3.1 (160)
314.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dubai Islamic Bank
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for DIB MOBILE

3.14 out of 5
160 Ratings
3 years ago, Wello0o
I can’t scan my new EID when trying to open an account.
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2 years ago, God Brother
Worst customer service
The dubai Islamic branch in dubai auto market has the worst customer service of any bank in dubai, actually it's probably worst than any bank I've been too in most backward developing countries that I've been to and I've been to lot of them. So the story goes as the following: I sold a car the buyer is financing the car using DIB I was called by this branch to come and collect my cheque, over the phone I was informed that I only need the signed slip, no mention for any other documents. Anyways after heading there I was informed I needed two other documents and that a BANK doesn't have a printer and I need to go to a typing center to print them out. What self respecting bank doesn't have a printer
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2 years ago, Suwaidi91
Application crashes
It’s been 1 whole year since i’ve been using the browser instead of the application. This is due to application crashing and there were no updates to fix this issue. I apply my user name & password along with the security questions, instantly shuts down the application. I’ve deleted and reinstalled numerous times, doesn’t work. Browser experience is terrible on the smartphone.
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2 years ago, Salah Al Ashram
DIB Mobile App issue
Now it is working perfectly , I had to delete the app and rest all settings then re-download it from the App Store .
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5 years ago, o.alshehhi
Cant log in or do anything useful
First the app really is useless its not like adib app i cant even log in on the app cant do anything it crashes all the time and good luck if anyone from the live chat will reply to you. And if you call them they will tell you we don't know how to fix it or direct you to some one else that also is clueless. I just regret i went to this bank.
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4 years ago, badwf1000xm3
With this bug I need new IT team
No information when they have problems with app u keep try and try when u transfer money then next day u find that your money gone from the 3 times , u need to inform the customer when u have problem with ur payment system
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2 years ago, Ali Alkalbawe
Need redesign!!!
As a DIB customer I suggest a new easier to use design with overhaul for some of the services provided like bills payment and all. Many banks are moving forward with new easy to use and secure app.
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3 years ago, محمد صيادة
App access
I love the App !!! And Iam a DIB customer however Iam overseas now ,iam unable to acces because I don’t have uae number , please help!
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4 months ago, sasa azmy
Credit card block
Walah not good customer service so many times I contact them to unblock my card but nothing at all even just to contact customer service is too much drama even one star it’s more for them
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2 years ago, SheikhaT
The app is constantly crashes, very slow and poorly designed.
Very annoying app to use, even though it should be made very convenient. Its always crashing, and very slow overall.
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An easy n useful app through access
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4 years ago, mokka85
Horrible app
It is the reason why im gonna move to an other bank,app suddenly crash i can even open it now,what is the use to have it. DIB must learn from other banks when it comes to online banking ,or they have to recruit more reliable people to take care of thier app
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4 years ago, Mrs.LadiS
Hassle free
No more question they gave it all what you need. Keep it up!
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5 years ago, AlmarriMM
Crashes in log in please fix your app services within are important.
Crashes in log in please fix your app services within are important. I dont understand why would it stay crashing for 2 weeks now.
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9 months ago, pinial84
Very poor banking service
I’m using credit card and when I am trying to register on app it’s not working When I’m calling landline I cannot contact anyone it’s saying my card is blocked Very backward banking services
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2 years ago, I'm here against my wish
DUBAI ISLAMIC suspended deposit into my account. Stop being racist. I am 100% compliant doing genuine business in UAE. I’ve visited the branch over 10 times submitted lots of documents. Nobody is giving any reason to why deposits is no longer allowed into my account. This is a shame in 2022.
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4 years ago, hhstshwbzfsb
Unable to Log in
You mobile app is not even giving me an option to Log In, it only shows the option of create account, but I already have an account why would I want to create another?
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1 year ago, evilspirit991
Every time I got in the app it request to upgrade. It’s frustrating. Maybe do it only once every six months not every other week
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2 years ago, ThatsItNotAgain
Worst ID scan ever
It’s so stupid to the point it never scans! Why not take the picture then do the A.I scan on the pic?!?!?!?! Why should the Artificial Stupidity scan the ID before taking the shot?!?!?! I just deleted the app
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10 years ago, W51588
Not working now
It was awesome app but recently after updating my iPhone to OS8 stop working totally
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6 years ago, nofamr
App Not working
The application hasn't been working since the new lift it got!. Invalid session or service currently unavailable appears! Frustrating as I have to look for a pc to log on and thats so inconvenient most of the time.
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4 years ago, alixme900
Bugs issues
Even after new update today still the app crash during login
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2 months ago, maaribhaii
Slow Money Transfers
DIB to DIB its very slow transfer. I waited for more then 1 hour 30 minutes and still not yet transferred. I prefer not to trust in emergency.
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3 years ago, FattoomAlshehhi
Cannot open the app for my banking transactions!! I deleted and re installed it several times but not getting better..
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3 years ago, peaches082514
App crashes repeatedly
Whenever I try to log in my account thru this app - the app crashes immediately right after I enter all my details.
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11 months ago, Muna Binyaqoob
Dib mobile banking app not working
Fist ask us to upgrade the version and then the app not working and my up is up to date
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2 years ago, prijomathews
Minimum Security Requirements
The app is not opening because of this error. Happened after the update.
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3 years ago, nooni.999
Very bad app
Lag and stop working from time to time without inform the customers , the issue started 3 days ago!!!!!
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3 years ago, DxB_knight
App keeps crashing
App keeps crashing since one month and no update yet
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6 years ago, Hah123456789
Not working
It’s not working each time there is a msg telling me to write in English I aaam writing English , no space no apostrophe no nothing The appearance of it nicer , yes the old one was complicated but at least do the work
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6 years ago, dxbclassic
Amazing revamp
Now we can say DIB application one of the best
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7 months ago, tojameesther
Bad experience
When you need it most, the app starts running maintenance and hence you can’t make emergency transfers
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2 years ago, Thebest apppp
Visa does not want to scan
Please I need a solution I am trying to scan my Visa but it s not working at all what to do??
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11 months ago, sae kurosawa
It says the application needs an update but there is no update for it
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2 years ago, tweete98
Error in the app
The App doesn’t work, and it keeps logging me out. I suggest they fix it, please
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5 years ago, ST237
Excellent app
The best Islamic Bank in UAE with the best app. Superb!! Five stars all the way.
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6 years ago, Uaessssss
Good this update👍
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11 months ago, Jawad197
Upgrade not working
Kindly advise how to upgrade, without update app is not working
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3 years ago, Besho3f
The App crashes
The app keeps crashing every time i login?
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4 years ago, Alhumam5
The app is not working
Since yesterday the application not login in. Please feedback...
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6 years ago, abdulaziz khayat
Very lousy application.
I lost my beneficiaries that I have set up earlier
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4 years ago, almansoori7878
Dubai Islamic bank app
The app is basic and useless and so buggy
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4 years ago, citycycyfuhvuhvgvu*
Useless App
This app forced me to go the DIB brach in this covid time I was frozen ( a temporary process to stop the card acress temporarily -not deactivate or block ) my ATM card which i feel a good security feature. Due to this my card didn't renew. When i noticed my card expired, i called DIB customer care which is a hell to get connected on time ( remember, this is a emergency banking call number also) once i get connected the support person told me the frozening is the reason to renew the card physical!!! And to get a new card i have to pay to issue a new card!!!!! Other wise unfreeze the card. The card is not showing in the app to unfreeze!!! They asked me send screen shot if same and sent. Nothing happen. Again i tired to contact the customer care and got connected after several attempts/days That person agreed to renew my card with out fee. But i have to go to the branch to collect the card. Normally cards are delivering through courior. I went to DIB branch when i got sms and the branch was closed even i Confirmed the working hours I got a call to collect the card from brach again. And i told them i already came to your branch and it was closed. They said sorry. It closed due to cleaning!!!! They said come again another day and you can directly go to teller to collect my card and no need to stay any que. But when i went there there was a officer who is very bad behavior who put me on chair for a whole and asked me to wait by taking a token. This is the fantastic customer care and superb app!!! Don't have words to express my gratitude. That much BAD!!!!
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6 years ago, Zivallh
ATM Locator is not working
Try to fix it
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9 years ago, esarraj
Disappointing app!
The app keeps hanging and not working properly, the previous version was much better as it had some flaws too but atleast was functioning, the new interface in this one has improved but in terms of functionality its really bad, i've downloaded it on both iphone 6 and 6s with same results, hangs, takes so much time to login and that if it actually logs in after all, it restarts or even logs u out most of the times. Overall this app needs a major rebuilt and work to become a proper app. As i wonder how do professional developers working on a bank app release something without testing it properly to clients? DIB has the best customer service and their app shud meet their quality of services too. Thanks and hope you take the feedback positively for better improvements. Regards
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10 years ago, Avacs Max
Very Awesome Apps
I tried before some banks apps to transfer money and transaction details but i didnt get anything but DIB its done all what i need and now i do transfer or anything even when my busy time. Very good apps ever and Thank you so much.
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8 years ago, Musthak Talk2me Mobile
Great work 👍😍
Very easy to get all in one place without any difficulties. I was tired to go exchange transfer office but now DIB app make it handy. I can do every transfer through this app easiest way. I wish good luck for DIB 😍👍Good Work
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8 years ago, BinNayae
It used to work fine
When you select current transaction on credit card it freezes the app and you can't do anything. Please fix it. It was working fine.
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8 years ago, فاعل-_-خير
It's very useful but sometimes it will become slow and dull, other than that it's perfect
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9 years ago, Me only no body else
Last update was amazing , hope I can pay ADDC bills also
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