Diamond Credit Union Mobile

2.6 (70)
5.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Diamond Credit Union
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Diamond Credit Union Mobile

2.64 out of 5
70 Ratings
7 years ago, Jonathanjwh0306
Solid app - would be great with a few tweaks
This app gets the job done. We use the mobile banking basics - transferring funds, checking balances, camera aided check deposits - stuff like that. The app does it all well. The only three improvements I would suggest are a a quick balance check function like what is available on the Santander Bank app; a menu/navigation redesign - the current design is a bit unwieldy; and to add Touch ID security access to avoid entering the password all the time. Again, overall, a solid app.
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3 years ago, NicholasBroseph
Recently Buggy
Hi Diamond, up until recently the app has been working alright. But every time I log in now, it’s asking me to re-register my device. I have like 10 phones saved now. It’s not saving my device and the faceID no longer works. This app is in desperate need of quality of life improvements. Please work on getting these kinks out. Other than that I love my Diamond Credit Union!!
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4 years ago, heyyo123455
Very limited bank
You can’t do anything on the app. It won’t let you transfer money over a certain amount from another bank which is a PITA. I tried paying off my loan and because it was over 1500 $ it wouldn’t let me pay it off. They said I have to go in person to pay it off with a check from my other bank and I live 45 minutes away. They really limit you if you don’t use them as your primary bank. There is no mobile deposit where you take a picture of a check to deposit. This is why I’m leaving diamond credit union.
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6 years ago, 😎😎😎😎c
This app isn’t the most amazing app needs more updates and attention. Should have better options with transfers externally and internally. Over all this app just needs a few better tweaks in my opinion compared to other mobile banking apps I use. It works though
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6 years ago, Catlover1121
Great app but needs Fingerprint Touch ID feature
I really like this app -especially with the new version that lets you view account balances at a quick glance w/o having to log in, however, PLEASE add the Fingerprint Touch ID option. Many apps are adding this feature and it makes it much more convenient when you want to access an account.
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6 years ago, meesh8891
Not very quick
Once I finally log in the app works really well. I currently have it set with face ID and it's supposed to show me a quick balance and the last 5 transactions, but most time I end up just logging in on my web browser because of how long it takes to show me my "quick" balance. Sometimes it's over 6 minutes before it loads and shows me anything and that's not quick at all
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2 years ago, freshavacadooo
I never had a problem with the Diamond app. But once I upgraded my phone to the 13pro, I haven’t been able to use the Face ID for my debit card or my credit card. Called a representative and their only answer was, “we’ll start to remember you password then.” I’ve unregistered my device, deleted and reinstalled the app, and still nada. So good luck my friend.
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3 years ago, JLB1213
App Keeps Forgetting my Device
Four times in the past two months that I have had my new phone, the app keeps making register my device. The Facial Recognition feature is buggy and was way better with Touch ID. Now I am locked out and it is really annoying. Please fix this so I don’t have to register the same device every few weeks.
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6 years ago, kaljoemad
Very very slow
The app does what it need to do. However, the past few weeks it has been extremely slow. Takes over 5 minutes to even open up to the log in screen. This is very very inconvenient and quite time consuming. Drastically takes away from the typical easily accessible online banking experience.
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4 years ago, theharpster
Consistent issues with mobile deposit
I would love this app if it didn’t reject every other mobile deposit pic I take. I should not have to set up my professional photography lights to avoid shadows and dark photos to be successful at a mobile deposit! Had three checks to deposit today. Every first attempt was rejected. Lighting was perfect and I have the screen shots to prove it. It’s infuriating. The app needs fixed.
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2 years ago, Catetinawut
Bill pay
Not thrilled with the update of last year. The bill pay function specifically, is a pain in my you know what
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5 years ago, platanoflow56
Update is doing wonder
The app got way better after the update. Wish they had a app for the Apple Watch to check balance and get alert.
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3 years ago, Jon Humphreys
App is Unusable
Was having issues with having to register my device every single time I opened the app and it forgetting Face ID. Now when I open the app it just shows the logo at the top and that’s it. The mobile site doesn’t move forward past the login screen when trying to access my account.
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5 years ago, Lgarvin
Mobile Deposit Checks NOT Working
I haven’t been able to Deposit my checks Mobility since they updated this app. It’s been months, I rarely get checks, and now I have to bring them into the bank to deposit.. which isn’t con for me at all with my work schedule. Which is why I loved that feature.
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2 years ago, Pat A Mc
App Not Working
The Diamond Credit Union APP is not working on my phone. It freezes when I access your app. How do I fix?
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4 years ago, JMacTao
Not functional-(update)
The app does not go farther than displaying logo at top. Please address this issue. Discovered that the app will now only function in the United States. With that in mind, should you travel and wish to access your account, you’ll have to do it in a web browser or use a vpn with the app. Curious as to why the difference.
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6 years ago, Nay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Needs a update!
It’s been over a year since the last update. It runs slow with or without Wi-Fi. Easy to use but a pain because of that issue.
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2 years ago, Eaglsman
No DCU Card control option
There is no option to select DCU Card Control in the menu but they keep telling me to select said option to use the card control aspect of the app.
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4 years ago, weyueieioo
Apple Watch
Apple Watch capability
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7 years ago, P-Rizzle18
Needs improvement, but overall good app
Good app for mobile banking. Desperately needs Touch ID support for logging in with your fingerprint on iOS devices.
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6 years ago, Xtremerider600
Poor update.
Latest version of the app is horrible. Dial up speed using the app. (iPhone 8 on full strength WiFi.) I cant get it to load more then 10 transactions (that’s after 3 minutes of waiting.)
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5 years ago, moonsong14
Awful since update
This app is absolutely terrible ever since they updated it. I haven’t been able to mobile deposit a check since, simply because the app doesn’t work. Just terrible
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4 years ago, Dhdjxjdbgghsjhdjhc
Can’t do anything
Session expires in 30 seconds so I can’t transfer any money. Fix it. Not a one star because I can at least use it to see my balance
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8 years ago, Tgoff324
Was a decent app till the new update. Every time I sign on I have to register my phone. Type my password in and usually tells me it wrong and temporary locks me out so I had to delete the app and re-download it.
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6 years ago, AppStoreRequiredNickname
Just not good
This is just the worst app. No way a UX designer was responsible for creating this thing. Takes FOREVER to retrieve info then the navigation is confusing as anything and the style of the design (or lack of) isn’t helping how clunky it is.
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6 years ago, Lucky1200
The app would be better if you could sign in with your finger print.
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8 months ago, andricks0n ig
So they let the payment when true
Then charge back and charme 3 time 32 dollars this bank is crazy they're are stealing
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4 years ago, unionrunner
No content
I reinstalled many times but still not working
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4 years ago, Wrmatthew14
Update request
App should be updated with the face Id unlock function, other than that is a good app
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9 months ago, philliesbabe<3
Not Compatible
Not compatible with ios17. The app just doesn’t load, quite useless now honestly.
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9 months ago, Bfyifdh NBC d
Just hangs
Stopped working last week sometime
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7 years ago, Falcore13
Have to register my phone every time I log in and answer security questions all the time
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4 years ago, Bobby454545
App won’t let me login
Every time I open the app, I just get a white screen. Is anyone else having this problem?
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9 months ago, Greshy97
App not working
Since the iOS17 update the app isn’t working
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4 years ago, Gam5114
App not working get a white screen with a logo. Deleted and reinstalled. Same issue.
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4 years ago, Brk4985
white screen of death with logo on top
App is non functional for my iPhone 12
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10 years ago, Mlc4evr
Bill Payer
The Bill Payer option doesn't work. When clicked I get a message "the item was moved to here". The word "here" is a hyperlink that doesn't take you anywhere when pressed. Also when will the app offer virtual check deposits like PNC has? Take photo of front and back and then the money appears in your account within 24 hrs
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10 years ago, mauijim3
This app is a major upgrade to the mobile platform. Everything from balances, to transfers, to bill payments can be done right from the phone. Simple look and feel, yet very powerful mobile system. Great job Diamond CU! Keep the updates coming!
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10 years ago, Shattem
Everything except...
This app is very user friendly and easy to you. BUT I've never been able to pay my bills through it. The service was always "unavailable" I struggle finding ways to pay my school bills. And if this app were updated with no more bill pay issues it would be a life saver.
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9 years ago, flip2jess
Bill payer always Unavailable
I've tried many times to use the Bill Payer option. Most of the time it is down. I've contacted support and all they say is that it's down, try again later. Unacceptable. Fix it!!!!
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10 years ago, JuanElfuerte
Great App
App works great keeps me well organize and up to date with everything going on in my accounts every time...
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1 year ago, Skipbo22
Worst outdated app
This app is awful. I really wish they would update it. It's super slow if it even wants to work half of the time. It never remembers my device to save my username and allow me to use Face ID for longer than a couple of days.
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10 years ago, JLeVanceS
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10 years ago, Cypherstream
Great update
Wow this is an awesome update. Now you can do transfers and see check images. The user experience is much nicer with the new username / password setup along with the customized site marker that's all in sync with the website. Great job!
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