Design Home™: House Makeover

4.6 (494K)
289.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Crowdstar LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Design Home™: House Makeover

4.59 out of 5
494K Ratings
2 years ago, Artist21:P
Devs plz read this!!!!
I absolutely loovvee this game. I love interior design, and gish this game is addicting! Buuuut it could use some work, and I have some ideas. First, i wish that the Home Points were easier to earn, and in bigger amounts, like “Hey, watch an ad and get 10 home points!!”. Second, I think that maybe instead of having to wait a long time after finishing all the challenges, I wish there are more ways to get designs. Maybe like a sandbox mode, so you can 1.) figure out what you want to buy 2.) budget 3.) get better at designing. I think it would be so cool if there was like an Instagram type feature (see Nookea app for ref.) where you could post your designs but DON’T have a dislike button. Or custom comments. Maybe pre-built comments lol. Another idea I think we should be able to come up with challenges and players can vote on which one they like best, then the winner challenge gets published. Last idea, I think it would be cool if in the sandbox mode I earlier mentioned if you could do designs to a certain theme or season, maybe even brand, and we can earn money for designing them, assuming the designs fit the theme, instead if having to buy specific colors or categories of furniture. Freedom in the design aspect is very limited as the creators choose what kind of furniture goes into the room.
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4 years ago, browneyedfili
Amazing - I’m addicted!
Update: so I’m a few days in playing everyday and like others have said, I’m at a stand still because I’m low on money. When you do a design challenge you get cash, but then you have to turn right around and spend that cash in order to do another design challenge Bc it has certain requirements you have to meet. There are very few challenges where there are no requirements. I also do not like the fact that you have to keep repurchasing items after 5 uses. Voting also is by other users, so most people are probably just voting for what they personally like and not viewing the design and making sure it matches the description/requirements. It’s still a fun and relaxing game, when you’re able to play it. I downloaded another design game but you had to play mini games in order to collect enough money to design. This game is all about designing, no “other” games to play in order to design. I’m only a level 3 designer right now since I just downloaded, but at level 4 more things unlock. I absolutely love getting to design a room and then you submit it to have it rated/scored by others. I think it’s from other players? You also have a gallery of all the designs you did so you can look back at them if you want, which I thought was cool. You do have to choose wisely about purchases or you will run low on money. I’m not sure how you gain money again yet, maybe by completing challenges and getting good scores. Anyway, I’m only on day 2 of playing and I LOVE IT!
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3 months ago, tinam286
App glitches at times
I have truly enjoyed using this app as home decorating is really something I love. but lately, the app has been losing connection a lot and glitching. An item I had received as a prize would not show up on the screen when I selected to use it. I tried it several times and in one of my design entries, it completely eliminated my ability to even use another item in it’s place. It was a floor plant. Finally after several days, I was able to use it. Then today I see I was double charged for a purchase I was making when the app glitched again. I did see I was double charged but did not receive double the purchase, so I did request a refund. Sometimes it loses connection so often that I have to keep refreshing the app even though my WiFi is working perfectly on all other apps and functions. That becomes frustrating, especially when you’re voting and you only need 1 more vote to finish a voting series and it loses connection , making you start all over again and losing the 3 or 4 votes you had already cast. The only other thing that i don’t like is when a design challenge requires items that are so expensive, I just don’t enter them. I guess that’s how they hook you to spend more money, but that just turns me off from spending more. I try to use my money as efficiently as possible. For now, I enjoy the game enough to make it worth it, but eventually, I might just quit. But it is a lot of fun!!!
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1 year ago, fbreezy91
why is the design pass leaving
I thought the concept was good for the design pass but i felt like we shouldn’t have to pay 4.99 to open the better side of the prizes. It would make us more challenging then we already get with this game. If i thought i could win 3,000 diamonds and maybe a chair (from the side of the design pass that doesn’t cost 4.99) then that would make me want to go and fulfill all the challenge requirements for winning more prizes. And what happened to being able to download games and play to a certain level to be able to win Diamonds?? I did that all the time , and now it’s just about ordering stuff online that they pick for you to buy (and you have to spend a certain amount) to win any diamonds. whaaa??? Don’t get me wrong i still play but i hardly play anymore. I’ve played since 2017 but sometimes i just think it’s too expensive so i go play freecell solitaire instead. The odd number of 5 when buying items to me doesn’t make any sense especially when it comes to the chairs. 🤷‍♀️ And the color,style when your designing needs updated. I just feel like i got to spend all my money and diamonds if i actually want to play a few challenges. When i play i would like to feel like earned enough money by my designs to buy hi end things and make a room like i want it to look. Still like it i just wish it would update and take in all of our feedback for better playing.
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2 years ago, alicia toy
Designing rooms is much fun!
I’ve been playing this game since 2018 and it’s my morning ritual to start my day. At first you don’t have much to go on as far as materials to use for designs for higher scores. I’ve found that I had to start spending money on diamonds and bundles to fulfill my designs to achieve five stars which is why I’m only giving this rating 4 stars. I don’t like having to spend money on something just to be able to enjoy myself but it seems that all games these days you have to so I have resorted to it. Once you get further in the game and have more inventory built up, you can design a room without having to make a purchase. You also have the option to borrow an item you may not have from someone else that you are friends with as long as you connect through Facebook and have other friends playing the game. But besides that, this game is very relaxing, there are multiple designs to chose from and if you don’t have items to fulfill one design then you can always chose a different one to complete. They also have Your Homes where you get to design your own houses after earning so many points and you get to choose different rooms to do down to the woodwork. You can also go back and redo those rooms. I think there are 8 different houses you can do all of them and you earn rewards for completing them too! All in all, I love this game and don’t know what I’d do without it!
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6 years ago, kelly407
This game has issues that must be resolved!
I've been playing this game for 3 months now and enjoy it a lot. It's fun to take a break and mess around designing a room, and I enjoy seeing what others have done to design the same room. However, I've suspected on numerous occasions that some of my items are gone before I've used them up, but then decided I just had a bad memory... now I am SURE of it! When I went to use chairs that I won recently there was only one in my inventory! I went through my past completed designs and sure enough, I had never used those chairs! Same with a table I had purchased and who knows how many other items...Buying items is expensive and winning them is challenging! (The game should be WAY less stingy with diamonds! 500 hundred a day should be 1000 and winning a mere 125 for a five star design is ridiculous! That should be 1000 as well, especially considering one halfway decent plant or picture sets you back 1000 diamonds! There should also be some diamonds awarded for four star entries, with five stars winning more.) With inventory being so precious I'd like to be able to use the full five I have bought or won and not have the game lose them, or whatever is happening to my inventory. DO NOT SPEND ACTUAL MONEY ON THIS GAME! Also, don't waste your time trying to "complete offers" to earn extra diamonds. You will almost never actually get any diamonds. It is a waste of time. Play the game but use your daily rewards only.
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6 years ago, robinpack220
This is a very fun way to keep current in home design. The inventory’s on trend and bonus points for the catalogue of info on each piece in the event you might like to purchase an item for your own real house. I happened onto this game and took off with it kind of learning the rules, strategy of play, etc as I go. I have been playing almost a year now and spent $200 on my debit card to buy inventory. I have only received 3 scores of 5 in all my designs entered which seems extremely unfair as when I view the 5 star design winners they are no where as near as nice as my own entry. It seems to me like the voting system is off kilter, why not let real true experienced designers make the decision on final score. That seems more like it, and would probably be helpful in keeping the character of the design patterns fresh, rather than stagnating into only a certain look getting showcased into the 5 category. One last comment, the winning designs do not seem to take into account the preview info given about the home owners goals. Often times the 5 star designs do not pay any attention to the criteria of gender of the intended occupant or style desired by owners. Therefore, a pink frilly room is able to achieve a score of 5 even though the monologue calla for designing a room for a boy occupant. How does that work when the rest of us are taking in the desired effect of each room asked for in the description? Otherwise, love, love, love this addicting app.
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6 years ago, Xen-quility
Great Game but Could Use Some Tweaks
I really do love this game and greatly enjoy designing the different rooms using different styles. There is room for improvement. For example, I wait in anticipation for my designer score on a particular room that I was extremely pleased in how it turned out, only to receive a lower score while a room that was designed in all white, all black, a combination of the two or one that didn’t even follow the style description wins “Top Score”. I’ve voted for some pretty amazing designs during judging that I’m sure also scored lower than the so called “Top Designs” that use little imagination by going monochromatic or use whatever style the player wishes rather than follow the style description given. It’s kind of demotivating to say the least. I feel as if 90% of the players have a thing against using actual color in a design. It would be helpful if the developers left in the description on the voting screens to remind the judging public of what style was supposed to be depicted. Also, items are priced way too high for only getting 5 uses from them before having to repurchase them. And last but not least, there is a greatly insufficient diversity in artwork and decorative items to go with the varied style choices. If you can ignore the “color blind” attitudes of the voting public and not get too upset when your design doesn’t do as well as the same boring all black, white or gray right rooms, then you’ll enjoy this game.
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6 years ago, Meow Meow Designa
Great game with some flaws.
I admit. I’m obsessed with this game. However, there are a couple of things I take issue with. First of all, SO many people don’t follow the design rules and they get ridiculously high scores. This seems to be a frequent complaint and I’m surprised the designers haven’t done anything about it yet. Honestly, I don’t care how beautiful your room is, I won’t vote for it if you have beach furniture in a challenge that calls for traditional. I’d rather vote for a less aesthetically pleasing room if I see the person really tried to follow the rules. There should have a description for each aesthetic (and possibly a visual representation) because people obviously have no clue how to design appropriately. And it’s pretty obvious that people who vote for these rooms don’t either. Also, we don’t ‘buy’ the items, we ‘rent’ them. A little pet peeve of mine. This should be changed in the app. And give us more than 5 uses! There also needs to be a category for “mid-century furniture.” One more thing... the prizes are often redundant. I’ve gotten 6 different grey chairs in the past couple of weeks. There really needs to be more variety in the prizes. What’s the point of designing a room if I’m getting another grey chair? In fact, I just passed on a challenge because once again the prize is... you guessed it: a another grey chair. There needs to be a better mix of furniture too. I have a bazillion cabinets. Give me a dang rug! P.S. I really do love your game.
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6 years ago, Nelliepea
Fun to play but....
I’m often disappointed by the rating portion of the game. Having had years of study in design (mostly interior) I am very surprised that some of my best designs (in the game), which I used “in app purchases” to create the best most correct space (according to the description challenge provided), with what is available to us in the game, are always rated EXTRA low. I wouldn’t complain (after all it is a game and does not reflect my actual talent or skill level in the industry) but what really bothers me is that when you see the “top designs” many of them are esthetically unpleasing and considers no color flow, organization, rarely any attention on focal points or motif .... not only by my own standards and opinions but when I show them to my friends or peers they agrees. I wonder sometimes how the game is actually set up. I understand the game is not full of designers and people who know what they are looking at nor is it designed specially for designers to play, I just find it extremely annoying. I wish they could come up with a more accurate rating system. Over all it’s a relaxing and a some what addicting game that I will continue to play.... but will not purchase “diamonds” anymore as it seems to not matter if I spend money on improving my designs. A shame, because it’s so fun putting the rooms together and I would spend a lot of money playing if it seemed to make a difference for my “over all rating”. Oh well.
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6 years ago, wolffem
Love game, would love it more if some things were changed
I have a, for the most part, great time playing this game. I love interior design and I feel it is a creative outlet. But, I feel some things should be changed in order for me to enjoy it more. Because things are so expensive I find myself not playing it for a while because my rooms can't look the way I'd like them to. I understand having to repurchase items, because some items I wouldn't want to have in my inventory forever, and the game has to make it so that people have to spend money. But, I feel if you win a prize you should be able to purchase it at a reduced price, that isn't diamonds. If you didn't win the prize it should remain the same price. I need diamonds to buy art and plants over and over again, because they really make the room. And I can't afford to spend the amount of money I'd like to on furniture because not only can I not afford to buy diamonds, and they took the earn free diamonds option off, when you buy them they don't give you a very large amount so it really doesn't last long. I also feel the score after voting should round up if you get a score of 3.7 or higher because there have been so many times I've gotten a score of 3.99 and not gotten the prize which is so annoying. But overall, love the concept of the game. Just wish it could be a little more fun by letting me create the kinds of rooms I'd like to create.
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6 years ago, Rachie773
Great Game, Needs Some Improvements
I really do love this game! I enjoy doing the designs, and I’m always eagerly waiting my score for each design. I do however agree with many people’s responses around the expense required to buy accessories and wall art. I wish that if I bought an item, it was always my item and I didn’t have to continue repurchasing. My husband actually chastised me for the vast amount of money I have spent on this game. I also agree that the voting does not always seem accurate and that the criteria is not listed when someone is voting so the design may not reflect the desire of the customer and instead it’s just based on what the designer wants to design. I have changed the way I play because I recognize that I will not be judged on the client criteria, but on the general appeal. As I am voting, it seems that the two designs I am choosing between are very similar in style/quality/score. Therefore, the great designs are put together, and the designs that aren’t as good are put together. That would mean that some designs that should probably receive five stars do not because they were put up against others who are also very good. Finally, I really wish there was a way to earn more diamonds. It would be great if after you have achieved 75 keys, you could keep voting in order to receive diamonds. Great way to inspire people to vote and incentivize those of us who would like to earn diamonds more quickly.
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5 years ago, TeTeRenee
Glitches Yesterday
I’ve completed 2 rooms that were the same today, but only see one under my designs. Wondering if the furniture I used will be given back to me, but I don’t remember everything I used. Plus, I was also about to complete another challenge I had completed, but stopped because I wasn’t sure if it would happen again. Adding to this complaint. One other person complained of items disappearing, I believe that’s happened to me also. I’ve completed offers or gotten through the first couple of questions and honestly could not answer truthfully on the surveys because “My answer” wasn’t a choice. No diamonds rewarded. Actually ordered from Black Cobra, one of your sponsors for diamonds and haven’t received the item (from them) or an update. I also had to send several support msgs for diamonds not received. Most offers require a purchase which is not really an FREE offer. I’ve purchased diamonds to make a room look nice only to receive below 4 stars. On top of that the prizes are, for the most part, unusable for the challenges. Too many requirements and items that look way too similar that can’t be substituted. Will not spend anymore money on this game. It was fun initially, but aggravating now. Items cost too much whether game cash or diamonds and some people spend real cash. I understand trying to make a buck, but this is ridiculous. A game is supposed to be relaxing and fun!
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6 years ago, Jacey Laine
Love the game!
First off I love the app! I've been playing for months and haven't lost interest, that being said there's a few things I wish were different; first off I wish it was easier to earn cash I've put some of my own real money into the game and it's gone so quick but takes so long to add back up, second thing i think it'd be so fun to have mirrors available for wall decor the pictures and stuff sometimes just look weird but going without the decor looks weird too! Third thing is that I tend to find a few things frustrating the first being with the new update it takes HOURS to get your voting results, the second being the prizes often are things you can't use for a long period of time-I love the sectionals but they're not required often! The last thing is more of a personal preference more than anything I love when there are outdoor spaces to do I wish they were more frequent! I also really think it would be fun if you could choose more than just furniture in the rooms maybe do a series where you're in control of the paint and flooring too! in all I love the game and don't see myself quitting it anytime soon! This is an edit and I’d love the suggest the idea of being able SELL our unwanted stuff back! I have dozens of chairs i hate and won as prizes but I’ll never use i think it would be great to sell them or trade them in for something else and have to pay the difference kind of thing!
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2 years ago, cell phone policy
Design Home: Scam or Authentic?
I have always been interested in design, so when I saw the ad for Design Home, I jumped to get it. I have had it for three-ish years now, and I was pleased to see that is is similar to designing a room in real life. You must have enough money in the game to purchase furniture you do not already own, and when you enter a challenge, it tells you a little bit about the people you are designing the room for (i.e. they are a traveling writer), why you are designing the room (i.e. they want a bedroom getaway), and how you should design the room (traditional, coastal, etc.). Today I got on Design Home, completed the daily challenge, and started another challenge. The second challenge I was working on was a lounge area for a couple’s vacation home in Italy. I was happy with my design, and I was watching an ad so I could purchase a console table that went with the area. After watching three ads, I tried to purchase the console table when it said the purchase was unsuccessful. I then tried to purchase another one, but found I didn’t have enough money because it charged me for the console table that was unsuccessful! I was really angry and decided to write this review to warn people that were interested in the game. It’s a bit of a gamble to buy this game, considering the fact that you can get cheated easily. But I would say that the pros outweigh the cons. Just be careful!
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6 months ago, Clhqayyum
Great fun, but some minor issues
I’ve been playing with this app for years and really enjoy it. I don’t mind dropping a few $ here and there for some of the new fun bundles because I look at it the same as any other money I spend on entertainment. I have some suggestions though: 1) some of the accessories are wildly out of proportion to room/furniture sizes. Like a floor decor vase that is supposed to sit beside an accent chair, should not look bigger than every chair. 2) some room challenges require a certain brand or style of furniture that has no options that match the decor of that room. Like for example, there will be a room that’s a very glitzy glam setting but the furniture requirement is some brand that specializes in rustic. 3) more pillows that are not “limited” please! Also, the white pillows that are not “limited” look grey, not white. Yuck. 4) this one is huge: better categorization. Please please add a style or theme category for “holiday”. I waste so much time scrolling through my inventory looking for specific items that I still have from prior year holidays. I would also love it if the wall art was categorized by more than just color. Especially kids art. I’d love to be able to filter out kids art when I’m working on a nursery. On other thing, for the past week or so, the game has been making me repeatedly relog into FB. Why isn’t it holding the login? Very annoying.
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6 years ago, BiblegirllovesGod
I have such mixed feelings
For starters, I have never had a game longer than 2 weeks on my phone- and I’ve had this one for 6 months. So that’s saying a lot! The reason I have mixed feelings is two fold- diamonds and ratings. 1- you cannot advance your actually gameplay without purchasing diamonds. You do get daily diamonds, but they are not enough to buy art pieces or florals- and those are what will get you the high scores or score high enough to win a prize. You will NOT get a high voted score without those two components. You can gain all the cash you want, but you can’t purchase the things that can get you better ratings. 2- The rating system is very jacked. The only color schemes that are acceptable are all black, all green, or all turquoise. It’s honestly so annoying 😫. What starts out as super fun to come up with designs is quickly destroyed as you realize that unless you select an entire room of green, black, or turquoise decor with alllllll and I mean ALLL of the same art work and plants and table toppers- you will not win a prize. The game has been just who can replicate that and I wish it was about being creative and eclectic. The voting is extremely annoying as well because you just choose between two great or two terrible rooms. That being said- I do love this game and have played it for months!!
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3 years ago, auntemc
Love It...But
I will admit to being addicted to this app. I’ve never been an interior decorator but always felt that I had some sense of aesthetics. That being said I will echo what previous reviewers have expressed. Firstly, the daily reward is ridiculously stingy. With the cost of items (especially those that are required in certain challenges) $500 doesn’t get you very far. I understand the powers that be would like you to spend real $ (which I have done to keep a decent inventory) but that daily reward needs to at least double. Now, speaking of inventory, there should not be “limited” items. Again & again I have had to repurchase items with a meager chance of replacing purchase power. Now let’s talk about voting. Again I am no expert but I take time to plan out the rooms (which, by the way, could use more colors besides white, red, black & beiges). I’m a believer in color, design, flow & adherence to requirements. Scores of 5 are given to rooms that have not used inventory appropriately. I just saw a living room that had pictures hanging of pink ballerinas that belong in a child’s room. I understand not everyone wants or can afford to purchase inventory, but these “off the chart” additions don’t make any design sense. It’s very discouraging. I do so enjoy this app but I think I will stop spending my real $ & just start adding random items just to fill the rooms.
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1 year ago, Punky1319
Been playing this game for almost 6 years
Hello! I’ve been playing this game for almost 6 years, only because I LOVE designing. Always have since I was a little girl. It’s been crazy to see how much the game has developed and evolved. Even crazier that my job sells Benjamin Moore paint and some of those colors are in the game now. There’s a couple of things I wish they would change though…how many diamonds you get each day, the rewards you get for completing an event or getting a certain star rating on votes, and that they would bring back the dump challenges where you can dump items you don’t want a more for a certain amount of money. If they would up the amount of diamonds you earn each day to a larger, more significant amount…. I feel like it would keep people more interested. It’s a shame you have to spend a stupid amount of money to use such beautiful items to get a 5 star rating on your design. I also wish sometimes the rewards you get for completing a series or getting a certain star review were different sometimes. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy getting the occasional couch but it would be more rewarding to get a great amount of cash or diamonds instead, to continue designing. I feel like the dump challenges kind speaks for itself…. I LOVED that and since they took it away, I usually end up wasting a design on dump items I don’t want anymore.
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3 years ago, VioletAether
A few inconsistencies but otherwise great
I’ve been playing this for almost a year now and have enjoyed it very much. While in general I prefer the idea of the design apps where you choose the colors and patterns rather than rooms and furniture that are already colored and patterned, the execution of this game is so much better that I play it much more often than those. The sorting is the only feature that could use some help. An example that is a widespread issue: I have a purple (plum berry shade) couch. There are no matching ottomans if I search by purple, so if I were new to the game I would assume none existed. If, however, I search ottomans by the color burgundy I find one in the exact shade of plum berry purple I am looking for. The same issue happens when I search for a matching desk chair, except there are none under purple or burgundy. Instead this time I have to search under the color pink to find the exact same shade. This happens with a lot of different items. The whole search terms thing needs an overhaul imo. It would be great to be able to search by sets also. For instance if Arhaus brand has more than one item in different categories that are called, say, Brandy Stripe or something, then having an option to easily see the other items that match would be great. Tip: if you can’t find enough green options to suit your needs, look under blue. A lot of clearly green items are listed as blue.
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1 week ago, Lovejonesy14387
I would normally have given this game five stars because I love it and have been playing for years . I was playing on an old iPad model that became outdated so I had to stop playing. That account had gotten to level 18 and was linked to a Facebook account. Recently I replaced my iPad and started to play again and linked my acccount to my apple account assuming that when I deleted the app from my old iPad I lost everything. I began to play and add items to my inventory and more importantly spend cash money on design packages and diamonds. I spent a pretty penny in a short time but didn’t min because I was having fun. I saw the option to borrow items and decided to save some money and link my account to Facebook again. When I did so it pulled up my old account which was great but I quickly realized the two accounts weren’t linked. I sent a request to have my new inventory, cash, and diamonds transferred to the old account I assumed was gone after so much time and they told me it wasn’t possible. HOW?! The game literally has a challenge that allows you to turn in unused inventory for its cash value but you can transfer items and cash that I paid for? It took days to gets a response and there was no offer to provide a lump sum or anything. I don’t think my request was unreasonable I just want my items. So now I have to re purchase them. My money has been wasted. Love the game but hate the policy especially for something that seems like a simple fix.
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10 months ago, why can't i submit
Imagination lacking
The game could be quite fun but the game dupes you into spending money to be able to participate. Despite my having an extensive inventory, many challenges have particular requirements like “modern” or traditional” or rustic” that make my inventory unusable. So I have to buy an almost identical piece of furniture to one I own to play. Also, as complained of by others, the voting has nothing to do with design. It has to do with spending money. In real life, I have never seen a room with purple furniture, rug, wall art, floor art and table art. But that is what gets 5 stars. Not much imagination there. Or design. Just throw money at it. Often all the five star rooms have the same pieces in them and look identical. And the game keeps adding new categories to fill that ups the ante on spending money. Some of the floor art are placed in the middle of the room where they would be tripped over but these have now become a requirement to score a 5. We designers should be more thoughtful in our voting. I don’t vote for rooms with floor art in the middle. Or using the same picture, table art etc. all over the room. I give votes to designers who use more than one color in their room. Or who use their dollars or diamonds to buy special pieces rather than bundles for bundle dumps. Be more discerning as designers and voters! Lastly, I don’t blindly complete all challenges. Save up for the good stuff and only enter if the prize is worth it!
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6 years ago, lalalafun!!
Pros and Cons
First for the Pros. The game is fun, relaxing and allows you to express your creativity through home design. If you have friends that also play you can connect via Facebook and share inventory. Definite Pro. It’s also nice to see how your friends interpret the same room. Now for the Cons. At the top of the list is any interaction with Tapjoy. In order to obtain any wall decor, table art, or floor decor you have to earn or buy (with real money) diamonds. Some furniture also costs diamonds. They are hard to earn. Each day you earn 500 diamonds but most items are 700 diamonds plus. Most rooms need 6-7 items that are purchased with diamonds. In other words to play and completely outfit a room 500 diamonds a day doesn’t cut it. So you have to watch videos or take advantage of offers posted by Tapjoy. Most of these are scams. BEWARE! They just want you to spend real money. It is difficult to play without spending money. Diamonds should be more easily earned. You have to earn 5 stars on a design to earn 250 diamonds. This is a rare occasion. In order to earn 5 stars other players vote randomly on your designs. Sometimes they get it right and sometimes they don’t. Conclusion, the game can be frustrating since you are constantly trying to get diamonds to play and they don’t provide enough ways to get them without paying real money. Play at your own risk, I do cause I like to decorate. I wish there was another app like this. I would switch in a minute.
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2 years ago, Jo D.
Too Much Time
I’ve been playing this game for over five years and I agree with the most recent reviewers. Voting seems arbitrary, diamonds are being used as the currency for most of the quality items, and the only way I can feel good about my designs is to spend actual cash. The other issue I have is my backlog of useless furniture and room accessories. I can’t do much with one accent chair. I have enough desks to fill a corporate office, and most dining rooms need a rectangular table to work with 6 chairs - not round. Gifted items don’t match most decor and cause more backlog. Which brings me to what is really bugging me. Scrolling through this backlog takes up to 15 minutes or more longer. The greater the backlog, the more time spent. I’ve taken to only using items at the beginning of the list in order to have time to play at all. My guess is others have too. Suggestions include reducing the price of items by offering four instead of five, have less diamond items, and offer more chances to return more unusable items. Also, give us more opportunities to use desks, beds, cribs, and other items by offering a variety of room types instead of a majority of living room challenges. I do like that some living rooms only need one accent chair and more benches are being used at dining tables. This saves me from buying two sets of chairs. Any adjustments in these directions would be appreciated.
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2 years ago, Cunmk
Scoring system awful but great game for designers/ loading issues/ expensive
As I stated the scoring system is awful. You can get a low score on a design identical to one that got 5stars. That’s why I like the homes we do because the app designers critique it. There are some seriously hideous designs that score way too high. The game itself is fun if you’re passionate about design and don’t mind getting low scores on something you put your heart into lol. This game is also very expensive to play unless you use the crappy stuff that’s free. You even have to buy your entry, forced to buy expensive items to complete challenges which is sneaky and annoying. The wins aren’t enough to justify the amount of money spent to create better designs. I also want to add something I experience on a constant basis on every device I have. I am constantly being told to check my internet connection. No other app does this, none. So I’ll have to close out, wait forever for things to load only to end up taking twice the amount of time to create my design because it gets erased and then miss the window to enter! Many people don’t have the luxury of sitting around waiting for the game to load a couch, a rug etc. game time, design time is supposed to be fun, not frustrating. I have changed my review to reflect my frustration. And yes I’ve tried all the troubleshooting tips. I rarely play this game anymore for these reasons.
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4 years ago, 694928595732
I play this every day! I only do the daily challenge because the other challenges have requirements you have to meet before you can enter, which can use up all your money. I’m not quite sure what goes on with the voting because I’ve gotten a five on a design I didn’t even think was that good, but the designs I spend lots of money on only get about a 4.5. I’m pretty sure that during the voting process, you only go against one other design the entire time. I get really disappointed when I spend all my diamonds on a design and only get a 4.5. I also feel like you should get more of a reward for getting a five. The only extra thing you get is 125 diamonds. It takes a lot of effort to get a five, so I think it deserves something extra, like an extra piece of furniture or a rug or something. Or at least more than 125 diamonds. And I’m confused by the “my home” thing. You don’t get a reward for each design. You only get a reward after you’ve completed a certain amount. But there’s absolutely no reason to even try to make the design look good because you’re not going to get rewarded for it. I think the “my home” concept needs some work. I will say that the ad is not what the game is. You don’t get offers on homes and sell them and stuff. You just design rooms. But I love designing homes and seeing if I’ll get a five. This game is a lot of fun and I recommend it.
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6 years ago, GrubbyGrapes
Great fun but needs tweaks
I’ve been playing this for a while now, and really enjoying it. I have even spent real money and don’t regret it. However, I anticipate that I will soon get tired of it because, even with spending real money, I find myself buying the same inexpensive furniture over and over; so do most players so rooms start looking all the same. It would be better if each challenge was set up more like the real world: a client has a room to be designed in a certain style and has X amount of dollars to spend. That way I could manage that money to purchase furnishings, deciding if I should splurge on an expensive carpet or spread the money out evenly, for example. With a more open-ended choice, the rooms would be far more diverse and interesting, and I doubt I’d ever get bored. Also, then I wouldn’t be left with pieces that aren’t always suitable for the other challenges. Lots of times I see rooms badly styled - like Victorian style furniture placed in a rustic challenge because folks are just trying to use up their stock. I also think the amount of decor could be greatly increased. Perhaps decor could be used as prizes, with a certain number of decor items being required as furniture now is. The rooms desperately need a greater selection of decor and the devs could use this as their money maker. If you decide to give this game a try, I would recommend getting their starter pack.
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2 years ago, Brightlydumb
Poor scoring algorithm
As stated by others. The scoring is way off. You progress 1 point for a 5 star rating on a room but get docked 3 or more when you get anything less unless it’s the same as your current score. Very messed up. When you look at the other designers with top scores they may have an overall rating of 4.95 or 5 but the level they are on is down below 50. How can it be that they are so great at decorating that every room they submit gets a 5? But those of us who have progressed to much higher levels because we design more rooms can’t stay above 4.80. This is suspicious. I do enjoy playing but this game requires you to spend money to compete and to decorate certain rooms. I usually pass on the room if it requires a purchase using game $ and diamonds. You don’t earn enough diamonds daily or when they are earned for completing a room. All decorations, plants, pictures and table top decor requires diamonds or a credit card purchase to restock. Diamonds are earned or purchased. Design $ at least are 3000 a day which helps but if you need a required item to complete a room and you don’t have the diamonds you’re out of luck. I have been playing less because of these issues that many others have voiced their displeasure about.
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5 years ago, AU Al
Room to improve
With the present system for judging design the score given has little to do with the quality of work the designer possesses. Poor design often receives top scores while good design gets low scores one of the main reasons for this is that all vote on the designs and those votes are usually based on the likes and preference of the voter not if the design follows good design guidelines, meets the requirements of that particular design and shows any design talent or individual creativity. . Whether the voter likes the color used or likes the wall art or the carpet etc. is the norm when he is asked which design do you like best design a or b. little regard is paid to the description of what the design style should be. Voters choices often have little to do with what makes a good design. Top designs usually end up looking like clones rather than a variety of options of design and individual creativity . Criteria for the design is often ignored and is not reflected in voting l think partly because that info is not available on the sketch during voting and who can remember the criteria for every design. Many designers admit to intentionally voting for poor design as protest. All in all a frustrating experience that keeps this game from being exceptional. A uniform, knowledgeable grading system would be a great improvement.
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3 years ago, courtney Kohler
Okay, let’s first start off saying that the game itself is very well put together. I never noticed any major bug or glitches that effects how I play the game. I love how everyone votes to decide the final results instead of it just being scored based on the app. It’s a great game overall, though I do have some ideas in order to improve the game. First off, some of the prizes we win are not very cute, no hate towards the actual creator, but I wish we could earn money from selling items. Multiple times I would be scrolling through the furniture and accidentally bought something, meaning I’m stuck with it. I also disagree how much diamonds we get when we have a 5 star winner. 125 is a whole lot of NOTHING. Especially since I have spent so much money with in store purchases because everything is so dang expensive. And even with spending diamonds, you still could have a piece that scores lower. I feel as though five stars should be worth 10,000 diamonds, since not everyone can just get a 5.0. The last thing I feel is that we should be able to see the statistics of each one we enter. I think it would be neat to see how many people entered it and how everyone else ranked in the league. All in all, I would say play this game, but they do need to update things to make trying to win actually fun.
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6 years ago, Sleepy girl B
I'm Addicted
Love this!!! I downloaded the game when I was working as the GM of a furniture store and have been addicted ever since. It's fun and is a great way to learn about design and color palettes. I agree with the voting inaccuracies and I've noticed there is very little detail to the challenge when you vote. Give me the full story so I can vote fairly! If I haven't designed that room I don't know. It also seems like the best designs are always up against each other and so are the not so good ones. I think that affects the voting as well. I'm not mad about buying diamonds. Congrats on running an effective business. If you don't want to buy them, don't. I've also had no problem with TapJoy. It's just slow and I think you have to link your profile or they can't recognize that the task was completed? Not sure. I just bought 8,000 diamonds after completing a task and then two hours later my 12,000 diamond reward was there. Sorry for the lack of instant gratification here people. Be patient. I'm not going to lower the rating for first world problems like "you made me spend my money" or "I want to keep my furniture in virtual world! 😭". Yes, they want you to spend money. Real money. There are no pop up ads while we design a room for three hours. Be grateful and spend it honey. But can I please keep my accessories??!!!! 🙃
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2 years ago, HoneyBBoss
This is the ONLY game I never go a day without playing and every day the game is rewarding…it’s nothing like other games, where you have to do puzzles or match objects that end up being impossible just to unlock an item or furniture. You design a room to a house in all places of the world, which is really unique and cool. You vote to collect keys so you can design an entire home. And as long as you vote on other peoples' designs, you can submit your designs without needing to vote again, until you run out of keys. The only thing I’m bummed about is once you have designed all of the full interior homes, they don’t have more. I want to do more of those so bad. I will admit that because I love this game so much, I pay for diamonds for $20 each week so I can get more variety of furniture and wall decor and plants. I do wish the decor was in $ and not all diamonds so it could also be bought in cash you’ve won from your designs. I also wish they didn’t do limited series and wish they would make all of those things remain available to buy and just add more sections or seasons for those things. But it is still worth it to me, to pay each week for diamonds because I thoroughly enjoy it and even without doing that, I would still love it.
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7 years ago, Dragon City beware
Art work
Often the art work makes the room or design come together. It’s frustrating to have such limited choices at first and to see great designs only have beginner choices which doesn’t help those designer compete on a fair basis. Maybe instead of picking furniture items that are the same you base competitions on the level of art someone works with. The game costs too much to play buying the same items over and over. Once something is purchased it should stay in purchased section. Otherwise great game. But I may have to go back to cheaper games even if sudoku gets boring. Puzzles are cheap and if you love color, just about as satisfying. Tired of white, black and grey. What’s with grey anyway? It’s everywhere in real life and so ugly imho. It’s lighter than black and doesn’t show dirt like white and pillows can be changed to revive what has become boring but it’s grey that is boring to start with. Don’t you envy all the Cubans with their colorful uniquely designed 50’s cars. The we went to silver or grey cars you can’t tell from pavement. Come on America. Show some life. Put some big color back out there. My first live in life was color from the Golden Book The Color Kittens. We need more art for our designs and try a picture with some purple or lavender so we can use the couch with lavender pillows more.
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4 years ago, Toryyolky
Design Addict... or so
I love this game!! I love the daily challenges and designs that you can do. My only request is that the voting is completely unfair. There are people who are level 82 and you putting them to vote with the level 1s. Also, why are things so expensive? When I first started to play I only had 18,000, and when I spent it on two designs that didn’t have much, and then I’m out of money. Another thing is, is that we need to be able to earn more diamonds and money on every design we do. For instance, once I spent thousands of dollars and diamonds on a design. I only got 500 cash back and only 1 home point. Can you change the price to the cash to like 2,500? And instead of only one home point after the design maybe two? Because I spent weeks or days just to be able to get one room done in my house. I think that the creators can read these for once, respond,And actually do what they say that they said they were going to do. Because I read the other reviews and the creators responded and the review was like a year ago and the creators didn’t do what they said! Sorry if I sound mad. But the game is amazing and if you’re reading this and thinking of a design game, I would 100% get this game. The features and qualities are just at the top of the list and how there are real world furniture pieces. Just that of you get this game, watch your money >~<
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4 years ago, SCM112
Great until I needed them to resolve an issue
I love this game. I appreciate that unlike other design games you don’t have to play stupid games to get the in-game currency. I appreciate that they give you a daily allotment and the prizes are based on merit. On that note, however, I feel the scores given for designs are VERY inconsistent and I don’t understand how that works. I’ve had rooms decorated very similarly to 5 star rated rooms, but have received below 4 stars, not allowing me a prize. And on the flip side, I’ve had rooms thrown together with whatever inventory I’ve had that have received 5 stars. I can’t explain that. All of that I can deal with, because I love the creative outlet. However, after more than 2 years of playing the game, I had my first issue. I went to purchase a temporary decor “bundle” and though I was charged, I never received it. I tried again, and it said my previous purchase would be restored. It was not and I was charged again. I contacted the app developer SEVERAL times over a period of a week and received NO response other than an acknowledgment in a delay. After contacting them several more times, I still received NOTHING. Thank goodness Apple gave me refunds. I am VERY disappointed with their customer service and have half the mind the delete the game because of this. There is NO EXCUSE for not responding to your customer’s issues - especially when that particular customer invests REAL currency in your game.
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6 years ago, J.M.O-Today
Purchases not always correct
I love playing this game but I’ve noticed that it’s possible to purchase the same item without knowing it, leaving the player with two of the same item. It also seems that not all items purchased are available for all of the stated number of uses. Further, it’s an unfair advantage to higher score players to have their designs judged against those of lower level players. The availability of higher end wall decor and decorator items increases as the levels are completed creating an advantage for the higher leveled designs. Also, when borrowing from another player, the item should be available as a duplicate if used in the same design. It’s not helpful to be permitted an opportunity to borrow a sofa, for example, in a design that requires two and be unable to use the borrowed item more than once. I’ve also noticed that special design items purchased seem to disappear, regardless of the number of uses remaining available, when the limited use timeframe expires. That’s not fair to the player. If items are purchased they should remain available for use until the designer has exhausted their use. Finally, not all purchased items show as owned in spite of the money being taken from the designer. I agree with the other review... purchased items should remain the property of the designer, rather than limited to a certain number of uses. Seems very one sided...
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7 years ago, Chiguynextdoor
Good, could be great
The actual app is actually fairly entertaining (for those who enjoy design); however, as with most, there is room for improvement. The furniture and other items are really quite expensive, and it’s difficult to create a good design without paying real money for extra “diamonds” — especially if one chooses to enter more than just the daily challenge. There are times I will have to collect the daily reward but skip entering the challenge, so I can save up enough diamonds. They do offer free diamonds through Tapjoy, but more than 1/2 the time, you don’t get the reward for the action. I think my only other issue is that it does seem a little gender biased. All challenges are determined by user ratings, and I’ve noticed there’s a strong preference toward girly/frilly/flowery designs. As a guy, I like more sleek, modern, monotone (or at least black/white/gray) and industrial, and those don’t get more than 4 stars except for a few key exceptions (mainly when the room is very contemporary and requires a modern design — there are often requirements for challenges). I guess since it is an interior design app, it does make sense that the majority of the users would be females, which is disappointingly stereotypical. All in all it’s a fun app. If one doesn’t mind in-app purchases, it’s a great app. I just have a very hard time justifying paying for apps or in-app options.
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6 years ago, llcreader
Wildly Addictive - but Wildly Expensive!
I’ve loved this app since I found it, just a few weeks ago. I’m not a professional designer or anything, but an avid HGTV viewer and I love to learn about interior design. So every challenge has been so much fun! Great concept, but, sadly, I have to say goodbye. Just too expensive to play well, and no fun to play badly! I agree with other comments I’ve seen, that the following improvements would encourage more players, and ultimately, a more successful app: 1. For the love of heaven, when we buy items, why can’t we keep them? Making your users buy the same items over and over again just seems greedy and mean. 2. Isn’t there some way to help or at least encourage voters to stick with the design criteria, rather than just voting for what they like? Maybe a daily reward for designers and voters who stick most closely to the stated criteria. 3. Diamonds need to replenish more quickly if you want people to continue playing every day. Obviously, the reason they don’t replenish is because you want people to buy diamonds. However, unless your demographic is limited to only the wealthy, your player base is going to disintegrate at some point, hopefully before they’re in bankruptcy and/or divorce court. Which brings me back to my decision to delete the app. I will miss it, but the credit card statement I received in the mail today is a powerful motivation. And I’d like to stay married.
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5 years ago, Generic Reviewer 007
Everything You Need To Know (From a Fan)
Design home is the perfect game for interior decoration fanatics like me. And no, I am not pitching this to make it more money. I myself have not bought any virtual currency, yet I still love this game. It is very sophisticated, as it has real life furniture brands that you can buy products from in the game to use in your designs, and they aren’t just randomly invented sofas or something. Some examples of such are Kathy Kuo Home, Serena & Lily, Apt2B, Arhaus, Loloi, Noir, Worlds Away, and recently, Fremarc. There are many others, and there is a place in the game dedicated to lists of the brands involved. This list also has links to the brand websites, in case you wish to look into any piece in real life. Another perk is that there is a reasonable daily allowance for every player of this game regardless if they have or haven’t purchased anything, whether it’s more cash, jewels, or keys. I speak from experience saying it’s not too hard to get a design or two (or 3) done every day, because they run new ones every few hours, and there are sometimes exclusive ones like the “House Hunters”, the “Wayback”, and the Summer Exclusive Challenges. Besides the designs, there is also a “My Home” available at level 8 where there are no design requirements or keys involved, and you can design your heart away.
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2 years ago, Beenplayinawhile
Not the same game…
I’ve been playing this game off/on since it first launched. In the beginning it was really fun, the voting was fair, the challenges were entertaining. But now the scores of the poor designs get higher scores, up to 5.0 (ie. Designs that have absolutely nothing to do w/ theme/barely anything in it/hodgepodge) over a design someone has obviously put effort into. When it comes to voting, I don’t know if people are too lazy to actually look at the designs or just hitting the screen just so they can get keys, but it’s disappointing to see really beautiful designs get such low scores. You might want to reconsider challenging designs of similar caliber against each other. I understand you have to spend some money on the game, but I’m noticing a large portion of the prizes are low in value compared to what you sell in the store. Even the higher priced prizes valued at about 4000 diamonds isn’t close to items selling for $8,000-$13,000! And recently the prizes have been ridiculous pieces of furniture that I’ve seen only a few people use. I haven’t used any of them because they’re way too extreme. The challenges are getting very redundant. They have the same places, layout, themes. I’m being 100% honest, please come up with something new. Please slow down on the Theme Packages. People overuse them inappropriately. Especially when it came to the Halloween themes.
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5 years ago, Justsaying!!!
Not working
First off, I enjoy the game, it is relaxing and fun to play. The new ability to create your dream home is awesome! I look forward to more choices of paints and flooring. However, ever since the new stuff happened, my game doesn’t work most of the time. It will all seem fine until I choose a challenge. Then It says network connection issues. I don't have a problem with anything else on my phone but on this game. It’s frustrating. And I have obviously not been playing as much lately because I can’t. Also I get that the game has to make money but some more inexpensive plants, pictures, and table decorations would be great. What would make the game so much more fun and more unique to people’s styles would be if there were throw pillow options in every color, and drapes would be cool as well. Honestly a throw pillow can change the whole look of the room and seems like a decorating staple that is missing. I do like the new round and square rug options! Very cool. Would like to see more options that don’t all seem to cost diamonds. Over all this is a great game. And fun to play, although if the bugs or whatever is going on with the app don’t get fixed, I won’t be able to play much anymore. That would be uncool. If the bugs get fixed I would happily give a 4 star.
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4 years ago, Rainbydesign
Fun game, but
I have been playing this game for awhile now. I have even removed the app at one point but came back to it. It is fun, I really enjoy that it’s all about design not silly side games you have to conquer to enter a room to be able to design. There are no “pay to win” schemes, which is a huge plus! The reasoning for 3 star rating is the developers need to upgrade in some areas. Major complaint of mine is that the Table Decor is lacking in real life objects. They need to include all forms of technology: Laptops, Computers, cellphones. Kitchens need more small appliance choices, glass and tableware options. Bars need mixers and cocktail glasses. Outdoor Rooms need grills. Some room designs are for adolescence but only provide nursery style floor and table decor. When it is a nursery design, Floor decor is somewhat available, but again lacks choices. Nursery Table Decor is non existent. Developers need to add diapers, baby wellness items, etc. These items need to be more than a “special buy” status. Some of the rooms are poorly designed and the “required” items just make them worse. There is a design brief, however many participants do not pay attention to it and yet still receive high points, that makes it feel like a popularity contest at times. All in all it is fun, worth the time, especially if you like to design but have no desire to play silly games. I will continue to play for now.
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5 years ago, Peak player
Nice App w/ some needed changes
Really love playing this game. Just a bit of constructive criticism of the “top” designs..., first of all, these designs use repetitive wall art (expensive) and actually not realistic to apply, imho. Secondly the wall, table art and rugs are so important that it makes you want to buy diamonds just to compete which is fair motivation for in app purchases. But I do find it interesting that these over-designed and frankly cluttered spaces are top designs. I rarely vote for them or can’t say I’ve been asked to. As well, the “requirements” and their expense to obtain a design at all, rarely looks better than what I can do with my own inventory! I realize that is the challenge aspect and additionally some of the bigger spenders do merit respect. Looking at the cost to compete where 99$ of diamonds is appealing- it is too much for me to seriously consider- maybe when I’m retired I’ll work it into my plans. In real time, I will say that I have played the app daily and enjoyed playing and shopping and honing my design eyes. I have realized how much I can do with my own furniture. I even think I have been inspired to make beautiful changes to my own home too! Thanks for the entertainment and education. I have always used magazines as my go to or hgtv- this app adds a new dimension in a fun and interactive way. I will likely play it as long as I can. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Aoctx
Creative Game but voting frustrating
I love the challenges, interior design is a passion of mine. After submitting your room though don’t expect to understand the outcome. In my opinion: 1) voters don’t like color 2) voters don’t like mixing textures, prints no matter how well they work together 3) the black and white rugs, particularly the one with circles receive 5 stars at least 60% of the time 5) it takes diamonds to add the important finishing touches, art, plants, table decor, so if you don’t receive 5 star ratings (which pay 125 ) regularly you’ll have to spend real money to compete. Rarely if ever will a room receive a high score without these. 6) it seems I am voting in the same group of designers every time so the results will be similar most of the time as it’s clear “they” don’t like/understand my style 7) you move up a level each time the value of your designs reaches a million $, and each level offers specific art and accessories which make the room designs stand out from most, it’s all about what you’re willing to spend unless you consistently receive 5 stars for your designs 8) monochromatic groupings with all the accessories are preferred by the voters. You’ll have to decide if you want to create for “them” to receive inventory and maybe diamonds or create per your style, if you choose the latter be prepared to spend real cash to get inventory.
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3 weeks ago, imlisak
I do love playing but…
I do love playing this game but I’m struggling with the costs and the premium store where at the bottom of this page you can watch videos or complete offers to earn diamond or cash to play. The “watch videos” is SO annoying when you click on it and you are showed a game to purchase and you have to wait forever and the x to close never appears. I have clicked on that game so many times and still when you go back, no ability to close. I have to shut down the app. ugh, do the creators NOT get the reports when this happens? Is the ad support worth user frustration? Wait, new thought, are these creations from the same place? Now, let’s talk about the complete offers tab. Some are quick and legit. Too many have me frustrated by saying complete an action and they expect me to make a purchase. There is a label for that (that I skip right over) and if I planned or could afford a purchase, I would click on that. Complete an action. Surf the web. Cool - I do that a lot. They fail to let you (exception once - they said so many points for every click) how man clicks for points when some give you points for the first click only. PLEASE COMMUNICATE CLEARLY WHAT GETS YOU CASH AND DIAMONDS. This will give me minutes on this game and less on frivolous things I don’t enjoy spending time on.
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1 year ago, Jmpcem
Too many bugs lately
I have a new IPad Pro and expected the game to work flawlessly. However, whenever the game posts scores, it freezes, and as others have said, I need to reload the game, which sometimes results in losing progress if I am designing a room. I have learned to work around this. I realize that there is an immense amount of data, and having played this for years, I have collected a lot of furniture, etc, which may be a part of the problem. But it does seem to happen at specific times of day, which is no coincidence. Also, does anyone else think some of the descriptions of the rooms/areas to be decorated are going too far? One of the latest ones, which is a transition party for a daughter who is transitioning apparently from one sex to another, is too much for me, and I feel uncomfortable playing the game because it conflicts with my values and beliefs. I do not understand why that information is necessary for a design game. I love this game, but do not appreciate being indoctrinated or preached to, which seems like a slap in the face to players of the game who believe as I do. I know that is not the intention, but I would hope the game designers realize not everyone is on the same page on every issue. Because of these two issues, I cannot give the game a five star rating.
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6 years ago, LBWS
I agree that this game is great. It is so much fun for all the reasons the other ratings describe. HOWEVER, I have been playing for well over a year and I am ashamed to say that I spend at least $60 per month purchasing inventory. Often, I have no choice; the criteria for decorating the room includes items I simply do not own, so I have to purchase them. This might not be so bad if you truly kept everything you purchased until you used it. But that is not the case; as others have said, inventory often just disappears. I thought at first I was just forgetting things, but then I began keeping copious notes of what I bought, how many I had, and what I used, which proved my suspicions to be true. Now if it were free inventory that was being deleted, It might not be so bad. But when I am paying my own money for these items of inventory and they still disappear, it seems like that could have legal ramifications. If I were not so addicted to this game I would have thrown it away a long time ago. But it is so entertaining that for some reason, I just keep tolerating the abuse. I keep hoping that eventually the “game’s conscience” will stop all of these deceitful practices, but I am still waiting. Like someone else sad, a smart person would just play the game with only the inventory that they win. It is a bad habit of which I need to wean myself.
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3 years ago, rtoverton12
Hide your money, here comes Design Home!
I absolutely love this game, but this game loves my wallet more. I came to write a review about Design Home after playing it for close to a year now. The layout and execution of the app is very impressive, and I understand it takes quite a bit of time to catalog real brands into a game platform, but it is absolutely absurd the amount of money you have to spend to be able to truly express your creativity. The pricing model for furniture is in line with reality, but the pricing model for artwork and accessories is outrageous, i expect to pay 600 dollars for a Kathy Kuo Home accent table in reality, but then I have to pay 1,100 for a potted palm tree. I have to pay 700 dollars for a pillow set, and that is unrealistic. Design Home branded items are outrageously expensive; for example, if you receive both your daily bonus and diamonds for several 5 star designs in one day, you still cannot afford one single limited rug. I love love love this game. I play it every day. Something is going to have to give though with the money layout of the game. I have spent HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS on this game in less than a year, and I’m realizing it’s a problem. EDIT: after looking through other reviews from years ago stating the same issues, I’m deciding to delete this game. I hate corporate greed, especially when it gets in the way of customer satisfaction.
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5 years ago, Uptoyou!
Some flaws
This game could be a lot more fun and a lot less frustrating, and the challenge wouldn’t be compromised, if a few changes were made. When decorating, the option to drop in purchased items should NOT be limited to 2 items. This is extremely frustrating! Not sure of the point of this, other than forcing the player to buy items in order to see a finished room. I would still buy those same items and possibly use my own money to purchase more $’s or diamonds, but not now as the game is designed. I will never use my own money due to this poor design. I’ll keep using what I win. What this does is force the player to wait to enter challenges so $ and diamonds can increase. Quite the opposite of what the app/designers would want. Also, the winnings to me are considered pittance and don’t go far with the challenges. Again, another deliberate design to force the player to buy extra $’s and diamonds I assume but for that reason I won’t. The winnings should be much more varied and higher based on the complexity of the design. $500 is nothing and doesn’t allow the player to move forward in the levels for days even weeks at a time. This game could be so much more enjoyable and would retain the players attention with these few adjustments. According to the reviews, I’m not alone in thinking this.
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7 years ago, FishHa01
Love the idea, but needs a couple changes
The majority of the concepts found in this game are great, the guidelines and styles are varied so you don’t get bored, and the rooms and products are beautiful! That being said, my biggest complaint is how wacky the voting is - designs that win five stars often have NOTHING to do with what the “client” has requested, which in the real design world WOULD NOT WORK. I don’t know if it’s mostly because it takes five votes to get three keys (which I will admit, gets really old after a while) so people just pick one for the keys instead of the design, or if it’s something else, but it can be very frustrating when a design that meets all of the criteria gets a 3.78 and another that is monochromatic and doesn’t reflect the style of the room gets a 5.00. The other biggest issue I have (like many of my other fellow players) is how hard it is to get diamonds, and how overpriced wall art and accessories are. The pieces that often make a design come together should not be harder to purchase than a couch or bed. I really enjoy playing this game, it’s by far the most realistic, beautiful, and thought out design game I’ve seen. However, these two aspects are making it far less enjoyable than it could be, and it’s getting pretty frustrating at this point. I would love to see some other options for earning diamonds and keys, and maybe that will help with the voting as well!
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