shows transactions as both pending and paid at the same time. Things that actually are pending aren't showing at all. Fix that and it would be a much better app. Oh and your "app support" link only takes you to the banking website. It would be nice for this to reach actual support.
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5 years ago, $$todeposit
Can’t deposit check on mobile
I used to be able to deposit checks via my mobile phone. Now, it keeps getting hung up when I take a photo. Most of the time it logs me out as soon as it snaps a picture of the front. One time it accepted the front but could not capture the back picture and logged me out. Very frustrating!i updated the app after my first one or two fails hoping the bug would go away. It didn’t.
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6 years ago, manfisher
Accessibility Improvements Needed
Institutionally, Desert Financial is very good. They're very accomodating to customers' needs, and I recommend them highly. The app, on the other hand, leaves a bit to be desired. It's very easy to check balances, but many of the other screens are difficult to read. An example would hethe mobile alerts area. The buttons aren't labeled, and the options don't really make sense.
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3 years ago, Delightef
Just want you to know that I am delighted with the great customer service I receive. It doesn’t matter what time of day I go to the Credit Union requiring some type of service, the Cashier or Customer Service Representatives are smiling, present, encouraging, thoughtful and kind! As far as the Mobil App, I love it! It’s so easy to maneuver through. Thank you for being there for us. You make our life less hectic! Goodness & Grace, Irene
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6 years ago, Caranito
Easy to use
User friendly. Easy to use. Only frustration is that my password doesn’t seem to work quite often. It will work for a few months then it stops working after a bit & will lock me out. I have to recreate a new one every 3-6months. It’s happened like this the last year or 2. I just started using the Face ID & so far so good. Otherwise very happy with the App.
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6 years ago, jbeasley61
Good services and mobile app much better
Have used them for years and have multiple accounts and mortgage with them. Only issue I have had is when I had 400 dollars in coins to deposit that wanted 9% to deposit. I was like wow! Really disappointed because a friend uses chase and they did not have a fee . I know it is a little thing but very disappointing.
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7 years ago, DesertWinds1952
Intermittent reliability
This Apple released over two months ago I am using an iPad with the latest OS and sometimes when I go into the app and try to hit the menu in the upper left-hand corner it doesn't give me anything like today I can't log out I have to turn my computer off to log out other times it works just fine go figure
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6 years ago, Mom of TX AZ
Desert school credit union
When scrolling through account, I'm right handed so I scroll using my right finger causing to bring transaction on that line to full view. There is no margin on right side to scroll. There is a margin on the left side so I have to use my left finger to scroll meaning I have to tell my brain to use left. I'm sure left handed people LOVE this app. Can you make a right margin by centering the statement. There should be room for a left & right margin.
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6 years ago, Hotshtuf
Could be better
The app takes too long to login and will not allow me to login anytime after 10pm. It’s frustrating especially when I’m traveling and would like to keep track of my spending. I dislike the layout of the menu items. I wish the “Account Summary” and the “Sign out” were listed at the top of the list since those are the most visited pages I click on. I hate having to look for them in the list! I’d suggest they be at the top of the list. Don’t make me think - especially when I’m in a hurry.
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4 months ago, bruh momenteee
Good app but every time i go to the “Connect with us” tab and try to access instagram a pop up appears that says “we encourage you to read this companies policies before entering instagram” and it’s impossible to hit the continue button to proceed to the app. can you please fix this it’s my only way to access the internet on my phone
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6 years ago, An Walls
Yesterday I went into a branch after putting it off for a while but the representative made my process quick and seamless very informative and understanding to my concerns and questions. We got everything set up and taking care of in less then 20min. Today I deposited money just as she advised it would be very very easy to use all DFCU FEATURES... Thank you all so much!!
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3 years ago, Marcita13
Best mobile banking app!
Mobile banking apps have gotten a lot better over the years. I current use five different ones. The other four are all big nation companies that have pretty good apps. Somehow though, the smallest of the bunch that is just in one state has the best of all of them.
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1 year ago, YaMotha8389
Deposit check feature barely ever works
I can get the mobile deposit check feature to work maybe 20% of the time. I really like the app besides that but it’s a huge reason why I use the app in the first place because it’s super inconvenient to have to go to the bank to deposit my checks. I really wish they’d fix this feature. It doesn’t give me any reason why it doesn’t work, just “something went wrong”. Please fix this!!!
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5 years ago, Atkt9800
Checking account disappeared?
I’m going to have to assume that the app and online banking are broken again cause my account just disappeared. According to the app and online banking I only have a savings account. I really needed to see my checking account! Things always seem to be messed up lately. Wouldn’t save my login info or give me the option to use Touch ID and now this....ugh!
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2 years ago, amh_cmxiii
Login Issues
The app is extremely aggravating. It persistently logs me out and forces me to log back in, even within the span of just a few minutes. It gives a pop-up saying “we have experienced an unexpected error,” and forces me to completely sign in again, go through two-factor authentication, and name the “new device.” I don’t see what the purpose of giving us the option of logging in with the convenience of Face ID if I never get the chance to.
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4 years ago, scottBun
One of the best things I’ve ever dealt with. By far the best Mobile app available easy to navigate, and updates immediately when you purchase something. I absolutely love this bank and will probably stay here maybe forever. And their customer service is bar none. Very fast and friendly.
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3 weeks ago, Sean G P
App no longer loads
App has been so so for a year now. Issue I am having now is it does not load anymore. Just open it and goes to a white screen and just sits there! All other apps on my iPhone work perfectly fine. Including 2 other banking apps! Not sure what the deal is but this is extremely inconvenient and not acceptable from a bank. Desert Schools please also get caught up with the times and add Zelle to your system for your clients. Thank you!
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3 years ago, chat615
Great for out of state
We live outside of AZ after in AZ for 40?years. Our acct was difficult to use before mobile banking became a thing. So much nicer this way. I wish there was an automatic savings program where deposits of a certain denomination or above could have a specified amount automatically deducted and put in savings. Thanks for considering this.
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5 years ago, TooCool87
Love our bank
You guys have done an amazing Job with being the best Bank that I’ve had since I was 18 and now I’m 31 year old. Absolutely love you guys very much thank you for all the loans and all the time you spent with me over the years helping me make a better future for myself and trust in a bank more than I trust any other bank 👌👏😃👍
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4 years ago, The sweetest Great Grammie
Easy to use!
Very easy to use. The only problem I have is I started to use the set up for Apple Pay and had to leave site to get info but when I went back it was no longer where I could get to it. Is there a way to get it back?
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4 years ago, Salder
Stopped working
Even if I log out every single time it brings me to the retry and logout page every single time now. I tried using fingerprint auth and just password auth. I tried reinstalling and several other options. It is such a painful app to use. Used to love it
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1 year ago, Keith701a
Poorly Designed if you have Multiple Accounts
The app only displays the last three of account numbers, which happens to be the same for all checking and savings accounts (when using bill pay). Because of this, I made a payment with my teen’s checking instead of my own. It’s impossible to provide them with feedback too. Response to developer reply- my complaint is you cannot verify the account number. They’re identical since YOU truncate them.
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5 years ago, channing321
Only works in landscape mode...
This app is fine. It allows you to check your bank account as you would expect. But it only works in landscape mode and forces me to turn my iPad sideways which is kind of ridiculous. Hopefully the developers will change it to work in portrait or landscape mode.
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7 years ago, Cluckcluckman
I updated to the new app, it crashes all the time, it wont recognize my thumb print or pin numbet to login, and it constantly is having errors its almost now better than the last update before this new look. 1/10 i am prosper level user of desert schools i expected better than this.
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6 years ago, V.l.o
The Best
The Staff is awesome all the time. They laugh they talk they listen and they try to get to know you and your family. Each one of them has a warm and kind and loving spirit. There Always ready to help in whatever way they can. Thank you. Your the best team at the branch location on the 303/Bell. Thank you for your service 🙌🏻🙌🏼🙌🏽🙌🙌🏾
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6 months ago, FCSINAZ
Portrait Mode Only - Frustrating
Last update changed the orientation settings to a fixed portrait one. Hence, a drop to one star. I’ve used this app for years now. I spend a lot of time on my iPad Pro, and I never had a problem until the last update. Now the app only comes up in portrait mode no matter what the device orientation settings are. I have to physically rotate my iPad to view contents in the app. Please bring back orientation that is dependent upon device settings like it used to be.
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6 years ago, Tyrone1234567890
Desert Schools
We have had Desert Schools as our banking institution for years and like them very much. Wouldn’t trade them for anything as we even kept them when we moved to another state. Everyone is friendly and they always go that extra mile to see that something is taken care of. Thank you Desert Schools
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4 years ago, mrszuber
I find the site is relatively user-friendly and very easy to manipulate from one page to the next. Enjoyed it when I do find a spot that I am stuck in I am able to contact help and I’ve dealt with personally professionally and Friend.
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7 years ago, Dltgng
Needs Update to the update
Just updated the app and now can’t login. Error says I need to connect to the internet to continue and I’m already connected to the internet and it won’t work. Please fix this otherwise go back to the old app that works until you can fix this.
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5 years ago, Bamboodyssey
I am a fish out of water as an internet user. My fumbling fingers guided by an aging mind has made my online experiences nightmarish, until I was introduced to Desert Financial’s app. This new alliance has restored my faith in technology and my self esteem. Not only does it support my So I’m Really Not A Moron attitude, saves me eons of cash and inconvenience as I am disabled and barely mobile.
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5 years ago, Dalasher
Great, intuitive app, could add some features
I love the app and it’s simplicity. I notice that you don’t quite have the full functionality of the website. It would be great if you could dispute charges from the app and set up all of the alerts (not just some). Another great feature would be locking your card. Add those, and it’s a 5 star app for sure!
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5 years ago, WALKERBAITo3
Not user friendly
Whenever I need to check my bank account is seems like they’re always doing “scheduled maintenance” and it’ll last for hours. It’ll be the next day before I can actually see my bank account. For some reason the pin login was taken away, or disabled for me. Two stars because they improved the overall functionality of the app since I first started with them. I wish this app was more similar to the discover app.
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