Dialpad Meetings

4.4 (532)
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Current version
Dialpad, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dialpad Meetings

4.4 out of 5
532 Ratings
4 years ago, Blessedwoman21
Great resource
This a great resource for group conference. Easy to use and reliable. I just wish they make the recordings easier to share to WhatsApp and other social medias Good job UberConference 👍🏼
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4 years ago, #Penny4YourAppThoughts
I understand why many prefer other options
I’ve wondered why my clients prefer Zoom. I’ve wondered why don’t more people have Uber #s. This was before today. I am working only by phone as I take card of my 90 year old dad. I had a conference call whose recording I need to download so I can Transcribe it on trint. I can’t download my recording on the app or on the mobile site. I thought I’d have a colleague fo it hit me so I’m now trying to reset my password. Which I cannnot do on the app. And the reset link from mobile site hasn’t arrived yet. So then I think, surely o can share a link to the recording even if I can’t download. Nope. No option to do so on mobile or on the app. What’s the point of setting up a number and taking time to use it and such if you can’t administrate any of the follow up tasks and functions is that go along with managing conference calls. Frustrated. Disappointed. I guess it took #CorOhNo Virus to illuminate shortcomings that seem as if they should be no-brained.
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5 years ago, Atllaw06
Outstanding App For Intended Use
I am in several groups in which teleconferences are not only used, but are necessary for us to be effective and the most productive. This app has been substantially beneficial due to the fact that if allows me, or any other organizer, to monitor who is on the call and if they drop off; so, I am not calling on a participant to speak who has left the conference. Also, the HD version allows me to see recent pictures of each participant, sometimes helping with identification. Additionally, this app permits me to save info on the conferences for later use. None of my groups and organizations have had any problems with the app. It has worked seamlessly.
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4 years ago, talleykell
Excellent all around Audio conf
We switched to UberConference recently from another audio conference provider. The control and visibility available through the app has enabled me and our other leaders to manage the conference is in a much more efficient and effective way. The sound quality is always excellent & the Dial info/code is easy for those who aren’t as tech savvy. I don’t know why I didn’t know about this excellent service before now. The decision to switch to UberConference was the best decision we could have made.
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5 years ago, BelljarFairy
Easy to Share Conference Info
I really like using the Uber Conference app. I love how easy it is to share my conference line info. I really like that the people I’m inviting to a call don’t have to have the app themselves. I appreciate that you can see who’s on the call. It works great and I’ve never had a tech issue. Thanks for the simple and user-friendly platform! Oh, and I love that my account doesn’t expire due to inactivity. I have had the same info for years and it continues to be my info regardless of how often I use it. Superb!
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3 years ago, tbenst
Great service with key mobile flaw
No complaints with the mobile app core experience, good audio quality and screensharing. However, the process of setting up a conference is insane. Rather than just adding email addresses, like every other calendar app out there, here you have to first create a contact for any email address. Terrible UI/UX. I’ve complained about this to the developer for years and they haven’t fixed. Makes me concerned that they are offering this application for free by harvesting and selling contact lists.
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5 years ago, oreslason2
Not good for enterprise / business use
I am a paid customer for this app and run an organization of 84 resources. This app has good intentions but fails. For conferences amongst friends it’s ok but not for business use. When I have my entire team on the call it is very difficult to join. I have to try joining more than 5 times before I am in with audio. Also you have no way of preventing anyone from muting you as a presenter or even worse someone kicking you out. Anyone on the call can mute anyone or kick anyone out, including the organizer. I called support and they basically said oh well that’s the way it is.
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5 years ago, Lee C Baker
Terrible usability, questionable security, but it works
The app works for conference calls, and has good audio quality but has some very obvious usability issues: When logged in it doesn’t show calls that I am invited to- only calls where I am the organizer. To join a call, use the link in the invitation email, because there is no button in the app unless you are the organizer. The microphone mute button is hidden while in calls- click your profile picture to reveal this hidden feature. The app records audio in the background even when you are not on a call- you can see this from the ever-present red indicator at the top of the screen when you are in other apps. What are they using this data for? Manually stopping the app stops the recording. Call audio quality seems great. No complaints there. Overall, I think there are much better alternatives for anyone looking for a conference call solution.
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3 weeks ago, yaabadu
Excellent Online Conference Call
Excellent for Conference Call.❤️❤️😄Am the coordinator for our group at every meeting it’s easy to share not too much hinges or interruptions. Is very smooth for muting and unmute any disturbance online. I really love it and recommend for everyone than Zoom. Even my group prefer this than any other and you keep on improving. We have used 6 years now and keep on counting.
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1 year ago, Apezsavannah
Been using this before Zoom was even a thing
I’ve been using this before Zoom was even a thing. It’s much easier to set up a meeting on this than it is on Zoom. I have both and even though I pay for Zoom each month, I just rather use this one. Plus for this platform, I don’t pay anything. Quality is great and just easy to use!
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4 years ago, Simbohm
Needs to catch up
Pros: 1) simple easy to setup. 2) Reasonably good UI. 3) Not as concerned about security as in other products like zoom Cons: 1) people get confused logging in sometimes, this has been cleaned up some. 2) call drops more frequent then zoom; 3) video not available from ipad app! 4) people need to use Chrome, otherwise there are several screen share problems. 5) no whiteboard. Overall, decent, not great. Needs to catch up with competition to be viable, just easy to use and participant geo info is cool.
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2 years ago, WowMyGodTechnoIs
Game Changing Business Communication App
Wow, I’ve used many similar products such as zoom, Goto, Vonage, and ring central but dialpad has been the most impressive app for secondary business phone line, video meetings, and business communications in general. Highly recommend this to any business owner.
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4 years ago, Steve_lv999
Almost good
Fixing a mute/unmute issue would go far in upping my rating. After a minute or so in a call, mute or unmuting take effect but displays as a "..." (working on it) icon - indefinitely until you focus on another app then come back. Also a call history with a join would also help the rating. I have a half dozen regulars I conference with and I have to remember their room names or hunt through emails.
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5 years ago, BerkshireResister
UberEasy conference calling
I’ve been using Uber for a couple years now. It’s super easy to schedule calls and the app is simple to use. My team and I all work in different locations, so regularly scheduled conference calls promote better communication for all. Try it, you’ll like it!
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5 years ago, Stock crop
I downloaded app but it won’t allow screen sharing from app which is worthless. Tried doing a call by logging into their website and it wouldn’t access my microphone on my iPad and there was too much difficulty uploading files to share during presentation. If the app isn’t going to work immediately and flawlessly then don’t bother. I shouldn’t have t o download a bunch of other apps or change a ton of things in my setting just to get your app to work.
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4 years ago, MJR in CF
Seamless conferencing
Great dashboard to see who is on the call and great organizer control capabilities to ring out to someone once a call is started mute, unmute or record the call. Seamless VOIP or telephone using landline, cellular or wi-fi calling. Love the fact that I can have instant on capabilities without using a pin or password
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4 years ago, Ness0204
No more ZOOM doom
I don’t know why, but I’m not a fan of ZOOM. It’s not “Esthetically pleasing” to work with. UberConference is reliable and their customer service is prompt and eager to help you resolve any issue you are dealing with. Favorite Features: • Records entire call ☎️ and annotates conversation • Call Music 🎶 • Easy link 🔗 to call after call is complete. I copy this to my Clients portal immediately after the call • Intuitively designed! I know everyone uses ZOOM, but consider checking out UberConference for a much more pleasant user experience 🙌🏼
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4 years ago, KVN005
Not iPhone/iPad compatible for video
No video on iPhone or iPad so it doesn’t seem compatible with Apple at all. Obnoxious since other people on the conference were able to get video from their laptops. Haven’t we reached a point where an iPad should be able to do most of what a laptop does? This app has a LONG way to go to be my preferred way of spend my quarantine trying to stay in touch with friends and family.
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4 years ago, maxlightz
Iphone app is junk
One simple function does not work reliably. When i mute myself or unmute myself, the app hangs with the “...” loading graphic. Sometimes it successfully changes the toggle, but i still see the “...” and the only way i know is that other users tell me they can or cannot hear me. This is crap. It is fundamental that i should be able to mute/unmute myself and reliably know if i am muted or not.
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4 years ago, GoldMinder
The Business Account
I upgraded to the business service and I love that it calls the participants and the call starts right on time.
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2 years ago, Geza X
A year later and it’s just as bad
I wrote tech support about twenty times and keep getting canned answers “we care about our customers and do the best….bla a bla. I have been begging for them to put the user interface BACK to when it was Uberconference. This version looks and acts like it was designed by a student.
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5 years ago, Mazon Hustler
Use for my business
UberConference is my favorite conference call app for my business. I use UC to meet with my clients. Screen share feature is great
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5 years ago, TruFashionista
Easy to use!
Easy to use and to send to people that don’t know how to use a conference calling platform
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2 years ago, CG_222
Future Enhancements 🛠
Would love to see an “audio only” feature where turning off video calling is an option
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3 years ago, iPad_For_REAL_Work
New app is a step backwards
Way too many steps just to join a voice-only conference call. If I wanted a zoom call I would use zoom.
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5 years ago, 312-D
Excellent design
The call quality is excellent, the app is very well designed and the tools make conferencing a breeze. Perfect!
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3 years ago, Hismajestyservant
We have been experiencing issue after issue with dropping of calls , quality and now not recording of our church services. I’m getting tired
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4 years ago, Paulbeolderthanmost
It’s very easy to use. The quality of the calls are great. I like the simplicity.
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10 months ago, Ent2011
Horrible IOS app
Even a single task like adding a new contact to add to a conference you need to try many times before it works It looks they couldn't care less for the app Care about your paying customer and fix and build a decent app
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11 months ago, MicahJB
DialPad and DialPad Meetings
DialPad Meetings screenshare could use some improvement on iOS and desktop but also needs better integration with DialPad AI. I’m not sure why the apps are not more tightly integrated.
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4 years ago, Speye kidz
Free and awesome
Use for the freeness and stay for the hold music. Been using for years without incident. How do you guys make money?
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4 years ago, elkwd
Really easy to use!
Really easy to use this app. It has really easy controls
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5 years ago, LACAMAN
Great and user friendly
Seamless and great quality audio every single time!
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5 years ago, DTV Viewer
Great Tool
This is a fantastic App that has made life much easier at no additional cost.
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2 weeks ago, MIPAD92
Awesome Resource
Before Zoom, before Google Meet—there was Dial Pad (formerly Uber Conference). Such an awesome resource. Thank you Dial Pad Meetings!
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4 years ago, argentini
STILL doesn’t work with Google authentication.
You’d think that after a few years they’d figure out how to get authentication to work. I still can’t log in with my Google account to even see what the app has to offer. This is weird for a tech company.
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4 years ago, jmschedler
Only functions in google calendar
I downloaded business version and couldn’t final any way to verify my first conf call invites I sent out. Nothing set up to work with my mac. No way to know who’s received (I was told I had to call the invites) or who’s accepted. Worthless to me
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5 years ago, Scarface the great
A blessing
The Lord blessed me with A Ministry, and also told me to open a prayer line, and this has been a very huge blessing.
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5 years ago, nickcrafts
*No pin *App integration lets me know exactly who is on the call *Text reminders when someone calls into the conference. When I’m hosting, I don’t have to wait for someone to jump on *Custom hold music options *Call summaries
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4 years ago, jjfmrjcnfmd
No Video on iPad Pro?
How do you not have this feature ready, yet? iPad Pro is supposed to be a laptop replacement but with no video or screen sharing, it’s basically just a phone app. And I’m paying $20/mo!
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5 years ago, SavoryWord
App is a pit to use
How do you cancel a call? Adding email addresses does not save address anywhere or add that address to the distribution list Long way to go to be user friendly.
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4 years ago, Bradlum
The best tech app we have
Really tight, good, flexible and useful conf program.
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4 years ago, JQS999
Previously used this app for business and tried to go back to it to use with family during COVID 19 crisis. Can’t get my email to verify and it won’t allow be to set up calls. Not useful.
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5 years ago, Jesses2cents
Great tool!
Works without a hitch every time I love it
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3 years ago, am711meeting
No way to mute
There is no way to mute my sound when using the app.
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3 years ago, MoodyJones
Love the app but there’s no video calling
Which we had video to make the most of this
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5 years ago, GeorgeinUK
Does not work
Can’t get past the profile screen. Keeps giving “failed to save profile, please try again.” Every time I try again!!!!! This is NOT helpful.
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3 years ago, thedisgruntledguy
Video enabled update is trash
Ruined it. App crashes when using it to enter a conference. 0 quality control for iOS.
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6 years ago, Eab
Log in not working on the App
I can log in to the website (and its a great service!) but I cannot log in to the app when I use the same credentials (logging in with email).
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4 years ago, Railgun
Video doesn’t work on iOS
I’m all for alternatives but this one is lame. The video doesn’t work on iOS so it’s just an controller for the desktop version or voice only version.
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